Historical Timeline
THE SIXTIES (1963 - 1970)

1963 (Jan 23rd Wed) - With evidence of his guilt piling up from a series of Russian defectors, Kim Philby signs a worthless two-page partial confession before fleeing to the Soviet Union. Settling in Moscow, Philby will eventually reach the rank of colonel in the KGB (Endgame, the date is given on p.243). (MG)

1963 - Israeli archaeologist Yigael Yadin commences work on excavating the ancient mountaintop fortress of Masada in Israel (The Last Days (ST), no date is given, events mentioned on p.74, but this is a matter of historical record). (MG)

? c 1963 - Penelope, the distant cousin (and also future wife) of Norton Silver, is born (Option Lock , she is 'about twenty years younger' [than Norton] on p.12, p.66). (CW)

1963 (Spring) - Parapsychologist Dr. Charles Roley gathers together a group of people suffering the same clinical delusion: that they've been possessed by the Devil. Roley's initial experiments accidentally reawaken the dormant Benelisan android, Azoth (The Taint, p.25). (II/MG)

1963 (April 27th Sat) - Eva Darrowby is arrested for shoplifting. The Eighth Doctor is present (Damaged Goods, the exact date is given on p.257), probably during a shopping trip to obtain a new jacket after defeating the Remote's plans in 1996 (Interference Book Two p.202). (II/MG)

1963 (early) - The First Doctor and Susan arrive in Totters Yard in the Shoreditch area of London, the TARDIS's chameleon circuit immediately becoming stuck in the shape of a British Police Box (The Eight Doctors, the year is given on p.92. In Matrix, the Doctor remarks that 'for six months it was perfect' for himself and Susan [before November] on p.31). (MG/CW)

1963 (early) - (Time and Relative).

1963 (June) - Susan, wanting to learn about the twentieth century, begins attending Coal Hill School (In Nothing at the End of the Lane (ST&SS), this takes place 'five months' earlier [than November 1963] on p.48).

1963 - Imperial Daleks from the far future led by their emperor Davros, having scanned the past to find the Hand of Omega, land on Earth to steal it. They are followed by the Renegade Daleks, who also want control over it, and who begin preparations for the coming conflicts by kidnapping a young girl and slaving her to their battle computer (Remembrance of the Daleks). (CW)

1963 (? July) - On the last day of term, schoolgirl Sally Hunt is discovered unconscious near a canal after a vicious attack. Although evidence suggests Sally was struck on the back of the head with a blunt object, no one is charged with the crime. She is taken home to recover, but later collapses from a subdural haematoma, a result of the attack, and loses the power of speech and the use of her right side. Her parents care her for until 1998, when she is moved to a private nursing facility following the death of her mother (Damaged Goods p.263). (MG/II)

= 1963 (July) - Having lost all hope of making a difference to his pupils' education, Ian Chesterton fails to turn up for his position as chemistry teacher at Coal Hill School (Matrix, this takes place 'four months' before the Doctor's arrival [in November] on p.55). (MG)

c 1963 - The small American town of Lychburg is chosen as the test site for the Golgotha Project, Section Eight's attempt to open up a portal between this world and another by utilising Aleister Crowley's so-called Magical processes. In a tertiary stage in the project, the town's population is subjected to subliminal mass-conditioning by Section Eight specialists, the end result being a mass of people who, as one, can be led to Believe with all their hearts (Heart of TARDIS, no date is given. It is 'the early 1960s' on p.199). (MG)

c 1963 - Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart, on a trip to Margate, saves Doris, an old friend from Sandhurst, from drowning (Blood Heat, no date is given on p.101, but it is assumed from the next meeting, below). (CW)

c 1963 - The marriage of Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart and Fiona takes place. The day after they are married, Alistair meets up with Doris, an old friend from Sandhurst, on Brighton pier. The Lethbridge-Stewarts set up home at 6 Moor Drive, Gerrards Cross, Buckinghamshire (The Scales of Injustice, they have been married for 'eight years' by 1970, on p.61/131, events mentioned on p.132/59. In The Face of the Enemy, events mentioned on p.153). Doris gives Alistair a gold wristwatch for saving her life at Margate, but it's given on the pretext of a wedding present (Blood Heat no date is given on p.101, but the Brigadier was given his watch for this act). (MG/CW)

1963 (Summer) - The Eighth Doctor and Sam arrive in West Wycombe just as Azoth attempts the total elimination of all life on Earth to complete his experiment to wipe out the Beast parasites. Eventually, the Doctor manages to contain the Beast himself. Fitz Kreiner joins the TARDIS crew. Dr. Charles Roley, unbalanced by his brush with the Beast, is arrested for multiple murder (The Taint, the year is given on p.10). (II/MG)

1963 (Aug 30th Fri) - Guy Burgess dies from alcohol consumption in Moscow, Russia (Endgame, the date is given as 'August 1963' on p.242. Burgess's death on 30th August 1963 is a matter of historical record). (II/MG)

1963 - The Intrusion Counter Measures Group is handed over to Department C19 with a recommendation that it be used as the foundation for an entirely new organisation, one to deal with 'out-of-the-ordinary' events which fall outside the remit of the regular army. The staff of this organisation originally includes newly-promoted Ian Gilmore, Rachel Jensen, Allison Williams, Ruth Ingram and Anne Travers (The Scales of Injustice, this is 'a few years' before the London Incident, on p.154). (MG)

1963 - Professor Rachel Jensen is moved from the British Rocket Group, where the Cambridge Group is doing pioneering work on propulsion systems and rocket guidance arrays, to join the Intrusion Counter Measures Group (Who Killed Kennedy, the year is given on p.70). (MG)

1963 - Valentina Shuskin joins the Soviet Spetsnaz marines (The Devil Goblins from Neptune, she spends 'almost five years' in the marines before joining UNIT sometime in 1968, on p.2). (MG)

1963 (early Sept) - Ian Chesterton and Barbara Wright, teachers at Coal Hill School, are introduced to the new Religious Education tutor, Joseph Liebermann. Unknown to either, Liebermann is a man old enough to have witnessed the Crucifixion (Matrix, it is 'the first day of term' on p.279). (MG/CW)

1963 (Sept) - Kim Philby's second wife, Eleanor, joins him in Russian exile (Endgame, the date is given on p.243). (II/MG)

= 1963 (Nov 11th Mon) - President John F. Kennedy visits London under massive British FBI security to make a speech in the old parliament building. Shortly after addressing a crowd ten thousand strong, he is attacked and killed by dozens of the Ripper's hungry wraiths (Matrix, this takes place 'yesterday' [on the 12th] on p.40). (MG)

= 1963 (Nov 12th Tues) - The Seventh Doctor arrives outside Totters Yard, intent on leaving Ace with his earlier incarnation while he goes to confront an unknown enemy. Entering the junkyard, the Doctor discovers his earlier self has never been here. The time travellers, shot at by American soldiers for breaking curfew, are narrowly rescued by Ian and Barbara and learn they are in an alternative timeline (Matrix, the exact date is given on p.39). (MG)

= 1963 (Nov 13th Wed) - The Doctor and Ace depart for 1888 after a night spent researching history in books and newspapers to learn the point of the historical divergence. Sensing the Doctor's presence, the gestalt Ripper creature sends its wraiths to the house and Ian and Barbara are brutally slain (Matrix, it is 'early morning' on p.50). (MG)

1963 (mid-November) - The first Doctor has made arrangements with a coffin-maker and the local vicar to have the Hand of Omega buried, allowing his (then-)unknown pursuers to get it as part of a plan (Assumed from Remembrance of the Daleks), but he is prevented from doing so by the arrival of teachers Ian Chesterton and Barbara Wright... (100,000 BC, no dates are mentioned so these events are assumed to have taken place in this order, since it would seen sensible, in Nothing at the End of the Lane (ST&SS), it is 'Thursday' on p.156, in Who Killed Kennedy, this is dated as '22nd November' on p.71 (this is inaccurate, see below.)). (CW)

1963 - (100,000 BC Part One) (MG)

1963 - A party of Navarino tourists visits Earth in a Sky Yacht on a tour of the sixties (Return of the Living Dad p.241). (CW)

1963 (c 22nd November) - The Tisiphone emerges from an artificial wormhole created by Albinex in the twenty-sixth century half way between Earth and Mars, causing a few interesting radar blips. After limping as close as they dare, the crew set the ship on a course for the Sun and, using an escape pod, land in the Welsh countryside. Their arrival is fortunately (for them...) only noticed by Albinex (Return of the Living Dad, p.46, p.66, p.241. On p.39 the crew arrive 'in time for Kennedy's assassination'. On p.41 [in 1983], this occurs 'twenty years ago'). (MG/CW)

1963 (November 22nd) - The Seventh Doctor returns to collect the Hand of Omega. The Daleks have traced the Doctor to Totters Yard. (Remembrance of the Daleks. In Downtime, this takes place in 'the winter of sixty-three' on p.8. In Who Killed Kennedy, this occurs 'a week' after Ian and Barbara vanish and takes place over '48 hours' on p.71. In Witch Mark, this takes place in '1963' on p.78. In First Frontier, this is also dated as '1963' on p.286. Note: Barbara's book on the French Revolution is still in the science lab and it would probably be extremely unlikely that a library book belonging to a missing person is still in a used classroom a week later than when it was left, so that dating must be wrong - especially as it is 'second-hand' evidence.) (CW)

1963 (Nov 22nd Fri) - Journalist James Stevens travels back in time from 1972 to prevent the Master and a brainwashed UNIT soldier, Francis Cleary, from perverting the course of history by preventing the assassination of President John F. Kennedy in Dallas. Discovering Cleary has rendered Lee Harvey Oswald unconscious, Stevens cannot pull the trigger himself to end Kennedy's life. Fortunately, there is another James Stevens, this one from 1996, who has arrived in time to ensure Kennedy is assassinated (Who Killed Kennedy, the date is given on p.255). Dallas rapidly becomes famous (The Left-Handed Hummingbird p.21). (MG/CW)

1963 (November 23rd) - The first episode of Professor X, a programme which will become the longest running science fiction series in the world, is broadcast on BBC1 (Remembrance of the Daleks. Indications in a variety of books including Conundrum, No Future, Return of the Living Dad, The Room with No Doors, The Dying Days and Escape Velocity, show this to be the equivalent of the series Doctor Who). Professor X himself is a man who can change his appearance and travels in his TASID, a pillar-box that is bigger on the inside than on the outside which he bought off a man called Sid (No Future, he is described on p.125). (CW)

1963 (late Nov) - The Valeyard observes the Doctor's manipulation of the two opposing Dalek factions (Matrix, events mentioned on p.241). (MG)

1963 (late November) - After Albinex picks them up in his van, the crew of the Tisiphone are taken to his flat in Ammanford, but they are affected badly by germs that wouldn't bother someone from the twentieth century. Bielby dies of the common cold, two days after they arrive, insisting they don't take him to a hospital (Return of the Living Dad p.46, p.51, p.66). (CW)

1963 - The crew of the Tisiphone set up an organisation to take stranded aliens home, and keep safe deserters from the High Frontier groups that they themselves hide from. Sometimes UNIT or (on occasion) the CIA will be tipped off about operations they are best at dealing with (Return of the Living Dad p.43, p.44. High Frontier groups - the collective of organisations such as UNIT - are mentioned in No Future p.224). However, many of the aliens will become part of a private army dedicated to fulfilling Albinex's plan... (Return of the Living Dad p.241-242). (CW)

1963 - General Charles Marchant, working on the US military's Project Blue Book, receives a report detailing the events of the Shoreditch Incident (Salvation p.63). (MG)

1963 - The frozen remains of George Ratcliffe and an Imperial Dalek will eventually end up in the hands of C19's clandestine Vault operation, located deep beneath the Cheviot Hills (The Scales of Injustice, events mentioned on p.241). (MG)

1963 - Following the Shoreditch Incident, Group Captain Gilmore campaigns for the establishment of a permanent rapid-reaction team to cope with similar emergencies - a taskforce to supersede the limited ICMG facilities, but his efforts are effectively ignored for another three years and by that time the ICMG is disbanded (Who Killed Kennedy, events mentioned on p.73). (MG)

1963 (Dec 22nd) - The Fifth Doctor follows Nyssa to an exclusive finishing school for young ladies situated in the Swiss Alps after his companion is accidentally teleported during an experiment onboard the TARDIS. Once in the academy, it becomes apparent that a spate of poltergeist activity is being caused by two schoolgirls with rogue psi powers. But the Doctor soon realises the girls' talents are being misused by some_thing_ else... (Winter for the Adept, the exact date is given on Disc 1, Track 2). (MG/II)

1964 - Professor Rachel Jensen retires from the Intrusion Counter Measures Group, despite being in her early forties (Who Killed Kennedy, the year is given on p.70). (MG)

c 1964 - A Space Tracking Station is erected on the site of a ruined Norman castle in the Yorkshire village of Crook Marsham (Nightshade, this takes place 'five or six years' earlier [than December 1968] on p.65). (MG)

c 1964 - Polly Wright enjoys a holiday in the Seychelles with her parents (Invasion of the Cat-People p.203). (MG)

c 1964 - (Planet of Giants)

1964 - I.M. Foreman's One-Species Nongenetically-Engineered Travelling Show arrives in Shoreditch, London, disguised as a junkyard (Interference Book Two p.237). (MG)

1964 - The Fifth Doctor and Nyssa arrive in the wastes of Alaska and narrowly avoid a collision with a light aircraft. The two-man craft is carrying the lone survivor from an expedition which has unwittingly unearthed an ancient secret from the Permian era (The Land of the Dead, the year is given on Disc 1, Track 5). (MG)

1964 (June 12th) - South African black nationalist Nelson Mandela, originally imprisoned for sabotage, treason and violent conspiracy, is relocated to Robbin Island Prison off Cape Town after receiving a life sentence for his part in the founding of the Umkhonto We Sizwe, the military wing of the African National Congress (The Also People, the year is given on p.272. The imposing of Mandela's sentence of life imprisonment on June 12th 1964 is a matter of historical record). (MG)

1964 (July 22nd Wed) - Melanie Tracy Bush is born to parents Alan and Christine (Business Unusual, Mel is 'twenty-five' [in 1989], on p.22, and her date of birth is also given in Missing (MST) p.31. In Just War, Mel will be born 'twenty-eight' years [after 1936] on p.251). (MG/JE/CW)

? 1964 - At this time Mortimus is technical advisor to Yartek, leader of the Voord (No Future, no date on p.197). (CW)

? 1964 - (The Keys of Marinus, no date so set to contemporary, and in No Future, the Vardans have heard of what happens to Yartek). (CW)

1964 - (The Quantum Archangel).

1965 - Cedric Prior, the current owner of Kenilworth House, having only weeks to live, entrusts Nyssa's mummified body to his nephew, Aubrey, who is a genetic scientist (The Sands of Time, the year is given on p.10). (MG)

1965 - An alien 'vessel' carrying an aspect of the higher-dimensional being known as the Maker, crashes on an English beach. A young rocker, Alec Redshaw, and his girlfriend Sandra McBride rescue the Maker, wounded in the crash. As a result of this, the grateful Maker makes their wishes come true by transporting them, along with a hundred-or-so 'lucky' others, to an advanced city far into the future (The Space Age, the year is given on p.i). (MG)

1965 (March 19th Fri) - An organic spacecraft breaks upon crashing in New York. There are no survivors, and no wreckage left behind at the crash site (Salvation, this occurs 'last Friday', on p.23, it is 'Saturday 20th' on p.1). (MG)

1965 (March 22nd Mon) - A second organic spacecraft impacts, this time on Wimbledon Common, and the British military quickly cordons off the area. The wreckage, along with a lone survivor of the crash, is taken to Rogers Air Force Base in the United States for examination (Salvation, this occurs 'three nights' after Friday, on p.23). (MG)

1965 (March 23rd Tue) - Neville Albert Miller, 82 year old neighbour of schoolgirl Dodo Chaplet, is used as a template for Joseph, one of the formless beings that will soon be known as the Gods of the Latter-Day Pantheon (Salvation, it is 'Tuesday morning' on p.5). (MG)

1965 (March 25th Thurs) - Dodo Chaplet is held prisoner by Joseph when she turns up at Neville Miller's home, intending to do the old man's shopping for him (Salvation, it is 'Thursday' on p.15). (MG)

1965 (March 26th Fri) - Professor Byron Carter is transferred to top-secret Project Bluebird and taken to Rogers Air Force Base in the Catskill Mountains (Salvation, it is 'next morning' on p.25). (MG)

1965 (March 27th Sat) - The First Doctor meets Dodo Chaplet on Wimbledon Common (The Massacre) after the schoolgirl narrowly escapes the unwanted advances of Joseph. The TARDIS takes its crew to New York, where the self-styled 'Gods of the Latter-Day Pantheon' reveal themselves to the city. The US military, under the command of General Charles Marchant, is sent in, and the Doctor and Dodo find themselves whisked away to Rogers Air Force Base (Salvation, it is 'morning' on p.35). (MG)

1965 (March 28th Sun) - Steven meets newspaper reporter Kathy Marchant shortly before a riot takes place outside the Church of the Latter-Day Pantheon. The Patriarch of the Gods decides to extend their influence and leads thousands of followers on a march to Central Park (Salvation, the exact date is given on p.153, it is 'two o'clock' in the morning, on p.114). (MG)

1965 (March 31st Wed) - A delegation from the Ku Klux Klan, hoping the Gods will spread the 'truth' that black men are made inferior, engenders a crisis of faith in the Gods' followers (Salvation, Kathy's report will be 'in tomorrow's paper' on p.216, the exact date of the article (April 1st) is given on p.251). (MG)

1965 (April 1st Thurs) - The Patriarch of the Gods decides to intervene in the Vietnam War but, before he can, an airstrike is called in on Central Park. In the resulting confusion, the Gods are banished. The US military explain the whole thing as an April Fools' Day prank perpetrated by notorious publicity hound Alexander Lullington-Smythe (Salvation, the exact date is given on p.264). (MG/II)

1965 - (The Chase).

1965 (? mid) - Professor Bernard Trainor and Rachel Jensen begin work on the propulsion system for an unmanned probe which is eventually intended to be sent on a mission to Neptune (The Devil Goblins from Neptune, this occurs 'almost five years' before June 1970, on p74). (MG)

? c 1965 - At this time, Mortimus is technical advisor to the Morok empire (No Future, no date on p.197). (CW)

? c 1965 - By this time the Morok empire has begun falling apart (No Future, no date is given in on p.197, or in The Space Museum, but the Vardans know about it). (CW)

? c 1965 - Mortimus, the meddling monk, is marooned on an ice planet by the first Doctor (The Daleks' Masterplan, No Future; no date is given, so contemporary). (CW)

1965 (May 29th) - Nature magazine prints a report about the Tunguska event, the most spectacular meteor fall to be recorded in modern times (Birthright, the exact date is given on p.202). (MG)

1965 (Summer) - Ian and Barbara return home. Ian ends up having to sell everything to get a new place, whereas Barbara tries to sort out the rent on her flat and then goes to stay with her parents. At some point Barbara begins writing a journal which she plans to leave for Susan in the year 2167 (The Face of the Enemy, this occurs 'nearly three years' after they originally left, on p.44, but only 'two years' on p.113). (MG)

1965 (Summer) - Barbara Wright returns to teaching, but abandons secondary schools to become a university lecturer on history, specialising in the Aztec period of Central American history. Ian Chesterton also shifts to varsity work, gains a professorship within a year (Who Killed Kennedy, p.72) at Oxford, where he becomes friends with colleague James Rafferty (The Dimension Riders, the year is given as the 'sixties' on p.110), and is soon presenting controversial but highly regarded papers to international conferences. He specialises in astronomy, but shows expertise across a wide range of fields that seems astounding for a former school science teacher (Who Killed Kennedy, this occurs in 'the summer of 1965' on p.72). (MG/CW)

1965 (Summer) - Ian Chesterton is given a job teaching at the Royal Aircraft Establishment's technical college at Farnborough (The Face of the Enemy, events mentioned on p.44/43). (MG)

1965 - The maisonette that will become known as Ming's Mansion during the early twenty-second century is built in London (Transit, this takes place 'a hundred and fifty-four years' earlier [than 2119] on p.72). (MG)

c 1965 - On a visit to the sixties, Ace hears My Generation by The Who, a song about dying before being old (The Dimension Riders p.151, it is during 'the Sixties'. My Generation was published in 1965). (CW)

c 1965 - Nicholas Bridgeman, aged 18, returns home to Blyth, Northumberland on a break from his studies at Manchester University. On his first night at his parents' home, his mother feeds her crippled husband sleeping tablets then takes the rest herself, killing them both (Invasion of the Cat-People p.63). (MG)

1965 (December 25th) - (The Daleks' Master Plan Part Seven, this episode is intended to be contemporary with broadcast). (CW)

1965 (December 25th) - The special Christmas episode of Professor X is broadcast by the BBC. This episode, cherished by fans of the future, will tragically become one of the episodes destroyed during the seventies and eighties when the BBC wipes the film of any episodes past their sell-by date (Conundrum p.211, no date given. 'The Feast of Steven', Part Seven of The Daleks' Master Plan, was broadcast on this day). (CW)

1966 (Jan) - Wonder Comics begin publishing a comic book based on a group of God-like superheroes, led by the 'power-packed' Patriarch (Salvation, the comic will be dated 'March 1966' on p.191). (MG)

1966 - (The Chase).

c 1966 - The Intrusion Counter Measures Group is disbanded (Who Killed Kennedy, this occurs 'three years' after the Shoreditch Incident, on p.73). (MG)

c 1966 - The charismatic Tobias Vaughn sets up International Electromatics, which will claim eighty per cent of the global electronics market with its revolutionary new microchip technology (Who Killed Kennedy, this occurs 'three years' before 1969, on p39). (MG)

1966 (Early) - James Rafferty, as a postgraduate student, is taken into the confidence of Professor Edward Travers concerning the matter of a small metallic sphere which is evidently not of this world (The Dimension Riders, events on p.110-111, the date is given as 'the sixties'). (CW)

c 1966 - Iris Wildthyme meets Valerie Solanis, the woman who will shoot Andy Warhol, when Iris first visits New York.(Femme Fatale (MST), Iris says it was about 'two years before' on p.318) (II)

u 1966 (May) - The Great Intelligence, in the guise of the late Edward Waterfield, revises the professor's will one hundred years after his death, leaving an eight-figure sum to the descendants of his daughter Victoria. This is the first step in the Great Intelligence's plan to launch a new conquest of Earth (Downtime, the date is given on p.25). (MG)

u 1966 (May) - (The Web of Fear. In No Future, the Doctor knows the Brigadier 'as far back as the sixties' on p.133. In Downtime, the London Event takes place in 'Sixty-eight' on p.183, and 'some twenty-five years before [1995]' on p.92. In The Scales of Injustice [in u1970], the Brigadier's daughter Kate is 'five' years old and attending school - in Downtime, Fiona is pregnant with her in 'six months' hence). (CW)

= u 1966 (May) -The TARDIS of renegade Time Lord Koschei is ensnared in the Great Intelligence's web and is dragged to the Earth of the parallel Inferno universe. The British Republic defeat the Great Intelligence and its robot Yeti with Koschei's help, but the Time Lord is left stranded on Earth when he learns his TARDIS has been irreparably damaged by the Great Intelligence (The Face of the Enemy, this is 'a decade' before [1976], on p.248). (MG)

u 1966 (May) - When the Yeti invade London, Hamlet Macbeth stays behind during the evacuations. He spends the time taking holiday snaps of the Yeti (The Left-Handed Hummingbird p.100, no date is given). (CW)

u 1966 (May 13th Fri) - In the wake of the London Event, Colonel Lethbridge-Stewart sends a letter to the Ministry of Defence requesting the formation of a watchdog unit to deal with extraterrestrial incursions. The Ministry, believing such an event is unlikely to recur, turns down the Colonel's request (Downtime, it is '13th May' on p.6, the London Event takes place in 'Sixty-eight' on p.183. Note: Lethbridge-Stewart apparently has the rank of Brigadier, but he is promoted to Brigadier in Who Killed Kennedy in 1967, so to save any Continuity Errors, this entry has been altered accordingly). (MG/CW)

u 1966 (May) - The London Incident is covered up by the authorities. It is explained as the accidental release of an hallucinogenic nerve gas into the Underground air vents, causing hundreds of people to see strange creatures in central London (Who Killed Kennedy, this occurs 'almost three years' before 1970, on p.43). (MG)

u 1966 (May) - A Yeti web gun will be salvaged by C19's Vault operation (Business Unusual p.141). (CW)

1966 (Summer) - On the first anniversary of their return to Earth, Ian Chesterton and Barbara Wright elope to Gretna Green to get married. They will eventually have a son called John (The Face of the Enemy, events mentioned on p.44/55). (MG)

1966 (July 16th Sat) - Dodo Chaplet suffers from a breakdown and starts suffering from blackouts due to WOTAN's influence. She will spend the next few months in the country trying to sort herself out (Who Killed Kennedy, the exact date is given on p.141). (MG)

1966 (July 12th Tues) - (The War Machines).

1966 - The remains of WOTAN will eventually end up being studied by scientists working for C19's secretive Vault, in an attempt to create an AI that can eventually replace the British government (The Scales of Injustice, events mentioned on p.208). (MG)

1966 (July) - The War Machines' appearance on the streets of London will become twisted out of all recognition on future colony world New Jupiter. With many ancient records lost, the colonists will come to the conclusion that the War Machines were designed by the General Post Office to deliver the capital's mail (EarthWorld, events mentioned on p.46/116). (MG)

1966 (July 20th Wed) - (The Faceless Ones).

1966 (July 20th Wed) - (The Evil of the Daleks).

1966 (July) - A single pair of Chameleon scouts survive, and make their way to Porthmadog, where they will be contacted by Isaac Summerfield (Return of the Living Dad, mentioned on p.238. The Chameleons featured in The Faceless Ones). (CW)

1966 (July 30th Sat) - The Seventh Doctor picks up the Isley Brothers for Bernice's wedding while they are watching England play West Germany for the World Cup (Happy Endings, the year is given on p.41). (MG)

1966 - (The Quantum Archangel).

1966 (late) - After the invasion of London by the Yeti, the military begins to delve into the field of the paranormal, and after discarding thousands of hopefuls and nutters come up with six people with genuine talents (The Left-Handed Hummingbird, this occurs 'after the Yeti had come' on p.122-123). (CW)

1966 (? November) - Fiona Lethbridge-Stewart becomes pregnant with daughter Kate (Downtime, Fiona is heavily pregnant 'six months' after the London Incident, on p.7/10, in The Scales of Injustice, this occurs 'within eighteen months' of the London Incident, on p.185, Kate is said to be 'five' years old [in 1970] on p.60). (MG)

1966 (Nov) - Lethbridge-Stewart learns of the Shoreditch Incident during a conversation with Air Vice-Marshal Ian Gilmore at the Alexander Club in London. This meeting will sow the seeds for the foundation of UNIT (Downtime, this takes place 'six months' after the London Event, on p.7). (MG)

? 1966 (Dec) - Animation guru Ralph Waldo Mimsey dies, but his head is cryogenically preserved in case future generations may help cure his condition. Unfortunately for Mimsey, his head will be reanimated by the Techno-Magi sect in the twenty-fifth century (Burning Heart, no date is given other than 'the early twentieth century' on p.88, but Mimsey is obviously based on Walt Elias Disney, events mentioned on p.174). (MG)

c 1967 - Dodo Chaplet returns to London to look for work after spending several months recuperating in the country. Still suffering from blackouts, she is sent to the first in a line of psychiatric hospitals (Who Killed Kennedy, this occurs 'several months' after July 1966, on p.141). (MG)

c 1967 - There have been archaeology digs in the Kilgary since this time. (Genocide, it's been 'for thirty years' on p.58) (II)

? c 1967- As a teenager, Julia Adams is on holiday on the Scilly Isles. Going midnight swimming with friends she goes too far out and loses her sense of direction. (Blood Heat, no date given, but it must be before the plague yet close enough so she is not too old in 1993 to go out for food, events on p.61) (CW)

1967 - Svetlana Persson and Bo Vikarn are born in Sweden (Dominion p.85). (MG/II)

1967 (? March) - Madeleine 'Maddie' Burton meets Ed Hill, singer with Kathmandu, for the first time. Ed Hill is in possession of a hidden supply of Om-Tsor, which he stole from a Tibetan monastery near the village of Ghumding (Revolution Man, Maddie and Ed have been together for at least 'three months' on p.63). (MG)

1967 - The Seventh Doctor and Ace make an unrecorded trip to Adelaide, Australia where the Doctor's young companion is trained in the equestrian skills by a man named Medge (Love and War, the year is given on p.33). (MG)

c 1967 - John Lennon causes controversy and headline news by saying that the Beatles are more popular than Jesus (The Left-Handed Hummingbird p.1, no date is given). (CW)

1967 - The LP Sergeant Pepper is released. Ace's mum will own a copy (The Left-Handed Hummingbird p.14, no date is given, Sergeant Pepper is released in 1967). (CW)

1967 (? Summer) - John Alydon Ganatus Chesterton, son of Ian and Barbara and known the world over as future popstar Johnny Chess, is born (Byzantium!, he is around 'six-and-a-quarter' in November 1973, and his full name is given on p.7. In The Face of the Enemy, he is 'old enough to be at primary school' by November 1972, on p.55. In The King of Terror, he appears to be 'in his early thirties' [in July 1999] on p.130). (MG)

1967 (Summer) - Kyra Skye, 18 years old, arrives in San Francisco (Unnatural History p.58). (MG/II)

c 1967 - Perpugilliam 'Peri' Brown, companion to the Fifth and Sixth Doctors and botany student, is born (Superior Beings, she is said to be 'a nineteen-year-old-girl' when she meets the Doctor [in 1985] on p.8), possibly in Pasadena, California (Players, she is described as 'Peri for short, late of Pasadena, California' on p.3). (MG)

1967 - After years of uncertainty, the Russians finally come out and admit Hitler is dead for definite (The Shadow in the Glass, the year is given on p.124). (MG)

1967 (June) - The Revolution Man carves a giant 'R' into a pyramid in Egypt by unknown means The Eighth Doctor, Sam and Fitz arrive in London to track down the culprit before he can cause more of a threat to Earth's timeline. Fitz stays behind with Maddie Burton after she is almost killed by an agent of the Chinese military searching for Ed Hill's hidden supply of Om-Tsor (Revolution Man, the date is given on p.1). (MG)

1967 (mid) - Colonel Lethbridge-Stewart, on Air Vice-Marshal Ian Gilmore's recommendation, is instrumental in setting up UNIT - the United Nations Intelligence Taskforce. Lethbridge-Stewart risks his military career to go over the heads of the politicians and directly to the National Security Council of the United Nations. He flies to New York to give a closed-door briefing to key members of the Security Council and, afterwards, the council votes overwhelmingly in favour of Lethbridge-Stewart's proposal, with only Great Britain abstaining (Who Killed Kennedy, this occurs in '1967' on p.77).

1967 (June) - Colonel Lethbridge-Stewart serves at Suez, where he leads a division to Port Said to head off a counterattack from Colonel Nasser's crack Republican Infantry. Shortly after he serves in Aden alongside John Benton. While serving in Aden, Lethbridge-Stewart is responsible for the court-martial of Private Bull. Bull is condemned on the orders of Lethbridge-Stewart (with support from the Chief of General Staff), for cowardice in the face of the enemy. Sentence is carried out and Bull is executed by a firing squad (The Devil Goblins from Neptune, the year is given on p.100, it is 'the Summer of Love' and just after Lethbridge-Stewart's 'first close encounter with alien beings' on p.100, events mentioned on p.135/148/189). (MG)

1967 (June) - Lethbridge-Stewart is seconded to UNIT soon after returning from Aden (The Devil Goblins from Neptune, this occurs in '1967' on p.100) and is promoted to Brigadier. Against the wishes of Britain's armed forces leaders Lethbridge-Stewart is given limited powers to seal off areas, request troops and equipment from the regular Army, and engage in combat with live ammunition in extreme situations. He has to report to a UN secretary in Geneva, but also has to answer to the British Prime Minister. UNIT will maintain a day-to-day liaison with the government through its intelligence ministry, C19 (Who Killed Kennedy, this occurs in 'early 1969' on p.77). Upon its formation UNIT takes over the Paranormal Division from the regular army (The Left-Handed Hummingbird p.123). UNIT's standing policy, though, will be that alien invasions will either be blown up, or if that fails, covered up. UNIT's relationship with its parent organisations will always however, just be an extension of what has always been. To this effect (at least in the UK), UNIT will keep things from Department C19, C19 will keep things from MI5, MI5 will keep things from Parliament, and Parliament will keep things from the people (Return of the Living Dad p.45, p.135). (MG/CW)

1967 - UFOs are spotted in various places in the Northwest of England including Wilmslow, Glossop and St Helen's (Father Time, the year is given on p.45). (MG)

c 1967 (late) - Hamlet Macbeth finds out about UNIT and its operations and turns up on their doorstep with the facts that (1) he knows what they are up to, and (2) he needs a job. He is made a lieutenant the next day, one of three in charge of UNIT's Paranormal Division, consisting of several students, three GESPers and a psychokinetic who can shuffle cards without using his hands. His first mission is to investigate a haunted house (The Left-Handed Hummingbird, no date given, so set just after UNIT is founded; events on p.123, p146). (CW)

c 1967 - Brendan Richards, ward of Doctor Lavinia Smith, is born (K9 and Company: A Girl's Best Friend novelisation, he is 'fourteen' [in December 1981] on p.20/24). (MG)

1967 (Oct) - Gandar and Cavis, two Gallifreyan Interventionists in the employ of President Romana, travel to London to locate Constantine King, also known as Rex, as part of a far-reaching plan (The Shadows of Avalon, the date is given on p.19). (MG)

1967 - Major-General Rutlidge, Lethbridge-Stewart's original liaison with the army, puts John Benton's name forward for the Brigadier's short-list of potential UNIT troops. Both he and Jack Tracy, with experience of undercover work, are called in for a meeting. They are both promoted to corporals and meet Captain Turner and Sergeant Walters, the Brigadier's immediate staff. Maisie Hawke and Carol Bell are there from the start, too (The Scales of Injustice, events mentioned on p.232, Corporal Hawke has been in UNIT for 'three years' [by 1970], on p.188). (MG)

1967 - The American CIA immediately begins subverting UNIT, beginning an ongoing strategy to discredit and destroy the UN peacekeeping force (The Devil Goblins from Neptune, no date is given, events mentioned on p.241). (MG)

1967 (Nov 5th Sun) - The Revolution Man carves his impossible graffiti on the Great Pyramid (Revolution Man, the exact date is given on p.98). (MG)

c 1968 - Dodo Chaplet, still suffering from blackouts, is sent to another psychiatric hospital in Colchester, Essex. While there, she is subjected to electric-shock therapy for a period of fourteen months (Who Killed Kennedy, events mentioned on p.141). (MG)

c 1968 - Janice Tanner, future member of James Edward Allen's expedition to find the Ark, is born in the USA (Eternity Weeps, she is in her 'mid-thirties' [in 2003] on p.28). (CW)

1968 -Justin Cranleigh and twin sister Nancy are born in Bromley (Falls the Shadow, Cranleigh is 'twenty-seven' in 1995, on p.105). (MG)

1968 - Young reporter James Stevens travels from New Zealand to Britain, and soon gets a job at the Daily Chronicle (Who Killed Kennedy, the year is given on p.11). (MG)

u 1968 - Student Charmagne Peters visits Romania and bares witness to the squalor in which the sewer children of Sighisoara are forced to live in. Charmagne will suffer from recurring nightmares surrounding this event for the next five years (Rags, this takes place 'five years' earlier [than 1973] on p.99). (MG)

1970s u (? c 1968) - Doris' husband, George Wilson is killed in Northern Ireland, leaving Doris a widow (The Scales of Injustice, this happens 'a couple of years ago' [in ? 1970] on p.132. In Business Unusual, this happens 'in the seventies' p.218). (CW)

1968 - Russian marine Valentina Shuskin joins the Soviet branch of UNIT after a time working in an underground installation at Semipalatinsk (The Devil Goblins from Neptune, the year is given on p.2). (MG)

1968 (Feb 14th Wed) - San Francisco's Golden Gate bridge is defaced by the Revolution Man (Revolution Man, the exact date is given on p.98). (MG)

1968 (March 15th Fri) - St. Paul's Cathedral in Rome is targeted by the Revolution Man's anomalous graffiti (Revolution Man, the exact date is given on p.99). (MG)

1968 (March 16th Sat) - An unknown incarnation of the Doctor is present in the South Vietnamese village of My Lai when the men of Charlie Company, 11th Brigade, American Division commanded by Lieutenant William Calley massacre over three hundred unarmed civilians in a 'search and destroy' mission. During the butchery, several old men are bayoneted, while praying women and children are shot in the back of the head (The King of Terror, no date is given on p.241. The massacre at My Lai on 16th March 1968 is a matter of historical record). (MG)

1968 (April 29th Mon) - The Revolution Man's vandalism of Moscow's Red Square results in the Soviets misreading it as an unprovoked attack on their country (Revolution Man, the exact date is given on p.99). (MG)

c 1968 - Primary testing begins on the Golgotha Project in America's Midwest. Command-code images are sent to the brainwashed populace of Lychburg, resulting in disaster - a rift to another dimension opens up, releasing a creature that is inimicable to life itself. The creature's advance is halted by a tactical nuclear strike (Heart of TARDIS, this is 'more than three years' later [than c1963] on p.201). (MG)

= c 1968 - An alternative timeline may have been created when the Second Doctor, Jamie and Victoria arrive in Lychburg, destabilising the anomaly. The travellers learn of a series of gruesome murders taking place. They also discover the town is shielded from the rest of the universe and it's impossible to leave - and that a creature, an Abstract Entity calling itself Continuity, is in control. Travelling to the Lychburg Drive-o-Rama, the Doctor discovers it is part TARDIS, and the Doctor's TARDIS has destabilised it (Heart of TARDIS, no date is given). (MG)

1968 (May) - Doctor Thomas Hawthorne, Vijay Degun and Holly Kidd join the team of scientists working at the Space Tracking Station at Crook Marsham in Yorkshire (Nightshade, this takes place 'eight months' earlier [than December] on p.14). (MG)

1968 (June 5th Wed) - Fitz and Maddie Burton arrive in the Nepalese village of Ghumding after tracking down the source of Om-Tsor. Fitz is captured by Chinese soldiers. In Hampshire, the Doctor discovers an anarchist group, the Total Liberation Brigade (TLB), is linked to the Revolution Man (Revolution Man p.103). (MG)

1968 (May-Jun) - Things get confusing for the Eighth Doctor and Sam as the events surrounding Andy Warhol's shooting get muddled by Iris Wildthyme, clones, and another duo called 'the Doctor' and 'Mrs Jones'... and then there's that little thing when 'Wildthyme: Memoirs of a Time Lady' gets published... ((MST) Femme Fatale, Iris gives the year on p.322, Sam dates Andy's shooting as 'the third of June, 1968' on p.326) (II)

1968 - A clone of Maximillian Arrestis, CEO of the biggest criminal syndicate in the eleventh millennium, is poisoned with pyletheric acid while dining with 'his' mistress, Diva, at Beswick's in London (The Crystal Bucephalus, the year is given on p.18). (MG)

1968 - President Romana's Time Lord agent visits elderly Susan Seymour in an attempt to use her link with Compassion to predict the Doctor's possible destination after he left Banquo Manor in 1898. Objective complete, the agent sends a telepathic message to Gallifrey (The Banquo Legacy, the year is given on p.12/274). (MG)

1968 (Summer) - During the Grosvenor Square march, student Jeremy Winterdawn meets his future wife Jennifer while protesting against American involvement in Vietnam (Falls the Shadow, no date is given other than 'during the sixties' on p.167/184). (MG)

1968 (July 1st Mon) - The Indian Army is mobilised against China after the whole country is threatened by storms and tidal waves caused by the Revolution Man. Pakistan, in turn, mobilises its forces against India (Revolution Man, the exact date is given on p.180). (MG)

1968 (July) Cristián Alverez, 18, moves to St. John's Wood, London (The Left-Handed Hummingbird, he has been living in London for 'six months' on p.107, p.129). (CW)

1968 - Kim Philby's memoirs are published under the title My Secret War (Endgame, no date is given on p.243. The publication of My Secret War in 1968 is a matter of historical record). (MG)

1968 (late December) - (Nightshade, in The Left-Handed Hummingbird this appears to take place in late December on p.147). (CW)

1968 (Nov 12th Tues) - The US aircraft carrier Constitution, serving in the Vietnam conflict, is incapacitated by the Revolution Man. The Pentagon blames China for the attack (Revolution Man, the exact date is given on p.180). (MG)

1968 (late December) - Molly, a hippie living at no. 28, St John's Wood, London has a dream in which she sees the Doctor. Her housemates Lizzie and John tell her he is the Devil, and she decides that if she sees him she is going to kill him (The Left-Handed Hummingbird, events on p.141, and as no date is given, it is assumed to be recent). (CW)

1968 (Dec 20th) - Hamlet Macbeth travels to St John's Wood in London to investigate strange goings on at no. 28. Cristián is wandering out on Primrose Hill until he is found by the Doctor, Ace and Bernice who arrive just as Macbeth is thrown out by Lizzie. Molly catches him up and invites him to look in their basement (The Left-Handed Hummingbird, events mentioned on p.123, p.127-128, p.131. In Return of the Living Dad, the year is also given on p.44). (CW)

1968 (21st December) - Today is the Winter Solstice, the Sun God's birthday. Hamlet Macbeth looks round the basement of no. 28. At the Doctor's hotel, Molly tries to kill him, thinking he is the Devil, but Hamlet Macbeth shoots her before she has the chance. Later that day the Doctor, Ace and Bernice go to the Christmas party at no. 28. LSD is used to drug the sugar cubes in the tea, and the Doctor, having taken three lumps, is taken by Lizzie and handcuffed to the bed in the basement. The Happening occurs as Cristián sees Blue, and in the basement, for exactly six minutes and twenty seconds, the Doctor is Huitzilin. John and Lizzie unbind him, and instantly are devoured. Bernice calls for help from Hamlet Macbeth (The Left-Handed Hummingbird, events on p.139, p.141, p.144, p.151, p.158-159, p.163-164, p.177-178, p.189, it is the day after the Doctor visited on p.139)

1968 (22nd December) - Hamlet Macbeth brings in UNIT, who cordon off the area. This is the first time UNIT sees action. The soldiers search the house and find the Doctor in the basement, on the bed. Hamlet Macbeth takes the Doctor to a UNIT safe house, currently run by the Paranormal Division, in Berkshire, but does not tell Ace or Bernice. It will take three weeks for Ace and Bernice to track him down. Cristián Alverez is taken to a mental hospital due to his condition. While at the asylum Cristián is questioned by the Paranormal Division about the Doctor (The Left-Handed Hummingbird, events on p.176, p.182, p.184-185, p.197). During the Doctor's stay Macbeth compiles a dossier on him (No Future, on p.102). (CW)

1968 (24th December) - Jacqui, an inmate of the UNIT safe house where she has lived since she has become pregnant, enters the Doctor's room due to her baby's dreams. As the Doctor sees Blue, so does Cristián, seeing memories of the future. At the same time a rabbi in Birmingham starts talking in tongues, inmates burn down a Lancaster asylum, and Jacqui's baby is killed by the psychic fallout. These sightings of Blue continue at 4-6 hour intervals (Prelude: The Left-Handed Hummingbird (DWM#207) the UNIT soldiers are having a Christmas Eve party, and in The Left-Handed Hummingbird, on p.185 this is 'the first time he tripped', and in Return of the Living Dad events on p.145-146). (CW)

1968 (December) - By this time, Audrey McShane, Ace's mother is [incorrectly said to be] twenty-three years old, and living with her mother; she will be pregnant with Ace 'in a couple of years time' (The Left-Handed Hummingbird, mentioned on p.147, Ace's family name is given in Set Piece). (CW)

1969 - By this time Ian Gilmore has retired, an Air Commodore (The Left-Handed Hummingbird, events from p.181). (CW)

1969 (Jan 3rd Fri) - US Defence Forces go to Defcon 2 after the Revolution Man attacks a US Air Force base in Tennessee. The world is near the brink of a third World War (Revolution Man, this occurs 'last night' (it is January 4th) on p.181). (MG)

1969 (January) -The Education of Jean-Claude, by the Marquis de Sade, is published by Olympia Press in Paris. (Femme Fatale (MST), the Doctor says it'll be published in January on p.334)(II)

? 1969 - The Apple Boutique, one of the Beatles' less successful projects, closes. The staff will give away stock to anyone who wanders into the shop (The Left-Handed Hummingbird p.155, no date given). (CW)

1969 (? 4th January) - Ace finds out the address of the UNIT safe house in Berkshire. It will take another week to get official permission to visit (The Left-Handed Hummingbird, events on p.180, no date given except for the fact that it has taken them 'two weeks' to find the address. The location of the safe house is given in Return of the Living Dad as 'fifty miles away' from Little Caldwell on p.122). (CW)

1969 (? 9th January) - After spending days on the telephone trying to contact the Brigadier, Ace phones the RAF, to speak to Ian Gilmore, who has retired. After finally contacting him he puts her on to the Brigadier, who is in Switzerland. After informing the Brigadier about the operations that the Paranormal Division are involved in, he arranges it so she can have a pass to get in (The Left-handed Hummingbird, events on p.181). (CW)

1969 (10th January) - Ace gains access to the UNIT safe house in Berkshire. Hamlet Macbeth takes her to see the Doctor, and her visit coincides with the Doctor seeing the Blue. Ace takes the Doctor outside, and she and Bernice take the Doctor to the house on Allen Road. The Brigadier orders that the entire Paranormal Division be disbanded, and Hamlet Macbeth leaves in disgrace but will spend the following decade keeping track of UNIT's operations (The Left-Handed Hummingbird, events on p.100, p.185, p.187, and in Return of the Living Dad p.130, p.138). The dossier compiled about the Doctor will fall into the hands of the Brigadier. Hamlet Macbeth's actions have proved to UNIT that the public is not trustworthy enough to be told information about Earth being under threat from aliens (No Future, on p.61, p.102. Hamlet Macbeth is [incorrectly] said to have left in 'sixty-eight). Believing the problem to be at an end with the disbanding of the Paranormal Division, the Doctor assumes the UNIT safe house has been closed down and forgets about it... (Return of the Living Dad p.138). (CW)

1969 (c January) - After finding out about the organisation, and with nowhere else to go, Jacqui will find Isaac Summerfield's team, where she will wait for the Doctor to return (Return of the Living Dad p.146). (CW)

1969 (January 30th) - Today is the day the Beatles perform their last concert, on the roof of Apple Corp. London is on strike. In St John's Wood, London. Cristián Alverez is let out of a mental hospital after spending a month confined within it. Ace manages to stop the assassination of John Lennon by the cleaning lady of the building opposite. The TARDIS crew depart, and go forward to 1980 (The Left-Handed Hummingbird, the date is given on p.11, p.198-199). (CW)

1969 (Early February) - Cristián goes back to Mexico (The Left-Handed Hummingbird, on p.197, he will do this in 'a couple of weeks'). (CW)

c 1969 - Manisha Purkayastha, Ace's best friend, is born. (Blood Heat, Manisha is 14 [in 1983] when her house is firebombed, on p.188) (CW)

1969 (Feb 14th Fri) - The Eighth Doctor drops Maddie Burton off in Ramsgate to attend a friend's funeral (Revolution Man, the exact date is given on p.189). (MG)

1969 (April 12th Sat) - Fitz, held prisoner by the Chinese for the past eight months (Unnatural History p.135), arrives in London to make a deal with the TLB for Om-Tsor. The TARDIS is caught in a vortex slippage and dragged forward to May 18th (Revolution Man, the exact date is given on p.210). (MG/II)

1969 (May 18th Sun)- The Eighth Doctor kills singer Ed Hill at 'Rock at the End of the World' concert before the Revolution Man can steal the TARDIS (Revolution Man, the exact date is given on p.179). (MG)

=1969 (May 18th Sun) - A possible future where World War Three destroys Earth is averted by the Eighth Doctor (Revolution Man, the exact date is given on p.179). (MG)

1969 (Spring) - Amateur photographer Isobel Watkins is granted permission to take a series of photographs of Tobias Vaughn, managing director of International Electromatics. After her departure, Vaughn contemplates whether or not to complete his conversion into a Cyberman (Prelude: Iceberg (DWM201), no year is given, but this takes place in 'spring' on p.46). (MG)

u 1969 (Spring) - (The Invasion. In Iceberg, this is appears to take place during 'summer in the 70s' on p.2, and 'ten years' before The Tenth Planet [in 1986] on p.90. In No Future, [in 1976] the Brigadier has not seen the Cybermen 'in six years, not since 1970' on p.2. In Original Sin, this takes place 'in the nineteen seventies' on p.281. In Killing Ground, this takes place in '1970' on p.60. In Who Killed Kennedy this occurs in 'spring 1969' on p.77. In The Devil Goblins From Neptune, this is dated as 'the spring of 1969' on p.164. In The Face of the Enemy, this occurs 'four years' after The Web of Fear [in u1966], on p.21). (MG/CW)

1970s u (? Spring 1969) - Co-ordinator Node 38, part of the Cybermen invasion force, is propelled in the direction of Earth by a sudden explosion in the planet's orbit. While the rest of the invaders are hurled into deep space, Co-ordinator 38 crash-lands in Antarctica and, over the next three decades, will augment themselves with captured human subjects (Iceberg, this is said to take place during 'summer in the 70s' on p.2). (MG)

1970s u (? Spring 1969) - The Cyber invasion is covered up with the explanation that the Earth passes through a comet's tail, showering the Earth with an unidentified form of radiation causing a global illness resulting in thousands of people in major cities experience fainting spells, dizziness, and loss of memory (Who Killed Kennedy, this occurs in 'spring 1969' on p.77, events mentioned on p.43). (MG)

1970s u (Spring 1969) - At the moment of death, Tobias Vaughn's personality is transmitted to an International Electronics communications satellite in geostationary orbit then downloaded into a spare robotic body in IE's New York office. From there, he regains control over the company using a different identity, only one of fifteen he has previously established around the world (Original Sin, events mentioned on p.276). (MG).

1970s u (Spring 1969) - Bill Filer, the Intelligence Chief at UNIT's New York HQ, investigates International Electromatics' West Coast Division (The Devil Goblins from Neptune, events mentioned on p.168/38). (MG)

1970s u (Spring 1969) - Fashion photographer Isobel Watkins's wild claims of a Cyber invasion are widely discredited by various experts, despite producing a series of photographs of the alien invaders, which are denounced as fakes (Who Killed Kennedy, this occurs 'earlier in 1969' on p.62). (MG)

1970s u (? Spring 1969) - Professor Ralph Cornish of the British Space Centre steps in to help Ashley Chapel sort out the mess after International Elecromatics collapses with Tobias Vaughn's sudden demise. In return Cornish gets access to much of the cutting-edge technology IE develops, and the British Space Centre is revitalised (Who Killed Kennedy, events mentioned on p.39). (MG)

1970s u (? 1969) - After a failed bid to buy up International Electromatics, Sir Marmaduke Harrington-Smythe sets up the Glasshouse, a private paramilitary nursing home caring for the sick and injured of MI5, UNIT and other 'discreet' British organisations. The Glasshouse is located somewhere in Gloucestershire (The Scales of Injustice, events mentioned on p.174/187). (MG)

1970s u (? 1969 early) - Martyn Townsend, a simple electronics packer on the shop floor of a leading transistor manufacturer, is injured, and willingly allows himself to be used in an experiment to place his brain in a new body made from technology recovered after the invasion of the Cybermen. This body allows him to have the strength of ten men and can see past human limits (The Scales of Injustice, Business Unusual, this happens '20 years' ago, and on p.138). (CW)

1969 (early) - Dodo Chaplet is transferred to the Glasshouse, located in Evesham, after a fourteen-month period in another psychiatric hospital. At the Glasshouse she comes under the mind control of the Master, who is acting as the nursing home's Director. Dodo is released after being subjected to the Master's hypnotism over a period of weeks, only to end up living in shelters for the homeless for the next couple of years (Who Killed Kennedy, events mentioned on p.146-50). (MG)

1969 - A small group of hippies hire a boat and sail to the small island of L'Ithe to set up a commune in the Channel Islands. Within a week they return home, claiming the island is haunted. (The Scales of Injustice, the year is given on p.85). (MG/II)

1969 - Kit, future member of punk band Plasticine, begins playing the drums in pub bands (No Future, Kit has been doing this for 'seven years' [by 1976] on p.24). (CW)

1969 (July 20th Sun) - US astronaut Neil Armstrong, commander of the Apollo 11 lunar landing mission, becomes the first man to walk on the surface of the moon. The resulting extravehicular activity results in the collection of lunar surface samples and the deployment of lunar surface experiments. Armstrong's historic walk on the moon's surface will inspire young Pierre-Yves Dudoin to dedicate his life to being the first privately-funded man in space (Escape Velocity, no date is given on p.17). (MG)

c 1969 - Mel Bush watches the moon landings on television (Business Unusual, this happens when she is 'five or six' on p.270). (CW)

c 1969 - Nine-year-old Tegan Jovanka stops believing in God (The King of Terror, this takes place when she is 'nine' on p.174). (MG)

? 1969 - By this time there is a secret gravitron installation on the Moon, operated by remote control (Blood Heat, assumed from the Doctor's knowledge on p.196 [in 1993], and since the installation must be there for the Earth Reptiles to use it in =1993, it has to be put up there before Doctor Who and the Silurians, placed here due to the other manned missions to the moon). (CW)

1969 (August) - The Woodstock free rock festival takes place near Bethel, New York State, USA, over three days. Attended by 400,000 people, the audience includes at least two or three incarnations of the Doctor (at least by the time he is in his seventh incarnation) (The Left-Handed Hummingbird, events on p.147, and from historical fact). (CW)

1969 - Josephine Grant sees Sam Peckinpah's violent western The Wild Bunch at the cinema (Rags, no date is given on p.57, but this is the year in which the film was released). (MG)

1969 (mid Aug) - The Ragman's anarchic presence is felt in Northern Ireland when the traditional Relief of Derry Apprentice Boys' march erupts in clashes between the Royal Ulster Constabulary and Catholic youths in the nationalist Bogside area. When the Catholics erect barricades and begin hurling petrol bombs and bricks, the RUC are given permission to use CS gas and, over the next two days the police will fire over one thousand cartridges and 160 gas grenades into the Bogside. The riots result in the deployment of the British Army on the streets of Derry and Bogside to restore peace and, ironically, to protect the Catholic minority (Rags, no date is given on p.184. The Battle of the Bogside between 12th - 14th August 1969 is a matter of historical record). (MG)

1969 (Sept) - Journalist James Stevens marries Natasha, the daughter of Lord Howarth, in the Chelsea Registry Office (Who Killed Kennedy, the date is given on p.12). (MG)

1969 (Sept 25th Sat) - Sir Marmaduke Harrington-Smythe sends a letter to Sir John Sudbury, Administrator of Department C19, requesting better scientific staff for the Glasshouse nursing facility (The Scales of Injustice, the exact date of the 27th Sept. is given on p.11, and, according to Revolution Man ,is wrong. I've tweaked it in relation to the other story). (MG/II)

1969 (Sept 29th Wed) - The Revolution Man cult, now led by Maddie Burton, arranges a pop festival in East Worldham, Hampshire. There are dozens of arrests for possession of illegal drugs (Revolution Man, the exact date is given on p.247). (MG)

1969 (Oct) - Sergeant Michael Alexander Raymond Yates may have been seconded from the regular army to UNIT at this time (The Eye of the Giant, he has been in charge of a squad that 'cleans-up' after the first Auton invasion, on p.18, although in The Scale of Injustice Yates only appears to have been in UNIT for 'two months' by the following June on p.181). (MG)

1970s u (? 1969 Oct) - At this time, UNIT has a temporary headquarters in central London (The Scales of Injustice, events mentioned on p.211), located on Ealing Broadway (Who Killed Kennedy, events mentioned on p.57). (MG/II)

1970s u (? 1969 Oct 14th Tues) - Sir John Sudbury sends a letter to Professor Andrew Montrose of Cambridge University, requesting the assignation of four scientists to new projects. One of these scientists is Professor Elizabeth Shaw, who is busy researching new ways of breaking down non-biodegradable waste by environmental methods. Shaw has doctorates in chemistry and medicine, an honorary doctorate in metaphysics and humanities, plus assorted qualifications in economics, history and Latin (The Scales of Injustice, the exact date is given on p.9, events mentioned on p.19/33). (MG/II)

1970s u (? 1969) - Cellian and Ciara, the Irish Twins, attend a party with the other nurses who work at the same hospital, to celebrate the release of the new Beatles LP, supplying the drugs in the hope of being of seen in a better light by their colleagues. Unfortunately they are arrested by hidden policemen, and within days their careers are over and they risk deportation back to Ireland (Business Unusual, no date is given on p.238). (CW)

1970s u (? 1969 Oct 24th Fri) - Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart announces the forthcoming arrival of UNIT's new Scientific Advisor, Professor Elizabeth Shaw (The Scales of Injustice, the exact date is given on p.13). (MG/II)

1970s u (? 1969 Oct 25th Sat) - Elizabeth Shaw is informed of her attachment to UNIT as Scientific Advisor, while three of her colleagues at Cambridge University are sent to work at the Glasshouse (The Scales of Injustice, the exact date is given on p.14). (MG/II)

c 1969 - Nicholas Bridgeman succeeds to the professorship of science at the newly-formed UMIST in Manchester, and quickly transfers to London where his growing interest in the paranormal, sparked by the deaths of his parents, slowly absorbs all his time (Invasion of the Cat-People p.65). (MG)

u 1969 (Oct 26th Sun) - A shower of meteorites lands in Oxley Woods, near Epping in Essex. The area is immediately cordoned off by UNIT (Spearhead From Space, the first meteors arrive 'six months' earlier [than October] in Part One. In Who Killed Kennedy, no date is given, but this occurs 'last night' on p.21). Two Nestene energy spheres are completely undamaged and sufficiently powerful to construct for themselves human forms. One makes itself in the image of a human female, calling itself Doctor Irma Krafchin (Business Unusual, p.225), the other making itself in the image of a human male, calling itself Channing (Spearhead from Space Part One). (MG/II/CW)

1970s u (? 1969 Oct 27th Mon/ 1968 Oct 21st Mon) - Doctor Elizabeth Shaw is attached to UNIT for a period between twelve and twenty-four months. She moves to London and finds a flat in Dean Street (The Scales of Injustice, the date is given as 'Monday 21st October' on p.9, and 'Monday 31st' on p.13, events mentioned on p.98. The date has been changed to 'Monday 27th' to allow an October date for 'Black Thursday'. In The Devil Goblins from Neptune, set in June 1970, Liz joins UNIT 'last summer' on p.10). (MG/II)

(Oh dear. I appear to have set up a new year to start UNIT dating from... (II))

= 1970s u (? 1969 late Oct/ 1968 late Oct) - In the Inferno universe the Third Doctor is exiled to Earth in the 20th century, and soon after his arrival has the British Republic in his thrall, with his face on posters on walls everywhere (Spearhead from Space, dated in The Scales of Injustice, as 'October' on p.13, in Who Killed Kennedy, the month is given as 'October' on p.19; assumed from Timewyrm: Revelation and So Vile a Sin, as well as Inferno and The Face of the Enemy). (CW)

1970s u (? 1969 Oct 27th Mon) - James Stevens, a reporter for the Daily Chronicle, receives a tip off that a patient at the Ashbridge Cottage Hospital is a 'man from space'. Stevens arrives at the hospital just as Captain Munro and Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart of UNIT hold an unplanned press conference denying the existence of the extraterrestrial stranger (Who Killed Kennedy, the month is given on p.19, events mentioned on p.24-5). (MG/II)

u 1969 - The Big Bug Era begins (No Future, this happens when the Doctor lands on Earth [at the start of his exile], on p.9). From this point onwards the underground press will begin publishing fanzines, even whole books about the Doctor's exploits, trying to keep alive the stories of alien invasions that are hushed up (No Future, no date is given on p.142). However, there will be problems in dating UNIT's operations by fanzines due to the masses of D-Notices the organisation gives out, and the fact that writers cannot agree (Return of the Living Dad, events mentioned on p.203). (CW)

1970s u (1969) - Due to the influx of alien visitors over the coming years, Isaac Summerfield will set up an organisation to mop up after UNIT and send these aliens home. The initial headquarters of this group is a library in Llarelli (Return of the Living Dad p.66, it is 'the late sixties'). (CW)

1970s u (? 1969) - At this time UNIT HQ has moved to part of the War Office in Whitehall. The Doctor's laboratory is on the third floor. (Blood Heat, events on p.207, this definitely occurs before Spearhead from Space, as we get another look at the car park under the building that Liz sees in part one in Blood Heat when Ace and Manisha visit in =1993) (CW)

u 1969 (late Oct) - (Spearhead from Space, dated in The Scales of Injustice as 'October' on p.13. In No Future, this appears to happen 'five years ago' [in 1976] on p.9. In Who Killed Kennedy, the month is given as 'October' on p.19). (MG/II/CW)

u 1969 (late October) - A 'Doctor John Smith' is put on UNIT's payroll, but will not cash most of the cheques he is given. The British Government are never informed the Doctor is an extraterrestrial, though it is possible that UNIT HQ in Geneva knows (No Future, this happens 'five years ago' [from 1976] on p.9, p.133. In Return of the Living Dad, this is in the 'late sixties and early seventies', on p.66, and the 'early seventies', on p.74). (CW)

1970s u (? 1969/ 1970 late Oct) - Gareth Wostencroft is one of the UNIT personnel involved in the first Nestene invasion (Dominion, events mentioned on p.193). (MG)

1970s u (? 1969 late Oct) - The Third Doctor manages to construct an advanced monitoring device - a high-sensitivity, high-frequency amplifier capable of picking up signals that don't register even on the most advanced pieces of UNIT equipment (The Straw that Broke the Camel's Back (D), no date is given, but this takes place 'some months' earlier, on p.103). (MG)

1970s u (? 1969 Oct 28th Tues) - James Stevens begins to investigate UNIT after he discovers all mention of the paramilitary organisation has been excised from his report. He receives the first of a series of phone calls from a mysterious stranger (Who Killed Kennedy, it is 'next morning' on p.27, events mentioned on p.28). (MG/II)

1970s u (? 1969 Oct 30th Thurs) - The first Nestene invasion is covered up as a terrorist attack, and becomes known as 'Black Thursday'. As far as the public is concerned, UNIT locates the terrorists at a plastics factory in the Ashbridge area (Who Killed Kennedy, no date is given, but it is 'thirty-six hours later' and 'Thursday' on p.33). (MG/II)

1970s u (? 1969 late Oct) - A UNIT clean-up squad, lead by Sergeant Mike Yates, searches for leftover Nestene technology (The Eye of the Giant, events mentioned on p.18), although it appears he is never informed of the existence of Nestene Energy Units (The Scales of Injustice, events mentioned on p.181). (MG/II)

1970s u (? 1968/1969, late October) - In the aftermath of Black Thursday (Who Killed Kennedy), the Vault operation of Department C19 recovers two Nestene energy spheres, and comes into contact with Dr Krafchin, who is given a hospital facility in Northumbria where she begins a series of experiments involving plastic (Business Unusual, assumed from p.225). (CW)

1970s u (? 1969) - The Irish Twins are contacted by Dr Krafchin and offered a job at the Hospital in Northumbria, which they readily accept (Business Unusual, on p.238). They will spend time helping Dr Krafchin in various experiments involving plastic that require their consciences left at home in return for large pay slips (Business Unusual, this happens 'over the next couple of years' on p.238, but changed to weeks due to other dating constraints). (CW)

1970s u (? 1969 November) - Dr Krafchin offers the Irish Twins 'immortality', and they agree to undertake an operation that will make them so. When they awake from the operation they find that their blood has been replaced with a substance called 'the Nestene Compound', recovered from the tank at the AutoPlastics factory. They are then taken to see the head of the corrupted operations in C19's Vault, where they are hired as contract killers, agreeing to further modifications to give them a built-in Auton weapon. Over the years Dr Krafchin will experiment with mental manipulation so that simple commands or entirely new personalities can be imprinted on people who have undergone the same treatment, becoming walking puppets (The Scales of Injustice p.253 (this happens 'seven or eight months' before June [? 1970], on p.191.) Business Unusual p.238-239, this happens '20 years ago' [in 1989] on p.115). (MG/II/CW)

1970s u (? late 1969) - Captain James Munro leaves UNIT for a brief stint in the regular army (The Scales of Injustice, no date is given, events mentioned on p.26). (MG/II)

u 1969 (November) - Stevens joins UNIT (No Future, he has 'been with the Brigadier ever since the Wenley Moor crisis', on p.32, referring to Doctor Who and the Silurians). (CW)

1970s u (? 1969/1973) - At this time Lieutenant Robin Ridgeway supports the idea of a nuclear deterrant, and supports the construction of the SSBN HMS Revenge and Resolution and three others, all equipped to carry Poseidon missiles with MIRV warheads, with the Trident missile on the drawing board. However, by =1993 he will have changed his mind… (Blood Heat, events on p.271, no date is given, but it is obviously before Doctor Who and the Silurians.) (CW)

1970s u (? 1969 Nov) - Earth Reptile Shelter 873, under the leadership of Okdel L'da, awakens in Derbyshire (The Scales of Injustice, events mentioned on p.92/196). (MG/II)

1970s u (? 1969 mid Nov) - With the recent problems involving Mars Probe Seven, James Stevens travels to Hertfordshire to conduct an interview with Professor Ralph Cornish of the British Space Centre. The interview is swiftly curtailed when Stevens begins asking questions about Cornish's connections to International Electromatics. An interview with robotics expert Professor Jeremiah P. Kettlewell of the radical science research group Think Tank, ends bizarrely with Kettlewell warning about the dangers of society relying on robots (Who Killed Kennedy, the month is given on p.37, events mentioned on p.38-42). (MG)

1970s u (? 1969 Nov 21st Fri) - Reporter James Stevens's scheduled interview with the Right Honourable Frederick Masters is cancelled after the Permanent Under-Secretary to the Minister of Science travels to the Wenley Moor research centre in Derbyshire (Who Killed Kennedy, this occurs 'yesterday' on p.44). (MG)

1970s u (? 1969 Nov 22nd Sat) - James Stevens receives the second of his mysterious phone calls. The reporter is given a phone number for the Wenley Moor research centre, and Stevens manages to speak briefly with Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart before being cut off. The Right Honourable Frederick Masters is reported as one of the victims of the plague that started at Waterloo Station (Who Killed Kennedy, the exact date is given on p.47). (MG/II)

u 1969 (late Nov) - (Doctor Who and the Silurians. In Blood Heat, this appears to take place in '1973' on p.93, p.133, and is 'twenty years' [before 1993] on numerous other pages. In Bloodtide, the Silurians will not be discovered 'for another century of so' [after 1835], on Disc 2, Track 15. It might be worth noting here, that the Time Lord of the title isn't called Doctor Who, and his adversaries are not really Silurians...). (CW)

u 1969 (late Nov) - The Brigadier is issued with orders to destroy the Earth Reptiles (Blood Heat p.203, no date given; referring to Doctor Who and the Silurians). (CW)

1970s u (? 1969/1973 Nov 22nd Sat) - The Wenley Moor Plague finds its first victim. In the Blood Heat universe, this is the beginning of the Nightmare (Doctor Who and the Silurians) (CW)

1970s u (? 1969/1973 Nov 22nd Sat) - Mortimus, the meddling monk, uses his captured Chronovore, Artemis, to shape events in a parallel universe splitting off from this point to allow Morka to kill the third Doctor. (On p.167 in No Future) This meddling causes the real universe to end several billion years before it should due to the amoint of energy needed to sustain the sub-universe created. (Blood Heat, events on p.303) (CW)

1970s u (? 1969/1973 Nov 22nd Sat) - The Doctor is released from the shelter by Okdel with a specimen of the plague. He finds a cure for the Wenley Moor Plague later the same day as he is released. However, he is captured by Morka after he kills Okdel (Doctor Who and the Silurians) (CW)

= 1970s u (? 1969/1973 Nov 22nd Sat) - The Third Doctor begins trying to find an antidote to the plague, the task will take him thirteen days to accomplish. (Blood Heat, assumed from events on p.51, p.94, on p.244, 'they came for him on the thirteenth day of the Nightmare' ) (CW )

1970s u (? 1969/1973 Nov 22nd Sat) - After being captured by Morka, the Doctor is taken back to the research station to activate the Destructer using the nuclear reactor (Doctor Who and the Silurians) (CW)

1970s u (? 1969 Nov 23rd Sun) - The government announces the closure of Wenley Moor, and later in the day a series of explosions is reported in the area surrounding the research centre (Who Killed Kennedy, it is 'midday', events mentioned on p.51). (MG/II)

1970s u (? 1969 late Nov) - The inhabitants of Shelter 873 are entombed by Lethbridge-Stewart, on direct orders from C19 (The Scales of Injustice, this occurs 'six months' earlier than June, on p.92, events mentioned on p.163). (MG/II)

1970s u (? 1969 late Nov) - Sergeant Mike Yates's clean-up squad scours the countryside for leftover Earth Reptile devices (The Eye of the Giant, events mentioned on p.18), although they aren't told exactly what they are searching for by their superiors (The Scales of Injustice, events mentioned on p.181). (MG/II)

1970s u (? 1969) - Imorkal is hatched (Blood Heat, no date given except for 'twenty years ago', [in 1993] on p.63). He will grudgingly accept that the Earth is no longer ruled by his people and by 2003 will be one of the personnel at the NATO mobile headquarters (Eternity Weeps, assumed from p.152-153). (CW)

1970s u (? 1969 late Nov) - The death of Captain Sam Hawkins, like all UNIT personnel, is explained to his family as 'accidental' (The Scales of Injustice, events mentioned on p.182). (MG/II)

1970s u (? 1969, late) - A UNIT station is set up in Antarctica to investigate a possible Earth Reptile Shelter originally uncovered in the 1920s, although the team doesn't seem to provide any concrete evidence during their research (The Scales of Injustice, no date is given, events mentioned on p.181). (MG/II)

1970s u (? 1969 late) - At some point a second Earth Reptile Shelter is discovered, and dealt with, in Oregon (The Devil Goblins from Neptune, no date is given, events mentioned on p.38). (MG/II)

1970s u (1969 late) - The Third Doctor picks up a signal from a one-man Eriscent pod shortly before it crashes in the English countryside. The child-sized occupant is found and hidden away by the Reverend Maurice Burridge of the parish of Milton Bradbury not long before the Doctor arrives, using a highly-advanced monitoring device to locate the crash site (The Straw that Broke the Camel's Back (D), no date is given, but this takes place 'two weeks' earlier, on p.91). (MG)

1970s u (1969 late) - Lethbridge-Stewart, concerned about the Doctor's increasingly secretive nature, follows the exiled Time Lord to the small village of Milton Bradbury. The Brigadier discovers that the Doctor has been withholding information concerning a downed alien craft. With UNIT soldiers surrounding and searching the village, the child-sized Eriscent attempts to flee to safety, but falls to its death from a tall building (The Straw that Broke the Camel's Back (D), no date is given, but there is 'a crisp autumn breeze' on p.99. This takes place after UNIT 'messed everything up' with the Silurians, on p.107).

1970s u (? 1969) - Jones, hired killer for the Vault, picks up Roberta, a young legal secretary, in a bar, and hands her over to Dr Krafchin's research team. Her legs are removed and her torso grafted cybernetically to a chair, and she is implanted with the false memories of a horrific car accident and a trip to SeneNet's German division (Business Unusual on p.150-151; this happens while they are 'still in Northumberland'). (CW)

1970s u (? 1969 Dec) - The new TV channel BBC3 begins its first broadcast with the launching of Recovery Seven which is sent into space to link up with Mars Probe Seven (Who Killed Kennedy, this occurs 'a few weeks' after Stevens's interview with Professor Cornish, in 'December' on p.55). (MG/II)

1970s u (? 1969 Dec) - The government begins slowly falling apart due, in part, to the plague fiasco (Who Killed Kennedy, events mentioned on p.56). (MG/II)

= 1970s u (? 1969/1973 December 5th Friday) (Thirteen days after the start of the Nightmare) The Third Doctor is captured by Morka after finding a cure for the Nightmare, and kept in the Silurian base for nine days. Liz Shaw fails to find the correct formula for the antidote and the Nightmare rages unchecked. It is a disease which decays the body rapridly, leaving no remains of its victims. (Blood Heat, events on p.51, p.94, on p.244, 'they came for him on the thirteenth day of the Nightmare' and 'he remained there for nine days'.) (CW)

= 1970s u (? 1969/1973 December 15th Monday) - The Third Doctor is killed by Morka after being held in the Silurian base for nine days, while outside the Nightnare becomes established. (Blood Heat, on p.244, it is 'the morning of the tenth day', this takes place about twenty years ago on numerous pages, the Doctor says that he was 'destined to die in 1973' on p.93, there is a 1973 calendar on the wall of the St Thomas Hospital Research Wing on p.133) With its owner dead the TARDIS undergoes internal shutdown, and by 1993 it is light enough to be carried by four people. Morka will live to regret his 'decision' of killing the Doctor. (Blood Heat, events on p.208 and p.222) (CW)

= 1970s u (? 1969/1973 late) - At some point a second Earth Reptile Shelter is discovered, in Oregon, speeding the Earth Reptiles reclamation of their world and furthering the reach of the Nightmare (In line with Blood Heat, these events are assumed from The Devil Goblins From Neptune, no date is given, events mentioned on p.38). (CW)

= 1970s u (? 1969/1973 Dec) - Following the unleashing of the Nightmare governments all over the world begin to collapse. (Blood Heat, assumed from events mentioned on p.56 of Who Killed Kennedy) (CW)

1970s u (? 1969 Dec) - (The Ambassadors of Death)

1970s u (? 1969 Dec) - The Doctor appears on Nationwide, and will keep his security badge so that should he feel the need, he can duplicate it (The Ambassadors of Death, No Future, this happens 'during that General Carrington business' on p.231). (CW)

1970s u (? 1969 Dec) - During the televised report on the second Mars recovery mission, reporter James Stevens spots Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart in the control room of the British Space Centre. This makes him more determined to investigate UNIT and its links to Department C19. Stevens eventually tracks down UNIT to its London headquarters. Shortly after, the reporter starts receiving disturbing objects in the post, and a phone call threatening to send him to a facility called 'the Glasshouse' (Who Killed Kennedy, events mentioned on p.56-9). (MG/II)

1970s u (? 1969 Dec) - Mars Probe Six ends up in C19's Vault after the British Space programme is momentarily abandoned due to the death of James Quinlan and Professor Cornish's retirement from the British Space Centre (The Scales of Injustice, events mentioned on p.206). (MG/II)

1970s u (? 1969 Dec) - The Third Doctor undertakes a UNIT recruitment drive in the United States, under the guise of a lecture tour. While in the US the Doctor spends time in Texas, where he meets the German scientist Werner Von Braun (The Devil Goblins from Neptune, no date is given but this occurs 'the previous year' to 1970, on p.34, events mentioned on p74). (MG/II)

1970s u (1969 late) - Soviet radar systems report multiple meteorite impacts in an uninhabited region of the Central Siberian Plateau. In reality, this is a Waro force (The Devil Goblins from Neptune, this occurs 'late last year' on p.99). (MG/II)

1970s u (? 1969 late Dec) - James Stevens conducts an interview with discredited fashion photographer Isobel Watkins at her flat in Bloomsbury. He learns UNIT was involved in covering up an extraterrestrial invasion that occurred earlier in the year (Who Killed Kennedy, this occurs before Christmas, on p.67, events mentioned on p.63-6). (MG/II)

1970s u (? 1969, late Dec) - Lethbridge-Stewart spends Christmas on UNIT business in Geneva (The Scales of Injustice, this occurs 'last Christmas' on p.234). It is probably during this visit to Geneva that he meets Captain Valentina Shuskin, of the Soviet branch of UNIT (The Devil Goblins from Neptune, the Brigadier's last trip to Geneva is said to be 'eight months' before June, on p.88). (MG/II)

c 1970 - The Beatles reform without Paul McCartney. The new line up consists of John Lennon, George Harrison, Ringo Starr and two new members called Billy and Klaus (The Devil Goblins from Neptune, events mentioned on p.72). (MG/II)

1970s u (? 1970 Jan) - A Liberal coalition wins the general election. An alliance of Liberals, various disenfranchised Tories and Socialists, and a group of minor fringe parties, enter power on a popular platform of social reform, the abolition of the death penalty, and a strong interstellar defence programme (The Devil Goblins from Neptune, this occurs 'six months' before June, on p.8). (MG/II)

1970s u (? 1970 late Jan) - James Stevens spends several weeks compiling his UNIT dossier, a report detailing the origins and actions of the paramilitary organisation (Who Killed Kennedy, events mentioned on p.67-8). (MG/II)

1970s u (? 1970 Feb) - (Inferno).

= u 1970 (Feb) - While on Inferno Earth, the Third Doctor glimpses a poster of the parallel world's great leader. It won't be until he is in his Seventh incarnation that the Doctor's buried memories will resurface, and he will recall that the face of the dictator is one he was offered at his trial shortly before his exile to Earth (Timewyrm: Revelation, events mentioned on p.131). (MG)

= 1970s u (? 1970 Feb/ 1974 Feb) - In the parallel Inferno universe, Great Britain is destroyed within hours, Europe by the following day. The explosive decompression of the gas pockets sends shockwaves strong enough to shift faults all around the world. Further eruptions take care of the rest of the world within thirty-six hours. Luckily most of the world's leaders manage to get to Copernicus base on the moon. The Conclave, the equivalent of the UN Security Council, is formed as a sort of super-cabinet consisting of the leaders of the Republic of Great Britain, the American Confederation, India, White Russia, and the Asian Co-Prosperity Sphere. The British leader is killed in the destruction of Earth, and the Commander of the Republican Security Force, as the most senior survivor of his administration, is instantly promoted to the Conclave (The Face of the Enemy, events mentioned on p.223-4). (MG/II)

1970s u (? 1970 Feb) - In the aftermath of Project Inferno, Department C19 operatives manage to transport some Stahlman's Gas away from the site (Assumed from The Scales of Injustice p.119 and Business Unusual p.125). (CW)

1970s u (? Feb 1970) - Reporter James Stevens traces Greg Sutton and Petra Williams to the Imperial University in South Kensington. During an interview with the couple he learns of Project Inferno, and the involvement of UNIT and its mysterious Scientific Advisor, 'Doctor John Smith' (Who Killed Kennedy, the month is given on p.81, events mentioned on p.84). (MG/II)

u 1970 (Feb) - The Third Doctor attends the wedding of Greg Sutton and Petra Williams. At the reception the Doctor meets Ian Chesterton, who is working for NASA (The Devil Goblins from Neptune, this occurs 'earlier in the year' on p.73), as part of a yearlong exchange programme (The Face of the Enemy, events mentioned on p.43). It is probably during the reception when Greg Sutton recommends that Ian buy an orange shirt and purple kipper tie from John Collier of Bond Street (Byzantium!, events mentioned on p.279). (MG)

1970s u (? 1970 Feb) - Shortly after being interviewed by James Stevens, the newly-married Suttons leave the country (Who Killed Kennedy, the couple are planning to leave 'any day' on p.84). (MG/II)

1970s u (? 1970 Feb, a Saturday) - James Stevens receives a third phone call from the stranger, congratulating the reporter for 'keeping UNIT busy' (Who Killed Kennedy, this occurs the 'next week' after the interview with Greg Sutton, and it is 'Saturday' on p.85). (MG/II)

1970s u (? 1970 Feb, a Monday) - The first of James Stevens's 'Bad Science' articles appear in the Daily Chronicle. The article leads to questions being asked in Parliament (Who Killed Kennedy, it is 'Monday' on p.87). (MG/II)

1970s u (? 1970 Feb, a Tuesday) - The Daily Chronicle publishes the second 'Bad Science' article, which delves deep into the Project Inferno disaster at Eastchester (Who Killed Kennedy, it is 'Tuesday' on p.88). (MG/II)

1970s u (? 1970 Feb, a Wednesday) - The third 'Bad Science' article in the Daily Chronicle backtracks and examines the C-Day fiasco of 1966 (Who Killed Kennedy, it is 'Wednesday' on p.89). (MG/II)

1970s u (? 1970 Feb, a Thursday) - The Daily Chronicle's 'Bad Science' series re-examines the events surrounding the Wenley Moor plague (Who Killed Kennedy, it is 'Thursday' on p.89). (MG/II)

1970s u (? 1970 Feb, a Friday) - The final 'Bad Science' feature, an expose of UNIT's activities, is pulled by the editor of the Chronicle, and Stevens is summarily dismissed from his job. On returning home Stevens discovers his wife, Natasha, has left him (Who Killed Kennedy, it is 'Friday' on p.89, events mentioned on p.96). (MG/II)

1970s u (? 1970 Feb) - James Stevens ends up in hospital after being attacked by Natasha's father, Lord Howarth, and his henchmen (Who Killed Kennedy, this occurs 'days' after Stevens loses his job, on p.98). (MG/II)

1970s u (? c 1970) - An enterprising local parish council converts the cavern below the church at Devil's End into a witchcraft museum, lining the walls with tableaux showing witches, their ceremonies or their being interrogated. Making a substantial contribution to church funds it is dubbed "a case of evil serving good" by Canon Smallwood (The Eight Doctors p.86, it is in 'more recent times'). (CW)

1970s u (? 1970 March) - UNIT moves to a new headquarters at Priory Mews near Denham (The Scales of Injustice, events mentioned on p.211. In The Devil Goblins from Neptune, UNIT moved to a new headquarters 'three to four months' before June, on p.5, located in a 'leafy suburb' on p.145. In The Face of the Enemy, events mentioned on p.1) on an old Buckinghamshire estate (No Future, no date given on p.84, but Buckinghamshire is in the Home Counties). (MG/II/CW)

1970s u (? 1970 early March) - Soviet spy satellites uncover evidence of a massive mining complex in an area of Siberia where, late last year, a meteorite shower came down. A high-altitude reconnaissance craft is dispatched to investigate and is immediately lost. Fighter planes are subsequently sent and lost in a battle with multiple enemy targets flying in close formation. An entire regiment of the Red Army is sent in on foot, but only a sole survivor escapes (The Devil Goblins from Neptune, this occurs in 'early March' 1970, on p.97). (MG/II)

1970s u (? 1970/1974 March) - Grant Traynor, a scientist working in C19's Vault (The Scales of Injustice p.119) with the help of another called Lawson (Business Unusual p.125), conducts an experiment on a Doberman pinscher. The dog is injected with a modified sample of Stahlman's gas and mutates into the Stalker, also known as the Stahlman Hound (The Scales of Injustice, it is 'three months' earlier, on p.119 (MG/II), in Business Unusual this happens '15 years ago' [in 1989] on p.125). (CW)

1970s u (? 1970 March) - James Stevens spends most of the month recovering from his beating. Upon his release from hospital, he moves to a new house near to Wandsworth Common and starts to build a

reputation as a freelance reporter (Who Killed Kennedy, events mentioned on p.109). (MG/II)

1970 (April 5th Sun) - With SMERSH vacating their regional headquarters at 36 Westerndstrasse in Magdeburg and returning the building to the possession of East Germany, Yuri Andropov, head of the KGB, orders the hidden remains of Hitler and his entourage to be disinterred and destroyed. The skeletons are utterly incinerated on waste ground at Schonebeck in Operation Archive, under the cover story that Counter Intelligence has found some old Nazi documentation buried in the courtyard (The Shadow in the Glass, the exact date is given on p.172. Events mentioned on p.171). (MG)

1970 (April 11th) - Apollo 13 launches, NASA's third planned lunar landing mission (Fact, relevant to Prelude: The Devil Goblins from Neptune). (CW)

1970 (April 13th) - Flavia and Drax watch from their TARDIS as Apollo 13 approaches the Moon to begin lunar operations. The Waro mothership opens fire, causing an explosion, and forcing the crew to return to Earth (Prelude: The Devil Goblins from Neptune (alt.drwho.creative), and historical fact). (CW)

1970 (April 17th) - Apollo 13 returns to Earth, five days after launch (Fact, relevant to Prelude: The Devil Goblins from Neptune). (CW)

1970s u (? 1970 April) - The Soviet branch of UNIT begins petitioning Geneva for the Doctor's help with the situation in Siberia (The Devil Goblins from Neptune, this occurs 'two months' before June 1970, on p.87). (MG/II)

1970s u (? 1970 April) - A new strain of the Venus flytrap, large enough to catch a small dog, is discovered in Rhodesia. The specimen falls into the hands of C19's clandestine Vault, hidden deep beneath the Cheviot Hills (The Scales of Injustice, this occurs 'a couple of months back' on p.209). (MG/II)

1970s u (? 1970 May) - The Third Doctor conducts tests on a mysterious alien container found drifting in the Pacific Ocean. Discovering that the artefact is emitting omicron radiation, the Doctor creates a jury-rigged space-time bridge to take him back to where the object came from. The space-time bridge takes the Doctor and Liz Shaw to the Pacific island of Salutua in the year 1934 (The Eye of the Giant, no date is given, although it is about '37' years after 1934, on p. 41, and 'almost forty years' after 1934, on p.123. In The Scales of Injustice, this occurs 'a few weeks' before the encounter with the Earth Reptiles, on p.137). (MG/II)

= 1970s u (? 1970 May) - The Doctor, Liz, and company return to the present from 1934 only to discover the world they know has been altered into an alternative timeline where the whole planet is ruled by Nancy Grover, the self-styled 'Goddess of the World'. This timeline ceases to exist after a UNIT team comprising of the Doctor, Liz, the Brigadier, Benton and Yates returns to 1934 to ensure history is rewritten (The Eye of the Giant). (MG/II)

1970s u (? 1970 May) - The Vault steals a prototype Blackbird stealth aircraft from Geneva (The Scales of Injustice, this occurs 'about a month' ago, on p.226). (MG/II)

1970s u (? 1970 May) - Professor Bernard Trainor meets Ian and Barbara Chesterton in London (The Devil Goblins from Neptune, this occurs 'last month' on p.73). (MG/II)

1970s u (? 1970 June) - By this time Captain James Munro has been seconded to the staff of the Secretary General of the UN in Geneva (The Devil Goblins from Neptune, events mentioned on p.135). (MG/II)

1970s u (? 1970 June) - By this time UNIT has loaned a captured Nestene Energy Unit to the National Space Museum (The Scales of Injustice, events mentioned on p.181). (MG/II)

1970s u (? 1970 early June) - (The Scales of Injustice - moved to early June to minimise Continuity Clashes (and 'live' events to boot) with The Devil Goblins from Neptune). (CW)

1970s u (? 1970 early June) - (The Scales of Injustice). This event is never placed on UNIT records because it would be too compromising for the current government who are responsible for the running of department C19, and essentially allowed the traitor to flourish in their midst. Only Sir John Sudbury benefits from this fiasco as he is assured of continued involvement whichever party comes to power, being difficult to remove because he knows too much (Business Unusual, p.219). (CW)

1970s u (? 1970 June) - Some members of the Vault are able to escape and flee to France, taking as much as they can, and set up the computer company SenéNet (Business Unusual p.56-57). (CW)

1970s u (? 1970 June) - Mike Yates is promoted to the rank of Captain to fill the void left by James Munro's departure. Corporal Tom Osgood may also have been promoted to Sergeant at this time (The Scales of Injustice, it is 'three days later' on p.255, events mentioned on p.189). At some point after Yates's promotion, Lieutenant Beresford is brought in to replace him (The Face of the Enemy, no date is given, events mentioned on p.32). (MG/II)

1970s u (? 1970 June/ 1973 June) - Liz Shaw takes a leave of absence following 'the business at the Glasshouse' (The Face of the Enemy, no date is given, events mentioned on p.31). (MG/II)

1970s u (? 1970 June) - Lethbridge-Stewart's attempt to have a D-notice served on David Bowie's Space Oddity, believing it is based on leaked information concerning the Carrington fiasco, is turned down by the Home Office. The Brigadier decides to have 'the Bowery chap' placed under twenty-four-hour surveillance instead (The Devil Goblins from Neptune, no date is given, events mentioned on p.33-4). (MG/II)

1970s u (? 1970 June 18th Thurs) - The Soviet branch of UNIT decides to send Captain Valentina Shuskin to Britain to kidnap the Doctor, after petitioning Geneva for two months about the situation in Siberia. The CIA sends Thomas Bruce infiltrate UNIT at the same time. A second group of Waro travels to Earth and land near Redborough in England. The Waro intend to steal Britain's entire supply of cobalt-60 to prime a huge nuclear device to destroy the Nedenah hiding on Earth (The Devil Goblins from Neptune, this occurs on 'Thursday night' on p.58. In The King of Terror, this takes place 'almost thirty years' earlier [than July 1999] on p.111. It is 'eighty years' earlier [than 2050] on p.3). (MG/II)

1970s u (? 1970 June 19th Fri) - The Third Doctor narrowly avoids being kidnapped by Captain Valentina Shuskin's Spetsnaz team (The Devil Goblins from Neptune, the meteor shower occurs 'last night' on p.27). (MG/II)

1970s u (? 1970 June 20th Sat) - Undercover CIA operative Thomas Bruce arrives at UNIT headquarters, intent on sabotage. The Doctor is captured by Shuskin's team for a short while before making his escape (The Devil Goblins from Neptune, it is 'morning' on p.32/34). (MG/II)

1970s u (? 1970 June 21st Sun) - The 3rd Doctor travels to Cambridge and meets Liz, who is on a leave of absence from UNIT. Liz introduces the Doctor to Professor Bernard Trainor, the scientist in charge of the forthcoming unmanned mission to Neptune. Captain Shuskin's Spetsnaz team attempts to kidnap the Doctor again but is foiled by UNIT. The CIA operative Thomas Bruce destroys the Doctor's laboratory with a carefully concealed explosive device (The Devil Goblins from Neptune, it is 'Sunday' on p.62, it is the day Brazil play for the World Cup, on p.109). (MG/II)

1970s u (? 1970 June 22nd Mon) - Learning of the mysterious mining operation in Siberia, the Doctor and Liz travel to Russia, via East Germany. Their helicopter is attacked by a mass of Waro, and forced to the ground (The Devil Goblins from Neptune, it is '3 a.m.' in the morning, on p.92). (MG/II)

1970s u (? 1970 June 23rd Tues) - Travelling to the Waro mine, the Doctor and Liz discover it is a

false bridgehead to distract everyone from the Waro's true reason for coming to Earth. Lethbridge-Stewart meets Thomas Bruce again, and is brought before the head of the CIA, a man known only as Control. Professor Bernard Trainor gives a press conference about the imminent unmanned mission to Neptune (The Devil Goblins from Neptune, it is 'dawn' on p.141). (MG/II)

1970s u (? 1970 June 24th Wed) - Lethbridge-Stewart is flown to Nevada and shown Ranch 51 by Control. The Doctor, Liz and Shuskin also travel to Nevada after a convoy carrying a large amount of cobalt-60 is stolen by the CIA. The Waro incursion is finally dealt with (The Devil Goblins from Neptune, the press conference was 'yesterday' on p.210). (MG/II)

1970s u (? 1970 July 5th Sun) - Various members of UNIT spend the afternoon relaxing in a local pub discussing recent events (The Devil Goblins from Neptune, it is a 'Sunday' in 'July' on p.275). (MG/II)

u 1970 (July 18th ) - The Doctor and Liz Shaw share a picnic in Regent's Park. Liz informs the Doctor she has decided to leave UNIT due, in part, to the senseless deaths during the recent Earth Reptile incident (The Scales of Injustice, Liz has been with the Doctor for 'eight months, two weeks and four days' on p.261. The picnic appears to be on a weekend, on p.257, events mentioned on p.257-262) and probably also influenced by the loss of Professor Bernard Trainor (The Devil Goblins from Neptune, Liz appears to have been with UNIT for 'thirteen months' on p.19). Liz will return to Cambridge to continue her researches (Blood Heat, Liz's return to Cambridge is mentioned on p.92) briefly, before travelling to Australia, the United States, Japan, and the Soviet Union, in the eight months after her departure. Her first book, Inside the Carnival, will bring her money, fame, and death threats (The Devil Goblins from Neptune, Liz has left UNIT 'eight months' previous to March 1971, on p.282). (MG/II/CW)

? 1970 - By this time Vardans live by the principals of martial meditation and survival of the fittest, before they transcend their physical forms with aid from a higher power, and try to invade Gallifrey. They also have a Parliament, dedicated to making real decisions (No Future, p.138, p.225). (CW)

? 1970 - The Vardan's homeworld Varda is put into a time-loop by the Time Lords for daring to attempt to invade Gallifrey. In the 26th century the Vardans will be known as being fools to be outwitted by the 'intellectual might of the Sontarans' (The Invasion of Time, No Future, no date but events are given on p.128, p.131, so assumed to be recent). (CW)

c 1970 - Ashley Moby, who will become one of SenéNet's drones, is born (Business Unusual, he is 'about 19' on p.192). (CW)

1970 - According to the records in 2101, Jonah Summerfield (junior) has a son, named Valentine, possibly after the lead character in Stranger in a Strange Land (Dead Romance p.199). (CW)

c 1970 - (The Underwater Menace, placed due to the finding of a piece of pottery from the Mexican Olympiad in 1968 in part one, and to allow time for the pottery to get to the Azores, into a cave system, and to be smashed). (CW)

1970s u (? 1970 Aug) - The Third Doctor spends time helping Sergeant Benton to whitewash the Nissen huts at the back of UNIT headquarters during the slow weeks after Liz Shaw's departure (The Death of Art, no date is given. Events mentioned on p.203). (MG)

1970 (Aug 14th Fri) - The Revolution Man cult angers religious leaders when Maddie Burton claims Ed Hill was the second coming of the Messiah (Revolution Man, the exact date is given on p.247). (MG)

1970 - Ace, companion to the Seventh Doctor, is born Dorothy McShane to her mother Audrey (Falls the Shadow, the year of Ace's birth is given as '1970' on p.148. In The Hollow Men, Ace is 'thirteen' [in 1983] on p.241. In Conundrum, Ace's second name is 'something beginning with M?' on p.245. Ace's (full) real name, 'Dorothy McShane' is given in Set Piece p.71, Head Games p.130, The Shadow of the Scourge Disc 2 Track 1). However, when away from her mother and the Doctor, will call herself Dorothy Gale (Matrix, her name is given as 'Dorothy Gale' on p.124. In Prime Time, this name is also used on p.234). (MG/CW)

1970 - A pair of fugitives from the far future flee into the past via a time corridor to escape a revolution in the Galactic Empire. Once part of the despotic Emperor's household, the bodyguard and wet nurse pose as husband and wife and raise the Emperor's granddaughter, the last of his line, as their own child. Under the assumed names of John and Kim Dawkins, the fugitives will keep baby Miranda hidden from the vengeful forces of Faction Klade in the remote Derbyshire village of Greyfrith (Father Time, Miranda is 'ten' years old [in winter 1981] on p.54/78/100. She is 'almost eleven' [in winter 1981] on p.31. She is 'sixteen' [in spring 1986] on p.144. She is 'nineteen' [in November 1989] on p.203. Miranda was only 'two months old' when she travelled down the time corridor from the far future, on p.98). (MG)

1970 - Cassandra Winterdawn is born to parents Jeremy and Jennifer (Falls the Shadow, she is 'eighteen' when she meets Justin Cranleigh [in 1988] on p.134). (MG)

1970 (? Spring) - Student Jeremy Winterdawn and partner Jennifer walk through the New Forest, arguing about the recent British election result (Falls the Shadow, the year is given on p.185. It is 'a lovely day' on p.186). (MG)