THE NEAR FUTURE (2001 - 2100 AD)

c 2001 - By this time both the American and the European space programmes have suffered serious setbacks (Escape Velocity, no date is given other than 'recent' [in February 2001] on p.11). (MG)

2001 (Jan) - Unable to locate a St Louis' Bar and Restaurant operating in London in which to meet Fitz, the earthbound Eighth Doctor buys the Bar Galactic, a sci-fi theme pub situated between Holborn and Covent Garden, and simply renames it (Escape Velocity, the bar has been losing money for 'weeks' so presumably this is when the Doctor took over. Events mentioned on p.64/67). (MG)

2001 (Feb 6th Tues) - Fitz Kreiner is deposited on Earth in a Soho alley by Compassion to await the recuperating Doctor, who will meet him in St Louis' after more than a century trapped on Earth. In Brussels, the vacation of Anji Kapoor and Dave Young is thrown into chaos when they witness the murder of Menhira at the hands of Fray'kon. In London, Fitz learns of Menhira's death and, because the Kulan possesses two hearts, Fitz believes it is the Doctor and catches the earliest departing Eurostar train (Escape Velocity, the exact date is given on p.26. In Eater of Wasps, the year is given on p.26). (MG/CW)

2001 (Feb 7th Wed) - Fitz arrives in Brussels and tracks down Anji and Dave to their hotel, where a conversation with them reassures Fitz that the Doctor isn't dead. Shortly afterwards Dave is kidnapped by men in the employ of Pierre-Yves Dudoin and Fitz convinces Anji that his friend the Doctor can help find her boyfriend (Escape Velocity, Menhira was killed 'last night' on p.28/32/54). (MG)

2001 (Feb 8th Thurs) - Arriving in London, Fitz and Anji reach the St Louis' Bar and Restaurant and the Doctor is finally reunited with his old travelling companion. Learning of Dave's kidnapping, the Doctor sends Fitz back to Brussels to find out more about the ITI consortium (Escape Velocity, the exact date is given on p.25. In The Ancestor Cell, the year is given on p.282. In The Burning, the exact date is given on p.238. In Casualties of War, the exact date is given on p.95). (MG)

2001 (Feb 9th Fri) - The Doctor and Anji travel to the Tyler Corporation's Oxfordshire base, where the Doctor saves Arthur Tyler III's life when a test flight is sabotaged by a Kulan software agent. In Brussels, Fitz's attempt at rescuing Dave Young fails, and he is forced to flee the ITI compound with new acquaintance Sa'Motta (Escape Velocity, it is 'the next morning' on p.76). (MG)

2001 (Feb 10th Sat) - The launch of Dudoin's Space Dart is announced, and Fitz and Sa'Motta head for the ITI launch site on the Belgian coast, little realising the Doctor, Anji and Tyler are doing the very same, travelling across the English Channel in a speedboat. Gaining access to the compound, Tyler inserts the Kulan software agent into the ITI systems, but is horrified when this causes the death of Dudoin and the Kulan evaluation team (Escape Velocity, it is 'dawn' on p.148). (MG)

2001 (Feb 12th Mon) - Back at Tyler's Oxfordshire base, the Doctor works around the clock to bring the Planet Hopper launch forward. Fray'kon, having survived the Space Dart conflagration, murders Dave Young shortly before stowing away onboard the departing vessel as Tyler becomes the first privately-funded man in space (Escape Velocity, it is 'two days' later on p.176). (MG)

2001 (Feb 13th Tues) - The Doctor and Anji return to his office at St Louis', where they are amazed to discover the mysterious blue box is now bigger on the inside than the outside. With the pulling of a lever, the newly regenerated TARDIS dematerialises, taking the pair up to the Kulan flagship. The Doctor fails to convince the Council of Three to call off the invasion, but Anji accidentally triggers the flagship's weapons system, ensuring the battlefleet tears itself apart (Escape Velocity, Dave Young was murdered 'the previous day' on p.204). (MG)

c 2001 - Flights to the moon are suddenly brought forward in schedule (Eternity Weeps, p.116, this happens 'two years ago'). (CW)

c 2001 - At a party in Finchley the Seventh Doctor first hears Bernice's voice on a Plasticine CD (No Future, on p.83, the date is 'the early 21st century'). (CW)

c 2001 - By this time documentary filmmaker Claire Aldwych has raised a few eyebrows with her secret history of the Nunton complex (The Shadow in the Glass, no date is given on p.45. The Nunton complex originally appeared in The Hand of Fear). (MG/CW)

2001 (? early) - It is around this time that Brigadier Fernfather temporarily replaces Winifred Bambera as the head of British UNIT (The Shadow in the Glass, Fernfather is named on p.59/88). (MG)

2001 (April) - Documentary filmmaker Claire Aldwych enters the Dorset village of Turelhampton, cordoned off by the Regular Army since the 1940s, and manages to take rare footage of a mysterious crater. Returning home, she is horrified to see shadowy imp-like creatures on the recording during playback. Elsewhere, in Kilkhampton journalist Brian Goldman surreptitiously gains access to Oakhope Manor, the Cornish home of reclusive millionaire Jeremy Maskell, believing it to be a meeting place for neo-Nazis. Goldman is witness to a strange ceremony involving hooded Tibetans and the Scrying Glass, that appears to be presided over by Adolf Hitler himself (The Shadow in the Glass, the year is given on p.59. The month is given on p.41/76). (MG)

2001 (April) - Captain Palmer of UNIT swiftly tracks down Claire and, after being shown the imps in the hastily-taken footage, decides that this is a matter for his retired superior officer, Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart. While en route to the retired Brigadier's home, Claire receives a hurried phone call from Goldman, who tells her that he saw Hitler in the flesh last night at Kilkhampton. Having watched the footage of the demon-faced creatures, the Brigadier dusts off his old space-time telegraph to contact his old friend the Doctor who, presently in his sixth incarnation, promptly arrives (The Shadow in the Glass, it is 'early morning' on p.44. Lethbridge-Stewart is 'retired' [from UNIT] on p.88, and 'happily married' to 'Doris' on p.56). (MG)

2001 (April) - The Sixth Doctor and Lethbridge-Stewart drive to Turelhampton and, having tricked their way past the Army cordon, discover a damaged alien vessel within the crater. Entering the ship, the Doctor easily identifies it as a Vvormak craft and notices that the ocular celluprime - a tool vital for navigation - is missing. The Doctor explains to his old friend that the shadowy imp-like creatures are the personal attendants, or 'familiars', of the Vvormak crew, who are still soundly sleeping in their hibernation tanks. George Henderson, now the Under Secretary for Emergency peacetime affairs, arrives and attempts to detonate a nuclear device to empower the Vvormak ship, but the Doctor manages to contain the explosion by placing it inside the spacecraft. Teaming up with Claire Aldwych once more, they learn that a Scrying Glass - fitting the exact description of the missing ocular celluprime - was used in a secret Nazi ceremony in Cornwall (The Shadow in the Glass, it is the 'crack of dawn' on p.70). (MG)

2001 (April) - An excursion to Goldman's home in Lewisham leaves the Doctor and his colleagues in possession of a mini DV cassette, which Goldman posted to himself shortly before his sudden and mysterious death. Viewing the cassette, they are amazed to see a ceremony presided over by Hitler himself, apparently alive and well in the year 2001! Travelling to the home of ex-soldier Peter Spinney in Winterbourne Dauntsey, Salisbury, the Doctor learns that the Nazis performed a hushed-up raid on Turelhampton during the war, during which they stole a Vvormak hibernation tank. While the Brigadier and Claire continue their research into events in the present, the Doctor, hoping to follow the tracks of the Scrying Glass, travels back through time to the year 1944 to join the Nazi raiding party (The Shadow in the Glass, it is 'morning' on p.119). (MG)

2001 (April) - The next day, the Brigadier and Claire begin their investigations into the last days of Hitler. Allied reports reveal that a double of Hitler, mysteriously never identified, turned up in a water tower on the day that Hitler supposedly took his own life. A second corpse, discovered near the Führerbunker and identified as that of Hitler, was a full ten centimetres shorter than the Führer was reported to be (The Shadow in the Glass, events mentioned on p.144-53). (MG)

2001 (April) - Lethbridge-Stewart decides that a flight to Moscow might enlighten their investigations into Hitler's death and, upon arrival, he is met by Irina Kobulov of the State Special Trophy Archive. During conversations with Kobulov, the Brigadier is informed of the existence of the file IG-23 - Hitler and his Entourage, more commonly referred to as Operation Myth, and that a second autopsy was secretly performed on Hitler at some stage. Lethbridge-Stewart is stunned when he learns of the existence of bodily fluid samples kept in the Archives and takes some of them while he is left unsupervised (The Shadow in the Glass, it is 'breakfast' time, on p.168). (MG)

2001 (April) - The Doctor returns to Lethbridge-Stewart's home after his adventures in 1944 and the old friends swap stories. A second visit to Spinney reveals that all three of the men entrusted with guarding the Vvormak ship back in '44 took focusing chips as souvenirs and that Henderson was taken over by the Pilot's familiar. Deciding that they need to know for definite if the fluids stolen from Russia are those of Hitler, the Doctor and Lethbridge-Stewart travel back through time to 1942 to get DNA samples from the Führer himself. Returning from the journey into the past, the Doctor conducts tests on bodily fluids and skull fragments and, matching them with samples taken from Hitler, conclude that Hitler did, in fact, die in the Reichschancellery bunker. However, the Doctor is stunned to learn that it was Eva Braun who was substituted for a double on that fateful day because she was pregnant with Hitler's child. Receiving a vital clue from Claire Aldwych, the Doctor locates a hidden Nazi base in the Antarctic and travels there in the TARDIS with Lethbridge-Stewart and the filmmaker. The Doctor and his friends arrive just as a final occult ceremony is about to be conducted to give the Fourth Reich total control over the entire world and are brought face to face with Adolf Hitler Junior. Held at gunpoint, the Doctor is forced to take Hitler back through time to 1945 when the ceremony unsurprisingly turns out to be a complete failure. If all goes according to plan, the elder Hitler will successfully complete the ceremony and unlock the secrets of the Glass (The Shadow in the Glass, it is 'five in the morning', on p.197). (MG)

2001 (April) - The Doctor returns Lethbridge-Stewart to his proper place in space-time after their ordeal in the Führerbunker in 1945 and, having handed over the ocular celluprime to the Vvormak, convinces the aliens to depart Earth without reprisals (The Shadow in the Glass, events mentioned on p.279-81). (MG)

2001 - By this time Brigadier Bambera of UNIT has married Ancelyn and is the mother of twins (Head Games p.193). (CW)

2001 - By this time General Lethbridge-Stewart is semi-retired (Head Games p.192). (CW)

2001 - (The Quantum Archangel).

2001 - Death Masque and A Hand through Time, a pair of novels based upon Sarah's adventures with the Fourth Doctor, are published (Moving On (D3), the year is given on p.74). (MG)

? 2001 (? mid) - The Popplewell-Beaker Transessential Mark V is developed in Britain. It is a device that records a patient's brain patterns, or psychic matrix, and allows surgery to take place without the patient's mind being affected, before the matrix is transferred back in (Minuet in Hell, no date is given, but the device appears to be recent [in ?2002], on Disc 1 Track 4). (CW)

? 2001 (? mid) - Shortly after the creation of the Popplewell-Beaker Transessential Mark V, it becomes the focus of several government doomwatch think tanks. They point out that eugenics could be brought in through the back door - a person's psychic matrix, once transferred to electronic storage, could be edited - effectively making real the possibility of 'designer brains' (Minuet in Hell, events mentioned on Disc 2, Track 2). (CW)

2001 (July) - By this time Brigadier Bambera of UNIT has requisitioned an experimental Merlin T-22 VTOL plane, because it affords speed, comfort and makes a damn good entrance (Head Games p.191). (CW)

2001 (July) - Dr Who materialises his TARDIS in Jason's bedroom and makes him his new companion, taking him on lots of exiting adventures. The Doctor is interred in Galactic Prison near Detrios (Head Games p.2, p.18, p.65-66, p.154). (CW)

2001 (July) - To prepare for the final confrontation between Dr Who and the Doctor, Jason resurrects the Doctor and his evil assistants in a fictional laboratory (Head Games p.151). (CW)

2001 (July) - After gathering an army of protesters, Dr Who and Jason use their yellow tank to attack Buckingham Palace in the hope of trying to force the Queen to abdicate. While Bernice and Roz keep watch, the Doctor and Mel travel by train to Sheffield where the Queen will give a speech for her Golden Jubilee. UNIT is summoned, and quickly cordons off the area around the palace. After Dr Who and Jason realise the Queen isn't in the palace they escape and, after referring to their Portable Queen Detector, go to Sheffield in the TARDIS. Reaching the crowds near the Queen, they are seen by Ace, who has travelled back in time from December 2001. Dr Who then guns down the Queen in a huge cartoon explosion of blood and Ace takes the opportunity in the ensuing chaos to beat Jason up with help from Mel, and when Dr Who rescues him they make their way back to the TARDIS. The Doctor, mistaken for Dr Who, reaches them when he is arrested and the policeman mistakes the TARDIS for a real police box. They return to the Palace and are beginning to reason with Jason, who has crowned himself King, just as Bambera and UNIT storm the throne room - to find that no-one is there. The Doctor has persuaded Jason to believe he is asleep, because in his 'dream' Jason panics and kills everybody in a huge fireball. After a meeting in the TARDIS, the group leaves for Detrios (Head Games p.149, it is 'the day [Dr Who] picked [Jason] up, p.159-162, p.169, p.171-174, p.183-187, p.201, p.207). (MG/CW)

2001 (? July) - The Doctor returns Jason to Earth after his adventures with Dr Who. Realising that he has his whole life ahead of him, he decides to get a job in the media (Head Games p.258). (CW)

2001 (July) - The emergency services will discover that the Queen, despite being gunned gown, and despite the vast amount of blood involved, has not one scratch on her. When the story reaches the newspapers, UNIT gives out is standard 'no comment' line (Head Games p.199). (CW)

2001 (December) - Ace meets the Doctor, Bernice, Chris and Roz when she travels back in time to the third series of events on her list - though the TARDIS crew are from her (relative) future. According to Ace they cause a lot of trouble at this point in time, and the Doctor tells Ace to go to July, and to remind his past self about Kadiatu Lethbridge-Stewart (Head Games p.201-202, p.214). (CW)

c 2002 - James Edward Allen makes a fortune salvaging lunar scrap from the last century and auctioning it off to NASA buffs (Eternity Weeps, on p.22).

c 2002 - James Edward Allen's wife, to whom he proposed in the Sea of Tranquillity and married by Earthlight, dies (Eternity Weeps, on p.22. This occurs 'recently'). (CW)

2002 - Dorothy McShane visits old acquaintance Cristián Alvarez while travelling forward in time to see how far her organic time hopper will take her (Set Piece, the year is given on p.237). (MG)

2002 (c April) - Reports of a particular tragedy hits the evening news, and Lawrence Murdock, having heard about the effect of butterflies, acts. Ace, travelling back in time from November to the first series of events on her list disarms Murdock before he kills the reported five people (Head Games p.159, p.163, [in late November 2002] this occurs 'nine months' ago). (CW)

= 2002 (early) - The newspapers report that Murdock killed five people, including two policemen (Head Games p.163). (CW)

? 2002 - At this time, the new fashion in European cults is 'digital demonology', the practise where electronic devices are used to amplify the psychic emanations of the coven (Minuet in Hell, events mentioned on Disc 2, Track 4). (CW)

? 2002 - The PSI 859 Psionic Matrix Facsimile Regenerator is developed by the Dashwood Institute, with a function very similar to the Popplewell-Beaker Transessential, but is the result of years of technological information supplied by the Psionovaurs. Its official purpose is to allow cerebral surgery to take place on those beyond psychiatric and drug treatment. It works just like the British device, but with much more advanced technology, recording the brain patterns onto megagig quantum CD-ROM discs (Minuet in Hell, events mentioned on Disc 1, Tracks 4, 7, Disc 2, Tracks 3, 14. The device uses 'single molecular microcircuitry' which is 'more advanced' [than the Transessential]. The Doctor remarks that 'no-one on Earth could design the PSI without the Psionovaurs'. The device uses 'megagig quantum CD-ROMs', on Disc 1, Track 5. In The Quantum Archangel, the Whitefriar/Kairos Lattice, which uses quantum technology, was developed in 2001. In Escape Velocity, the Planet Hopper team use a 'recordable DVD' [in February 2001]'to save all the test data', on p.84. Arbitrarily dated to the following year to allow the technology to be implemented). (CW)

2002 (sometime before the Doctor investigates) - The unnaturalist Griffin arrives on an expedition to San Francisco, hoping to collect unusual living specimens to guarantee his membership in the Society (Unnatural History p.124/157). (MG/II)

? 2002 - The evangelical Brigham Elisha Dashwood III, leader of the Brigham Elisha Dashwood Charitable Trust, is involved in the creation of the fifty-first American state of Malebolgia (Minuet in Hell, events mentioned on Disc 1, Tracks 3, 7). (CW)

? 2002 - Dashwood is involved in the construction of the Brigham Elisha Dashwood Laboratory of Alternative Mentalities, a building that houses a lunatic asylum and the finished PSI device (Minuet in Hell, events mentioned on Disc 1 Track 3. The Institute is as 'new as the state itself'). (CW)

? c 2002 - A number of mental patients undergo apparently successful treatment on Dashwood's PSI machine. They will spend the next six weeks recuperating from the treatment at the Institute as 'happy smiling folk' (Minuet in Hell, this occurs 'not six weeks ago' [in ?2002], on Disc 1 Track 4). (CW)

? 2002 - Alistair Lethbridge-Stewart is given an undercover mission to investigate the Dashwood Institute for the UN, keeping in direct contact with the British Secretary of State through the e-mail address Unbeknownst to him, however, several ministers are 'in cahoots' with Dashwood (Minuet in Hell, events mentioned on Disc 1, Track 6, Disc 2, Tracks 2, 11). (CW)

? 2002 - Becky Lee Kawalczyck receives a message about the Dashwood Institute's possible involvement in the conjuring up of demons, and she decides to investigate (Minuet in Hell, [when Becky Lee escapes the Hellfire Club] this occurs 'the other day', on Disc 1, Track 10). (CW)

? 2002 - British reporter Gideon Crane arrives in Malebolgia on an assignment from the newspaper The London Torch, to cover the inauguration and to investigate the Dashwood Institute (Minuet in Hell, events mentioned on Disc 1, Track 5, Disc 2, Track 11). (CW)

? 2002 (? Sept 23rd) - Lethbridge-Stewart arrives in Malebolgia, staying at the Friendly Inn Motel on Tennison Boulevard (Minuet in Hell, the motel is named on Track 13, and [by the time Dashwood has been brought to book] he has been in Malebolgia for 'a couple of days'). In the evening Becky Lee is 'recruited' to be a 'pretty little satin-bottom' at the Hellfire Club after being shot at. Half an hour later, the TARDIS crash lands in a back alley following an incident in the Vortex. As the Eighth Doctor walks out of the TARDIS, the symbiotic nuclei, affected by temporal field spillage from the ship latch onto Crane who is standing nearby, and their memories becomes mixed up. Charley is 'recruited' after being found wandering the streets in a bad part of town. Gideon Crane is brought to the Institute when he is found running stark naked at the corner of Sunflower and Sixth Street, howling at the Moon. The Doctor is also found, and both of them are suffering from confusion and memory loss (Minuet in Hell, events mentioned on Disc 1, Tracks 1-2, 5, Disc 2, Track 3. Crane has been 'locked up for the night' on Disc 1, Track 1, and arrived 'last evening', and 'last night', on Track 5. There is a 'harvest moon', on Track 2. Harvest moons occur during the autumnal equinox, which in the Northern Hemisphere takes place around September 23rd). (CW)

? 2002 (? Sept 24th) - Charley wakes up to discover she is now a 'pretty little satin-bottom' for the Hellfire Club, under the supervision of Dr Pargeter. Dashwood makes a speech attended by Lethbridge-Stewart and Pickering, at which Dashwood announces the opening of the Dashwood Institute and the fact that he is running for Senator. Following the speech Dr Pargeter conducts a tour of the building, and Lethbridge-Stewart notices the two odd patients Gideon Crane and 'Zebidiah Doe'. Having managed to convince the management of his 'sanity', Crane is released from the asylum, and given a part-time job by Dr Pargeter to take 'Zebidiah' to the PSI machine. The machine begins recording his brain, but it malfunctions because it holds too much for it to cope with, and Crane is caught in the blowback. In the chaos he escapes the building. At the Hellfire Club Becky Lee saves Charley from the advances of members and in the confusion allows all the other girls to escape. Charley and Becky Lee follow with a video of the proceedings. Lethbridge-Stewart finds 'Zebidiah', but they are discovered by a pack of demons. After Marchosias banishes them at the last minute, 'Zebidiah' is taken back to the Institute by Lethbridge-Stewart, before he returns to his hotel to make his report (Minuet in Hell, events mentioned on Track 2-10. It is 'night-time', and 'four a.m. by now' on Track 2. It is 'the twenty-first century' on Track 11. The state of Malebolgia is 'newborn' on Track 3. Lethbridge-Stewart's involvement in the Scottish Parliament occurred 'recently' on Track 3. The PSI machine is a device using 'single molecular microcircuitry' which is 'more advanced' [than the Transessential Mark V], on Track 4, and 'megagig quantum CD-ROMs' are in existence, on Disc 2, Track 3. Cults are involved in 'digital demonology', which is 'the use of electronic channelling devices', on Disc 2, Track 4. Lethbridge-Stewart is 'retired from UNIT' at this time, on Disc 2, Track 11. In Doctor Who Magazine 302 [published in April 2001], this story takes place 'a couple of years from now', on p.5). (CW)

? 2002 (? Sept 25th) - Waldo Pickering pays Dashwood a visit to show him the video recovered by Becky Lee, but is killed and his body possessed by Marchosias. Returning home, he tries to kill Charley while Becky Lee is visiting Lethbridge-Stewart, but she escapes. At the Institute, several catatonic 'patients' arrive, and are used to hold 'Zebidiah's' mind when he his put on the PSI machine. Charley returns to the Club but is recaptured and is used by Dashwood in his demonstration of his 'Trans-D', a device that opens up a dimensional interface to the realm of the Psionovaurs. Becky Lee and Lethbridge-Stewart, having arrived at the Institute set up a distraction to free 'the Doctor' that results in Becky Lee's capture. 'Zebidiah', finally realising who he is, tricks Crane into returning the rest of his mind. Rejoined with Lethbridge-Stewart and Charley, the Doctor heads to the WBED television studios in time for Dashwood's latest speech while Crane works on freeing Pickering's body, but not before Marchosias has made Becky Lee kill Dr Pargeter. The confrontation between Dashwood and the Doctor is broadcast on live television. Dashwood escapes, to find that the police are in possession of the video. Pursued to the Institute, he uses the Trans-D to open a portal to try to escape to 'Hell', and floods the PSI room with a dimensional flux, which results in himself, Marchosias, the patients and the PSI machine, as well as the Trans-D itself being lost. The Doctor and Charley leave before the police can ask any awkward questions, while Pickering announces his intention to run for Senator (Minuet in Hell, events mentioned on Disc 1, Track 11, Disc 2, Tracks 3-15. It is 'morning', on Disc 1, Track 13. The Brigadier will 'pop back again tomorrow' and Pickering will show Dashwood the video 'tomorrow', on Track 10. The 'satin-bottoms' escaped 'last night', on Track 12. Crane woke in a cell 'the other day' on Disc 2, Track 1). (CW)

2002 (early Oct) - The Millennium Effect reaches critical level. The Eighth Doctor, Sam and Fitz arrive in San Francisco to investigate the anomaly, and Sam gets swallowed by it (Unnatural History p.36/10). (MG)

2002 (Oct 26th Sat) - A dragon is sighted flying over San Francisco (Unnatural History p.16/18). (MG)

2002 (Nov 4th Mon) - The Eighth Doctor travels to London on the trail of the Sam Jones who was spat out by the scar in space-time caused by the Millennium Effect (Unnatural History p.16/35). (MG/II)

2002 (Nov 5th Tues) - The Eighth Doctor arrives in San Francisco with the alternative Sam in tow. They (and Fitz) are attacked by Griffin's Henches (Unnatural History p.25). (MG/II)

2002 (Nov 6th Wed) - The Eighth Doctor enlists the help of Professor Daniel Joyce to defeat Griffin. The Doctor realises a Kraken slumbers in the Bay just before the Doctor, Sam and Fitz are captured and tagged by Griffin so he can observe his new 'specimens' (Unnatural History p.73/96). (MG/II)

2002 (Nov 7th Thurs) - The Eighth Doctor's attempt to trap Griffin using a remote force generator ends in tragedy when the unnaturalist collapses the device's dimensional field and casually kills Kyra Skye. The Doctor loses his shadow when he turns to Faction Paradox for help. The awakened Kraken is prevented from destroying San Francisco when Sam uses Griffin's cabinet to seal the space-time scar (Unnatural History p.141). (MG/II)

2002 (Nov 12th Tues) - The Eighth Doctor briefly visits Grace Holloway while the TARDIS heals itself (Unnatural History p.268). (MG)

2002 (Nov 14th Thurs) - Sam and Fitz spend time in London, tying up loose ends (Unnatural History p.266). (MG)

2002 - By this time the air is heavier than in the 1980s, with pollution refracting the shop lights and decorations (Head Games p.151). (CW)

2002 (30th November) - Ace, hopping forward in time from 1994, materialises in a side street off Tottenham Court Road. She looks in the computerised newspaper archives of Westminster Library, compiling a list of the top ten weirdest events in the century so far, with special preference for time travel and proximity to London (Head Games p.151, p.154). (CW)

2002 - Great Drought of '02 occurs. (The Hollow Men, the year is given on p.74). (MG/II)

c 2003 - The circumstances leading up to the Jex-Canavitchi war at the end of the twentieth-century are sensationalised in the movie The Day the World Turned Dayglo, a highly inaccurate recounting of the actual events (The King of Terror, no date is given, but the film is still 'recent' in January 2003, on p.269). (MG)

2003 (Jan 10th Fri) - Brigadier Alistair Lethbridge-Stewart responds to a letter from investigative reporter Gabrielle Graddige, who is researching the true story of the Jex-Canavitchi war for her upcoming book War in Space - the Real Story (The King of Terror, the exact date is given on p.269). (MG)

2003 (March) - Sarah's latest short story, A Girl's Best Friend, sees publication in Metropolitan magazine (Moving On (D3), the date is given on p.74). (MG)

? 2003 - Mrs Mary Hughes (wife of that Bryan Hughes of Hughes Aviation) first sees Annie Carpenter on a chat show, where she is ridiculed (The Shadow of the Scourge, Disc 1 Track 5, no date is given). (CW)

c 2003 - James Edward Allen is approached by NASA to instigate an expedition to the mountain of Ararat, at this time on disputed territory (Eternity Weeps, assumed from p.71). (CW)

2003 - By this time Liz Shaw is the Chief of Operations at Tranquillity Base on the moon (Eternity Weeps, p.142). (CW)

c 2003 - By this time the secret experimental gravitron installation on the moon has been replaced by a fully-fledged weather base [probably still experimental]. (Eternity Weeps, it is mentioned on p.116). (CW)

2003 - At this time, due to a border war, mountains Ararat and Mahser Dagi are in disputed territory, with the Turkish government refusing permission to travel to either due to terrorist activity on the Turkish border. The government fears UN repercussions if people are injured when expeditions have been given permission to go ahead (Eternity Weeps, on p.23 the date - 2003 - is on p.1). (CW)

2003 - The shuttle mission for this month to the moon is the last, and includes a (supposed) cargo of three tons of experimental rabbits - in reality nuclear bombs (Eternity Weeps, p.116, p.181). (CW)

2003 - At this time Imorkal has some sort of relationship with Liz Shaw (Eternity Weeps, p.157). (CW)

2003 (April, Day 1) - Bernice cuts short her honeymoon in Paris and travels to Turkey in an ex-Russian Army helicopter. Unknown to her, Jason has followed her on a sub-orbital flight and gets there before her, though the journey costs half the money on one of the credit cards the Doctor has given him as a wedding present (Eternity Weeps, on p.7-8, p.14, p.16). (CW)

2003 (April, Day 2) - Bernice arrives in Dogubayazit to be greeted by Jason (Eternity Weeps, p.12-14). At the hotel Bernice Bill Raelsen, a marine engineer and head of one of two rival expeditions to find Noah's Ark, looking on Mahser Dagi, a mountain 17 kilometres to the south off Ararat (Eternity Weeps, p.19, p.21, this was 'twelve days' ago [on Day 8] on p.123). (CW)

2003 (April, a week later, Day 9) - After spending a week in Dogubayazit, Bernice bribes the Turkish government to allow the expeditions to go ahead with military escort (Eternity Weeps, p.26, 'about a week' has passed on p.19). (CW)

2003 (April, Day 10) - As the two expeditions get ready to leave, Bernice joins Bill Raelsen's expedition to Mahser Dagi, one that will be using purely scientific methods to find the Ark. Jason joins rival James Edward Allen's expedition to Ararat, one that will be using a balance of science and religious methods to find it. After reaching the village of Nehira the James Edward Allen expedition begins climbing (Eternity Weeps, on p.26-28, p.36-37). (CW)

2003 (April, Day 11) - There is a degree of animosity between the Turkish farmer guides and the Turkish soldiers escorting the JEA expedition which results in the deaths of the farmers and two soldiers. After a frequency generator is deployed it detects a cube beneath the ground. Raelsen's expedition finds an Ark formation, not far from a number of amomum plants, as told in legend (Eternity Weeps p.37-44, p.47). (CW)

2003 (April, Day 12) - Bernice finds a number of drogue stones - the Tendurek Formation, eight in total, identified as being over six billion years old with a spectrographic signature unknown on Earth outside a laboratory, all pointing at exactly the same place on Ararat. The expedition is attacked by Iraqi soldiers, attracted by the stones, which have tried to 'disguise' themselves as uranium. JEA's expedition is attacked by Iranian soldiers also after the uranium, finding readings on a Geiger counter (Eternity Weeps, p.51-58, p.65-68, p.83, p.91, p.127). (CW)

2003 (April, Day 13) - JEA tries to escape from the soldiers with their information to get it to NASA, but is killed. The expedition members are allowed to bury their dead and manage to escape after Jason kills their guard in a fit of rage (Eternity Weeps, p.70-71, p.78-79). (CW)

2003 (April, Day 14) - Jason and the survivors of the JEA expedition find Bernice after trekking all the way from Ararat (Eternity Weeps, they have been walking for 'a whole day' on p.82), and Bernice decides to call the Doctor using the Time Rings given to them at their wedding. Bernice also analyses JEA's piece of moonrock, finding that it too is 6 billion years old, and originates from outside the Solar System. The remains of the expedition are eventually found by both groups of soldiers at the same time, just as the Doctor reaches them in a helicopter, and they are all saved, bar Bernice, who is captured by the Iraqis, and the Doctor is forced to leave her and return to Dogubayazit, just as dawn approaches (Eternity Weeps p.80, p.89-91, p.96-99, p.103). (CW)

2003 (April, Day 14) - The Doctor begins investigating. Bernice is forced to interpret the information on JEA's data for Samran before the remains of the Raelsen expedition and the leader of the Iranian team are forced to dig out part of the Ark on Mahser Dagi - a perfect cube five metres wide, made of the same material as the stones. They are tied to the cube as Iranian reinforcements arrive in the area, and just before a bomb attached to the device goes off Bernice manages to activate the transmat, taking her and the others to the moon, though only she and the last Iranian soldier remain alive (Eternity Weeps, p.123, p.129-134). (CW)

2003 (April, Day 14) - Tammuz, the Iranian leader, believing himself to be inside the cube, begins to murder the moonbase staff and inadvertantly triggers the deployment of Agent Yellow, infecting Liz Shaw in the process. At Dogubayazit Jason forces Chris to fly back to Mahser Dagi, where they find Liz, who gives them the last of her antidote. They are surrounded by a NATO force and are taken to their mobile HQ, where they are interrogated by Imorkal (Eternity Weeps, p.142-143, p.150, p.152-154, p.156). (CW)

2003 (April, Day 14) - Agent Yellow, a terraforming virus, begins spreading, catalysing reactions that are impossible. In rock stratas sulphur crystals are liberated until the rock becomes unstable, causing earthquakes and tremors. The by-product of the virus is the change in terrestrial DNA as the virus changes chemicals within the body into sulphuric acid (Eternity Weeps p.159-162). (CW)

2003 (April, Day 15) - The US launches nuclear missiles into the area around Mahser Dagi for 60 miles in the hope of sterilising the area, but only end up increasing its rate of spreading, and after mere hours, the populations of the cities of Istanbul, Thessaloniki, Almawsil, Tbilisi and Krasnodar are realised to be at zero. It will take a maximum of 24 hours to reach the rest of the world. Agent Yellow survival kits are introduced as the US government (and families) retreats to the (limited) safety of the deep shelters. Jason and Chris escape in a helicopter and enter the TARDIS (still flying) as the nukes hit, introducing Agent Yellow into the TARDIS, before they depart for the moonbase (Eternity Weeps p.172-177). (CW)

2003 (April, Day 15) - US President Bruce Springsteen orders the launch of two 300-megaton nuclear warheads at the moon in the hope of forcing those they believe to be held responsible to shut down Agent Yellow. Bernice contacts NASA, but before she can get authorisation to ask for the warheads to be taken off-line the base is melted by the virus. Jason steals Bernice's Time Ring and travels back in time 6 billion years… (Eternity Weeps p.195). (CW)

2003 (April, Day 15) - By this time Turkey has disappeared under a cloud of the Agent, the Sahara has gone, a lot of Asia with it, and Africa and Europe are in a bad way. The Black Sea is now mostly acid and slowly enlarging its own basin, and the Alps have lost at least several thousand feet. Hot spots are now all round the world, though Australia is almost clear of infection (Eternity Weeps p.222-223). (CW)

2003 (April, Day 15) - Jason Kane arrives back in 2003 after attempting to prevent the events of the past month unfold. He provides the Doctor with a potential ingredient in an antidote to Agent Yellow in the form of a sample of Cthalctose biomatter scraped off the bottom of his shoe. Chris manages to disarm the nukes heading for the moon. The Doctor manages to come up with an antidote and uses the Ark to transmit it to the sites of infection, but the bombs used to try to sterilise the area kill off Agent Scarlet with their radiation before it can work. As a final, desperate measure, the Doctor re-arms the warheads, which strike the moon, liberating the singularities, which the Doctor uses to sterilise the sites of infection with the x-ray bursts from them. In the view of the Earth being purified, Bernice and Jason divorce (Eternity Weeps p.210-223, p.233-239). (CW)

2003 (April) - Thousands have died from napalm bombs, alien biomatter infection and x-ray fallout. Now, with dead bodies littering the plains of India, Africa and Asia, one tenth of all life on Earth is destroyed in the cleansing bursts from the controlled singularities (Eternity Weeps, p.1, p.239). (CW)

2003 (April) - Crushing crowds begin to escape the 'quakes in Dheli, Bangladesh, and Mombassa, as massive amounts of people begin, moving across the world to relative safety (Eternity Weeps p.1, p.239). (CW)

2003 - The presence of Vulcan, the closest planet to Sol, is finally confirmed after centuries of speculation (The Taking of Planet 5 p.15). (MG/II)

2003 - Politician Matthew Hatch begins pumping money into the Wellton clinic, a private medical research facility situated in Chertsey, Surrey. Hatch hopes to discover a cure to the infertility of the inhabitants of Hexen Bridge (The Hollow Men, this takes place 'five years' earlier [than 2008] on p.117). (MG)

2003 - Tegan Jovanka returns to live in England (Good Companions (MST), she has been living in England for 'thirty years' by 2033, on p.290). (MG)

2003 (Thursday 14th August) - The Doctor, preparing for his adventure the following day at the Pinehill Crest Hotel breaks into Doctor Pembroke's machine - a machine that makes use of a primitive form of time travel - and alters its programming… (The Shadow of the Scourge Disc 1 Track 12, [on the 15th] this happens 'last night'). (CW)

2003 (15th August, Friday) - The Doctor, before landing with his companions, makes a telephone call to the local police informing them there is a dead body at the hotel - but too early (The Shadow of the Scourge, Disc 1 Track 2). (CW)

2003 (15th August, Friday) - The TARDIS lands at Newmansgate in Kent, at the Pinehill Crest Hotel (The Shadow of the Scourge, Disc 1 Track 2, the exact date is given). After trying to trick the Scourge by pretending to hand over Earth the Doctor is nearly possessed. He manages, through the help of Ace and Bernice to defeat the Scourge as they try to use the Hotel to inject them into our universe from theirs. They take the focus and the bridgehead (Annie Carpenter and her baby) on board the TARDIS, tying the Unity down. With the Scourge reduced in strength they are banished, allowing the Hotel to reappear in Kent (The Shadow of the Scourge Disc 2 Tracks 10-11). The disappearance followed by reappearance of the Pinehill Crest Hotel - will quickly fade into memory (The Shadow of the Scourge Disc 2 Tracks 13-14). (CW)

c 2003 - (The Quantum Archangel).

2003 (Aug) - (The Quantum Archangel).

2003 - Ruby Duvall becomes an investigative reporter for the Sunday Seeker. At one point she interviews ex-photographer Isobel Watkins and is shown 'fake' photographs of Cybermen invading London. It is during this meeting that Ruby first learns of the existence of the mysterious Doctor and his involvement with UNIT (Iceberg, she has been a reporter for 'three years' [by December 2006] on p.66). (MG)

? 2003 - The Earth's magnetic poles reverse (Head Games p.202, [in 2001] this is in 'four years'). (CW)

= 2003 - (The Quantum Archangel).

2003 (c Dec 25th) - (The Quantum Archangel).

c 2004 - The Seventh Doctor and Ace become trapped between the political machinations of the New Britannia Party and the terrorist activities of United Front while on the trail of the entity known as the Fearmonger (The Fearmonger, this takes place 'just over fifteen years' after Ace is caught in Fenric's time-storm [in 1987] on Disc 1, Track 2). (MG)

? - Norris is elected President of the USA (Interference Book One p.141, no date is given, he is Springsteen's successor). (CW)

2005 - Matthew Hatch begins a brief and torrid affair with Melanie Jenkinson, his personal political advisor, during an official visit to Eastern Europe (The Hollow Men, this takes place 'three years' earlier [than 2008] on p.98). (MG)

2005 - In New York, Vincent Wheaton's latent mutated psi power manifests itself for the first time during an argument between his parents. When the boy's enraged father grabs him in a fit of anger, Vincent's talent channels his father's aggression back at the adult, causing a mirror to fly across the room to split his head wide open (Cat's Cradle: Warhead, this takes place when Vincent is 'ten years old' on p.151. Events mentioned on p.158). (MG)

? - The Church of the Grey is founded early in the 21st century, born from the anarchy and paranoia that thrives on the Internet (Where Angels Fear p.145). (MG)

2005 - Two members of Snowcap Tracking Station go missing while taking one of the base's vehicles out to conduct field work, swallowed up in the middle of a blizzard and never found. Lost, presumed dead, the pair have been taken for conversion by the Cybermen (Iceberg, this takes place 'last year' [in 2006] on p.60). (MG)

= 2005 - (The Quantum Archangel).

2006 - Teenager Dorothy McShane is still listed in a pan-European database of missing persons since disappearing from Perivale, London in the late 1980s (Set Piece, the year is given on p.71).

c 2006 - By this time, small-time crook Paulie Keaton has risen to the position of London's King of Crime, controlling all the city's gangs, brothels and drug supplies (Warlock, events mentioned on p.268. In Warchild, Keaton has been the King of Crime for 'a decade' [by c2016] on p.137). (MG)

2006 (June) - The June 2006 edition of Der Speigel comes with a free disposable personal organiser (Transit p.146). (CW)

2006 (early Nov) - General Pamela Cutler arrives in Antarctica to take command of the FLIPback project at Snowcap Tracking Station (Iceberg, the date is given on p.25). (MG)

2006 (Nov 14th Tues) - Undercover reporter Ruby Duvall boards the SS Elysium at Canary Wharf Dock, London just as the luxury liner embarks on a twelve-week around-the-world cruise carrying 840 passengers and 158 crew (Iceberg, the exact date is given on p.43). (MG)

2006 (Dec 21st) - The luxury liner SS Elysium approaches Antarctica (Iceberg, the exact date is given on p.96). (MG)

2006 (Dec 22nd) - The Seventh Doctor arrives onboard the SS Elysium in the TARDIS's Jade Pagoda just as the liner reaches Antarctica. Meeting up with Ruby Duvall, the Doctor travels to the Snowcap Tracking Station only to find it under covert assault by a group of Cybermen. Discovering the entrance to his enemies' hidden tunnels, the Time Lord witnesses Co-ordinater 38's transformation into the Cybercontroller. The Doctor narrowly prevents the Cybermen from converting the Elysium's passengers while ensuring the FLIPback project goes according to plan (Iceberg, it is Ruby's birthday [she is born on 22.12.84] on p.116). (MG)

2007 (Jan 31st Wed) - Ruby Duvall attends the Arms for Humanity art exhibition in Panama City (Iceberg, the exact date is given on p.251). (MG)

2007 (June) - The Third Doctor visits Victoria Waterfield (now using the name Harris) at her flat in Hampstead a week after she has received a visit from the Fourth Doctor. The Doctor invites her to leave in the TARDIS with him when she discloses the fact that she is on Interpol's Most Wanted list, but Victoria declines the offer (Downtime, it is 'one hundred and fifty years'after 1857, and 'June' on p.259). (MG)

c 2007 - By this time the United States has been involved in wars with neighbouring Mexico. Airforce Technical Support is on hand to solve any problems with the smart missiles' neural computers during the campaigns (Cat's Cradle: Warhead, no date is given, but this takes place at least 'two years' earlier [than 2009] on p.34. In Warchild, events mentioned on p.220). (MG)

2007 - The name of the Hexen Bridge village pub is changed from Jack in the Green to The Green Man (The Hollow Men, this takes place 'last year' on p.206). (MG)

? 2007 - Moving On, Sarah Jane Smith's last in a long line of novels featuring a time traveller called 'the Doctor', is published by Virgin Publishing, London. By this time K9 has become inoperable and is kept in a cardboard box in the attic room of a Victorian town house in Islington (Moving On (D3), no date is given, but it is 'ten years' later [than ?1997] on p.71. The novel is published 'several years' after Sarah's last offering [A Hand Through Time, in 2001] on p.72). (MG)

? 2008 - The Fifth Doctor and Turlough are forced to materialise in the vicinity of the moon after being caught in the temporal wake of the TARDIS coming in the opposite direction. Discovering they are now in possession of a diary recalling a seemingly impossible journey to the moon in Victorian times, the Doctor travels to 1878 to learn the truth (Imperial Moon, no date is given other than 'some time in the early twenty-first century' on p.7. Arbitrarily dated to 130 years later than 1878). (MG)

2008 (Jan) - Matthew Hatch, Britain's Minister of State for Defence, receives an illegal handgun from arms dealer Trevor Winstone during a clandestine meeting in South Kensington (The Hollow Men, this takes place 'six months' earlier [than June] on p.68). (MG)

c 2008 - By this time the Butler Institute's Biostock Acquisitions department makes nightly sweeps through Central Park, acquiring spare parts for the organ banks to keep the rich alive with transplants from the city's less wealthy citizens (Cat's Cradle: Warhead, events mentioned on p.194). (MG)

c 2008 - Current US legislation means that prostitutes operating in an area with a high incident of HIV7 can be arrested for attempted murder (Cat's Cradle: Warhead, this takes place at least 'eighteen months' earlier [than August 2009] on p.61). (MG)

c 2008 - Justine makes contact with the real underground environmentalist movement in Hastings when she meets a tattooist named Alec (Cat's Cradle: Warhead, events mentioned on p.130. It is said she got tattooed 'long ago' [in October 2009] on p.130. This probably takes place sometime after she leaves school - she is 'seventeen' in 2009, on p.117). (MG)

2008 (Feb) - A young woman called Stephanie quits her job at Texas Instruments after receiving an offer from the Butler Institute. Employed at the King Building in New York, Stephanie will be lucky enough to only need minor surgery twice - once for a cyst in her breast and once for lung cancer - over the next eighteen months due to the city's polluted air (Cat's Cradle: Warhead, this takes place 'nearly eighteen months' earlier [than August 2009] on p.61). (MG)

= 2008 - (The Quantum Archangel).

2008 (June 14th Sat) - The Seventh Doctor and Ace arrive in the secluded village of Hexen Bridge to participate in a school reunion. At the reunion the Doctor witnesses a shady meeting involving British Defence Minister Matthew Hatch, drug baron Kenneth Shanks and arms dealer Trevor Winstone. The Doctor is caught by the group and kidnapped. (The Hollow Men, the date '14th June' is given on p.25). (MG)

2008 (June 15th Sun) - Back in Hexen Bridge, Ace searches for the Doctor in vain. She befriends local schoolteacher Rebecca Baber and learns that all the pupils have the same handwriting. Later that night Ace discovers the TARDIS has been surrounded by an immovable circle of menacing scarecrows (The Hollow Men, it is 'morning' on p.70). (MG)

2008 (June 16th Mon) - Ace decides to do some research on the village and, while searching the parish records in the vicarage, learns that the population of the village has remained bizarrely constant for over three hundred years. In Liverpool the Doctor becomes involved in Kenneth Shanks's plan to implicate Chief Constable Ian Denman in the drugs trade. Elsewhere, the Proteus Research building near Birmingham is bombed, killing ten people (The Hollow Men, it is Ace's 'second morning' in Hexen Bridge, on p.94). (MG)

2008 (June 17th Tues) - The Doctor joins forces with Chief Constable Denman to put an end to Shanks's part in a plan to pollute the Mersey Water Company's water supply (The Hollow Men, the date 'Tuesday the seventeenth of June' is given on p.140 - the only years in the early twenty-first century when June 17th falls on a Tuesday are 2003, 2008, and 2014). (MG)

2008 (June 18th Wed) - Matthew Hatch arrives back in Hexen Bridge as the supernatural forces of Jack i' the Green run rampage through the village. The Doctor confronts Jack in the cellar of the Green Man pub and learns of Jack's plan to sate his hunger by 'influencing' the citizens of Liverpool (The Hollow Men, it is 'almost dawn' on p.215). (MG/II)

2008 (June 19th Thurs) - The Doctor and Ace return Chief Constable Denman to Liverpool via the TARDIS (The Hollow Men, the 'sun rose' on p.280). (MG)

2008 (Dec) - Maria Chavez, one of the cleaning staff at the Butler Institute's New York offices, hacks into the corporation's records and authorises a Christmas bonus for herself, believing she's earned it after cleaning up the aftermath of the office party (Cat's Cradle: Warhead, this takes place 'at Christmas' [in August 2009] on p.40). (MG)

c 2009 - Great Britain's attempt to replenish its parched aquifers by using small aircraft to seed clouds with artificial rain is met with failure (Cat's Cradle: Warhead, events mentioned on p.129). (MG)

c 2009 - By this date the United States government has been forced to declare a state of emergency when riots erupt in New York (Cat's Cradle: Warhead, events mentioned on p.200). During the state of emergency, the unauthorised opening of confidential documents results in mandatory criminal prosecution and imprisonment of a minimum of thirty years and potentially a sentence of death as provided for under terms of martial law by the Connors Amendment (Warlock, events mentioned on p.21-2). (MG)

c 2009 - In England, a whole subculture known as roadsiders grows with increasing traffic congestion, their numbers rising in symmetry with the falling average speed of cars in urban centres. Groups of these gypsy-looking roadsiders move up and down the stalled columns of traffic, selling food, newspapers and themselves (Cat's Cradle: Warhead, events mentioned on p.132). (MG)

c 2009 - It is around this time that adolescents around the globe become addicted to Cthulhu Gate strategy software, Splatternetics and soft porn virtual reality games such as MacPet (Cat's Cradle: Warhead, events mentioned on p.154/166/169). (MG)

c 2009 - Saturday morning cartoons are filled with imaginary mass murderers such as Jack Blood, the pumpkin-headed serial killer, a modern phenomenon with a huge following among children. The Jack Blood cartoon is so popular that sociologists write books about the main character's universal appeal (Cat's Cradle: Warhead, events mentioned on p.18/202). (MG)

c 2009 - By this time the streets of New York have become so violent that taxi drivers are forced to arm themselves, openly advertising their weaponry with stencilled paintings of automatic rifles on the doors of their cabs to reassure customers and discourage robbery (Cat's Cradle: Warhead, events mentioned on p.193). (MG)

c 2009 - UN troops are stationed in Turkey around this time, transported to the Mediterranean and the Aegean in huge aircraft carriers. The UN armed forces rely heavily on robot-controlled Odin gunship drones, which can strafe enemy positions while the two-man crew hang in sensory isolation in a control station five hundred kilometres away (Cat's Cradle: Warhead, events mentioned on p.81/88/100). (MG)

2009 - Teenaged environmental activist Justine takes a ten-pound sledgehammer to vehicles in the car-choked streets of West Kensington. She is also responsible for dropping homemade petrol bombs over the side of a London motorway bridge onto the traffic below (Cat's Cradle: Warhead, she is 'seventeen' on p.177). (MG)

2009 (April) - Mulwray, a relatively new employee at the Butler Institute's New York offices, hacks into managing director Mathew O'Hara's computer. His transgression is immediately noticed but, instead of punishing Mulwray, O'Hara promotes him, believing him to be a promising young employee (Cat's Cradle: Warhead, events mentioned on p.70/72). (MG)

2009 (June) - By this time the Butler Institute has realised the degradation of the world's ecosphere is reaching crisis point. Instead of taking action and reversing global pollution, Mathew O'Hara believes he has found a way to save the rich; by placing their minds inside computers housed in a vast underground bunker. A Butler construction team begins constructing the bunker in Upstate New York's Catskill Mountains while the Institute continues to fill the sky and seas with poison (Cat's Cradle: Warhead, no date is given, but this takes place 'months' earlier [than August] on p.4. Events mentioned on p.221-2). (MG)

2009 (June, a Fri) - Fourteen-year-old Vincent Wheaton is attacked by deranged child killer Bobby Prescott and three associates. Vincent's dormant psi power fuses a bicycle into a parody of a human, a metallic monster that kills Prescott's helpers and saving Vincent (Cat's Cradle: Warhead, this takes place in 'June' on a 'Friday' and it is 'a couple of weeks' before the start of the 'summer vacation' on p.153). (MG)

2009 (June) - Vincent is kidnapped by the teenage members of the Cthulhu Cyber Club when they learn of his rare gift. The boys drug Vincent before placing him in a cryogenic container filled with a topical anaesthetic gel to suspend his life processes. The teenagers then fly to a Turkish island where they bury the container on the beach and set up an armed encampment to guard it (Cat's Cradle: Warhead, this takes place a 'week' later, on p.162. Events mentioned on p.146). (MG)

2009 (late July) - The Seventh Doctor and Ace spend some time relaxing at the Time Lord's home at Smithwood Manor on Allen Road in Adisham, Kent. Ace spends a few months restoring an old Kharman Ghia automobile, eventually fitting it with a new automatic Porsche transmission (Cat's Cradle: Warhead, this takes place 'three months' earlier [than late October] on p.181). (MG)

2009 (late July) - The Doctor travels to New York and employs a gang of street youths to track down wanted killer Bobby Prescott. With Prescott swiftly located, the Doctor questions him to find out the location of the cryogenic container (Cat's Cradle: Warhead, it is 'seven in the morning' on p.42. This takes place 'a month' later [than June] on p.57). (MG)

2009 (? Aug 8th Sat) - The Doctor and Ace travel to the Catskill Mountains and sabotage the Butler Institute's construction site. Later that night, the Doctor enters London's Hammersmith Hospital to seek the aid of dying Sunday Times science reporter Shreela Gavindia, ensuring an article concerning telekinesis is published for disinformation purposes. In New York the Butler Institute acquires its final test subject when Mulwray uses a sniper rifle to shoot police officer James Haines McIlveen. The TARDIS materialises inside the King Building, where the Doctor enlists the help of cleaning lady Maria Chavez to hack into the Institute's current projects directory (Cat's Cradle: Warhead, this takes place in 'summer' sometime before 'September' on p.1. It is presumably before 'August tenth' [a Tuesday] on p.17. Mulwray will be promoted on 'Monday' on p.34). (MG)

2009 (Aug 14th Fri) - O'Hara catches a helicopter to Albany while Stephanie begins hacking into the Butler Institute's mainframes (Cat's Cradle: Warhead, it is a 'Friday' on p.62, sometime after 'August tenth' [a Tuesday] on p.17). (MG)

2009 (Aug 15th Sat) - Stephanie is caught by Mulwray just as she successfully hacks the mainframes, learning that the Butler Institute is attempting to buy the United States Air Force. She is taken before O'Hara at his home in the Catskills and is informed of the project to survive the world's imminent destruction by placing high-ranking executives' minds inside artificial bodies. Back in Smithwood Manor, the Seventh Doctor is privy to their conversation, having placed a surveillance device inside the living area (Cat's Cradle: Warhead, it is 'Saturday morning' on p.77). (MG)

2009 (Summer) - During the conflict in the Mediterranean, a UN aircraft carrier is destroyed, sinking in a sea of burning petroleum (Cat's Cradle: Warhead, events mentioned on p.88). (MG)

2009 (Oct) - The Manhattan Police Service is equipped with new smart guns, technology licensed from the Butler Institute. Its intelligence chip, which can make the gun move, aim and fire itself, is created from the experience of recently-murdered police officer James McIlveen transferred and copied onto a microchip (Cat's Cradle: Warhead, events mentioned on p.199/229/234). (MG)

2009 (? Oct 19th) - Ace arrives in Turkey as part of the Doctor's plan to wreck the Butler Institute. Over the next week she will make preparations, travelling the coast to meet arms dealers, boat builders and black-market software hustlers (Cat's Cradle: Warhead, this takes place 'a week' earlier [than October 26th] on p.90. Events mentioned on p.90). (MG)

2009 (Oct 26th Mon) - Ace receives the Doctor's envelope shortly after arriving in Antalya. She arranges to meet a group of young Kurdish mercenaries as part of a plan to liberate the cryogenic container containing Vincent Wheaton from an armed encampment on a nearby island (Cat's Cradle: Warhead, she has been in Turkey for 'a week' on p.90. It is 'summer' on p.119). (MG)

2009 (Oct 26th Mon) - In England, environmental activist Justine reads an article entitled 'A Doorway to Other Worlds?' in Seeing fanzine. The article, written by the Doctor, has been placed as a kind of job advertisement for someone just like Justine, to lure that person to Smithwood Manor. Justine sets out on a three-day journey from London across the North Downs (Cat's Cradle: Warhead, this takes place 'three days' earlier [than October 29th] on p.126. Events mentioned on p.172). (MG)

2009 (Oct 27th Tues) - Ace catches a bus to Marmaris, where she meets up with the Kurdish mercenaries at the boat she's hired. The group head for the island under cover of night and take the Cthulhu Cyber Club by surprise, forcing them at gunpoint to reveal the location of the container (Cat's Cradle: Warhead, it is 'morning' on p.92). (MG)

2009 (Oct 28th Wed) - Ace wakes up late the following afternoon and packs, her mission complete. She travels to the local airport to catch a flight to Heathrow, only to find it has been delayed for several hours (Cat's Cradle: Warhead, it is the following 'afternoon' on p.120). (MG)

2009 (Oct 29th Thurs) - Ace's flight finally arrives and, boarding the passenger jet, she is met by the Doctor. With the container placed securely in the plane's hold, the time travellers return to England. They take the container to Smithwood Manor, where they manage to revive Vincent shortly before Justine breaks in and unleashes a devastatingly destructive blast when she touches the recovering teenager (Cat's Cradle: Warhead, it is 'three in the morning' on p.121. It is now 'October' on p.140). (MG)

2009 (Oct 30th Fri) - With the arrival of Justine, the Doctor's weapon to destroy the Butler Institute is complete. The Time Lord and his hastily assembled team prepare for a flight to New York and a confrontation with the Institute (Cat's Cradle: Warhead, it is 'dawn' on p.187). (MG)

2009 (Oct 31st Sat) - As part of his plan, the Doctor arranges for Vincent to be captured by the Butler Institute. The teenager is then flown to O'Hara's home in the Catskills, and the Doctor and his team commandeer a helicopter to travel to the Institute's bunker project (Cat's Cradle: Warhead, it is 'Halloween' on p.199, on a 'Saturday' on p.249. Vincent and Justine met 'the other night' on p.194. In The Dying Days, this takes place around 'ten years' later [than 1997] on p.194. The only relevant years where Halloween falls on a Saturday are 1998, 2009 or 2015). (MG)

2009 (Nov 1st Sun) - The Doctor and his associates arrive in the Catskills. The Institute's bunker refuge is buried in a frozen landslide when Vincent's psi talent channels the feelings within Mathew O'Hara (Cat's Cradle: Warhead, it is 'early morning' on p.250. Today is 'Sunday' on p.251). (MG)

2009 (Nov) - With the Butler Institute's plan to escape the Earth's demise in tatters, the worldwide cabal of corporations has no other choice but to suggest a clean-up on a global scale. It will require many years and a great deal of money applied to technology, but the corporations win in the end, as they can start selling the required technology (Cat's Cradle: Warhead, events mentioned on p.260). (MG)

2009 - Phil Houseman's The Myth of Artificial Intelligence is published (Theatre of War, the year is given on p.122). (MG)

2010 (April 14th Wed) - Guests start arriving in the sleepy Norfolk village of Cheldon Bonniface to attend the upcoming wedding of Bernice Summerfield and Jason Kane (Happy Endings). (MG)

2010 (April 18th Sun) - The Charrl arrive at Cheldon Bonniface in the Doctor's original TARDIS (Happy Endings p.164/184). (MG)

2010 (April 24th Sat) - The wedding of Professor Bernice Surprise Summerfield and Jason Kane takes place at St. Christopher's Church, Cheldon Bonniface, Norfolk. The Master's plan to use the Bloom clones is thwarted (Happy Endings p.90/209). (MG/II)

2010 (late April) - The events surrounding General Lethbridge-Stewart's return to youth are immediately classified and, with his youth returned to him, the General returns to active duty in UNIT (The Shadows of Avalon, this takes place 'a couple of years' earlier [than 2012] on p.9). (MG/II)

= 2010 - (The Quantum Archangel).

2011 - The Bantu Independence Group (BIG), a political movement that champions the oppressed in southern Africa, buys land and builds its own communities under the watchful eye of sceptical national authorities (Another Girl, Another Planet p.130). (MG)

c 2011 - San Francisco disappears into the sea (The Janus Conjunction p.71), although, in one form or another, it's around in the 22nd century (The Face-Eater p.79/83) and the 26th century (Beige Planet Mars p.136). (MG/II)

2011 (? late July) - Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart is devastated after his wife Doris is flung overboard from their little yacht during a sudden storm on a day-trip, and, despite the best efforts of a RNLI crew to resuscitate her, Doris dies. The old soldier is sent on immediate compassionate leave for an unknown period of time before his superiors eventually give in to his request to return to duty (The Shadows of Avalon, this takes place 'almost a year' earlier [than July 2012] on p.18, while it is 'over a year' earlier [than August 2012] on p.130, events mentioned on p.32-3). (MG/II)

2012 - Peter Hinton's The Greeks had a Play about It is published (Theatre of War, the year is given on p.273/290). (MG)

2012 - Hugo Dalthwaite's The Ways of the Worlds is published (Prelude: Theatre of War (DWM212), the year is given on p.46). (MG)

c 2012 (Summer) - Creed McIlveen becomes a rookie cop in the New York Police Department, where he meets his partner and lover Anna. While on a routine public health sweep of an abandoned apartment house, they discover it is a booby-trapped drug fortress, guarded by ferocious, silent dogs that have had their larynxes removed. The rookies manage to save a puppy from the inhumane procedure and take him as a pet (Warlock, no date is given. Creed creates an access point for the dog 'a few summers ago' [in c2016] on p.118. The pair have been in the job for no more than 'a month' at this point, on p.119. Events mentioned on p.119-123. Anna is killed 'years' earlier [than c2016] on p.339). (MG)

2012 - By this time there is a King on the British throne and a female Prime Minister (The Shadows of Avalon, mentioned on p.79-80). (MG)

2012 (? June) - The Eighth Doctor makes a brief stop in the community of Clifton, Bristol, leaving Compassion behind to learn a few lessons about life from his favourite species for the next six weeks (The Shadows of Avalon, this takes place 'six weeks' earlier [than July 2012] on p.13). (MG)

=2012 (June) - In the land of Avalon the Fair Folk of the Unseelie Court are blamed for the disappearances of three children from human villages. In reality this is part of a plan to foment a war between the Unseelie and the Catuvelauni tribe (The Shadows of Avalon, this takes place 'last month' [in July] on p.64). (MG/II)

2012 (July) - General Lethbridge-Stewart, still grieving the death of his wife, is sent for psychiatric counselling after he breaks the jaw of a young UNIT private, Franks, during a routine training exercise (The Shadows of Avalon, this takes place 'almost a year' after Doris has passed away, on p.8). (MG)

2012 (July) - General Lethbridge-Stewart is sent to an army installation on the Wiltshire Downs to investigate the loss of a tactical nuclear warhead during a Tornado armed target run. While contemplating suicide out on the Downs, Lethbridge-Stewart meets Compassion shortly before the Doctor's TARDIS arrives. The explosion which follows hurls the Doctor, Fitz, the Brigadier and Compassion into Avalon(The Shadows of Avalon, the date is given on p.1). (MG/II)

=2012 (July) - The Eighth Doctor and Lethbridge-Stewart awake in the pocket dimension of Avalon as guests of Mab ab Mab Pendragon, Queen Regent of the Catuvelauni tribe. Learning that the Fair Folk of the Unseelie Court have acquired the missing nuclear warhead, the Brigadier manages to negotiate a treaty between the United Kingdom and the Catuvelauni, and UNIT soldiers start travelling through the gateway between dimensions en masse (The Shadows of Avalon, the date is given on p.1). (MG)

=2012 (Aug) - The Eighth Doctor is made Magic Advisor to Queen Mab's court, and almost immediately leaves for the Unseelie realms, to see if he can learn the truth behind 'disappearances' in Avalon. The Brigadier gets more and more involved in the conflict between the Unseelie and the Celts, Fitz and Compassion are sent on a mission by the Unseelie Court to see if they can bar the gate to Earth, and the plans of the Time Lord Interventionists, as well as the TARDIS' legacy, come to a climax… (The Shadows of Avalon, the Doctor and the Brigadier have been arguing 'in the last month' on p.89, the TARDIS is last seen a 'few weeks' ago, on p.91). (MG/II)

2012 - As a result of the Memeovore's feeding frenzy, firemen in New York laugh and toast marshmallows while watching innocent victims being consumed by flames raging out of control (The Taking of Planet 5 p.222). (MG/II)

2012 - The Seventh Doctor, Chris and Roz arrive in the Arizona desert while tying up some loose ends following events on Yemaya 4. Roz is whisked away by the Doctor's amaranth through a crack in time to the end of the eighteenth century when Cacophony's gynoid creatures start emerging into the rational universe (Christmas on a Rational Planet, the year is given on p.209). (MG)

? 2013 - The Emergency Military Government takes control of Britain around this time in a last-ditch attempt to hold things together during the social and geopolitical Collapse. During the following months the EMG holds the entire country as a single and coherent power. The EMG blockades Birmingham and concentrates its Psychological Warfare, Biochemical and other Research and Development divisions on the city, turning it into a prison used as a testing zone for new processes (The Mary-Sue Extrusion, this takes place 'two years' earlier [than ?2015] on p.79, events mentioned on p.84). (MG)

c 2013 - A teenaged girl known as Seashell hitches a ride on a lorry with her art student boyfriend while in France. Shell is horrified to discover the lorry is full of baby lambs on their way to slaughter and attempts to free them, only to be caught by the lorry driver. Shell's boyfriend is beaten senseless by the lorry driver when he tries to intervene, and Shell is forced into submitting to the man's sexual urges rather than see her boyfriend killed. Disgusted with her body, she will start covering herself with beautiful tattoos to reclaim it for herself (Warlock, this takes place 'one summer' on p.71. Shell still 'might have been a teenager' [in 2016] on p.10. Events mentioned on p.309-10). (MG)

= 2013 - (The Quantum Archangel).

c 2013 - The Doctor, in at least his seventh body, makes a visit to Bryan Hughes and his second wife, reminding him of a conversation he had with him ten years ago (The Shadow of the Scourge Disc 2 Track 14, this will[in 2003] happen in 'ten years' time. Note: this is only suggested by the Doctor as a possibility, so it may not happen). (CW)

2014 (Jan 1st Wed) - Compulsory blood tests for HIV are introduced by the British Home Office (Damaged Goods, the exact date is given on p.261). (MG)

c 2014 - By this time, a synthetic version of warlock begins to surface, becoming widely available in tablet form for the first time. Warlock, able to project a user's internal emotional states on group perceptions and external environments, swiftly becomes the most lucrative new drug in the world (Warlock, no date is given other than 'in recent years' [in c2016] on p.114). (MG)

c 2014 - By this time the International Drug Enforcement Agency, the brainchild of ex-CIA operative Henry Harrigan, has been formed and headquartered in New York. Supposedly originating as a pooling of resources by Interpol and the FBI, IDEA is actually designed to keep drugs illegal, ensuring the public remains gung-ho about the war on drugs. IDEA has no hesitation in acting as a paramilitary force, taking control of a building where a deal is in progress and executing everyone involved. The organisation, maintaining a policy of secrecy with local police authorities, is universally hated by them (Warlock, events mentioned on p.31-2/349). (MG)

c 2014 - By this time Abel Lexington's Mind Wars: MK/Ultra and the CIA's Use of Psychedelic Drugs has been published (Warlock, no date is given on p.342). (MG)

c 2014 - Out in the region of space known as the Dagellan Cluster, entrepreneur Jason Kane finds himself stuck on the backwater planet Jaris with a cargo of lemons that he is unable to sell. Jason spends the following months gambling, hoping to win enough money to buy his way off-planet (Death and Diplomacy, this takes place 'months' before Jason meets Bernice, on p.30). (MG)

c 2014 - The Czhanos Space Army sees action in the crystalline forests of Anrici IV against the planet's impossible-to-spot inhabitants (Death and Diplomacy, these events are probably 'recent' on p.52). (MG)

c 2014 - The Three Empires of the Dagellan Cluster simultaneously target the insignificant planet Moriel, located equidistantly between all three powers, as a place of supreme tactical importance and the fleets of Dakhaar, Czhanos and Saloi find themselves on the brink of a three-way war. The omnipotent Hollow Gods see the coming war as a threat to the stability of the region and summon the rulers of the Three Empires to negotiate peace in a self-enclosed space station called the Summit (Death and Diplomacy, events mentioned on p.1). (MG)

c 2014 - The withdrawal of the Czhanos forces from the occupied planet of Shivri to fight in the upcoming battle over Moriel leads to a short but bloody revolution and guerrilla war in the planet's Ghost Marshes. Reinforcements are sent to secure Shivri and to airlift the survivors out (Death and Diplomacy, these events are 'recent' on p.45). (MG)

c 2014 - The Seventh Doctor finds himself arriving at the Summit when the TARDIS is forced there by the Hollow Gods. He is informed that he is to act as an arbiter of peace between the rulers of the Three Empires - if their differences cannot be settled by diplomatic means it will result in their total destruction. Chris and Roz discover themselves being unwittingly drafted into the Czhanos Space Army as part of the drive to take the planet Moriel, while Bernice arrives on the remote planet Jaris. The archaeologist meets future husband Jason Kane in The Citadel of Unending Delights after using him as a hostage to escape the Jaris Militia. Bernice is forced into boarding Jason's ramshackle spaceship to escape the authorities (Death and Diplomacy, this takes place when Jason Kane is 'twenty-nine' [he is born in 1983] on p.35. He is 'thirty years old, near enough' on p.196. He believes the year 'nineteen ninety-six' is 'something like fifteen years ago' on p.123. In A History of the Universe, a date of '1996' is given for this story, as the synopsis says it is 'the present day' on p.115). (MG/CW)

c 2014 - The Doctor's first attempts to forge peace between the Empires is interrupted by an assassination attempt on the three leaders. Elsewhere, Bernice learns of the peace talks during a conversation with Jason and, assuming the Doctor will be at the Summit, tries to convince him to head there. Jason decides that he will drop her off at the nearby Dakhaari outpost planet Kalas instead (Death and Diplomacy, the talks are to begin in the 'morning' on p.79. Bernice and Jason met 'the night before' on p.85). (MG)

c 2014 - Roz and Chris are transported to the surface of Moriel along with the Czhanos forces. Bernice and Jason are forced to set down on the desert world of Makrath to affect repairs to their ship and, totally intoxicated, the pair become lovers in one of the planet's seedier boarding houses (Death and Diplomacy, the ex-Adjudicators have been in transit for a 'few standard days' on p.117). (MG)

c 2014 - The Doctor conducts a post-mortem on the assassins and discovers control mechanisms have been implanted in their skulls, leading him to believe a fourth party is at work, manipulating the Three Empires. The Time Lord reveals the Hollow Gods are a fictional invention by this unknown party and the three rulers band together against their common foe. Out in space, Shug pulls a weapon and holds Bernice and Jason at gunpoint just as the lovers are coming to grips with their feelings for one another. Shortly after Jason's ship crashes on Moriel, Shug reveals himself to be the Mighty Leader of All Skrak. With his plan to capture a TARDIS entering its penultimate stage, Shug orders the multi-dimensional Otherlings to exterminate everyone in the Summit, but the Mighty Leader's plans come to a sudden end when he is stomped flat by one of his own faulty automatons (Death and Diplomacy, it is 'morning' on Makrath, on p.194). (MG)

c 2014 - With the threat from the Hollow Gods at an end, the Doctor suggests a three-way political marriage between Queen Ravla of the Dakhaari, Emperor Sareth of the Saloi and Supreme Commander Koth of the Czhans. The captive Skrak manage to overpower their guards, steal a ship and escape, intent on hatching another plan to take over the universe. Bernice accepts Jason's hasty marriage proposal, and the Doctor and his companions set off for the village of Cheldon Bonniface in the year 2010 to arrange the ceremony (Death and Diplomacy, events mentioned on p.279-80). (MG)

c 2014 (Winter) - Awkward teenager Tommy Hunnicutt takes his frustrations out on the animals in the biology lab whenever girls laugh at him. He begins to torture hamsters, rats, guinea pigs and rabbits, using hydrochloric acid, Bunsen burners and scalpels on them. He will eventually get a job at an independent research unit, testing drugs on animals in Canterbury with his older sister Pam (Warlock, Tommy is a 'sixth form honour student' in 'winter' on p.144). (MG)

2014 (Winter) - Seashell meets Jack for the first time while working as a checkout girl at the Canterbury branch of Marks and Spencer, and the pair immediately become lovers. Shell, heavily tattooed at this point, is asked on a date by Jack after his purchases ring up 666 on the till (Warlock, this takes place in 'winter' on p.305. Events mentioned on p.67-8). (MG)

c 2015 - One of Harrigan's IDEA teams infiltrates a drugs deal in Monterey but the officers are recognised and murdered after the pushers take Warlock shortly before the negotiations begin (Warlock, no date is given on p.137). (MG)

2015 (Summer) - The Seventh Doctor acts as midwife to a wounded wildcat, which gives birth to twelve kittens. The Time Lord and Ace give the majority of the new-born kittens to good homes but decide to keep one themselves, naming it Chichester, or Chick for short (Warlock, this takes place 'nearly a year ago' [in 2016] during 'summer' on p.2). (MG)

2015 (June 15th Mon) - Dr. Callum Jeffries of UNIT receives a memo from former MI5 Chief of Staff Harry Sullivan mentioning a possible cure for HIV1, derived from the blood of David Daniels, a survivor of the Quadrant incident (Damaged Goods, the exact date is given on p.261). (MG)

? 2015 - By this time Birmingham, blockaded by the EMG, is fought over by various factions, all heavily armed in a desperate attempt to survive (The Mary-Sue Extrusion, a character who is 'born at the end of the twentieth century' on p.45, is 'a year' younger than 'sixteen' on p.78)

2015 (Winter) - Warlock hits the streets of New York for the first time (Warlock, this takes place 'almost a year ago' [in 2016] in 'winter' on p.41). (MG)

c 2016 - By this time sick publications such as Serial Killers Weekly are published (Warlock, events mentioned on p.16). (MG)

2016 (early July) - Justine Wheaton becomes pregnant with her first child, Ricky (Warlock, she has been pregnant for 'two months' by September, on p.206). (MG)

2016 - During a stay at Smithwood Manor, Ace meets Jack and Seashell at the front gate of the Doctor's house. The pair warn her of the existence of a vivisection laboratory situated outside Canterbury and hand over a Warlock tablet for the Doctor to examine. Chemical analysis shows that the tablet contains the same substance as some mushrooms the Doctor is keeping in the refrigerator. Forging some credentials for Bernice that show she is on loan from IDEA in Europe, the Doctor sends his companion to infiltrate the New York headquarters of IDEA to acquire another sample of Warlock (Warlock, Vincent and Justine have been married for at least 'a few years' on p.203. They bought a car 'a few years' after they married, on p.356). (MG)

2016 (Sept) - Working undercover with IDEA in New York, Bernice is present during a narcotics deal when the drug sellers ingest Warlock to try and sniff out who among them is an undercover cop. The NYPD bursts in and raids the place rather than have the cover of their officer, Creed McIlveen, exposed (Warlock, it is 'summer' on p.2). (MG)

2016 (Sept, a Wed) - Creed finds himself press-ganged into joining Harrigan's IDEA taskforce just as Bernice receives a warning from the Doctor that her cover has been blown by her superiors and she must return to England. Back in Kent, Ace is convinced by Shell and Jack to accompany them on a reconnaissance mission to the vivisection lab just outside Canterbury, only to be lured into a trap and captured by the director, Dieter. Realising that New York is a dead end, the Doctor accesses the national police computer at Hendon and learns he should be looking for Mrs Woodcott, an old associate of Justine. While the Doctor spends the night searching for the location of Vincent's house in London, Harrigan taps into the Doctor's computer and learns of the existence of Vincent and Justine. Creed and an IDEA team is swiftly despatched to England to capture them (Warlock, this takes place 'less than a week' later, on p.152). (MG)

2016 (Sept, a Thurs) - Early the next morning Ace, Shell and Jack are offered a choice - to be used as test subjects and given a concentrated form of Warlock, or to be handed over to the police for breaking-and-entering. The trio are strapped down and given the drug, whereupon they find their minds relocated into the bodies of nearby animals. Ace, inhabiting the form of a black cat, escapes and lures sadistic Tommy Hunnicutt into a fatal trap. In Canterbury, a trap is sprung by Creed's IDEA team to capture Vincent and Justine but it all goes horribly wrong. Vincent's psi-talent is unleashed, killing some of the team members and destroying Canterbury Cathedral in a huge fireball. Having located Mrs Woodcott, Vincent, Justine and Creed travel to the vivisection lab, where they find Pam Hunnicutt conducting test procedures on the animals. They free the animals and Jack, inhabiting the body of a dog, kills Pam before running off into the countryside. Ace's mind is transferred back into her own body and the Doctor places Jack's inanimate body within a cryogenic container for the day it can be reunited with its mind (Warlock, it is 'daylight' on p.188 almost 'dawn' on p.198. Bernice was in New York 'yesterday' on p.197. Tommy was alive 'last night' on p.275. It is a 'Thursday' on p.267, in 'September' on p.296). (MG)

2016 (late Autumn) - Creed visits the house on Allen Road to inform the Doctor that he has left the employ of IDEA, only to end up being forced to ingest Warlock at gunpoint by Harrigan, who hopes to transmigrate his mind into a younger host body. Harrigan crumbles into ash when Vincent touches him and links to the mind of Warlock, magnifying the intelligence's desire to return home to the stars (Warlock, it is 'morning' on p.334. It is almost 'winter' on p.334). (MG)

2016 (late Autumn) - Justine leaves Vincent for Creed and they depart for the United States to start a new life together. Back in England, Vincent decides to give shelter to a stray dog, which he names Jack. In years to come this dog will become feared as the White King, ferocious leader of a huge pack of wild dogs terrorising London (Warlock, it is 'morning' on p.356). (MG)

2017 (April) - Richard McIlveen is born to parents Creed and Justine in the United States. Unknown to his parents, the new-born Ricky has been gifted with psi-talents due to his father's ingestion of the drug Warlock (Warchild, he is 'fifteen' [by August 2032] on p.18. Events mentioned on p.306). (MG)

2017 (July 28th Fri) - UNIT's file on the Quadrant incident is closed and archived. Weapons Division finds no trace of usable extraterrestrial technology (Damaged Goods, the exact date is given on p.260). (MG/II)

2018 - After a statutory time, Justine Wheaton's divorce from Vincent comes through and she marries lover Creed McIlveen (Warchild, this takes place 'two years' later on p.92). (MG)

2019 - Cynthia McIlveen, younger sister of Ricky, is born to parents Creed and Justine (Warchild, no date is given. She is a 'teenager' [in 2032] on p.45/292). (MG)

2020 - Emily Hutchings finally has her romantic novel, The Unformed Heart, published. The Seventh Doctor stops off after he takes Bernice and Jason to their honeymoon to acquire a copy (Happy Endings p.287). (MG)

? 2020 - (The Power of the Daleks)

2023 - Demeter Glauss's 'Cybercrime: An Analysis of Hacking', a seminal work on breaking and entering computer systems, is first published. Melanie Bush will use a copy of the book to hack into Ashley Chapel Logistics' systems in 1999 (Millennial Rites, the year is given on p.106). (MG)

2023 - Tegan Jovanka meets, and marries, William Haybourne shortly after undergoing therapy in Shawlands, a well-known convalescent home, for a nervous breakdown (Good Companions (MST), they have been married for 'a decade' in 2033, on p.289). (MG)

c 2023 - The United Nations bans the use of high-radiation beryllium laser weaponry (The Fearmonger, this takes place 'another twenty years' [after c2003] on Disc 2, Track 11). (MG)

2024 - The phased plasma rifle is developed on Earth (First Frontier, the year is given on p.137). (MG)

c 2024 - Humanity develops the technology to alleviate the problems of thargon differentials in the orange spectrum of upper atmospheric disturbance, making it possible to create the first stable energy field for use on orbiting satellites (The King of Terror, no date is given other than 'twenty or thirty years' later [than July 1999] on p.105). (MG)

? 2025 (Summer) - By this time the Night Market has sprung up in Birmingham. It is a place where the inhabitants of the city can buy black-market goods from the outside world. It is during a trip to the Night Market that the person who will become the APE With No Name is killed while resisting arrest by EMG ground-force operatives known as 'dogboys'. However, his brain is saved and preserved in cryogenic suspension in the Festival Hall for the next seven years as part of the artificial-intelligence research conducted by the EMG's Think Tank (The Mary-Sue Extrusion, it is 'summer' on p.99, this probably occurs when the character is 'twenty-five' on p.45). (MG)

? 2025 - Having spent years unable to use his psi-talent due to his obsession with ex-wife Justine, Vincent Wheaton is finally given a job in the Agency, a powerful and clandestine governmental force waging a secret war against crime. Working on special weapons development, Vincent will soon turn his attention to Ricky McIlveen, the psi-talented son of his ex-wife (Warchild, no date is given, but Vincent has been working for the Agency for 'years' [by 2032] on p.263. Events mentioned on p.49/69/301/302). (MG)

c 2027 - By this time Jack, trapped within the body of an ageing dog, has learned to use his 'alpha male' psi-talent to communicate with Vincent, in a bid to get aid for his plight. Instead, Vincent uses him in experiments, researching his ability to control other dogs within wire-fenced enclosures (Warchild, no date is given. Events mentioned on p.288-9). (MG)

2027 (Summer) - Ricky McIlveen's latent 'alpha male' psi-talent shows itself for the first time during a fishing trip with Creed in Kenora, Canada, enabling him to walk out of an Indians-only bar unscathed. It is probably around this time that Vincent Wheaton begins to keep Ricky under surveillance for the Agency, watching for any signs the boy's talent can be used for weapons research. He soon recognises the same 'alpha male' characteristic in Ricky that he has observed in Jack (Warchild, this takes place in 'summer' when Justine is 'pregnant with Eve' on p.16. Vincent has been observing Ricky 'for years' [by 2032] on p.297). (MG)

2028 - Eve McIlveen, youngest daughter of Creed and Justine, is born in the United States (Warchild, she is 'four' [in 2032] on p.1). (MG)

2030 - The Seventh Doctor, Ace and Bernice are on holiday in Switzerland. The Doctor pops into UNIT HQ and finds a message for him from Cristián Alvarez, from 1993. (The Left-Handed Hummingbird, events on p.8) (CW)

c 2030 - Jack finally manages to escape from Vince Wheaton's experiments into alpha male dominance. Trapped within an ageing canine frame and going slightly insane as a consequence, Jack attempts to use his psi-talent to attract the Doctor's attention by causing strange group behaviour in London's dog population. Over the years the legendary White King will become the subject of official reports and stories spread by word of mouth (Warchild, it takes Jack 'years' to escape from Vincent, on p.289. The White King has been on the loose for 'years' [by 2032] on p.162. Events mentioned on p.161-2/183/256). (MG)

2031 - John Michael Forrester, ancestor of Roslyn Forrester, is born on Earth (Second Chances (D4), he is 'twenty eight' in 2059, on p.7). Theresa Forrester is also born around this time (No One Goes to Halfway There (D4), she is 'twenty-four' [in ?2155] on p.28). (MG)

2031 (Winter) - Casey Brennan, Creed McIlveen's personal assistant at the government's clandestine Agency, is replaced by Amy Cowan. Creed has no idea that Amy is working for Vincent Wheaton, who has sent her to manipulate and seduce her superior (Warchild, this takes place 'a year' earlier [than 2032] on p.19, in 'winter' on p.32). (MG)

c 2032 - By this time the snowballing reports of the elusive White King and his pack of dogs has caused the British security forces to serve D-notices to suppress information. Now an urban myth, the animal becomes subject of a special investigation, but is never successfully photographed. A state of emergency is declared in London and the city is evacuated, but for a few stubborn die-hards. The psychic Mrs Woodcott is employed as leader of a press-gang at Heathrow Airport charged with the task of drafting anyone with combat or policing experience to help against the wild pack (Warchild, the White King has been on the loose for 'years' [by 2032] on p.162. Events mentioned on p.161-2/183/256/30-1/159). (MG)

2032 (late Aug, a Sat) - Bernice and Roz arrive at Heathrow Airport after completing an unknown mission in Budapest for the Doctor. Separated from Bernice, Roz finds herself conscripted into the team combating the White King's pack by Mrs Woodcott and Redmond. Receiving a phone call from a nearby housing estate, the trio's Armoured Personnel Carrier goes to investigate and Roz and Woodcott end up trapped in the victim's house by wild dogs (Warchild, it is a 'Saturday' on p.16, in 'August' on p.6. School begins 'next week' on p.8. This takes place 'a decade or two' later [than 2016] on p.255). (MG)

2032 (late Aug, a Sun) - Roz and Woodcott are eventually rescued by Redmond in the APC. At Smithwood Manor in Kent, the Seventh Doctor and Bernice remove Jack's body from the suspended-animation chamber to ready it for the return of his mind. Creed McIlveen arrives from the United States after receiving an urgent message from the Time Lord and the group travel to the housing estate in time to come face to face with the White King (Warchild, it is 'Sunday' on p.165). (MG)

2032 (late Aug, a Mon) - The Doctor feeds the White King some Warlock and the wild pack abruptly disperses as Jack's mind is reunited with his own body. With the death of the White King and the dispersal of the wild pack, the state of emergency is brought to an end. In America, Justine McIlveen's meeting with Principal Daniel Pangbourne ends with Ricky's acceptance at Scopes High School, an establishment for teenagers with behavioural disorders. Ricky is informed he can attend for his first classes the following day (Warchild, it is 'dawn' on p.241. It is the 'first day of school' on p.127). (MG)

2032 (late Aug, a Tues) - On his first day at Scopes, Ricky receives a formal request to see Principal Pangbourne. The teenager comes to his classmates' attention when his alpha male characteristics are unleashed in the cafeteria. Shortly afterwards a Bible-bashing parent named Francis Leemark arrives at the school after learning there is a Buddhist spreading foreign religion to his child. In a fit of anger, Leemark batters Principal Pangbourne to death and then attempts to shoot the Buddhist Young Master - who is actually Chris Cwej in disguise - but is prevented by Ricky's psi-talent. Back in Britain, the Doctor's party boards a flight to the States (Warchild, Pangbourne spoke to Justine 'the other day' on p.154). (MG)

2032 (late Aug, a Wed) - Chris Cwej informs Justine that her family has been under observation from her ex-husband Vincent Wheaton for years and he has been sent by the Doctor to help. Later that evening the Doctor arrives at the McIlveen home just in time to find Justine a captive of Vincent. It is revealed that Vincent intends to use Ricky's psi-talent to completely restructure the US government, with Wheaton as the new President. Vincent is shot dead by Amy Cowan after threatening to end Justine's life if his demands aren't met (Warchild, it is 'morning' on p.266. Pangbourne died 'last night' on p.269. Events mentioned on p.303-4). (MG)

2032 - Creed moves out from the McIlveen family home and gets an apartment in town with Amy Cowan (Warchild, events mentioned on p.308). (MG)

2032 (Autumn) - The Doctor, Chris and Jack take Ricky McIlveen on a cross-country trip. Working together, they hope to help him understand and control his psi power (Warchild, events mentioned on p.309). (MG)

2032 - Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart finally returns from the realm of Avalon (The King of Terror, this takes place 'twenty years' later [than 2012] on p.1). (MG)

c 2033 - William Haybourne, husband of Tegan, is appointed to the new chair at St Cedd's in Cambridge (Good Companions (MST), no date is given, but the Haybournes have 'only just' moved to Cambridge [in 2033] on p.292). (MG)

2033 - A future incarnation of the Doctor (possibly the Twelfth) and travelling companion Anna meet Tegan Haybourne, nee Jovanka, on a train. Tegan, returning home to Cambridge after the funeral of husband William, helps banish a troupe of Sigrarnons, who revel in paradoxes, back to their own dimension (Good Companions, this takes place when Tegan is 'Seventy-three' on p.292, she is 'Twenty-one' when she first meets the Doctor [in 1981] on p.294. Tegan has been in England for 'thirty years' on p.290). (MG)

2030s - During this period, civilisation begins falling apart (Dead Romance p.201). (CW)

2038 - The World Zones Accord is signed (Alien Bodies). (MG/II/EJ)

? c 2039 - Colonel Kortez fights in the Cyberbreaches for ISC (Alien Bodies p.7). (EJ)

2039 - Kortez joins UNISYC. He will later represent humanity at the auction of the Relic (Alien Bodies p.7). (EJ)

2039 - According to the records in 2101, Benedict Summerfield's son Jubilation Constantine is born. He will eventually set up a homestead with his wife and three children on one of Earth's outer planets (Dead Romance p.201). (CW)

(? c 2040 - Sarah Jane Smith dies. Those present at her funeral include UNIT staff and members of the Black Seed Movement, including Samantha Jones (Interference Book One p.292). (Foreseen by the If, so it may not happen) (MG/II)

? 2040 - (The Enemy of the World)

c 2040 - The United States eventually falls (Christmas on a Rational Planet, this takes place 'nearly a millennium' earlier than Roz Forrester's birth [in 2935] on p.31). (MG)

2041 - A story entitled Good Companions, written by Tegan Haybourne, first appears in the collection Womanuscripts: 21st Century Female Fiction (Good Companions (MST), the year is given on p.289). (MG)

2043 - The Black Seed Movement publishes its third manifesto (Interference Book Two p.314). (MG)

2044 - The Bantu Independence Group (BIG), lacking any political or social motivation, now exists only as a small holding company (Another Girl, Another Planet p.130). (MG)

2044 - Wanlek Ackman's The Absurdity of Performance is published (Theatre of War, the year is given on p.246). (MG)

c 2040s - There are anti-Weather Control demonstrations (Dreamstone Moon p.58). (MG)

c 2040s - African businessman Olle Ahlin invests in solid fuel systems while most turn to alternative technologies; this decision will make him one of the world's richest men by the 2060s (Another Girl, Another Planet p.131). (MG)

? - In the twenty-first century, Christian Fundamentalists start crusades to commit the genocide of homosexuals (Placebo Effect p.126). (MG)

2045 - Professor Otterbland of the Dubrovnik Institute of New Sciences first hypothesises psychotronic conditioning, which combines mesmeric trance techniques with the aggressive implantation of images and related experiences. Psychotronic conditioning is one of many methods used to alter the experiential network of the human brain (The Well-Mannered War, the year is given on p.204). (MG)

2047 - The Doctor, in an unrecorded trip, visits the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York (UNITed we Fall (D3), this takes place 'fifty years from' 1997, on p.132). (MG)

c 2048 - The High Catholick Church, a disastrous attempt to merge all the faiths of Earth with the idea of creating planet-wide peace, is dissolved. The Chapter of Saint Anthony, a sect that believes in testing the faith of heathens by completely destroying them, is formed shortly after China is taken over by Hong Kong and steps into the spiritual breach (St Anthony's Fire, this takes place 'about a century' earlier [than 2148] on p.187). (MG)

2049 (June) - Haga Nodena's article entitled The Techniques of the Actor is first published in issue 428 of Theatre Today (Theatre of War, the date is given on p.197). (MG)

2049 - Borneo becomes a ReVit Zone (Alien Bodies p.9) (EJ)

? 2050 - The Second Doctor, in an unrecorded visit, travels to Draconia at the time of the fifteenth Emperor. While he is here, the Doctor cures a great space plague. A portrait of the Doctor is erected in the Emperor's palace (Frontier in Space. In The Dark Path, no date is given. However, on p.183, this occurs 'a thousand years' before the thirty-fourth century) and he is given the rank of High Earl of the Imperial House (Catastrophea, this occurs 'five hundred years' [before the 26th century] on p. 215. Events mentioned on p.194) in eternal favour of the Draconian Empire while its line endures, by the Emperor's venerable decree (Shadowmind p.74-75, the Doctor's rank is granted by 'the Fifteenth Emperor'). The Doctor will, ever after, be known to the Draconians as the Oncoming Storm (Return of the Living Dad p.71). (MG/CW)

c 2050 - Penelope Gate and new travelling companion Joel Mintz make an accidental visit the 21st century in her erratic Victorian time machine (The Room with No Doors, they arrive in 'the middle of the 21st century' on p.48). (MG)

c 2050 - Wolves are reintroduced to northern Europe around this time (Transit, no date is given other than 'in the middle of the last century' on p.134). (MG)

2050 - Some of UNIT's top secret files, including the details of the failed invasions by the Cybermen and the Nestenes, the Carrington affair and the near-calamitous Stahlman project, are finally released to the public under the eighty-year ruling (The King of Terror, the year is given on p.1. Events mentioned on p.2/3). (MG)

2050 (Sept 28th) - Reporter Daniel Clompus visits the frail and retired Brigadier General Sir Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart KCB, VC, DC (etc.), at the Westcliffe Retirement Home in Sussex while researching an article for The Guardian. A retelling of their meeting will appear in Clompus's book Watch the Skies: The Not-So-Secret-History of Alien Encounters (The King of Terror, the exact date is given on p.1). (MG)

2051 - Daniel Clompus's Watch the Skies: The Not-So-Secret-History of Alien Encounters, detailing many of UNIT's activities in the latter-half of the twentieth century, is printed by London Multimedia Publishing (The King of Terror, the year is given on p.4). (MG)

c 2052 - Brigadier General Sir Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart KCB, VC, DC (etc.), passes away (The King of Terror, no date is given but it is assumed this is before the publication of the book The Man Who Saved the World - The Complete Memos, Letters and E-mails of Brigadier Alistair Lethbridge-Stewart of UNIT in 2052). (MG)

2052 - The Man Who Saved the World - The Complete Memos, Letters and E-mails of Brigadier Alistair Lethbridge-Stewart of UNIT, edited by Russell Farway, is printed by London Multimedia Publishing after the old soldier finally passes away (The King of Terror, the year is given on p.270). (MG)

2054 - The Seventh Doctor helps UNISYC fight the Montana Republican Militia (who are using Selachian weapons.) General Tchike leads the operation. Colonel Kortez is also involved (Alien Bodies p.12/232). (EJ)

Hmmm - just noticed this huge Continuity Error. How can the Montana guys be using Selachian weaponry when the Selachians don't actually exist until c 2104?!? Up until that point, they're still in the oceans, subjugated by the Kalarians… Bugger. (MG) Well, no-one said it had to be contemporary Selachian weaponry... (II)

c 2055 - The world government, made desperate by major wars and the first nuclear terrorist incidents, will pass a police shoot-to-kill policy and ban all religions. Whole cities turn into no-go areas. Inevitably it all comes apart at the seams and a few years pass, in total chaos, without any effective government (Interference Book Two p.217). (MG)

c 2059 - By this time Britain has been involved in a war with Norway, in which parts of London are lost (Second Chances (D4), no date is given, but it takes place when Jack Forrester's grandfather lived, on p.12). (MG)

2059 - The Mandela, one of many of Earth's sleeper ships, leaves for its destination among the stars. The ship, captained by Wilhelmina Inyathi Forrester Obote, carries one hundred thousand individuals from their original home in Africa (Second Chances (D4), the year is given on p.105). (MG)

2059 - Jack Forrester, an external maintenance worker on Pellucidor Station in the L4 cluster is senselessly murdered for his leather jacket. Forrester, although having his brain burnt out by a neural stunner, survives as a nascent AI, based upon his own dead memories (Second Chances (D4), the year is given on p.105). (MG)

2060 - Katherine Bregman joins UNISYC. She will later assist Colonel Kortez at the auction of the Relic (Alien Bodies p.8). (EJ)

2060 (Nov 5th Fri) - Samantha Jones, aged 86, is an active member of the Black Seed Movement (Interference Book Two p.138). (Seen in a Media reconstruction; again, may not actually happen) (MG/II)

c 2060s - New, separate governments start to form out of the chaos (Interference Book Two p.217). (MG)

2064 - General Tchike erases all records of the Doctor from UN files (Alien Bodies). (MG)

c 2064 - As far as the Doctor knows, at this date, the Daleks are scattered around Mutter's Spiral. Reference is made to Daleks on Skaro running off static electricity (speculation- the Mutants occurs here?) (Alien Bodies p.138). (EJ)

2067 - Olle Ahlin becomes chief executive of the Bantu Independence Group and sets about an immediate expansion (Another Girl, Another Planet p.130). (MG)

2067 - By this time Britain has at least seven terrestrial television channels (Stop the Pigeon (ST), the year is given on p.84). (MG)

2067 (July) - Doctor Howard Chithros appears on Channel Five to promote his technique to rejuvenate elderly elderly people back to infancy. Around this year, Cola wars in South America will kill thousands. Britain comes under the leadership of a right-wing coalition Government. Shortly before August 15th, the shadow defence secretary will be car-bombed, and the bombing is linked to the Government. ((ST) Stop the Pigeon, Chtithros appeared 'last month' on p.82, events given on p.84) (II/MG)

2067 (early Aug) - Celebrated geneticist Doctor Howard Chithros becomes the subject of Expose. It is probably also around this time that his face adorns the cover of Time magazine (Stop the Pigeon (ST), this takes place a week earlier [than 15th August] on p.83, events mentioned on p.104). (MG)

2067 (August 15th) - Doctor Howard Chithros appears on 'Breakfast with Channel 7'. The Seventh Doctor and Ace discover the truth behind Chithros' techniques of 'rejuvenation'; the resulting scandal brings the coalition government down. ((ST) Stop the Pigeon, date given on p.84)(II)

2067 (late Aug) - Britain's Home Secretary is interviewed on national television about the failure of Doctor Chithros's rejuvenation technique (Stop the Pigeon (ST), this takes place 'a fortnight' later [than 15th August] on p.121). (MG/II)

? 2068 - (The Wheel in Space)

? 2068 - Tobias Vaughn plunders the bodies of Cybermen found on Space Station W3, hoping to salvage any technology that can prevent the breakdown of his own robotic body (Original Sin, no date is given on p.289). (MG)

2069 (March 26th Tues) - The Relic, in reality the Doctor's coffin, impacts in Phoenix, Arizona. The Relic is taken to an annexe of the Toy Store, an installation where the US keeps its alien artefacts (Alien Bodies, the exact date is given on p.68). (MG/EJ?)

2069 (? April) - Qixotl arranges to auction the Relic. Faction Paradox, the Celestis and the High Council all send agents to procure it (Alien Bodies). (EJ?)

2070 - (The Moonbase)

2070 - Tobias Vaughn's men procure the bodies of Cybermen found on the surface of the moon in a bid to discover usable Cybertechnology for their employer (Original Sin, no date is given on p.289). (MG)

2071 - The Sontarans retreat from the area of space known as the Coal Sack during their interminable war with the Rutan Host. The Sontarans will not return to this sector until the twenty-fourth century (Lords of the Storm, this takes place 'three hundred years' earlier [than 2371] on p.104). (MG)

c 2072 - An entire wing of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York is torn down (UNITed we Fall (D3), this takes place 'a little under seventy-five years' later [than 1997] on p.135). (MG)

2074 - Imogen (a German subsidiary of a Croatian conglomerate run by a group of expatriate Japanese shinjinrui on the outskirts of Zagreb) designs the first generation of Ubersoldaten genetic warriors around this time. The Angel Francine, like all generation one Ubersoldaten, is gifted with vat-grown, augmented eyes and her gymnast's body, kept in a pre-pubescent state with retarding drugs, is built for optimum G tolerance (Transit, Francine is 'fifteen' [in 2089] on p.190. Events mentioned on p.119). (MG)

c 2075 - An Arcturan broadcast, picked up by a terrestrial radio telescope, includes enough information for scientists to build a working Transmat (Cold Fusion, no date is given, events mentioned on p.216). (MG)

c 2076 - The Imogen company begins designing the Ubersoldaten generation two (Transit, this takes place 'twenty-one years' earlier [than c2097] on p.111). (MG)

2076 - According to the records in 2101, Jubilation Summerfield's son Benedict is born (Dead Romance p.202). (CW)

2079 -Samuel Robert Garvey Moore enters the military, joining the Second Battalion Third Brigade of the United Nations Armed Forces. Like all volunteers entering military service he finds the Government now owns the patent on his geneset, and he is genetically altered, given an artificial nervous system which will eventually leave him sterile. By the time the scientists are finished with him, Moore has maybe fifty per cent of the DNA he was born with (Transit, this takes place 'forty years' earlier [than 2119] on p.6. Events mentioned on p.69). (MG)

2079 - Ming the Merciless marries her Number One Husband Fu (Transit, this takes place 'forty years' earlier [than 2119] on p.72). (MG)

2080 - Joan Betts, future Professor of Xenoanthropology, is born in Connecticut (The Face-Eater p.89). (MG)

2080 - (Loups-Garoux).

c 2080s - The Bantu Independence Group (BIG), now seen by many on Earth as 'imperial terrorists', sends out many of the first sub-light-speed vessels, and, freed from the constraints of operating on Earth, begins to colonise (Another Girl, Another Planet p.131). (MG)

c 2084 - (Warriors of the Deep)

2085 - The Arcturan Treaty becomes Earth's 'official' First Contact with aliens, when humans and aliens sit down and talk in peace for the first time (The Dying Days, the year is given on p.115). As a result the Church of the Grey undergoes the Great Schism - the sect splits into two branches, one of which believes the 'gods' are only aliens not seeking to be worshipped (Where Angels Fear p.228-9). (MG) With Earth's final acceptance of the existence of aliens, Danny Pain, who fought against the Vardans in 1976, becomes a legend (No Future, on p.257, the date is 'when Earth finally accepts the existance of aliens'). (CW)

c 2085 - By this time a group of Travellers lead by a man named Fox have stolen a starship that is in dock for repairs and taken it as far into hyperspace as they can go. They make a stop on Arcturus Six during their journey to the stars (Love and War, no date is given, but this takes place before Earth's first contact with Arcturus [in 2085] on p.39). (MG)

? 2085 (Winter) - (The Seeds of Death)

THE THOUSAND DAY WAR (2086 to 2089)

2086 - The Martian Eight-Point Table, longing for one last war that will re-establish their authority over their people and show the Earth that they are still a force to be feared, instigates the Thousand Days' War by dropping an asteroid on Paris (GodEngine, no date is given on p.186). (MG)

2086 - The Thousand Day War begins two months after Paris is destroyed by an asteroid, killing over one million people. Colonel Brusilov is the first UN soldier on Martian soil. United Nations soldiers parachute down through the thin Martian atmosphere, setting up bridgeheads and command posts. Space stations arrive above Mars, watching over the battlefields, selecting targets, co-ordinating the fight, relaying the television pictures back to Earth. (Beige Planet Mars p.2/24). (MG)

2086 - The first troops in were Brigadier Yembe Lethbridge-Stewart's United Nations Third Tactical Response Brigade, the Blue Berets, the Zen Brigade, consisting entirely of Irish and Ethiopians. Lethbridge-Stewart's men drop onto the mountain of Olympus Mons, only to suffer heavy casualties, getting cut to bits by the Greenies on the way down (Transit, events mentioned on p.115/123). (MG)

2088 - Helen Percival, future Supreme Executive of man's first interstellar colony on Proxima 2, is born (The Face-Eater p.34). (MG)

c 2089 - The Angel Francine, fifteen year old Ubersoldaten cadet, flies her first mission in a Honda Peacemaker over the Martian highlands. Touring with the 31st, she spends many off-duty hours drinking non-alcoholic lager in the Ice Maiden, an R&R stop based halfway up Olympus Mons (Transit, this takes place 'thirty years' earlier [than 2119] on p.190. It is sometime during the Thousand Days' War as the 'KIA' (Killed In Action) are mentioned on p.191). (MG)

c 2089 - The Angel Francine, her mind blitzed on combat drugs Doberman and Heinkel, is shot down over the Gangis Chasma by a Martian pop-up cannon. Brigadier Yembe Lethbridge-Stewart pulls her shattered body from the wreckage, holding the LZ clear for the arriving medevac (Transit, events mentioned on p.38). (MG)

2089 - All in all, four hundred and fifty thousand humans, not counting those killed by the Paris Rock, die in the Thousand Days' War (Transit, events mentioned on p.157). (MG)

c 2089 - The Thousand Days' War comes to a close soon after the massacre at Valles Marineris, a deep, wide valley near the Martian equator. The three-day engagement ends in an explosion instigated by Grand Marshal Abrasaar Urr'n'Jaas that kills twenty-five thousand humans and Martians. The Martian military are so shocked by this action that the members of the Eight-Point Table accept ritual suicide as atonement for the consequences of the War and the planet surrenders (GodEngine, no date is given on p.199-200). (MG)

2089 - The Thousand Day War ends with the greenies driven to the brink of extinction after exactly a thousand days. When the war is over, mankind finds it owns another planet. Colonisation efforts begin in earnest (Beige Planet Mars p.19/2). (MG)

2089 - With the war at an end, Yembe Lethbridge-Stewart retires to a hick town in the West African forest. Like all veterans of the war, his old body starts to fall apart, a process that can only be eased with the help of prescription endorphins. He stops taking his medication and waits patiently for the premature implant arthritis to kill him (Transit, no date is given other than 'at the end of the war' on p.123. Events mentioned on p.21). (MG)

c 2089 - Colonisation of Mars begins, with UNASA rockets brining supplies, while robots and satellites prospect for minerals, and astronauts lay foundations. The polar ice caps are melted to allow the water to flow in the canals and riverbeds (Beige Planet Mars p.2). (CW)

2089 - At some point construction begins on the Sol Transport System, a vast network of subspace tunnels that will, in just a few short decades, bind the planets and moons of the solar system together (Transit, no date is given. Dogface has been working for STS maintenance for 'thirty years' [by 2119] on p.74. Some of the STS's regulators are 'twenty-bloody-five years old' on p.6). (MG)

2089 - The planning of the modular communities on Pluto gets underway (Transit, this takes place 'thirty years' earlier [than 2119] on p.63). (MG)

c 2089 - Ninety-nine per cent of Mars' population leaves on the Great Exodus, heading for a new home on Nova Martia beyond Arcturus, just over forty-five light-years away from Earth. Even though the majority of the populace has gone, hundreds of thousands of Martians stay behind, hiding in their underground cities (GodEngine, no date is given on p.147/186/232). (MG)

c 2089 - A UN team arrives on Mars to negotiate the terms of peace, only to find the planet seemingly deserted. The bodies of six members of the Eight-Point Table are found, but the corpses of Supreme Grand Marshals Falaxyr-Ett-Halat and Abrasaar Urr'n'Jaas are nowhere to be found (GodEngine, no date is given on p.79. Falaxyr's full name is given on p.113, although it changes to Falaxyr Urr'n'Jaas on p.218). (MG)

? In the twenty-first century, Middle Eastern countries turn to high technology and space industries as the oil runs out. The end result will be numerous colony worlds with an easy mixture of cultures and languages, the ancient and the modern (Seeing I p.29). (MG)

c 2090 - The Japanese metropolis of Mitsubishi has been built on Triton, the largest of Neptune's satellites. Despite civil-rights legislation, Mitsubishi will still be Sol's most segregated metropolis in three decades' time, some suburbs not even taking Koreans (Transit, this takes place at least 'thirty years' earlier [than 2119] on p.89). (MG)

c 2090 - The Angel Francine becomes a data pirate, pillaging the fortresses of the corporations and government agencies. Within three weeks she has captured an estimated thirty-five per cent of the world's secrets, and the government turns a blind eye to certain real-estate deals she's involved with on the moons of Jupiter (Transit, events mentioned on p.107-8). (MG)

c 2090 - At some point the Global Congress goes ahead with plans to colonise Pluto and Lowell Station, more commonly known as the Stop, is constructed during the post-boom years. The settlements on Pluto are expected to soak up the population overspill from the more crowded worlds. The Stop will eventually become home to such gangs as the Afrikaans, Der Broederbund, Dixie Rebs and Le Penn Freikorps (Transit, no date is given. This takes place before 'the Australian Famine and the Martian terraforming project' on p.102. Events mentioned on p.45). (MG)

c 2090 - An accident occurs on the Sol Transit System around this time. A Honda Pullman carrying forty-nine passengers exits the Beverly Hills-Hawaii commuter line at Hollywood Boulevard only to have its physical structure integrated with a General Electric Go-Faster Caboose exiting the same gateway when the Honda is only halfway out - although there are many fatalities, the gateway compensator has prevented matter-annihilation taking place, saving Los Angeles. The lucky passengers die immediately (Transit, this happens 'just after the war' on p.83). (MG)

? 2090 - The Martian settlement of Jacksonville is established on Olympus Mons (Transit, this takes place 'decades' earlier [than 2119] on p.154. It is said to be somewhere between 'ten, twenty years' earlier, on p.186). (MG)

? 2090 - Sol's economy goes into overdrive and many companies, including Sony, IBM and Matsui, collapse. Japan suffers social collapse and mass emigration and the Australian Famine takes place (Transit, no date is given on p.102. It is sometime before the Angel Francine learns of Kadiatu's existence [c2097] on p.108). (MG)

? 2090 - 200 Poems on the Transit System will be published at some point. The Doctor will acquire a copy for the TARDIS library (The Dimension Riders p.212, no date is given). (CW)

? c 2090 - World War 3 takes place? India is reduced to a radioactive mud-hole (The Face-Eater p.55/163). (JE)

2091 - Benjamin Fuller, future Chief of Police on colony world Proxima 2, is born (The Face-Eater p.11). (MG)

c 2093 - The Serpentine River is filled in by ruthless land developers (Birthright, no date is given other than 'the late twenty-first century' on p.189. Arbitrarily dated to one hundred years later than publication). (MG)

2093 - The first hovertrain tracks are laid on Mars (Beige Planet Mars p.13). (MG)

2094 - Assuming that the Martians may have left 'stay behind' units in cryogenic storage, a stand-alone mainframe with the designation JERUSALEM is constructed within an EMP-shielded bunker under the military cantonment at Jacksonville for such an eventuality. JERUSALEM is fitted with ground-based energy weapons, batteries of Vulture Surface to Air missiles and close defence ordinance (Transit, the mainframe has been dormant for 'twenty-five years' by 2119, on p.188). (MG)

? 2095 - A generation of kids will grow up on cheap exploitation warvids about the Thousand Days' War, assimilating soldier slang such as greenie, pop up, spider trap, fire mission, and medevac into everyday speech. The classic Violet Sky makes a big thing of the Paris Rock, running its opening credits over the asteroid tumbling slowly towards Earth (Transit, events mentioned on p.70/86). (MG)

? 2095 - At some point Imogen will begin construction of a complex to house the Ubersoldaten generation two on Titan under conditions of strict secrecy. The security measures are impressive, most of them aimed at preventing anything escaping (The Also People, no date is given on p.191). (MG)

? 2095 - The Martian exodus fleet, heading for a new home on Nova Martia, makes a brief planetfall on a world in the Rataculan system. Naming it Cluut-ett-Pictar, a few Ice Warriors stay behind and start building a colony (GodEngine, no date is given on p.168). (MG)

2095 - The University of Mars is founded. The very best and brightest of humanity flock to Mars. It is a time for heroes, for great leaders, for men of vision, for scientists, for explorers (Beige Planet Mars p.2). (MG)

? c 2095 - The Global Mining Corporation (GMC) supplants the anachronistic USA army, providing global military training for business. The company also insists an international business language, 'International American', be spoken (The Face-Eater p.64). (MG)

c 2096 - By this time, a short-lived craze has been spawned by the creation of the holowig, a gadget that uses fibre optics and a simple holographic projector to alter the hair colour of its wearer (Just War, no date is given other than the 'twenty-first century' on p.41. Arbitrarily dated to one hundred years after publication). (MG)

? 2097 - The Seventh Doctor makes an unrecorded trip to Zagreb, Croatia to download Kadiatu's user manual from the Imogen database (The Also People, no date is given on p.155). (MG)

c 2097 - By this time the Angel Francine has built an empire that runs on automatic from a glass tower in Trieste. Hearing rumours of the existence of a data pirate known as the Flying Dutchman, Francine goes in search of him. Once located, the Flying Dutchman gives her Imogen's plans for the Ubersoldaten generation two, which were conceived over two decades ago (Transit, this takes place 'eight years' later [than 2089] on p.108. Events mentioned on p.111). (MG)

? c 2097 - A settlement is built in a cavern near what will be a power station on Mount Casmov on the planet Dellah (Twilight of the Gods (NA) p.90, [in ? 2597] they are 'five hundred' years old). (CW)

c 2097 - The Angel Francine flies to West Africa to see fellow veteran Yembe Lethbridge-Stewart. Travelling to Leipzig, the retired Brigadier walks into the foyer of Imogen's R&D centre wearing his full combat rig, and gives its occupants thirty seconds to evacuate. Deep within the complex he locates a room full of mechanical wombs filled with genetically engineered nightmares in the shape of human foetuses. He finds Kadiatu, only three months old and already showing accelerated motor co-ordination. Unable to kill her, Yembe takes the baby home with him and names her Kadiatu after his great-grandmother (Transit, this takes place 'eight years' later [than 2089] on p.108. Events mentioned on p.124/128. In The Also People, Kadiatu grew up in 'the late twenty-first' century on p.136). (MG)

c 2097 - Marshal Summerfield is born. He will stretch out his life with all kinds of futuristic drugs, leaving a lot of children in his wake (Dead Romance p.203, he is 'sixty-eight' in 2165). (CW)

2098 - By this time the World Surplus Food Storage Facility has been built in Antarctica within close proximity to the South Pole itself (The Sword of Forever, the year is given on p.32). (MG)

c 2099 - By this time maintenance engineer Yang Chou, better known as Dogface, has become indispensable to the smooth operation of the STS system (Transit, this takes place 'twenty years' earlier [than 2119] on p.99). (MG)

2099 - Olle Ahlin, chief executive of the Bantu Independence Group, dies (Another Girl, Another Planet p.131). (MG)

2099 - Jacob Leary, future geologist and colonist of Proxima 2, is born on Mars (The Face-Eater p.276). (MG)

? c 2100 - The Hotel Galaxian, a space station in Earth orbit, becomes the first offworld tourist attraction. In its early days interstellar travel is frightfully expensive (The Murder Game p.9). (MG)

c 2100 - (Paradise Towers)

2100 - Earth's Colonial Age begins when various multinational conglomerates implement the Century Program, sending ships out to colonise a dozen new worlds to help alleviate Earth's growing population (Killing Ground, this takes place 'ninety-one years' earlier [than 2191] on p.1). (MG)

2100 - The Sixth Doctor and Grant Markham are present when the colony ship New Hope departs for the Centraxis system. The New Hope will found colony world #A7, otherwise known as Agora, the remotest of Earth's colonies (Killing Ground, this takes place 'ninety-one years' earlier [than 2191] on p.1). (MG/II)

? 2100 - By this time great space ships - 'planet eaters' - have been devised to clear asteroid belts and space lanes, working by burning the debris they consume in great furnaces that go on to create pressure in much the same way as steam engines (Last of the Titans (DWM#300) Track 11, [in ?2220] this is 'centuries ago' according to the Ormelian agent, placed here due to the beginnings of colonisation as seen in Killing Ground). (CW)

c 2100 - The stellar police is incorporated into the Earthlink Federation, a system-wide body of law and order intended to cement the Earth's relations with other worlds. Corrupt from the very start and desperate to establish a reputation for itself, Earthlink's activities on dozens of civilised worlds is financed by ruthless Boor gangsters. Organised crime is all but wiped out by Earthlink when it manages to trick the Boor into going to ground thirty years. Instead, the Boor find themselves kept in stasis within an underground Federation bunker for five hundred years alongside the Shik triads and the troublesome inhabitants of the planet Obvion (The Gods of the Underworld, this takes place 'over 500 years' earlier [than 2600] on p.128/161/167. Events mentioned on p.108/131-2/160-1. It is said to occur 'four or five hundred years' earlier [than 2600] on p.108). (MG)

c 2100 - On Venedel, the forefathers of the Thane of Mahel reclaim the land surrounding the Temple of the Argian Gods of the Underworld after being kept in a primitive feudal state by the invading Argians. Over the next few centuries the Venedelans will have forgotten the very existence of the temple (The Gods of the Underworld, this takes place 'five hundred years' earlier [than 2600] on p.63. Events mentioned on p.4/115). (MG)