THE NINETIES (1990 - 2000 AD)

1991 - Millionaire Shaun Brett employs interior designer Monica Lewis to work on a shrine erected to his dead father in the wastes of Alaska (The Land of the Dead, this takes place 'three years' earlier [than 1994] on Disc 1, Track 2). (MG)

c 1991 - Annie Carpenter, a psychic who is unaware of her genuine talent, begins 'taking New Agers for a ride' by pretending to be the mouthpiece for Aum, an alien from Rigel Four, after realising the potential of the idea from a dream she had many years ago. In reality, this suggestion was from the Unity of the Scourge (The Shadow of the Scourge, events mentioned on Disc 2, Track 13, she has being doing this [by 2003] for 'over a decade'). (CW)

c 1991 - Schoolboy Gavin Scott is visited once again by his imaginary friend Bernice Summerfield while reading out an essay in front of his classmates (The Least Important Man (TDMD), this takes place when he is 'about twelve' on p.185). (MG)

1991 - The Star Trek episode Darmok, a story where Captain Picard meets an alien whose language is made up of metaphors and references, is first broadcast - and will be considered a total classic (Return of the Living Dad p.172). (CW)

1991 - Justin Cranleigh has a nervous breakdown for unknown reasons. Over the next two years he will make a slow recovery with the aid of Cassandra Winterdawn (Falls the Shadow, this takes place 'two years' before Winterdawn's experiment [in 1993] on p.147). (MG)

c 1991 - By this time, an up-and-coming police officer by the name of Graham Stevens has noticed the disturbing behaviour of his Chief Constable at New Scotland Yard. A consultation with a mystic leads Stevens to the conclusion that his superior is being plagued by some sort of poltergeist. Despite the Chief Constable's resistance, Stevens persuades him to be exorcised and the bizarre crimes immediately stop. Stevens is promoted to the rank of Inspector and is placed in command (of himself, as he is the only member) of New Scotland Yard's Paranormal Investigations Team (Cat's Cradle: Witch Mark, events mentioned on p.32). (MG)

1991 (late Spring) - The aeons-long sociological experiment of the Troifran scientist Goibhnie reaches its culmination on the planet Ternog when the artificial sun runs out of fuel. With his experiment at an end, Goibhnie prepares to depart for his homeworld, little realising that the storage module containing the aborted life forms has broken down and these 'reject materials' have escaped into Tír na n-Óg. Terrorised by these 'demons', the human inhabitants of the land begin to evacuate to Earth through a transmat portal. On Earth, it soon becomes apparent that tight-lipped communities of people are springing up in London, Birmingham and Cardiff, composed of people who, without birth certificates, driving licenses, or passports, officially don't exist. Inspector Stevens of New Scotland Yard's Paranormal Investigations Team begins placing a classified ad in the Veterinary Record at regular intervals, asking vets if they have treated any unusual animals (Cat's Cradle: Witch Mark, the exodus has been taking place 'over the last thirteen months' [in early summer 1992] on p.33. The classified ad has been printed for 'the last year' on p.29. Events mentioned on p.202/211). (MG)

1991 (April 3rd Wed) - English novelist Graham Greene dies in Vevey, Switzerland (The Turing Test, the year is given on p.243. Greene's death on 3rd April 1991 is a matter of historical record). (II/MG)

1991 - A new series of books, Professor X - The New Adventures, are published by Virgin. The series will carry on until early 1997 (The Room With No Doors). (CW)

1991 - Jason Kane spends time playing around a squat, concrete pillbox left over from World War Two which is located in pastures a few hundred yards from the Backton Road in the quiet Suffolk village in which he lives (Oblivion, this takes place when Jason is an 'eight-year-old' on p.184). (MG)

c 1991 - Norton Silver marries his distant cousin Penelope (Option Lock, this happens 'seven' years ago [in 1998] on p.80). (CW)

1991 - By this time Pierre-Yves Dudoin has become a millionaire as part of the Brussels-based Ingenierie, Technologie, Innovation (ITI) consortium. He commences work on a programme to break the land-speed record, wanting to be the fastest man on Earth (Escape Velocity, this takes place 'ten' years earlier [than February 2001] on p.17). (MG)

1991 - David Milligan of UNIT sees Johnny Chester's band the Star Jumpers play at London's Marquee on the Seems Like a Freeze Out tour. Shortly after this the pressures of fame become too much and the members of the band, including Marty and Kel, stop enjoying themselves - a state of affairs that will lead to the end of the Star Jumpers (The King of Terror, the year is given as ''91' on p.132). (MG)

c 1991 - Barely nineteen and just out of college, neo-Nazi Hanne Neumann is permitted to enter the hidden Redoubt lying beneath the Antarctic snow after having her idealism tested by killing an informer in a damp Munich basement. It is while in the secret Nazi base that she witnesses the Ceremony of the Scrying Glass for the first time (The Shadow in the Glass, this takes place 'over ten years' earlier [than April 2001] on p.33/37). (MG)

1991 (Summer) - The Seventh Doctor and Mel spend some time in the village of Cheldon Bonniface in Norfolk, during which the Time Lord does some brass rubbing at St Christopher's Church with his redheaded 'niece'. It is during this visit that the Doctor secrets a portable temporal link, purloined from the Prydonian Academy during his brief tenure as Gallifrey's President, in the brickwork of the church, believing it may come in useful one day (Timewyrm: Revelation, this takes place 'last summer' [in December 1992] on p.196. Events mentioned on p.4). (MG)

1991 (July 23rd) - Mel meets with Bob Lines shortly after her return home, though Mel claims not to have seen the Doctor 'for ages'. Trey Korte has been living with Mel's parents and helping the police with various investigations (Missing (MST), the date is given on p.31). (EJ/II)

1991 - Aubrey Prior, with his request to rebuild parts of Kenilworth House rejected, sets fire to his home. With the building gutted by arson he is able to rebuild the top of the house in the exact shape of a pyramid, to make Nephthys more powerful when she awakens in five years' time (The Sands of Time, the year is given on p.238). (MG)

1992 - Schoolboy Daniel Hinton is expelled from Brendon despite Lethbridge-Stewart arguing strongly in the boy's support (Downtime, this takes place 'three years' earlier [than 1995] on p.102). (MG)

1992 (Spring) - The earthbound Eighth Doctor passes documents on to American writer Joseph Heller, relating the involvement of Alan Turing and Graham Greene in the adventure of the alien code-makers, for completion. Heller will finish the story sometime before his death in December 1999 (The Turing Test, this takes place 'in the spring of '92' on p.200). (II/MG)

1992 (? mid) - Samantha Jones, aged 12, becomes a demonstrator involved in Anti-Nazi League rallies (Interference Book One p.27). (MG)

1992 - The ball at St Matthews College, Oxford, features the Episodic Dreamers (The Dimension Riders, [in 1993] this is 'last year' on p.23). (CW)

1992 (early Summer) - The Seventh Doctor and Ace decide to take a short holiday in the Welsh village of Llanfer Ceiriog to give the TARDIS time to regenerate some of its damaged components. Elsewhere, a coach crashes on the M40, leaving the police to puzzle out why the vehicle's mysterious passengers, many DOA, each have a suitcase full of money amounting in total to two million pounds sterling. Back in Llanfer Ceiriog, two American sightseers named Jack Pilgrim and David Gibson amazingly discover a wounded centaur in the woods. After informing the village policeman they are horrified to discover the man has dealt with the creature by burning it alive. That same night, the Doctor and Ace witness a wolf-like creature attack sheep belonging to a local farmer (Cat's Cradle: Witch Mark, no date is given, but it is 'twenty years' since Yeti were seen in the London Underground [in 1966] on p.131. It is possibly 'a hundred and fifty years' after the mid-nineteenth century, on p.222. It is 'early summer' on p.57. A 'half of mild' costs only 'forty-two pence' at this time, on p.51. Dated to be contemporaneous with publication). (MG)

1992 (early Summer) - The Doctor and Ace travel to the nearby farm of Dinorben, where they discover that a circle of standing stones is actually a transmat portal to another world. While the time travellers step through to find themselves in Tír na n-Óg, a pair of protoplasmic beings assume their forms and travel in the opposite direction to Earth. The Doctor and Ace are brought before the Tuatha De Danaan, the ruling human council, who entrusts them with the task of seeking out their god Goibhnie and to plead with him to stop sending the 'demons' to attack their fortress, Dinorben. Setting out on their journey, they meet a young girl named Bathsheba shortly before encountering the fox-like Sidhe. After leaving Ace in the care of the warrior Chulain of the Clyr, the Doctor travels on alone. Back on Earth, the couple who the Doctor and Ace have been staying with are murdered by the protoplasmic doppelgängers (Cat's Cradle: Witch Mark, it is 'morning' on p.68. The centaur was burnt alive 'last night' on p.133). (MG)

1992 (early Summer) - Inspector Graham Stevens, commanding officer of the Paranormal Investigations Team, arrives in Llanfer Ceiriog to question the owner of the crashed coach. Stevens meets the distraught Jack Pilgrim to investigate the sudden disappearance of his travelling companion, and they narrowly rescue him from being burnt alive by a group of hooded figures. Back in Tír na n-Óg the Doctor and Bathsheba meet the centaur-like Firbolg and the vet Stuart Taylor, who travelled through the transmat from Earth yesterday to discover the truth about a unicorn he has helped to deliver (Cat's Cradle: Witch Mark, it is 'morning' on p.152. It is 'two days' since the centaur's death, on p.153). (MG)

1992 (early Summer) - Joining up with a herd of unicorn-like Ceffyl, Ace uses nitro-nine to breach the walls of Dinorben and return to Earth. Met by the astonished Inspector Stevens and Pilgrim, Ace journeys back to Tír na n-Óg with her new acquaintances. The Doctor finally reaches Goibhnie's island, where he learns this has all been a huge sociological experiment that is now winding down. The Time Lord convinces the alien scientist to refuel the artificial sun and to allow the 'experiment' to continue without supervision. After Goibhnie's ordering of his mobile surveillance units, or 'dragons', to clear up the rejects, the Doctor and company return to Earth while the inhabitants of Dinorben destroy the transmat link. Meanwhile, unknown to the Doctor, the doppelgängers depart Llanfer Ceiriog accompanied by the wolf-like creature (Cat's Cradle: Witch Mark, it is 'morning' on p.178). (MG)

1992 (? July) - Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart dines at High Table with Professor Rafferty at St Matthew's College, Oxford (The Dimension Riders, no date is given, but he has dined 'three times in the past eighteen months' [by November 1993] on p.56). (CW)

1992 - Justine is born in England. In the early twenty-first century the Seventh Doctor will attempt to harness her rage against the pollution of the planet at the hands of multinational corporations, turning it into a weapon against the Butler Institute (Cat's Cradle: Warhead, she is 'seventeen' in 2009, on p.177. Ace thinks she looks 'maybe sixteen or seventeen' on p.181). (MG)

= c 1992 - Josephine Grant becomes pregnant (Blood Heat, no date given, but Jo gives birth at the Complex on p.77). (CW)

c 1992 - The Russian government conducts a survey of what frightened people the most. It is found that, rather than economic collapse, most people fear psychevores, vampires that live on life energy (The Left-Handed Hummingbird, [in 1994] it is 'two years ago' on p.113). (CW)

1992 (? Oct) - The Brigadier is the main opposition speaker at the Oxford Union Society debate: 'This house believes that Britain needs no military defence'. His argument is so well put that he even wins over a few 'peace-and-love' students (The Dimension Riders, no date is given except 'last Michaelmas term' on p.56). (CW)

1992 (Dec 20th Sun) - The Seventh Doctor and Ace arrive in what at first appears to be mid-nineteenth century Cheldon Bonniface, situated in Norfolk. Ace finds herself pursued to the edge of the village by school bully Chad Boyle wearing a tiny astronaut suit and discovers they are actually in a mock-up of Cheldon Bonniface on the surface of the moon, protected by a bubble of atmosphere. While his companion finds herself suffering from oxygen starvation, the Doctor learns that the inhabitants of the village are genetic constructs and he has been caught in a trap sprung by the Timewyrm's servants, Boyle and Lieutenant Hemmings. Back on Earth, a slightly older Seventh Doctor rushes in to St Christopher's Church and delivers a baby into the hands of the childless Hutchings before rushing off again. Shortly afterwards, the Timewyrm uses a powerful source of psychic energy to transport the church down a space-time corridor to the surface of the moon (Timewyrm: Revelation, the date is given as 'the Sunday before Christmas 1992' on p.2). (MG)

1992 (Dec 20th Sun) - Back on Earth, Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart and UNIT are called in to cordon off the edge of the blast zone that extends to certain parts of Wroxham and nearby Stockbridge. Experts theorise that Cheldon Bonniface and the surrounding area has been obliterated by a meteor (Timewyrm: Revelation, events mentioned on p.74). (MG)

1992 (late Dec) - Finding herself in a strange realm, Ace learns that she, Hemmings and Boyle have been sent into the Doctor's mind as pure data, pure memory, by the Timewyrm. The creature intends to cause the death of the Time Lord, an act that will unleash a huge explosion of energy that, with Saul to focus it, will alter the moon's orbit enough to crash into Earth and destroy billions of time-streams. A battle ensues in the Doctor's mindscape, during which the Time Lord manages to mentally overpower the Timewyrm with Ace's help. With the Timewyrm's power broken, and its amnesiac mind deposited into the Hutchings' newly acquired baby, the village is restored to Earth (Timewyrm: Revelation, no date is given. These events take place sometime between 20th-24th December 1992). (MG)

1992 (Dec 24th Thurs) - After giving the Peter and Emily Hutchings the advice to name their baby daughter Ishtar, the Doctor and Ace share food and drink at the Hutchings' household and the Black Swan inn. At one point the Doctor treats everyone to an improvised rendition of 'The Holly and the Ivy' on the spoons before sneaking into Ace's room later that night to fill one leg of her tights with apples and oranges (Timewyrm: Revelation, it is 'Christmas Eve' on p.214. Events mentioned on p.210). This action, however well intentioned, just gives Ace pain - but over then next few years of her life, she will give plenty back (No Future p.67-68, no date given). (MG/CW)

1992 (Dec 25th Fri) - The Doctor and Ace are invited to spend Yuletide with the Hutchings and share Christmas dinner with the couple. Ace turns down Emily's invitation to stay with them as her daughter or long-lost younger sister (Timewyrm: Revelation, it is 'Christmas Day' on p.214). (MG)

1993 (? Jan 1st Fri) - The Doctor is present at the funeral of Lieutenant Hemmings, presided over by Reverend Ernest Trelaw at St Christopher's Church. With events in Cheldon Bonniface concluded, the Doctor and Ace depart to take care of a few details 'with hindsight'. This includes stealing the baby Ishtar from a twenty-second century genetics lab and returning to St Christopher's with her, placing a personal ad for Ace in the NME in 2018, and ensuring an eight-year-old Ace isn't killed by school bully Chad Boyle in the 1970s (Timewyrm: Revelation, no date is given other than 'January' on p.218). (MG)

1993 (? Jan) - Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart dines at High Table with Professor Rafferty at St Matthew's College, Oxford, the second time in eighteen months (The Dimension Riders, no date is given, but [in November 1993] he has dined 'three times in the past 18 months' on p.56). (CW)

? 1993 (early) - The Time Lord known as Epsilon Delta sets himself up as the President of St Matthew's College, Oxford. He makes sweeping changes to the college, including not allowing parties after 10pm (The Dimension Riders, events mentioned on p.128, p.162, no date is given). (CW)

? 1993 - The President serves plonk in a 1967 Sauternes bottle at High Table, and Rafferty loses all trust in him (The Dimension Riders, events mentioned on p.155, no date is given). (CW) (Which might have something to do with the fact that it is 1967 Sauternes... but the President brought it forward shortly after it was bottled.) (II)

1993 - The British Government, suspecting that people's feelings might run high as the century draws to an end, remembers the Festival of Britain, and decides that the best way to drum up patriotic feeling (short of declaring war) would be a Millennium Festival taking place in a suitable landmark. Much money is therefore invested in the Millennium Fund from tax and the Lottery, but it is not enough (Millennial Rites, events mentioned on p.46). (CW)

1993 - Ashley Chapel donates millions of pounds from his own fortune to prop up the Government's Millennial Fund so that he can acquire the rights to design and build the proposed Millennium Hall, a permanent landmark to symbolise the beginning of the twenty-first century. Having obtained the rights to design and build the Hall, does so to his own personal tastes, so that by 1999, London will have its own four-hundred-foot high ziggurat on the site of Battersea Power Station (Millennial Rites, the year is given on p.46). (MG/CW)

= 1993 - By this timetime in the alternate universe created thirty years ago there are Earth Reptile bases all over the world, with their capital, Ophidian, in east Afica on the equator. Water levels are rising everywhere due to geothermal power stations generating meltwater at the polar caps. The Earth Reptiles have researched meteorology to the extent that they can use the secret gravitron installation on the moon to control the selective greenhouse effect produced by the atmospheric windows. Manipulation of the air density around these windows allows light to be focussed, allowing the climate anywhere on the Earth to be made suitable for reptile life. In Africa, the Sahara Desert is being turned back into rainforest, and the lakes Victoria and Tanganyika are being turned into inland fisheries and the islands of Zanzibar and Pemba are almost completely submerged. Ichthar is on the Earth Reptile Council of Operations (Blood Heat, 'by the human calendar the year is 1993' on p.41, events mentioned on p.196, p.73, p.197, p.208, p.226, p.84, p.113, p.118, and p.259) (CW)

= 1993 - By this time the humans in the Cheddar Complex have invented the inverse ratio multistorage and discharge capacitor. The London of this time is an overgrown ruin. Saint Paul's Catheral is one of the only buildings undamaged enough to rise above the jungle. The Royal Festival Hall is another building that is still relatively intact. The City Farm has discovered that old animals die off quickly and ATP is increasingly used in photosynthesis in plants, causing fruit to glow in the dark (Blood Heat, no date is given on p.193). All of Britain's nuclear submarines except for one have been destroyed by Sea Devil warriors burning holes through the hulls (Blood Heat, 'by the human calendar the year is 1993' on p.41). (CW)

= 1993 - Fire guts St. Thomas's Hospital and County Hall in London (Blood Heat, events on p.117, no date it is 'some time that year'). (CW)

= c 1993 - A stegosaurus falls over the edge of Cheddar Gorge taking a low brick wall, a steel railing and the supporting pole of a poster with it (Blood Heat, events on p.45, no date given except for 'six months ago'). Liz Shaw's reports to the Brigadier for the next six months will show that mutation rates no longer allow a food supply to be viable, and that the facilities needed to carry out essential controlled experiments to analyse potential food sources are no longer available (Blood Heat, this has been happening 'for the last six months' on p.68). (CW)

c 1993 - By this time Jason Kane's sadistic father has begun inflicting pain on his young children. The elder Kane's wife stands by while her children suffer, even covering up for her husband on occasion. When Lucy Kane is only six years old, her father, over the course of three days, breaks her fingers with a mallet and chisel, being careful to keep them encased in ice packs to prevent swelling. When he finally takes her to casualty, the elder Kane gets away with saying he slammed the car door on his daughter's hand (Death and Diplomacy, this takes place when Lucy is 'something like six' years old, on p.148. Events mentioned on p.148-9. In Return of the Living Dad, events mentioned on p.170. In Eternity Weeps, events mentioned on p.237-39). (MG/CW)

c 1993 - Botanist Charles Moore Wedderburn makes some surprising discoveries during an expedition to the Amazon. Much of the wildlife has become mutated, exposed over a long period of time to a powerful mutagenic device known as the Metahedron. Little realising that the device is the extension of the city Cathedral into real space and is capable of manipulating the structure of reality, Wedderburn returns to England with the Metahedron and some vampiric, flesh-eating orchids (Falls the Shadow, events mentioned on p.86/118). (MG)

1993 - Professor Winterdawn uses the Metahedron in an illicit experiment to manipulate space-time, little realising that the device has unleashed a wave of destruction on the universe. Parts of the fabric of reality become distorted, in some areas totally destroyed. On the physical plane this damage manifests itself as wholly negative, destructive sentience, incorporeal creatures that draw strength from the cosmic structure itself. Justin Cranleigh, the first person to enter the interstix, has his mind demolished by these beings and is driven insane during the mental attack (Falls the Shadow, this takes place 'two years' earlier [than 1995] on p.63). (MG)

1993 - The negative sentiences known as Gabriel and Tanith, create an unstable prototype body from the chaos of interstitial space and shape its mind, using the memories stolen from Justin Cranleigh. This creature, known as Harry Truman, turns up at Shadowfell shortly after Cranleigh's accident and is employed by Winterdawn. Gabriel and Tanith begin the slow task of luring people into the house, killing them and removing parts from their genetic structures to sculpt them into containers for their essence (Falls the Shadow, this takes place 'two years' earlier [than 1995] on p.27. It is 'soon after' Justin Cranleigh's mind snaps, on p.134. It is 'several weeks' after the experiment, on p.140. Events mentioned on p.140/160). (MG)

1993 - Vikram Seth's A Suitable Boy is published (Infinite Requiem, no date is given on p.65). (MG)

1993 - The amnesiac Eighth Doctor attempts to watch sci-fi series Babylon 5, but finds himself unimpressed (Escape Velocity, no date is given on p.196. Babylon 5 was first broadcast in the US in January 1993). (MG)

1993 - Kate Lethbridge-Stewart splits up with long-time partner Jonathan after she decides she doesn't want to get married so their son can keep the Lethbridge-Stewart name (Downtime, this takes place 'two years' earlier [than 1995] on p.176, events mentioned on p.258). (MG)

1993 - Pippa, daughter of Pierre-Yves and Christine Dudoin, is born (Escape Velocity, she is 'eight' years old [in February 2001] on p.48). (MG)

1993 - The genetically engineered shape-shifters from Tír na n-Óg in the forms of the Doctor and Ace are procured by Albinex when he manages to get his time ship to work - and puts them aside for a rainy day... (Return of the Living Dad, events mentioned on p.202, no date given; referring to Witch Mark). However, Albinex's repair attempts are not perfect . . . and pockets of time distortion are caused... (Return of the Living Dad p.272). In New York Joel Mintz encounters a time rift created by Albinex's Yacht - hurling him back to the New York of 1983 (Return of the Living Dad, events mentioned on p.172, p.181, no date is given). (CW/MG)

1993 - The Seventh Doctor arrives after thwarting Albinex's plan in 1983 to check whether anything else has been affected by the time rifts caused by Albinex's Yacht (Return of the Living Dad, events mentioned on p.272). (CW)

1993 - A day or two after Department C19 (after watching and editing it) have delivered Joel's video to his parents, Joel returns home from Little Caldwell (Return of the Living Dad, events mentioned on p.273, Joel says he is going to do this). (CW)

1993 - By this time the USAF base at Greenham Common has gone - but Trident missiles are being developed down the road at Aldermaston (Return of the Living Dad, events mentioned on p.276, it is 'by [Joel's] time'). (CW)

1993 - The 08:12 passenger train from Amersham to Aldgate is caught in a temporal phenomenon known as a Fortean flicker shortly after leaving Chorleywood station. The commuters will find themselves transported across space and time to the planet Hogsumm in the year 2680 (The Highest Science, the year is given on p.2. Events mentioned on p.111). (MG)

1993 - The passengers of the Amersham to Aldgate commuter train are returned safely to Earth by President Romana of Gallifrey. One moment they are facing Chelonians on the planet Hogsumm, the next they are stepping out from a TARDIS disguised as a beach hut onto the platform of Rickmansworth Station (Happy Endings, the year is given on p.5). (MG)

= c 1993 - Alan Tomson returns from a food expedition with glowing oranges found growing wild on a heath in Upton Cheyney. However, Liz Shaw points out that they are inedible, and are used instead as night-light in the children's dormitory. The idea is soon taken up all over the Complex (Blood Heat, this occurs 'one month ago' on p.46). (CW)

= 1993 - The ball bearings in the Complex's only centrifuge wear out. To fix it, parts from unrelated devices have to be cannibalised (Blood Heat, this occurs 'last week' on p.67). (CW)

= 1993 - After the TARDIS encounters an anomaly in the Vortex, Bernice touches it and vanishes. The TARDIS lands in what appears to be the Cretaceous period. As Ace leaves the TARDIS the HADS seals the ship moments before an edmontonia pushes the TARDIS into a nearby tar pit. Hours later the Doctor and Ace encounter Jo Grant while she is being hunted by Silurians, led by Imorkal. While helping her Ace becomes separated from the Doctor, finds her way to Bristol, and falls off the Clifton Suspension Bridge. Bernice finds herself in the Silurian city in Glasgow, and on Morka's orders is infected with a disease that removes the human Race Memory of the Earth Reptiles. The Doctor and Jo arrive at the Complex, and Jo is put in the sick bay while the Doctor is shown around. Alan Tomson and Julia Adams go to look for Ace. The Doctor meets Liz Shaw while she is visiting her husband's grave, and she takes him to see the Brigadier. Imorkal is wounded when he finds the Complex. After escaping Sergeant Benton he heads for Wenley Moor. Jo Grant gives birth, but her baby is stillborn (Blood Heat, events mentioned on p.13-16, p.27, p.39-41, p.47-50, p.54, p.63, p.65-66, p.77, p.228. No seasons are described in the book, but it appears to be Summer). (CW)

= 1993 - Ace, Benton, Jan Martin, Alan Tomson, Julia Adams and Rod begin a trek to London for medical supplies for Jo. The Doctor begins communicating with Chtorba, a survivor of the hunting party. A search is begun for components for a telepathic emission dampener (Blood Heat, it is 'daybreak the next morning' on p.66. London is 'two days away, even on horseback' on p.59, and 'it'll be tomorrow night at least before we get back from London, and that's if we're lucky', on p.83. The Doctor has met Tommy 'yesterday', on p90. Events mentioned on p.72, p.74, p.77) (CW)

= 1993 - After working through the night, Liz, Carol Jeffries and Mike Roqos complete the device but for one component. The group arrives in London, and is attacked by a pack of dogs. Ace saves them with her smart bomb, but Julia catches incurable mutated rabies. At the Complex, the Doctor frees Chtorba, who takes him to Glasgow. The group reaches the South bank of the Thames, where Ace gathers ingredients for explosives that she uses to gain access to the hospital. On the eleventh floor Julia and Rod find fifty skeletons in a ward. After taking all the items they need, they encounter a Silurian patrol, attracted by the working engine of a Ford Cortina. As more approach, the group is forced to leave and Ace and Alan are left behind. The car, however crashes and Julia ignites the petrol tank after her legs become trapped, demolishing a tunnel and killing their pursuer. The Doctor and Chtorba board the Silurian airship at Glasgow, bound for the Complex. Back at the Complex, the Brigadier administers a stimulant to the unconscious Jo Grant, but she dies an hour later., and he is forced to order Benton back to Whitehall. The Doctor is taken to see Chtaachtl, who is less than impressed, and under orders from Ichthar has the Doctor thrown in a cell. At the Complex, all non-military personnel are ordered to go into the deep shelters as the Brigadier makes preparations for an attack by Earth Reptile forces. That night, the Silurian airship reaches Cheddar Gorge and massive fighting takes place as the Silurians bring banks of psionic amplifiers to project the gunners' hate onto the rock itself. The Doctor finds Bernice, who escapes down to the Complex. Tommy completes the device for Liz after escaping from the shelter, but it is destroyed moments later. Eventually the Silurian airship is captured and the Silurians on it are forced to escape in an escape ship. In London, Ace and Alan reach the Cutty Sark in Greenwich, and spend the night there (Blood Heat, there is 'early morning sunlight', on p.95, and the Doctor disappeared 'last night', on p.109. Events mentioned on p.98-99, p.107, p.117-118, p.120, p.124-131, p.140-143, p.145, p.147, p.150, p.153-154, p.156-157, p.161, p.164, p.169, p.175, p.226). (CW)

= 1993 - Bernice is found in the aftermath of the battle, and she unwittingly infects the humans at the Complex with the virus she is carrying. The escape ship begins moving across Africa. At the City Farm, Manisha gets Ivor the Engine up to 15mph. In London, Ace and Alan reach the ruins of Perivale, and find Manisha's house. Jan and Rod return to the Complex. Benton finds the second half of the book. The Silurian escape vessel reaches Ophidian. In the middle of a service is held for the dead in the Complex schoolroom, the Brigadier's leadership is challenged by Jan, on medical grounds but Benton staggers in with the book before he can force him to step down. In the evening, Ace and Alan reach the City Farm, where they discover that Manisha is alive (Blood Heat, it is 'dawn' on p.175. Events mentioned on p.181, p.186, p.189, p.196-197, p.199-200, p.204, p.207-208) (CW)

= 1993 - Families, frightened by the carnage that took place, begin to leave the Complex, though they are only allowed to take their personal possessions. The Brigadier sends a code to General Hobson. Ace, Manisha and Geoffrey reach UNIT HQ and carry the TARDIS outside, before heading to the Wenley Moor Research Station where Imorkal attacks them. Only Ace and Manisha escape alive, and they enter the station. At Ophidian, the Doctor meets Morka. The Brigadier reaches the Royal Pitbury Docks at Avonmouth near Bristol, and gives the code book to General Hobson. Bernice and Billy sneak on board the submarine but are spotted by the Brigadier. At Wenley Moor, Ace and Manisha find the Third Doctor's body, but are attacked again by Imorkal, but is killed by the Sonic Screwdriver. At Ophidian Chtaahtl opens an atmospheric window over England, centred on Wenley Moor but Ace dematerialises the TARDIS before they are killed. General Hobson begins moving the SSBN HMS Revenge towards Africa, and Bernice is soon discovered as Sea Devil warriors begin attacking the submarine. Captain Robin Ridgeway enters the firing codes for the missiles, but Bernice tries to sabotage torpedo tube number eight, and Billy is shot and a torpedo destroys an Earth Reptile sea vessel. At the Complex Liz begins to adapt the captured airship for human use. The modified airship begins moving across Europe towards Ophidian, its psionic amplifiers attracting dinosaurs to follow it, as a kronosaurus attacks the Revenge. The airship reaches Ophidian and thanks to the devastation the dinosaurs are causing, the Earth Reptiles call an evacuation. Benton's airship is destroyed just one mile from the Palace, but the missiles from the Revenge are launched just before a window is turned on them, and the Revenge is vaporised. Moments before the missiles impact on Ophidian Ace materialises the TARDIS over the entire planet after reconstructing the ship from her memories, incorporating the planet into the architectural configuration programme. Due to the state of temporal grace inside a TARDIS the missiles don't explode. The Doctor then deletes the missiles before the TARDIS's internal dimensions collapse, and Harry and Bernice are washed through Morka's Palace window. The Brigadier manages to start negotiations for peace after saving Morka's child (Blood Heat, it is the 'next morning', and Ivor was tested 'yesterday', on p.204. Events mentioned on p.211, p.217, p.224-226, p.229, p.251-252, p.254, p.259, p.262, p.268, p.272, p.278, p.284, p.286, p.291, p.297, p.301). The Doctor is forced to time-ram his original TARDIS channelling some of the energy from the collision to provide the 'real' universe with the correct amount of energy to end when it should. However, this means that the alternate universe will survive only long enough for the current inhabitants to live out their lives, not the children, though this event will not rest easy in his memory (Blood Heat, events mentioned on p.306. In Head Games, events mentioned on p.92). (CW)

= 1993 - A funeral is held for all those who have died. The rebuilding of Ophidian, then of the world begins as hostilities cease (Blood Heat, this occurs 'tomorrow' on p.302). (CW)

1993 (late May/early June, a Wednesday) - The TARDIS crew arrive at the Glastonbury Festival of Performing Arts, where Bernice joins a Plasticine reunion gig after meeting Danny (No Future, events mentioned on p.267). (CW)

1993 - UNIT's Mark Barrington finds himself a reluctant participant at a Strategic Operations Defence conference in Geneva (The King of Terror, the year is given on p.76). (MG)

1993 (? July) - Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart dines at High Table with Professor Rafferty at St Matthew's College, Oxford, the third time in eighteen months (The Dimension Riders, no date is given, but he has dined 'three times in the last 18 months' on p.56). (CW)

1993 (July 14th) - The Seventh Doctor meets Dorothée, now aged thirty-seven, in a café in Glebe, Australia to see how she has adapted to a life of solo time travel (Set Piece, the exact date is given on p.236. In Head Games, [in January 1994] this happens 'six months ago' on p.131). (MG/CW)

1993 (mid July) - Following the Doctor and Ace's latest visit to his café, Robin Yeadon allows Beecham, his security officer, to install monitoring equipment in his café (Head Games p.134, [in January 1994] this occurs 'six months ago'). (CW)

1993 (Oct 13th Wed) - Issue 294 of The Medic prints an article addressed to the British medical profession comparing known epidemics and their relative severity. In particular, it notes the extreme virulence of the Influenza Epidemic of 1918-19 (Casualties of War, the exact date is given on p.271). (II/MG)

1993 (Oct 31st) - The Hallowe'en Massacre occurs. Cristián is out shopping in the market on Guatemala Street. At 4:33 in the afternoon, a man who has been standing still all day opens fire, shooting six shop owners, thirteen passers-by, eight children, four police and a dog in one minute. Cristián sees Blue before he is shot and the man shoots himself. Preston, on holiday with his parents, witnesses the massacre. At the same time a group of Indian midwives die suddenly of unknown causes, a Mexican university's research project on dream telepathy is ceased. A riot in an asylum, the subject of an article in the Fortean Times, coincides perfectly with the massacre, and is dubbed 'the one-minute rebellion', during which four patients die suddenly. In an altered history, due to Cristián acting on memories he has seen of his future, he goes shopping with his son Ben, and avoids being shot by the Hallowe'en Man when he shelters behind a stall (The Left-Handed Hummingbird, events mentioned on p.9-11, p.21-22, p.100, p.263). (CW)

1993 - By this time, James Rafferty is the Professor of Extra-Terrestrial Studies, a newly created and controversial post at St Matthew's College, Oxford (The Dimension Riders, events mentioned on p.8). (CW)

? 1993 - By this time Smale has discovered the chaos of dynamical systems - squeezing and stretching space until all that is left is something multi-layered and unrecognisable (The Dimension Riders, events mentioned on p.196). (CW)

1993 (early Nov) - The computer with the results of all Tom Cheynor's tachyonics experiments crashes, wiping the hard drive, and a virus corrupts all his floppy disks (The Dimension Riders, events mentioned on p.83, these events occur 'a couple of weeks ago'). (CW)

1993 (early Nov) - Tom Cheynor goes to a party at the Nuclear Research Society (NukeSoc) (The Dimension Riders, events mentioned on p.83-84, this occurs in the 'mid-term'). (CW)

1993 (Nov) - Tom Cheynor's motorbike is stolen. The police at St Aldates are helpful, but they find nothing (The Dimension Riders, events mentioned on p.83). (CW)

1993 (Nov) - The chaplain of St Matthews College, Oxford, announces his intention to retire after a protracted theological debate with the President which had become a personal argument (The Dimension Riders, events mentioned on p.65). (CW)

? 1993 - The President finds that his TARDIS has becomes finite and is shrinking rapidly. Tracking the anomaly responsible to a corridor under his replica of the Royal Albert Hall, he finds it consuming the internal structure as it advances. The Garvond, inhabiting his TARDIS, makes offers of domination over Earth and exploitation of the vast sources of energy which can be gained by bending crystallised time - time so immutable that it is nearly impossible to change, apart from the usual restrictions on changing history (The Dimension Riders, events mentioned on p.129, p.163, no date given). (CW)

1993 (? Nov) - Jason is taken by Mortimus (No Future, events mentioned on p.168. Jason is named in Head Games) to be the new Master of the Land of Fiction. He is later returned after the Doctor escapes, by the Time Lords, with his memory (but not his subconscious…) wiped of his experiences (Conundrum, according to the Doctor, he comes from 'late twentieth-century Earth . . . possibly the very month you've set your story in [2nd November 1993]. Certainly long before Man could fly this far out from his own planet', on p.204, p.209, details on p.25). (CW)

1993 (Nov 17th) - The Seventh Doctor leaves a note in the pigeonhole of Professor James Edwin Rafferty of Oxford University, informing him that the Doctor will arrive 'tomorrow with friends' (Prelude: The Dimension Riders (DWM206, events mentioned on p.47). (MG/CW)

1993 (Nov 18th Thurs) - In a dry run for the real thing, Amanda assassinates Britain's Home Office Minister, making use of the crystallised time zone to allow time to be bent so that this is possible and the day is the following Sunday (The Dimension Riders, on p.8-9). (CW)

1993 (Nov 18th Thurs) - The Seventh Doctor visits Professor James Rafferty, and sensing a temporal disruption, leaves Bernice with him while taking Ace to Station Q4 in the twenty-fourth century. After Rafferty has to attend a class, Bernice meets Tom Cheynor. Moments after the TARDIS dematerialises another one materialises a few feet away from it, sent back in time from Station Q4, and activates a rarely used system, the DITO (Defence Indefinite Timeloop Option), that keeps the TARDIS always exactly one millisecond in the future. In Rafferty's study Tom and Bernice encounter an easily satiated time disturbance, and they both leave the building. Amanda returns from the town after following Bernice and Tom and takes tea with Professor Rafferty, before finally kidnapping Tom Cheynor while Rafferty and Bernice break into the President's office who are captured and taken into his type 102 TARDIS, which leaves for the future (The Dimension Riders, events mentioned on p.8-12, p.15, p.17, p.51, p.54-55, p.108, p.110, p.112-113, p.145 p.181). (CW)

1993 (Nov 19th Fri) - The President materialises his TARDIS back in Oxford from the twenty-fourth century and his androids take the Doctor to his TARDIS, where two Time Soldiers take him back to the Time Vortex in 2381. The Garvond, his dealings with the President over, puts him back into history, on the following Sunday, as his androids disintegrate. Raffaerty and Terrin, left behind, use the President's TARDIS to return to the future (The Dimension Riders, events mentioned on p.182-183, p.194-195). (CW)

1993 (Nov 20th Sat) - The Doctor and Tom Cheynor have lunch in Rafferty's study (The Dimension Riders, events mentioned on p.282-283). (CW)

1993 (Nov 21st Sun) - Amanda assassinates Britain's Home Office Minister, alias Dr Styles, the President of St Matthew's College, Oxford, also known as Epsilon Delta, Gold Usher, at Heathrow Airport under the control of the Garvond. He dies in seconds due to critical blood loss and Amanda self-detracts. Her face is all over the newspapers and television (The Dimension Riders, events mentioned on p.21, p.183-184). (CW)

1993 (Nov, a Mon) - The Fifth Doctor, Nyssa and Tegan arrive in Launceston on the island of Tasmania so that the Time Lord can participate in a charity cricket tournament. In Manchester, England, the Time Lady Ruath approaches the vampires Jake Hedges and Madelaine Worth, the first step in her plan to awaken Yarven, the Vampire Messiah. Ruath's small band of vampires travel to war-torn Serbia, where they locate Yarven's resting place and unearth their Undead master from his tomb. Needing the blood of a Time Lord for the Messiah, Ruth travels to Tasmania to use a vampiric baby to leech the Doctor's life-force from him. Unfortunately, the baby attacks, and infects, Nyssa instead. Ruath is forced to sacrifice her current incarnation to allow Yarven to drink her blood supply (Goth Opera, the year is given on p.24. It is 'November' on p.62). (MG)

1993 (Nov, a Tues) - The Doctor spends the majority of the day playing, and eventually winning, a game of cricket against Mike Gatting's team (Goth Opera, Nyssa was attacked 'last night' on p.41). (MG)

1993 (Nov, a Wed) - Jeremy Sanders, one of Ruath's vampiric followers, turns up in Tegan's room, but he is fended off by the plucky Australian's belief in the words of Primo Levi. Elsewhere, the Doctor has managed to entrap another vampire, Eric Batley, within a circle of garlic bread, but when questioned, the vampire is forced to commit suicide by the will of Yarven. With Batley's Mancunian accent their only clue, the Doctor and his companions travel to Manchester in the TARDIS. They discover that a large number of the city's homeless have disappeared, only to return days later, violent and unpredictable. That night, Nyssa's burgeoning vampiric nature forces her to attack Tegan, and she heads into the night, seeking other vampires (Goth Opera, it is 'three o'clock' the next morning, on p.50). (MG)

1993 (Nov, a Thurs) - The Doctor and Tegan join Texan TV evangelist Victor Lang on a raid against 'satanic cultists' organised by the New Light religious group. Tracking the 'cultists' to their hideout at Alderley Edge in Cheshire, the Doctor is horrified to learn it has all been a trap instigated by Ruath's group to capture Lang (Goth Opera, it is 'dawn' on p.98). (MG)

1993 (Nov, a Fri) - The Doctor receives a telepathic warning from his old travelling companion Romana. The Time Lord learns that Ruath has a vampire DNA compound that can turn humans instantly into vampires, and is attempting to trap Earth in a Time Freeze to envelop the world in eternal night (Goth Opera, it is 'eleven in the morning' on p.136). (MG)

1993 (Nov, a Sat) - Victor Lang is released by his vampire captors, little realising he has been infected by a slow-release airborne vampire virus. As Lang begins preaching to a sell-out crowd at the Old Trafford football stadium, he transforms into a vampire. The Doctor and Tegan locate Castle Yarven (actually Ruath's disguised TARDIS) in Leek and enter the building to rescue Nyssa. As Yarven's Undead followers release the vampire genetic material into the night sky, the Doctor is forced to dematerialise Ruath's TARDIS - with the effects of the Time Freeze negated by his action, daylight returns to Earth, destroying the vampiric hordes. The Doctor materialises Ruath's TARDIS on a frozen world, where the rising sun incinerates Yarven and the remaining vampires (Goth Opera, it is 'just before dawn' on p.172. Lang is to appear at Old Trafford at the 'weekend' on p.61). (MG)

1993 (Nov) - Seeking a new life among the stars, Jake Hedges and Madelaine Worth steal away onboard NASA's Voyager 2 probe with flasks of vampire DNA (Goth Opera, events mentioned on p.237-8). Although eventually destroyed in the twenty-fourth century by Jonquil the Intrepid, Lord Jake and Lady Madelaine will be the progenitors of the Ipsissimus Order of aristocratic vampires that will spread across the Dominions of Europa in the thirty-first century (Managra, events mentioned on p.64). (MG)

1993 (October) - Learning about the Hallowe'en Massacre and the events surrounding it, Hamlet Macbeth begins trying to contact ex-UNIT staff who would be willing to tell him about UNIT's experience in the subject of psi. He doesn't have much success as RSM Benton chases him off his used car lot, Corporal Bell (promoted to Captain) was recently brain-damaged in a car accident. Captain Yates refuses to speak to anyone about it and Harry Sullivan has vanished (having gone to work for MI5). However, he finds one of Harry's nurses who tells him about the rumours surrounding Hubert Clegg's death. Hamlet then tries to gain funding for the trip from various sources, including Scotland Yard's Paranormal Investigations Unit, but is turned down. Preparing to leave, he ties up some loose ends, and leaves several other projects until he gets back, which include tracking down a sorcerer in Liverpool and trying to catch skeptics making Mandelbrot-shaped crop-circles in Yorkshire (The Left-Handed Hummingbird, events mentioned on p.99-100, p.106) (CW)

1993 (Dec 4th) - Cristián Xochitl Alvarez leaves a message at UNIT HQ for the Doctor to find, but it won't be given to the Doctor until 2030. Cristián will spend the next three weeks in hospital (The Left-Handed Hummingbird, events mentioned on p.5) (CW)

1993 (late Dec) - (Instruments of Darkness).

1994 - By this time the Egyptian Government has placed a military blockade around the Sheta-Ku'u archaeology site (The Left-Handed Hummingbird, events mentioned on p.58) (CW)

1994 (early Jan, Day 1) - The Seventh Doctor arrives in Mexico City after a holiday in Switzerland. The Doctor visits the Hospital of Our Lady, enquiring about the colour of the Hallowe'en Man's eyes. As he leaves Cristián's apartment he is observed by Huitzilin (The Left-Handed Hummingbird, events mentioned on p.2, p.5, p.15) (CW)

1994 (Day 2) - Ace visits a hotel in Guatemata Street, interviews Preston, a witness to the Hallowe'en Massacre, and finds a psychic trap set for the Doctor which leaves her hospitalised. The Doctor tries to find out what happens in New York in 1980 through hypnotising Cristián. The Doctor visits Feliciano in the psychiatric wing of the Hospital of Our Lady, as the man sees Blue. Finally, the Doctor and Bernice visit Professor Lawrence Fitzgerald at the Institute, before the Doctor and Ace depart for 1487. Bernice pays another visit to the Institute, but is ambushed by Fitzgerald, possessed by the Blue. However, when he fails to kill her, Bernice is possessed instead, kills the professor with a frying pan and is taken to the hospital (The Left-Handed Hummingbird, events mentioned on p.9, p.18-22, p.27, p.31, p.32, p.35-36, p.38, p.54, p.57, p.75, p.88) (CW)

1994 (Day 3) - Macbeth flies to Mexico from Heathrow airport and goes straight to a police station, where he is shown a photograph of Bernice. The refuses to let Bernice in after she kills Fitzgerald. The Doctor and Ace arrive back in Mexico City from Tenochtitlán, and they return to Cristián's flat, watched by Macbeth, before he makes a visit to the Institute. Later that night the Doctor, Ace, Bernice and Cristián break into the Institute via the TARDIS to get the last remaining page of the Florentine Codex, a book devoted to the atlaca, the inhuman. Macbeth, however, is waiting for them, and is possessed by Huitzilin, before he kills Cristián and disintegrates as Huitzilin abandons his body. The TARDIS crew leave for St John's Wood, London, in 1968. In an altered history, neither Macbeth nor Christián are killed thanks to Cristián acting on memories he had seen of his future (The Left-Handed Hummingbird, events mentioned on p.99, p.105-107, p.110, p.114, p.116, p.118, p.121. In Happy Endings, both Christián and Hamlet Macbeth attend the wedding of Bernice in 2010). (CW)

1994 (Jan) - Atimkos, a Euterpian stranded on Earth for forty thousand years, moves into a bedsit in south-west London (Invasion of the Cat-People p.29). (MG)

1994 (Jan 20th Thurs) - Ace is involved in a time-travelling confrontation with Dr Who and Jason in Robin Yeadon's café in Glebe as the pair attempt to capture her and lock her in Galactic Prison. However, Ace succeeds in deterring them, and Jason has to be saved by Chris Cwej who is watching from inside the TARDIS, and they travel forward to 2001. After the confrontation, and with the café in ruins, Ace departs on her hopper (Head Games, events mentioned on p.130-138). (MG/CW)

1994 - Jason is returned to Earth by the Doctor, but he will now truly be the boy who will never grow up (Head Games, [in 2001] this is 'seven' years ago on p.2). (CW)

1994 (May 7th Sat) - Ashley Chapel Logistics probably begin work on the Millennium Codex on this date (Millennial Rites, the exact date is given on p.97). (MG)

1994 - Joel Mintz begins work on a submission for the Professor X - The New Adventures range of novels. He is still working on his proposal in two years' time (The Room With No Doors, this takes place 'two years' earlier [than May 1996] on p.183). (MG)

1994 - The Fifth Doctor and Nyssa are present when an ancient entity from the Permian era is reawakened in Alaska. Millionaire Shaun Brett is killed in the ensuing devastation (The Land of the Dead). (MG)

1994 - The real tenth planet of Earth's solar system, Cassius, is finally located by astronomers (Iceberg, the year is given on p.87). Upon its initial discovery, the tenth planet glories in any number of names, from the prosaic Decadon to fanciful Ultima Thule to a brief and ultimately futile attempt by one of the major Earth entertainment corporations to name it Goofy (Oblivion, no date is given. The tenth planet is discovered 'rather later than the other nine', during a period when 'human civilisation [has] become less centralised' on p.122). (MG/CW)

1994 (Aug) - The Globe Theatre is reconstructed by sterling efforts mainly of an American actor, Sam Wanamaker, but the reconstruction proves to be a stone throw from the original site (Managra, no date is given other than 'in the late twentieth century' on p.248. The opening of the new Globe Theatre in August 1994 is a matter of historical record). (MG)

1995 (? early) - UNISYC, a new UN security group, is founded with the purpose to research 'cutting-edge' technology, supposedly for 'defence purposes'. UNISYC's Security Yard installation in Geneva is denied to non-military personnel (Interference Book Two p.158). (MG)

1995 (early) - Captain Winifred Bambera of UNIT returns to Britain after a seeing action in Bosnia as part of the UN peacekeeping force (Downtime, events mentioned on p.233). (MG)

1995 (early) - The Seventh Doctor, Bernice, Roz and Chris share an unrecorded trip to the war-torn town of Sarajevo. During this time Roz is horrified by the sight of the stump of a little girl's leg still attached to a shoe while she is caught up in the shelling of a lifeline tunnel (Death and Diplomacy, this takes place in 'early 1995' on p.204). (MG)

1995 (April, Thurs) - The Great Intelligence attempts to invade Earth again. Its plan is thwarted with the aid of Lethbridge-Stewart and UNIT, commanded by Brigadier Charles Crichton and Captain Winifred Bambera of Zen Platoon Three (Downtime, this takes place 'one hundred and thirty years' after 1865, on p.135, on a 'Thursday' on p.91, during 'Easter' on p.122/144, in Interference Book One, p.127, Book Two, p.73). Defeated and with its memory and personality in shreds, the Great Intelligence is flung into the void (Millennial Rites, this takes place 'four years' earlier [than 1999] events mentioned on p.263).

1995 - Charles Crichton of UNIT is promoted to General after a fracas with the Yeti. This encounter is only the third time Crichton leads his men against extraterrestrial forces (The Dying Days p.180). (MG)

? 1995 - The husband of Senora Panstedas goes missing from his farmstead situated outside the town of Funchal on the island of Madeira, Portugal. His body will be discovered by the Eighth Doctor a few years from now, murdered and buried in a hillside grave (Totem (MST), this takes place 'two years' earlier [than ?1997] on p.1). (MG)

1995 (April 5th Wed) - Francis Peter Cleary, former UNIT soldier, dies after spending much of his life in various hospitals, suffering from brain damage (Who Killed Kennedy, the exact date is given on p.271). (MG)

1995 (April) - The Seventh Doctor and Bernice make a short trip to a reunion of ex-servicemen held at Norfolk Cathedral, where they witness the final moments of old acquaintance Timothy Dean (Human Nature, the date is given on p.253). (MG)

? 1995 - In search of a story, Sarah Jane Smith accompanies Mike Yates on a psychical investigation at an old country house, little realising it is the property of their mutual friend the Doctor. The pair stumble upon the Master's plan to catch his nemesis in an ambush, using the energies of a time fissure to time ram the Doctor's TARDIS upon its arrival (Housewarming (D2), no date is given, but it is during 'the nineties' on p.184. 'Fox and Dana' are mentioned on p.158 - The X-Files debuted in late 1993. Brendon is at Cambridge studying for his exams at this time, on p.158). (MG)

c 1995 - Charles Moore Wedderburn's The Trail of the Black Orchid: A botanical and zoological guide to the journeys of George Cranleigh, inspired by the author's own expeditions to the Amazon, is published (Falls the Shadow, no date is given on p.333).

= 1995 - In a potential reality where Britain has become a Republic, the Cabinet Office's counter-espionage agency, Republican Security Intelligence, takes orders directly from the Prime Minister (Falls the Shadow, events mentioned on p.171/216-17). (MG)

1995 (May) - In the house called Shadowfell, Cassandra Winterdawn begins working on the shattered mind of ex-lover Justin Cranleigh, hoping to nurse him back to health (Falls the Shadow, this takes place 'six months' earlier [than November 1995] on p.29/134). (MG)

1995 - Twelve-year-old Jason Kane hides out at an abandoned concrete pillbox after absconding from school. Jason spends his time reading Paradise Lost, believing himself to be getting a better education than if he'd went to school (Oblivion, this takes place when Jason is 'twelve' on p.185). (MG)

1995 (Summer) - The Seventh Doctor visits a café in Glebe, Sydney, run by old acquaintance Robin Yeadon from Crook Marsham, and learns Yeadon blames the Doctor for separating him from Ace. The Doctor discovers that the café is a spatio-temporal anomaly and is endangering the entire universe (Prelude: Set Piece (DWM222), no year is given. It is 'summer' on p.38). (MG)

1995 - The Seventh Doctor returns to the café in Glebe, Sydney, with Ace and Bernice and reveals that it is a single space-time event, repeated over and over in different periods due to a fracture running through the universe. Knowing it is linked to a spate of spaceship disappearances, the Doctor then tracks the café to the twenty-fifth century to solve the mystery (Set Piece, the year is given on p.33). (MG)

1995 - Vincent Wheaton, gifted with a hybrid form of telepathy combined with telekinesis, is born in New York. His power will give him the ability to act as an amplifier, or trigger, for the outpouring of other peoples' emotions and memories. Vincent's talent will be harnessed by the Seventh Doctor to bring down the Butler Institute in the early twenty-first century (Cat's Cradle: Warhead, he is 'fourteen years old' in 2009, on p.152). (MG)

1995 (June 11th Sun) - Ace flees forward in time from nineteenth century Paris after being tracked down by the Shadow Directory. Arriving in St Vincent Cemetery, she learns that the late nineteenth century is spattered with psionic energy caused by a mysterious time rift. Ace manages to cast an image into the Vortex to be picked up by the TARDIS, hoping to inform the Doctor of the time rift's existence (The Death of Art, the exact date is given on p.11). (MG/II)

1995 - The Fourth Doctor and Romana, in an unrecorded trip, enjoy a holiday in a Cornish fishing village. It is during this stay that the Doctor learns of the tragic suicide of David Brown, the captain of the British cricket team. The Doctor attempts to gain entry to Brown's Mayfair apartment, but is turned away by the authorities (The Hollow Men, the year is given on p.47). (MG)

1995 (late) - Lethbridge-Stewart retires from Brendon (Downtime, the summer term will be his 'last term' on p.138). (MG)

1995 - UNISYC Corporal John Belize, UNISYC's public relations liaison, visits the international arms fair COPEX (Interference: Book Two, events on p.158). (CW)

1995 (Aug) - Irongron's Star, Sarah Jane Smith's first short story based on her adventures with the Doctor, is published in Metropolitan magazine (Moving On (D3), the date is given on p.74). (MG)

= 1995 (mid Sept) - In Liechtenstein, Republican assassin Jane Page burns down a church after trapping the parishioners inside. She is set upon by armed guards and winds up being beaten with sticks for her crime (Falls the Shadow, this takes place 'six weeks' earlier [than November 1995] on p.69. In Prelude: Falls the Shadow (DWM218), events mentioned on p.39). (MG)

= 1995 (mid Sept) - The assassin known as Jane Page causes havoc in a seaside resort when, without compunction, she brutally guns down her companion Jack (Prelude: Falls the Shadow (DWM218), it is 'summer' on p.39). (MG)

1995 (Oct) - James Stevens finally completes his book about UNIT and the Kennedy assassination, entitled Who Killed Kennedy (Who Killed Kennedy, the date is given on p.15). (MG)

1995 (Autumn - The TARDIS crew arrive at the house on Allen Road to recover after the events on Zamper. The Doctor, after dropping everybody off, goes back to the future to inform Taal's family of his death (Zamper, it is 'autumn' on p.248. It is 'nearly a thousand years' before Roz's time
[2975] on p.249). (CW/MG)

1995 (Autumn) - The Doctor and Chris go shopping for light bulbs, leaving Bernice to watch over Roz (Zamper, the Doctor had a word 'last night', on p.248). (CW)

1995 (Autumn) - While Roz is recovering, the TARDIS crew go shopping in Sainsbury's where they buy, among other things, quorn (Toy Soldiers, the use-by date is '29.09.95', on p.29). (CW)

1995 (Autumn) - When Roz in fully recovered, she goes for a walk round the nearest town with the Doctor, and tells him about the other Management eggs she saw on Zamper. He makes a note of it, and then decides to investigate something to do with the copy of Schoolboy's Companion he found, dated 1919 (Zamper, this is 'a couple of days later' [than the day Chris and the Doctor went shopping for light bulbs], on p.249). (CW)

1995 (Nov) - In Cathedral, the Grey Walker is informed by the cloven-hoofed Mirabilis that the ruling Mandelbrot Set demands he locate and destroy the still-forming agents of entropy (Prelude: Falls the Shadow (DWM218), this takes place 'yesterday' on p.38). Pinpointing the disruption within a house called Shadowfell, the Grey Walker crosses the threshold only to have his body destroyed by Gabriel and Tanith (Falls the Shadow, the month is given on p.4. It is 'five years since there were protests concerning 'UN adventurism in the Persian Gulf' on p.113). (MG)

1995 (Nov) - The TARDIS deposits the Seventh Doctor, Ace and Bernice inside the transcendentally distorted architecture of Shadowfell. Meeting crippled quantum physicist Professor Winterdawn, they learn that he has found a way to enter the interstitial gap thanks to his clandestine research. Joining Winterdawn in a journey into the gap, the Doctor finds himself trapped within the interstix thanks to the arrival of Gabriel and Tanith in the house (Falls the Shadow, the month is given on p.4. It is 'five years since there were protests concerning 'UN adventurism in the Persian Gulf' on p.113). (MG)

1995 (Nov) - Gabriel and Tanith find sadistic pleasure in torturing the inhabitants of Shadowfell. The sentiences then attack Cathedral, causing it to collapse, just as the Grey Walker finally rescues the Doctor and Winterdawn from the interstix. Finding himself back in the house, the Doctor learns Cathedral's structure is decaying and it must absorb the material world to survive. Travelling to Cathedral in the TARDIS, the Doctor causes a paradox by bringing the Metahedron into its own interior. Cranleigh ends his own life to erase the core of universal pain that gave rise to the existence of Gabriel and Tanith and, having become mortal, they are killed by Ace. With Cathedral no more, the Grey Walker heads out into the universe (Falls the Shadow, it is 'morning' on p.153/163). (MG)

1996 (Jan 22nd Mon) - James Stevens travels back in time to 1963 for the second time, to ensure President John F. Kennedy is assassinated in Dallas (Who Killed Kennedy, the exact date is given on p.8). (MG)

1996 - The controversial book Who Killed Kennedy is published (The Dying Days p.26). (MG)

? c 1996 - Elizabeth Shaw travels to Little Caldwell to remonstrate with Admiral Isaac Summerfield - although records are unclear as to why (The Room with No Doors p.56). (MG)

1996 - The Festival of Ghana is thrown into chaos when robots, utilising Microsoft software, go on the rampage (The Chase, Interference Book One p.126). (MG)

1996 - Tobias Vaughn sees the Dalek timeship at the Festival of Ghana, but the machine departs before he can appropriate it for himself (Original Sin, the year is incorrectly given as '1995' on p.292). (MG)

1996 - The Seventh Doctor, Chris and Roz begin spending several months relaxing on Earth, doing small things (Return of the Living Dad, they have been doing this for the 'last couple of months' on p.15). (MG/CW)

1996 - The Seventh Doctor, Chris and Roz visit Sydney, seeing films, art shows and museums, staying at the Doctor's house near the beach. The Doctor spends some time doing voluntary work in a hospice (Return of the Living Dad, they have been doing this for the 'last week' on p.15). (CW)

1996 - Chris and Roz visit a film festival (Return of the Living Dad, this occurs 'the day before that', on p.17). (CW)

1996 - Chris and Roz visit the Three Sisters, and walk down the side of a mountain (Return of the Living Dad, this occurs 'yesterday', on p.17). (CW)

1996 - The Doctor receives a message from Bernice in the year 2587 asking for his help in finding her father (Return of the Living Dad, events mentioned on p.28-30). (CW)

1996 - The Doctor, Chris and Roz depart for 2587 (Return of the Living Dad, this will occur 'tomorrow', on p.19). (CW)

c 1996 - Peri Brown returns home (Bad Therapy p.288/292/6). (II/MG)

1996 - Kerstin Bergman is sent from Sweden to the West Midlands, England, on a student exchange programme (Dominion p.188). (MG)

1996 (Jan) - Another of Sarah Jane Smith's short stories, Operation Golden Age, appears in Metropolitan magazine (Moving On (D3), the date is given on p.74). (MG)

1996 (Feb) - Sarah's terrifying adventure with the Daleks is published in Metropolitan magazine under the title Exxilon (Moving On (D3), the date is given on p.74). (MG)

1996 (Feb) - Futures trader Anji Kapoor and erratically-employed actor Dave Young meet and start their five-year relationship (Escape Velocity, this takes place 'five years' earlier [than February 2001] on p.5. Their anniversary is early in the month). (MG)

1996 (April) - A lone Lacaillan scout is discovered by Isaac Summerfield's team in Little Caldwell (The Room with No Doors, this takes place 'a month' earlier than Penelope Gate's appearance [in May 1996] on p.130). (MG)

1996 (April) - Return to Peladon, the latest of Sarah Jane Smith's short stories involving 'the Doctor' is printed in Metropolitan magazine (Moving On (D3), the date is given on p.74). (MG)

1996 (April) - Sarah Jane Smith buys a Land Rover fitted with the latest in I2 safety software (Interference Book One p.110). (MG)

1996 (April 28th Sun) - Sarah begins research on illegal use of leg irons and torture (Interference Book One p.117). (MG)

1996 (May 2nd Thurs) - Sarah discovers that security fairs are being used as cover for the illegal sale of arms and torture equipment (Interference Book One, the exact date is given on p.119). (MG)

1996 (May 25th Sat) - Joel Mintz meets Penelope Gate, a time traveller from the 19th Century, when her sudden arrival causes the worst traffic jam in Wiltshire history. Joel embarks on a series of erratic journeys in her Victorian time machine (The Room with No Doors p.48). (MG)

1996 (? May 26th Sun) - The Seventh Doctor returns Joel Mintz, 33, to Little Caldwell after an adventure in 16th century Japan - possibly in time for the premiere of the Professor X movie (The Room with No Doors p.252). (MG)

1996 (May 27th Mon) - The Professor X movie premieres (The Room with No Doors p.48). (MG)

1996 - Virgin Publishing loses the right to publish books featuring Professor X in The New Adventures. They will continue the novels using the Professor's companion, until the licence is bought from them by Big Finish after Virgin let it lapse in 1999. The licence for producing Professor X publications is given to BBC Books (The Room With No Doors). (CW)

1996 (mid) - Twelve-year-old Jason Kane intervenes when his psychotic father attacks his mother and is beaten senseless. Staring into the blood in the toilet bowl and feeling the soft bits in his side, Jason decides to leave home, leaving his mother and sister Lucy to the ministrations of his father. Walking five miles to the nearest town, he catches the last train of the night and begins the life of a runaway. During this period he spends time at Centrepoint and indulging in drugs. He has several sexual partners over the next couple of years, both male and female, including Beth, Danny, Susan, Carla, Sean and forty-three year-old Lisa who teaches him a lot about sex. He also spends four months living in a Euston flat with Danielle, Mo and Susan before he's eventually kicked out. There follows brief romances with Kimberly, Micqui, Justin, Peter and Carmel (Death and Diplomacy, this takes place when he is 'nearly thirteen' on p.150. It is 'maybe two and a half years' earlier [than December 1998] on p.126. Events mentioned on p.150/195. In Return of the Living Dad, events mentioned on p.170). (MG/CW)

1996 - The veil of secrecy surrounding Arzamas-16 (by this time simply known as Sarov), Russia's premier nuclear design laboratory, is finally lifted after being kept a closely-guarded secret from the rest of the world for the past fifty years (The Shadow in the Glass, the year is given on p.93). (MG)

1996 (June 8th Sat) - Sarah's investigations lead her in the direction of the COPEX arms fair in Esher (Interference Book One, the exact date is given on p.122). (MG)

1996 (June 17th Mon) - Sarah receives an invitation to the COPEX arms fair (Interference Book One, the exact date is given on p.126). (MG)

1996 (July) - Eightlegs, Sarah's retelling of the Doctor's regeneration at the climax of an adventure featuring giant spiders from Metebelis Three, is published in an issue of Metropolitan magazine (Moving On (D3), the date is given on p.74). (MG)

1996 (July 30th Tues) - The Eighth Doctor arrives in the town of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia on the trail of the Cold. He spends over a week in processing, being pushed from one military base to the next (Interference Book Two p.77). (MG)

1996 (Aug 8th Thurs) - The Remote, led by Guest, attempt to sell the Cold 'skin' to the UN. The world's political balance will shift and the Remote will be able to obtain a TARDIS when it comes to investigate the resulting crease in the timeline. The Eighth Doctor, Sam and Fitz arrive in London at the UN's behest. Leaving Sam and Fitz to investigate, the Doctor travels back in time ten days to follow up another potential lead on the Cold in Saudi Arabia. After ten days in the town of Riyadh, the Doctor is captured by Saudi Special Internal Taskforce (SIT) agents, imprisoned and tortured (Interference Book One p.29). (MG)

1996 (Aug 11th Sun) - While in Geneva, Fitz Kreiner is 'erased' by Saudi SIT agents armed with the Cold 'skin', on the orders of one of UNISYC's generals (Interference Book One p.40). (MG/II)

1996 (Aug 16th Fri) - Sarah videotapes bizarre interference on her hotel television, comprising of horrific skull images (Interference Book One p.61). (MG/II)

1996 (Aug 18th Sun) - Sam joins forces with Sarah at the COPEX arms fair, where they are both working to expose Guest and other arms dealers. The pair are captured by the Remote and taken to an abandoned warehouse near Newbury, where they will be exposed to the Cold 'skin', but Sarah is rescued with moments to spare by K9 (Interference Book One p.12). (MG/II)

1996 (Aug 19th Mon) - Sam is taken to Anathema, where she learns of the Remote's remembrance tanks. Sarah, attempting to trace the missing Doctor, ends up at a house in Shoreditch where she witnesses Samantha Jones, 16, experimenting with LSD. Sarah is eventually captured by Kode, and they travel to Saudi Arabia in an attempt to acquire the Doctor's TARDIS for the Remote (Interference Book One p.120, Book Two p.32). (MG)

1996 (Aug 20th Tues) - The Eighth Doctor is rescued from his cell in Ryadh by Sarah, Kode and Lost Boy the Ogron. After dropping Sarah back home in Croydon, the TARDIS travels to Anathema, where the Doctor convinces Guest not to use the Cold after discovering the truth about its nature (Interference Book Two p.71). (MG/II)

1996 (Aug 21st Wed) - Anathema becomes 'lost' to the Remote after the Doctor changes its location. The Eighth Doctor stays in Croydon with Sarah Jane Smith and K9 for three days (Interference Book Two p.196). (MG)

1996 (Aug 24th Sat) - Samantha Jones stays behind in Croydon, ending her travels with the Doctor. Compassion and Kode return to Anathema with the Doctor, where the Time Lord uses the Remote's technology to 'remember' the original Fitz (Interference Book Two p.200). (MG)

1996 (Sept 2nd Mon) - Businessman Peter Morgan is arrested on the suspicion of selling illegal arms, but is eventually released without being charged (Interference Book Two, the exact date is given on p.159). (MG)

? 1996 (Sept) - Sarah Jane Smith takes K9 for a holiday at Grasmere in the Lake District, where they stay at Cornflower Cottage, which used to be an old coaching inn named 'The Sow in Rut' (The Sow in Rut (MST), no year is given, but it is 'September' on p.137. The Spice Girls are around at this time, on p.136 - the group's first single is released in July 1996, their first album November of the same year. Sarah appears to still be living in Morton Harwood at this point, on p.136). (MG)

1996 (Oct) - Jacob Tyler remarries (Damaged Goods p.262). (MG)

1996 (? late) - The Fifth Doctor and Tegan travel forwards in time from 1896 to meet the current owner of Kenilworth House, Aubrey Prior and his daughter Vanessa (The Sands of Time, the year is given on p.117). (MG)

1996 (? late) - The Doctor and Tegan attend Vanessa Prior's twenty-first birthday party (The Sands of Time, the year is given on p.117). (MG)

1996 (? late) - The Doctor learns of the murder of the owner of Nephthys's scarab bracelet and realises the goddess's servants are one step ahead of him (The Sands of Time, it is 'the next morning' on p.205). (MG)

1996 (? late) - The Doctor travels to Egypt to inspect Nephthys's burial chamber, only to discover it was opened twenty-three years ago by Aubrey Prior. Returning to England, the Doctor makes a brief visit to Lady Ann Cranleigh in Oxfordshire, before returning to Kenilworth House to learn that Vanessa is in fact cloned from the mummified remains of Rassul's daughter (The Sands of Time, the year is given on p.117). (MG)

1996 (? late) - Nephthys's servicer robots steal the Osiran time corridor sarcophagus from the British Museum so their goddess can travel back in time to 1926, in time for Nyssa waking up. Too late, Nephthys realises she has been tricked by the Doctor, as Nyssa has been replaced by the aged Lady Ann Cranleigh. Nephthys is trapped in the time corridor and ages to dust (The Sands of Time, it is 'four o' clock in the morning' on p.274). (MG)

? 1996 - The Past is with Us, a television programme that performs live archaeological digs, excavates around the (supposed) site of the ruins of the chapel near the old manor house, recreating the original site with computer graphics. At the end of the dig they remark that it is unusual that they do not find any evidence for it (Option Lock, no date on p.92, but assumed to be recent, as televised digs are a modern concept). (CW)

1996 - Brilliant Chinese scientist Professor Chung Sen is employed by InterCom, a front for the alien Jex, to find a way of isolating alien DNA from suitable test subjects (The King of Terror, this takes place 'three years' earlier [than July 1999] on p.5). (MG)

1996 - President Dering's choice of Jack Michaels for vice President lends an amount of credibility and humanity to his campaign (Option Lock, events mentioned on p.125). (CW)

1996 (Nov) - Elections take place in the United States of America. Tom Dering will become the new President of the US early in 1997 (The Dying Days, no date is given, but both elections take place within 'five months' of May 1997, on p.3. Dering's full name is given in Option Lock and The Quantum Archangel. In Interference Book One, no date is given, Dering is named as Clinton's successor on p.141). Harold Horner is made US Secretary of Defense, and Marion Hewitt the Secretary of State (Option Lock, events mentioned on p.122, p.165). (CW/MG)

1996 - At this time the family of Samran, an Iraqi soldier, live in southern Iraq at the time twenty-seven cruise missiles are launched from American bombers and warships in the Gulf. Five people are killed and nineteen are injured, Samran's wife and son among the dead. Masaud Barzani says in The Intervention that 'The attacks were just part of President Clinton's election campaign' (Eternity Weeps, the year is given on p.127). (CW)

1997 (early Jan) - Mars 97, Britain's first manned mission to the red planet in twenty years, takes off (The Dying Days, it takes 'four months' to travel to Mars, on p.103/53). (MG)

1997 (Feb 3rd Mon) - Sarah Jane Smith reveals Peter Morgan is an international arms dealer in BBC2's Seeing Eye documentary entitled 'Voodoo Economics'. An interview with UNIT's part-time special scientific adviser Iris Wildthyme is included (Interference Book One p.11). (MG/II)

1997 - More than Human and Noah's Ark, Sarah Jane Smith's first two full-length novels based upon her adventures with the Fourth Doctor, are both released by Virgin Publishing, London (Moving On (D3), the year is given on p.74). (MG)

? 1997 - The Seventh Doctor and William Blake travel forward in time from the year 1888 using one of a series of dimensional gates. Arriving in the middle of a UNIT-enforced exclusion zone around Stonehenge, the Doctor learns that an archaeological dig headed by Professor Roberts has unearthed the ancient skeleton of a mysterious winged creature. Realising Roberts is part of the Fellowship that is intent on reawakening the extra-dimensional Yssgaroth, the Doctor hijacks the skeleton, returning it to the Yssgaroth's wasteland dimension (The Pit, no date is given. It is during a time when 'Brigadier Bambera' is in UNIT, although it has been 'some years' since the Doctor last visited this time period, on p.168). (MG)

1997 - (Battlefield. There are photos of the Carbury incident on the Brig's desk in The Dying Days). (MG)

1997 - The Valeyard watches the Doctor's struggle against the powers of Morgaine and knows how close the Doctor comes to killing Mordred (Matrix, events mentioned on p.241). (MG)

1997 - After the business in Cornwall with the nuclear warhead, Lethbridge-Stewart is satisfied to learn that the UN has renewed his special UNIT pass despite the fact that he is officially retired (The Shadow in the Glass, events mentioned on p.74). (MG)

c 1997 - By this time the Kulan Empire has attempted an ill-advised invasion of a Chelonian colony world. The Kulan retreat after their ruling Council of Three is lost along with half of the invasion force (Escape Velocity, no date is given on p.173, but it is sometime before the Kulan set their sights on Earth [in 1997] on p.173). (MG)

c 1997 - Pierre-Yves Dudoin and his wife Christine become estranged. Their daughter Pippa adopts her mother's maiden name, Holland, when the divorce becomes finalised, and the pair move back to Oxford, where Christine gets a job lecturing at her old college (Escape Velocity, this takes place when Pippa is 'three or four' years old, on p.51). (MG)

1997 (? Spring) - A ten-man evaluation team is sent to Earth ahead of the main Kulan Empire battlefleet to evaluate whether or not the planet is suitable for invasion. Among the squad's members are the economists Sa'Motta and Menhira and the militaristic Fray'kon (Escape Velocity, this takes place 'nearly four years' earlier [than February 2001] on p.93). (MG)

1997 (early) - Elections take place in the United Kingdom and Tony Blair becomes the new British Prime Minister (The Dying Days, no date is given, but both elections take place within 'five months' of May 1997, on p.3. In Interference Book One, no date is given, but Blair is named as Major's successor on p.141. In Zamper [published in 1995], the bingo game on p.45 includes the words 'Number Ten, Tony's Den'). (CW/MG)

1997 - Teenage runaway Jason Kane scars himself by tattooing himself using a doornail and a bottle of Quink (Death and Diplomacy, this takes place when Jason is 'fourteen' on p.231). (MG)

1997 - By this time Foreman's Yard has a sinister reputation that goes back over thirty years, involving something about a mysteriously appearing and disappearing police box… (The Eight Doctors p.7). (CW)

1997 - By this time Baz Bailey is renowned for being Coal Hill School's "friendly neighbourhood dope dealer" among the older pupils of the school (The Eight Doctors p.9, assumed from Sam's knowledge). (CW)

1997 - By this time Sam Jones' school attendance record is better than most at Coal Hill School (The Eight Doctors p.15). (CW)

1997 - By this time Baz has his gangland HQ on a wrecked and illegally squatted derelict flat on Coal Hill's biggest and most run-down estate, though he does have others. When he is alerted that the police are going to raid one by his source (a civilian clerk with a serious tranquilliser habit who is supplied in return for postings on police movements), he merely moves to another (The Eight Doctors p.24). (CW)

? 1997 - A villain collapses and dies in the cells of Coal Hill police station, and the station is besieged by an angry mob accusing the police of murder. To these people the fact that the man died of a lethal mixture of drink and drugs after first wrecking the local pub means nothing (The Eight Doctors p.27, no date is given). (CW)

1997 - Sam Jones gives the police a tip-off that Baz Bailey is moving onto hard drugs after being told by Marilyn Simms, who is told by Baz himself. They search his house but unfortunately do not find anything (The Eight Doctors p.8-9, p.21, p.23). (CW)

1997 (? March) - The Eighth Doctor arrives in Totters Lane just as Sam Jones is cornered in the yard by Baz's gang. After the police arrive the Doctor is taken to Coal Hill police station, which is soon besieged by a rent-a-mob, which manages to break the Doctor out of the station, and reaches Foreman's Yard just as Sam Jones with teachers Trev and Vicky reach it, and leaves. He returns moments later, having regained his memories, and after incriminating Baz, leaves with Sam on board (The Eight Doctors, events mentioned on p.5, p.7, p.15, p.30-31, p.272-273. No date is given, but the book was published in 1997. In Unnatural History, Sam is 'not quite seventeen years old' on p.9). (CW/MG/II)

1997 (? Spring) - The front cover of Who's Who and What's That? a fanzine for UFO-spotters and conspiracy theorists, sports the caption 'Storms Over Avallion: Exclusive Photos from Carbury' (The Dying Days, no date is given on p.73, but this takes place sometime before May 1997). (MG)

1997 - Bernice Summerfield's insightful Head Invaders: Asinine Quasi-Psychological Old Toot of Your Times is published (Sky Pirates!, the year is given on p.228). (MG)

1997 (April 30th Wed) - Professor Bernice Summerfield is dropped off at the Doctor's house on Allen Road by Kadiatu and aM!xitsa of the People, just in time for a pre-arranged meeting with the Time Lord. The Doctor, as reliable as ever, doesn't turn up for another week (The Dying Days, the exact date is given on p.1). (MG)

1997 (May 4th Sun) - After a four-month journey the Mars 97 mission finally reaches the red planet and begins orbiting, mapping the surface and taking measurements of the thin Martian atmosphere (The Dying Days, this takes place 'two days' earlier [than May 6th] on p.50). (MG)

1997 (May 6th Tues) - The Eighth Doctor and Bernice meet for the first time, and travel to Mission Control in London just as Mars 97 touches down on the red planet. The arrival of the astronauts is the catalyst for an invasion of Great Britain by Lord Xznaal of the Martian Argyre clan (The Dying Days, the exact date is given on p.1). British Prime Minister Tony Blair is assassinated in Washington as part of Lord Edward Greyhaven's plot to stage a coup d'etat and seize power for himself (The Dying Days, events mentioned on p.106). (MG/II)

1997 (May 7th Wed) - A Provisional Government, led by Lord Greyhaven, is set up and Xznaal is crowned King of England. Bernice witnesses the Doctor's 'death' as a sentient gaseous assassination weapon called the Red Death is released in the Kentish town of Adisham. About a hundred inhabitants of the community die in the attack. The Doctor, in a self-induced coma, is smuggled out of Adisham by American TV reporter Eve Waugh (The Dying Days, the exact date is given on p.154). (MG/II)

1997 (May 9th Fri) - A Martian shuttlecraft, carrying scientist Vrgnur, arrives at an EG refinery outside Reading. The workforce, kept under control by armed ProvGov troops, is forced to cultivate the Red Death. As work progresses, human test subjects start arriving in Prison Service vans. The Doctor, having taken a couple of days to fully recuperate from his ordeal in Adisham, begins working on an antidote for the Red Death (The Dying Days, this takes place on the 'first Friday morning' of the Martian occupation, on p.228). (MG)

1997 (May 12th Mon) - Rioting takes place in Bradford when people demonstrate against the Provisional Government. It is around this time that the Doctor realises there is no antidote for the Red Death and begins thinking of other ways to end the invasion (The Dying Days, this takes place 'on Monday night' on p.216). (MG)

1997 (May 13th Tues) - The city of Chester surrenders to the Provisional Government after a sudden 'outbreak' of cholera. At some point a Martian shuttlecraft, carrying human test subjects on their way to the EG refinery, is destroyed by an artillery attack at Gatwick airport. The Doctor, present during the events at Gatwick, helps free hundreds of the Martians' prisoners (The Dying Days, this takes place 'on Tuesday evening' on p.216). (MG)

1997 (May 15th Thurs) - Lethbridge-Stewart learns of the EG refinery in Reading where the Red Death is being tested on human prisoners. A rebellion in Portsmouth, led by the Royal Navy, is quelled when the Martian warship sinks every ship in the docks (The Dying Days, the exact date is given on p.206). (MG)

1997 (May 16th Fri) - The Battle of London takes place when Royalist forces, led by UNIT, arrive in the capital. The Provisional Government troops eventually surrender after the Argyre clan's Martian stronghold is devastated by an electromagnetic pulse engineered by Greyhaven. The Doctor narrowly escapes Xznaal's warship before it is bombarded by the RAF (The Dying Days, the exact date is given on p.230). (MG)

1997 (May) - A massive nuclear explosion occurs in the Argyre crater on Mars, wiping out the local clan (Beige Planet Mars p.19, this is in the 'late twentieth century', referring to The Dying Days). (CW)

1997 (? May) - The position of British Prime Minister is taken by Kenneth Clarke for some time (Interference Book One, no date is given, Blair's successor is named on p.141), although by the end of the century will have been replaced by Terry Brooks (Millennium Shock, Brooks is PM in 1999, on p.122). (MG/JE/II)

1997 (? mid) - UNIT's British division, headed by Brigadier Bambera, is impounded pending the result of a UN appropriations hearing in New York. If the division's expenditure cannot be justified it could be deemed wasteful and dissolved (UNITed we Fall (D3), this takes place when the Brigadier has been retired for 'a decade and a half' on p.125). (MG)

1997 (? mid) - The Fourth Doctor arrives in New York just as Lethbridge-Stewart is called before an appropriations hearing. The Doctor learns that a disgruntled intelligence man has lured him to this point in time to murder him, along with the hearings committee, with an explosive device. The explosive device is sent hurtling forward to the ninety-second century, to detonate in an uninhabited part of deep space and the Doctor's disposal of the bomb leads to the survival of UNIT's British division (UNITed we Fall (D3), this takes place when the Brigadier has been retired for 'a decade and a half' on p.125). (MG)

(=) c 1997 - Old Iris Wildthyme becomes Sally's neighbour, living in the basement flat next door (The Blue Angel p95). (MG)

1997 (June 5th Wed) - Rowena Michaels is excavating skulls in the Kilgari region when she and her partenr are warned off by a UNIT captain. Suspicious, Rowena decides to investigate... (Genocide, the date's given on p.60). (II/MG)

1997 (June 6th Thurs) - Jo Grant is contacted by an old friend of hers, working on an archaeological dig in the Kilgari region, and apparently under attack by an alien aided by a UNIT captain. Visting UNIT, she manages to throw suspicion on the 'captain's' records, and is flown to Kilgari to investigate - where she, and her friends, disappear... (Genocide, it's 'ten past one' when Jo is woken up on p.75). (II)

c 1997 - Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart rejoins UNIT in an advisory capacity as a sort of all-purpose consultant. With a small team working from an office in Covent Garden and limited resources, he intends to return UNIT to its original UNIT ethic, investigating the unexplained and trying to stop alien invasions 'before they land on top of Nelson's Column' (The King of Terror, this takes place 'over two years' earlier [than July 1999] on p.28). (MG)

1997 - Cinese scientist Professor Chung Sen meets Elphistone, a member of the InterCom conglomerate at a meeting in Oslo (The King of Terror, this takes place 'two years' earlier [than July 1999] on p.7). (MG)

1997 - Colonel Martin Beresford uses his influence to get his niece Natalie Wooldridge assigned to the British branch of UNIT. Shortly afterwards Beresford retires from active service to spend his golden years on the Isle of Wight (The King of Terror, this takes place 'a couple of years' earlier [than July 1999] on p.91). (MG)

c 1997 - Sadistic animal vivisectionist Tommy Hunnicutt is born in the United Kingdom (Warlock, he is 'nineteen years old' [in c2016] on p.142). (MG)

1997 (Aug 1st Fri) - The parents of missing teenager Sam Jones receive a postcard from their daughter postmarked London 1894 (Unnatural History, the exact date is given on p.5). (MG)

1997 (Aug) - Professor Jennifer Nagle becomes the newly appointed Chief Scientist at a secret C19 installation near Strangnas, Sweden. Her job is to exploit alien technology captured by UNIT for the betterment of humanity (Dominion p.116). (MG)

1997 (Aug 12th Tues) - The Conspiracy Channel broadcasts Claire Aldwych's documentary, The Last Days of Hitler? (The Shadow in the Glass, the exact date is given on p.19). (MG)

1997 (late) - UNIT US report the Eighth Doctor's intervention in the 'Vampire slayings' (Vampire Science p.25). UNIT informs the parents of missing schoolgirl Sam Jones that their daughter has been sighted in San Francisco (Unnatural History p.5). (II/MG)

1997 - Colonel Jean Pierre de Tannerie holds the UN forces together in Africa when 'trouble brews up', and becomes highly respected within the military community because of it (Option Lock, events mentioned on p.168, this occurs 'last year'). (CW)

? 1997 (? Sept) - Sarah Jane Smith interviews businessman Scott Wojzek, head of Tonka Industries, little realising he is an alien from the planet Alrakis, stranded on Earth thirty years ago. Wojzek introduces a virus to K9's systems in the hope that, as K9 starts deteriorating, he will send a signal to the Doctor to come and repair him (Moving On (D3), no year is given, but this takes place 'two months' before autumn, on p.33. It is a time when people have VCRs with 'VideoPlus' on p.36. Sarah isn't married at this point, on p.37, lives in Islington, London, and drives a 'yellow Metro' on p.35). (MG)

c 1997 - While studying at Nottingham University, Gavin Scott meets deaf student Irene Gilbey, the object of his unrequited love, during one of Mr Frisby's lectures. Irene has recently begun an affair with Harlan Frisby that will last for the next two years (The Least Important Man (TDMD), Gavin meets Irene 'three years' before his 'death' [c2000] on p.190). (MG)

1997 (late Sept) - The Seventh Doctor and Bernice arrive in England in response to a distress signal and, tracing it to its source, they learn the unborn baby of Tilusha Meswani is host to an advanced telepathic creature called Kelzen. Tilusha gives birth after a horrific traffic accident, and her baby swiftly grows to adulthood. Allying himself with this Sensopath, the Doctor travels to the year 23387 to confront another of its kind (Infinite Requiem, the year is given on p.26. It is 'Navaratri' on p.29. The Hindu festival of Navaratri is celebrated for nine days between September 28th - October 7th). (MG)

? 1997 (? Nov) - Sarah finally realises she is being manipulated by the alien Scott Wojzek and orders K9 to switch off the distress signal to summon the Doctor (Moving On (D3), no year is given, but the 'fallen leaves' are 'brown and yellow' on p.58, implying it is autumn). (MG)

1997 (Nov) - Metropolitan magazine publishes The Destructors, a short story based on Sarah Jane Smith's recollections of an adventure she shared with the Fourth Doctor on a future Earth devastated by solar flares (Moving On (D3), the date is given on p.74). (MG)

1997 (Nov 23rd Sun) - The Recoronation of Queen Elizabeth II takes place at Westminster Abbey. The Fourth Doctor, Romana, General Alistair Lethbridge-Stewart and Brigadier Winifred Bambera are among those present (The Dying Days, the exact date is given on p.295). It is the only re-coronation in British history (Christmas on a Rational Planet, mentioned on p.48). (MG)

? 1997 (Autumn) - The Eighth Doctor, travelling solo, takes a job at Senora Panstedas's farm outside the town of Funchal on the island of Madeira, Portugal. 'John' receives one egg a day as payment for his labours (Totem (MST), no year is given, but the Doctor works at the farm for 'five months', on p.3, before the 'first' flower of 'spring' appears, on p.4). (MG/II)

1998 (Feb) - Danny Paripski, formerly Danny Pain, saves his baby daughter from a fatal traffic accident near the home in Walthamstow he shares with his wife, Helen, and their many offspring (Happy Endings p.285/40). (MG)

1998 (Feb) - A Canavitchi agent using the alias Kyla O'Shaugnessy infiltrates Chung Sen's Tokyo research team with the help of Control, head of the CIA (The King of Terror, this takes place 'eighteen months' earlier [than July 1999] on p.137). (MG)

1998 - At this time, Norton Silver does some consulting for the Ministry of Defence, amongst other organisations (Option Lock, events mentioned on p.16). (CW)

1998 - At this time, Andrew Price, who was a fellow lodger with Tom Dering while at Harvard University, owns and runs one of the most successful financial institutions on Wall Street (Option Lock, events mentioned on p.53). (CW)

1998 - At this time Pete Kellerman is chief lecturer in Strategic Studies at the California Institute of Political Affairs (Option Lock, events mentioned on p.54). (CW)

1998 - At this time the Chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff is US Army General Howard Kane. The deputy is Harry Pringle, from the USAF (Option Lock, events mentioned on p.62, p.119-120). (CW)

1998 - At this time Andy Summers is President Dering's personal Secret Service Agent (Option Lock, p.123). (CW)

1998 - By this time Colonel Anatoli Roskov is in charge of Nevchenka Nuclear Missile Installation in south Krejikistan. In terms of raw megatonnage under the trigger finger, he is ninth in the world ranking (Option Lock, events mentioned on p.68-70). (CW)

1998 - At this time Krejikistan (a country twice the size of Wales) is trying to join NATO (Option Lock, events mentioned on p.69, p.108). (CW)

1998 - By this time, it is straightforward to fly a Soviet-made helicopter from a former Eastern Bloc state across Europe without raising too many eyebrows (Option Lock, events mentioned on p.89). (CW)

1998 - By this time, Gaddafi, Saddam Hussein and the Massada Group all have nuclear aspirations (Option Lock, events mentioned on p.167). (CW)

1998 - Looking Glass is converted from a Boeing 707 to a 747, allowing it to be re-equipped to become a twin of SAC Underground Command Post at Offcut Air Force Base in Omaha, Nebraska. Nightwatch, is also by this time, a Boeing 747 (Option Lock , p.129, p.132). (CW)

1998 - By this time the secret society from Abbots Siolfor has influence in Silicon Valley and MIT (Option Lock , p.233). (CW)

1998 - Lovers Anji Kapoor and Dave Young move in together (Escape Velocity, they have been living together for 'three years' [by February 2001] on p.5). (MG)

1998 (? Spring) - The Kulan evaluation team vessel encounters unexpected hazards in the meteorite belt and suffers a terrible crash-landing in the forests of Norway, which kills over half of the squad on impact. Making a journey across Continental Europe, the survivors finally make it to Belgium, where they research the current level of space-travel technology. Fray'kon determines the best odds for their mission's success is to aide Pierre-Yves Dudoin's Space Dart project. The Kulan will spend most of their time secreted in various ITI buildings in Brussels (Escape Velocity, this takes place 'almost three years' earlier [than February 2001] on p.75/93. Events mentioned on p.122). (MG)

? 1998 (Spring) - The Eighth Doctor continues his work at the farm of widowed Senora Panstedas on Madeira island, Portugal (Totem (MST), no year is given, it is 'spring' on p.4). (MG/II)

1998 - Nikkei 5, a small Japanese research station equipped to measure carbon dioxide saturation as a monitor on global warming, is constructed in the Ross Sea area, along the coast of the Transantarctic Mountains (Iceberg, the year is given on p.61). (MG)

1998 - Michael Campling's Shakespeare's Playing Space is published (Theatre of War, the year is given on p.257). (MG)

? 1998 - The Doctor, near to the time of his first regeneration, brings condemned witch Rebecca Nurse forward in time from 1692 to a viewing of The Crucible (The Witch Hunters p.272). (MG)

1998 - Three more of Sarah's 'Doctor' adventures - Dalek Dawn, Return to the Ark and Terror of the Loch are all released by Virgin Publishing (Moving On (D3), the year is given on p.74).

1998 - Sarah-Jane Morley, nee Smith, gives a speech to the Nobel Academy (Christmas on a Rational Planet p.183). (II/MG)

1998 - Sally Hunt, disabled since childhood, is moved to a private nursing facility after the death of her mother (Damaged Goods p.263). (MG)

c 1998 - Janice Tanner's son is born in the USA (Eternity Weeps, he is 'about five' [in 2003] on p.28). (CW)

1998 - (The Quantum Archangel).

1998 (? Summer) - A small consignment of weapons, including an RPG, goes missing from a Russian convoy en route to Krejikistan (Option Lock, events mentioned on p.44). (CW)

1998 (mid) - Jean Pierre de Tannerie, colonel in the Canadian Army, flies on a secret US Defense Department shuttle mission over China as an observer (Option Lock, events mentioned on p.168, [in Autumn 1998] this occurs 'a few months back'). (CW)

1998 (Summer) - Maddy Sharp encounters a mysterious young boy called Icarus while on a walk along Marsden Bay. She takes him home and immediately adopts him as her son (The Blue Angel p10). (MG)

c 1998 (Summer) - Teenager Nanci Cruz helps the Second Doctor save a boy with a strange and powerful talent (Mother's Little Helper (ST), no date is given, but Mac computers are in use; I've set it contemporaneous with release). (II)

? 1998 (Summer) - The Eighth Doctor receives an unwelcome visit from his Seventh incarnation while working at Senora Panstedas's farm outside Funchal on Madeira island. The Seventh Doctor attempts to break his future self from his self-imposed hermitage but is rebuffed despite his efforts. Later, the Eighth Doctor discovers the body of Senora Panstedas's missing husband, murdered and buried in a hillside grave. The Doctor finally ends his hermitage after paying his respects at the dead man's funeral (Totem (MST), no year is given, it is 'summer' on p.5). (MG/II)

1998 - Mankind develops solid holography, but the technology is suppressed soon afterwards (GodEngine, the year is given on p.48). (MG)

1998 (July 18th Sat) - Paul Travers's review of Johnny Chess's live gig at Moles will be printed in the latest issue of NME (Timewyrm: Revelation, the date is given as '18/7/98' on p.87). (MG)

1998 (Autumn) - By this time Major Susan Rogers of the US Army is the commander of Station Nine (Option Lock, events mentioned on p.148, placed here as we don't know how long a shift lasts). (CW)

1998 (Autumn) - At this time Captain William Pickering is at Abbots Siolfor to have an in-depth education by Norton Silver on how to resist interrogation and mind-control (Option Lock, events mentioned on p.43). (CW)

1998 (Autumn) - US President Dering sends Alan Ferrer, his National Security Advisor to find out about encryption software's potential as a form of munitions, before deciding how to tackle increasing pressure to change the law that classes it as such. Ferrer begins by tracking down the main players (Option Lock, events mentioned on p.18). (CW)

1998 (Autumn, a Sat) - The Eighth Doctor lands at Abbots Siolfor, the TARDIS suffering a power drain caused by the Khamerian essence chamber, unwittingly giving the stone the final infusion it needs to begin a final rebirth. The Doctor meets Norton Silver, who shows him the Philosopher's Stone. In the US, Alan Ferrer reaches Bedford near Boston with representatives from RCA and parent company SDI. On the way to a meeting with the Lotus Corporation, his car is destroyed by an assassin using Russian assassin using RPG shells, and escapes via Charles River (Option Lock, on the back cover it is 'present day' [the book is published in 1998], it is 'Autumn' on p.9-10, and a 'Saturday' on p.9. Events on p.18-22, p.28, p.181-182. The year is confirmed in The Taint). (CW/II)

1998 (Autumn, a Sun) - At Abbots Siolfor, the Doctor spends the first day of many in Silver's library (Option Lock, on p.22 it is the 'first morning'). (CW)

1998 (Autumn, a Mon) - The Doctor spends most of the day lecturing Paul Sargent, Silver's part-time archivist (Option Lock, it is the 'second morning' on p.23). (CW)

1998 (Autumn, a Tues ?) - At Abbots Siolfor Sam spends an afternoon examining all the paintings she can find of Lord Meacher's Clump, as well as the working drawings (Option Lock, events mentioned on p.26). (CW)

1998 (Autumn, a Wed ?) - In the early hours of the morning at Abbots Siolfor, Sam watches Captain Pickering go for a walk in the fountain. Much later, the Doctor discovers the last painting, but Silver steals it back. In the US, Pete Kellerman is given the job of National Security Advisor by President Dering (Option Lock, it has been a 'few days at Abbots Siolfor'; on p.33-35, p.47-50, p.60). (CW)

1998 (Autumn, a Thurs ?) - Colonel Roskov visits Abbots Siolfor to collect a particular simulation. Returning to Krejikistan, Roskov begins the simulation, tweaking the display at the nuclear installation so that it looks real - and shows thirty-one launches from mainland USA, with a total of over four hundred warheads, all pointed at Eastern Bloc states, mostly Russia. The Nevchenka installation begins charging up twenty-two missiles in response. At Abbots Siolfor the Doctor finds the list of society members, and Sam gatecrashes Pickering's last session with Silver before he leaves, but ends up hypnotised herself when she overhears a code-phrase. After discovering a connection between the old alchemists and their apparent descendants, the Doctor and Sam are forced to flee Abbots Siolfor but are caught and taken below the house to Silver's control room. In Krejikistan, Lieutenant Ivigan begins disabling the missiles remotely after informing General Oriminsk of the real situation. However, it is too late - a US satellite passes over Krejikistan and sees the smoke from the ICBMs, and the military goes to Pinnacle status, and the Joint Chiefs of Staff are summoned as US forces go to DefCon 1. Finally, to prevent a launch, the control centre for the missiles at Nevchenka is stormed by, but the missiles are launched. US forces go to Death Watch, and finally the NUKILL code is sent to Station Nine by President Dering, forcing it to release the Nuke Killers but reveal itself to all and sundry. Escaping from Silver, the Doctor goes behind Lord Meacher's Clump and discovers the wreck of the Khamerian cruiser and the old abbey, untouched for hundreds of years (Option Lock, the theft of the painting occurred 'last night' on p.79. Events mentioned on p.65, p.77-78, p.81-84, p.93-95, p.98, p.102-103 p.110-111, p.115, p.119, p.136-138, p.146, p.150-152, p.162-163, p.171-174). (CW)

1998 (Autumn, a Fri ?) - Having escaped from Abbots Siolfor and reached Pickering's house in Shoreditch, where they spent the night, the Doctor and Sam try to attend the UN Global Defense Conference to be held at Abbots Siolfor, where, the cat out of the bag, the US is due to put Station Nine up for use by the UN. Observers from the members of the Security Council blast off for the satellite - Britain's representative is William Pickering - and the station commander is Jean Pierre de Tannerie. In a last-ditch attempt to revive the Khamerian mind, Silver triggers a simulation showing a nuclear attack from mainland China, forcing the US to go to DefCon 2. Dering releases the trigger codes, and de Tannerie severs all communications from the Station. At the conference, all delegates are taken below and Silver forces the Doctor to take him to the Station, where, in a fight involving a hypnotically-controlled Sam, Pickering kills de Tannerie and forces the station to self-destruct. The feedback from the death of Silver destroys the Khamerian cruiser and the chapel (Option Lock, events mentioned on p.208, p.211-216, p.221-222, p.229-231, p.234-235, p.246, p.258, p.261-270, p.227-279). (CW)

c 1998 - One month after Station Nine's destruction Sam Jones pays a visit to Abbots Siolfor (Option Lock). (II/MG)

1998 - (System Shock).

1998 - Ashley Chapel Logistics solves Fermat's Last Theorem, but keeps the discovery a closely guarded secret (Millennial Rites, this takes place 'a year ago' in 1999, on p.13). (MG)

1998 - With the Voracian invasion thwarted, multimillionaire Ashley Chapel immediately moves in and buys out I2's hardware and software patents, as well as the little equipment and information that remains after the company ceases trading (Millennial Rites, events mentioned on p.33-4). (MG)

1998 (Oct) - Byron Cutter, head of Silver Bullet Solutions Inc, begins preparations to 'revise' I2's plans for the Internet. Colonel Attwell is involved in a helicopter crash (Millennium Shock, this occurs 'fifteen months' earlier [than December 1999] on p.179, the Voracian invasion attempt is 'recent' on p.5). (MG/II)

1998 (late Nov) - Jason Kane starts an unhappy relationship with a girl named Louise which leads him into a mostly-celibate lifestyle (Death and Diplomacy, this takes place a 'month or so' earlier [than late December 1998] on p.195). (MG)

1998 (Dec) - Sarah Jane Smith and Harry Sullivan share a meal while reminiscing about the old days with the Doctor and UNIT. Sarah gives Harry a broken I2 pen as a memento of the recent Voracian invasion attempt (Millennium Shock, the year is given on p.1, it will be 1999 in 'a few weeks' on p.2). (MG/II)

1998 (Dec 24th Thurs) - The Mighty Leader of All Skrak visits Earth to obtain certain vital objects for his Changing Machine. He is betrayed by the ambitious brood-hatchling Gleka, and the transportation beam strands him on the remote Cluster planet of t'Kao, rather than the Skrak base on Moriel. Unfortunately, teenager Jason Kane, whilst walking down Oxford Street finds himself entangled in the beam and finds himself flat on his back in an alien swamp after he is relocated to the distant world along with the Mighty Leader, whom he renames Shug and takes as a nominal pet. 'Shug' will spend the next fifteen frustrating years manipulating Jason into taking him back to the planet Moriel (Death and Diplomacy, this seems to take place in the year 'nineteen ninety-six', 'something like fifteen years' earlier [than c2014] on p.123. Jason hasn't 'seen another human… since the age of fifteen' on p.195, which is 'more than fifteen years' ago, on p.41. He met Shug 'more than fifteen years' ago, on p.169/217. This happens on 'Christmas Eve' on p.126. Events mentioned on p.126-7/264/268. In Return of the Living Dad, this takes place on 'Christmas Eve' on p.204). (MG/CW)

1999 (Jan) - Sarah Jane Smith has an article about the effects of the millennium bug printed in Popular Technology magazine (Millennium Shock, the date is given on p.11). (MG)

1999 - Futures trader Anji Kapoor spends a year in Boston on attachment to her employers MW Futures (Escape Velocity, Anji spends a 'year' living in Boston, on p.43/107. In EarthWorld, the name of Anji's employers is given on p.14. The year of Anji's stay in Boston is given as '1999' in BBC Books Fact Sheet: Anji Kapoor). (MG)

1999 - A further three of Sarah's novels featuring 'the Doctor' - Forbidden Matter, A Gift of Death, and The Kraal Invasion - are released by Virgin Publishing, London (Moving On (D3), the year is given on p.74). (MG)

1999 - A NASA shuttle commanded by James Edward Allen in high orbit takes a photograph of the formation on the mountain Mahser Dagi in Turkey. It shows lines of magnetic field strength emanating from both Mahser Dagi and Ararat, and also similar lines on the moon (Eternity Weeps, events mentioned on p.115-116). (CW)

c 1999 - At UNIT's request, the Second Doctor acts as scientific adviser to a film about the 'Zexian' invasion - and manages to trap a remnant of an earlier invasion... (Scientific Adviser (MST), no date is given, but it's after Silver Nemesis, and big films are being made in the UK, p.16, so it's been set in a contemporary year). (II)

= 1999 - The Fifth Doctor and Nyssa find themselves in a pocket realm as guests of the mysterious Lord Nicholas Carnon, who claims the souls of the dead for entertainment... (The Eternity Contract (MST), all the inhabitants of Carnon Manor are from 'Earth, 1999', p.116). (II)

c 1999 - Romana, the Fourth Doctor and K9 come across spider refugees from Metebelis Three in the Riverdale Estate of High Wycombe, as they try to take over the world (Return of the Spiders (MST), no date given, but motorcycle pizza deliveries are common; again, a contemporary setting). (II)

1999 - By this time an increase in pollution has resulted in a horrifying rise in deaths and abnormal births. People have lost all direction, purpose, faith. All manner of religious cults and new age philosophies have sprung up with half of them promising that the world will end at midnight on the 31st December, the other claiming it will usher in a new age of paradise (Millennial Rites, events mentioned on p.46). (CW)

c 1999 - The New York branch of the Butler Institute, a subsidiary of Japanese company Hoshino, begins its take-over of the other companies in its King Building headquarters. Within the next ten years, the Butler Institute will own every other company on the premises. The Butler Institute will also have offices in Cambridge and Eindhoven (Cat's Cradle: Warhead, this takes place a 'decade' earlier [than 2009] on p.70. Events mentioned on p.32). (MG)

1999 - Schoolgirl Justine witnesses her best friend Cheryl killed in a traffic accident on a busy London street. Her friend's premature death will strengthen Justine's opposition to the pollution of this planet, filling her with an aggression that will eventually be coupled with a belief in supernatural forces (Cat's Cradle: Warhead, this takes place when she is 'seven' on p.175). (MG)

1999 - Tessa Mancuso becomes a rookie in the New York Police Department. She is trained how to pilot the heavily-armed G-8 hovercraft, in which she experiences combat during her years with the police service. At some point the G-8s are sold off at auction to help with departmental cash flow, and will end up being used by armed robber teams and terrorists (Cat's Cradle: Warhead, this takes place 'ten years' earlier [than 2009] on p.209). (MG)

1999 (? March) - The Black Anoraks, a relatively harmless bunch of student radicals, dropout anarchists and computer geeks, are organised into a group of fanatical terrorists called the Sons of Nostradamus by Jon Newton. The Sons, hoping to fulfil Nostradamus's prophecies concerning the end of the world, begin a bombing campaign in Los Angeles, targeting TV studios, Internet cafes and public buildings (The King of Terror, this takes place 'a few months' earlier [than July 1999] on p.52. Events mentioned on p.57-8). (MG)

c 1999 (April) - Sir Archibald Flint, thirteenth baronet of Pengriffen, commences the funding of the research conducted by the Lanyon Moor Archaeological Institute in order to see what they uncover relating to the Moor's secrets as hinted of in legends (The Spectre of Lanyon Moor, this takes place 'six months' before the Doctor's arrival [in October] on Disc 1, Track 5. Events on Disc 1, Track 12). (MG/CW)

1999 (June) - Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart meets an unknown incarnation of the Doctor - by this time the old soldier has met the Time Lord in nine different incarnations (The King of Terror, this takes place 'a few weeks' earlier [than 3rd July 1999] on p.26). (MG)

1999 (late June) - The Sons of Nostradamus terrorist group claims responsibility for the bombing of the De Randolph building in Los Angeles, killing five and injuring eighty-three (The King of Terror, this takes place 'last week' [in early July 1999] on p.49). (MG)

1999 (July 1st) - Queen Elizabeth II officially opens the new Scottish Parliament. Alistair Lethbridge-Stewart has been involved in Scotland's devolution and has helped in the creation of the new Parliament in Edinburgh, despite the fact that he has no official past (Minuet in Hell, events mentioned on Disc 1, Tracks 1, 3, 6. The official opening of the Scottish Parliament on July 1st 1999 is a matter of historic record). (CW)

1999 (July) - (The King of Terror). (MG)

c 1999 - (The Marian Conspiracy, no date given. In The Spectre of Lanyon Moor [in c1999], Evelyn is able to telephone one of her friends without any problems). (CW)

1999 (July 31st Sat) - The Eighth Doctor and Fitz find themselves near Strangnas in Sweden after the TARDIS makes an emergency landing. The Doctor discovers the TARDIS has been damaged by a wormhole created by an experimental Telecongruency Warp Generator developed by C19's Professor Jennifer Nagle (Dominion p.35). (MG)

1999 (Aug 1st Sun) - The Doctor manages to limit a global catastrophe to a localised implosion which only destroys C19's underground base despite being in the middle of a battle between the Ruin and UNIT. Our universe - the Blight - consumes the Dominion, a pocket universe (Dominion p.214). (MG)

c 1999 (late Sept) - At the archaeological dig on Lanyon Moor, one of Professor Morgan's assistants has a mental breakdown at the fogou and ends up in hospital. Lethbridge-Stewart is called in by UNIT, who oversees the dig while his wife Doris is on holiday with relatives (The Spectre of Lanyon Moor, this occurs 'a couple of weeks ago [in October c1999] on Disc 1 Track 5). (CW)

c 1999 (Oct, a weekend) - The Sixth Doctor and Evelyn arrive at Lanyon Moor, Cornwall, and meet Lethbridge-Stewart, who is investigating the mysterious breakdown of a member of the Archaeological Institute. The Doctor soon discovers that Sir Archibald Flint is a sort of latter-day warlock harnessing the psionic powers of a dormant Tragennon. With the Brigadier's help, the world is saved from destruction at the hands of the vicious creature when it is awakened by a vengeful local (The Spectre of Lanyon Moor, no year is given. It is 'October' on Disc 1, Track 3. It is a 'weekend' on Disc 1, Track 6. The Brigadier has been retired for 'a few years now' [from teaching, in 1995?] on Disc 2, Track 4. He is married to Doris by this time, on Disc 1, Track 5). (MG/CW)

1999 (Oct 1st Fri) - A UNIT expedition, codename Project Icepack, is sent to Antarctica to investigate newly discovered caverns which may be of extraterrestrial origin. Homunculette, on orders from the future High Council, is sent to Antarctica to infiltrate Project Icepack. Compassion makes an unexpected arrival in the caverns (The Taking of Planet 5 p.21/25). (MG/II)

1999 (Oct 2nd Sat) - Project Icepack is attacked by Celestis Investigators prior to the Eighth Doctor arriving to close the time fissure. After the debacle in the Antarctic, Homunculette steals the Celestis Fictional Generator (The Taking of Planet 5 p.168/267). (MG)

1999 - By this time the Library of St John the Beheaded is owned by Ashley Chapel, purchased from the Pontiff in order to obtain his own ticket, and unrestricted access to the collection of works within…(Millennial Rites, events mentioned on p.69). (CW)

c 1999 - Out on the distant planet Moriel, the psychotic Skrak finally finish building their Mighty Leader's Changing Machine, using parts scavenged from across the entire galaxy including Cyberman cybernetics, Sontaran living-crystal technology, and various items from Earth. Once activated, the apparatus sends reality-altering ripples back through thousands of years of Cluster history, disrupting the minds and lives of entire populations, affecting their development and cumulatively building up an absolute belief in the reality of the Hollow Gods (Death and Diplomacy, the apparatus has 'only been in physical existence for something like twenty years, locally speaking' [in c2014] on p.234). (MG)

c 1999 (late) - After having spent a year picking up a little of the language on the planet t'Kao, Jason Kane hitches a ride on an ore-processor launch and begins his wanderings in the Dagellan Cluster (Death and Diplomacy, this takes place 'about a year' later [than December 1998] on p.127). (MG)

1999 (Nov 5th Fri) - Ashley Chapel announces that ACL will cease trading as a part of the Ashley Chapel Holding Corporation. A smaller company, FantasyLab Limited, will remain in its place, but one hundred and eighty-five of ACL's two hundred employees will be made redundant on Thursday, December 30th (Millennial Rites, the exact date is given on p.34). (MG)

1999 (Dec 3rd Fri) - The Second Doctor, Jamie and Zoe make a brief stop on the surface of Mars and discover the litter left behind by the First Doctor. The travellers hastily pack up the evidence of the Doctor's earlier trip shortly before the Mars Polar Lander arrives and records it. Unwittingly, however, the Second Doctor and his companions find themselves responsible for the failure of the Mars Polar Lander's mission ( Please Shut the Gate (ST&SS), it is 1999, December' on p.122. The arrival of the Mars Polar Lander on December 3rd 1999 is a matter of historical record). (MG)

1999 (mid Dec) - The Fourth Doctor arrives in London just as Condef, a British defence contractor, is broken into. During the burglary the Doctor meets George Gardner, the company's Y2K project manager, and gives him a number to contact Harry Sullivan. In Krejikistan, Siberia, a Russian military installation is also infiltrated by an armed assault team, and two computer consoles are stolen in the raid (Millennium Shock, this occurs 'nearly a week' before the 19th, on p.33). (MG)

1999 (Dec 12th Sun) - American author Joseph Heller dies in East Hampton, New York (The Turing Test, the year is given on p.243. Heller's death on 12th December 1999 is a matter of historical record). (II/MG)

1999 (Dec) - The documents telling the story of the alien code-makers are found amongst the papers of the late Joseph Heller shortly after his passing (The Turing Test, no date is given other than 'shortly after' Heller's death [on 12th December 1999] on p.195). (II/MG)

1999 (Dec 16th Thurs) - Luke Ellis, using the alias M. Boisseau, is kept under UNIT surveillance as he flies to Paris. M. Boisseau is the prime suspect for the theft of UNIT file Quadrant27787/Doctor (Damaged Goods p.262). (MG)

(=) c 1999 (Dec 16th Thurs ?) - The Doctor meets Sally in the cafe. Compassion is attacked by the 'doglike' thing (The Blue Angel. This takes place before going to the bar, since the Doctor spends that night in. But it's a 'week before' Sally and Iris come round, and the visit to his mum was earlier in the week. Therefore, most likely day is Thursday). (II)

(=) c 1999 (Dec 17th Fri ?) - The Doctor visits the bar he sometimes frequents (The Blue Angel, p. 81). (II)

(=) c 1999 (Dec 19th Sun) - The Doctor goes to the 'spiritualist' session at the church (The Blue Angel, p.138). (II)

1999 (Dec 19th Sun) - Harry Sullivan becomes involved in an investigation into Silver Bullet Solutions Inc when George Gardner contacts him on the Doctor's recommendation (Millennium Shock, this is 'nearly a week' after the break-in at Condef, on p.33). (MG/II)

1999 (Dec 20th Mon) - Harry Sullivan attends a Silver Bullet 'technology briefing' at the Grosvenor House Hotel, where he learns that some of Condef's systems are no longer Y2K-compliant due to tampering (Millennium Shock, it is 'tomorrow' on p.35). (MG).

(=) c 1999 (sometime before Thursday 23rd (probably Monday)) - The Doctor visits his mother (The Blue Angel, p.240). (II)

1999 (Dec 21st Tues) - Byron Cutter, head of Silver Bullet, learns of George Gardner's investigation into the sabotaged Condef equipment and attempts to eliminate him (Millennium Shock, events at the Grosvenor House Hotel occur 'yesterday' on p.42).

1999 (Dec 22nd Wed) - The Fourth Doctor finally gets in touch with Harry (Millennium Shock).

1999 (Dec 23rd Thurs) - The Doctor and Harry attend a meeting with Silver Bullet executives at the Condef building (Millennium Shock)

(=) c 1999 (Thursday 23rd Dec) - has Sally and Iris round for dinner. Gives birth to a little baby boy. (The Blue Angel, p.240. Sally says he's had a 'whole week' to read her manuscript, and he mentions visiting his mum earlier that week.) (II)

1999 (Dec 24th Fri) - A 'Termination Invoice' is issued by Silver Bullet, to eliminate the Doctor and Harry. They narrowly miss being killed when the brakes on Harry's car mysteriously fail to work (Millennium Shock, it is 'Christmas Eve' on p.64).

? 1999 (Dec 24th Fri) - The Fourth Doctor and Romana sneak into the Brigadier's home to leave gifts for Alistair and Doris (Special Occasions 3: Better Watch Out, Better Take Care (ST&SS), no year is given, but it is Christmas Eve. The Brigadier has 'a profusion of ribbons and medals' in a photo on p.251, so it's probably after he's promoted in 1997). (MG)

1999 (Dec 25th Sat) - The Ashley Chapel Logistics building is broken into by Silver Bullet's Operation Clawback team, hunting for discarded I2 technology. Luckily, Harry has already taken the object they're searching for - a pen given to him by Sarah after the first Voracian attempt to invade Earth (Millennium Shock, it is 'Christmas Day' on p.81). (MG/II)

1999 (Dec 26th Sun) - The Doctor conducts tests on a Silver Bullet microchip given to him by George Gardner. The chip emits a signal and a group of Silver Bullet employees turn up to acquire it. The Doctor follows the men to the Silver Bullet building, confirming his suspicions about the company (Millennium Shock, it is 'Boxing Day' on p.90). (MG/II)

1999 (Dec 27th Mon) - Harry discovers Britain will be put under martial law in the event of a civil breakdown as a result of the millennium bug (Millennium Shock, it is 'early morning' on p.97). (MG/II)

1999 (Dec 28th Tues) - The Doctor realises they need Harry's I2 pen just shortly before the pen is stolen in a raid on Harry's house. The pen ends up in the hands of Byron Cutter, head of Silver Bullet Solutions Inc (Millennium Shock, it is 'afternoon' on p.108). (MG)

1999 (Dec 29th Wed) - A Russian military installation at Krejikistan is overrun by Islamic fundamentalist terrorists, and a nuclear device is taken. In England, the Doctor and Harry are taken to the Morteyne Green army base to meet General Randall (Millennium Shock, it is 'December 29th' on p.127). (MG)

1999 (Dec 30th Thurs) - General Anatoly Krimkov, in charge of Russia's nuclear deterrent and early-warning systems, informs the West that Islamic fundamentalist terrorists have acquired a nuclear device from Krejikistan and are now advancing on the launch facility at Nevchenka, intent on launching the missile at Moscow (Millennium Shock, it is '30 December' on p.164). (MG)

1999 - By this time the guards of the Library of St John the Beheaded are rival gangs of Yardies and crack dealers, rivals so they can keep an eye on each other and on the Library visitors (Millennial Rites p.150). (CW)

1999 (Dec 30th Thurs) - The Sixth Doctor brings Mel back to the twentieth-century to attend a reunion of her friends from West London University. The Doctor visits Dame Anne Travers OBE, who is celebrating her fiftieth birthday (Millennial Rites, the exact date is given on p.34. In Head Games, it is '1999' on p.154). (MG/CW)

1999 (Dec 30th Thurs) - The Seventh Doctor is killed by Dr. Grace Holloway of Walker General Hospital, and regenerates into his Eighth incarnation (Doctor Who - The Movie, Unnatural History p.74). (II/MG)

1999 (Dec 31st Fri) - An armed assault is staged on the Silver Bullet building, but reaps few rewards (Millennium Shock, it is '31 December' on p.192). (MG)

1999 (Dec 31st Fri) - Sarah Jane Morley, nee Smith, and her husband Paul share a New Year's Eve drink with their good friend Samantha Jones while waiting for the Doctor to arrive (Interference Book One p.291). (Foreseen by the If, so it may or may not happen) (MG/II)

1999 (Dec 31st Fri) - Mel hacks into Ashley Chapel Logistics' Paradigm system and, unwittingly, debugs Chapel's Millennium Codex. With only an hour to go before midnight, the Doctor gains entry to ACL's headquarters to prevent Chapel from running the Millennum Codex program, but he is too late. The Codex interferes with a spell being cast in the Library of St. John the Beheaded, and warps time and space, transporting the area surrounding the Canary Wharf Tower into a pocket universe (Millennial Rites, the exact date is given on p.124). (MG/II)

1999 (Dec 31st Fri) - The Master's attempt to use the TARDIS' link to the Eye of Harmony to steal the Doctor's remaining regenerations (Doctor Who - The Movie) results in local space-time being scarred by a dimensional anomaly known as the Millennium Effect (Unnatural History p.74). Professor Daniel Joyce obtains a spare beryllium chip for Wagg's atomic clock (Unnatural History p.144).(MG)

2000 (Jan 1st Sat) - As midnight hits, the Voracians' 'augmented' Millennium Bug causes chaos across the globe. Airports, hospitals and communications networks are all affected. In Nevchenka, the Islamic terrorists are finally defeated when a US Special Forces team is flown in to deal with the problem. The Doctor and Harry follow Byron Cutter to Chequers , the Prime Minister's official country residence, where Cutter's plans are abruptly downsized (Millennium Shock, it is 'Saturday' on p.198). (MG/II)

2000 (Jan 1st Sat) - The Sixth Doctor finds himself trapped in the Great Kingdom when Ashley Chapel's Millennial Codex is run. He meets the Technomancer Melaphyre (an altered Mel) and the Hierophant Anastasia (Anne Travers). Due to the magical nature of the Kingdom, the Doctor finds himself constantly on the verge of turning into the Valeyard. Together with Melaphyre and Anastasia, the Doctor travels to the Tower of the Archimage Ashmael (Ashley Chapel) just in time to prevent the Great Intelligence from breaking free and creating a new army of Yeti. With the Doctor's help, Saraquazel is freed from his bonds and leaves our universe (Millennial Rites). (MG)

2000 (January 1st Saturday) - Ten minutes after midnight, Canary Warf Tower mysteriously swaps its pyramid for a glittering spire (Millennial Rites. Head Games, the date is also given on p.214). (CW)

2000 (Jan) - Disgraced British Prime Minister Terry Brooks resigns 'for personal reasons'. His successor, Philip Cotton, promises a general election within the year (Millennium Shock, this occurs 'within a month' of the Millennium Bug, on p.252). (MG/II)

? c 2000 - The superhero character Captain Millennium is created (Conundrum, the Captain is written about in 'Earth's future' on p.234). (CW)

2000 - Sarah writes two further novels featuring 'the Doctor' - Solon's Brain, based upon her adventure on the planet Karn, and Terror Stalks, detailing the discovery of deadly Krynoid pods in the Antarctic (Moving On (D3), the year is given on p.74). (MG)

c 2000 - An electronic newspaper, The Hourly Telepress, is founded. It features a cartoon superhero character called 'The Karkus' (The Mind Robber, Zoe says it is from the year 2000, it is around in the mid-twenty-first century in Alien Bodies). (CW)

? 2000 - The European Space Agency (ESA) exists by this time (Grave Matter, no date is given on p.129/137). (MG)

c 2000 - By this time American business tycoon Arthur Tyler III has, in association with the Mondo leisure group, begun work on the Space Dart project as part of a plan to build and run the five-star luxury EarthRise hotel in Earth orbit (Escape Velocity, events mentioned on p.22). (MG)

c 2000 - By this time the British Professor X Appreciation Society has given way to the more aggressively proactive Internet-based fan organisations. It is probably also around this time that British fans become horrified when their American cousins proudly declare themselves to be X-ians (Escape Velocity, events mentioned on p.62). (MG)

2000 - Arthur Tyler III's aim to become the first privately-funded man in space gains momentum after a routine medical examination discovers an inoperable tumour. Knowing his days are numbered, Tyler throws himself into the space race against his old college friend Pierre-Yves Dudoin (Escape Velocity, this takes place 'last year' [in February 2001] on p.242). (MG)

? 2000 (? early) - By this time Gatherer Three, ESA's first deep space probe, has completed its mission to skim close to the outer planets and moons of the solar system, gathering information. On its return to Earth, the probe is discovered to have traces of alien DNA on it. Geneticist Christopher Sheldon is called in to handle the material, but becomes infected by substance, which he has named 'Denarian'. The material, which at first seems to act as a universal cure-all, is actually an alien creature that will stop at nothing to survive, even if it means taking control of the host after its death (Grave Matter, no date is given, events mentioned on p.137). (MG)

? 2000 (March) - Christopher Sheldon and his research team of Logan Packwood and Janet Spillsbury move to the remote island of Sheldon's Folly to continue their Denarian experiments. Their work, to begin with, concentrates on animal subjects such as sheep and chickens. Sir Anthony Kelso, responsible for the research department working on DNA computers, retires from the Ministry of Science and relocates to the Dorsill islands (Grave Matter, no year is given, but Kelso retires in 'March' on p.129). (MG)

? 2000 (April) - Dr Dave Madsen, under Logan Packwood's instruction, infects the schoolchildren of Dorsill island with Denarian material under the guise of flu jabs. At some point an oral version of Denarian is synthesised and passed to cows via their water supply. The infection is then passed on through their milk and into river water from urine (Grave Matter, no year is given, but this takes place 'last month' on p.26, and 'a few weeks' earlier [than May] on p.73, the oral version is a 'recent' event, on p.184). (MG)

? 2000 (May) - The Sixth Doctor and Peri arrive on Dorsill, the largest of a group of remote islands off the south west coast of Britain. The Doctor soon discovers that a group of unethical research scientist on the neighbouring island of Sheldon's Folly has unwisely introduced an alien genetic substance known as Denarian into the local food chain. With time running out, and with alien-controlled cadavers walking the streets, the Doctor realises that a second dose of Denarian cancels the first out, defeating the existing infection and cures the host (Grave Matter, no year is given, but Sir Anthony Kelso retires in 'March' on p.129, which is 'a couple of months' earlier, on p.44. It is sometime after the '1960s' on p.138, during a time when 'mobile phones' with a 'speed dial' are in use, on p.192. Peri estimates that she is in 'the twentieth century' on p.201). (MG)

c 2000 - The criminal Shik syndicate makes the first moves in a plan to keep the outer worlds suppressed under its control (The Gods of the Underworld, this takes place 'over a hundred years' earlier [than c2100] on p.132). (MG)

c 2000 - By this time Layla Field, a respected artificial intelligence in the twenty-sixth century, has begun life as a tomb-robbing, saucy good-time girl in a computer game for wrist-action-obsessed teens. When her popularity as a game character eventually starts to decline, Layla will find roles in more 'adult' forms of digital entertainment (Digging Up the Past (TDMD), no date is given other than during the 'twentieth-century' on p.210. Events mentioned on p.211). (MG)

c 2000 - University student Gavin Scott is convinced by Bernice Summerfield that he is supposed to die that very night. To ensure a paradox doesn't ensue, Gavin leaps from a Nottingham bridge, to be sucked down into a mudflat. Thought dead, Gavin's body will eventually be reawakened in the twenty-sixth century (The Least Important Man (TDMD), no date is given other than 'six hundred years' earlier [than 2599] on p.181/194). (MG)

c 2000 - Livingspace, a non-profit organisation, is set up (Seeing I p.86). (MG)

? 2000 - Brigham Elisha Dashwood III, descendant of Sir Frances Dashwood, is contacted by Psionovaurs, entities that inhabit ionised cosmic dust from comets. They appear to him a demons, because of his obsession with the sensationalised accounts of the Hellfire Club, and agree to help him with his Club. In return they feed off the raw emotions generated by the attendees and the girls they employ (Minuet in Hell, events mentioned on Disc 2, Track 14. [By ?2002] the Psionovaurs have been supplying Dashwood with the details of the PSI machine for 'years'). (CW)

2000 (Aug) - A breakaway group of peaceful Kulan led by Menhira, unhappy with Fray'kon's plan to ensure the invasion of Earth goes ahead, contacts Dudoin's rival, Arthur Tyler III. They offer him their aid in advancing his Planet Hopper project so they can get word to the approaching battlefleet and call off the offensive (Escape Velocity, this takes place 'six months' earlier [than February 2001] on p.100). (MG)

2000 (Autumn) - Rezaul Kapoor, the younger brother of Anji, starts a course at one of London's universities. Anji is horrified to learn her brother and her boyfriend Dave have a mutual interest in the classic sci-fi show Professor X (Escape Velocity, this takes place 'last autumn' [in February 2001] on p.62). (MG)

2000 - Bruce Springsteen is elected President of the USA (Eternity Weeps p.179, Interference Book One p.141, no date is given, he is Dering's successor). (II/CW)

c 2000 - NASA begins examining the moon after analysing the results of the shuttle mission and finds the Museum. They begin constructing Tranquillity Base in order to study the newly discovered artefact (Assumed from Eternity Weeps p.136). (CW)

c 2000 - Regularly supplied flights begin taking off for the COOP moonbase (Eternity Weeps, p.116, this happens in 'the last three years'). (CW)

c 2000 - By this time the New York Police Department is equipped with hastily organised, cheaply made weapons licensed from the Butler Institute. Although their new weapons systems are regarded as a joke by police officers, the Institute gets its technology field-tested for free (Cat's Cradle: Warhead, events mentioned on p.199/229/234). (MG)

2000 - Trainee New York cop Tessa Mancuso refuses to test-fire a new sidearm provided by the Butler Institute, knowing that any new gun has subtle and nasty faults in them. Her training sergeant, forced to demonstrate the new model herself, ends up collecting disability pension (Cat's Cradle: Warhead, this takes place 'nine years' earlier [than 2009] on p.200). (MG)

2000 (early Nov) - Iris Wildthyme, in her fifth incarnation, makes a visit to London, England. A young man called Tom mistakes her TARDIS for a real bus and hops onboard, becoming her new travelling companion (Verdigris, this takes place in 'early November' in the year '2000' on p.2). (MG)

2000 (late Dec) - The Seventh Doctor and Ace arrive on an English housing estate to investigate the link between mysterious lights in the sky and a case of missing persons. They manage to unmask local shopkeeper Mr Golieweski as an alien criminal, who has been kidnapping and killing young people to build a cocoon of flesh to renew himself (Monsters (ST&SS), the year is given on p.223, it is around 'Christmas' on p.228). (MG)

2000 (Dec 25th Mon) - An earthquake known as the Little Big One hits San Francisco (Unnatural History p.33). (MG)

2000 (Dec 31st) - By this date, the end of the twentieth century, the world has been at peace for only eight per cent of the time (The Left-Handed Hummingbird, mentioned in a book Ace's friend Preston has read in 1994 on p.22. In Millennial Rites, the 'official' date (on the authority of the Time Lords) is on p.46). (CW)