THE EIGHTIES (1981 - 1990)

1981 - Dame Anne Travers OBE succeeds Professor Rachel Jensen as scientific advisor to the British Cabinet. She will hold this position for the next eighteen years, offering her advice and counsel to successive governments (Millennial Rites, this takes place 'eighteen years' earlier [than 1999] on p.14). (MG)

c 1981 - The existence of the British Branch of UNIT is still a closely-guarded secret, although rumours of a United Nations unit operating in-country covering up alien activity still manage to circulate among the UFO-spotter/conspiracy-theorist community (Father Time, events mentioned on p.46). The earthbound Eighth Doctor will hear rumours of this clandestine UN-backed organisation that deals with alien incursions, but will have enquired no further by the year 2001 (Escape Velocity, events mentioned on p.100). (MG)

1981 (Winter) - UFO spotters begin to congregate in the village of Greyfrith, drawn there by tales of mysterious lights and even traces that the saucers have landed. The lights are probably just space-time warping, echoes from the future caused by the arrival of the Hunters' vessel in a few weeks' time (Father Time, this takes place a 'few weeks' before the Doctor meets Debbie Castle, on p.16. Events mentioned on p.37). (MG)

1981 (Winter, a Saturday) - A time corridor from the far future opens near the village of Greyfrith, depositing a pair of Hunters in the employ of Prefect Zevron on the trail of Miranda, the Last One. The robotic Mr Gibson is seen by UFO spotter Arnold Knight who flees at the sight, only to be knocked over by primary school teacher Debbie Castle. Debbie meets the earthbound Eighth Doctor for the first time after stumbling into his remote farmhouse to phone for an ambulance (Father Time, it is 'the early 1980s' on p.5/17. It is 'five years' after Debbie Castle's wedding day [on 28th May 1976] on p.8. It is 'winter' on p.10/85. This takes place on 'Saturday' on p.18/28/34/89). (MG)

1981 (Winter, a Tuesday) - The Doctor takes up Debbie's invitation to watch the Greyfrith Primary School's chess club in action. He plays eleven games simultaneously, winning them all with ease with the exception of a match against Miranda Dawkins. The Doctor learns Miranda has two hearts. Intrigued by the girl's obvious intelligence, the Doctor volunteers his services to give Miranda extra tuition. Later that night, the bedridden Arnold Knight is killed by the Hunters Rum and Thélash to ensure his silence (Father Time, it is 'Tuesday' on p.26). (MG)

1981 (Winter, a Wednesday) - A chance encounter with the Hunters in Greyfrith High Street leaves the Doctor with a mini-nuke hidden in his coat pocket. Entering Cooper's Wood later that night to find signs of alien activity, the Doctor and Debbie witness the Hunters summoning a flying disc containing their employer, Prefect Zevron of Faction Klade. Capturing the Doctor, Zevron orders a mindeater be used on the Doctor to discover Miranda's whereabouts. Zevron and his Deputy, Sallak, slaughter Miranda's adoptive parents, but the girl is saved by the timely intervention of Barry Castle. With Zevron dead, Sallak arrested by the authorities, and the Hunters hoist by their own petard, the Doctor adopts Miranda as his own child (Father Time, Arnold Knight was murdered 'last night' on p.64). (MG)

1981 (Winter) - The Doctor and Miranda move down South to a new home in a converted vicarage or schoolhouse. Needing to provide for his newly adopted daughter, the Doctor begins to earn a living as a business consultant - revolutionising companies' business practices and altering corporate structures. Within a short number of years the Doctor will have become a millionaire (Father Time, events mentioned on p.115/127). (MG)

1981 (? late) - Taking the Doctor's advice, George the barman sells the Dragon pub, buys a bottling plant and begins selling water from the local spring for five pounds a bottle. Within five years Dragonwater will be worth twenty million pounds a year (Father Time, this takes place 'five years' earlier [than spring 1986] on p.110). (MG)

1981 - By this time the Union of Traken stretches over five or six planets in its own solar system (Divided Loyalties p.24, no date given; referring to The Keeper of Traken). (CW)

c 1981 (The Keeper of Traken).

1981 (Feb 28th Sat) - (Logopolis, In The Crystal Bucephalus, Tegan meets the Doctor in '1981' on p.55. In Divided Loyalties, the exact date is given on p.226. In Asylum, Nyssa mistakenly remembers watching the Doctor 'fall to his death, or at least his regeneration, on Logopolis' [instead of on Earth] on p.29). (MG/CW)

1981 (Feb 28th Sat) - (Castrovalva)

1981 (Feb 28th Sat) - (Four to Doomsday)

1981 - (The Quantum Archangel).

= 1981 - (The Quantum Archangel).

c 1981 - Survivors emerge from the destruction of Mettula Orionsis. The remaining Trakenites will go on to found the colony of Serenity, which will, in time, become a verdant world of people living in peace and relative isolation (Cold Fusion, no date is given, events mentioned on p.158). (MG)

c 1981 - Sally Myers, a future victim of SenéNet's Maxx console, is born (Business Unusual, she is 'eight' [in 1989] on p.143). (CW)

1981 - Geoff Paynter of UNIT spends six weeks in the Kalahari desert with a special forces unit tracking down a group of Zygons left over from their failed invasion attempt (The King of Terror, the year is given on p.78). (MG)

1981 - Mark Barrington joins the British branch of UNIT and undergoes his basic training. His first experience with aliens is clearing up after 'the Ice Warriors fiasco in Northampton' (The King of Terror,
the year is given on p.78. In The Dying Days, we are informed that 'UNIT never met these [Ice Warrior] chaps' [prior to 1997] on p.78). (MG)

1981 - Geoff Paynter of UNIT is assigned to Harry Sullivan's broadsword team at Porton Down (The King of Terror, events mentioned on p.78). (MG)

1981 - Computer records for Jacob Hynes date back to this year. (Genocide, the year is given on p. 97)

1981 - US President Ronald Reagan is shot (The Left-Handed Hummingbird, this will happen 'next year' on p.259, and from historic record). (CW)

1981 (mid Nov) - In the village of Moreton Harwood, Doctor Lavinia Smith discovers evidence that black magic witchcraft rites are being performed in the local area. A letter written to the Gloucester Standard causes a public scandal for the next three weeks (K9 and Company: A Girl's Best Friend, this takes place 'three weeks' before Lavinia leaves for the States [in early December]. In the novelisation, this takes place 'three weeks' before Lavinia's lecture tour begins, on p.74. The Gloucestershire Standard is renamed as the North Dorset Echo, on p.11). (MG)

1981 (Nov) - Moreton Harwood's thirteen-strong coven of witches performs the esbat ceremony to the goddess Hecate in which a photograph of Lavinia Smith is burned in their Cauldron of Regeneration (K9 and Company: A Girl's Best Friend, no date is given. In the novelisation, this takes place in 'November' on p.7). (MG)

1981 - Tom, future travelling companion of Iris Wildthyme, is born in England (Verdigris, no date is given but he is 'nineteen' in November 2000, on p.2). (MG)

1981 (Dec 4th) - The Jex, in retreat from their Canavitchi persecutors, arrive on Earth, taking shelter in California's San Joaquin Valley (The King of Terror, the exact date is given in the novel's prologue). (MG)

1981 (Dec 6th Sun) - Lavinia Smith's plans to spend Christmas with her often-absent niece Sarah Jane and ward Brendan Richards are interrupted when the noted anthropologist is called away on a lecture tour of the United States (K9 and Company: A Girl's Best Friend, Lavinia leaves 'last Sunday week', and 'a couple of weeks' earlier [than December 18th]. In the novelisation, this takes place 'last Sunday week' on p.19, and 'a couple of weeks' earlier, on p.48). (MG)

1981 (early Dec) - Freelance journalist Sarah Jane Smith is sent by the Reuters agency to cover the famine in Ethiopia. Her curiosity leads her to infiltrate the local rebel forces and she finds herself held practically at gunpoint, incommunicado, in a stinking North African military outpost located in a squalid Ethiopian village for the next two weeks (K9 and Company: A Girl's Best Friend, Sarah has been 'abroad for the last fortnight'. In the novelisation, this takes place a 'fortnight' earlier [than December 18th] on p.28. Events mentioned on p.16/24). (MG)

1981 (Dec 18th Fri) - Sarah Jane Smith finally returns to England and travels to the village of Morton Harwood to spend Christmas with her Aunt Lavinia and Brendan Richards. Sarah finds her aunt missing, apparently under mysterious circumstances, and informs her business partner, Bill Pollock. Sarah and Brendan open a packing-crate addressed to Sarah, to find K9 mark III, a parting gift from her old travelling companion, the Doctor. Later that night, George Tracey attempts to kidnap Brendan but is scared away by K9 (K9 and Company: A Girl's Best Friend, the exact date is given as '1981, December 18th', which is a 'Friday'. In the novelisation, the exact date is also given on p.45. Today is 'Friday' on p.51). (MG)

1981 (Dec 19th Sat) - Sarah reports the attack on Brendan to the police at West Norton. Later that night, George Tracey and his son successfully kidnap Brendan from Bradleigh Manor (K9 and Company: A Girl's Best Friend, Brendan was attacked 'last night'). (MG)

1981 (Dec 20th Sun) - Sarah awakens the next morning to discover Brendan missing. Believing George Tracey to be responsible, she reports this to Police Sergeant Vince Wilson, little realising he is part of the coven. Later that night, K9 keeps Tracey's cottage under surveillance and observes an altercation between Wilson and the elder Tracey. Shortly afterwards, Sergeant Wilson is involved in a freak accident, and dies of shock. Sarah confides in Bill Pollack that she thinks Tracey and Wilson are part of a coven and intend to use Brendan as a human sacrifice (K9 and Company: A Girl's Best Friend, Brendan has been missing 'since last night'. It is 'Sunday' today. In the novelisation, it is 'morning' on p.105. Today is 'Sunday' on p.108). (MG)

1981 (Dec 21st Mon) - Bill Pollock disappears under mysterious circumstances. Sarah and K9 use a map of the local area to pinpoint any churches in a five-mile radius, then set off to establish the place where the coven performs its ceremonies. After wasting several hours travelling the countryside, K9 informs Sarah that there is a ruined chapel at Bradleigh Manor. Returning to Moreton Harwood with seconds to spare, Sarah and K9 are just in time to rescue Brendan from the coven. The leaders of the witches are unmasked as Bill Pollock and Lily Gregson, the local postmistress (K9 and Company: A Girl's Best Friend, Sergeant Wilson died 'last night'. 'December 22nd' is 'tomorrow. In the novelisation, it is the next 'morning' on p.130.). (MG)

1981 (Dec 24th Thurs) - Sarah and Brendan spend Christmas at Moreton Harwood while K9 mark III sings Christmas Carols (K9 and Company: A Girl's Best Friend, it is 'four days' since Sarah thought Juno Baker was part of the coven). (MG)

1981 (late) - Bill Pollock and the other members of the witch coven are charged with attempted murder (K9 and Company: A Girl's Best Friend). (MG)

1982 - Professor Daniel Joyce causes panic on the Berkeley campus when he builds a small atomic bomb as a demonstration of how easy it could be for a lunatic to get hold of the components (Unnatural History p.81/215). (MG/II)

1982 - Isaac Summerfield meets Hamlet Macbeth when he makes a visit to Isaac's bookshop that specialises in books about the paranormal. After having dinner together, Hamlet awards Isaac n autographed copy of his book 'The Shoreditch Incident' (Return of the Living Dad p.46). (MG/CW)

1982 - Little Caldwell is cordoned off for twenty-four hours by an unsuspecting UNIT as part of a training exercise, resulting in a lot of soldiers tramping all over the village and its surroundings, and a lot of coffee sold at the Pyramid, Isaac's coffee shop. In the end, the Americans at Greenham Common ask them to leave (Return of the Living Dad p.49). (CW)

1982 - (Time-Flight. In Return of the Living Dad the year is given on p.134). (CW)

1982 - The Fifth Doctor is photographed by an amateur photographer at Heathrow airport (Return of the Living Dad p.134, it is '1982'; referring to Time Flight). (CW)

1982 - A blurred but recognisable photograph of the TARDIS appears in an issue of 'Who's Who and What's That?' (Return of the Living Dad p.55). (CW)

1982 - The Jex leader, using the forged identity of an Italian-American named Paolo Sanger, sets up International Communications Conglomerate (InterCom), a multinational corporation that provides cutting-edge technology for very low prices. By the end of the twentieth century InterCom, with offices in Paris, Luxembourg, Prague, Vienna and Tokyo, will have control of dozens of media, publishing, broadcasting and communications networks (The King of Terror, the year is given on p.39. Events mentioned on p.89/90/93). (MG)

1982 - Debbie Castle continues to keep a constant vigil over her comatose husband Barry when his condition is labelled a 'persistent vegetative state' by doctors at St Kitt's Hospital (Father Time, this takes place 'four years' earlier [than spring 1986] on p.112). (MG)

? 1982 - The Doctor may have been incarcerated in Robbin Island Prison with Nelson Mandela, who teaches the Time Lord how to speak Xhosa, by this time (The Also People, no date is given on p.47. Mandela was transferred from Robbin Island to the maximum-security Pollsmoor Prison in 1982, remaining there until 1988). (MG)

c 1982 - Mel leaves school with five A-levels and ten O-levels and a tested IQ of 162, and spends eight months exploring Europe, before getting a job at a Scottish nature reserve, initially looking after the animals, then in the office (Business Unusual, Mel leaves school [at 18] on p.162). (CW)

1982 - SenéNet takes over a series of computer manufacturers in northern France and Hamburg. Over the coming years, it will become a major shareholder in a large number of electronics-based corporations, also diversifying into fast-food and music retail, ensuring a presence in the major influences if the youth market (Business Unusual p.56-57). As more and more companies become involved with SenéNet, more and more businessmen undergo the operation that will leave them will a modified drone (Business Unusual, p.239). (CW)

1982 - Professor Nicholas Bridgeman begins teaching at London's South Bank Polytechnic (Invasion of the Cat-People p.28/27). (MG)

c 1983 - (Arc of Infinity).

c 1983 - The village of Dogubayazit in Turkey is destroyed and another is built over the original (Eternity Weeps, p.12). (CW)

c 1983 - Leg-irons become illegal (Interference Book Two, the year is given on p.117). (CW)

1983 (March) - US President Ronald Reagan announces the launch of the Strategic Defense Initiative (Option Lock, historic fact). (CW)

1983 - By this time the personal stereo and the CD player are invented (No Future, the personal stereo [in u1976] is 'too early' on p.68. On p.212, CD technology is 'ten years' too early. The compact disc is launched in 1983). (CW)

1983 (March 11th Fri) - After thirty-two years in exile, Soviet double agent Donald Maclean dies in Moscow, Russia (Endgame, the date is given as 'March 1983' on p.241. Maclean's death on 11th March 1983 is a matter of historical record). (II/MG)

? 1983 - The Seventh Doctor and Bernice make an unrecorded trip to a Laurel and Hardy convention in Ulverstone, Lancashire (The Pit, no date is given other than the '1980s' on p.30. Arbitrarily dated to ten years before publication). (MG)

1983 (c May) - Joel Mintz, hurled back in time from 1993, finds himself in the New York of 1983 (Return of the Living Dad p.172, p.249, [in December] Joel has been at Little Caldwell for 'eight months'). (CW)

1983 (c May) - After spending days on the streets, Joel Mintz, having got very drunk on the last of his money (all dated 1993), is approached by Isaac Summerfield (Return of the Living Dad p.173). (CW)

1983 - The Bannerman living in a cardboard box in London is found by Isaac Summerfield's crew and taken to Little Caldwell (Return of the Living Dad p.64). (CW)

1983 - The TARDIS hovers above Columbia, while the Seventh Doctor confirms that a Vampire waveform-mimic has not activated an ancient Gallifreyan N-Form (Damaged Goods p.256). (MG)

1983 - After being a thorn in the side of the authorities for two years, the Eighth Doctor ends his demands to be allowed to question the imprisoned Sallak after the Deputy's lawyers put an injunction on him. This prevents any contact between the Doctor and the people treating their client (Father Time, this takes place 'two years' later [than 1981] and 'three years' earlier [than spring 1986] on p.114). (MG)

1983 - Maddy Sharp gives birth to a son, who she calls Ian (The Blue Angel p12). (MG)

? 1983 - By this time, Elvis's coroner has been heard to say, "If he wasn't dead before the post-mortem, he sure as hell is now" (Return of the Living Dad p.132, no date, but (according to historic record at least) Elvis died in Memphis, Tennessee on Aug. 16, 1977). (CW/MG)

1983 - By this time Doctor has visited Lacaille 8760 (Return of the Living Dad p.75). (CW)

? 1983 - Myn and Ia Jareshth, two Lacaillans, are caught breaking into the National Hurricane Center in Florida, and are caught by the police, but are rescued by Isaac before Colonel Kramer of UNIT US or the FBI can get them (Return of the Living Dad p.57, p.120-121, no date. Colonel Kramer's position is given in Vampire Science). (CW)

1983 - If a single nuke were launched on Earth this year, less people would die as a direct result than those who will die from tobacco (Return of the Living Dad p.214). If a nuclear war, however, were started this year there would be less people killed than the number who will be killed by the Daleks in 2157 (Return of the Living Dad p.246). (CW)

1983 - Jason Peter Kane, short-term husband of twenty-sixth century archaeologist Bernice Summerfield, is born into a middle-class family in Great Britain. He will spend his youth growing up in the countryside in a Mock Tudor housing estate situated about sixty or seventy miles outside London (Return of the Living Dad, he says 'I was born this year, you know' [during a trip to 1983] on p.53. When asked which year he is from, Jason confirms 'this one' on p.47. In Death and Diplomacy, his full name is given as 'Jason Peter Kane' on p.35/39. Jason's father travels 'between Liverpool Street Station and Bank' [located in London] to get to work, on p.150. Events mentioned on p.125). (CW/MG)

1983 - The first of three sets of time travellers to visit Little Caldwell in 1983 arrives, an escapee from a laboratory of enslaved physicists in the twenty-fourth century. She is returned, re-equipped to free the others (Return of the Living Dad p.41). (CW)

1983 (mid) - (Mawdryn Undead. In Return of the Living Dad [in December] this occurs 'earlier this year' on p.134). (CW)

1983 (mid) - The Fifth Doctor is caught on camera talking to 'Lethbridge-bloody-Stuart' by an amateur photographer (Return of the Living Dad p.134, it is 'earlier this year' [in December]; referring to Mawdryn Undead). (CW)

1983 - Langford, a member of the original Tisiphone crew, vanishes mysteriously (Return of the Living Dad p.44, p.46). CW)

1983 - Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart is in Haiti (Heart of TARDIS, no date is given. This takes place 'last year' [in 1983] on p.41). (MG)

c 1983 - The house of Ace's best friend Manisha is firebombed by three boys (Set Piece, no date is given on p.237) who are all neo-Nazis (Illegal Alien, events mentioned on p.130). Ace watches Manisha being carried out of the house on a stretcher, her hair burnt down to her scalp, as the fire creeps down the side of the building. A moment after, she screams as backdraft blows out the front wall of the house (Blood Heat, Manisha is 'fourteen', on p.184. Events also mentioned on p.249). An older Dorothy, having arrived by organic time hopper, witnesses the scene, but wisely decides not to intervene, but instead arranges for a police patrol car to be waiting down a side street to arrest the perpetrators (Set Piece, events mentioned on p.237). Manisha is taken to casualty, but there are respiratory complications because she has breathed in flame, and dies after looking at Ace, unable to even scream (Blood Heat, events mentioned on p.184). Driven by anger, Ace climbs over the wall of Gabriel Chase and enters the house where, inside, she senses the evil remaining from Light's death one hundred years ago (Ghost Light, Ace is 'thirteen' at this time. In Prime Time, events mentioned on p.145). For months afterwards, Ace will be disturbed by the smell of burning (The Dimension Riders, events mentioned on p.144), but the most lasting impression is the guilt she feels - felt because she holds herself partly responsible for an incident she was not part of the solution to. She will try for years to convince herself she couldn't be responsible for every maniac, but without success (Blood Heat, events mentioned on p.184). (CW/MG)

= c 1983 - The last turkey to be cooked inside the Complex is eaten. (Blood Heat, events on p.87, no date except for 'more than a decade is given' on p.87) It is entirely possible that turkeys become extinct soon after. (CW)

1983 - Sarah Jane Smith is time scooped for the Game of Rassilon (The Five Doctors, also dated in Interference Book Two p.73). (MG)

? 1983 - The fifth Doctor returns to the Eye of Orion after the interruption by Borusa, and meets the Eighth Doctor in search of his memories - but encounters the Raston Robot sent by Ryoth on Gallifrey. The Doctors manage to overcome the Robot by employing the philosophical dilemma of 'Burinden's Ass'. After a Sontaran commando force is scooped to their location, the Doctor tricks them into reawakening the Raston Robot . . . only for a Drashig to be sent their way. Fortunately they manage to send it back using a Temporal Reverse Feedback Field… (The Eight Doctors p.169-171, no date, so set to contemporary with The Five Doctors). (CW)

1983 - On the instructions of Cousin Llewis, Faction Paradox agents travel to BBC Television Centre at Shepherd's Bush and wreck the Blue Peter garden, uprooting shrubs and plants, poisoning the goldfish with oil and destroying a plaque made by a handicapped child. This one act of petty destruction introduces a whole new kind of guilt and terror to a generation of young people, turning thousands of them into potential Faction agents (Interference Book Two, no date is given other than 'the early 1980s' on p.296. The vandalising of the Blue Peter garden in 1983 is a matter of historical record). (MG)

1983 (? Summer) - Perpugilliam Brown attends Boston University to do a degree course. Living away from home for the first time, Peri buys a nine-millimetre handgun from a pawnshop in a fit of paranoia, but never uses it (Burning Heart, this takes place when Peri is 'seventeen' on p.102). (MG)

1983 (Oct) - By this time John Benton has returned to active service. Mike Yates and Tom Osgood have opened their tea-rooms just outside Reading, and Carol Bell is married with a child (Business Unusual, the date is given on p.11). (MG)

1983 (Oct) - Lethbridge-Stewart attends a UNIT reunion. Among those present are Liz Shaw, Masie Hawk, Hamlet Macbeth, and Sir John Sudbury. Lethbridge-Stewart and the Second Doctor are time-scooped by Borusa to play the Game of Rassilon on Gallifrey (The Five Doctors, in Business Unusual, the date is given on p.11). (MG)

1983 - Dorothy McShane spends a school holiday in an Outdoor Pursuits centre in Dawlish. Each night she and a couple of friends climb out of their dormitory and sneak into town to indulge in underage drinking (The Hollow Men, this takes place when Ace is 'thirteen' on p.241). (MG)

1983 (? Late) - The USAF base at Greenham Common picks up odd radio signals and passes them on to the British Army for identification. The signals stop after a day, and as no one knew what they were, it is quickly forgotten (Return of the Living Dad p.116, no date, assumed to be recent). (CW)

1983 - By this time Isaac Summerfield's team at Little Caldwell has a number of associates, including academics, astronomers, journalists, and a local group of the Professor X Appreciation Society (Return of the Living Dad p.65). (CW)

1983 - By this time the KGB's knowledge of extraterrestrial incursions outside the USSR is very limited (Return of the Living Dad p.90). (CW)

1983 - By this time Hamlet Macbeth has written his book on UFOs, Look! Up in the Sky (Return of the Living Dad p.156). (CW)

? 1983 - Isaac Summerfield discovers that nuclear weapons are to be sent to Greenham Common, and activates the Tisiphone's transponder (Return of the Living Dad p.241, no date given). (CW)

1983 (Late November) - The women protesters at Greenham Common cut ¾ miles of fence - though it will only be reported by newspapers as a few thousand feet (Return of the Living Dad p.85, [on 11th December] this happened 'two weeks ago'). (CW)

1983 - By this time, there are numerous discussions going on about the Doctor on various BBSes, including whether 'Doctor' could be a code name, or (and this is a topic which invariably results in a flame war) whether he could ever be a woman (Return of the Living Dad p.171). (CW)

1983 (December) - By this time Joel Mintz has been catching up on all the Professor X episodes he missed as a child. His parents forbade him to watch it due to the nightmares it gave him, causing him to miss lots of classic episodes (Return of the Living Dad p.56). (CW)

1983 (? December) - One of Ellen Woodworth's contacts brings her a copy of the signals and the triangulation that places the source in Little Caldwell... (Return of the Living Dad p.116). (CW)

1983 (Friday 10th December) - The TARDIS arrives at Little Caldwell, after falling into a wormhole in the twenty-sixth century. Nearby, Ellen Woodworth discovers, after many attempts, the correct route to Little Caldwell. Albinex visits Aldermaston (Return of the Living Dad p.34, p.49, p.60, p.67). Woodworth sits up all night with an army radio in case the signals come again (Return of the Living Dad p.116, no date, but Woodworth is in a position to do this). (MG//II/CW)

1983 (Saturday 11th December) - Albinex steals the Doctor's TARDIS - with Jason inside. The Lacaillan Ia Jareshth also goes missing, and search parties are sent out. The Doctor meets Woodworth posing as a ghost finder (Return of the Living Dad p.75, p.85, it is 'four hours after midnight' on p.69, and the '11th' on p.97). Chris, however, is caught by UNIT and taken to their safe house, and examined... (Return of the Living Dad p.109, p.122-123). Realising where Chris has been taken, the Doctor and a members of Isaac Summerfield's team storm the UNIT safe house. After freeing Chris and discovering the corpses of Roze and Indigo, the Doctor burns the house to the ground. Later, Jacqui leaves Little Caldwell to go to Greenham Common, and the Doctor is abducted by Albinex while trying to send the Lacaillan home (Return of the Living Dad p.130, p.141, p.150). (CW)

1983 (Sunday 12th December) - Bernice, anxious that Jason may have gone home to beat up his father, phones his to make sure. The Doctor, meanwhile, is lured to a community centre where he is captured and then . . . tortured by Albinex. The Doctor and Jason are escape from Albinex's Sky Yacht by rewiring the circuitry in his transformation arch. At nearly midnight, the ghost who has been stranded on Earth causes a nexus point from which emerges Keith Kane-Summerfield (Return of the Living Dad p.158, p.169, it is 'almost noon', p.175, p.194, p.212). (CW)

1983 (Monday 13th December) - Woodworth escapes and kidnaps Kieth - but is eaten by the Ogri. On Albinex's Sky Yacht the Doctor surrenders the nuclear launch codes after being forced to experience the pleasure of a cup of tea magnified a million times and Isaac soon rescues the Doctor from the bottom a the local lake. Upon returning to Little Cladwell, Isaac sends a signal to the army of aliens he has assembled, who begin converging on the village. After defeating Isaac's plan, the Doctor heads to Greenham Common to stop Albinex - and after a struggle one of the nuclear missiles launches... (Return of the Living Dad p.220-222, p.230, p.255, p.268). (CW)

1983 (Monday 13th December) - The cruise missile launched from Greenham Common USAF base obliterates the Dalek satellite in geostationary orbit around the planet (Return of the Living Dad p.268). (CW)

1983 (late December) - The Doctor sets about returning the members of Isaac's army to their own planets after they rescue the TARDIS from the bottom of a lake (Return of the Living Dad p.277). (CW)

1983 (31st December) - The New Year is celebrated at Little Caldwell, and Joel records a video (Return of the Living Dad p.270). (MG/CW)

= ? 1983 - In an alternate timeline created by Albinex on the instructions of the Daleks, the world becomes plunged into war after a cruise missile is launched from the USAF base at Greenham Common (Return of the Living Dad). From now on there will be a series of long periods with nothing but destruction and killing until nearly seven-eighths of the world's population will be wiped out and the planet in ruins. The rest will live for a long time in holes in the ground, starving and reduced to the level of animals. Until the Daleks come (Day of the Daleks novelisation, events mentioned on p.111). (CW)

1984 (1st January) - Joel Mintz sends his video to Department C19 to give to his parents in 1993. The Doctor leaves, taking Albinex home after forcing him to watch Threads and The Day After all night long, before returning Bernice and Jason to the twenty-sixth century (Return of the Living Dad p.273, p.275, [on December 31st] they will do this 'tomorrow', on p.287-279, the countdown has finished). (CW)

1984 (early January) - Mrs Ransandrianasolo departs Little Caldwell to find Jacqui and be a part off History at Greenham Common (Return of the Living Dad p.274-175). (CW)

1984 (early January) - After being informed by the doctor about the 'test launch' at Greenham Common, Department C19's official story is that the missile was in fact an experimental plane (Return of the Living Dad p.276). (CW)

1984 (May 1st Tues) - (The Awakening)

1984 (early May) - The Fifth Doctor gets a place on the board of governors at the Hexen Bridge village school with the help of Jane Hampden, who is part of the local teaching community. It is during this return to Hexen Bridge that the Doctor meets Ian Denman again. Denman, who has just joined the police force, comes to Tegan's aid when she slips on the village bridge and injures her ankle. Denman carries her back to the school grounds (The Hollow Men, the year is given on p.217, events mentioned on p.145). (MG)

1984 (May 13th Sun) - Victoria Waterfield travels to Highgate Cemetery to visit her mother's grave (Downtime, the exact date is given on p.12). (MG)

1984 - (Resurrection of the Daleks)

1984 - At this time the technology that brings Futayomato's company to the attentions of SenéNet is being researched (Business Unusual, this happens 'five years ago' on p.56). (CW)

c 1984 - Teenager Dorothy McShane, determined to get her first kiss outside the local youth club, lures her intended 'victim' outside one freezing night and is nearly pushes him up against the wall before he gets the idea (Timewyrm: Revelation, this takes place when Ace is 'thirteen' on p.106). (MG)

1984 - Perpugilliam Brown takes part in a field trip to the jungles of Madagascar (Burning Heart, this takes place 'a year' before she meets the Doctor, on p.21). (MG)

c 1984 (Summer) - (Planet of Fire)

c 1984 (mid June) - Katharine Delbane, an undercover DISTO(P)IA agent, is sent by the Provisional Spymaster Crowley, to infiltrate UNIT (Heart of TARDIS, no date is given. It is 'a month' earlier [than mid July 1984] on p.102). (MG)

c 1984 (mid July) - The Fourth Doctor and Romana arrive in London after responding to a summons by Lethbridge-Stewart's recall device. Transported to the Tollsham USAF airbase situated sixty miles north-east of London, the Doctor learns Crowley brought him here, and he's in need of the Doctor's knowledge to open the Golgotha gateway and unleash primal Chaos. (Heart of TARDIS, no date is given, but it is 'the middle of July' on p.117. It is 'more than five years' since man last set foot on Mars [in 1977] on p.153. It is 'decades' since the nuclear strike, on p.203. It is 'fifteen' years later [than c1968] on p.246). (MG)

1984 (July) - Victoria Waterfield, in need of a holiday, travels to Tibet (Downtime, the date is given on p.27). (MG)

1984 (Aug 18th Sat) - A huge explosion in the mountains north of Nangpa La, Tibet, is registered by UNIT's Gargarin Tracking Station, when a dormant volcano erupts, destroying Det-sen monastery. Reuters, CNN and the BBC's Delhi office also report the event (Downtime, the exact date is given on p.53). (MG)

1984 (Aug 22nd Wed) - Second Lieutenant Douglas Cavendish of UNIT is sent to Tibet to investigate the destruction of Det-sen monastery (Downtime, this takes place 'four days' later [than August 18th] on p.53). (MG)

1984 (Sept) - Realising that the Soviet Union's scientists will be unable to match recent technological advances made by the United States, Konstantin Chernenko orders the opening of the Kremlin's top secret vault, hoping to find something of value in Nazi documents procured at the end of the last World War. The Soviets are amazed to find the vault empty - the Seventh Doctor has made an unrecorded trip sometime earlier to retrieve Emil Hartung's research notes. Unable to match America in avionics and other areas, the Soviet Union will collapse shortly afterwards (Just War, the date is given on p.197). (MG)

1984 (September) - Ace returns to school to study to begin studying her O-levels, including Art. Her teacher, Miss Parkinson, likes abstract art and will waffle on for hours about the importance of form and meaning in work (Dust Breeding, events mentioned on Disc 1, Tracks 1, 6. O-levels begin in the student's tenth year of school). (CW)

c 1984 - Five-year-old Gavin Scott is visited by his imaginary friend Bernice Summerfield during his first day at school, while in Mrs Grillo's class (The Least Important Man (TDMD), this takes place when Gavin is 'five years of age' on p.183). (MG)

1984 (late Sept) - Sarah Jane Smith reports on the first Yeti born in captivity for Metropolitan magazine. The event is interrupted by the appearance of the late Professor Edward Travers CBE (Downtime, it is the 'end of September' on p.61). (MG)

c 1984 - The Fifth Doctor and Peri encounter an alien gem thief who's stolen the Eye of Gaar and his pursuers in Surbiton. (Hot Ice (MST), no year is given, and the story could be set any time in the late 20th century. I've decided to put it shortly after Peri left Earth) (II)

1984 (Dec 22nd) - Ruby Duvall, reporter for the Sunday Seeker tabloid, is born to parents Philip and Jacqueline (Iceberg, the exact date is given on p.38). (MG)

c 1985 - On Lalande 21185, a viral cache is triggered by the government in another rebellion, and the virus gets free. The living corpses of those afflicted come stumbling out of the cordoned-off area in their hundreds of thousands, the grass disintegrating where they tread (Return of the Living Dad p.98, p.101, this occurs 'in two years' time). (CW)

1985 - DNA fingerprinting is introduced (Return of the Living Dad p.172, [in 1983] this will happen in 'a few years' time, historic fact). (CW)

1985 - The Tarot of the Cat People is created by Karen Kuykendall (Invasion of the Cat-People, the year is given on p.46). (MG)

1985 - (Attack of the Cybermen)

1985 - Tobias Vaughn's men ransack the bodies of Cybermen from the future, which are discovered in London's sewers, hoping to salvage any Cybertechnology to delay the rapid breakdown of Vaughn's own robotic body (Original Sin, no date is given on p.289/292). (MG)

= c 1985 - Tommy is born in the Complex (Blood Heat, he is eight on p.48) (CW)

1985 (Spring) - Iris Wildthyme makes a surprise visit to the home of the amnesiac Eighth Doctor (Father Time, this takes place 'about a year ago' [in spring 1986] on p.129. A version of these events can be found in the story Iris Explains (MP)). (MG)

1985 (April) - The Eighth Doctor participates in, and probably wins, the London Marathon (Father Time, this takes place 'last year' [in spring 1986] on p.115. The 1985 London Marathon was held in April). (MG)

c 1985 - Danny Pain's name is dropped in the music press. Ozric Tentacles go on about him and the '76 invasion. Danny soon gets together with The Orb and makes a number of anti-Vardan music tracks (No Future, on p.270). (CW)

c 1985 - It is around this time that teenager Dorothy McShane idolises rock's greatest son, Johnny Chess. She even goes as far as attending a fan club convention where the musician actually shows up, carrying his guitar. Dorothy manages to slip backstage to meet her hero, only to have her illusions shattered by his distant attitude (Timewyrm: Revelation, this takes place when Ace is 'fourteen' on p.89). (MG)

1985 - The Seventh Doctor and Mel make an unrecorded visit to the Welsh village of Llanfer Ceiriog, situated somewhere between Oswestry and Portmeirion (Cat's Cradle: Witch Mark, this takes place 'seven years' earlier [than 1992] on p.25. Events mentioned on p.34/39). (MG)

c 1985 - By this time Sarah Jane Smith has moved out of her Aunt Lavinia's residence in Croydon and found a place of her own in Camberwell (Harry Sullivan's War, events mentioned on p.95). (MG)

1985 (mid May) - While working at the Tooth Tor Biological Defence Establishment located on Dartmoor, Surgeon Lieutenant-Commander Harry Sullivan RN receives a terse memo from NATO General Caspar Schlitzburger informing him of his transferral to the Weapons Development Establishment on the island of Yarra in the Hebrides (Harry Sullivan's War, this takes place 'several days' prior to Harry's birthday, on p.3). (MG)

1985 (mid May) - Unhappy at the news of his impending transfer, Harry visits Admiralty Arch, where he has a heated argument with his superior, Rear-Admiral de Longpré. Harry's request to be allowed to remain in Defence rather than transfer to Weapons Development is refused (Harry Sullivan's War, this takes place 'two days' before Harry's birthday, on p.4). (MG)

1985 (mid May) - Taking leave from his work at Tooth Tor, Harry Sullivan spends time working out at a London gymnasium. He is shocked when Jamaican strongman Rudolph Rainbow makes an attempt on his life by dropping a heavy weight onto his chest (Harry Sullivan's War, it is 'May' on p.3. It is 'ten years' since Harry left UNIT, on p.3/14. It is during a time when the Brigadier is 'officially retired from UNIT' on p.26, and has become 'Senior Mathematics Master at a private school in Sussex' on p.29. In System Shock, Sarah [mistakenly?] thinks Harry appears to be 'in his late forties' [in 1998] on p.61). (MG)

1985 (mid May) - The morning of his forty-first birthday sees Harry taking a trip to London's National Gallery, where Samantha Shire, daughter of retired neurologist Doctor Alexander Shire, approaches him. Returning home to his spacious flat near Regent's Park, Harry receives a postcard from old friend Teddy Bland, now a senior researcher at the NATO base at Yarra, inviting him to spend a few days at the Weapons Development Establishment (Harry Sullivan's War, it is 'the following day' on p.3. Harry is 'forty-one' today, on p.2. The location of Harry's flat is given on p.9. This takes place 'three months' earlier [than mid August] on p.33/34). (MG)

1985 (May) - After spending a few days at Yarra reliving things with old flame Esther Bland, Harry departs, only to be run off the road by an unknown assailant in a Land Rover. Coming to from a severe concussion, Harry finds himself under the care of American neurologist Doctor Alexander Shire at Castle Mackie. Groggy, Harry is sure he can hear Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart divulging sensitive UNIT information in a nearby room. Shire injects Harry with a powerful drug and records Harry's words about his own work at Tooth Tor. Harry finally manages to escape from Castle Mackie and, after stealing a dinghy to row his way across the Dead Loch, manages to board a train to Euston (Harry Sullivan's War, this takes place a 'few days' after Harry's birthday, on p.3). (MG)

1985 (May, a Sat) - Back in London Harry bumps into old friend Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart outside a newsagents near Lords Cricket Ground, and is given an invitation to visit Stewart Lodge in Scotland (Harry Sullivan's War, it is 'noon next day' on p.22. It is 'Saturday' on p.24). (MG)

1985 (June 1st) - Harry is transferred to the Yarra Establishment and promoted to the rank of Surgeon-Commander. Under the directorship of Professor Conrad Gold, Harry's duties include researching the development of nerve poisons while ensuring all personnel engaged in the Attila Programme receive thorough check-ups and regular treatment with special antidotes to protect them from accidental contamination with the lethal new nerve toxins (Harry Sullivan's War, the date is given as 'June the first' on p.27). (MG)

c 1985 - WPC Nan Ainsworth transfers to the East Sussex police force (Business Unusual, this happens '4 years ago' [in 1989] on p.116). (CW)

c 1985 - Schoolboy Matthew Hatch discovers an ancient mirror belonging to the infamous Judge George Jeffreys in the cellar of the Jack in the Green pub in Hexen Bridge. Hatch comes face-to-face with the power of Jack i' the Green for the first time and commences work on freeing his new master from his earthly shackles (The Hollow Men, no date is given, but Hatch is a 'fourteen-year-old' on p.79). (MG)

c 1985 - At this time Carol Bell works for a private weapons development comany under contract from the government. The work involves watching science fiction films on video, getting ideas for hardware from them (Interference Book Two, events on p.157-158, it is during the 'mid-eighties'). (CW)

c 1985 - The pangalactic second federation force for peace collapsed quite recently after a "bit of a brouhaha with revolutionaries : fifth column, loyal opposition, that sort of thing. Fourth front opened up" and a third federation was created (quote from SB5496/74) (The Nightmare Fair, p113). (JE)

c 1985 - (The Two Doctors)

1985 (? Aug 17th Sat) - After having spent an uneventful couple of months working at Yarra, Harry finally accepts the Brigadier's offer to visit Stewart Lodge, which is situated on the opposite side of Dead Loch from Castle Mackie (Harry Sullivan's War, this takes place 'one weekend in early August' on p.29. Harry has been working at Yarra for a 'couple of months' by this time on p.28). (MG)

1985 (? Aug 18th Sun) - A conversation with Lethbridge-Stewart reveals that Harry's former commanding officer can't stand his neighbour Alexander Shire, and wouldn't be seen dead in Castle Mackie. Harry comes to the conclusion that the Brigadier must be lying and must be in collusion with Shire, as he is sure he has heard Lethbridge-Stewart's voice in an adjoining room in the castle (Harry Sullivan's War, it is the 'next morning' on p.33). (MG)

1985 (? Aug 19th Mon) - Harry returns to his work at Yarra, but finds it almost impossible to concentrate on his work. While administering the antidote to Attila 305 to one of the enzyme scientists, Harry is horrified to learn that his lapse of concentration has resulted in him injecting the woman with ten times the correct dosage of nykor inhibitase. After monitoring the woman for a fortnight, Harry believes his mistake may lead to a breakthrough in infertility treatment when the woman declares herself to be pregnant after years of failure (Harry Sullivan's War, Harry returns to Yarra on 'Monday' on p.35. This takes place a 'week' (on p.36) and another 'week later' (on p.37) earlier [than 6th September]). (MG)

1985 (Sept 6th Sat) - Harry decides to visit Castle Mackie and, initially finding nobody home, scouts around and learns that Doctor Shire has been spying on Yarra and the Brigadier when he discovers a batch of surveillance tapes covertly recorded by the neurologist. Shortly afterwards, Harry finds himself a prisoner of Shire's colleague, the Romanian Zbigniew Brodsky, leader of the European Anarchist Revolution Anti-Chemical Hazard Environment Society (EARACHES). Brodsky intends injecting Harry with the Attila 305 compound to see how effective the antidote to the toxin is, but Harry manages to elude his captors and makes his way to Stewart Lodge. He is attacked by the Brigadier's butler, Sergeant Curly, who is also an EARACHES operative, and, realising he must get to London to warn his superiors of the anarchists' activities, heads off on the long drive south. Overcome by the effects of the Attila 305, Harry slumps unconscious at the wheel (Harry Sullivan's War, it is 'Saturday' on p.46). (MG)

1985 (Sept 8th Sun) - Approaching Balquidder, Harry learns he is being hunted by an EARACHES helicopter and, abandoning his car, climbs aboard a southward-bound train heading for King's Cross (Harry Sullivan's War, it is 'early morning' on p.74). (MG)

1985 (Sept 9th Mon) - Back in London, Harry receives an encrypted note from Samantha Shire asking to meet at the National Gallery the following day (Harry Sullivan's War, it is 'Monday' on p.84). (MG)

1985 (Sept 10th Tues) - Harry meets with Samantha at the Gallery, and is horrified to learn she is wheelchair-bound, crippled by the effects of Attila 305. Harry is urged to work with EARACHES to cure her condition, little realising the crippled woman is, in fact, Samantha's twin sister Natasha, who has been confined to a wheelchair since the age of twelve. Leaving the Gallery, Harry is detained by Special Branch officers on suspicion of stealing classified government materials and of conspiring with enemies of the State. After brief interview with his solicitor, Harry is driven to Wormwood Scrubs Prison to be held on remand pending trial (Harry Sullivan's War, this takes place the 'next day' on p.88). (MG)

1985 (Sept 12th Thurs) - Sarah Jane Smith secures an interview with Doctor Shire while writing an article on the anti-biological warfare brigade. She meets Samantha Shire during her brief stay at Castle Mackie (Harry Sullivan's War, this takes place on 'Thursday' on p.97). (MG)

1985 (Sept 14th Sat) - Sarah visits Harry in Wormwood Scrubs and their conversation leaves Harry with the realisation he has been duped into thinking Samantha has been crippled as part of EARACHES plan to get him to work for them (Harry Sullivan's War, it is a 'Saturday' on p.92, in 'September' on p.94). (MG)

1985 (Sept 16th Mon) - Back at Brendon, Lethbridge-Stewart finds himself tied up and locked in the school cellar by Sergeant Curly. He will spend the next several days as a prisoner before local police discover his whereabouts (Harry Sullivan's War, this takes place 'the day before yesterday' [on Wednesday 18th] on p.100). (MG)

1985 (Sept 17th Tues) - Harry is taken to the magistrates' court for the routine renewal of his remand in custody (Harry Sullivan's War, it is the following 'Tuesday' on p.98). (MG)

1985 (Sept 18th Wed) - Sarah pays Harry a second visit at Wormwood Scrubs and informs him that Lethbridge-Stewart has disappeared in mysterious circumstances (Harry Sullivan's War, it is 'the following day' on p.98). (MG)

1985 (Sept 24th Tues) - After his routine visit to the magistrates' court to be remanded in custody for another week, Harry is kidnapped by Alexander Shire's men. Harry pretends to co-operate with the anarchists, and agrees to hand over all the data on the Attila antidote project. Distracting them, Harry makes his escape and starts the long journey north back to Scotland (Harry Sullivan's War, it is the following 'Tuesday' on p.104). (MG)

1985 (Sept 25th Wed) - Harry finally arrives at the tiny fishing village of Lochally near the Summer Isles after following a map reference he found weeks earlier. Hiring a boat to take him across to the Isles, Harry observes Director Conrad Gold secreting an envelope full of highly classified microfiche film at a burial mound known as the Bryg A Dyr (Harry Sullivan's War, it is 'just before dawn' on p.111). (MG)

1985 (Sept 26th Thurs) - Harry keeps the ancient burial mound under observation to discover who will collect the envelope. Several hours later, Sergeant Curly arrives and takes the microfiche. Harry telephones Teddy Bland at Yarra to set up a trap for the traitorous Gold at dawn on Saturday (Harry Sullivan's War, it is the 'next morning' on p.118). (MG)

1985 (Sept 28th Sat) - Harry is met on the Summer Isles by Bland and a squad of Special Services officers and the group await the arrival of Gold. A helicopter carrying Brodsky, Shire and Rainbow arrives but, when Harry inadvertently draws attention to the waiting Special Services squad, the anarchists escape. Shortly afterwards Gold arrives at the Bryg A Dyr and is apprehended (Harry Sullivan's War, it has just turned 'midnight' [on Saturday] on p.124). (MG)

1985 (Sept 30th Mon) - Harry is summoned to Rear-Admiral de Longpré's office in Admiralty Arch to give his account of the events leading up to Gold's arrest on the Summer Isles (Harry Sullivan's War, it is 'two days' later, on p.134. The date is given as 'September 30th' on p.135. The only years where 30th September fell on a Monday that are approximately ten years after Harry could have left UNIT are 1985 or 1991. As the Brigadier retires from teaching at Brendon in 1989, this adventure must be set in 1985). (MG)

1985 (Oct 1st Tues) - Suddenly remembering that the Van Gogh Society (the respectable front for the activities of EARACHES) is holding its annual general meeting in Paris, Harry boards the Boulogne ferry at Dover and travels to the French capital to confront Shire. Arriving at the restaurant at the top of the Eiffel Tower, Harry comes face-to-face with Samantha and her crippled twin Natasha. Harry manages to avoid yet another attempt on his life, and his attacker, Waldo Treduscu, falls to his death from the Tower (Harry Sullivan's War, it is the 'next morning' on p.137, which is 'October 1st' on p.136). (MG)

1985 (Oct 2nd Wed) - The corpse of Treduscu is mistaken for that of Harry Sullivan by Inspector Etienne Tartuffe of the Paris police (Harry Sullivan's War, it is 'early next morning' on p.145). (MG)

1985 (Oct 4th Fri) - Harry receives a welcome surprise when old flame Esther Bland turns up on the doorstep of his flat with the intention of visiting for a few weeks (Harry Sullivan's War, it is 'two days later' on p.147). (MG)

c 1985 - A Sontaran Mezon rifle will eventually end up in the possession of the managing director of SeneNet (Business Unusual, no date is given, events mentioned on p.244). (MG)

1986 (Jan 28th Tues) - America is shocked when, after just over a minute after launch from Cape Canaveral's Kennedy Space Centre, Mission Control announces the explosion of the space shuttle Challenger. The disaster kills all seven crewmembers including Sharon McAuliffe, who was to have been the first teacher in space. An investigation into the accident will trace the cause to faulty O-rings on the craft's solid-fuel rocket boosters (Return of the Living Dad p.173, no date is given. In Father Time, the exact date is given on p.222). (MG/CW)

1986 - Aubrey Prior's application to have parts of Kenilworth House restructured are turned down due to it being a grade-two listed building (The Sands of Time, the year is given on p.116). (MG)

1986 (early) - The Zeus spacecraft begin launching from Snowcap base in Antarctica (Mondas Passing (ST), this takes place 'early in the year' on p.165). (MG)

1986 - Matthew Jones born to Cliff and Jo Jones. (Genocide, he's eleven years old on p.75)

? c 1986 - Danny Pain writes his novel Fight Against the Aliens, detailing the '76 invasion, and it will be dramatised in several months' time due to its popularity (Conundrum, on p.211, no date so set soon after No Future). (CW)

1986 - A trio of outstanding Oxford students, Arthur Tyler III, Pierre-Yves Dudoin and Christine Holland study Contemporary Science together. The local press print rumours of a love triangle between them, but this will be quashed when Christine and Pierre-Yves decide to get married (Escape Velocity, this takes place 'fifteen years' earlier [than February 2001] on p.53). (MG)

1986 (Spring, a Friday) - Deputy Sallak escapes from prison and sets up his base of operations in a deserted Northern tenement block known locally as the Tower. Sallak sends a distress signal to his people in Faction Klade and Prefect Ferran, younger brother of the late Zevron, arrives to affect his rescue. The pair journey to St Kitt's Hospital in Greyfrith and, after murdering the comatose Barry Castle, kidnap his wife Debbie as bait for the Doctor. Learning of her predicament, the Doctor drives north to the Tower but, upon his arrival, he is captured and a mind probe is utilised to extract Miranda's whereabouts from him. Ferran and Sallak set out on their mission to kill the Last One, leaving the Doctor and Debbie imprisoned in the Tower (Father Time, it is 'five years' later [than winter 1981] on p.111/112/122/130. It is 'the mid-1980s' on p.107. It is 'spring' on p.118/124. It is almost 'half-term' on p.115). (MG)

1986 (Spring, a Sunday) - After almost an entire day tended to by Debbie, the unconscious Doctor awakes and engineers their escape from the Tower by using a Klade transmutation device to turn the building and everything in it into red roses. The pair return south to the Doctor's house in time to rescue Miranda from an attempt on her life at the hands of the vengeful Ferran (Father Time, it has turned 'midnight' on p.147. The Doctor is then unconscious for 'almost a day' on p.151). (MG)

1986 (Spring, a Monday) - Ferran meets Miranda yet again but, instead of trying to kill her, realises he has fallen in love with her and tells her of her true, alien heritage. When Sallak arrives to finish Ferran's mission for him Miranda shoots him down. Believing her 'father' has lied to her and kept the truth hidden from her, Miranda leaves his protection to travel the world (Father Time, it is 'morning' on p.175. It is 'a couple of days' since Barry Castle's murder, on p. 177. Debbie has been missing from school 'Friday and today', suggesting it is a Monday, on p.183). (MG)

c 1986 - The last recorded instance of machinacide is witnessed in the Worldsphere of the People (The Also People, this takes place 'six centuries' earlier [than c2586] on p.220). (MG)

1986 - A teenage Dorothy McShane probably sees James Cameron's Aliens at the cinema, and models herself on the movie's self-reliant heroine, Ellen Ripley (Timewyrm: Genesys, events mentioned on p.197). (MG)

1986 (mid) - Melanie Bush leaves home in Pease Pottage, West Sussex to attend a three-year computing course at London University (Business Unusual, this takes place 'three years' earlier [than 1989] on p.22). (MG)

c 1986 - Ace does work experience time at school in an old folks' home, spending time wheeling mad old ladies around (Matrix p.124, no date given. Work experience is usually offered when the participant is sixteen). (CW)

c 1986 - Ace begins working at McDonalds as a burger flipper or waitress (Matrix p.124, no date is given). (CW)

c 1986 - During her time working at McDonalds, Ace discovers a deserted spot in a side street off Tottenham Court Road in London (Head Games p.151, no date other than it is during Ace's 'fries-shovelling days'). (CW)

1986 (Summer) - The Seventh Doctor makes one of his regular visits to the village of Hexen Bridge. It is during this visit that he first meets schoolboy Kenneth Shanks, who will grow up to be one of Liverpool's most infamous drugs barons (The Hollow Men, the year is given on p.46). (MG)

1986 (Summer) - The Seventh Doctor makes a brief return to Hexen Bridge school after defeating Jack i' the Green in 2008. He meets young Kenneth Shanks again, and apologises for Kenny's future (The Hollow Men, no date is given, but this takes place a week after the Doctor's earlier visit, on p.283). (MG)

? 1986 - A violent gang of adolescents known as the Crows petrol-bombs a McDonald's franchise in Kent, killing several people, but the incident is suppressed under the Official Secrets Act. Sometime afterwards, the gang returns to daub occult symbols on the walls of the burnt-out ruin (Cat's Cradle: Warhead, no date is given. Ace 'wasn't around' when the Crows started because she was 'too old' on p.139. She remembers reading 'the headlines in the tabloids about it at the time' on p.133). (MG)

1986 (Summer) - Tegan finds herself stranded in a twentieth-century McDonald's in London with Diva after going on the run from a mysterious space-suited figure. Shortly afterwards they learn their pursuer is Maximillian Arrestis, who they believe was poisoned in Beswick's in 1968. The trio are kicked out of the fast-food eatery by a teenaged waitress called Dorothy McShane (The Crystal Bucephalus, Tegan roughly guesses that this is 'the mid-eighties' on p.55. Later on she estimates that it could be '1985 or thereabouts' on p.84/96. It is 'summer' on p.71. Events mentioned on p.62-3). (MG)

1986 (July) - A second expedition to explore the Titanic using the ship Atlantis II and the submarine Alvin, and lead by Dr Robert Ballard is mounted. After exploring the ship, the participants realise they are disturbing the graves of one-and-a-half-thousand people and depart, leaving only a plaque in memory of those who died (The Left-Handed Hummingbird, events mentioned on p.262. The expedition in July 1986 is a matter of historic record). (CW with thanks to author Kate Orman)

1986 (Sept) - The Seventh Doctor and new travelling companion Bernice Summerfield make a brief visit to twentieth-century Earth to release a pair of endangered owls into the Lincolnshire countryside. Nearby, a young Ace enjoys a trip in her friend Julian's new orange Allegro (Love and War, no date is given. This takes place in 'September' when Ace is 'fifteen' on p.2. In White Darkness, Ace is said to be from the year '1986' on p.130). (MG)

1986 (September) - Ace begins studying A-level chemistry (All-Consuming Fire, the subject is mentioned on p.240). (CW)

1986 (late) - Joel Mintz sees Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home at the cinema (Return of the Living Dad p.181, no date; Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home was released in the US on 26th November 1986. Its release in Europe and South America was sometime in 1987, retitled The Voyage Home: Star Trek IV for no apparent reason). (CW/MG)

1986 (December) - (The Tenth Planet. The year is also given in Invasion of the Cat-People on p.48 and Killing Ground p.60). (MG)

1986 (late Dec) - Tobias Vaughn ransacks the bodies of Cybermen found in the snows of the South Pole, hoping to find something to prevent the breakdown of his own inferior robotic body (Original Sin, no date is given on p.289). (MG)

1986 (late Dec) - The First Doctor's face is shown on world-wide television, when his crucial role in the defeat of the Cybermen at the Snowcap space tracking station is reported (The Golden Door (D)), events mentioned on p.244). (MG)

1986/1987 (Dec 31st - Jan 1st) - Ben and Polly meet up again, to discuss old times and look to the future, twenty years after they left the Doctor (Mondas Passing (ST), it's 'New Year's Eve, 1986' on p.165, and it strikes midnight during the story) (II)

= ? (Late 1980s) (At least two years before 1993) - Elizabeth Shaw marries James Lester (Blood Heat, events on p.52) (CW)

= ? (Late 1980s) (Two years after Liz Shaw marries) - James Lester dies while out looking for food. He trips and bang his head on a tree. Liz takes her original name back. (Blood Heat, events on p.52) (CW)

c 1987 - To help himself cope with the trauma of his father's death at the Snowcap Tracking Station, self-professed born-again Christian Terry Cutler forms the Freedom Foundation, a US organisation dedicated to the active support of 'national defence, individual liberty and good old-fashioned values, its mission to root out terrorism wherever it may be (Iceberg, this takes place 'twenty years' earlier [than 2006] on p.34). (MG)

1987 - An entire Russian base mysteriously disappears from the Weddell Sea coast, an area bordering the Antarctic Peninsula, when the crewmen are taken for conversion by a faction of Cybermen hidden beneath the icy wastes. Over the next twenty years an increasing number of boats, planes and expeditionary teams will also disappear in the vicinity (Iceberg, the year is given on p.60). (MG)

1987 - Johnny Chess releases his latest LP, Things to do on a Wet Tuesday Night (The Also People, the year is given on p.76). (MG)

c 1987 - Lucy Kane, the younger sister of Jason, is born into a middle-class British family (Death and Diplomacy, she is 'nine' when Jason is 'nearly thirteen' on p.150). (MG)

? 1987 - While his home at Smithwood Manor is being painted, the Seventh Doctor flies to Australia with Mel, where the Time Lord purchases a beach house up the coast from Sydney. During this unrecorded trip the Doctor decorates the place with some of TARDIS's centuries-accumulated junk while Mel lectures him about the dangers of overexposure to the sun (SLEEPY, no date is given on p.6/11). (MG)

1987 (? mid August) - Teenager Dorothy 'Ace' McShane sees Withnail and I at the cinema. She is attracted to Richard E Grant who portrays the movie's main character, but shows little interest in his co-star who plays unemployed actor Peter Marwood (Independence Day, events mentioned on p.17. Bruce Robinson's Withnail and I was released in British cinemas in 1987). (MG)

1987 (? 20th August) - Just a few days after seeing Withnail and I, Ace, aged sixteen, is swept up in a time-storm created in a chemistry experiment at school (Independence Day, events mentioned on p.17. In Conundrum, the time storm appears to occur in a 'lab' on p.148, and when Ace is 'sixteen'. In Timewyrm: Revelation, the time-storm may well happen on '20 August' on p.69, in the year '1987' on p.70. In White Darkness, Ace is said to be from the year '1986' on p.130. In No Future, Ace comes from 'the eighties' on p.47, p.74. In First Frontier, Ace comes from the year '1986' on p.45. In Set Piece, Ace comes from 'the late eighties' on p.119. In Legacy, she is from '1980s Earth' on p.52. In Return of the Living Dad, Ace is 'sixteen' when she meets the Doctor on p.196). Ace has been swept hundreds of years into the future by Fenric, who plans to place her in the path of the Doctor as part of its a plan to destroy him (Head Games p.173, p.216). (MG/CW)

= c 1987 (late) - Ace, aged seventeen, is killed when Manisha's house is attacked by Silurians (Blood Heat, no date is given on p.198 but her age, and several pages before both Manisha and Kosi were shocked to see her 'again'). Manisha heads for the City Farm, a communal workplace in Perivale leaving a message for Kosi (Blood Heat, no date given on p.186, but it is placed here since this is the time Ace is killed, it is also likely therefore, that the skeleton in Manisha's house on p.185 is Ace's...). (CW)

1987 - Joel Mintz and family move to New York (Return of the Living Dad p.172). (CW)

1987 - Peter Jonsson is born (Dominion p.85). (MG)

1987 - Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart dines with UNIT's Major Alex Simmons and family (Business Unusual, this takes place 'a couple of years' earlier [than 1989] on p.153). (MG)

1987 - Japanese businessman Ryuichi Futayomoto, head of a small-time games hardware manufacturer, is approached by SeneNet, an Anglo-French computer company, to develop their revolutionary new Maxx games console (Business Unusual, this takes place 'two years' earlier [than 1989] on p.76). (MG)

1987 - The Eighth Doctor briefly visits Little Caldwell, and gives Joel Mintz the friendly advice: 'Second chances are rare. Be careful not to do something you'll regret later. And this conversation never happened.' (The Room with No Doors p.51). (MG)

1987 - Once-wealthy heir David Gosthorpe dies, penniless in Naples, after following the Doctor's advice. Prior to his death Gosthorpe has found a fabled diadem known as the Jewels of Helen, and secreted it at the family home, Trentyllis Castle in the Welsh Marches (Past Reckoning (D3), the year is given on p.107). (MG)

1987 (July 17th Fri) - Drug-dealer Simon 'the Capper' Jenkins sets himself on fire after sampling his own tainted 'product' (Damaged Goods p.8). (MG)

1987 (July 23rd Thurs) - The Seventh Doctor, Chris and Roz start a three-day vacation in New York (Damaged Goods p.31). (MG)

1987 (July 25th Sat) - Simon 'the Capper' Jenkins returns to life, his corpse used as a host for an ancient Gallifreyan weapons system (Damaged Goods p.12). (MG/II)

1987 (July 26th Sun) - The Seventh Doctor, Chris and Roz arrive in the Quadrant on the trail of a tainted shipment of cocaine (Damaged Goods p.35/37). (MG)

1987 (July 27th Mon) - The Quadrant is devastated by a (semi-) controlled Gallifreyan weapon (Damaged Goods p.103). (II/MG)

1987 (July 28th Tues) - The Seventh Doctor, Chris and Roz depart the ruins of the Quadrant (Damaged Goods p.252).(MG)

1987 (? late July) - UNIT's Weapons Division begins sifting through the aftermath of the Quadrant incident in the hope of finding some usable extraterrestrial technology (Damaged Goods p.262). (MG)

1987 - SenéNet arrives in the UK, buying up various software corporations while strengthening its hold over its existing subsidiaries, becoming one of the world's biggest independent development houses in the process, and buys up Garret Manor in Ashdown Forest, Sussex (Business Unusual, p.57, on p.188 this happens 'a while back'). By this time a private hospital has been built in Ashdown Forest, not far from Garret Manor as 'Europe's leading centre for plastic reconstructive and prosthetic surgery', and under the control of a 'Dr I. Krafchin' (Business Unusual, assumed from p.184). (CW)

? c 1987 - Marion Hewitt, future US Secretary of State begins work as a diplomat for the UN (Option Lock p.165 - she has been a diplomat for 'ten years', so in absence of any other evidence I have assumed she ends her career to join Dering's campaign in 1996). (CW)

1988 - The Eighth Doctor and Lethbridge-Stewart discover the secret of the Embodiment of Gris during an unrecorded adventure in Hong Kong (The Dying Days, this takes place 'in eighty-eight' on p.94). (MG)

1988 (March 28th Mon) - Nicholas and Monica Jeffries are blessed with the birth of a daughter - UNIT requisition a Mini Metro for the happy couple, to help them celebrate (Damaged Goods, the exact date is given on p.259). (MG)

1988 (early) - The Toymaker continues kidnapping people to assist in creating his games; he'd assembled a (non-kidnapped) team to work on the project from all over the world (The Nightmare Fair). (JE)

1988 (spring) - The Sixth Doctor and Peri defeat the Toymaker's plan for revenge (and marketing a computer game designed to trap its players) in Blackpool. (The Nightmare Fair, p.6. On p.88, 1978 was 10 years ago, it is spring on p.13, and confirmed as not high season on p.33, p.73). (JE/II)

1988 (May 11th Wed) - Kim Philby dies in Moscow, Russia (Endgame, the year is given on p.243. Philby's death on 11th May 1988 is a matter of historical record). (II/MG)

1988 - During an unrecorded errand in New York, Bernice has The Forty-five-second Piglet comic-book immediately commissioned while walking through the offices of Pretentious Comics sporting an English accent. The comic-book is never, in fact, published (Sky Pirates!, the year is given on p.334). (MG)

1988 - Eighteen year old Cassandra Winterdawn meets her lover, Justin Cranleigh, for the first time (Falls the Shadow, this takes place 'seven years' earlier [than 1995] on p.133). (MG)

1988 - Nicola Denman is born (The Hollow Men, she is 'twenty' in 2008, on p.24). (MG)

1988 - Maddy Sharp's son, Ian, dies (The Blue Angel p12). (MG)

c 1988 - Tom Cheynor becomes a student of Profesor Rafferty and St Matthew's College, Oxford (The Dimension Riders, Tom has been a student of Raffety's for 'five years' on p.23). (CW)

c 1988 - Amy Paripski, daughter of Danny, is born (No Future, she is 'five' in 1993 on p.268). (CW)

c 1988 - Joel Mintz finishes and types up his Professor X script, all ready to send off to London, but it is thrown out of the door and into the mud by his father because the pages were littering the floor of his bedroom (Return of the Living Dad p.181). (CW)

c 1988 - The family of young Jason Kane moves into the quiet Suffolk village of Backton around this time (Oblivion, this takes place when Jason is 'about the age of five' on p.184). (MG)

c 1988 - Jason Kane begins attending school, however he will spend much time skiving in order to read his favourite book The Magician's Nephew, telling the story of two children who travel to new worlds through the use of rings (Eternity Weeps p.195-203, no date given). (CW)

1988 (Nov) - Jacob Tyler applies to the courts and succeeds in acquiring the late Winnie Tyler's £30,000 plus eleven years' interest. He uses the money to invest in a moderately successful Leeds-based security firm (Damaged Goods p.262). (MG)

1988 (Nov) - (Silver Nemesis)

1988 - Dave Young, future boyfriend of Anji Kapoor, spends a three-day shoot playing a Cybertron in one of the final Professor X serials. This particular story will be considered by many to be a high point of the show's latter years (Escape Velocity, no date is given on p.63. Dated to the same year Silver Nemesis was first broadcast in the UK). (MG)

1988 (late Nov) - The Valeyard watches the Doctor's destruction of the Cyber fleet (Matrix, events mentioned on p.241). (MG)

1989 - Ashley Chapel Logistics, a branch of the Ashley Chapel Holdings Corporation dealing with the creation of systems software, is formed (Millennial Rites, this takes place 'ten years' earlier [than 1999] on p.42/45). (MG)

1989 - By this time the Bag Man, the Emergency War Officer with the rank of Lieutenant Colonel, is awarded custody of the briefcase containing the firing codes which would allow the US President to unleash the Apocalypse. There are eight known bases involved in a possible nuclear war: the SAC Underground Command Post at Offcut, the NORAD (North American Aerospace Defense Command) Combat Operation Center under Cheyenne Mountain near Colorado Springs, the National Military Command Center at the Pentagon, the PAVE PAWS, DEW and BMEWS early warning installations, Nightwatch and Looking Glass aeroplanes. Looking Glass is the Strategic Air Command Airborne Command Post; Nightwatch is the National Emergency Airborne Command Post, a plane that is always on standby, the engines ready to take of at a moment's notice. Potentially the most dangerous aircraft in aviation history, Nightwatch can stay in the air for 15 hours without refuelling, can be refuelled in flight, and Airborne Launch Control Codes, using the Presidential Codes duplicated in the Nightwatch Bag Man's case to release and target every nuclear missile in the USA.

1989 - By this time a base has been set up at Andrews Air Force Base that keeps Nightwatch in touch with any situations, directly linked to the White House and other Incident Control Centers, having the facilities to make its chief officer Commander-in-Chief in waiting. There is a backup facility - the Alternate National Military Command Center - in Raven Rock Mountain, in southern Pennsylvania. The SIOP (Single Integrated Operational Plan) has been set up, to address and bring together all aspects of US nuclear contingency plans for all branches of the military, across all geographical regions. JEEP has been set up (the Joint Emergency Evacuation Plan), a plan that evacuates key government officials and other personnel vital to the running of the country away from the main target areas to safe areas in the USA - the most vital to Site R, the Alternate Military Command Center in Raven Rock, and others to the Mount Weather Special Facility. Few are designated FEMA - the Federal Emergency Management Agency - and are flown to the National Warning Center in Olney, Maryland, a location never seen or mentioned, even in drills (both Option Lock p.61, p.122-123, p.129, p.132, p.135, taken from the date for Reagan to leave office). (CW)

? c 1989 - Station Nine is assembled, a satellite capable of launching the Nuke Killers, seeking nuclear missiles that can act co-operatively with each other via a central targeting computer, and is flown into space by the USAF, to the knowledge of only the highest levels of the military and the Reagan administration. It is masked by a hibernation mode, making it appear as a speck on radar screens that might be a third-rate weather satellite. In its early days there is an argument over the military jurisdiction of the station. Eventually the team for the station is drawn from all three services, as well as the commanders who work rotations, but nobody is happy with this (Option Lock p.62, p.146-150). (CW)

c 1989 - US President Ronald Reagan ends his term of office (Historic fact relevant to Option Lock ). (CW)

1989 - With the fact that the Reagan administration is no longer in power, no more presidents of the US are involved with Station Nine, and none know it exists. Thus, the crew now have very limited avenues for complaint (Option Lock p.148, no date given). (CW)

1989 - From now on, the US will claim (not knowing any better) that the Strategic Defense Initiative - 'Star Wars' was a failure (Option Lock p.165-166, no date given). (CW)

1989 (? early) - Lethbridge-Stewart loses contact with his daughter Kate. Sometime after this, Kate becomes pregnant with son Gordon James (Downtime, this takes place 'six years' earlier [than 1995] on p.174). (MG)

c 1989 (Feb) - Joe Dakin begins work for Innovations Unlimited, a fledgling company that specialises in trivial electronic gadgetry. Dakin is a hypnotised servant of the Master, helping the Time Lord to abduct babies to the late twenty-first century (Stop the Pigeon (ST), this takes place 'six months' earlier [than August] on p.75). (MG/II)

1989 (c April/May) - A local woman complains to the police about being chased out of Ashdown Forest by a SeneNet employee. Officer Robin Keston overhears this, and as the police look into the company, he finds that legally, there are no employees. The police commission a local private detective, Robert McLaughlin, to investigate the company. Three nights later, Keston, on the way home from an illegal gambling room having lost a lot of money and self-respect, is approached by Jones and given £3000 and asked to ring a number next time SenéNet is mentioned at the station (Business Unusual, this happens 'three months back' [in July 1989] on p.159, p.5). (CW)

1989 (May 11th Thurs) - Private detective Robert McLaughlin is caught and killed after breaching Garrett Manor, SeneNet's UK headquarters (Business Unusual, the exact date is given on p.3). (MG)

1989 - Mel graduates from London University with a degree in Computer Studies that few can sniff at, and four weeks later receives offers from a number of computer companies including I2, with a high salary, but ultimately settles for a job at Ashley Chapel Logistics, to start work in September (Business Unusual, p.31, also mentioned in Millennial Rites p.89). (CW)

1989 - By this time cellular phones work in much the same way as short-wave radios, requiring cumbersome aerials (Business Unusual, p.244). (CW)

1989 - By this time the consumer market for computer software is saturated (Millennial Rites, this occurs at the time Mel leaves on p.45). (CW)

1989 (June 3rd Sat) - Sam Jones is injured during a game of kiss and chase at school while chasing Peter Stokely (Longest Day p.262).

1989 (mid June) - Lethbridge-Stewart is approached by Sir John Sudbury to infiltrate shady multinational computer company SeneNet (Business Unusual, this takes place 'seventeen days' earlier [than June 30th] on p.12). (MG)

1989 (May/June) - Marshlands Electronics, a company that supplies cabling for electrical goods, based on the Bevendean Industrial Estate near Brighton, is bought into by SenéNet. SenéNet introduces a conductive plastic substitute to copper wire to use with electronic devices to them. The very next day one of the partners retires and is killed later the same day in an accident (Business Unusual, on p.188-190 this happens 'recently'). (CW)

1989 - Mel starts work at Brighton Information Technologies (BITS) for a summer job, as a trouble-shooter (Business Unusual, p.31-32). (CW)

1989 - Madelaine Worth is transformed into a vampire after meeting the Undead Jake Hedges outside the King's Bridge Inn in the town of Totnes. They will remain together until their eventual deaths at the hands of Jonquil the Intrepid in the twenty-fourth century (Goth Opera, this takes place 'four years' earlier [than November 1993] on p.6). (MG)

1989 (June 30th Fri) - Lethbridge-Stewart travels to Garrett Manor, SeneNet's UK headquarters, under the pretence of looking for a computer system for Brendon school. (Business Unusual, the exact date is given on p.7). (MG)

1989 (early July) - The Master joins forces with an unscrupulous Usurian, instigating a computer fraud that will lay the plans to make the world ripe for a Usurian take-over (Business Unusual, this takes place 'three weeks' earlier [than July 24th] on p.17). (MG)

1989 (July 20th Thurs) - Major Alex Simmons of UNIT is sent to investigate SeneNet to determine Lethbridge-Stewart's whereabouts (Business Unusual, this takes place 'four days' earlier [than July 24th] on p.39). (MG)

1989 (July 22nd Sat) - Melanie Bush celebrates her twenty-fifth birthday in Pease Pottage, West Sussex. Ryuichi Futayomoto, head of the Tokyo-based Futayomoto Corporation, arrives in the UK in readiness for a meeting with the managing director of SeneNet (Business Unusual, this takes place 'two days' earlier than Monday, on p.90, Futayomoto arrives 'three days' earlier [than July 25th] on p.180). (MG) Shaun Lyon is possessed by SenéNet. This action will ultimately lead to the capture of Trey Korte by SenéNet (Business Unusual, on p.72). (CW)

1989 (July 24th Mon) - Luke Aspinall, the owner of BITS visits Garret Manor on the invitation of SenéNet's managing director to discuss business (Business Unusual p.33). Meanwhile, the Sixth Doctor foils a computer-fraud instigated by the Master and the Usurian Company. Despite his best efforts the Doctor finally meets future companion Melanie Bush (Business Unusual, the exact date is given on p.15. In Millennial Rites, this takes place in '1989' on p.66. In Head Games, Mel is from '1986' on p.154, p.251. In Missing (MST), this takes place 'two years ago' [in 1991] on p.31). (MG/CW)

1989 (July 25th Tues) - The Sixth Doctor contacts Sir John Sudbury of C19 when he learns of Lethbridge-Stewart's mysterious disappearance (Business Unusual, the exact date is given on p.83). The Maxx games console, using 64-bit CD technology, is given to the winners of a competition. Family business BITS is bought into by SenéNet. Both Mel and Trey Korte are kidnapped by SenéNet and taken to The Hospital for the attentions of Dr Krafchin, and the Maxx games console is triggered, causing seven deaths across Brighton among the children who won it (Business Unusual, p.108-109, p.114, p.166, p.169-172, p.206). (MG/CW)

1989 (July 26th Wed) - The Sixth Doctor goes to Garrett Manor to confront Martyn Townsend, the managing director of SeneNet. Mel joins the Doctor in his adventures by sneaking onboard the TARDIS (Business Unusual, the exact date is given on p.199). (MG) The Irish Twins, realising their life-long mistake, destroy the Stalker and burn down the Hospital, seconds after Garret Manor explodes, destroying everything in the building. They then drive off to Scotland, taking with them three 'drones' to see if they can reverse their mind-alteration (Business Unusual on p.237, p.241, p.260-262). (CW)

1989 (late) - Sir John Sudbury is due to retire as Head of Department C19. He will spend his retirement at his home in Swanage with wife Mary (Business Unusual, no date is given other than 'later this year' on p.104). (MG)

1989 - Born Andersson becomes a lonely, depressive alcoholic after his wife Nina dies in a shotgun accident (Dominion p.28).

c 1989 - (The Quantum Archangel).

1989 - (Survival. In First Frontier, the year is given as '1989' on p.252). (MG)

1989 - The Master transmigrates back to Earth from the Cheetah Planet just as it explodes. The Cheetah Planet's magnetosphere, however, is rich in artron energy, and the release of that energy boosts his transmigration through time to 1957 (First Frontier, the year is given as '1989' on p.252, events mentioned on p.265). (MG)

? 1989 - The Seventh Doctor, Ace and Bev Tarrant arrive in Oslo to find the painting The Scream, after an adventure in which it is destroyed. After considering removing the painting to prevent the future events, they depart, but not before the Doctor is forced to return a painting stolen by Bev (Dust Breeding, no date is given except 'the twentieth century', on Disc 2, Track 13). (CW)

1989 (Summer) - The Seventh Doctor and Ace travel to Perivale, London, to witness the funeral of Ace's old friend, Julian, who has died in a car crash (Love and War, no date is given. It is 'summer' on p.2, and events on the Cheetah planet took place 'recently' on p.4). (MG)

1989 - In New York, a youngster named Bobby Prescott helps defend his municipal library from a horde of literacy-hating high school students who intend to destroy all the books. Left with a deeply-ingrained hatred of teenagers, Prescott will eventually be sought by the police in connection with the murders of local youths (Cat's Cradle: Warhead, this takes place 'twenty years' earlier [than 2009] on p.45/202). (MG)

1989 - Geoff Paynter and his partner Paul Foxton travel to Baghdad to infiltrate a Black Star terrorist cell. Unfortunately the inexperienced Foxton loses his nerve during a firefight and is killed (The King of Terror, this takes place 'a decade' earlier [than July 1999] on p.144). (MG)

1989 - InterCom begins working on a way to splice alien DNA into human subjects, hoping to create a slave race that can survive on Earth once they have altered the planet's atmosphere to suit their needs (The King of Terror, this takes place 'a decade' earlier [than July 1999] on p.141). (MG)

1989 - Johnny Chester's band, the Star Jumpers, begin to hit the big time. They will record four LPs including Circle Circus, Modernism, Can Anyone Tell Me Where the Revolution Is? before they go their separate ways (The King of Terror, this takes place a 'decade' earlier [than July 1999] on p.130. Events mentioned on p.261). (MG)

c 1989 - A Virgoan team discovers a number of temporal anomalies displaced from about eighty years in the future...and manages to displace Ace eighty years forward, too ((ST)Stop the Pigeon, it's set after Survival, and the other end is 2067 on p.84).(II)

1989 - The earthbound Eighth Doctor is taken to see Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure at the cinema by Debbie Castle. He wishes for his own time-travelling telephone box when he sees the one in the movie (Father Time, no date is given on p.270). (MG)

1989 (Nov) - The latest issue of Time magazine lists the earthbound Eighth Doctor as one of their Top Fifty People of the Decade (Father Time, events mentioned on p.228). (MG)

1989 (Nov 9th Thursday) - The earthbound Eighth Doctor travels to Berlin in search of his missing adopted daughter Miranda but has no luck finding her. He is present when the Berlin Wall comes down but, with no sign of Miranda, the Doctor returns to his home in the south of England (Father Time, it is 'the late 1980s' on p.199. It is 'November' on p.201. The fall of the Berlin Wall on 9th November 1989 is a matter of historical record). This event marks the end of the Cold War (Return of the Living Dad p.242, [in 1983] it is 'this decade'). (MG/CW)

1989 (Nov 10th Fri) - The Doctor learns of Miranda's kidnapping from a hotel in Northern India while visiting old friend Betty Stobbold at an old folks' home. Knowing that Ferran will be holding her somewhere in an orbiting spacecraft, the Doctor decides to hijack Orbiter Vehicle-104 Atlantis, which is scheduled to launch a military satellite into orbit tomorrow. With Debbie Castle in tow, the Doctor travels via Concorde to New York and then to Florida, finally arriving at Cape Canaveral (Father Time, it is 'dawn' on p.201). (MG)

1989 (Nov 11th Sat) - The Doctor and Debbie manage to stow away onboard the Atlantis by posing as technicians. Confronted by Ferran's mothership, the vast hourglass-shaped Supremacy, in geostationary orbit above India, the Doctor tricks his way into docking with the vessel. Once onboard, the Doctor learns Miranda has instigated an uprising among the onboard slaves. Ferran realises he is near to defeat and decouples the time engines to cause a deliberate time spillage that could ravage Earth. The Doctor accesses the engine to reverse Ferran's interference and while doing so, glimpses himself standing on a beach with the Infinity Doctor, a vision which 'must be in his future' as he has no memory of it (Father Time, the shuttle Atlantis will launch 'tomorrow' [on 10th November] on p.212/218. Events mentioned on p.273-4. In Escape Velocity, the Doctor's hijacking of the space shuttle is mentioned on p.71). From his point in space-time, the Infinity Doctor has a dream about standing on the beach alongside the amnesiac Eighth Doctor as the sun is blocked out by the vast bulk of the Supremacy (The Infinity Doctors, events mentioned on p.24-5). (MG)

1989 (Nov 11th Sat) - With Ferran defeated, Miranda takes command of the Supremacy and, assuming her birthright and titles, heads into the far future to begin dismantling the Galactic Empire (Father Time). (MG)

1989 - Long-running British sci-fi institution Professor X is cancelled after more than twenty-five years on television (Escape Velocity, this takes place 'eleven years' earlier [than February 2001] on p.63). (MG)

c 1990 - (Cat's Cradle: Time's Crucible)

= ? c 1990 - The Complex at Moscow is destoyed by Earth Reptiles (Blood Heat, events on p.50, no date given, but assumed to be within a few years due to the tone of the statement made by Liz.) (CW)

= ? c 1990 - By this time the Earth Reptile fortress at Glasgow shows signs of abandonment. It is, however, still considered active as the control point for the Earth Reptiles' Arctic power base. (Blood Heat, no date given on p.88, but it has shown these signs 'for years'.) (CW)

= c 1990 - The fissile material in missile number eight in the SSBN HMS Revenge deteriorates and is jetisoned together with its fuel. (Blood Heat, no date is given on p.272, but this happens 'years ago'.) (CW)

1990 - The Ashley Chapel Holdings Corporation begins diversifying into a range of subjects from art collections to real estate (Millennial Rites p.44). (CW)

c 1990 - The Seventh Doctor and Ace make a brief stop on a stormy English beach, only to be attacked by a golem-like creature. Luring it to an abandoned lighthouse, Ace uses her nitro-9 to blast the creature onto the rocks below. Realising he is being challenged by an unknown enemy the Doctor heads for 1963, intending to leave Ace with his first incarnation (Matrix, no date is given. It must be contemporary to Ace's time because the Doctor says she is 'home' and can leave him if she wants to, on p.8). (MG/II)

c 1990 - By this time the virus unleashed on Lalande 21185 has spread across the entire planet - everything and everyone is infected even as the virus chews through the evacuation ships as it was designed to. Only a single government shuttle has made the take-off - but it is so full the living are keeping the corpses of the dead standing up. From a distance, the Doctor watches, unable to do anything (Return of the Living Dad p.99, p.101, [in 1983] this is 'seven years' later). (CW)

1990 - The Winterdawn family is involved in a terrible car accident. Professor Jeremy Winterdawn ends up paralysed from the waist down and confined to a wheelchair, his wife Jennifer is killed outright, and twenty-year-old daughter Cassandra is left partially sighted. Shortly after, Winterdawn's Cambridge team makes a couple of breakthroughs into the late Professor Thascales's work and the UN order all projects suspended, demanding the return of the original and all subsequent research. Winterdawn resigns his seat at Cambridge and moves to Shadowfell where, using illicit copies of the team's work, he begins his clandestine experimentation into interstitial time (Falls the Shadow, this takes place 'five years' earlier [than 1995] on p.77/90/178. Events mentioned on p.78/113. In Prelude: Falls the Shadow (DWM218), the accident happens 'five years' earlier [than 1995] on p.38). (MG)

1990 (April) - Gordon James Lethbridge-Stewart, grandson of Alistair, is born to parents Kate and Jonathan. The Brigadier will remain unaware he has a grandson for the next five years (Downtime, Gordy will be 'five next week' [around Easter 1995] on p.195). (MG)

? 1990 (Summer, a Sunday) - The Fifth Doctor and Nyssa arrive near Trentyllis Castle in the Welsh Marches. The Doctor learns that old acquaintance and owner of the castle David Gosthorpe has died. The travellers are present when Helen Carter, Gosthorpe's sister, reveals the secret resting place of the fabled Jewels of Helen. The Doctor recognises the diadem as alien technology from the planet Tarron. Despite his warning, Carter wears the head-dress and is killed by it (Past Reckoning (D3), no year is given, but the Doctor meets Gosthorpe 'a few years' earlier, on p.102, before his death in '1987', on p.107. It is 'Sunday' on p.104, in 'summer' on p.116). (MG)

1990 - The Seventh Doctor drops Ace and Mel off on Earth after an adventure in 2001. Mel refuses to ever speak to the Doctor again because of what he did on Iceworld (Head Games p.252-253). (CW)

1990 - According to the records in 2101, Valentine Summerfield's only male child is born, Benedict (Dead Romance p.199). (CW)

1990 - Samantha Jones, aged 10, becomes a vegetarian (Unnatural History p.7).

1990 (Christmas) - Mel and the Doctor face the Stalagtrons in New York (Missing (MST), Bob Lines mentions they got the postcard, p32) (JE/II) discovered in Rhodesia. The specimen falls into the hands of C19's clandestine Vault, hidden deep beneath the Cheviot Hills (The Scales of Injustice, this occurs 'a couple of months back' on p.209). (MG/II)

1970s u (? 1970 May) - The Third Doctor conducts tests on a mysterious alien container found drifting in the Pacific Ocean. Discovering that the artefact is emitting omicron radiation, the Doctor creates a jury-rigged space-time bridge to take him back to where the object came from. The space-time bridge takes the Doctor and Liz Shaw to the Pacific island of Salutua in the year 1934 (The Eye of the Giant, no date is given, although it is about '37' years after 1934, on p. 41, and 'almost forty years' after 1934, on p.123. In The Scales of Injustice, this occurs 'a few weeks' before the encounter with the Earth Reptiles, on p.137). (MG/II)

= 1970s u (? 1970 May) - The Doctor, Liz, and company return to the present from 1934 only to discover the world they know has been altered into an alternative timeline where the whole planet is ruled by Nancy Grover, the self-styled 'Goddess of the World'. This timeline ceases to exist after a UNIT team comprising of the Doctor, Liz, the Brigadier, Benton and Yates returns to 1934 to ensure history is rewritten (The Eye of the Giant). (MG/II)

1970s u (? 1970 May) - The Vault steals a prototype Blackbird stealth aircraft from Geneva (The Scales of Injustice, this occurs 'about a month' ago, on p.226). (MG/II)

1970s u (? 1970 May) - Professor Bernard Trainor meets Ian and Barbara Chesterton in London (The Devil Goblins from Neptune, this occurs 'last month' on p.73). (MG/II)

1970s u (? 1970 June) - By this time Captain James Munro has been seconded to the staff of the Secretary General of the UN in Geneva (The Devil Goblins from Neptune, events mentioned on p.135). (MG/II)

1970s u (? 1970 June) - By this time UNIT has loaned a captured Nestene Energy Unit to the National Space Museum (The Scales of Injustice, events mentioned on p.181). (MG/II)

1970s u (? 1970 early June) - (The Scales of Injustice - moved to early June to minimise Continuity Clashes (and 'live' events to boot) with The Devil Goblins from Neptune). (CW)

1970s u (? 1970 early June) - (The Scales of Injustice). This event is never placed on UNIT records because it would be too compromising for the current government who are responsible for the running of department C19, and essentially allowed the traitor to flourish in their midst. Only Sir John Sudbury benefits from this fiasco as he is assured of continued involvement whichever party comes to power, being difficult to remove because he knows too much (Business Unusual, p.219). (CW)

1970s u (? 1970 June) - Some members of the Vault are able to escape and flee to France, taking as much as they can, and set up the computer company SenéNet (Business Unusual p.56-57). (CW)

1970s u (? 1970 June) - Mike Yates is promoted to the rank of Captain to fill the void left by James Munro's departure. Corporal Tom Osgood may also have been promoted to Sergeant at this time (The Scales of Injustice, it is 'three days later' on p.255, events mentioned on p.189). At some point after Yates's promotion, Lieutenant Beresford is brought in to replace him (The Face of the Enemy, no date is given, events mentioned on p.32). (MG/II)

1970s u (? 1970 June/ 1973 June) - Liz Shaw takes a leave of absence following 'the business at the Glasshouse' (The Face of the Enemy, no date is given, events mentioned on p.31). (MG/II)

1970s u (? 1970 June) - Lethbridge-Stewart's attempt to have a D-notice served on David Bowie's Space Oddity, believing it is based on leaked information concerning the Carrington fiasco, is turned down by the Home Office. The Brigadier decides to have 'the Bowery chap' placed under twenty-four-hour surveillance instead (The Devil Goblins from Neptune, no date is given, events mentioned on p.33-4). (MG/II)

1970s u (? 1970 June 18th Thurs) - The Soviet branch of UNIT decides to send Captain Valentina Shuskin to Britain to kidnap the Doctor, after petitioning Geneva for two months about the situation in Siberia. The CIA sends Thomas Bruce infiltrate UNIT at the same time. A second group of Waro travels to Earth and land near Redborough in England. The Waro intend to steal Britain's entire supply of cobalt-60 to prime a huge nuclear device to destroy the Nedenah hiding on Earth (The Devil Goblins from Neptune, this occurs on 'Thursday night' on p.58. In The King of Terror, this takes place 'almost thirty years' earlier [than July 1999] on p.111. It is 'eighty years' earlier [than 2050] on p.3). (MG/II)

1970s u (? 1970 June 19th Fri) - The Third Doctor narrowly avoids being kidnapped by Captain Valentina Shuskin's Spetsnaz team (The Devil Goblins from Neptune, the meteor shower occurs 'last night' on p.27). (MG/II)

1970s u (? 1970 June 20th Sat) - Undercover CIA operative Thomas Bruce arrives at UNIT headquarters, intent on sabotage. The Doctor is captured by Shuskin's team for a short while before making his escape (The Devil Goblins from Neptune, it is 'morning' on p.32/34). (MG/II)

1970s u (? 1970 June 21st Sun) - The 3rd Doctor travels to Cambridge and meets Liz, who is on a leave of absence from UNIT. Liz introduces the Doctor to Professor Bernard Trainor, the scientist in charge of the forthcoming unmanned mission to Neptune. Captain Shuskin's Spetsnaz team attempts to kidnap the Doctor again but is foiled by UNIT. The CIA operative Thomas Bruce destroys the Doctor's laboratory with a carefully concealed explosive device (The Devil Goblins from Neptune, it is 'Sunday' on p.62, it is the day Brazil play for the World Cup, on p.109). (MG/II)

1970s u (? 1970 June 22nd Mon) - Learning of the mysterious mining operation in Siberia, the Doctor and Liz travel to Russia, via East Germany. Their helicopter is attacked by a mass of Waro, and forced to the ground (The Devil Goblins from Neptune, it is '3 a.m.' in the morning, on p.92). (MG/II)

1970s u (? 1970 June 23rd Tues) - Travelling to the Waro mine, the Doctor and Liz discover it is a

false bridgehead to distract everyone from the Waro's true reason for coming to Earth. Lethbridge-Stewart meets Thomas Bruce again, and is brought before the head of the CIA, a man known only as Control. Professor Bernard Trainor gives a press conference about the imminent unmanned mission to Neptune (The Devil Goblins from Neptune, it is 'dawn' on p.141). (MG/II)

1970s u (? 1970 June 24th Wed) - Lethbridge-Stewart is flown to Nevada and shown Ranch 51 by Control. The Doctor, Liz and Shuskin also travel to Nevada after a convoy carrying a large amount of cobalt-60 is stolen by the CIA. The Waro incursion is finally dealt with (The Devil Goblins from Neptune, the press conference was 'yesterday' on p.210). (MG/II)

1970s u (? 1970 July 5th Sun) - Various members of UNIT spend the afternoon relaxing in a local pub discussing recent events (The Devil Goblins from Neptune, it is a 'Sunday' in 'July' on p.275). (MG/II)

u 1970 (July 18th ) - The Doctor and Liz Shaw share a picnic in Regent's Park. Liz informs the Doctor she has decided to leave UNIT due, in part, to the senseless deaths during the recent Earth Reptile incident (The Scales of Injustice, Liz has been with the Doctor for 'eight months, two weeks and four days' on p.261. The picnic appears to be on a weekend, on p.257, events mentioned on p.257-262) and probably also influenced by the loss of Professor Bernard Trainor (The Devil Goblins from Neptune, Liz appears to have been with UNIT for 'thirteen months' on p.19). Liz will return to Cambridge to continue her researches (Blood Heat, Liz's return to Cambridge is mentioned on p.92) briefly, before travelling to Australia, the United States, Japan, and the Soviet Union, in the eight months after her departure. Her first book, Inside the Carnival, will bring her money, fame, and death threats (The Devil Goblins from Neptune, Liz has left UNIT 'eight months' previous to March 1971, on p.282). (MG/II/CW)

? 1970 - By this time Vardans live by the principals of martial meditation and survival of the fittest, before they transcend their physical forms with aid from a higher power, and try to invade Gallifrey. They also have a Parliament, dedicated to making real decisions (No Future, p.138, p.225). (CW)

? 1970 - The Vardan's homeworld Varda is put into a time-loop by the Time Lords for daring to attempt to invade Gallifrey. In the 26th century the Vardans will be known as being fools to be outwitted by the 'intellectual might of the Sontarans' (The Invasion of Time, No Future, no date but events are given on p.128, p.131, so assumed to be recent). (CW)

c 1970 - Ashley Moby, who will become one of SenéNet's drones, is born (Business Unusual, he is 'about 19' on p.192). (CW)

1970 - According to the records in 2101, Jonah Summerfield (junior) has a son, named Valentine, possibly after the lead character in Stranger in a Strange Land (Dead Romance p.199). (CW)

c 1970 - (The Underwater Menace, placed due to the finding of a piece of pottery from the Mexican Olympiad in 1968 in part one, and to allow time for the pottery to get to the Azores, into a cave system, and to be smashed). (CW)

1970s u (? 1970 Aug) - The Third Doctor spends time helping Sergeant Benton to whitewash the Nissen huts at the back of UNIT headquarters during the slow weeks after Liz Shaw's departure (The Death of Art, no date is given. Events mentioned on p.203). (MG)

1970 (Aug 14th Fri) - The Revolution Man cult angers religious leaders when Maddie Burton claims Ed Hill was the second coming of the Messiah (Revolution Man, the exact date is given on p.247). (MG)

1970 - Ace, companion to the Seventh Doctor, is born Dorothy McShane to her mother Audrey (Falls the Shadow, the year of Ace's birth is given as '1970' on p.148. In The Hollow Men, Ace is 'thirteen' [in 1983] on p.241. In Conundrum, Ace's second name is 'something beginning with M?' on p.245. Ace's (full) real name, 'Dorothy McShane' is given in Set Piece p.71, Head Games p.130, The Shadow of the Scourge Disc 2 Track 1). However, when away from her mother and the Doctor, will call herself Dorothy Gale (Matrix, her name is given as 'Dorothy Gale' on p.124. In Prime Time, this name is also used on p.234). (MG/CW)

1970 - A pair of fugitives from the far future flee into the past via a time corridor to escape a revolution in the Galactic Empire. Once part of the despotic Emperor's household, the bodyguard and wet nurse pose as husband and wife and raise the Emperor's granddaughter, the last of his line, as their own child. Under the assumed names of John and Kim Dawkins, the fugitives will keep baby Miranda hidden from the vengeful forces of Faction Klade in the remote Derbyshire village of Greyfrith (Father Time, Miranda is 'ten' years old [in winter 1981] on p.54/78/100. She is 'almost eleven' [in winter 1981] on p.31. She is 'sixteen' [in spring 1986] on p.144. She is 'nineteen' [in November 1989] on p.203. Miranda was only 'two months old' when she travelled down the time corridor from the far future, on p.98). (MG)

1970 - Cassandra Winterdawn is born to parents Jeremy and Jennifer (Falls the Shadow, she is 'eighteen' when she meets Justin Cranleigh [in 1988] on p.134). (MG)

1970 (? Spring) - Student Jeremy Winterdawn and partner Jennifer walk through the New Forest, arguing about the recent British election result (Falls the Shadow, the year is given on p.185. It is 'a lovely day' on p.186). (MG)