THE EARTH EMPIRE (2500 - 3000 AD)

c 2500 - By this time the Mendeb system has been colonised by the rapacious and unscrupulous TAM Corporation. On Mendeb Two, the closest planet to its sun, settlements have been formed in the polar regions, while on the more distant and colder Mendeb Three, the colonists have established themselves in the equatorial regions. A fifty-kilometre-wide space station has been constructed as a way station between the two worlds (Independence Day, no date is given other than 'in the first half of the third millennium' on p.21). (MG)

c 2503 - By this time laptops have been invented that have the capacity to contain the entire NASA database as it was in 2003. It is also a possibility that it can hold the entirety of all information on the planet at that time as well (Eternity Weeps, this laptop 'is five hundred years ahead of its time' [in 2003] on p.112). (CW)

2503 (June) - The Collected Works of Gustaf Heinrich Urnst is published, presumably shortly after the explorer has been swept up and transported to Earth in the year 1935 by a Fortean flicker (The Highest Science, the date is given on p.47. This is [incorrectly] said to be 'thirty years' before Bernice's time, in the 'early twenty-fifth century' on p.40). (MG)

? 2504 - A scientist arrives on the planet Braah, homeworld of the Ogrons with a plan for turning lower species into more useful servants by brain augmentation. The scientist pays a local chief handsomely for a group of 'volunteers' and experiments on them with drugs, brain surgery and neurological stimulation. Half of the test subjects go mad and die, while a few others recover with their intelligence very slightly improved. In only one case is the experiment successful. When the scientist realises he has met with success he becomes eager to buy more subjects and continue his experiments, but the newly augmented Ogron - Garshak - persuades him to change his mind by killing him and the chief who sold them. Stealing the scientist's ship, Garshak departs with his fellow survivors and heads out into the galaxy, finding employment as mercenaries and bodyguards for a time. The Ogrons end up on the mining planet Megerra just as the position of Police Chief becomes vacant and Garshak gets the job after persuading the only other candidate, a Martian Ice Warrior, to withdraw (Shakedown, no date is given on p.37-8. Arbitrarily dated to a decade earlier than ?2514). The Ice Warrior has, in fact, met with an unfortunate accident - he ends up in a vat of boiling metal in a smelting works (Mean Streets, events mentioned on p.70). (MG)

? c 2507 - The Garazone Space Patrol observe cargo loader Silver Jackal entering a junking zone to examine a huge derelict vessel. Little realising the hulking ruin is a dormant Cyberman factory ship, the crewmen enter the vessel, only to be attacked by an accidentally-awakened rogue Cyberman. The Silver Jackal vanishes without trace (Sword of Orion, no date is given). (MG)

? 2507 - Earth High Command replaces recently-deceased Captain Deeva Jansen with loyal android operative CGH5/14 as Operation Sword of Orion is implemented. The android agent is ordered to assume command of the scrap ship Vanguard and to locate the dormant Cyberman factory ship as part of a plan to win the Orion War by obtaining details of the Cyber-conversion process to turn whole regiments of humans into cybernetic troops. Unknown to Earth High Command, 'Jansen' is a double agent for the Orion androids and intends to use any information gathered to put human prisoners of war to good use (Sword of Orion, the real Jansen died on date 'three zero zero five zero seven' [30-05-07?] on Disc 2, Track 7). (MG)

? 2507 - The Eighth Doctor and Charley travel to the Garazone bazaar seeking a cure for Ramsay the vortisaur's strange malady. The pair are forced to stow away onboard the departing scrap ship Vanguard when the TARDIS is accidentally loaded onto the vessel. With the TARDIS relocated, the Doctor is forced to dematerialise when the Vanguard appears to be on a collision course with another ship. The TARDIS makes a short hop over to the other vessel just as a reconnaissance crew is sent onboard, only to be murdered by the rogue Cyberman. The Doctor and Charley, accused of the team's murder, is forced to explore the ruin with 'Jansen', and they stumble upon a huge chamber full of hundreds of corpses in various stages of Cyber-conversion. Realising they're on a Cyberman factory ship, the Doctor's party heads back to the Vanguard as the Cybermen awake. The Time Lord learns the truth behind 'Jansen' and her mission just as the Cybermen break through. When an ion storm approaches, the Cyberleader threatens to take Charley's life unless the Doctor allows access to his TARDIS so the Cybermen can return to Telos and revive the rest of their race. Luckily, the storm hits and the ship breaks up, scattering the Cybermen through space, and the Doctor and Charley make it back to the drifting TARDIS (Sword of Orion, no date is given. According to the Doctor, the Cyberwar [c2175] was 'a very long time ago' and the Cybermen are 'nicely tucked up in their tombs on Telos' on Disc 1, Track 4. It is at least 'several hundred years' after the twentieth-century, on Disc 1, Track 4. Jansen thinks the Cybermen are 'supposed to be extinct', on Disc 1, Track 12). (MG)

c 2510 - Famous holovid star Munroe Hennessy is born (The Doomsday Manuscript, he appears to be 'pushing ninety' in 2600, on p.75). (MG)

c 2511 - The Doctor, in an unrecorded adventure, trains to pilot shuttles on the Mars-Venus routes (The Janus Conjunction p.255). (MG)

2511 - The Bantu Cooperative is defeated in a war with an unknown aggressor (Another Girl, Another Planet p.132). (MG)

c 2513 - Rathbone Quarrel, a member of the experimental Medusa's original crew, is born around this time (The Medusa Effect, he is the 'oldest of the group' [c2573] on p.23. Arbitrarily dated so that he is around sixty years of age, c2573). (MG)

? 2513 - The human colonists of the planet Kastopheria are disturbed when the local natives, the People, begin to show signs of sudden, unprovoked signs of aggression. This is caused by a shortage of Skar, a drug that normally keeps the People complacent, but is now in short supply due to the greed of human smugglers (Catastrophea, there are signs of unrest 'five years' earlier, on p.48). (MG)

? 2313 - At this time, the Doctor has a Sontaran Alien Recognition Manual all to himself, and the capture of a TARDIS to enhance Sontaran time-travel capabilities - currently based around the osmic projector - Is a top priority (The Eight Doctors p.178, no date given). (CW)

? c 2513 - Commander Vrag's Special Forces commando squad is present at the Sontaran Military Academy where they are to be presented with the Medal of Pacification by Admiral Sarg of the Space Fleet in front of a muster of a million new cadets. Shortly before they are to be awarded their medals, the squad is time-scooped to the Eye of Orion by Time Lord Councillor Ryoth in a bid to kill the Fifth and Eighth Doctors (The Eight Doctors, no date is given on p.174. Admiral Sarg meets his end in Shakedown). (MG/CW)

? c 2513 - The Seventh Doctor travels to the planet Jekkar, located on the outskirts of the Sontaran Empire, intent on teaching the arboreal natives how to fight back and reclaim their planet from the newly arrived human colonists. The Time Lord spends some time living with the natives in their tree villages. Elsewhere, a smuggler named Kurt, having just lost a valuable shipment of illegal jekkarta weed, is captured when a Sontaran Expeditionary Force under the leadership of Commander Steg of the Space Corps arrives. Steg's squad rounds everybody up and claims Jekkar as a valuable outpost in their interminable war with the Rutan Host (Shakedown, no date is given. This takes place 'some time' earlier than the main events in the novel, on p.63. Events mentioned on p.6). (MG)

? c 2513 - Kurt wakes up in a cell with the Doctor, who has also been captured during the unexpected Sontaran occupation. Taken before Steg, they are found guilty of crimes under the Sontaran Military Code and informed that they will be shot at dawn tomorrow. At night, the Doctor engineers their escape with the help of his Jekkari friends. Going their separate ways, Kurt escapes in his freighter, intent on investing his money in solar yacht racing, while the Doctor returns to the forests to train the Jekkari in battling their new oppressors (Shakedown, it is 'morning' on p.3). (MG)

? c 2513 - Steg's patrols come under attack from the primitive natives a short time after the Sontaran occupation of Jekkar. Hidden mud-pits dispose of Sontaran ground-cars, while falling trees kill troopers, their weaponry liberated by the primitive natives. It is not long before rumours of a humanoid called General Smith of the Jekkari Liberation Army filter back to Commander Steg. The guerrilla attacks continue and, with his resources limited and his invasion force decimated, Steg sends for reinforcements - only to have his request denied. Sontaran High Command orders a 'strategic redeployment of resources' and the remainder of the Expeditionary Force departs. Following the Sontaran defeat, the human colonists also pull out, leaving the planet to its indigent species. During the upheaval, the Doctor comes across some partial information concerning a great Rutan secret that their enemies are close to uncovering while checking a damaged Sontaran computer system. The Time Lord travels into Rutan space to warn the Host that their enemies are close to learning the mysterious secret but the Rutan do not believe him (Shakedown, events mentioned on p.67-8/179). (MG)

c 2514 - By this time mankind is part of a galactic community that includes such diverse species as the Arcturans, Alpha Centaurians, the Falardi and Foamasi (Shakedown, events mentioned on p.21). (MG)

c 2514 - It is around this period that various illegal drugs including vraxoin, crackerjack and jekkarta weed are widespread (Shakedown, events mentioned on p.23). (MG)

? c 2514 - The Devlin Mining Corporation (DevCorps), one of the oldest and most respected companies on the planet Megerra, begins to stagnate. In a bid to revive his company's fortunes, President Joseph Devlin I decides his only recourse is a programme of illicit genetic manipulation to create the ideal miner, someone capable of working longer and harder than any normal man. Professor Vashtar, a scientist whose work has been banned on every civilised planet in the galaxy, is hired for the so-called 'DevCorps Project' and begins to tamper with the DNA of DevCorps workers and that of their unborn children under the cover of an elaborate programme of medical care (Mean Streets, events mentioned on p.235-6). (MG)

? c 2514 - It is not long before rumours of the mysterious 'Project' are spreading among the barmen, hovercabbies and petty grafters of Megacity, the corrupt capital of the mining world Megerra. Various theories spring up - some say the Project is being organised by one of a number of competing crime lords, while others believe it involves the corrupt city government. The Project could be drugs, computer crime or some brilliant new con game - no one knows for sure (Mean Streets, events mentioned on p.2/6-7). (MG)

? 2514 - Having been informed of the survival of the Rutan spy known as Karne by the Time Lords, the Seventh Doctor sends Roz and Chris to track him down. The ex-Adjudicators follow Karne's trail of carnage from the worlds Formalhaute Four to Lorelei, before catching up with him in Megacity, the corrupt heart of the mining planet Megerra. Shortly after their arrival, they are apprehended by the planet's Ogron police force and taken before Chief of Police Garshak, a cerebrally augmented Ogron, and they use the cover story of being Pinkerton Intergalactic agents on the trail of a serial killer known as the Ripper. Elsewhere, Lieutenant Gorsk of Sontaran Intelligence has made his base on Megerra and employed a pack of vicious Wolverines to assassinate the Pinkerton agents - or Karne, should the opportunity arise (Shakedown, no date is given. The Rutan Host believes the spy Karne died 'long ago' [in 2371] on p.66. The Doctor became involved in the events of Lords of the Storm 'a long time ago', but he might be referring to his own personal timeline, on p.180. In Mean Streets, some amount of 'subjective time' has passed since the events of Shakedown, and that 'time travel was involved' on p.22. It was 'years ago' on p.27/108. Cwej's first visit to Megacity was 'a very long time ago' [in 2594] on p.64/109/122, and he doesn't 'look all that old' to have been in Megacity at the time, on p.110. The 'early days' of the Project (p.236) take place at the time of President Devlin's 'grandfather' on p.235. I'm assuming a generation in human terms is still approximately twenty-five to thirty years in length, which places Shakedown near the beginning of the twenty-sixth century, around eighty years earlier than Mean Streets. In A History of the Universe, Lance Parkin gives an arbitrary date of '2376' for this story, on p.172, but this is well before the publication of Mean Streets). (MG)

? 2514 - The Doctor sends Bernice on a mission to Sentarion, a world dominated by various insectoid life-forms including the ant-like Santarrii, to research the history of the Sontaran-Rutan conflict in the slim hope that she can find something about the Rutan Host's mysterious secret. Arriving at the planet's spaceport, Bernice is lured into a trap by a Harrubtii assassin, part of a sect of religious zealots, but manages to escape. Eventually picked up by her appointed mentor, Hapiir, Bernice is taken to the University. Later on, Bernice meets noted xenosociologist Professor Lazlo Zemar, who informs her the Harrubtii worship the 'Shining Ones'. A group of Harrubtii zealots appears from out of nowhere and kills Zemar for his blasphemy (Shakedown). (MG)

? 2514 - In Megacity, word of the inquisitive Pinkerton agents filters back to President Joseph Devlin I of DevCorps and he orders that Roz and Chris be given a good beating to discourage their investigations. The security firm Custodiex is employed to ruthlessly suppress any rumours of the Project by providing hired muscle to scare off anyone who dares speak of it in public. Later that evening, the ex-Adjudicators are attacked by four 'drunken' miners while drinking in the Dirty Digger beer hall, but Chris manages to fight them off. It is during a hovercab ride back to her room at Megotel One that Roz first learns of the Project from the driver. Shortly afterwards, she receives an anonymous call from someone who says that he started the Project but has since realised it is an abomination, a crime against humanity, and it must be stopped. Unfortunately, before Roz can meet with her anonymous source - Professor Vasthar - the scientist's betrayal is discovered and Security Chief Simeon Kragg hurls him to his death from the DevCorps Tower (Mean Streets, events mentioned on p.1-12/189/202-3. These previously unseen scenes take place during Shakedown, on p.76-78). (MG)

? 2514 - Bernice informs Hapiir of Professor Zemar's murder but is told that it is not wise to speak of matters involving the Harrubtii. Returning to the scene of the murder, Bernice is told that she is mistaken about Zemar's death - the xenosociologist was summoned home urgently. Bernice comes to the shocking conclusion that the authorities are conspiring to cover up Zemar's murder (Shakedown, it is the 'next morning' on Sentarion, on p.92). (MG)

? 2514 - Back on Megerra, Roz and Chris decide to stake out another sleazy nightclub, Raggor's Cavern in their search for Karne. On their way to the club they learn of the death of the hovercabbie who spoke to Roz about the Project (Mean Streets, events mentioned on p.11). Inside the nightclub, Roz witnesses Karne - still in his Sakis guise - killing Raggor as part of his plan to take his victim's identity and wealth. Interrupted by Roz, Karne is forced to flee before he can steal Raggor's form. The Rutan is injured in the ensuing firefight but manages to escape, booking himself passage on the first ship departing for Space Station Alpha. Roz and Chris board a shuttle and set off in pursuit (Shakedown, Roz and Chris have been on Megerra for a 'few days' on p.76. Events mentioned on p.78-88). It is while they are travelling in the shuttle that Roz tells Chris of the existence of the Project, and her partner promises that they will come back and investigate after they have tracked down Karne (Mean Streets, events mentioned on p.12). (MG)

? 2514 - Arriving on Station Alpha, the weak and injured Karne slips aboard Captain Lisa Deranne's solar yacht, the Tiger Moth. One-time smuggler Kurt has joined Deranne's inexperienced crew on a simple shakedown cruise to Space Station Beta to prepare for the Tri-Systems Cup race (Shakedown, events mentioned on p.105-08). (MG)

? 2514 - Roz and Chris arrive on Station Alpha shortly after the Tiger Moth departs, only to learn Karne has eluded them yet again. The Doctor arrives and, reunited with his companions once more, learns that the Rutan has probably stowed away onboard the Tiger Moth. The time travellers are just about to depart when Admiral Sarg's War Wheel arrives and the way-station is occupied by Sontaran troopers. The clone warriors subject everyone to a cellular scan examination, hoping to identify the Rutan spy. The War Wheel departs after a short time, leaving a three-man team behind to watch over the prisoners. The Doctor and his companions are forced into killing the Sontarans so that they can gain their freedom - only to learn that the TARDIS is drifting in space, sheared off in the storage section during the War Wheel's initial attack (Shakedown, events mentioned on p.109-16/165-76). (MG)

? 2514 - (Shakedown, events mentioned on p.117-162. These events take place in Shakedown: The Return of the Sontarans. No date is given). (MG)

? 2514 - Having spent several days researching the Sontaran-Rutan conflict in the University's Great Library, Bernice learns that an area at the centre of the University complex is forbidden to outsiders. Using a computer's own logic to outsmart it, Bernice discovers the forbidden area contains the Harrubtii's Temple of the Shining Ones. Entering the Temple, Bernice is surrounded by the Harrubtii, who have deliberately allowed her to trespass on their sacred ground on the pretext of killing her. Bernice is informed that leaving the Temple's sanctuary will mean her death and she reluctantly stays within the confines of its walls (Shakedown, Bernice has been in the Great Library for 'several days' on p.90). (MG)

? 2514 - Travelling to Station Beta, the Doctor and his companions meet up with Deranne and Kurt, the only survivors of the Tiger Moth. Elsewhere on the station, Karne assumes the form of a steward from the space liner Hyperion, which is on its way to Sentarion. The Doctor decides to charter the Tiger Moth to take him to a rendezvous with Bernice (Shakedown, events mentioned on p.178-85). (MG)

? 2514 - The Hyperion arrives at Sentarion and Karne swiftly kills Hapiir to gain possession of his ornithopter for a flight to the Temple of the Shining Ones. The Tiger Moth sets down shortly afterwards and the Doctor and his friends search for Bernice, finally locating her - and Karne - in the Temple. The Doctor learns that the Sanctum houses a wormhole between Sentarion and Ruta 3, which is intended to act as a secret escape route for the Rutan supreme ruler, the Great Mother, if the homeworld is ever threatened by the Sontarans. Commander Steg arrives and secures the Gateway for Admiral Sarg's War Wheel to travel through to Ruta 3. The Doctor manages to trick the Sontarans, ensuring the War Wheel will remain trapped within the wormhole, travelling on forever, never to emerge at the other end. An ensuing gunfight ends with the deaths of both Karne and Steg's squad (Shakedown). (MG)

? 2514 - The Tiger Moth departs on a second shakedown cruise, this time with the Doctor and his companions as Deranne's crew. Deranne will win the Tri-Systems Cup thanks to the Doctor's modifications to the Tiger Moth's rig (Shakedown, this takes place 'two weeks' later, on p.229). (MG)

? 2515 - (Parasite).

2515 (? Sept) - Archaeologist Dr. Oleg Mikelz discovers the fabled Oracle of the Lost on the planetoid KS-159 shortly before killing his wife and a friend, believing them to be having an affair (Tears of the Oracle p.130). (MG)

2515 (Sept 11th) - The world of Paracletes is sealed off as an area of Extreme Biohazard after the members of an archaeological team are killed by a parasite that feeds on the mind's faith and belief. The only survivor, Professor Edward Watkinson of St Oscar's University on Dellah, disappears shortly afterwards. He dies on KS-159 (Tears of the Oracle p.130). (MG/II)

2516 - Claire Summerfield, mother of Bernice and wife of Isaac, is born (Just War, she is 'thirty-one' when she is killed [in 2547] on p.214). (MG)

c 2518 - Vasco Playdon, project manager on the experimental Medusa's maiden voyage, is born around this time (The Medusa Effect, Dorian Phelps, his physical 'stand-in' for the recovery mission appears to be 'in his late middle age' on p.30). (MG)

? 2518 - The Third Doctor and Jo arrive on the planet Kastopheria only to discover the indigenous species, known simply as the People, are being used as slaves by the uncaring human colonists. The Doctor is soon mistaken for El Llama, a revolutionary leader who, it is rumoured, has come to Kastopheria to liberate the People. At the behest of Zylor, High Priest of the People, the Doctor travels to an ancient temple deep in the jungle, to destroy the source of the People's complacency. With it destroyed, the natives are driven into a species-wide frenzy. It is only with the aid of the Draconians that the Doctor manages to evacuate the colonists in time (Catastrophea, no date is given, but it is 'five or six hundred years' after the twentieth-century, on p.79). (MG/II)

2525 - St Oscar's University Press prints an anthology of Professor Edward Watkinson's essays, entitled Glory Under the Mud (Tears of the Oracle p.39). (MG)

2526 - (Earthshock Part One). (MG)

? 2527 - Around a period of Cyberwars, the Fourth Doctor and Leela meet the Mithran Fusiliers, a mercenary/religious group made up of people whose Cyber-conversions went too far to return them to ordinary humans, but not far enough to make them Cybermen, and attempt to prevent them from conquering the homeworld of the P'tarr, an arboreal, pangolin-like species (One Bad Apple (MST), no year is given, but it takes place sometime when Earth's 'Imperial Marines' on p.74, are involved in 'Cyberwars' on p.80, the planet in question is 'on the frontier of a major war' on p.70. I'm assuming it's the Cyber-wars which follow Earthshock). (II)

c 2528 - Kallis Shaw, the commanding officer of the experimental Medusa's maiden voyage, is born around this time (The Medusa Effect, he appears to be 'middle-aged' [c2573] on p.23). (MG)

? c 2530 - The rediscovery of a cache of EMG engram records on Earth will form the basis for reintegrating the memories of the dead with newly-cloned bodies - a process attempted in the Catan Nebula, c 2587 (The Mary-Sue Extrusion, this takes place 'half a century' earlier [than 2596] on p.193, in Return to the Fractured Planet, this takes place 'around a century' earlier [than 2597] on p.23).

c 2533 - Juno Whitfield, Chief Scientist of Salomon's ruling Scientifica elite, is born (Cold Fusion, no date is given but she is 'fifty-nine' years old on p.194). (MG)

c 2534 - Forsyth Kerven, an historian and archivist working for the Advanced Research Department on Dellah before being seconded to the Medusa recovery mission team, is born around this time (The Medusa Effect, he is 'oldest of the team' and has 'steel-grey hair' [c2594] on p.30). (MG)

c 2537 - By this time, genuine artificial antiques, including sepiatone photos in wooden frames, are all the rage - before shortly going out of fashion (Return of the Living Dad, events mentioned on p.7, [in 2587] this happens 'half a century ago'). (CW)

c 2537 - Martia Lupis, the coldly efficient chief steward of the Medusa's maiden voyage, is born around this time (The Medusa Effect, she appears to be 'about Benny's age' [mid-thirties], c2573, on p.23). (MG)

? c 2537 - Rula Winther, leader of the criminal Maguyre Cartel, is born, probably somewhere out on the Eastern Rim world of Virabilis (The Joy Device p.49/50). (MG)

c 2538 - Tertullian Medford, Adjudicator Provost-General on Salomon, is born (Cold Fusion, he is 'five years' younger than Juno Whitfield, on p.254). (MG)

c 2538 - Simon Kyle, who will be Bernice Summerfield's first boyfriend and rise to the rank of Captain in Spacefleet, is born (Return of the Living Dad, he is 'eighteen' when Bernice is 'sixteen' on p.189). (CW)

c 2538 - A war between Battrul and Canvine results in an uneasy peace treaty and a buffer zone of two light years in diameter imposed between the two worlds (Demontage, this takes place 'fifty years' earlier [than c2588] on p.4/94/155). (MG)

c 2538 - Anni Goranson, the quantum physicist for the Medusa's maiden voyage, is born around this time (The Medusa Effect, she appears to be 'about Benny's age' [mid-thirties], c2573, on p.23). (MG)

c 2539 - Vega Station is built, supposedly independent, but the facility is secretly run by the Battrulian government. The Fourth Doctor, in an unrecorded adventure, visits shortly after the station opens, and his gambling gets out of hand (Demontage, this takes place 'soon after [Vega Station] is built' on p.6. The Doctor's fourth incarnation is described, on p.150). (MG)

c 2539 - Dorian Phelps, the forensic research scientist attached to the Medusa recovery mission, is born around this time (The Medusa Effect, he appears to be 'in his late middle age' [c2594] on p.30). (MG)

2539 - The Freedom of Information Act is passed. Sometime afterwards, an extra chapter of the Christian Bible is 'discovered' in the Vatican and some extra scrolls turn up in the Dead Sea (The Sword of Forever, the year is given as ''39' [in 2595] on p.65). (MG)

c 2540 - It is around this time that the Daleks begin their third wave of expansion, leading to the Galactic Wars (Death and Diplomacy, this takes place when Bernice Summerfield is born, on p.124). (MG)

2540 - (Frontier in Space).

2540 - The Doctor acts as a mediator between Earth and Draconia (Frontier in Space. Shadowmind, this occurs 'a hundred and thirty years ago' [in 2673] on p.61, and in 'twenty-five forty' on p.74). (CW)

2540 - (Planet of the Daleks).

2540 - The Galactic Wars start, lasting for over three decades (Beige Planet Mars, the year is given on p.24), however, the Daleks' tactics will remain throughout the war, repetitious and predictable (Return of the Living Dad p.9). During the wars universities, archives and libraries will all become prime targets for the Daleks, with the computerised information network linking the colonies will be infiltrated and corrupted (Beige Planet Mars, events mentioned on p.101). As a result, there is a shortage of memory and data storage devices - enough to make paper a cheap and reliable medium again (Tears of the Oracle, events mentioned on p.134. In No Future, Bernice remembers reading books on holiday [before she met the Doctor]). (CW/MG)

2540 - During this year, the first of the Galactic Wars, entire worlds die in the fire that sweeps the entire galaxy. Colony worlds die after an hour of atomic bombardment and whole fleets are wiped out. Genocidal politics on both sides wipe out a dozen alien races, leaving only ruins (Beige Planet Mars, events mentioned on p.24). (CW)

2540 (June 21st) - Bernice Summerfield, professor of archaeology and long-time companion of the Seventh Doctor, is born to parents Isaac Douglas Summerfield and his wife Claire (Love and War, Bernice celebrates her birthday at the start of the story [in the (Heavanite?) autumn]. In The Dimension Riders, Bernice is celebrating her birthday on November 20th [in 1993]. In Falls the Shadow, Bernice is born in '2422' on p.148. The year or date of Bernice's birthday is given (consistently) in Just War, on p.135, A History of the Universe, on p.193, Beige Planet Mars, on p.7, The Judgement of Solomon (D5), on p.113, on the Big Finish website, in The Doomsday Manuscript, on p.40. The full name of Bernice's father is given in Return of the Living Dad on p.7) on colony world Beta Caprisis (Love and War, named on p.75. In The Left-Handed Hummingbird, named on p.75). Bernice is named after a character in a very old Earth film (Zamper, events mentioned on p.159) and will grow up to look almost exactly like her mother (Return of the Living Dad, events mentioned on p.30). (CW/MG/II)

c 2541 - Beta Osiris, the lone moon of Phaester Osiris, is discovered by explorers. The mile-high Black Pyramid of Horus is located and examined by archaeologists (Scarab of Death (D), no date is given, but this appears to take place around the time of Edwin Carter's expedition [in 2541] on p.133). (MG)

2541 - Elias Cromwell begins working as an administrator on Garaman, a mojor space facility on the edge of the front (Beige Planet Mars, the year is given on p.157). (CW)

2541 (July 24th) - Archaeologist Edwin Carter discovers the whereabouts of the legendary Eye of Horus on the moon of Beta Osiris. A young pickpocket, Anwar Nazir, is unsuccessful in stealing the Eye and curses Carter in the name of the Cult of the Black Pyramid. Nazir, a member of the Cult, will spend the rest of his life searching for the Eye (Scarab of Death (D), the exact date is given on p.133). (MG)

2542 - Professor Bernadette McAllerson, working at the New Scientific Central Trust on Earth discovers McAllerson's Radiation (Conundrum, the year is given on p.93). (CW)

2542 - Records indicate that artist Menlove Ereward Stokes is born in this year, despite being alive and well in the twenty-fourth century (The Well-Mannered War, the year is given on p.272). (MG)

c 2543 - It is around this time that St Oscar's University is founded on the planet Dellah, funded by a consortium that includes the wealthy industrialist Marcus Krytell (Ship of Fools, this appears to take place around 'forty years' earlier [than 2593] on p.32. Events mentioned on p.27). (MG)

2543 - The Bantu Cooperative re-emerges as a purely commercial body, its emphasis on weapon development (Another Girl, Another Planet p.132). (MG)

c 2544 - By this time the Advanced Research Institute has come to the insignificant planet Dellah, which has remained a neutral safe haven during the Galactic Wars due, primarily, to the influence of St Oscar's University. Shunning military research work for fear of reprisals by either side in the conflict, the fledgling Advanced Research Department (ARD) of St Oscar's soon draws the attention of scientists who are seeking a place of altruistic research in which to work (The Medusa Effect, no date is given. It is at a time when the Daleks are 'pushing forward into human space' during the Galactic Wars, on p.5. Events mentioned on p.27. In Beige Planet Mars, the Daleks are retreating back to their own territory by the mid-2550s, on p.25). (MG)

2544 (Sept) - Photon missiles equipped with FTL drives are shipped to Mars and concealed in undersea bases in preparation for the inevitable Dalek invasion of the solar system (Beige Planet Mars p.186). (MG)

c 2544 - Bernice is told by her mother that her father does not drink. Bernice laughs, not knowing what she really means (Return of the Living Dad, events mentioned on p.8, Bernice is 'four or five'). (CW)

c 2545 - Newark Rappare, the Artist-in-Residence of the Art History Department of St Oscar's University on Dellah, is born around this time (Dragon's Wrath, he is described as 'overweight and middle-aged' [in 2593] on p.17. In Demontage, he is described as being 'a fat man in his middle years' [c2588] on p.79). (MG)

2545 (June) - Monitoring stations at the Oort cloud surrounding the Solar system register massive disturbances in hyperspace, before three hundred Dalek battlesaucers materialise. The Daleks enter the solar system, but the armada swarms out of the Oort cloud to find humanity has forged secret defensive alliances with a thousand planets throughout the galaxy, so they skip the outer planets and converge on Earth via Mars (Beige Planet Mars, the year is given on p.25, p.71-72). (CW)

2545 (June) - Three days before the Daleks are due to arrive at Mars, the Photon missiles are tested - a test that proves their effectiveness against the Daleks… (Beige Planet Mars, events mentioned on p.72). (CW)

2545 (June) - The Battle of Mars ensues when the planet is left at the mercy of the Daleks when Minister of Defence Karina Tellassar refuses to launch a missile attack. The planet is attacked by 300 Dalek battlesaucers equipped with firestorm bombs. Dalek biogenic weapons rain down on Earth (Beige Planet Mars p.19/24/76). (MG)

2545 (June) - Once the missile bases and command centres are destroyed the saucers land, one to each major city, ignoring or destroying smaller settlements, using the humans as a shield, knowing that with the human population Mars is safe from attack by collateral weaponry (Beige Planet Mars, events mentioned on p.76). (CW)

2545 (June) - The statue erected in Colonel Brusilov's honour has much of its head and right shoulder melted away by a Dalek plasma blast during the Battle for Mars (Beige Planet Mars, events mentioned on p.24). (CW)

2545 (June) - The Earth Senate vote not to wipe out the invaders on Mars by nuclear bombardment - but by a majority of three (Beige Planet Mars, events mentioned on p.76). (CW)

2545 (June 21st) - The Siege of Mars ends when the planet is liberated by General Keele of the 191st Legion (Beige Planet Mars p.19/41). (MG)

2545 (mid) - For almost a month, Earth is bombarded by Dalek missiles, with Europe in particular being badly hit. Retroviruses contained within the biogenic missile casings begin to seep, undetected, into the air and the water. Insinuating themselves into the food chain, the retroviruses produce the first of a series of mutations which, by the time they are eventually discovered in a decade's time, will be unstoppable (The Sword of Forever, events mentioned on p.11). (MG)

2545 (mid) - Somalia and Kenya suffer hits by orbiting Dalek weaponry, resulting in centuries of internal struggle between neighbouring clans ending as the clans unite against the common enemy. The dormant Dalek retroviruses will eventually resolve all clan-warfare for good by effectively rendering all parties concerned bio-hybrid (The Sword of Forever, events mentioned on p.171). (MG)

? c 2545 - By this time, Bane Industries has created the Haze, an offshoot of their interactive virtual-reality rigs juiced up with transputer-generated biofeedback, intravenous psycholeptics, and long-term memory suppressants. With the war going badly for mankind, the military application of the Haze is obvious to Bane Industries. Subjects are streamed images that are psycho-profile-calculated to tip them over the edge, turning them mad with grief and pain, so that they are capable of killing in the most extreme and brutal manner. Once they have crossed that line, even though it has only happened purely in their minds, there is no turning back and the 'successful' subjects go straight into shock-commando training. The result of the Haze treatment is that Spacefleet gets a crop of killers who can kill without compunction on a cheap and industrial basis (Oblivion, no date is given. Events mentioned on p.142). (MG)

c 2545 - Bernice starts school, and is told by her father that bullies are just cowards who will run away if she sticks up to them. She tries it, but has the stuffing knocked out of her (Return of the Living Dad, events mentioned on p.143). (CW)

c 2545 - Young Bernice Summerfield's friends include Malver, Tomm and Marie. At some point in her early years, Bernice is frightened by her mother's tales of the bogeyman Sheldukher, who is said to have green scaly skin and terrible halitosis. Bernice will eventually be somewhat disappointed to learn Sheldukher is Earth-normal in appearance during a time-travelling escapade in 2680 (The Highest Science, no date is given, but it is while Bernice's 'mummy' is still alive, on p.75. Events mentioned on p.174). (MG)

c 2546 - A young and idealistic feLi-!xi-kat-xi volunteers to join the People's Xeno Relations (Normalisation) Interest Group and spends the next decade crewing on various ships, eventually working as a secret agent in some of the proxy wars (The Also People, feLixi spends 'ten years' in XR(N)IG before the tragic events on Tipor'oosis [c2556] on p.122. Events mentioned on p.71). (MG)

c 2547 - Isaac Summerfield allows his daughter Bernice to walk with him to the transmat though the sculpture park fringing the married officers' quarters. Bernice demands that he take her to the play area with its twisted swing and cushion grass when he gets back and Isaac promises her. He then enters the transmat and waves goodbye to Bernice, the last light on the evening lighting his face. This, unknown to Bernice, will be the last time she sees her father for nearly thirty years (Transit, events mentioned on p.43, no date is given). (CW)

2547 - Claire Summerfield takes her young daughter to see an old conjuror (Birthright, this takes place when Bernice is 'seven years old' on p.29). (MG)

2547 - The Alps are damaged when a 'local' war breaks out in Europe (So Vile a Sin, the year is given on p.211). (MG)

c 2547 - By this time humans are not affected by many common illnesses of the twentieth century - because they no longer exist (Return of the Living Dad, events mentioned on p.51). (CW)

c 2547 - At this time Spacefleet employs the use of the Fury class fighter-ships - the Dalekbusters - huge, mostly automated ships with big guns and a small crew of six (Return of the Living Dad, events mentioned on p.9, p.24). (CW)

? 2547 - Albinex, the only Navarino on Navarro who is not content to sit around all day partying decides he wants to return his race to the days when they were a military force to be reckoned with, steals a broken Sky Yacht, and after fixing the dimensional interface components of the time engine with aeroplane glue, decides to contact the Daleks, the ultimate military power, to make them an offer involving Albinex changing history for them and possibly disposing of the Doctor as well. Albinex then intends to return to Navarro and with the help of the Daleks, turn them into an army (Return of the Living Dad, events mentioned on p.160, p.214). (CW)

c 2547 - The Seventh Doctor and Bernice land on Isaac Summerfield's ship, the Tisiphone during a battle over Bellatrix between twelve or so Furies and a trio of Dalek planet-rippers. The human ships have interrupted Albinex's negotiations with the Daleks as they are finalised. After seeing Isaac on the bridge, they leave just as they spot the sky yacht belonging to Albinex, and follow the Tisiphone from a distance as it disappears into a wormhole after trying to use the gravity pull of a small planet to increase its velocity. The ship will emerge at the other end of the wormhole in 1963. Captain Goenewegen's ship, the Clotho, is the only Spacefleet ship that survives the battle - and only then through luck (Return of the Living Dad, events mentioned on p.9, p.28-32, p.253. It is 'forty' years [before 2587] on p.7. Bernice is described as being 'seven' on p.12. The year is [strangely] given as '2543' on p.29. In Dead Romance, the year is [incorrectly] given as '2543'). It is probably at this time that the Dalek ships despatch a spy satellite into the wormhole in order to contact the Black Fleet (Return of the Living Dad. The satellite is aware that Albinex has contacted the Daleks, on p.268, and since there is no other evidence of how it got back to 1983, I speculate that it was sent back in time at this point). (CW/MG)

c 2547 - The official report of the battle states that Isaac fled in cowardice (Return of the Living Dad, events mentioned on the back cover). (CW)

c 2547 - When the Clotho is decommissioned after the battle over Bellatrix, Captain Groenewegen keeps its flight recorder as a souvenir, as captain's privilege (Return of the Living Dad, events mentioned on p.9). (CW)

? 2547 - The Fifth Doctor takes Nyssa to a remote planetoid out on the fringes of the Magellanis system which he still has nominal ownership of after winning it from a Draconian in a game of poker sometime in the twenty-fifth century. During their brief visit to the planetoid the Doctor learns it is actually the home of Telxzana, the last of the silicon-based Pzorswihr. Telxzana warns the Doctor that she is going to die within a year, ensuring there is enough time to evacuate Sebastian Musgrove, the one-man crew of the planetoid's monitoring base (Lonely Days (D2) , no date is given, but it takes place sometime soon after 'a girl back on Earth' whom Musgrove is in love with is 'killed by the Daleks' on p.246). (MG)

c 2547 - Claire Summerfield, wife of Isaac and mother of Bernice, is killed after leaving the shelter to retrieve Bernice's doll Rebecca during a Dalek raid on colony world Vandor Prime (Return of the Living Dad, events on p.243-244, Bernice is 'seven'. In Beige Planet Mars, this takes place when Bernice is 'seven' on p.174), which orbits two G-class suns in the Gamma Delphinus system (Sanctuary, events mentioned on p.215/185. In Death and Diplomacy, Isaac Summerfield is 'long-since gone' by the time of Claire's death, on p.147). (MG/CW)

c 2547 - The orphaned Bernice Summerfield is briefly drafted into the Dalek (or Galactic) Wars and sent to Earth Force Academy (Death and Diplomacy, events mentioned on p.60), more commonly referred to as Spacefleet Academy, which is located on colony world Beta Caprisis (Prelude: Sanctuary (DWM225). In the first term she is taught wilderness survival (Return of the Living Dad, events mentioned on p.91) as well as being trained in various TerraFed unarmed combat military techniques (Sky Pirates!, no date is given on p.109). In years to come Bernice will conjure up a story in which she enjoys a 'glittering academic career at the Institute and then the Academy and a subsequent distinguished service in the TerraFed Spacefleet'. She repeats this story so many times that she almost believes it herself (Death and Diplomacy, events mentioned on p.125). (MG/CW)

? 2548 - Around this time, on a remote planetoid in the Magellanis system Telxzana, the last of the silicon-based Pzorswihr life forms, dies (Lonely Days (D2) , no date is given, but this takes place 'about a year' later [than ?2547] on p.251). (MG)

2548 - An older Bernice Summerfield makes a brief journey into the past to retrieve a piece of advanced Perfecton technology, a 'piece of space junk' brought home by her father on one of his patrols, from her own bedroom. During this night-time visit Bernice witnesses her younger self sleeping, and gently kisses the girl on the head (Oh No It Isn't!, this takes place when Bernice is 'eight' on p.156, although her parents are apparently still alive at this point, on p.157). (MG)

c 2548 - Romolo Nusek, the ambitious son of Coplan and descendant of the legendary Hugo Gamaliel, is born on the planet Tharn around this time (Dragons' Wrath, he appears to be 'middle-aged' [in 2593] on p.25). (MG)

? 2549 - Bernice takes part in the Academy's production of 'Carousel'. This is the last occasion where she takes singing seriously (No Future p.7, no date given, arbitrarily dated). (CW)

c 2549 - Heath Chromsky, commanding officer of the Medusa recovery mission, is born around this time (The Medusa Effect, he appears 'middle-aged' [c2594] on p.27). (MG)

c 2549 - Marillian, director of the Future Foundation Research Group and second husband of Professor Bernice Summerfield, is born in London (The Sword of Forever, he is 'twenty-six' [in 2575] on p.170). (MG)

2549 - The body of Gavin Scott, the last surviving example of twentieth-century man, is discovered perfectly preserved in a Nottingham mudflat. His 'corpse' will be put on public display in a cryo-tank for the next five decades before being revived at the Braxiatel Collection in the year 2599 (The Least Important Man (TDMD), this takes place 'fifty years' earlier [than 2599] on p.196). (MG)

c 2550 - Handsome, debonair holovid star Munroe Hennessy is at the peak of his career around this time, an idol to hordes of teenage swooners (The Doomsday Manuscript, this takes place 'fifty years' earlier [than 2600] on p.84). (MG)

c 2550 - The TAM Corporation, like all the other Earth conglomerates, has its interstellar ships requisitioned to fight the Galactic Wars. During and after the wars, the TAM Corporation dramatically downsizes, pulling out of its remoter colonies such as those in the Mendeb system. The Corporation departs, taking as much valuable high tech with it as is possible, leaving the settlers to fend for themselves (Independence Day, no date is given. This takes place 'during the wars' on p.22. This is assumed to be the Galactic Wars of 2540-2573). (MG)

c 2551 - Bettyana Quist, astrophysicist on the experimental Medusa's maiden voyage, is born around this time (The Medusa Effect, she appears to be in her 'early twenties' [c2573] on p.24). (MG)

? c 2552 - By this time young pickpocket/shoplifter Rula Winther is caught by the authorities and spends a brief spell in a juvenile jail on Virabilis. She will eventually come to the attention of the head of the Maguyre Cartel and, when an Enforcement Agent finally shoots Mrs Maguyre dead, will rise to the leadership of the criminal organisation (The Joy Device p.49). (MG)

2552 - Bernice Summerfield attempts to bleach her hair in an act of defiance that goes so terribly wrong that she has to wear a plastifez until the colour grows out (Just War, this takes place when Bernice is 'twelve' on p.41). (MG)

c 2552 - The Class G maintenance robot enters service (Cold Fusion, this occurs 'four decades' earlier, on p.219). (MG)

c 2553 - Miles Betton, a young, inexperienced steward onboard the Medusa's maiden voyage, is born around this time (The Medusa Effect, Rawlings Hoyt, his physical 'stand-in', appears to be around twenty years of age at the time of the recovery mission, implying Betton is around twenty years of age, c2573). (MG)

c 2554 - The Drellite Imnulate, a man-made crystal which is the focus of all hopes and fears, is rediscovered after being lost for many, many years. After passing through several hands the crystal will come into the possession of wealthy industrialist Nathan Costermann (Tempest p.18). (MG)

c 2554 - By this time some Martians have found a new home on the planet Neo Aries. These Neo Arietians, as they come to be known, having long abandoned the ceremonial helmets and armour of their ancestors, have their armour built directly into the body. An implant at the back of the brain holds the central processor, while the electrical impulses from the body powers the CPU and the systems, which include surveillance and weapons (The Medusa Effect, events mentioned on p.7. Although never referred to as Martians or Ice Warriors, the description of Neo Arietians on p.12 is almost identical). (MG)

c 2554 - The Daleks, finding themselves outnumbered by a galaxy-wide alliance, retreat to the safety of their own territory - to find their slave empire in revolutionary turmoil, due to Earth Intelligence agents' covert training of the slaves in guerrilla warfare and terrorism. The last years of the war from now onwards are fought on Dalek territory (Beige Planet Mars, this takes place 'within a decade' of the Dalek attack on Mars [2545] on p.25). The reptilian Neo Arietians are part of the alliance against the Daleks, and Commander Skutloid participates, leading his battalions to glory during the conflict (The Medusa Effect, events mentioned on p.19). (MG/CW)

2555 - A teenage Bernice Summerfield writes a mercifully unpublished dissertation upon the history of cinema, during which she uses the words 'Apollonian' and 'Dionysian' some three hundred and twenty-five times (Sky Pirates!, this takes place when Bernice is 'fifteen' on p.131). (MG)

2555 - The Dalek retroviruses are finally discovered after insinuating themselves into sixty-eight per cent of terrestrial DNA across more than forty per cent of the globe over the past decade. Most of these retroviruses appear to be harmless, causing physical changes in only a small proportion of those infected. In places like the Rhone Valley, evolution goes wild, producing a thousand species of hybrid terrestrial-alien strains of plant, animal and human life. Once discovered, the viruses are spread by a military only too hungry to investigate and exploit the alien technology (The Sword of Forever, this takes place 'a decade' after the Dalek bombing [in 2545] on p.11. Events mentioned on p.12). (MG)

2555 - The more outspoken voices of government want to go ahead with sterilisation by nuclear or antimatter weapons. It is fortunate that Earth itself is in a political and economical recession due to the prosecution of the war, and cannot afford such drastic action at this time (The Sword of Forever, events mentioned on p.12). (MG)

? c 2555 - The ageing Randolph Bane, head of the Bane Incorporation, realises that with the passing years he is growing ever closer to the point where even the best medical and regenerative therapies that money or influence can buy will fail him. Stubbornly refusing to admit his own mortality, Bane uses his resources to try and prevent his own inevitable death. Other aspects of his empire collapse as he sucks them dry to pour all his wealth into the search for immortality. Under cover of the Galactic Wars, Bane's companies are responsible for the kidnapping of many of those reported 'missing in action' for research (Oblivion, no date is given on p.210. Arbitrarily dated). (MG)

c 2555 (Winter) - Bernice sneaks out of the Academy and begins living in the surrounding forest (Return of the Living Dad, no date given on p.90-91, p.188. Bernice is 'sixteen' when she meets Simon Kyle, on p.189, and is outside for 'a year', on p.91). While outside, she will salvage abandoned comics, where she reads about the fate of Batman's fifth Robin (Conundrum, Bernice reads comics during the 'long winter nights' outside the Academy on p.68). She will also be comforted by the presence of books such as Sir Thomas Malory's Le Morte D'Arthur (Human Nature, no date is given on p.34). (CW/MG)

c 2555 (Winter) - The Academy sends out half-hearted search parties to look for Bernice. Fortunately they are made up of people who either know her, pretend not to notice her, or were so bad at Wilderness 101 that they couldn't find her anyway (Return of the Living Dad, no date given on p.189). (CW)

c 2556 (? late) - After two solid days of rain, Bernice, with her wet-weather gear smuggled out by friends and her shelter smashed to bits near the flooded river, finds a hutch for reconstituted Galapagos tortoises. The next morning she is found by Simon Kyle when he slips out of class to check on his pets. Simon begins smuggling news and supplies out to Bernice (Return of the Living Dad, no date is given, but Bernice is 'sixteen' on p.188-189). (CW)

c 2556 (Winter) - One day, while fishing at a river Bernice and Simon are discovered and taken back to the Academy - but Bernice says nothing to incriminate Simon while he hands over a journal of their activities in return for a lighter sentence (Return of the Living Dad, events mentioned on p.190. Bernice has been in the woods for 'a year', on p.91. In The Squire's Crystal, Simon Kyle's betrayal is mentioned on p.157). (CW/MG)

? c 2556 - Sometime after being put through Spacefleet basic training, Bernice Summerfield is informed by Sergeant Jani Scrimshaw that she is to report to the Medical Officer. Bernice is subjected to the electro-neurological process known as the Haze to transform her into a stone-cold killer. She is fed an image of an alien trooper killing her mother but, because the memory of her mother's actual death is so ingrained in her memory, the treatment fails to snap Bernice's mind (Oblivion, this takes place when the war is 'going extremely badly' on p.141. It might be after Bernice has spent time 'sleeping rough in the woods' on p.188. It is sometime after Bernice has had 'Applied Psych classes at the Institute before she skipped' on p.190. She has known Sergeant Scrimshaw for 'weeks' at this point, on p.189). (MG)

c 2557 (? mid) - Teenage cadet Bernice Summerfield goes AWOL from the Spacefleet Academy again, stowing away onboard the Faithful Pet. It is a military surplus ship captained by Lisa Nguyen (Prelude: Sanctuary (DWM225), Bernice appears to be not much older 'than fifteen or sixteen' on p.42), and a clapped-out trader. Bernice spends time on board swapping transuranic elements for alien art on one planet, then art for transuranics on another, managing to shave a little profit from the top. She spends time with McFee, the bluff Irish engineer who takes a shine to her, while he coaxes another few light years out of the old and battered engines. She spends so long there she will be able to read them in her sleep (Original Sin, this occurs in Bernice's 'formative years of her adolescence', on p.68). (CW/MG)

c 2556 - Bernice, aged 16, has the first and only migraine of her entire life (No Future, she is 'sixteen' on p.96). (CW)

c 2556 - The People of the Worldsphere become embroiled in a war with the Great Hive Mind of The Universe, a race of insectoid religious fanatics from C-Mita-C-Mita-Rho (Down, named on p.189) who refer to themselves as the All of Us (Walking to Babylon, named on p.10/22). God is opposed to the war, so the Xeno Relations (Normalisation) Interest Group takes charge. With the war being fought over a huge volume of space, the Aggressive Ship-Building Interest Group operates shipyards well away from the Worldsphere. ASBIG comes up with new weapons for the conflict: remote forced quantum singularities, controlled hyperspace breaks and something called a Pin-Stripe Cattle Grate which nobody ever talks about (The Also People, this takes place 'thirty years' earlier [than c2586] on p.52. Events mentioned on p.109/130/198). (MG)

c 2556 - During the war the sentient drone vi!Cari is given the task of providing backup and firepower to agents dropped onto unaligned worlds. Over the course of the war vi!Cari will kill two hundred and eighteen sentient individuals. In the same period he will save the life of organic companions on thirty-seven separate occasions (The Also People, events mentioned on p.246). (MG)

c 2556 - XR(N)IG agent feLixi is teamed with vi!Cari while onboard the Very Aggressive Ship S-Lioness. During an undercover mission on the world of Tipor'oosis, feLixi has himself cosmetically altered to fit in with the xenophobic natives and manages to recruit a local agent, a woman named aTraxi. Vi!Cari almost levels the nearest town when he is one point two picoseconds too late to prevent aTraxi's death. Sustaining some psychological damage during these events, vi!Cari is immediately transferred to another VAS, the R-Vene (The Also People, events mentioned on p.129-30/215/169/264). (MG)

c 2556 - The war between the People and the Great Hive Mind reaches the mining facility on the asteroid Omicron 378, located in an unremarkable but strategic system. The People's infiltration party is killed during the mission and fifteen seconds later the VAS R-Vene dumps six kilograms of anti-matter into the centre of the habitat, killing two hundred thousand sentient individuals. Less than a second later the seventy-eight drones onboard sever the R-Vene's control links and assume control of the ship in a perfectly executed military junta (The Also People, events mentioned on p.163/168-9). (MG)

c 2556 - With the consensus being that the R-Vene is suffering from machine combat psychosis, a hitherto theoretical condition, the decision is made to have it disassembled. In reality, XR(N)IG and ASBIG conspire to change the ship's name and classification to bury the whole story, and the R-Vene becomes the Travelling Space Habitat !C-Mel (The Also People, events mentioned on p.198). (MG)

c 2556 - Towards the end of the war the People are forced to pre-emptively defend themselves because the Great Hive Mind of the Universe gets bit wary of attacking them. Eventually the Great Hive Mind is defeated and the XR(N)IG arranges for the enemy to become part of the People. In its wake the war has left fifteen planets, three rings and fifteen asteroid habitats destroyed and twenty six billion sentients killed. The People begin the task of rebuilding the twenty-six low technology civilisations that have been devastated during the hostilities (The Also People, events mentioned on p.52/147). (MG)

c 2556 - After war many of the People's Very Aggressive Ships still suffer from long-term psychological problems. Some of them have to be coercively transferred to other ship designations just to keep them out of trouble (The Also People, events mentioned on p.179). (MG)

2557 - Seventeen-year-old Bernice Summerfield decides to become an archaeologist (The Sword of Forever, this takes place 'five years' earlier [than 2562] on p.10). She believes this way she will find her father somewhere on the edge of civilisation, trapped on a backwater world, taken prisoner, or fighting a top secret war against the Daleks (Return of the Living Dad, events mentioned on p.8, p.91, no date is given). She will spend whole weeks pottering around pits with nothing more than a spade, resenting sensors and analysers instinctively (at least until her arms start to ache) (Zamper, events mentioned on p.46). She will go on to study a number of insect-based civilisations (Blood Heat, this is 'during her years as an archaeologist', on p.211). (CW)

c 2558 - Helena Gyles, one of the security officers of the Medusa recovery mission, is born around this time (The Medusa Effect, she is said to be 'a bit younger than Chromsky' [who is born c2549] on p.29. She is a stand-in for Martia Lupis, who appears to be 'about Benny's age' [mid-thirties], on p.23). (MG)

? 2559 - Having being recaptured, Bernice goes AWOL from Spacefleet yet again (Speculation. Bernice appears to go AWOL twice, stowing away on the Faithful Pet and on the escape pod). Not wanting to become involved in war, she tries to get off the troop ship (No Future, events on p.227. No date is given) crammed into an escape pod, praying her computer modifications will hide her from her hasty exit from the troop transport (Return of the Living Dad, Bernice is a 'trainee' on p.12. In Original Sin, Bernice has been on a trading ship for 'years' [since c2557], on p.68). (CW/MG)

? 2559 - Bernice, escaping the troop transport, crashes her pod on Olundrun Seven and is rescued by some monks who help her get over Simon Kyle's betrayal (Return of the Living Dad, no date is given on p.186, p.190). (CW)

c 2560 - Renad, the most trusted warrior of the Thane of Mahel, is born on the planet Venedel (The Gods of the Underworld, he is 'a boy of ten' when the Earthlink Federation arrives on Venedel [c2570] on p.103). (MG)

c 2560 - Professor Elizabeth K. Trinity's A History of Mars is published (Beige Planet Mars p.19). (MG)

c 2562 - The Fourth Doctor and Sarah make a visit to the moon of Beta Osiris to see the famed Black Pyramid of Horus. The Doctor, having come into the possession of the Eye of Horus (a small crystal in the shape of a scarab beetle), is kidnapped by Anwar Nazir, the proprietor of the Black Pyramid casino. Nazir and the Cult of the Black Pyramid attempt to use the crystal to revive the sleeping form of the god Horus but are thwarted by the Doctor (Scarab of Death (D), no date is given, but takes place at least 'over twenty years' later [than 2541] on p.123). (MG)

c 2562 - Bernice becomes an archaeologist, believing she will find her father somewhere on the edge of civilisation, trapped on a backwater world, taken prisoner, or fighting a top secret war against the Daleks (Return of the Living Dad p.8, p.91, no date.). (CW)

c 2562 - Earth is still in a political and economical recession due to the prosecution of the war at this time (The Sword of Forever, events mentioned on p.12). (MG)

2562 - Twenty-two-year-old would-be archaeologist Bernice Summerfield arrives in France on the trail of the Finger of John the Baptist and meets up with her lover, Daniel Beaujeu, son of the current Count of Arginy (The Sword of Forever, this takes place 'four weeks' before she investigates Castle Arginy, on p.13). (MG)

2562 - Having entered Castle Arginy, Bernice narrowly escapes with her life after Daniel becomes trapped and drown within a flood chamber booby-trap (The Sword of Forever, the year is given as '2562' on p.10. This takes place when Bernice is a 'twenty-two-year-old' on p.13. The year is then [incorrectly] given as '2560' on p.19). (MG)

2562 - Bernice Summerfield, aged twenty-two, is in Arginy on the trail of the Finger of John the Baptist. Her lover Daniel dies in the booby-trapped Castle Arginy (The Sword of Forever, p.10/19). (MG)

2563 - Reading Edward Watkinson's Glory Under the Mud inspires would-be archaeologist Bernice Summerfield to conduct a one-woman survey of the planet Capella Four in the slim hope of finding signs of the legendary vanished Aurigan civilisation. Her military training comes into play after she breaks both legs in a fall from a cliff - Bernice acts quickly, sedating herself with anti-shock drugs before securing her legs in inflatable splints. While she sleeps her fractured limbs are reset by an Aurigan, who also sends a distress signal to ensure a rescue team can locate the injured woman. Bernice will finally meet her alien benefactor on a return journey to Capella Four in the year 2600 (Steal from the World (TDMD), this takes place 'twenty-something' years earlier [than 2600] on p.23, and 'two decades' earlier, on p.50. Bernice is only a 'young naïve would-be archaeologist' at this point in her life, on p.45. In Walking to Babylon, this takes place in '2563' on p.173, when Bernice is 'oh, twenty-three?' on p.184). (CW/MG)

c 2563 - Daglan Straklant, ruthless colonel in the Fifth Axis Security Elite, may have been born around this time (The Doomsday Manuscript, he appears to be around '37' years of age in 2600, on p.9). (MG)

2565 (? early) - Bernice Summerfield, aged 24, visits Mars on an archaeological dig and makes her reputation with the discovery of the so-called Fields of Death at the Mare Sirenum (The Dying Days, the year is given on p.84. In Beige Planet Mars, p.13). (MG)

c 2565 - Archaeology professor Bernice Summerfield's relationship with Kyle comes to an end on the planet Camus II. Bernice stows away onboard the Faithful Pet and meets old acquaintance Lisa Nguyen again (Prelude: Sanctuary (DWM225), This takes place when Bernice appears to be 'just past her quarter-century' on p.43). (MG)

2565 - In London, sixteen-year-old Marillian is introduced into the local Masonic Lodge by his father (The Sword of Forever, this takes place 'a decade' earlier [than 2575] on p.170). (MG)

? 2566 - Bernice Summerfield's best-selling coffee-table archaeology book Down Among the Dead Men is reprinted (Theatre of War, Bernice's book is published in '2566' on p.36, but in '2466' (!) on p.135. The year on '2566' is chosen in A History of the Universe, on p.195. The date on '2466' is chosen on the Big Finish website). (CW)

? 2567 - Bernice Summerfield is part of an archaeological expedition to the remnants of the Dyson sphere at DM+39 4567 situated on the fringes of the Varteq Veil. The team's work is observed by the local clan of insectoid Builders (The Also People, no date is given on p.8. Arbitrarily dated to sometime before meeting the Seventh Doctor [in 2570]). (MG)

2568 - YorkCorp, specialising in medical research and health care provision for the elderly, establishes its headquarters in Jackson City, Mars (Beige Planet Mars p.46). (MG)

2568 - The Seventh Doctor takes it upon himself to rewrite the history of the planet Deltherus 5. In the original timeline the inhabitants of the planet are exterminated by the Drakoids when they make a few unfortunate tactical errors, but after the Doctor's interference the invaders are defeated. As a direct result, David Hittenstall's Massacre On Deltherus 5: The definite account of the Drakoids' extermination of the last of the Deltherons becomes Miracle On Deltherus 5: The definite account of how the Deltherons repelled the Drakoid invasion (Continuity Errors (D3), this takes place 'a hundred years' earlier [than 2668] on p.219). (MG)

? 2568 - The Sixth Doctor and Mel stumble upon a shady auction held by Fegovy, an advanced artificial life form. It's not long before the Doctor realises that the fabled Faces of Humanity is nothing more than fake created by ultragraphic hologistery as part of Fegovy's plan to amass wealth for his masters, the long-dead Syndicate. The Doctor's suggestion that a group of New Alexandrians should start storing their data correctly eventually leads to the formation of the New Alexandria Library, the universe's largest, most comprehensive library (Fegovy (D3), no date is given, but it takes place before the New Alexandria Library is around [in 2668] on p.216, this is arbitrarily dated to a century earlier than 2668. People communicate in 'Galactic standard' at this time, on p.194, and the Chelonians are ruled by a 'GodMother' during this period, on p.197). (MG)

c 2568 - Robyn Drexler, future President of Battrul, begins her struggle for democracy against her planet's ruling military junta (Demontage, this takes place 'twenty years' earlier [than c2588] on p.68). (MG/II)

c 2568 - It is around this time that one of the ARD's talented, young scientists, a woman by the name of Taffeta Graize, commences work on an unethical experiment to create genetically engineered soldiers for the war effort. Graize decides to conduct her work under the guise of a remote-guidance experiment on a cruise liner, Medusa, which is brought down to the dry dock on Dellah and refitted to be the first in a long line of fully automated pleasure cruisers. The Medusa will, in fact, be the perfect controlled environment to grow synthetic template creatures (from nascent DNA cells over biodegradable frameworks within incubation tanks), which will be imbued with all the knowledge and experience of the human crew (The Medusa Effect, this takes place 'several years' before the Medusa's eventual launch [c2573] on p.107. It happens during the 'war' [with the Daleks] on p.16/22. The Daleks are never mentioned by name, but Earth's enemy is described as 'exterminating everything in their way' on p.178. Events mentioned on p.178-84). (MG)

2569 - Jan Rydd's band of Travellers arrive on the planet Heaven (Love and War, this takes place 'a year' earlier, on p.48). (MG)

c 2569 - Andrea Moritz, the Medusa recovery mission's expert on remote-guidance technology, is born around this time (The Medusa Effect, she appears to be in her 'mid-twenties perhaps' [c2594] on p.29). (MG)

c 2569 - Fletcher Iolanthe Crane begins working for United Spaceways (Ship of Fools, this takes place 'twenty standard years' earlier [than c2589] on p.52). (MG)

c 2569 - Linn Sekka, associate of the unscrupulous antiques dealer Jericko Klench, is born (The Joy Device p.90). (MG)

2569 - On the planet Tempest, Nathan Costermann begins a rapid rise from a grade-two research chemist to the owner of Integrated Polymers (Tempest p.15). (MG)

c 2570 - By this time a seven-man crew for the Medusa's maiden voyage has eventually been picked, each individual chosen very carefully to include distinct sets of character traits for the experiment. They are each given an implanted personality enhancement to further the results of the upcoming Medusa experiment (The Medusa Effect, no date is given. This may have taken place 'years' before the Medusa's launch [c2573] on p.152). (MG)

c 2570 - Bernice discovers that Simon Kyle is now a Captain in Spacefleet (Return of the Living Dad p.190, it is 'just' before meeting the Doctor in Love and War). (CW)

c 2570 - By this time Bernice has only been knocked out once in her life (Head Games, this is 'before she met the Doctor' [in c2570] on p.70). (CW)

c 2570 - Midland and Westminster banks exist by this time (Head Games, events mentioned on p.158. I have assumed Bernice's knowledge of them is contemporary). (CW)

? 2570 - By this time, the Ceraci have not fought a serious war for centuries (Toy Soldiers, events mentioned on p.206, according to Bernice's knowledge, set before Love and War). (CW)

? 2570 - At this time, there is something about the English town of Milton Keynes that has sparked a major archaeological debate. Bernice will defend her opinions on the subject, and in a trip to the mid-twentieth century will be proved right (Zamper, events mentioned on p.98). (CW)

c 2570 - While on an expedition to the quagmire world of Mordala, Bernice Summerfield is shocked by the death of a young biologist, who has had his brain blown out by an overdose of quarkdust (The Highest Science, no date is given, but it is shortly before Bernice meets 'the Travellers' and 'the Hoothi' on p.71). (MG)

? 2570 - Bernice, for a bet, writes Similarities in Proto-Cultural Artifacts of the Second Dynasty of the Zyrs. It will eventually be published, but only the critics will agree with her real opinion that there are no similarities... (Zamper, no date is given on p.77. The writing of the book appears to take place before she meets the Doctor, since she asks 'It was actually published?' when she finds out about its success. Arbitrarily placed before she meets the Travellers). (CW)

2570 (early) - While en route to Heaven, Bernice Summerfield reads Professor Beal-Carter-Kzanski's paper entitled The Role of the Butler Institute in the Terran Post-Nuclear Period (Transit, events mentioned on p.206). (MG)

2570 (early) - Bernice Summerfield's archaeology unit arrives on the planet Heaven to investigate the ancient relics of the vanished Heavenites (Prelude: Love and War (DWM192), they have been on Heaven for 'four months' by this time, on p.17). (MG)

2570 - On the planet Heaven Jan Rydd's small band of Travellers enter Puterspace to divine the future. They are warned of the impending arrival of Time's Champion and his steward, and that three quarters of their number shall soon die if they get involved (Prelude: Love and War (DWM192), the Doctor will arrive 'soon' on p.16. The Hoothi plan to attack in 'a few months' on p.17). (MG)

2570 (late June) - The Seventh Doctor and Ace arrive on the planet Heaven, which is used as a vast graveyard for much of the galaxy. The Doctor joins forces with a group of Travellers just as the fungoid Hoothi reach the culmination of a plan to harvest the dead of Heaven as their hosts. The Hoothi plan is thwarted with the sacrifice of Jan Rydd, leader of the Travellers, much to the anger of Ace, who stays behind while Professor Bernice Summerfield joins the Doctor in his travels (Love and War, no date is given. It is at least 'five hundred years' after the twentieth century, on p.26, and Bernice has just turned 'thirty' on p.13. In Transit, Bernice has a 'twenty-sixth century perspective' on p.186. In The Highest Science, this story takes place 'two hundred and thirty years' ago [in 2680], on p.35. In The Pit, it is said to be 'fifty years' after '2400' on p.9. In Deceit, this is 'the twenty-fifth century' on p.216. In White Darkness Bernice is said to come from 'the twenty-sixth century' on p.111, and 'six hundred years' later than 1915, on p.108. In Blood Heat, Bernice is a 'twenty-sixth century girl' on p.2. In The Dimension Riders, Bernice is from the '25th century' on p.22, p.100, in The Left-Handed Hummingbird, Bernice is from the 'twenty-fifth century' on p.153. In Conundrum, it appears to be the 'twenty-fifth century', on p.10. In Just War, this story takes place in the 'late twenty-sixth century' on p.136. In Return of the Living Dad, Bernice is from the 'twenty-sixth century', on p.90). Ace has stayed behind partly because she knows that for the Doctor, forcing him to be alone is the worst thing to do as that is the only thing he is afraid of (The Left-Handed Hummingbird, events mentioned on p.105). One reason the Doctor has taken Bernice with him is because he remembers having heard her voice before. It will, however take him some weeks to discover that he heard her voice on a CD of a Plasticine live recording published by Priory records in 1976 (No Future, events mentioned on p.83). (CW/MG)

(Hmm. Contrast with what happens during the Earth arc...) (II)

2570 - At some point after leaving the Doctor, Ace works for various Corporations and then in Spacefleet's Irregular Auxiliaries (Birthright, events mentioned on p.112). Panicking early on, she almost loses her legs and central nervous system - as a result, she hardens herself to death and gore (Falls the Shadow, events mentioned on p.142). While in the Irregulars, she uses a high-impulse carbine, a heavy-duty gun carried by anti-Dalek squads in the Flova trenches while battling Marsh-Daleks (Lungbarrow, events mentioned on p.38). Spacefleet veterans give Ace advice by about how not to make war personal and how not to get involved. She thinks they are talking rubbish (Blood Heat, on mentioned on p.306-307. In No Future, events mentioned on p.269). Ace attends Spacefleet strategy briefings where she is instructed on the use of programmable smart bombs (Blood Heat, events mentioned on p.138) and smart missiles. She discovers Spacefleet issues them like the British Civil Service issued biros, and will acquire quite a collection (All-Consuming Fire, events mentioned on p.278. In Zamper, Ace is described as being equipped with 'big slabs of twenty-fifth century designer violence', on p.34). She is also issued with special tools that are used to pull the tops off Dalek casings (The Shadow of the Scourge, events mentioned on Disc 2, Track 5) and also using her explosives expertise, while fighting in the Dalek (or Galactic) Wars. She serves on an IMC-funded ship called the Corporate Strategy for a while, where she is approached by IMC executives with a mission. She is asked, if she ever meets the Doctor again, to travel to the Lucifer system in the twenty-second century to discover why an exclusion zone came into being after the collapse of Project Eden. Later, she serves aboard various ships including the Saberhagen, and the Corporate Raider (Lucifer Rising, events mentioned on p.309-310/67). Some time after, she is seconded to the Special Weapons division of the First Infantry shortly before being put onboard the Admiral Raistrick (Deceit, events mentioned on p.35. In Lucifer Rising, this is [incorrectly] said to be during 'the twenty-fifth century' on p.51, 'three hundred years' later [than 2156] on p.204. It is then stated this is 'the twenty-sixth century' on p.309). Ace has agreed to throw in with IMC because they offer her a chance for her to use the Doctor for a change (Conundrum, events mentioned on p.116). At some point, Ace fights alongside Axmeister tanks, vehicles that are used heavily in defensive formations (Conundrum, it is [incorrectly] described as '25th century' on p.10), and is trained how to fly assault hoppers. Ace is involved in fighting in the Ceti sector - disruptors are issued because the microwave beam can cook Dalek blobs inside their armour. It is a mistake - the Daleks know their weaknesses and have already anticipated the use of disruptors and prepared for it. They discover that since the focusing crystal of a disruptor is designed to handle ultrasonics it is particularly susceptible to interference from infrasonics (First Frontier, events mentioned on p.131/181). She kills Daleks in the Hai Dow system (Theatre of War, events mentioned on p.52), and at some point, Ace receives a plasma burn from a Special Weapons Dalek (Blood Heat, events mentioned on p.96). She will kill a Black Dalek Supreme, taking its dome and sensory antennae to fashion a helmet for herself (Shadowmind, events mentioned on p.68). On Palmeras, the night after Ace loses Maire, Ace witnesses a boy having his scalp taken off (No Future, events mentioned on p.22-23). (MG/CW)

? 2570 - The Seventh Doctor and Bernice visit a marketplace on the planet Crex in the Augon system to procure a Biodatapod from a bodysmith known as Laylock. The Pod, a device able to replace the Doctor's memories with fictional ones and rearrange his biology to that of a human being, is instrumental in the plans of a family of Aubertides to acquire Time Lord DNA for themselves. The Doctor, having purchased the Pod, travels to Earth in the year 1914 to live the simple life of a human history teacher (Human Nature, no date is given. It is during a period when 'Ellerycorp' are in existence, and the 'Travellers' are wandering the spaceways, on p.7). (MG)

c 2570 - The planet Venedel joins the Earthlink Federation interplanetary alliance and tutors are immediately sent in to school the planet's children, teaching them the ways of science over superstition (The Gods of the Underworld, this takes place 'thirty years' earlier [than 2600] on p.4. Events mentioned on p.103). (MG)

c 2570 - Famous holovid star Munroe Hennessy retires from acting, going into seclusion on a private asteroid (The Doomsday Manuscript, this takes place 'over thirty years' earlier [than 2600] on p.60/75). (MG)

c 2570 - The destitute family of deceased archaeologist Matt Lacey auctions his half of the Doomsday Manuscript, the document now coming into the possession of collector Milo Yendipp (The Doomsday Manuscript, this takes place 'some thirty years or so' earlier [than 2600] on p.60). (MG)

c 2570s - A few AI routines develop delusions of godhood and start killing people. Legislation is passed, putting safeguards in place to prevent a similar scenario happening in the future (Beige Planet Mars p.185). (MG)

c 2571 - Up-and-coming artist Toulour Martinique meets Tullus Gath, who will become his personal assistant, prior to painting the critically-acclaimed Defying the Angel (Demontage, this takes place 'ten years' before the artist's death [c2581] on p.162). (MG/II)

? c 2572 - One of the minor All-High Gods of Dellah finds itself on the planet Sharabeth after being hurled decades into the past due to tampering with experimental space-time machinery in the Department of Advanced Studies of St Oscar's University. It quickly possesses the body of Absolom Sleed, the head of the Sleed Incorporation, and instigates a plan to murder the planet's population (Return to the Fractured Planet p.182/224). (MG)

c 2572 - Poppaea Prince, lover and partner in crime of the so-called Gigolo of the Fifth Axis, is born in the Galamanus System around this time (The Squire's Crystal, she appears to be 'about twenty-eight, twenty-nine' [in 2600] on p.33). (MG)

c 2573 - Fewer than fifty people attend the inauguration of the refitted Medusa - apart from the eighteen members of the Medusa research crew, some thirty dignitaries, and the three crew and four passengers of the maiden voyage are present (The Medusa Effect, this takes place 'twenty years' earlier [than 2594] on p.6/16/20/21/37/51/162. It is during the 'last days of the war' [with the Daleks] on p.107). (MG)

c 2573 - A member of the Medusa research crew is horrified to learn the true application of their work and calls a meeting of the team to end it. Project leader Taffeta Graize sends her employee, Styrus Kirk, to murder the research crew to ensure their silence and all but one, Jackson Hart, are killed. Within a day the ARD's recently-appointed Security Chief, Jarl Kedrick, has arrested and charged Hart with the biggest mass murder in Dellah's short and uneventful history. Jackson Hart's trial will be as close to a media circus as St Oscar's University will ever see (The Medusa Effect, this takes place 'less than a week' after the ship's inauguration ceremony, on p.108. Events mentioned on p.208-12/218/251). (MG)

c 2573 - Having heard all the evidence, the jury in the Jackson Hart case retires to consider its verdict (The Medusa Effect, this takes place 'the day before' the ship's launch, on p.109). (MG)

c 2573 - Jackson Hart's public trial in the ARD comes to a conclusion on the evening of the Medusa's launch. Just as sentence is about to be pronounced, Hart flees the courtroom and stows away onboard the Medusa just as she blasts off (The Medusa Effect, the launch takes place 'twenty years' earlier [than 2594] on p.6/16/20/21/37/51/162. This is 'days and days' after Hart's arrest, on p.108). (MG)

c 2573 - Within a short time of the Medusa's launch the crew members, their minds exposed and warped by a hidden cylinder full of an alpha-wave enhancing gas, have turned on one another, killing each other in an outbreak of uncontrollable jealousy and rage (The Medusa Effect, these events are 'relived' with the second crew [c2594] on p.166-9). (MG)

c 2573 - One of the template creatures onboard Medusa awakens prematurely and kills the scientists Andreni and Macneeson, who have been hidden inside the ship to monitor the experiment's progress. As a result, the monitoring systems go dead and, back on Dellah, all the remote systems lose their hold on the liner's signal and contact is lost with Medusa. Scout ships are sent out in pursuit but find no trace of Medusa along the projected flight path. Onboard Medusa, the awakened template creature will spend the next twenty years in isolation, eventually taking the name Stuart Stonely (from 'Stewards Only') when a recovery team enters the ship to investigate (The Medusa Effect, this takes place 'a couple of days' after the ship's launch, on p.24. Events mentioned on p.192-6). (MG)

c 2573 - The Daleks are finally defeated at the end of a war lasting over three decades. The war ends on a decisive note, with the complete and utter devastation of Skaro by Spacefleet (Beige Planet Mars p.25, Twilight of the Gods p.39). With the threat of the Daleks dealt with, Earth's fleet is put on standby (Cold Fusion, no date is given, events mentioned on p.82). (MG/CW)

c 2573 - After the Galactic Wars conclude, a series of arms treaties are signed, restricting the capability and sophistication of combat robots. Fully autonomous tank-sized robots are banned outright (Cold Fusion, no date is given, events mentioned on p.247). (MG)

c 2573 - The universities that survive, like Mars, St Oscar's, Berkeley and Loughborough are now beacons of light in a galaxy threatened by a new dark age (Beige Planet Mars p.101-102, no date). (CW)

c 2573 - In appreciation of assistance rendered during the Galactic Wars, the Earth Senate declares the Xlanthi are legally entitled to hunt fugitives in Earthspace without recrimination (Beige Planet Mars p.137, no date). (CW)

c 2573 - In the aftermath of the Galactic Wars the political climate on Earth turns stormy. At least three countries, including the United States of America, no longer exist and pretenders attempt to fill the power vacuum. A temporary Congress (comprised of the most powerful companies, including Nike and Coca-Cola) is set up to oversee, ratify and otherwise cloud the issue of who has the most direct claim to the Presidency of Earth. Britain's government is decentralised into a number of computer-nodes held at secure locations and connected by the PolitNet to the Russian Federation's Mother System (The Sword of Forever, events mentioned on p.35-6/58). (MG)

c 2573 - After the war, those soldiers who were successfully given the mind-altering Haze treatment, are so completely damaged beyond repair psychologically that they have to be locked away for the rest of their lives. The Haze itself is banned by treaty at some point (Oblivion, events mentioned on p.143). (MG)

2573 - Ace sneaks onboard the Spacefleet battle cruiser Admiral Raistrick just prior to its being sent to the Spinward colony of Arcadia. Her curiosity uncovers the fact that Dalek Killer Abslom Daak is also onboard, held in a cryopad (Deceit, this takes place 'five weeks' before the Seventh Doctor's arrival on Arcadia, on p.9). (MG)

2573 - Visiting the planet Arcadia, the Seventh Doctor and Bernice are finally reunited with Ace after the Raistrick is destroyed in orbit. Realising that things are horrifyingly wrong on the planet, the Doctor travels to an orbiting space station and learns the truth behind Pool's schemes. The Doctor manages to trick Pool into entering the TARDIS and, trapping the entity inside the Zero Room, ejects into the Vortex (Deceit, this is said to be 'two, probably three, years' later [than 2570] on p.85. It is 'about three years' on p.216, and 'three years' on p.268. It is [incorrectly] stated that this is during 'the twenty-fifth century' on p.90. In White Darkness, Ace has been away for 'three years' on p.98. In Shadowmind, Ace stays behind for 'three years' on p.25. In Birthright, she spends 'three years' in this time period, on p.112. In Conundrum, Ace has bottled up her feelings for 'three years' on p.177. In First Frontier, Ace spends 'three years' in Spacefleet, on p.169. In St Anthony's Fire, Ace has been in Spacefleet for 'three years' on p.29. In Seeing I, Ace is away from the Doctor for 'about three years', on p.182). (MG/CW)

c 2574 - The Interplanetary Union, a loose confederation of planets in Megerra's sector of the galaxy ruled from a central point on New Brussels, is set up to foster good relations and restore trade after the chaos and confusion of the war. Over the next couple of decades, the Union will prosper and by the end of the century some members will even be in favour of closer federation and a common credit system (Mean Streets, events mentioned on p.214). (MG)

c 2574 - It may be around this time that the employees of the ageing Randolph Bane discover the Seventh Doctor's amaranth (a Time Lord device that can restructure space-time itself) together with related alchemical texts in the remains of the Grey Museum of the Shadow Directory. Bane's technical, theological, archaeological and linguistics staffs will work for years to decipher the alchemical codes and to discern the true function of the so-called 'Egg', hoping to find the secret of immortality for their employer (Oblivion, no date is given on p.210. This appears to take place 'decades' before the Egg is handed to Simon Deed [c2594] on p.211). (MG)

c 2574 - Rawlings Hoyt, one of the security officers of the Medusa recovery mission, is born around this time (The Medusa Effect, Andrea Moritz appears to be 'not much older' than Hoyt [she is in her 'mid-twenties' c2594] on p.29). (MG)

? c 2574 - It may be around this time that a number of the planetary governments of the United Planets (of the Interplanetary Union) form an alliance to stamp out the narcotic skoob, which is causing havoc throughout the sector of the galaxy which the planet Megerra inhabits. It is discovered that skoob originates on one particular jungle planet, extracted from the root of a rare plant for use in the natives' religious ceremonies. The planet is swiftly invaded and every last skoob plant is rooted out and burned before the jungle world put under permanent quarantine (Mean Streets, this takes place 'a long time ago' [in 2594] on p.159. Events mentioned on p.182). (MG)

c 2574 - Guy Chisholm, a postgraduate at the Delvian Academy, is born. The 'adventures' of Professor Bernice Summerfield, whom he will eventually meet while at the Braxiatel Collection in 2599, will inspire him to study archaeology (A Question of Identity (TDMD), he appears to be 'around twenty-five' in 2599, on p.12). (MG)

c 2575 - By this time Somalia is still a site of massive Dalek bio-infection, with mutations spreading south across the equator towards Tanzania as well as more slowly north across the Ethiopian Plateau. Nairobi is gone, inundated by hybrid jungle, while Adis Ababa is now home to an ever-shifting population of hybrid humans and a sanitising force of the Russian Conglomerate Military Red Cross intent on sterilising the area (The Sword of Forever, this takes place 'two decades' after the mutations begin [in 2555] on p.171. Events mentioned on p.172). (MG)

2575 - Marillian is on the trail of the Ark of the Covenant in Ethiopia (The Sword of Forever p.170/189/203/219). (MG)

2577 - Marillian traces the Ark to Kampuchea, but is killed. He is offered eternal life by the Emperor Gebmoses III to serve him (The Sword of Forever p.228). (MG/II)

? c 2577 - Heldov discovers the cave settlement near Mount Casmov on Dellah (Twilight of the Gods (NA) p.90, [in ? 2597] this occurs 'twenty' years ago). (CW)

c 2580 - By this time pistolwax, probably the most volatile and dangerous blasting explosive created, has been banned (The Gods of the Underworld, no date is given other than 'decades' earlier [than 2600] on p.48). (MG)

? 2580 - Gandagum archaeologist Professor Uzua Tihad discovers the long-lost space tomb of the Rhinsel. His less-than methodical approach will leave him covered with moulds that will take a year to recover from (The Monster and the Archaeologists (TDMD), this takes place 'before he met' his wife, on p.95. The couple's twins appear to be the equivalent of 'human midteens' [in 2600] on p.88. Events mentioned on p.97. Arbitrarily dated). (MG)

c 2580 - By this time the Kar-Charrat system has been reached and the area nearby explored by archaeologists, including successful amateur archaeologist Brathleen Traloor. A number of artefacts have been discovered, each with a distinctive style (The Stone's Lament, events mentioned on Track 3). (CW)

c 2580 - Brathleen Traloor, previously an actor, but who has become more withdrawn as he gets older, builds his mansion the size of a small town near an area of coast on the planet Rinville, half way across the galaxy from KS-159, containing, for a man intent on a solitary existence, a surprising number of guest rooms. His mansion is run by an artificial intelligence, HOUSE, whose main control room is housed in the west wing. Over the years, Traloor will collect artefacts, which he keeps in a display room, as well as a large collection of memorabilia of Bernice Summerfield, which he keeps in his room (the walls and door of which is reinforced with detronite, and have a secret passage, in case of assassins). He will eventually own more items about her that Bernice herself will. He uses as much information about her as he can find to making improvements and modifications to HOUSE, to make it more like her. HOUSE, will, over the years, because of being Traloor's only and constant companion, and because of the modifications made, eventually evolve beyond a simple artificial intelligence, and feel emotions. Their bond will strengthen, especially through the number of times HOUSE talks Traloor out of suicide, until the computer is in positively in love with Traloor. The planet is largely unexplored, and upon building the mansion, the workers have been unwittingly harming the planet itself - a telekinetic life form inhabits the very rock, and in dividing it for building material it cannot communicate. For the next twenty years the life form will inhabit the house, waiting for an opportunity to break out (The Stone's Lament, events mentioned on Tracks 1-2. This occurs 'nearly twenty years' [before 2600], on Track 2. He has been 'what, twenty years' here, on Track 5. HOUSE has been in love with Traloor for 'twenty years', on Track 6. Bernice and Adrian Wall have come 'half way across the galaxy', on Track 7). (CW)

c 2581 - Renowned Battrulian artist Toulour Martinique is mysteriously killed after painting his last work, Murdering Art. The Eighth Doctor will bring his murderers to justice in seven years' time (Demontage, this takes place 'seven years, three months and eleven days' earlier [than c2588] on p.132). (MG/II)

2582 - The All Worlds Science Fair takes place on the planet Dellah (Cold Fusion, this occurs 'ten years ago' on p.200). (MG)

2582 - The Kalkravian Revolution takes place. The Adjudication Bureau is called in when fundamentalist terrorists use EMP bombs to kill civilian hostages (Cold Fusion, the year is given on p.230). (MG)

c 2584 - The sentient drone vi!Cari registers itself as a resident of the Worldsphere town of iSanti Jeni (The Also People, this takes place 'a year and a half' prior to the Seventh Doctor's arrival [in c2586] on p.83). (MG)

2584 - Bane WarCopters are utilised in the Macedonian conflicts (Beige Planet Mars p.212). (MG)

2584 - Earth wins the Worlds Cup (Cold Fusion, the year is given on p.254). (MG)

2584 - Nathan Costermann, head of Integrated Polymers, makes an enemy of Lucas Sommers when Sommers' wife Jyneen leaves to start a relationship with Costermann (Tempest p.108/118/119). (MG)

? c 2584 - Meil, the daughter of Gruat, librarian at St Oscar's University, is born (Twilight of the Gods (NA) p.91, she is 'thirteen'). (CW)

c 2584 - First-year archaeology student Caroline Grey, who grew up on Mars, disappears on Youkali after wandering off into the jungle and failing to return after she abseils down a cliff and discovers an ancient Youkalian time travel device which discharges the remainder of its power through her - making her out of sync with time (Return of the Living Dad, [in 2587] this happens 'about five years ago' on p.13, but the year is given as 'about 2584' on p.21, p.261-261, p.277). (CW)

c 2584 - By this time the Combine (a loose amalgamation of the Mafia-type organisations on a hundred worlds and now the largest known criminal organisation in the galaxy) is ruled by the shadowy figure known as Emil Malek (Mean Streets, events mentioned on p.164-5. Malek is said to have been the leader of the Combine for 'many years' [by 2594] on p.166. Arbitrarily dated to a decade earlier). (MG)

? c 2584 - After years of researching the mysterious 'Egg', the scientists in the employ of Randolph Bane discover that the amaranth is not a source of power in itself, but merely the control mechanism for directing and controlling extra-dimensional energies that, once manipulated by the mind of the object's user, can change the basic nature of the universe itself. Project Ouranos commences, and Bane seeks out someone with the type of mind that can harness the Egg (Oblivion, events mentioned on p.211. Project Ouranos appears to have begun 'many years' earlier [than c2594] on p.176). (MG)

2585 - The brief relationship between Nathan Costermann and Jyneen Sommers breaks down (Tempest p.108). (MG)

c 2586 - By this time the People's Temporal Interest Group has conducted time travel experiments, searching for valuable spin-off technologies such as trans-dimensional engineering. Without a delegation on Gallifrey many of the Worldsphere's inhabitants believe they are strategically disadvantaged because they don't even know if they are dealing with people from their own relative past or future (The Also People, events mentioned on p.88). (MG)

c 2586 - In the Worldsphere town of iSanti Jeni, saRa!Qava decides to change his sex from male to female on a whim (The Also People, this takes place 'six months' before the Seventh Doctor's arrival, on p.72). (MG)

c 2586 - The Seventh Doctor makes an unrecorded trip to the Worldsphere to place a feral Kadiatu Lethbridge-Stewart in the care of his old friend aM!xitsa (The Also People, this takes place 'three months' earlier, on p.34). (MG)

c 2586 - The Seventh Doctor and his companions visit the Worldsphere of the People, where they offer God their services to solve the murder of the drone vi!Cari. During their investigations, Roz and Chris travel to Starport Facility to question the VAS S-Lioness and learn of vi!Cari's involvement during the war with the Great Hive Mind. At one point the Doctor and Bernice are attacked by thousands of flesh-eating grubs, biological weapons that could only have been created by a ship. The R-Vene reveals its involvement in the drone's murder and threatens to detonate itself within the Worldsphere unless the Doctor grants it political asylum with Gallifrey. The Doctor links minds with the ship and, during the confusion caused by the wrecking of the R-Vene's mind, uses a microfusion grenade to destroy it. Sometime later, Roz confronts ex-XR(N)IG agent feLixi and learns that he is engineered the death of vi!Cari, blaming the drone for the death of his partner thirty years ago (The Also People, no date is given. In Walking to Babylon, Cwej's daughter iKrissi, who is conceived in this story, looks 'about eight years old' [in 2594] on p.241). (MG)

2587 - By this time there are still archaeological teams being sent to Youkali 6 to investigate the ruins (Return of the Living Dad p.12). (CW)

2587 (Autumn) - Bernice Kane-Summerfield is, at this time, on the planet Youkali 6 trying to get a real degree, at the same time as writing her book They Sit Above in Shadow: Archaeological Echoes of the Universe's First People. She and her husband spend time trying for a child, planning to call it Keith Brannigan or Dorothy respectively (Return of the Living Dad, events mentioned on p.5, p.11, p.27). (CW)

2587 (Autumn) - After learning about her father's last moments from Admiral Groenewegen, Bernice calls the Doctor, who is at this time in 1996 (Return of the Living Dad p.27-30). (CW)

2587 (Autumn) - The Doctor makes a visit to Youkali 6, and finds the device that Ms Grey found along with other technology derived from Osiran devices. The Doctor then makes a second journey, this time to return Bernice and Jason to their proper time (Return of the Living Dad p.275-277, no date given). (CW)

? 2587 - The Seventh Doctor and Chris visit Bernice and Jason on Youkali 6 after the funeral of Roz Forrester. The Time Lord, wheelchair-bound, spends a week recovering from his recent ordeals before returning to the thirtieth century to pay his last respects to his dead companion (So Vile a Sin, no date is given ,based on events of Return of the Living Dad. Events mentioned on p.301-12). (MG)

c 2587 - It is around this time that the Catan Nebula becomes famous the galaxy over for the creation of artificial beings via the process of implanting freshly cloned, vat grown humanoid bodies with artificial memories and personalities. These cloned subjects, created from synthetic DNA, are known as Artificial Personality Embodiments (APEs), and are customised to order, some simply programmed for simple, repetitive tasks and responses, while some are bred to be soldiers who will single-handedly fight or die, while other, more complex, designs are programmed to be assassins (Ship of Fools, events mentioned on p.214-5. In The Mary-Sue Extrusion, events mentioned on p.192-3. In Return to the Fractured Planet, events mentioned on p.23-4.). (MG)

c 2587 - Bernice and Jason visit the planet Morlonia Prime but are soon deported and barred from ever returning after Jason blunders through a sacred burial place during a pursuit by a squad of vengeful Dragon mechanics (Oblivion, no date is given on p.111). (MG)

2587 - In the Catan Nebula, scientists working in longevity research discover a way in which to reintegrate EMG-created engrams with freshly cloned, biogenic-vat-grown APE bodies. If successful, this process will be marketed to the dying rich as the ultimate form of transplant - a complete body swap with a brand new brain included. The process is a complete commercial failure, and only one subject, an unnamed APE with the subjective age of twenty-five who had originally died in the twenty-first century, is eventually created (The Mary-Sue Extrusion, this takes place 'approximately nine years' earlier [than 2596] on p.45. In Return to the Fractured Planet, this takes place 'ten years' earlier [than 2597] on p.154. Events mentioned on p.19/23-4). (MG)

c 2587 - A group of APE operatives known as the Oblivion Angels is sent to the planet Sharabeth, which exists in a state of fractured time. This direct military intervention is to put an end to the horrors perpetrated in the Sleed Incorporation's Engenesis Rooms (Return to the Fractured Planet p.154/42). (MG)

c 2588 - The Eighth Doctor, Sam and Fitz arrive on Vega Station in time to prevent General Browning Phillips' plan to return the Battrulian military junta to power by assassinating the newly-inducted President Drexler. A lasting peace treaty between Battrul and Canvine is signed, thanks to Bigdog Caruso (Demontage, no date is given. Newark Rappare is described as being 'a fat man in his middle years' on p.79.p.4/94/155. In Dragons' Wrath, Newark Rappare is described as 'overweight and middle-aged' [in 2593] on p.17. He decides to 'find somewhere quiet' to live, on p.282, implying a move to Dellah shortly after these events. Arbitrarily dated to five years before the events of Dragons' Wrath, in which the character is murdered). (MG/II)

c 2588 - It may be around this time that the ancient Randolph Bane, having used implants and grafts to unnaturally prolong his life, locks himself away in his sterile bunker on Earth. Once inside the bunker, Bane begins the final preparations for Project Ouranos, a plan to use the Seventh Doctor's amaranth to alter the fabric of the universe itself to prevent his own demise (Oblivion, this takes place 'several years' earlier [than c2594] on p.176). (MG)

2589 - Warwick Verson, a practitioner of the Drell faith, retires from the construction business on Hanson's World (Tempest p.116). (MG)

c 2589 - Prorector Henga becomes Chief Scientist Whitfield's deputy on the planet Salomon (Cold Fusion, this is 'three years' earlier, on p.89). (MG)

c 2589 - By this time a new seven-man crew for the Medusa recovery mission has been finalised for the ship's eventual return. The new team is picked to closely resemble the original crew both physically and psychologically so that the Medusa experiment can be re-run while returning to Dellah. In preparation, each member of the recovery team is given an implanted personality enhancement to further the results of the experiment (The Medusa Effect, the crew appears to have been prepared 'several years' earlier [than c2594] on p.27). (MG)

c 2589 - By this time, Fletcher Iolanthe Crane has worked his way up through the ranks of United Spaceways to the position of captain of a garbage scow on the Dranon Nebula run. He will remain in this position until his contract is bought out by headhunters looking for a captain for the Titanian Queen (Ship of Fools, this takes place 'a few years' earlier [than 2593] on p.53). (MG)

c 2590 - While working the card table on the Solar Queen interplanetary liner, cardsharp Jordan Tyne is discovered cheating by wealthy Nathan Costermann and given a lesson by the industrialist's bodyguard (Tempest p.61/62/83). (MG)

c 2590 - Archaeology student Lizbeth Fugard flees the planet Dellah after discovering something while working on an advanced research thesis at St. Oscar's University (Another Girl, Another Planet p.228). (MG)

? 2590 - On the Earth colony of Chosan, Cassandra, the daughter of Damien Colley, programmes the computer for his mock-seventeenth-century Earth sailing ship, a ship with a wooden shell over a steel structure armed with deck-mounted staser cannons. The computer, named CASSANDRA after her, is an artificial intelligence that runs the ship, keeping track of the occupants by scanning their brain patterns. It is designed with programming that uses her creator's brain as a template. She then leaves for a career in the Pevenan military, in the neurotechnology division at Glory Hill, where work is being carried out on neuro-enhances and memory-blocking devices. Cassandra becomes involved with creating AI logarithms (The Secret of Cassandra, no date is given, events mentioned on Tracks 2-5, arbitrarily dated. Note: the name of the planet is given in the recording made by Bernice in her 'fritzed' diary on Track 1, if listened to carefully, and is named 'Chosan'). (CW with thanks to author David Bailey)

c 2591 - The mysterious Patient and her Machine are unearthed by a Scientifica research team on the planet Salomon. When the Scientifica begin to conduct experiments on the Machine, ghostly figures begin to appear (Cold Fusion, this is 'one year ago' on p.7, events mentioned on p.235). (MG/II)

c 2592 - The Third Draconian War has taken place by this time. Skybases, huge flying fortresses that are Earth's first line of defence in the event of an interplanetary attack, see action in the conflict (Cold Fusion, no date is given, events mentioned on p.163). (MG)

2592 - An agent working for the Earthlink's Special Internal Investigations Unit goes deep undercover, using the identity of pilot Starl Stanmore, seeking evidence of corruption in the highest levels of the Federation's structure (The Gods of the Underworld, this takes place 'eight years' earlier [than 2600] on p.159).

c 2592 - By this time the Unitatus Guild, based on the ancient organisation known as UNIT, is a growing political force. It is a society that is dedicated to UNIT's aim of defending Earth against alien attack, even over national and governmental loyalties (Cold Fusion, events mentioned on p.217). (MG)

2592 - Wealthy industrialist Nathan Costermann makes an enemy of Denn Lankril, the owner of a Tempest fungi farm, when Costermann refuses his help in underwriting a loan (Tempest p.84/119). (MG)

2592 (Sept) - The Cold is developed on the Earth colony Ordifica as an antipersonnel weapon, and Fitz Kreiner is awakened after almost 600 years, finding himself in Augustine City (Interference Book One p.113). (MG)

c 2592 (early Oct) - The Seventh Doctor, Chris and Roz arrive on the inhospitable ice world Salomon (Cold Fusion, the Doctor has been on Salomon for 'one month' on p.3/7). (MG)

c 2592 (Oct 31st) - The Fifth Doctor arrives on Salomon when the TARDIS is knocked off course by time disturbances caused by the Scientifica's meddling with the Machine. The Patient, kept in a cryosleep tube for millennia, regenerates for the first time in the Doctor's presence (Cold Fusion, the copyright notice on a wardroid gives a date of 2681-2692, on p.15, although Roz Forrester is from 'nearly four hundred years in the future' on p.165, it is 'Halloween' on p.9). (MG)

c 2592 (Nov 1st) - The Fifth Doctor escapes from the Scientifica with the Patient, now named Patience by Tegan, just before the planet is placed under Martial Law by the Adjudicators. The Fifth and Seventh Doctors both realise the Machine is an ancient prototype TARDIS, damaged on its maiden voyage (Cold Fusion, it has just turned 'midnight' on page 121). (MG)

c 2592 (Nov 2nd) - Twenty thousand crewmen are killed when the Empire's Third Fleet is destroyed by the Ferutu. The Fifth and Seventh Doctors combine forces to thwart a Unitatus plan to send the crippled TARDIS prototype back to Gallifrey with a payload of fusion bombs. The Seventh Doctor tricks the Ferutu into erasing their own alternative timeline. The Ferutu cease to exist, except for a few trapped underground in the Scientifica base (Cold Fusion, it is 'daylight' on page 258, events mentioned on p.278/287). At the point of death Patience is rescued by Omega and taken to his universe of anti-matter (The Infinity Doctors, events mentioned on p.209-10). (MG)

c 2593 - By this time the ARtificial Viral-based Intelligence Destabilisation (ARVID) unit - a revolutionary process for packing the functionality of artificial intelligence into a commercial ship - has been developed in the Catan Nebula. Based upon a specific function of an organic brain, the ARVID's main component is a block of cellular biogel hooked to the ganglia of a ship's systems, the end result being a simulation of intelligent interaction and response (Ship of Fools, events mentioned on p.54). (MG)

c 2593 - By this time some of Earth's wealthier corporate executives have discovered an inheritance tax dodge - by using memory retrieval to record their final memories, legally their brains are dead but their personalities aren't. This muddies the legal waters long enough for their heirs to collect a fortune (The Sword of Forever, no date is given other than 'years' earlier [than 2595] on p.76). (MG)

c 2593 - By this time the company known as Dead Dog in the Water Preproductions has been founded by a Mister Trask (Ship of Fools, events mentioned on p.165). Trask may, or may not, be the same Trask who finds himself working for the Celestis during the Time Lords' War with their unknown Enemy. At some point, Trask has his memories altered by the Shift so that he remembers drowning in a lake while the Doctor looks on (Alien Bodies, Trask has been dead for 'nearly four hundred years' [in 2069] on p.95. He remembers drowning 'under the water' while the Doctor watches, on p.97. Note: this is just my own theory, there's no evidence to back this up). (MG)

c 2593 - By this time construction has begun on United Spaceways' luxury liner, the Titanian Queen, in the shipyards of New Ceres (Ship of Fools, events mentioned on p.51). (MG)

c 2593 - By this time, the APE assassin called Kara Delbane has learned the truth about her falsified memories and past. Departing the Catan Nebula, Delbane - also using a string of aliases such as Isabel Blaine - becomes the notorious thief known as the Cat's Paw (Ship of Fools, the Cat's Paw first appearance is 'comparatively recently' [in 2953] on p.41. Blaine's origins are given on p.212-15. In Return to the Fractured Planet, Delbane's origins are retold on p.20. The Cat's Paw is said to be an APE, on p.36). (MG)

2593 (? early) - The criminal known as the Cat's Paw bursts into the news for the first time following the mysterious disappearance of Jago Sok Dot Han, the hetman of a crime cartel that stretches from Sol to the Horsehead Nebula. After a fruitless search by law enforcement agencies and the criminals themselves, Jago is finally located within his own emptied-out vaults, naked except for a sequinned cat's collar. The Cat's Paw then strikes at the Temple of the Ashwar Pogi Khan of Praxis, relieves the Empress Ragalongata of Glomi Prime of her jewels, and robs the First National Bank of Rensec V. The thief then appropriates the clockwork apiary of the Sultan of Daraquoi, before stealing historical weaponry from the museums of the planet Czhanos (Ship of Fools, events mentioned on p.41-2/45). (MG)

2593 (March 7th) - Fitz Kreiner celebrates his 626th birthday on Ordifica (Interference Book One p.113). (MG)

2593 (March) - Professor Bernice Summerfield-Kane is offered the chair of archaeology at St Oscar's University on the planet Dellah. Bernice will receive the news on Earth in the year 1997 (The Dying Days, the date is given on p.5). (MG)

2593 - Artist Menlove Ereward Stokes is transported to the planet Dellah after striking a deal with the Black Guardian in the far distant future (The Well-Mannered War, the year is given on p.277). (MG)


2593 (May 8th Wed) - The Eighth Doctor drops Bernice Summerfield off on the planet Dellah when she accepts the title of the Edward Watkinson Chair of Archaeology, St Oscar's University and the position of Rector of Garland College (The Dying Days, events mentioned on p.293). The presence of Joseph, her robotic porter begins to irritate Bernice upon her arrival (Oh No It Isn't!, events mentioned on p.9). Unbeknownst to her, Joseph is in fact the remote drone of the Very Aggressive Ship J-Kibb, and has been placed there as an another covert way for God to keep tabs on events on Dellah (Tears of the Oracle, events mentioned on p.269-270). Bernice, having taken up her teaching position, will give many lectures over the following years, a good many of them recorded on tape. Copies of these tapes will end up in the possession of Brathleen Traloor in his 'fascination' of her, where he will use them to help modify HOUSE - even down to her voice (The Stone's Lament, events mentioned on Track 5). (CW/MG)

2593 (early June) - The celebrity burglar known as the Cat's Paw is believed to be responsible for a burglary in Rigg College Halls on the planet Dellah (Oh No It Isn't!, mentioned on p.10). (MG)

2593 (early June) - Bernice sets out on an archaeological dig to the planet Perfecton (Oh No It Isn't!, it is 'a month' since Bernice arrived on Dellah, on p.9, it is 'the start of the academic year' on p.13, during the 'Dellahan autumn' of '2593' on p.6). (MG)

2593 (mid June) - Bernice arrives on the planet Perfecton after spending a lengthy hyperspace journey onboard the IAC cruiser Winton (Oh No It Isn't!, the journey to Perfecton takes 'a week' on p.26). (MG)

2593 (late June) - The IAC cruiser Winton is struck by a centuries-long dormant Perfecton missile. The missile, carrying the entirety of the Perfecton civilisation in a computer matrix, pierces the ship's mainframe and uses Professor Ferdinand Archduke's thesis, English Pantomime: A Critical Study, as a source material. This results in Bernice, the ship's crew, and a group of hostile information-gathering Grel being trapped in a series of real-life pantomimes. After returning to Dellah, Bernice accepts an offer from the Worldsphere's Tiny But Interesting Interest Group to take on occasional missions for God, acting as his agent in the Milky Way (Oh No It Isn't!, it is 'two weeks' since Bernice arrived on Perfecton, on p.26). (MG/II)

2593 (? June) - As part of an ambitious plan to expand his empire and band neighbouring warlords to his cause against Earth governance, Romolo Nusek, ruler of the planet Tharn, approaches Professor Newark Rappare, Artisan-in-Residence at St Oscar's, to make a copy of the legendary Gamalian Dragon. This second Dragon will be 'found' on an archaeological expedition to Stanturus Three, giving Nusek the right to claim the planet as his own. While Rappare copies the Dragon, the Archives of Tharn are 'closed for refurbishment' so that the Dragon's absence will not be noticed (Dragons' Wrath, this takes place a 'month' earlier, on p.56/57). (MG)

2593 (? June) - Menlove Stokes, Artist and Sculptor in Residence at St Oscar's, 'enhances' the glass frontage of the university's Theatrology Building with a garish arrangement of tubes and pipes that climbs up the side and across the roof of an adjacent block. When asked about this tubular incursion by Bernice, Stokes shouts 'umbilical' at her before striding off in a huff (Dragons' Wrath, this takes place 'recently' [in ?July] on p.14). (MG)

2593 (? late June) - Doctor Nicholas Clyde, an historian and expert in the life, times and campaigns of Hugo Gamaliel, finishes his doctorate at Kai-Tec. He is immediately attached to St Oscar's as a specialist lecturer on the subject of Gamaliel and the Gamalian Dragon (Dragons' Wrath, this takes place 'a couple of weeks' earlier, during 'last month', on p.20). (MG)

2593 (? July) - Mastrov, Nusek's éminence grise, arrives on Dellah to complete the deal with Rappare for the fake Dragon. Realising his life may be in danger from Mastrov, Rappare flees into the night with a second copy of the Dragon he has surreptitiously made but, pursued by Mastrov, drops the bag containing the forgery after bumping into Bernice. Opening the bag, Bernice discovers the Dragon statuette within and takes it back to her rooms. Elsewhere, Rappare is cornered in the Theatrology Department and murdered by Mastrov (Dragons' Wrath, Bernice has been at St Oscar's for 'a little while' by this time, on p.20). (MG)

2593 (? July) - Irving Braxiatel, Head of the Theatrology Department, meets Bernice for the first time while investigating the murder of Rappare. Bernice is invited by a woman known as 'Doctor Truby Kamadrich' to be part of fully funded archaeological expedition to Stanturus Three to discover any evidence of an ancient civilisation. During a conversation with Nicholas Clyde, another member of the expedition, Bernice believes she has the legendary Gamalian Dragon in her rooms, only to be told by Clyde that the Dragon is closely guarded on the planet Tharn. Examining the Dragon, Braxiatel comes to the conclusion that it must be a fake (Dragons' Wrath, Newark Rappare was murdered 'last night' on p.16/31). (MG)

2593 (? July) - The expedition members travel to Tharn onboard Kamadrich's ship. Having arrived at the Castle of Ice and Fire, located above a dormant volcano at Omensk, they spend the day as guests of Romolo Nusek. After lunch, the team is given a tour of the castle's lower levels, and shown the Gamalian Dragon, situated within the Archives of Tharn, where they also meet Moxon Reddik, the Keeper of the Archives. Later that night, Bernice makes a holographic model of her Dragon before she and Clyde sneak back into the archives. Bernice manages to override the security surrounding the laser lattice thanks to information given to her by Braxiatel, and substitutes her Dragon for the one in the archives. She and Clyde are attacked by cybernetically enhanced guard dogs known as cryvoks, but manage to escape intact (Dragons' Wrath, it is 'mid-morning' on p.45). (MG)

2593 (? July) - Setting out for Stanturus Three in an old passenger shuttle, Bernice confides in Clyde that she has swapped Dragons and, comparing the one from the Archives with her holographic model of the other one, has discovered that they are exact copies of one another. Back on Tharn, the memory-support centres of one of the damaged cryvoks is examined by Nusek and, realising last night's intruder was Bernice, summons Mastrov to deal with her (Dragons' Wrath, Bernice's escapade in the archives happened 'the previous night' on p.76). (MG)

2593 (? July) - Having arrived on the jungle world of Stanturus Three, Bernice's expedition meets up with Nusek's advance team and quickly locates some ancient ruins that appear to be centuries old. Spending time examining the ruins leads Bernice to conclude that they could be evidence of Gamaliel's people having lived here centuries earlier (Dragons' Wrath, Bernice appears to have been on Stanturus Three for a while by this time, as she refers to being there 'the other evening' on p.86). (MG)

2593 (? July) - Having found circumstantial evidence of Gamaliel's presence on the planet, Kamadrich informs Bernice that she intends to examine ruins at another site in the north, and that Bernice should take a small advance team tomorrow to start planning the dig. Later that night, Bernice is attacked by rodent-like creatures when she removes a stone in the excavation site, receiving poisonous bites and scratches (Dragons' Wrath, it is 'after dawn' on p.87). (MG)

2593 (? July) - With Bernice forced to stay and recuperate from her wounds, the advance team departs for the north, headed by Clyde (Dragons' Wrath, the advance team sets out 'tomorrow' on p.92). (MG)

2593 (? July) - While examining the northern ruins, Clyde's team discovers undeniable proof that Gamaliel's people were present on Stanturus Three centuries ago, giving weight to Nusek's claim on the planet. Knowing that this evidence can never be revealed, Clyde - an undercover agent of the Order of Jeneve - detonates a powerful explosive device to destroy all trace (Dragons' Wrath, this takes place at least 'a couple of days' later, on p.102. It is 'a few days' later, on p.168. It is 'three days' since the expedition to the north arrived, on p.169). (MG)

2593 (? July) - Another Gamalian Dragon is discovered within the hole made by Bernice, proving beyond doubt the presence of Gamaliel's people on the planet. Bernice, dubious to say the least, believes this third Dragon has been planted by someone on the expedition. Travelling north, Bernice rescues Clyde, the only survivor of the devastating explosion, only to be apprehended by Mastrov's men and taken to an orbiting cruiser, where Clyde is placed in the brig under close arrest (Dragons' Wrath, the third Dragon is found 'the next day' on p.113). (MG)

2593 (? July) - Bernice is transferred to the expedition ship and, given access to the newly discovered Dragon, makes a holographic copy of it. Comparing this to the first two, Bernice learns that it isn't an exact match for the other pair of statuettes and concludes that the latest Dragon is the real one, put in place on Stanturus to be 'found' by the expedition, while the other two (including the one from the Archives) are copies. Forlorn, Bernice requests to be returned home and is placed on a shuttle for Dellah (Dragons' Wrath, Bernice left Stanturus Three 'the previous day' on p.122). (MG)

2593 (? July) - Braxiatel receives a message from someone who claims to be the Grand Master of the Order of Jeneve, requesting that they should exchange information. Braxiatel is informed that a representative of the Order of Jeneve is in place at St Oscar's and will contact him shortly. Bernice finally arrives back on Dellah but, entering her rooms, she is attacked by a masked assailant (Dragons' Wrath, Braxiatel receives the call 'yesterday' on p.138). (MG)

2593 (? July) - Waking up to discover Braxiatel tinkering with her robotic porter, Joseph, Bernice is handed her formal invitation to attend the Inquiry into the Findings and Discoveries on Stanturus Three. Shortly afterwards, the representative of the Order of Jeneve arrives and is revealed to be old acquaintance Professor Ferdinand Archduke. Upon request, he imparts the history of the Knights of Jeneve and how they lost the Battle of Bocaro on purpose so that they could continue their work in secret. Later that night, Bernice narrowly escapes death at the hands of 'Doctor Kamadrich', who is revealed to be a cybernetically enhanced assassin (Dragons' Wrath, it is 'dawn' on p.136). (MG)

2593 (? July) - Talisman Station, a one-time guidance beacon, has been prepared as location for the Inquiry into the Findings and Discoveries on Stanturus Three. Nusek, already installed in his own office onboard Talisman, observes the first Press Association staff arriving and setting up their equipment (Dragons' Wrath, it is 'two days' before the Inquiry, on p.164). (MG)

2593 (? July) - Braxiatel arrives at Talisman Station and accepts the offer of a guided tour. Bernice, having been hidden onboard Braxiatel's ship, creeps out and locates Clyde's holding cell. Unfortunately Mastrov, who Bernice recognises as 'Doctor Kamadrich', immediately captures them (Dragons' Wrath, Braxiatel arrives 'the next day' on p.164). (MG)

2593 (? July) - The first day of the Inquiry runs smoothly and according to expectations, with all the evidence pointing to a normal expedition that has, in the course of events, made a remarkable discovery (Dragons' Wrath, it is 'the first day' of the Inquiry, on p.176). (MG)

2593 (? July) - Braxiatel calls two expert witnesses, Clyde and Bernice, to give evidence. During her time on the stand, Bernice states that the Gamalian Dragon found on Stanturus Three is a fake, and brings out a third Dragon from her rucksack to stand next to the other pair before casually smashing it on the floor. A heated confrontation between Nusek and Braxiatel leads Nusek to self-incriminate himself on a sector-wide vidcast by admitting that he would do anything, even fake archaeological evidence, to succeed in his plan. Their work done, Braxiatel, Bernice and Clyde depart in a ship, only to be captured by Nusek's forces and taken to Tharn. Clyde - now unmasked as an undercover agent of the Knights of Jeneve - reveals that the true Dragon has been in the tomb of Henri of Bosarno for centuries. The trio of adventurers are taken before an enraged Nusek, who orders them to be hurled into the heart of the volcano beneath his castle, but they are rescued by Reddik, who reveals himself to be an Archivist Major of the Knights. Bernice, Braxiatel and Reddik manage to escape Nusek's clutches after the explosive device in the fake Dragon is triggered, destroying the Castle of Fire and Ice (Dragons' Wrath, it appears to be the 'second day' of the Inquiry, on p.177). (MG)


2593 - Bernice becomes involved with the Sunless' theft of the Blooms (Beyond the Sun). (MG)

2593 (? Sept) - By this time Alison Tobin, sister of Laura (who will be the original template for Compassion), has booked passage on the maiden voyage of the Titanian Queen luxury liner (Ship of Fools, Alison is named on p.151. Her sister, Laura, is named on p.124). (MG/II)

2593 (? Sept) - The Cat's Paw breaks into the estate of wealthy Dellahan industrialist Marcus Krytell to steal his prized Olabrian joy-luck crystal. While Krytell's security system is distracted by an android that the Cat's Paw has fitted with infiltration devices, the thief casually strolls in and steals the joy-luck crystal (Ship of Fools, this takes place 'two nights' before Bernice's services as courier are retained by Krytell, on p.32. Events mentioned on p.173). (MG)

2593 (? Sept) - Krytell receives a holocube from the Cat's Paw, informing him that he can regain possession of the missing moonstone by having a representative place payment of several million shillings in untraceable credit plaques onboard the maiden voyage of the luxury liner Titanian Queen. Bernice Summerfield is selected from a shortlist of seventeen candidates to be Krytell's courier and a couple of security operatives are dispatched to pick her up later that night (Ship of Fools, this takes place 'the morning after the burglary' on p.39. Bernice's last encounter with Jason Kane happened 'recently' on p.17. It is 'the end of term' at St Oscar's University, on p.15. It is 'the summer vacations' on p.236). (MG)

2593 (? Sept) - Bernice wakes up in Krytell's estate and, having been told of the theft of the joy-luck crystal, accepts the job of acting as courier for Krytell (Ship of Fools, it is 'morning' on p.23). (MG)

2593 (? Sept) - Bernice arrives onboard what she thinks is the Titanian Queen, but is in fact an aged freighter intended to act as a death ship to murder all of Krytell's enemies, all gathered together as passengers on the maiden voyage. Once onboard the ship, Bernice finds herself among some of the galaxy's most renowned detectives, including Agatha Magpole and Nova Belgique's very own Emil Dupont. Some time after the ship's launch, Bernice discovers a note from the Cat's Paw within her diary, giving her the time and place for the transaction. Bernice is knocked out and, coming to, she finds herself next to the corpse of her 'manservant', Krugor, with the shattered remains of the joy-luck crystal nearby. Elsewhere on the ship, the Cat's Paw sabotages the ARVID unit, injecting it with Catan Nebula nanonites that will disable the security systems. Little does the thief realise that Krytell's agents have tampered with the hypo-gun contents. The ARVID unit is quickly subsumed by a murderous new personality - that of the fiendish Doctor Po - with instructions to kill all the passengers before destroying the ship (Ship of Fools, it is 'two days' since Bernice's abduction, on p.50. Events mentioned on p.199/222-3). (MG)

2593 (? Sept) - The Cat's Paw renders everyone onboard unconscious with an anaesthetic gas and, breaking into the purser's safe, swaps the passengers' real valuables with the fake items from their cabins. The thief then tampers with the safe to make it appear that a failed attempt at robbery has been made, ensuring that the forces of law and order concentrate their attentions on the safe and its now worthless contents (Ship of Fools, this takes place 'last night' on p.105. Events mentioned on p.176). (MG)

2593 (? Sept) - Bernice stays in her cabin, spending time trying to piece together the broken joy-luck crystal with limited success. At dinner that night, the lights go out, enabling the Cat's Paw to steal the Dowager Duchess of Gharl's jewellery from around her neck. Shortly afterwards, several of the passengers are murdered in hideous ways by the homicidal ARVID unit (Ship of Fools, it is 'three days' since Krugor's murder, on p.95). (MG)

2593 (? Sept) - While making the slow deceleration into Shokesh space, approximately thirty more passengers are murdered by the ARVID (Ship of Fools, this takes place the 'next day' on p.149). (MG)

2593 (? Sept) - The ship finally arrives in orbit of the desert planet Shokesh and, while most of the passengers depart on trips to the surface, the Cat's Paw re-enters their cabins and steals back the real jewellery. Bernice contacts her ex-husband Jason Kane via GalNet and learns of an address on Shokesh where stolen jewellery can be sold. Arriving on-planet, Bernice comes face to face with the Cat's Paw at last, and the thief is unmasked as Isabel Blaine. Working together, Bernice and Blaine decide to find out the identity of the murderer onboard the Titanian Queen (Ship of Fools, it is 'morning' on p.162. Events mentioned on p.176). (MG)

2593 (? Sept, a Thurs) - With the passengers returning to the ship, the Titanian Queen makes the slow departure from Shokesh, heading for the renowned ice world of Tingkli in the Kinos System. A couple of days will pass without any further homicides perpetrated by the ARVID (Ship of Fools, this takes place at least a 'few days' later, on p.160). (MG)

2593 (? Sept, a Fri) - Bernice arranges a meeting of the great detectives onboard the ship, intent on revealing the true identity of the murderer. Bernice shows that the schematics of the Titanian Queen prove that they are, in fact, onboard an ancient freighter that Marcus Krytell intends to destroy for insurance purposes while ridding himself of a lot of people he dislikes. She then reveals that the ARVID unit, which has been implanted with the murderous personality of Doctor Po, has committed the murders. Bernice manages to keep the ARVID distracted while Blaine makes her way through the maintenance section to disable the unit (Ship of Fools, it is 'two days' since the departure from Shokesh, on p.192. It is around 'a week' since the last murders, on p.195. Today is 'Friday' on p.226). (MG)

2593 (? Sept) - After a weeklong journey, Bernice finally makes it back to Dellah while, elsewhere on the planet, Krytell is finally reunited with the shattered remains of his Olabrian joy-luck crystal. An accompanying note from the Cat's Paw informs the industrialist that the vengeful Olabrians know that he possesses a broken joy-luck crystal and will be arriving momentarily (Ship of Fools, it is 'a week and a bit' later, on p.239. The summer vacations at St Oscar's are 'more than halfway over' on p.236). (MG)

2593 (Nov 18th) - Strange occurrences are reported on the planet Tyler's Folly (Dead Romance p.125) (MG)

2594 (Jan) - Bernice visits Tyler's Folly (Down). (MG)

2594 - Fitz Kreiner is initiated into the lower orders of Faction Paradox as Earth Central introduces martial law to the outer colonies (Interference Book One p.143/183). (MG)

2594 - Christopher Cwej is discovered suffering from amnesia on an unnamed world (Deadfall). (MG)

2594 - Bernice investigates the Spire on Vo'lach Prime (Ghost Devices). (MG)

c 2594 - By this time the world known as New Spain has been colonised (Mean Streets, events mentioned on p.88). (MG)

c 2594 - By this time the flagging Devlin Mining Corporation has approached St Oscar's Advanced Research Department to help with their Project to create the ideal, genetically engineered miner. This dovetails nicely with Taffeta Graize's own work into genetic research, giving her the funds to continue her experiments while her research aids DevCorps in a related area (The Medusa Effect, the DevCorps Project is said to be 'a refinement of [Graize's] process of creating creatures genetically' on p.239. It is sometime after Medusa disappeared, as the ship is said to have 'never returned' on p.240). (MG)

2594 (? early) - It may be around this time that a team of technicians, under the guise of University Maintenance checking St Oscar's electronic systems, begins placing surveillance equipment around the university on the orders of ARD Security Chief Jarl Kedrick as part of a broad-sweep intelligence-gathering operation (Mean Streets, the surveillance equipment has been in place for 'some time' on p.30, and the operation is 'still going on' during the main events of the novel, on p.28). (MG)

2594 (? early) - A subject of the ARD's work on the DevCorps Project manages to escape the high security compound and attacks a passing student. Suddenly collapsing with a brain embolism, the hospital-gowned man is examined by a medical student, who discovers that the dead man shows signs of recent brain surgery. A group of ARD security guards arrives on the scene and bundles the corpse away before too many questions can be asked (Mean Streets, this takes place 'a few weeks' earlier than the main events of the novel, on p.17). (MG)

2594 (? Spring) - By this time Menlove Stokes, having recently exhausted the artistic possibilities of his own bodily fluids, has moved on to explore the random aesthetic effects produced by the activities of the giant Dellahan dung beetle. Stokes's 'a hundred and one things you can do with beetle shit' project probably doesn't go down too well with the other people who use the Applied Arts Building of St Oscar's (Mean Streets, this takes place 'recently' on p.14). (MG)

2594 (? Spring) - By this time Bernice has decided to start work on her long-awaited masterwork of popular archaeology, currently entitled So Vast a Pile, but keeps finding the slightest excuse for putting it off (Mean Streets, events mentioned on p.13). (MG)

2594 (? Spring) - Chris Cwej arrives on Dellah to seek the aid of old friend Bernice Summerfield in searching out truth behind the mysterious Project, but their conversation is immediately picked up by Jarl Kedrick's surveillance equipment in the Witch and Whirlwind. Shortly afterwards, Bernice narrowly avoids death when her bicycle is booby-trapped with an explosive device and she realises it must have something to do with the so-called Project. Later that night, Chris is attacked by a Dethaki assassin named Arego, who has been hired by Kedrick to ensure his silence, but the ex-Adjudicator manages to stun the creature with a neuron blaster before escaping (Mean Streets, it is 'summer' on Dellah, and the current term at St Oscar's is 'nearly over' on p.13). (MG)

2594 (? Spring) - Bernice finds herself mysteriously suspended from the faculty of St Oscar's by Professor Divson Follett, Head of the Archaeology Department. Packing her bags, Bernice decides to leave Dellah, joining Chris on the long journey to Megerra to find the truth behind the Project (Mean Streets, it is the 'next morning' on p.38). (MG)

2594 (? Spring) - On Megerra, a DevCorps miner goes berserk in Little Louie's Hotel and Piano Bar when he is told to wait for a drink to be served. The 'drunken' miner smashes up the bar and, picking up the piano with his bare hands, attacks the Ogron bouncer with it before leaving (Mean Streets, this has taken place 'last night' when Bernice arrives on Megerra, on p.50). (MG)

2594 (? Spring) - After a lengthy journey via space shuttle, Bernice and Chris arrive on Megerra and immediately find themselves tackling the enraged DevCorps miner, who has recently gone on a short killing spree in Megacity for no apparent reason. They soon learn that there has been a sudden, unexplained upsurge in violent crime in Megacity and realise it might have something to do with the Project. The adventurers get lodgings at Little Louie's Hotel and Piano Bar, which has undergone some hasty refurbishment (Mean Streets, this takes place 'many days' after Bernice's departure from Dellah, on p.39). (MG)

2594 (? Spring) - The Ogron named Garshak, now a private detective, is hired by the reptilian crime lord Nastur to discover the whereabouts of a shipment of alcohol and drugs that has gone missing somewhere in the territory of a rival gangster, the Demoniac Lucifer. A conversation with Lucifer leads Garshak into the Lair, the domain of the vicious Wolverines, where he soon locates Nastur's missing hovertruck. Elsewhere in Megacity, Bernice and Chris end up sharing an uneasy drink with Lucifer in Sara's Cellar when they accidentally sit at his table. Outside the club, the manage to intervene in an assassination attempt on Lucifer, rescuing the crime lord from an ambush by Wolverines (Mean Streets, it is 'morning' on p.69. Bernice and Cwej enjoyed 'dinner' last night and it is now 'breakfast' time, on p.80). (MG)

2594 (? Spring) - The next day, Garshak is employed by Lucifer to find out the identity of the person who paid the Wolverines to kill him. Bernice is informed that Lucifer owes her a blood debt for her aid in rescuing him, and the crime lord will use his influence to learn more about the Project. Meanwhile, Chris has met up quite by chance with old acquaintance Garshak and a conversation leads to the thought that the Project might be linked to Nastur's drug-smuggling racket. That night, posing as an agent of the criminal Combine syndicate, Bernice manages to keep Nastur busy while Garshak sneaks into his warehouse to discover the gangster is smuggling the long-banned narcotic known as skoob (Mean Streets, the attack on Lucifer happened 'last night' on p.129/141/145/156). (MG)

2594 (? Spring) - Bernice and Chris inform Chief of Police Harkon of Nastur's smuggling and a raid on the crime lord's warehouse leads to his arrest. Later that night, Chris is contacted by the manager of Sara's Cellar, who tells him that she's found someone who knows about the Project. Arriving at the nightclub, Chris realises that his new source is one of the 'drunken' miners who attacked him in Raggor's Cavern during his last visit to Megacity. The elderly man informs Chris that he and his fellow miners were employed by a security firm called Custodiex to suppress talk of the Project (Mean Streets, it is the 'next morning' on p.175). (MG)

2594 (? Spring) - Garshak comes to the conclusion that the Project isn't a criminal scheme at all and is, in fact, more likely to be something suppressed by a powerful corporation. Visiting the managing director of Custodiex, Chris learns the name of the client who wanted talk of the Project suppressed all those years ago. Following their own leads, Bernice and Garshak come to the same conclusion - DevCorps, one of the most respected companies on Megerra, is responsible for the Project. Posing as officials from the Interplanetary Business Inspectorate, Bernice and her friends pay a visit to the DevCorps Mining Complex. While Bernice keeps President Joseph Devlin III occupied, Garshak manages to download all the Project data from the company's computer system (Mean Streets, it is the 'next morning' on p.190). (MG)

2594 (? Spring) - Bernice and company gatecrash the annual DevCorps board meeting and confront the board of directors with the truth about the Project and force them to put and end to it. Security Chief Simeon Kragg, realising he is a product of the Project, becomes enraged and kills Devlin with his bare hands. After many farewell drinks, Bernice departs on a shuttle bound for Space Station Alpha on the long journey back to Dellah (Mean Streets, this appears to take place 'a few days' later, on p.233, although Bernice's inspection of the DevCorps Complex seems to have taken place 'yesterday' according to p.240). (MG)

2594 (? Spring) - Returning to St Oscar's, Bernice learns that all charges and allegations against her have been dropped and she receives a formal apology from the faculty. Shortly afterwards, she is contacted by Santos Silvera, the Director of the ARD, and a deal is struck for Bernice's silence in return for the 'accidental' death of Jarl Kedrick in a groundcar explosion (Mean Streets, this takes place 'a lot of travel time later', on p.175. In The Medusa Effect, Kedrick's murder is also mentioned on p.216). (MG)

2594 - Bernice is invited by the Carlsbad Archaeological Society to give lectures on a two week stay on the planet Tempest (Tempest p.55). (MG)

2594 - Bernice, her lectures complete, leaves the city of Carlsbad on the Polar Express alongside two hundred and fifty other passengers. Also on board is Nathan Costermann, wealthy owner of Integrated Polymers, on his way to auction the Drell Imnulate. After the Imnulate's apparent theft Bernice uncovers Nathan Costermann's plot to collect on the insurance, but not before several murders occur (Tempest). (MG/II)

2594 (? mid) - Bernice meets Commander Skutloid, the Neo Arietian head of the Institute of Strategic Studies, for the first time during a faculty party at St Oscar's. During their conversation the name of Maryann Decleiter, a tachyonics expert working in the ARD, comes up because Bernice reminds Skutloid of his friend (The Medusa Effect, this takes place 'a couple of months previously, perhaps longer' on p.10). (MG)

2594 - Bernice becomes God's agent to prevent a war with the Time Lords after the People discover time travel (Walking to Babylon p.27). (MG)

c 2594 (? Autumn) - By this time, the ancient Randolph Bane has chosen one of his employees, Simon Deed, as the most likely candidate for Project Ouranos. By application of the electro-neurological process known as the Haze, Deed's mind is shattered and then regressed to the mental age of five. The sociopathic Deed is then instructed to use the Egg to unleash reality-changing forces upon the entire universe, but the effects are localised and relatively minor. Using Deed as an animus for his plan, Bane expands the search for suitable subjects - people who have become displaced in space-time - who will be able to harness the powers of the Egg on a multiversal scale. A trap is sprung to ensnare such individuals on Earth in realities created by the remains of Simon Deed (Oblivion, events mentioned on p.212). (MG)

=c 2594 (? Autumn) - The crew of the Schirron Dream are visiting the planet Earth (having probably travelled back through time billions of years from their own point in space-time) when they are caught in a reality-disruption caused by Deed's harnessing of the Egg. While Captain Nathan li Shao, Kiru and Leetha T'Zhan become trapped within an ever-changing series of alternative realities, the Sloathe Sgloomi Po makes it back to the ship and leaves Earth in search of some old friends who can aid hir (Oblivion, events mentioned on p.47). (MG)

c 2594 (? Autumn) - Sgloomi Po arrives in orbit of the planet Dragos, the semi-sentient nature of the Schirron Dream having directing hir there, where the Sloathe locates old friend Chris Cwej. The ex-Adjudicator, busy visiting the interdenominational sect of the Beneficent Brothers of Saint Sidney, is informed of the catastrophic events unfolding on Earth and, piecing the rest together himself, suggests that they need the experience of old acquaintance Jason Kane for their mission (Oblivion, events mentioned on p.43/98). (MG)

c 2594 (? Autumn) - Cwej and Sgloomi Po locate Jason Kane in one of the seedier bars on the lower-level Habitats in the Proximan Chain Rafts before heading out to locate Bernice Summerfield (Oblivion, events mentioned on p.55). (MG)

c 2594 (? Autumn) - Bernice is in the midst of a privately funded expedition to take a group of richly parented children to visit the Lost Temples of Malanoor when the Schirron Dream arrives on the jungle planet. Chris informs Bernice that the universe is being destroyed by something from outside reality itself. With Bernice onboard, the Schirron Dream blasts off once again, heading through the possibilities to locate Adjudicator Roz Forrester in the thirtieth century (Oblivion, no date is given). (MG)

= c 2594 (? Autumn) - Returning from the mid-thirtieth century with a younger version of Roz from an alternative reality, the Schirron Dream and her crew pop back into space-time slightly out from the orbit of the Tenth Planet of Earth's solar system. Meanwhile, on Earth itself, Nathan li Shao and his friends remember who they are just as another reality-altering wave front hits, distorting their memories and surroundings once again (Oblivion, the Schirron Dream is a 'couple of days' away from Earth at this point, on p.123). (MG)

= c 2594 (? Autumn) - The Schirron Dream travels past the orbits of Neptune, Uranus, Saturn and Jupiter, travelling through wave fronts generated by the use of the Egg, on its journey to Earth. While making their way through the Asteroid Belt, Bernice and her friends briefly find themselves inside an alternative reality where the asteroids are actually an unfragmented planet called Hestia (Oblivion, events mentioned on p.154). (MG)

= c 2594 (? Autumn) - The Schirron Dream finally sets down on the surface of Earth, where Bernice and her friends are reunited with Nathan li Shao, Kiru and Leetha T'Zhan. Confronted by the power of Simon Deed's mind, the group is quickly captured and taken to Randolph Bane's bunker, where they are readied for their part in Operation Ouranos. Sgloomi Po manages to trick Bane's technology and awakens Roz, but they are apprehended by Bane's archaic robots and taken to the chamber at the centre of the bunker. Learning of Bane's plan to restructure the entire universe, Roz grabs the Egg and shatters it against the floor, aborting the Conversion to the madman's new reality. The husk of Simon Deed is re-animated at this point and kills Bane by snapping his neck (Oblivion, this takes place a 'couple of days' after the Schirron Dream has entered Earth's solar system, on p.123. Events mentioned on p.213-14). (MG)

= 2594 (? Autumn) - Randolph Bane finds himself trapped within a tiny extra-dimensional fragment that has looped in upon itself, sealed off from the main fabric of space-time. Within this extra-dimensional 'egg', Bane is forced to relive the instant where Simon Deed snaps his neck for all eternity (Oblivion, events mentioned on p.231). (MG)

c 2594 (? late) - The missing experimental ship Medusa is picked up on the long-range scanners of the ARD's Surveillance Suite, drifting toward Dellah after having been missing for twenty years, and project leader Taffeta Graize is informed of the ship's reappearance. Sometime afterwards, Maryann Decleiter - one of Graize's researchers in the ARD - is killed by Styrus Kirk for being too inquisitive. Although having never known Decleiter personally, Bernice decides to attend her funeral after having heard of her death in St Oscar's newspaper, Graduated Feedback (The Medusa Effect, it is at least a 'month' since Bernice's last adventure, and her life hasn't been threatened for a period of 'several weeks' on p.9. She is 'between terms' on p.31). (MG)

c 2594 (? late) - Heath Chromsky, already chosen as the commanding officer of a projected Medusa recovery mission several years ago, learns of the Medusa's return after being contacted by Graize (The Medusa Effect, this takes place 'a day at the most' after Medusa's initial sighting, on p.129). (MG)

c 2594 (? late) - Taffeta Graize contacts Chromsky yet again, informing him that Professor Bernice Summerfield has been chosen as an ideal substitute for the late Maryann Decleiter (The Medusa Effect, this takes place 'a couple of days' after Decleiter's death, on p.129). (MG)

c 2594 (? late) - During Decleiter's funeral, Bernice is approached by Taffeta Graize to be part of the Medusa recovery team. Sometime afterwards, Bernice is introduced to the other members of the seven-man expeditionary team (The Medusa Effect, this takes place at least 'a couple of days' after Decleiter's death, on p.129. Events mentioned on p.15-16). (MG)

c 2594 (? late) - On Graize's instruction, Bernice attends the University Medical Centre to undergo a routine medical examination. Bernice receives a mysterious injection, which is explained as an inoculation against any viruses lingering onboard the Medusa. In actual fact, the injection is an implanted personality enhancement to prepare Bernice for her part in the re-run Medusa experiment (The Medusa Effect, Bernice's medical takes place 'the next day' on p.32. Events mentioned on p.181). (MG)

c 2594 (? late) - The team is finally assembled and departs for the Medusa in a scout ship. Docking with the aged cruise liner, the team members are surprised to be met by a man named Stuart Stonely, who informs them that he has been sent on ahead of them to get the ship's systems up and running. The team members set up their equipment in the central officers' mess before settling into individual staterooms. During a quick recce of the ship's environs they locate the skeletonised remains of the original crew, who appear to have become the victims of murder at some point after the ship's launch. Bernice and the rest of the team soon begin to experience vivid hallucinations, seeing apparitions of the former crew, due mainly to the effects of an alpha-wave-enhancing gas leaking from a rusted cylinder attached to the ship's air supply (The Medusa Effect). (MG)

c 2594 (? late) - The team continues its research and examinations of the cruise liner despite the frequent reappearance of the apparitions, growing accustomed to them in a very short space of time (The Medusa Effect, this takes place 'within a day' of boarding the Medusa, on p.70). (MG)

c 2594 (? late) - Bernice and Stonely examine the captain's cabin and find logbook of the Medusa's original commanding officer, Kallis Shaw. While reading the logbook it soon becomes apparent that Heath Chromsky, commanding officer of the expeditionary team, is beginning to exhibit the mannerisms of the long-dead Shaw (The Medusa Effect, it is the 'third day' on p.71). (MG)

c 2594 (? late) - Under the influence of the alpha-wave-enhancing gas and the implanted personality enhancements they have received, Bernice and the other members of the team begin referring to each other by the names of the original Medusa crew. As the symptoms spread through the team members, Chromsky accuses Stonely of being a stowaway and, during a brief but violent altercation, Chromsky accidentally dies - in the exact same manner that his predecessor, Shaw, did twenty years earlier. Bernice and Stonely decide to view a datadisc prepared by Irving Braxiatel before the expedition set out, which contains the events surrounding the Medusa's original launch. They learn of the murder of the Medusa research team at the hands of Jackson Hart, who may have stowed away on the liner all those years ago (The Medusa Effect, it is 'the next morning' on p.78). (MG)

c 2594 (? late) - Stealing a look at Chromsky's logbook, Bernice discovers that, oddly, Taffeta Graize was preparing a recovery team long before Medusa's actual return. By this time Bernice notices that she is confusing the names of the current team with those of the original crew in her diary entries and realises that they are replaying the events of the earlier mission. Another look at Braxiatel's datadisc shows that the current team is an exact match, both physically and psychologically, for the earlier crew (The Medusa Effect, Bernice has been suffering from the mind-altering effects of the gas cylinder for 'several days' on p.129). (MG)

c 2594 (? late) - Bernice and Stonely hit upon the theory that they are being affected by something in the air supply after they end up being hunted by the other team members. The realisation comes too late, however, and the others kill themselves in an incident sparked off by Andrea Moritz's jealousy of Helena Gyles. A simularity of Taffeta Graize appears before Bernice and Stonely, and tells them the truth about the Medusa experiment to create soldiers for the war effort. The template creatures finally awaken after a twenty-year slumber, but are hideously deformed, having absorbed the memories and personalities of both crews. A ship containing the murderous Styrus Kirk, with instructions to silence Bernice and Stonely forever, docks with the aged liner. Bernice and Stonely narrowly escape in the scout ship just as the Medusa suffers from a terminal reactor overload, blowing the ship, Kirk and the template creatures to atoms (The Medusa Effect, the ship is 'days out from Dellah' at this time, on p.226). (MG)

c 2594 (? late) - Back on Dellah, Bernice contacts the ARD's Director, Santos Silvera, and the resulting conversation gives Bernice the connection between the Medusa experiment and the DevCorps Project (The Medusa Effect, this must take place 'days' after the destruction of the Medusa, as the ship was still 'days out from Dellah' at the time, on p.226). (MG)

c 2594 (? late) - Under the cover of darkness, Bernice manages to get inside the ARD with a team comprising of Braxiatel, Stonely, Commander Skutloid and a pair of Neo Arietian warriors, to confront Taffeta Graize. Intent on apprehending Graize so that she will stand trial for the multiple murder of the Medusa crew, Bernice is horrified to watch as the vengeful Stonely kills his creator (The Medusa Effect, it is 'dawn' on p.255). (MG)

c 2594 - Bernice goes on a pilgrimage with the religious Saraani who have been exiled from their own world by an atheist coup (Dry Pilgrimage). (MG)

c 2594 - By this time the Valethske, traversing the galaxy in search of their Gods, have become involved in a skirmish with the Sontarans. A Valethske technician known as Ruvis is stranded on a derelict ship for a time and is forced to eat synthetic Sontaran flesh, which is notoriously tough, tasteless and highly carcinogenic (Superior Beings, no date is given on p.95). (MG)

c 2594 - By this time the Thynemnus System has been colonised by the Earth Empire and, with new settlers arriving all the time, there is a sharp increase in territorial and racial disputes with the primitive indigent species. The planet Korsair is set up as a military outpost and the Korsair Military Corps are formed to police and protect the planets of the Thynemnus System (Superior Beings, the year is given on p.108). (MG)

2594 - Captain John Melrose and Lieutenant Lornay Meharg are part of a Korsair Military Corps squad dispatched to one of the newest Thynemnus colonies to oversee a dispute between the 'filthy' boar-like indigent species and the human settlers. They have barely just arrived when the colony is targeted by the mothership of a nomadic race of fox-like hunters known as the Valethske. Taking the Korsairs completely by surprise, the Valethske attack and round up all the colonists and many of the indigents. Melrose and Meharg find themselves prisoners, kept as 'fresh meat' in cryogenic sleep onboard the Valethske ship until the alien hunters are hungry (Superior Beings, the year is given on p.108). (MG)

c 2594 - Laura Tobin, the woman who eventually gets remembered as Compassion, is shipped from Earth to the colony world of Ordifica by her family. (Interference Book Two p.24). (MG)

c 2595 - By this time a vast solar mirror has been built within Earth's orbit, curving up like horns from opposite horizons (The Sword of Forever, no date is given on p.68). (MG)

c 2595 - By this time Armstrong City has been built in the moon's Sea of Tranquillity (The Sword of Forever, no date is given on p.68). (MG)

c 2595 - By this time the London Wall has been erected to prevent the encroachment of the two hundred metres of tropical jungle outside (The Sword of Forever, no date is given on p.113). (MG)

c 2595 - Irving Braxiatel holds the position of Custodian, or Keeper, of the Library of St John the Beheaded at this time (Dragons' Wrath, the position is referred to as 'Custodian' on p.158. In The Medusa Effect, the position is named as 'Keeper' on p.238). (MG)

c 2595 - By this time a fashionably expensive form of bio-accessorising named ringskin has been developed. It can react to others' presence, the bio-patterns evolving serenely across the wearer's face. As well as mottling the skin in patterns, it can also be used to tone visible skin surfaces to match the wearer's clothing (The Sword of Forever, events mentioned on p.34/59/100). (MG)

2595 - The Nishtubi Archaeological Society is founded (The Gods of the Underworld, this takes place 'five years' earlier [than 2600] on p.5). (MG)

2595 - Bernice discovers the fossilised remains of a raptor with her DNA in its stomach on a dig in Antarctica. She gets married for the second time, to Marillian. Bernice is crucified and dies. She is reborn as a clone of herself, utilising the Sword of Forever. Emperor Gebmoses III fails in his bid to become Emperor of the World (The Sword of Forever, p.25/31/40/58/75/83/97/113/126/134/143/150/157). (MG)

2595 - St Oscar's University Press prints Professor Bernice Summerfield's An Eye for Wisdom: Repetitive poems of the Early Ikkaban Period (originally published in 2315 centuries before it is actually written) (Walking to Babylon, the year is given on p.61). (MG)

2595 - A secret Bantu Cooperative weapons testing site is discovered on Dimetos by industrial archaeologist Lizbeth Fugard, with the aid of Bernice Summerfield (Another Girl, Another Planet p.100). (MG)

2595 - Somehow, it is recorded that Admiral Isaac Summerfield, Bernice's father, is in active service in Spacefleet as of this date (Dead Romance p.210). (CW)

2595 - By this time, Mars is as familiar to Earthmen as Brighton was to Londoners in the early 21st century, and over one million people arrive per day, though half that number departs, and because it is realised that Mars is a better place to die than any where else in the whole of Earthspace, the entire economy is driven towards caring (and satisfying the spending of) the elderly (Beige Planet Mars p.8-10). (CW)

2595 - By this time there are barely ten thousand babies born a year on Mars (Beige Planet Mars p.10). (CW)

2595 - By this time all the old native Martian sites are just stops on the tourist trail, complete with handrails, electric lights and concrete ramps (Beige Planet Mars p.8). (CW)

2595 - By this time the power towers on Mars are maintained by their own colony of robots (Beige Planet Mars p.9). (CW)

2595 - By this time Mars is one of the few places to go for those who want a job without having to go to college first (Beige Planet Mars p.10). (CW)

2595 (June 19th Tues) - Bernice Summerfield departs Dellah for the Mars Conference (Beige Planet Mars p.31). (MG)

2595 (June 21st Thurs) - Bernice arrives on Mars on her 35th birthday. It is also the fiftieth anniversary of the liberation of Mars (Beige Planet Mars p.7). (MG)

2595 (June 22nd Fri) - War veteran Isaac Denikin is murdered by Elias Cromwell, an assassin in the employ of YorkCorp. Bernice meets Jason Kane, who is now a millionaire thanks to his erotic novel Nights of the Perfumed Tentacle, which has, to date, sold twelve million copies (Beige Planet Mars p.55). (MG)

2595 (June 23rd Sat) - The Fourth Doctor, Romana and K9 are present at the Mars Conference opening ceremony (Beige Planet Mars p.102/99). (MG)

2595 (June 24th Sun) - Bernice unwittingly reveals Elizabeth K. Trinity's true identity (Beige Planet Mars p.126/156). (MG/II)

2595 (June 25th Mon) - A hostile take-over bid of YorkCorp by the Bantu Cooperative is averted when YorkCorp declares itself bankrupt (Beige Planet Mars p.205). (MG)

2596 (? March) - On the planet Dellah an explosion shakes the power station at Mount Casmov. An investigation team is sent to discover the cause of the explosion but instead witness the release of the All-High Gods of Dellah from their thousand-year prison beneath the mountain (Twilight of the Gods, no date is given, events mentioned on p.107). (MG)

2596 (late March, Lent) - The agents of the Worldsphere are urgently summoned home, evacuating Mutter's Spiral in Operation Ragnarok. On the planet Dellah the Church of Maa'lon undergoes an unprecedented rebirth when its god returns to walk among his followers. At the same time the Sultan of the Tashwari forms the New Moral Army to ensure the faithful stay true to their religions. Irving Braxiatel manages to aid in the evacuation of four thousand people from the planet before beacons are launched to keep Dellah under quarantine (Where Angels Fear p.20/72). (MG)

2596 (March 30th) - Dellah is officially declared a 'no-go' area by Earth authorities (Dead Romance p.82). (MG)

2596 (? April) - Bernice returns to Dellah to retrieve Wolsey the cat before travelling to the Proximan Chain Rafts to undergo a mindwipe-and-rebuild process, known as a Mary-Sue, to forget the horror of events on Dellah (The Mary-Sue Extrusion) (MG)

2596 (? mid) - Rula Winther, aged leader of the criminal Maguyre Cartel, begins preparations to steal Dorpfeld's Prism from the Davidia Offworld Mining Corporation on the Eastern Rim world of Virabilis (The Joy Device p.42/43). (MG)

2596 - The Racial Data Act is passed, and withholding records of family genetics from the authorities becomes a criminal offence (Secrets of the Black Planet (D4), the year is given on p.231). (MG)

2596 (? Aug) - Pseudopod Enterprises Societe d'Anonime, a holding incorporation, hires an unnamed APE operative to track down the missing Bernice Summerfield. The operative is incarcerated at the off-worlder detention complex on Thanaxos after learning that many Dellahan refugees fled there after the All-High Gods awoke. He is held at the complex for a month (The Mary-Sue Extrusion p.59). (MG)

2596 (? Sept) - The APE With No Name is hired as a bodyguard to Prince G'jimo, Regent of the Thanaxon House Royal on a diplomatic mission to Dellah. While on Dellah, the APE discovers Bernice Summerfield underwent the Mary-Sue process, which leads him to the Proximan Chain Rafts, where he meets Jason Kane, also searching for his ex-wife. They finally discover Bernice has hidden herself on Beta Caprisis, and travel there to rescue her (The Mary-Sue Extrusion p.107). (MG)

2596 (1970 Sept 1st) - The first victim of the so-called Butcher of Buckinham palace is killed (Dead Romance p.18) (MG/II)

2596 (1970 Sept 14th) - A second body, another victim of the so-called Butcher of Buckingham Palace, is found by the authorities (Dead Romance p.18). (MG)

2596 (1970 Sept 27th) - Chris Cwej's plan to sacrifice Christine Summerfield goes wrong when she is arrested by the police (Dead Romance p.8). (MG)

2596 (1970 Sept 28th) - Christine is released by the police, only to find herself attacked by the control sphinx. After fleeing her attacker, Christine finds herself rescued by Cwej, who takes her out into the 'real' universe, where they find themselves on the planet Simia KK98, which is under attack by sphinxes come to reclaim their masters' stolen Bottle Universe (Dead Romance p.26). (MG)

2596 (1970 Sept 29th) - Chris Cwej signs a treaty with the Kings of Space via the sphinxes, giving them the ability to travel in time by using clones shipped to sphinx space by Cwej's employers (Dead Romance p.149). (MG)

2596 (1970 Sept 30th) - Christine Summerfield and Chris Cwej become lovers - they take their first trip on the dragon boat (Dead Romance p.202). (MG)

2596 (1970 ? Oct 1st) - A treaty is signed between Cwej's employers and the God of the Worldsphere, allowing the People to invent time travel in a bid to stop the People siding with the opposition in any upcoming conflict (Dead Romance p108). Unfortunately God discovers the creation of time travel is more difficult than he imagined, and enlists the aid of Kebara, a shape-shifter, in a plan to learn the secrets of time travel from the legendary Oracle of the Lost (Tears of the Oracle p.252). (MG)

2596 (1970 ? Oct 2nd) - A treaty is signed between the Daleks and Cwej's employers, allowing the Daleks to create simple time-corridor technology, and the promise that no Daleks will be time-scooped for 'entertainment' (Dead Romance p.141). (MG)

2596 (1970 Oct 3rd) - Cwej is informed by the control sphinx that the Horror followed him into the Bottle Universe when he forced his way in through the vortex (Dead Romance p.169). (MG)

2596 (1970 Oct 4th) - Khiste interrogates a captured agent of the All-High Gods and learns the truth of the situation on Dellah (Dead Romance p.179). (MG)

2596 (1970 Oct 5th) - Christine Summerfield sleeps with Khiste (Dead Romance p.200). (MG)

2596 (1970 Oct 7th) - The Horror, a bioform consisting of everything that has ever been lost in the Vortex, manifests itself in the Bottle Universe, but is persuaded by Christine Summerfield not to destroy Earth (Dead Romance p.262). (MG)

2596 (1970 Oct 9th) - Chris Cwej fully recovers from the wounds he received during the Horror's emergence (Dead Romance p.261). (MG)

2596 (1970 Oct 11th) - Christine learns the truth about herself - that she is a clone, grown to be sacrificed in a ritual to control the sphinx of the Bottle Universe (Dead Romance p.267). (MG)

2596 (1970 Oct 12th) - The Bottle Universe version of Earth is invaded by Cwej's employers, arriving in their millions to escape the All-High Gods of Dellah (Dead Romance p.282). (MG)

2596 (1970 Oct 15th) - Christine Summerfield leaves the Bottle Universe for the final time. She is taken to Earth colony Ordifica, before finally ending up on the ruined homeworld of Cwej's employers (Dead Romance p.288). (MG)

2596 (? Dec) - An archaeological expedition is mounted to find the Oracle of the Lost on the planet KS-159. Kebara, an undercover agent for the God of the Worldsphere, is infected by a mind parasite that feeds on faith and belief. After it is eventually trapped the parasite is sent on a journey to Dellah (Tears of the Oracle p.9; according to Twilight of the Gods (NA) p.25, it was three months ago). (MG/II)

2596 (? Dec) - The J-Kibb, carrying the infectious agent that exists by absorbing faith, impacts on the planet Dellah. It soon begins to do its work among the various religions, but the followers of Mor'yuchi are unaffected thanks to the Belief Amplifier, a huge artefact kept in the heart of the Sultan's palace (Twilight of the Gods, this takes place 'three months' earlier [than ?February 2597] on p.25). (MG)

2596 - The colony world of Ordifica is erased by a Time Lord fleet utilising banned weaponry, 18 months after Fitz Kreiner's initiation into the lower orders of Faction Paradox. The Faction evacuates 2000 of its followers, including Fitz, Laura Tobin and Nathaniel Guest to the vessel Justinian. The ship travels backward in time to the year 1799, where the refugees will build the Remote city of Anathema (Interference Book One p.222, Book Two p.23). (MG)

c 2596 - All contact is lost with the Department of Advanced Studies on Dellah when a minor All-High God breaches the installation. This minor being finds itself on the planet Sharabeth, decades in the past, when it tampers with experimental space-time machinery (Return to the Fractured Planet p.37). (MG)

c 2597 - A paracholera epidemic breaks out in the Proximan Chain Rafts, although Mister Meaty Foods, a subsidiary of the ZipCo Incorporation, denies all responsibility (Return to the Fractured Planet p.153). (MG)

c 2597 - Bernice and the APE With No Name stumble across a plan to turn the Proximan Chain Rafts into a system-wide horror by using a mutagen bomb. At the heart of this plan is Absolom Sleed, in reality believed to be a minor All-High God of Dellah (Return to the Fractured Planet p.154/75/228). (MG/II)

? c 2597 - Out on the Eastern Rim world of Virabilis, Doctor Creer develops a rudimentary version of nascent imaging - a process whereby the recently deceased's final images can be viewed (The Joy Device p.39/114). (MG)

? c 2597 - Mi-Tek test labs develop an experimental wave-form digital-corruption inducer, technology that can disrupt security camera systems (The Joy Device p.61). (MG)

? 2597 (early) - Bernice takes a vacation on the planet Virabilis on the Eastern Rim. She, along with famous explorer Dent Harper as her guide, is caught in the middle of a race for Dorpfeld's Prism - an ancient jewelled necklace which both the unscrupulous antiques dealer Jericko Klench and Rula Winther of the Maguyre Cartel wish to possess (The Joy Device p.39). (MG)

? 2597 (early) - Out on the Eastern Rim, the criminal Maguyre Cartel is brought under the leadership of the ruthless Nikole Medak after the previous leader, Rula Winther, becomes the latest victim of the curse of Dorpfeld's Prism (The Joy Device p.39/242). (MG)

2597 (? Mar) - From the safety of their Bottle Universe, the future Time Lords come to an agreement with the People of the Worldsphere. With time running out and the Gods gaining strength, the Time Lords intend to sterilise the Dellahan sector with a Doomsday Probe, a device capable of sweeping the area with a wave of accelerated entropy. Braxiatel urges Bernice and her friends to return to Dellah in a last-ditch attempt to stop the All-High Gods before the Probe can be launched (Twilight of the Gods, it is 'almost a year' since the Dellahan Gods escape their prison [in March 2596], on p.25, events mentioned on p.38) (MG/II)

c 2597 (early ? March) - The Gods of Dellah are banished from this reality when they, their believers, and the planet Dellah are returned to the Gods' home Universe, becoming the responsibility of the Ferutu. However, the success is at the cost of the life of Clarence, the imprisonment of Jason Kane, and the de-ageing of both Bernice and Chris Cwej. Bernice sets up home at the University of Vremnya, receiving presents from a number of friends, including a model Police Box... (Twilight of the Gods (NA). It has been 'almost a year' since Bernice last saw Dellah on p.48. Bernice's new home is given on p.232). Bernice has been de-aged by six years, and due to the side effects of the Ferutu temporal weaponry will now only physically age one year for every three she lives (Events on the Big Finish website). (II/CW)

2597 - Lizbeth Fugard, Professor of Sidereal Mythology at Youkali University, translates the Shahinitarazad Codex, a fragmentary document dating from the pre-Aludrai period of early Thuban culture (Another Girl, Another Planet p.230). (MG)

2597 - While on the planet Wyzyn, Gandagum archaeologist Professor Uzua Jindah unearths a vase belonging to the long-dead Zulawy civilisation. This discovery will change the way her fellow archaeologists view the appearance of the Mtongl in the planet's history (The Monster and the Archaeologists (TDMD), this takes place 'two years' earlier [than 2599] on p.99). (MG)

c 2598 - By this time retired actor Munroe Hennessy has acquired Lacey's half of the Doomsday Manuscript from collector Milo Yendipp (The Doomsday Manuscript, no date is given other than 'some years' earlier [than 2600] on p.79). (MG)

c 2599 - By this time the Earth Federation (also known as the Federated Earth Planets) has been formed. Governed from New Terra, EarthFed - consisting of a collection of human-settled planets which, strangely enough doesn't include Earth - bares a number of marked similarities with the nineteenth-century British Empire (The Door into Bedlam (TDMD), events mentioned on p.165/166/174). It may have been around this period that canisters full of exo-enhanced TerraFed stormtroopers see action in the Dead Geek Wars - a particularly insane and vicious period of Earth history during which the combined might of the Earth Empire attempts to subjugate every other sentient life form in the galaxy. The Dead Geek Wars are instigated by 'Resurrection Bob' McGobglurk (premier of the New Old New Old Good Old New Old Little Old Islam-Christian Fundamentalist Republican Right Party) and his lovely wife Yoko (Sky Pirates!, no date is given other than during the time of 'the Terran empire' on p.153). (MG)

c 2599 - It is around this time that an ambitious territorial power known as the Fifth Axis is advancing through neutral space without permission, subjugating anyone and anything that gets in its way. Reports of concentration camps, human rights atrocities and alien cleansing soon begin filtering out from the Fifth Axis's so-called Assimilated Territories (The Doomsday Manuscript, no date is given on p.45-6). (MG)

c 2599 - After losing his hand during an enemy barrage on Celestos, ruthless Fifth Axis soldier Colonel Daglan Straklant finds himself in command of the infantry division that terminates the inhabitants of Frastus Minima. The expanding Fifth Axis is also responsible for atrocities in the Galamanus campaign around this time (The Doomsday Manuscript, no date is given on p.71/64/57/158/203). (MG)

2599 - Trillionaire art collector Arsine De Vallen funds excavations on the planet Hera to discover the lair of the mythical Soul-Sucker. Although her final resting place is not discovered on Hera, the excavations find conclusive proof that the ancient Herans possessed space flight and that the Soul-Sucker's lair is possibly on another world. De Vallen is enraged when, just as he discovers that the Soul-Sucker is probably to be located on the planetoid KS-159, his rival Irving Braxiatel sets up his Collection there. When Braxiatel has extensive geological surveys of the planetoid undertaken, De Vallen's agents intercept them and send amended versions to Braxiatel so that the lair of the Soul-Sucker will remain unknown to the planetoid's owner (The Squire's Crystal, De Vallen's excavations take place 'last year' [in 2600] on p.6. Events mentioned on p.151-2). (MG)

2599 - Bernice Summerfield gives up her position as the Head of the Archaeology Department at the University of Vremnya to become Archaeologist in Residence at the Braxiatel Collection. She immediately throws herself into the world of academia, concentrating on theses, publication and respectability… which won't last long (The Dead Men Diaries, no date is given on p.3). (MG)

2599 - While helping Irving Braxiatel catalogue new acquisitions for the Collection's film library, Bernice stumbles across a man who appears to be trapped within the celluloid of the documentary And The Sky Turned Blood Red. After their research leads to the realisation that the man is an energy creature known as a Brv'cllnz, Bernice and Braxiatel excise the man's death scene and burn it, freeing him from his imprisonment (The Light that Never Dies (TDMD), Bernice has only been living at the Collection for 'a few weeks' at this time, on p.57). (MG)

2599 - At some point Bernice publishes her paper The Traxian Paradox: A New Perspective, which is met with a less-than favourable reception by some academics including 'overstuffed, pompous, intellectual fascist' Professor Hayes (A Question of Identity (TDMD), no date is given on p.9). (MG)

2599 - While demonstrating a Quantum Imager (which allows the user to model past events if there is a physical link to the events in question) hooked up to a perfectly-preserved twentieth-century corpse as part of a lecture, Bernice realises that her subject can see her back in his native time. Bernice convinces the young man that he is supposed to die that very night and, to prevent the timeline's collapse into paradox, he commits suicide by jumping into a mudflat. It is only after this that Bernice realises that the 'corpse' is in fact still alive, thanks to the mud, which appears to be extra-terrestrial in origin. Gavin Scott is reawakened to live in the twenty-sixth century (The Least Important Man (TDMD), no date is given other than 'the twenty-sixth' century, on p.181/191). (MG)

2599 (May 29th Thurs) - Bernice unwittingly finds herself dating Temporal Anthropology student Porl Tomas after an attempt at chatting up the young male Jeillo for one of her friends (Step Back in Time (TDMD), the date of 'Thursday May 29th' is given on p.107. This takes place before Bernice's 'publisher's deadline' has come and gone, on p.107). (MG)

2599 (June 12th) - Porl Tomas, wanting to travel back into the past to be reunited with his lost love Rebecca, uses Bernice's attraction to him to get his hands on one of Braxiatel's time-travel artefacts. As part of his plan Porl introduces a potent aphrodisiac into the bar's air-conditioning system, ensuring Bernice will be unfaithful to him with a total stranger (Step Back in Time (TDMD), the date is given as 'June 12th' on p.113). (MG)

2599 (June 13th) - Porl ends his relationship with Bernice after seeing signs of her infidelity. Hoping to win Porl's heart once more, Bernice will decide to steal one of Braxiatel's time-travel rings to travel backwards in time to ensure the incident with the stranger never happens (Step Back in Time (TDMD), the date is given as 'June 13th' on p.114). (MG)

2599 (June 16th) - Bernice learns the truth behind Porl's interest in her and, discovering he has stolen the ring from her so that he can travel back into the past, she confronts him and smashes the artefact. Heartbroken, Bernice will spend the next few months recuperating from these events (Step Back in Time (TDMD), the date is given as 'June 16th' on p.121). (MG)

? 2599 (? mid) - On Trinslip, the Pevenans become aware of infiltration by Calabraxians, so they hide their scientists. The Calabraxians, by his time, have heard of Cassandra and either want her to work for them or be removed from the picture. Arrangements are made and Cassandra, who is prepared to kill herself to end the war, has her brain downloaded into the body of Sheen (The Secret of Cassandra, events mentioned on Track 5, this occurs 'some time' before the attack by Calabraxia). In her new body Cassandra continues as the head of a Pevenan project to develop a super-weapon powerful enough to destroy the entire Calabraxian continent. The weapon is based on Sheen himself - his eyes are the triggering mechanism, the longer he is alive the more his body decays, causing cataracts in his eyes. His heart is the timer, and the brain is the control mechanism (The Secret of Cassandra, no date is given on Tracks 4-5). (CW with thanks to author David Bailey)

? 2599 (? mid) - An attack on the Pevenan base at Glory Hill by the Calabraxians, devastates the facility and leaves Cassandra, the main target of the assault, dead (The Secret of Cassandra, no date is given on Tracks 2, 4-5). (CW)

? 2599 (? mid) - Calabraxian General Hannah Brennan begins working at the Pevenan scientific base of Glory Hill as a spy after being dropped off during the attack by the Calabraxian army (The Secret of Cassandra, [by ?early 2600] she has been working there for 'nearly a year' on Track 4,). (CW)

? 2599 (? mid) - Nadia, the wife of Damien Colley and the mother of Cassandra, upon receiving news of her daughter's death, falls ill - but will never recover, and dies. Damien Colley vows to take revenge upon the Calabraxians (The Secret of Cassandra, events mentioned on Tracks 2, 4, no date is given). (CW)

2599 (Oct) - Irving Braxiatel learns of the Delvian Comparative Religion Society's plans to steal artefacts from the Collection and decides to lure them into a trap by inviting them to a party (A Question of Identity (TDMD), this takes place 'two months' earlier [than December 2599] on p.16). (MG)

2599 (early Dec) - Colonel Daglan Straklant of the Fifth Axis employs the skills of Georgia 'the forger' Salis to fake parts of the Doomsday Manuscript. This will, if all goes according to plan, ensure the co-operation of Bernice Summerfield in locating the Lost Tomb of Rablev for his superiors (The Doomsday Manuscript, this probably takes place 'four weeks…might have been five [weeks]' earlier [than 6th January 2600] on p.164). (MG)

2599 (? early Dec) - Iving Braxiatel hosts a party at the Braxiatel Collection as part of his plan to lure members of the Delvian Comparative Religion Society into a trap. With Bernice's help, Professor Erich Fromm and his cronies are caught red-handed and are apprehended. This little escapade makes Bernice realise that the boring world of academia is not for her (A Question of Identity (TDMD), this takes place shortly after Bernice 'first arrived at the Braxiatel Collection' on p.4. In The Doomsday Manuscript, these events are said to have taken place 'the other week' [on 1st January 2600] on p.39). (MG)

2599 (late Dec) - Bernice is present on an expedition to the planet Anibus, during which student Steven Mead plunges to his death when a hover bridge over the Boreem crevasse collapses due to a prank played by his friend Tony Deeks (Christmas Spirit (TDMD), no date is given on p.126). (MG)

2599 (late Dec) - Bernice attends the Braxiatel Collection's memorial service held for dead student Steven Mead, where Tony Deeks appears to have a breakdown after seeing his friend return from beyond the grave (Christmas Spirit (TDMD), this takes place sometime after the events of Step Back in Time, and before The Dead Men Diaries, on p.124. It is almost 'Christmas' on p.125). (MG)

2599 (Dec 24th Mon) - Bernice prevents Tony Deeks's natural empathic abilities from conjuring up apparitions of dead student Steven Mead from a pair of Anibusian Memory Stones (Christmas Spirit (TDMD), this takes place 'a couple of days' after the funeral, on p.129. This takes place at a time when Bernice still believes ex-husband Jason Kane is 'lost' on p.140). (MG)

2599 (Dec 25th Tues) - Bernice shares a Christmas drink with Irving Braxiatel (Christmas Spirit (TDMD), it turns 'midnight' on p.141, and Bernice wishes Braxiatel a 'Merry Christmas' on p.142). (MG)

2599 (Dec 31st Mon) - Using the identity of the murdered Josiah Vanderbilt, Straklant infiltrates the Braxiatel Collection and hides one half of the Doomsday Manuscript in the vaults (The Doomsday Manuscript, it is the eve of the new millennium, on p.14. Braxiatel offers the salutation 'Happy new year' on p.37). (MG)

2600 (Jan 1st Tues) - Bernice and Braxiatel discover Straklant's true identity and, examining the Doomsday Manuscript, are amazed to see Jason Kane in a photograph taken four centuries earlier. Her interest peaked, Bernice decides to set out on the trail of the Lost Tomb of Rablev (The Doomsday Manuscript, the exact date is on p.40). (MG)

2600 (Jan 2nd Wed) - Bernice and Straklant head for Habadoss and the home of Milo Yendipp, the last known owner of the other half of the Manuscript. Upon arrival, they discover Yendipp has already sold it on to retired holovid star Munroe Hennessy and they set out once again. But not before Straklant has murdered Yendipp to ensure his silence (The Doomsday Manuscript, the exact date is on p.59). (MG)

2600 (Jan 3rd Thurs) - An overnight stay at the private asteroid residence of the reclusive ex-movie star finds Bernice and Straklant fighting for their lives against automated gun-toting holovid cameras, unwilling participants in a home movie engineered by Hennessy's nurse (The Doomsday Manuscript, the exact date is on p.75). (MG)

2600 (Jan 4th Fri) - With the second half of the Doomsday Manuscript in their possession, Bernice and Straklant head for the planet Kasagrad, the location of the Lost Tomb. They abandon their ship when Fifth Axis ships target it and, believing Straklant dead, Bernice uses an escape pod to reach the surface of the planet. She finds board and lodgings at a local bar called Piccolini's (The Doomsday Manuscript, no date is given, but Bernice has been on Kasagrad for 'two days' by 6th January, on p.126/129). (MG)

2600 (? Jan 5th Sat) - Contacting the residence of Dr Josiah Vanderbilt, Braxiatel learns from the man's secretary that he was recently murdered. A further call to the residence of Milo Yendipp goes unanswered and Brax begins to worry for Bernice's safety in the company of Straklant (The Doomsday Manuscript, events mentioned on p.121-2). (MG)

2600 (Jan 6th Sun) - Bernice contacts Georgia Salis and learns that Straklant employed her months earlier to fake the photograph of Jason Kane at the Lost Tomb. With Georgia's help the faked parts of the Doomsday Manuscript are removed and the location of the Lost Tomb is finally revealed. They enter the tomb only to find Straklant, still alive all this time, has beaten them to it and intends to shut down the planet's orbiting defence grid, paving the way for a Fifth Axis invasion. A bit of quick thinking on Bernice's part ensures the defences stay intact and the invasion is defeated (The Doomsday Manuscript, the exact date is on p.125). (MG)

2600 (early Jan) - With the loss of the Sixth Fleet at Kasagrad, the Fifth Axis is forced to pull back from that area of the Territories, evacuating several of the assimilated planets to retreat to the old Merinfast Line (The Doomsday Manuscript, events mentioned on p.212). (MG)

2600 (Jan) - With the loss of the Sixth Fleet, some Fifth Axis officers, like Kirit Jolm and Teg Disoccin, decide to save their own lives by giving evidence against the Axis's Kolonel Farning and Commander Hepatra (The Squire's Crystal, events mentioned on p.99/118). (MG)

2600 (Jan) - The galaxy is an unsettled place at this time, with a dozen smaller interplanetary alliances vying for power. The Dendronians apply sanctions against the Grombi, while Earthlink blockade the planet Venedel when it attempts to withdraw from the Federation. The Concordance is still a major player in galactic events at this time (The Doomsday Manuscript, events mentioned on p.111/161. In The Gods of the Underworld, events mentioned on p.4/21). (MG)

2600 (Jan) - The Nishtubi Archaeological Society manages to mount an expedition to Venedel shortly before the planet is blockaded by the Earthlink fleet (The Gods of the Underworld, this takes place 'the best part of two months' earlier [than March 2600] on p.21, and 'a matter of months' earlier [than March 2600] on p.118. Events mentioned on p.5). (MG)

2600 (Jan) - On Galamanus, the handsome Nico Lyence, the so-called Gigolo of the Fifth Axis, is almost killed by a bomb planted by his jealous superiors. The attempt on Lyence's life is immediately explained away as a terrorist attack by members of the populous to speed the evacuation of the Fifth Axis from their planet but, realising his life is in danger, Lyence flees and hides under the pseudonym of 'Dominic Troy' (The Squire's Crystal, this takes place sometime 'after the loss of the Sixth Fleet' [in January 2600] on p.72. Events mentioned on p.77/163). (MG)

2600 (Jan) - Having returned from her latest adventure, Bernice starts work on her latest paper, The Lost Tomb of Rablev: The Truth (The Squire's Crystal, events mentioned on p.70). (MG)

2600 (early) - Bernice returns to the planet Capella Four with her digital assistant Joseph in a second attempt to find evidence of the legendary Aurigan civilisation. She finally comes face to face with the reclusive Aurigan who saved her life on her first expedition over twenty years ago (Steal from the World (TDMD), no date is given. It takes place at a time when Bernice is living at 'the Braxiatel Collection', on p.30. It is sometime after The Doomsday Manuscript, in which Bernice is given a new version of Joseph as an early birthday present, on p.40-1). (MG)

2600 (early) - The family of Gandagum archaeologist Professor Uzua Jindah unearths the ancient hulk of a Mtongl spacecraft on the planet Wyzyn, home of the long-dead Zulawy civilisation. Bernice arrives in time to lend a hand to dismiss Professor ais-Ido Niwlog's theory of the Mtongl being hostile invaders (The Monster and the Archaeologists (TDMD), no date is given). (MG)

2600 (early) - Bernice travels to the Exhalation, headquarters of the COMBINE organisation, to acquire the Ganesh system access contracts for Braxiatel. To fulfil Braxiatel's side of the transaction COMBINE's CEO, the Lady, steals the sleeping Bernice's DNA as part of the company's acquisitions policy (Heart of Glass (TDMD), no date is given). (MG)

2600 (early) - A Braxiatel-sponsored expedition is sent to the planet Betheral to excavate the Argian Temple of Blood Messengers (The Gods of the Underworld, events mentioned on p.3). (MG)

2600 (early) - A chance encounter with an irregular lump of crystal from Goron IV in the Braxiatel Collection's Repository of the Improbable leads Bernice on a journey to the planet in search of her missing ex-husband Jason Kane. Unfortunately Bernice ends up being captured by a tribe of Goronian pygmies, who intend to 'sacrifice' her to their Joining Stone, an object that can open a conduit to another universe. Bernice's enforced journey comes to an abrupt stop when Jason Kane, attempting to travel in the opposite direction from the other universe, repels her. This event leaves Bernice with the knowledge that, although Jason is still missing, he is still very much alive somewhere out there (The Door into Bedlam (TDMD), this occurs while the Collection is in the 'early stages of occupancy' on p.145). (MG)

2600 (early) - Little realising that assent via video is a legally enforceable contract, Bernice gives her consent via commlink for InterMedia, the biggest media production company in the sector, to make a docudrama (provisionally entitled Digging Up the Past) based upon her life. Although Bernice is horrified to learn that she has signed away the licensing of any and all likenesses of herself for the purposes of merchandising, she manages to dig up some dirt on Layla Field, InterMedia's artificial intelligence CEO. This ensures that Bernice can, at the very least, be played by a synthespian of her choice - a twentieth-century actress called Emma Thompson (Digging Up the Past (TDMD), no date is given). (MG)

2600 (early) - Bernice's disgruntled editor sends a pair of bounty hunters named Mr Plurk and Mr Scozz after her when she fails to meet the delivery deadline for her autobiography. As a direct result of his meeting Bernice, Mr Plurk will later become Professor Plurk, inaugurator of the Plurk Chair of Bounty Hunter Studies at the Braxiatel Collection (The Dead Men Diaries, It is stated that 'it is now 2600' at the opening of the anthology. The events of The Doomsday Manuscript have already taken place, on p.4. Events mentioned on p.214). (MG)

? 2600 (early) - On Chosan, the ship Cassandra is set on a course to Calabraxia from Pevena, the Captain is paid to take Sheen back to Calabraxia so that he can end the war and his life. General Brennan, who has been detected as an undercover agent believes she is taking Sheen back to Calabraxia for interrogation. Captain Colley disables the security camera in the hold so that CASSANDRA won't know there is a prisoner on board. General Brennan, who is now on board, begins to suffer intense seasickness due to Sheen's influence in order to prevent her from jeopardising his mission (The Secret of Cassandra, no date is given, events mentioned on Tracks 2-4). (CW)

? 2600 (early) - Bernice Summerfield begins a holiday on the Earth colony world of Chosan. After falling asleep and drifting into waters, which are being used by the opposing powers of the war between the two major continents of Pevena and Calabraxia, she is shot out of the water by a warship and marooned on a desert island, losing all her luggage except her diary (The Secret of Cassandra, events mentioned on Track 1, no date is given. This story has been placed in release order; that is after The Doomsday Manuscript [early 2600], and before The Squire's Crystal [February 2600], in absence of any other evidence). (CW)

? 2600 (early) - After being stranded on the island for two days, Bernice is spotted by the mercenary Captain Damien Colley of the ship Cassandra, and is taken aboard where she meets General Brennan of Calabraxia (The Secret of Cassandra, events mentioned on Track 1. Bernice has been there for 'two days' on Track 1, and for 'days' on Track 4). (CW)

? 2600 (early) - The next day, Bernice is nearly placed under arrest by General Brennan but for the intervention of the Captain. Bernice discovers Sheen, the prisoner of General Brennan, in the hold, and uses CASSANDRA to call a nearby Pevenan ship to intercept them, so they can rescue him. Taking Sheen up on deck he destroys the Pevenan ship with a deck cannon when Bernice's back is turned. After locking Sheen up again, Brennan joins forces with Bernice, and discovers a photograph of the Colley family in the Captain's office. After a confrontation when Bernice discovers what is happening, Sheen/Cassandra tries to detonate itself - but CASSANDRA acts, and overwrites her creator's brain with her own programming. Realising her won't have to be involved in the war now the Captain takes Bernice to the nearest spaceport, before sailing south and away from the war. Bernice departs to have a few well-chosen words with her travel agent (The Secret of Cassandra, events mentioned on Tracks 2-5). (CW)

2600 (Feb) - By this time, Bernice has begun work on a paper entitled Repetitive Poems of the Early Ikkaban Period (Revised) (The Squire's Crystal, events mentioned on p.70). (MG)

2600 (Feb) - Bernice is contacted by 'Dominic Troy' who, unknown to the archaeologist, has been employed by trillionaire art collector (and rival of Irving Braxiatel) Arsine De Vallen to locate the forgotten lair of Avril Fenman, the legendary Soul-Sucker. Dominic informs Bernice that he has discovered the exact whereabouts of the Soul-Sucker and, taken in by his charms, Bernice agrees to meet with him on the nearby planet of Hera. Arriving on Hera, Bernice learns that Dominic believes the Soul-Sucker to be buried deep within the heart of the Braxiatel Collection planetoid. Returning to the Collection, Bernice arranges a visitor's pass for Dominic (The Squire's Crystal, it is 'February' on p.17. The year is given as 'AD 2600' on p.154). (MG)

2600 (Feb) - Dominic arrives on the Collection quite late in the evening and is met by Bernice. Shortly after his arrival, they learn that, during the ongoing construction work on the planetoid, one of Adrian Wall's bulldozers has collapsed into a hitherto unknown underground cave system. Believing this to be the final resting place of the Soul-Sucker, Bernice and Dominic investigate. They find themselves within a natural cave formation and, following a long tunnel, come upon a man-made door. Opening the door, Bernice is amazed to find the withered husk of the Soul-Sucker lying on a stone slab. Bernice retrieves some inscribed stone tablets from the chamber for further examination before she and Dominic head above ground. Returning to the Mansionhouse, Bernice retires to bed and falls asleep (The Squire's Crystal, it is 'two days later' on p.12). (MG)

2600 (Feb) - Bernice awakens, not in her body as expected, but within the confines of one of the Soul-Sucker's crystals, and is horrified to discover that Avril Fenman inhabits her body. Avril and Dominic swiftly depart for Hera, little realising that they are being pursued by Bernice's disembodied mind. Arriving on Hera, Bernice finds her mind drawn by the overwhelming attraction of the crystals within the Crystal Cavern and she becomes trapped alongside hundreds of other disembodied minds. Avril brings Dominic to the cavern, intent on extracting his mind before killing him, and the young man's essence is quickly drawn into the crystals. Detecting an 'empty' body nearby, Bernice's mind reaches out and possesses Dominic's form. Dominic's lover, Poppaea Prince, arrives in time to rescue her partner, and Avril flees, racing to the shuttle port and departing once again for the Braxiatel Collection. 'Dominic' and Poppaea are confronted by De Vallen's men and taken to their employer's mansion to be rewarded for recovering one of the Soul-Sucker's crystals. Resting in her room, Bernice hears the disembodied voice of Dominic demanding the return of his body (The Squire's Crystal, it is almost 'sunrise' on p.27). (MG)

2600 (Feb) - Having signed over his entire estate to young Dominic Troy, the ancient De Vallen brings Bernice before him and tries to use the crystal to transfer his own mind into the body of Dominic, but the attempt is foiled by the sudden appearance of Poppaea. Dying, De Vallen summons a guard, Bill, to his side to try and steal another body but the disembodied mind of Dominic is far stronger, and he ends up possessing Bill's form instead. 'Dominic' and Poppaea are confronted by 'Bill', who convinces Poppaea that 'Dominic' has been possessed by Bernice. Entering an uneasy alliance, the trio hijacks the next shuttle to the Braxiatel Collection to confront the Soul-Sucker and regain their own bodies. Braxiatel turns up and decides to test 'Dominic' and 'Bernice' by asking them both questions about the life and times of Bernice Summerfield. Avril fails the test because her answers rely on the amended entries from Bernice's diaries. Locating the Soul-Sucker's hidden crystal, Braxiatel manages to return Bernice and Dominic to their rightful bodies, while Avril Fenman ends up in the body of Bill the security guard. Braxiatel decides to let the Soul-Sucker remain in her cavern beneath the Collection (The Squire's Crystal, this takes place 'tomorrow' on p.57. Bernice hasn't slept for 'over twenty-four hours' on p.83). (MG)

2600 (March 12th) - Braxiatel sends Bernice on a quest to locate the legendary Argian Oracle, supposedly housed in a temple dedicated to the Gods of the Underworld on Venedel. With a rival expedition from the Nishtubi Archaeological Society already in pursuit of the oracle, Bernice sets out in a shuttle to rendezvous with her team on Pan Leica (The Gods of the Underworld, the exact date is given on p.7). (MG)

2600 (March 13th) - Bernice manages to hire a pilot, Starl Stanmore, without realising he is an undercover agent for the Earthlink Federation. With the expedition members aboard the rickety New Dawn, Starl sets course for Venedel (The Gods of the Underworld, this takes place 'twenty-four hours' later [than 12th March] on p.8). (MG)

2600 (March 14th) - The New Dawn is fired upon by an Earthlink blockade vessel and heads for a collision course with Venedel. The ship crashes into a foul-smelling swamp close to the temple of the Gods of the Underworld - the impact damages the systems of an aged underground stasis bunker, awakening some of the galaxy's most feared criminals (The Gods of the Underworld, the exact date is given on p.20). (MG)

2600 (March 15th) - Narrowly avoiding becoming yet another statistic of the Thane of Mahel's overzealous attempt to prevent the spread of the parasitic Ilijah creatures, Bernice stumbles into the underground Federation bunker that houses hundreds of unwanted criminals including Boor gangsters, Shik triads and the inhabitants of Obvion. Finally coming face to face with the Argian Oracle, Bernice is too late to discover the answer to her question - the whereabouts of Jason Kane (The Gods of the Underworld, it is 'dawn' on p.97. Bernice's expedition has only been on Venedel for 'half a day' at this point, on p.123). (MG)

2600 (May) - At Syal spaceport, a twenty-two-year-old man trapped within the body of an old man warns another young man about answering an advert from the 'dead' Arsine De Vallen. The trillionaire has placed the advert in the hope of luring a younger man to his mansion, where he can use the Soul-Sucker's crystals to gain a new body (The Squire's Crystal, this takes place 'three months' later [than February] on p.185). (MG)

2600 - By this time the water world of Coralee has been colonised only by the Dreekans, the only race brave enough to risk the legendary dangers that surround the planet. A number of private islands have been offered up for sale to those rich enough to afford them (Storm Harvest, no date is given on p.46. In The Stone's Lament, Adrian Wall comments that there are private islands available on Coralee [in 2600], on Track 1). (CW)

2600 - By this time the city of New Paris has been established on an unnamed world (The Stone's Lament, the city is mentioned on Track 3). (CW)

2600 (? mid) - Workers contracted out from Adrian Wall on the Braxiatel Collection, arrive on Rinville to begin construction on the new extension to Brathleen Traloor's, mansion, built entirely from local stone. The extension is larger than the entire Braxiatel estate. The extension to the mansion has allowed the life form residing in the rock used to build it to reach critical mass, and taking the freedom it has gained it amalgamates with HOUSE (The Stone's Lament, this takes place 'weeks' before Bernice arrives [in ?mid 2600], on Track 2. Events mentioned on Track 3). (CW)

2600 (? mid) - After spending weeks on their task, two of the workers on Rinville disappear. The rest of the workers try to look for them, but Traloor is not interested. The two workers are the first of the planet's victims (The Stone's Lament, events mentioned on Tracks 2, 7). (CW)

2600 (? mid) - Eventually the whole band of workers disappears, their shuttle absorbed ten feet underground, and Traloor's collection becomes mysteriously vandalised with windows broken and cases cracked. Not knowing where they have gone, Traloor sends a letter of complaint to Adrian Wall. Unknown to anybody, the planet has killed the workers and used them to build a shrine from their corpses underground. To complete the deception, it absorbs their shuttle ten feet down into the rock (The Stone's Lament, the multijack appears to have been lying around 'for days' by the time Bernice arrives, on Track 1. Events mentioned on Tracks 2, 4, 7). (CW)

2600 (? mid) - Irving Braxiatel receives a letter from Brathleen Traloor notifying him of an artefact of some interest to Bernice Summerfield, as well as lodging a complaint about Adrian Wall's workers. Braxiatel despatches Mr Wall and Bernice to the planet to investigate. The artefact has actually been sculpted from the planet's rock by Traloor himself, using a number of artefacts in his collection as guides, and is designed to lure Bernice to Rinville so he can get to know her more. HOUSE is jealous at this, and begins thinking about how it is going to kill Bernice (The Stone's Lament, events mentioned on Tracks 1, 6). (CW)

2600 (? mid) - Bernice Summerfield and Adrian Wall arrive on the planet of Rinville by shuttle after a journey involving cryogenic suspension. They touch down on a shuttle pad. After pausing to put away a Stenson multijack, they are met by Traloor, who shows them to their rooms after an introduction to his problems. After dinner, Bernice is shown the artefact by Traloor, while Adrian Wall is left alone. After an episode when the lights cut out and he is convinced he has heard Bernice calling him, they settle down for the night (The Stone's Lament, events mentioned on Tracks 1-2). (CW)

2600 - (? mid) - At three in the morning, Adrian Wall wakes Bernice having been convinced she has been inviting him in, and is ready to try his luck. After throwing him out, she sleeps until six, when she decides to go for a walk on the beach. After meeting Traloor, also out for a walk, he shows her the place where he 'found' the artefact. After Wall goes to check the workers' cabins, he finds their equipment - and the shuttle. After Wall is involved in a small fight with Traloor, Bernice goes off to examine the artefact, and after the lights go out again, decides to leave - hastened by voices telling her to do so. After finding Adrian, they try to escape, but end up finding Traloor's room instead. After looking at the memorabilia, Traloor finds them. After Wall and Traloor go down to the workers' cabins, Bernice is left to the mercy of HOUSE who sees her as a threat, and begins attacking her with the house's furniture. Bernice escapes through the secret passage, while Traloor tries to deal with HOUSE. HOUSE flies into a rage when Traloor tells it he is in love with Bernice, and, to stop them escaping it detonates their shuttle. To escape the large boulders that HOUSE picks up, Bernice and Adrian Wall run to the cave system - where they find the remains of the workers. Traloor, slighted by Bernice's rejection of him, agrees to amalgamate with HOUSE, and the three entities - Traloor, HOUSE and the planet - are one and everything. However, each of the elements of the new entity has conflicting feelings, and cannot act decisively despite having power over everything on the planet, Bernice is able to distract the entity while Wall set explosive charges. The explosion brings the cave down on top of Traloor's body, destroying it, the mansion foundations and causing the entire structure to fall into the sea. After watching the giant building sink, Bernice and Arian Wall begin to dig the workers' shuttle out of the ground using the only tool they are left with - Bernice's trowel (The Stone's Lament, its 'three a.m.', on Track 3, and Wall has heard voices 'last night'. Events mentioned on Tracks 4-7). (CW)

c 2600 - (The Extinction Event).

c 2600 - (The Infernal Nexus).

c 2600 - (The Skymines of Karthos).

c 2600 - (The Greatest Shop in the Galaxy).

c 2600 - (The Excelis Adventure).

c 2600 - By this time the renowned ice world of Tingkli, located within the Kinos System, has suffered catastrophic climactic collapse, its delicately balanced polyfractal weather patterns wrecked by the special thermally heated suits worn by tourists (Ship of Fools, this takes place 'by the end of the century' [in 2593] on p.191). (MG)

? 2600 - (Death to the Daleks)

2613 - Professor Arthur Candy begins researching the enigmatic time traveller known as the Doctor (Continuity Errors (D3) , this takes place 'thirty years' earlier [than 2643] on p.214). (MG)

2625 - Andrea Talwinning, who will have her life extensively rewritten by the Seventh Doctor when she stands in his way to procure a restricted text at the New Alexandria Library, is born (Continuity Errors (D3), she is 'eighteen' in 2643, on p.238). (MG)

2635 - The Seventh Doctor interferes in the life of Andrea Talwinning to procure a library book from her in the year 2668. 'Mr Smith' is employed as a temporary teacher at the girl's school and spends a couple of months, complete with ginger wig, teaching her class Tibetan mind control to make them 'better people' (Continuity Errors (D3), no date is given on p.229, this is arbitrarily dated to when Andrea would be ten years old). (MG)

2643 - A nest of Shenn living in the mountains of the planet Arden are contacted by the entity known as Umbra. Believing that Umbra is a god, the Shenn commence work on developing space flight. The project will eventually be abandoned due to the Shenn's lack of knowledge in this area, coupled with the arrival of the first human colonists on the planet (Shadowmind, this takes place 'about thirty years' earlier [than 2673] on p.164). (MG)

2643 - The Seventh Doctor gives a lecture at the Lunar University in place of Professor Arthur Candy. Among the virtual audience of thirty million attendees is eighteen-year-old Andrea Talwinning, whose timeline is being rewritten by the Doctor in an attempt to loan a library book in the year 2668. At some point Andrea gives birth to a daughter, Gwendoline (Continuity Errors (D3), the year is given on p.214. Gwendoline is 'five years old' [in 2648] on p.224). (MG)

2648 - The Seventh Doctor makes a brief visit to the planet Argolia 4, where he prevents the human colonists being wiped out by sentient plant life. As a result of the Doctor's actions, young Gwendoline Talwinning lives - making her mother more amenable to the Doctor's request to see a restricted text at the New Alexandria Library in the year 2668 (Continuity Errors (D3), this takes place 'twenty years' earlier [than 2668]). (MG)

2649 - The Seventh Doctor interferes with the life of Andrea Talwinning once again when he travels to the planet Argolia 4 and ensures that her husband doesn't walk out on her (Continuity Errors (D3), this takes place during the 'year after Gwenny' is killed [in 2648] on p.231). (MG)

2660 - The planet Fridgya is laid waste in the fifth Thargon-Sorson war and its vast cryo-mort will remain unattended for many, many thousands of year until archaeologists arrive and unearth the sleepers. Stupidly superstitious, the archaeologists send the still-frozen sleepers - including Menlove Stokes - drifting into space in unpowered mini-pods. Stokes will eventually be discovered by the inhabitants of the planet Metralubit in the far distant future (The Well-Mannered War, the year is given on p.98). (MG)

? 2663 - At some point the alliance of worlds known as the Concordance are involved in the Sidril War (Shadowmind, no date is given on p.53. Arbitrarily dated to ten years earlier than events in the novel). (MG)

2668 - The Seventh Doctor and Bernice arrive at the New Alexandria Library, the single largest, most comprehensive library anywhere and at any time in the universe. The Doctor takes it upon himself to rewrite the life of librarian Andrea Talwinning when he is refused access to a text that is vital for the survival of the Deltheron people. The Doctor manages to acquire the book after making several 'tweaks' to Talwinning's personal timeline (Continuity Errors (D3), the year is given on p.216). (MG)

c 2670 - Human settlers arrive on the planet Arden, unknowingly observed by Umbra's group of Shenn. Over a period of time the Shenn begin replacing the colonists with duplicates - organic hybrids composed of human tissue, plastics and various vegetable-like fibres (Shadowmind, this takes place 'nearly three years' earlier [than 2673] on p.64). (MG)

c 2672 - A Concordance military camp arrives on the planet Arden and is immediately infiltrated by the Shenn, replacing team members with duplicates (Shadowmind, this takes place 'over a year' earlier [than 2673] on p.119). (MG)

c 2673 - The warship CSS Broadsword is sent on combat trials in the Delta Epsilon system shortly before being put on the active list. One of the crewmembers, Garyl Manten, is injured shortly before takeoff and is replaced by Weapons Tec First Class Toni Pandril. Unknown to anyone, Pandril is in fact a Shenn duplicate (Prelude: Shadowmind (DWM202), this takes place 'ten days' before the attempted sabotage of the Broadsword, on p.47). (MG)

2673 - The Seventh Doctor, Ace and Bernice travel to the colony world Tairngire for a holiday only to uncover an alien plan to infiltrate the planet's military with human-like duplicates. Pinpointing the source of the interference as the planet Arden, a taskforce is hastily assembled and the time travellers join the crew of the warship CSS Broadsword on its journey (Shadowmind, the year is given on p.29). (MG)

2673 - On Arden, a group of ninety duplicates force the other colonists to clear the forests. Twelve domes are then set up and rich sources of carbon placed inside to feed the shadowforms, Umbra's offspring (Shadowmind, the year is given on p.29). (MG)

2673 - The CSS Broadsword arrives in Arden's orbit and the Doctor joins the taskforce on the planet's surface. The Doctor manages to contact the sky-entity, but when Umbra refuses to stop its expansion the military is ordered to destroy the creature's asteroid. Umbra is finally stopped when the Broadsword's solar sail is used to eclipse the sun (Shadowmind, the year is given on p.29). (MG)

2674 - By this time all the human colonists have departed from the planet Arden, leaving it to be developed by its indigenous species. The human duplicates work hand in hand with the arboreal Shenn to rebuild the forests, believing themselves to be a handful of human settlers lucky enough to be allowed to stay behind (Shadowmind, this takes place 'a year' later [than 2673] on p.244). (MG)

c 2680 - As part of his plan to lower Gallifrey's security momentarily, the Master sabotages the slow time convertor encapsulating the ruined city of Sakkrat on the planet Hogsumm (Happy Endings, events mentioned on p.7). The 'breakdown' of the device's kronos element creates a Fortean flicker, a temporal phenomenon capable of moving things and people out of their natural order in time as well as space. If left unchecked, the chaotic forces unleashed by a Fortean flicker can snowball unpredictably, breaking the links in the chain of causality (The Highest Science, events mentioned on p.36/234). (MG)

2680 - A group of freaksters heading for the 2112 Inner Planets Musical Festival on the planet Evertrin find themselves stranded on the planet Hogsumm by the Fortean flicker created by the faulty slow time convertor. Shortly afterwards, a train full of commuters is transported to Hogsumm from the year 1992, and a second-hand car salesman called Witcher attempts to convince his fellow passengers that they are the only survivors of a nuclear war (The Highest Science, this takes place 'three nights' before the Doctor's arrival, on p.10). (MG)

2680 - The Seventh Doctor and Bernice arrive on the planet Hogsumm, located out beyond Lasky's Nebula in a remote region of Mutter's Spiral, after detecting, and following, massive temporal fluctuations in space-time to their source (The Highest Science, the year is given on p.17/62). (MG)

2680 - Splitting up as dawn approaches, the Doctor finds himself captured by the Chelonian assault force commanded by General Fakrid, transported here by the Fortean flicker from the year 5665, and learns that the reptiles are being attacked by the planet's intelligent defence installations, known as 'sentient bullets'. Bernice finds herself in the company of the freaksters and, under the influence of the addictive bubbleshake, the group travels to find the location of the Highest Science (The Highest Science, it is 'dawn' on p.60. It is possibly 'five days' since the freaksters arrived, on p.66). (MG)

2680 - Sheldukher's ancient Kezzivot Class F61 transporter carrier finally locates the legendary planet 'Sakkrat' after traversing the galaxy in a spiral pattern for almost three centuries, and touches down on Hogsumm. The revived crew incapacitates the Chelonians by blanketing the area with a signal that disrupts their cybernetic systems and, sensing the Doctor may know the location of the Highest Science, Sheldukher orders his capture. Sheldukher's ship flies into the heart of the Fortean flicker, where the Doctor is reunited with Bernice. Once inside the ruined city of Sakkrat, the Doctor locates the sabotaged slow time convertor and discovers it has all been a trap to capture Sheldukher. Realising his ambitions to locate Sakkrat have ended in failure, Sheldukher commits suicide, whereupon a Hercules Devastator counts down the destruction of a thousand-mile-square area of the planet. The Doctor and Bernice use a transmat portal to escape before the device explodes (The Highest Science, the Doctor and Bernice have been separated for 'days' on p.172). (MG)

2680 - Returning to the area where the TARDIS first arrived, the Doctor and Bernice discover the Chelonians are about to eradicate the human parasites by using zarathion pellets. The only way the Doctor can ensure everyone's survival is to trap them, possibly forever, within the slow time convertor's stasis field (The Highest Science, it is 'dawn' on p.245). (MG)

? 2680 - The newly inaugurated President Romana of Gallifrey arrives on Hogsumm to locate the source of the Fortean flicker. Discovering the frozen tableau of humans and Chelonians, she manages to reverse the path of the chronons around the circuitry to free them from the unstable stasis field. When the reanimated Chelonians prove to be less than grateful, Romana ushers the humans aboard her TARDIS and departs for Earth, 1993 (Happy Endings, events mentioned on p.3-5). (MG)

? 2680 - Abandoned on the planet Hogsumm by Romana, the small group of Chelonian castaways begins to make a living for itself by establishing a hatchery and force-cultivating a range of soils. Their independent colony will finally re-establish contact with Chelonia in a few thousand years' time (The Well-Mannered War, events mentioned on p.130). (MG)

c 2684 - The Panafrica company, brainchild of entrepreneur Matthew Rohihlahla, has its humble beginnings in an office above a grocery store. In a century's time the company will employ almost twenty percent of the African population and have offices in a million cities on a hundred thousand planets (Secrets of the Black Planet (D4), no date is given, but this takes place 'a century' earlier [than c2784] on p.224). (MG)

c 2695 - By this time vast oxygen factories have been constructed on Earth to combat the effects of global pollution (Original Sin, no date is given other than the 'late twenty-seventh century' on p.204. Arbitrarily dated to seven hundred years later than publication). (MG)

2697 - The Battle of the Rigel Wastes takes place. The Seventh Doctor may have brought Bernice, Roz and Chris on an unrecorded trip to witness the massacre first-hand (Death and Diplomacy, the year is given on p.203). (MG)

? 2750 - New Earth Feudalism lays the foundations for the social structures of the thirtieth-century Overcities (Death and Diplomacy, no date is given other than 'in the twenty-seven and twenty-eight hundreds' on p.71). (MG)

c 2756 - The Time Lords expose the multi-dimensional Legions, who have used their unique gifts to undermine the great business consortia of the galaxy. Gallifrey's revenge is brutal - the CIA employ Mortimus as an agent to erect temporal inhibitors on the Legions' homeworld, preventing them from traversing the Time Vortex. The Legions will spend the next eight thousand years imprisoned by the Time Lords (The Crystal Bucephalus, this takes place 'in the twenty-seven hundreds' on p.40. It is 'eight millennia' earlier [than 10,756] on p.105). (MG)

c 2764 - It is around this time that the Wine Lords of Chardon initially receive the reputation for having the best-kept wine cellars in the galaxy and their wines are exported across the stars (The Crystal Bucephalus, this takes place 'a thousand years' earlier [than c3764] on p.80). (MG)

c 2764 - (The Sensorites).

c 2764 - Back on Earth the Panafrica company has single-handedly rebuilt the African economy. The continent begins to enjoy a better standard of living than Europe, the Americas, and even Australasia (Secrets of the Black Planet (D4), this takes place over 'the last twenty years' [in c2784] on p.229). (MG)

? c 2764 - Guy Hanstrum, ambitious chief technician of President John F Hoover, is born on colony world New Jupiter (EarthWorld, he appears to be 'probably in his late thirties' [in ?2801] on p.95). (MG)

2765 (Oct 1st) - The first edition of the Forrester Family History is published to celebrate the birth of Nelson Forrester II. A forged entry for a 'George Forrester' linked to the family of Nelson Mandela back in 2157 is added to the book by the Panafrica company (Secrets of the Black Planet (D4), the exact date is given on p.231). (MG)

2765 - The Zygons' attempt to flood the Earth by melting the planet's ice caps is foiled by the utilisation of the first of INITEC's orbiting Vigilant laser defence satellites (Original Sin, the year is given on p.287). (MG)

? 2770 - There are food riots on Earth at this time. It is also a time of constant war (The Dark Path, events mentioned on p.256). (MG)

? 2770 - Koschei, a renegade Time Lord, makes an unrecorded visit to Earth in the 28th century. While here, he meets his travelling companion Ailla, a woman who is busy reporting on the growth of smuggling to and from Earth. (The Dark Path, no date is given except 'the twenty-eighth century' on p. 32 /45, events mentioned on p.105-6/256). (MG)

c 2775 - By this time the Earth Empire has annihilated the Greld Confederation by launching a quark bomb into their sun, forcing it from a white dwarf to a red giant, sterilising the entire solar system in the process. The Empress then orders the construction of the Landsknechte Penal Institute beneath the scorched surface of the planet Dis for the express purpose of holding criminals who can't be brainwiped for various reasons (Original Sin, no date is given other than 'centuries' earlier [than 2975] on p.166). (MG)

c 2776 - The first emovies are produced around this time. The epic Mandela, starring Troy Forrester, is released, bankrolled by the Panafrica company. The movie, although hailed as a classic, is flawed - the inhabitants of 1990 are shown to be carrying plasma rifles and to own talking computers (Secrets of the Black Planet (D4), no date is given, but this takes place 'eight years' earlier [than c2784] on p.225). (MG)

c 2781 - In Africa, work begins on the Climate Reclamation Project. Ravaged by a thousand years' worth of industrial, biological and atomic pollution, Africa's wastelands are slowly transformed (Secrets of the Black Planet (D4), this takes place 'nearly three years' earlier [than c2784] on p.219, events mentioned on p.234). (MG)

? 2782 - (Kinda)

c 2784 - By this time there is a Southern Chinese Union on Earth (Secrets of the Black Planet (D4), no date is given on p.229). (MG)

c 2784 - Kent Forrester is employed by the Panafrica company to act as Historical Adviser on a Special Edition of the seminal emovie Mandela, featuring his older brother Troy in the main role. Kent uncovers Panafrica's attempt to rewrite history, linking his family to Nelson Mandela, and kills his brother Troy when he tries to keep the secret. Kent is imprisoned for the next twenty-seven years for his crime (Secrets of the Black Planet (D4), no date is given, but Kent is read the story of 'George Forrester' when he is a child by his grandfather, on p.231, and he is 'twenty-four' on p.228). (MG)

c 2785 - Rochfort commences his rise through the ranks of the intergalactic leisure cruiser business, which will culminate in the captaincy of the cruiser Cerberus running tourists between Teredekethon and Murgatroyd (Festival of Death, he has spent 'thirty years' in the business by 2815, on p.136). (MG)

? 2788 - Knowing how desperate her husband, President John F Hoover of New Jupiter, wants children, geneticist Elizabethan carries out a series of tests that reveal her spouse is sterile. Using in vitro fertilisation, she conceives a child with the aid of Hoover's chief technician, Guy Hanstrum. Elizabethan accidentally splits the one embryo into three, causing irreparable damage. Nine months later, Elizabethan gives birth to triplet daughters named Asia, Africa and Antarctica (EarthWorld, the triplets appear to be 'about thirteen years old' [in ?2801] on p.69. Events mentioned on p.232). (MG)

c 2790 - The colony ship Minerva, commanded by Julian de Yquatine, finally reaches its destination out among the stars - a ten-planet solar system which will be named the Minerva System in honour of their vessel (The Fall of Yquatine, this takes place 'over two hundred years' earlier [than 2992] on p.11). (MG)

? 2794 - Elizabethan comes to the conclusion that her six-year-old triplet daughters are homicidally deranged and should never inherit the throne of New Jupiter. Intent on delivering this shocking news to her husband, Elizabethan is callously murdered by the ambitious Hanstrum, who intends to see his daughters rule the planet. Unfortunately, the triplets are blamed for the murder and are imprisoned for the next seven years (EarthWorld, this takes place 'about seven years' earlier [than ?2801] on p.241. Events mentioned on p.232). (MG)

? 2801 - By this time the Earth Heritage company has established thousands of EarthWorld theme parks, populated by life-like androids simulating various periods in Earth's rich history, all across the galaxy (EarthWorld, events mentioned on p.47). (MG)

? 2801 - President John F Hoover of New Jupiter invites Earth Heritage to build one of their EarthWorld theme parks on his planet in a bid to bring in some much needed tourism. Shortly after construction begins, Hoover's ambitious chief technician, Guy Hanstrum, lends his expertise to the fledgling Association for New Jupitan Independence (ANJI) to ensure the planet falls into his grasp (EarthWorld, this takes place at least 'months' before the Doctor's arrival, on p.118). (MG)

? 2801 - The Eighth Doctor, Fitz and Anji arrive in what at first appears to be a prehistoric Earth landscape complete with dinosaurs and cavemen. It soon becomes apparent that they are on the planet New Jupiter, trapped within the confines of an EarthWorld theme park that simulates various periods of Earth history. The Doctor and Anji are soon separated from Fitz and arrested on suspicion of working for the ANJI terrorist group. Learning of a spate of mysterious deaths within EarthWorld, the Doctor suspects President Hoover's sociopathic triplet daughters. Escaping from his cell, the Doctor discovers that the triplets' androids are running amok and, brought before President Hoover, urges the evacuation of the centre. Examining the late Elizabethan, the Doctor discovers she has been augmented with cybernetic technology and may be able to revive her (EarthWorld, no date is given. Anji believes it to be 'the far distant future' on p.93. The planet's 'ancestors came from Earth' on p.30. The first colonists on New Jupiter arrived 'way back years ago' on p.29. It is sometime after Earth has made contact with 'Alpha Centauri' on p.107, and the fact-gathering 'Grel' [introduced in Oh No It Isn't!] on p.202. It appears to be set during a time when Earth is inhabited, as the New Jupitans 'want to be independent from Earth' as they 'can't rely on them for anything' on p.31. When it comes to the advanced androids, 'Earth's where the technology was developed' on p.144. They have a 'positronic brain' on p.212. They are so advanced that, 'at this level of sophistication'… 'there's no way of telling if a person is real or not' on p.212. The 'android technology' on New Jupiter is 'pretty standard' for this time, on p.45). (MG)

? 2801 - After shutting down the rampant androids with a blocking signal, the Doctor is eventually reunited with Fitz and Anji and attempts to use the triplets' Memory Machine to return Elizabethan to life. Hanstrum's megalomaniacal plans die with him and the time travellers bid farewell to New Jupiter (EarthWorld, Anji seems to have become separated from Fitz 'yesterday' on p.171). (MG)

2811 - F. Van der Cleele's The Dramatist's Art is published (Theatre of War, the year is given on p.20). (MG)

c 2811 - Kent Forrester is finally released for the murder of his brother Troy (Secrets of the Black Planet (D4), this takes place 'twenty-seven years' later [than c2784] on p.238). (MG)

2815 - The busy hyperspatial conduit between Teredekethon and Murgatroyd suffers a surge of geostatic stress when it is breached. The interplanetary leisure cruiser Cerberus, carrying almost one thousand passengers, becomes trapped within the hyperspace interface, causing a multi-vessel pile up including the Class D prisoner transport Montressor, on its way to the internment labs on Murgatroyd with a hold full of bioengineered Arachnopods. The spider-like Arachnopods escape and begin hunting down, and eating, everyone they can find (Festival of Death, the year is given on p.116/191. Events mentioned on p.52). (MG)

2815 - (The second) Romana finds herself stranded onboard the Cerberus two centuries in the past when she is caught up in a wave of time distortion due to Doctor Paddox's necroport device. Romana is rescued from the Arachnopods by Captain Rochfort only to learn that he has been offered the chance to travel into the future by the entity known as the Repulsion. The (second) Doctor arrives on the trail of his companion and they are finally reunited just as the survivors of the disaster enter the Repulsion's domain. The time travellers decide to travel back to 3012 to confront the Repulsion (Festival of Death, this takes place 'almost two months' later, on p.190). (MG)

2815 - The hyperspace tunnel between Teredekethon and Murgatroyd is finally reopened and the emergency rescue teams go in only to find all the ships deserted when they cut their way through the airlocks. The 'Mystery of the Cerberus' is born (Festival of Death, this takes place 'two months' after the disaster, on p.52/194. It is 'a couple of days' after the Doctor's departure, on p.222). (MG)

2825 - The War Act is passed, giving Earth's Imperial Landsknechte full powers to administer their own laws on their planets and vessels, and to administer punishments as they see fit. As a result the penalty for any transgression on Landsknechte planets and vessels is death (Original Sin, the year is given on p.106). (MG)

2830 - The Privacy of Sentient Beings Act is passed (The Ultimate Treasure, the year is given on p.71). (MG)

c 2832 - Helen Kristiansen, President of Earth, is crowned Helen the First, Empress of the Empire. She contains the memories of every previous President of Earth, downloaded into her records. Over the decades she will be kept alive by a complicated life-support system, while her mind is slaved to Centcomp. She will follow sightings of the Doctor, despite his best efforts to cover his tracks through history (So Vile a Sin, this takes place 'almost a century and a half' earlier [than 2982] on p.244). (MG)

2847 - (Dark Progeny).

c 2850 - The best reconstructions of the Temple of Zeus, one of the original seven wonders of the world, are conclusively proven to be wrong by zigma-photography (The Taking of Planet 5, no date is given except 'the mid-twenty-ninth century' on p.15). (II)

c 2864 - By this time the insular village of Braal has been built on the planet Gelsandor. The villagers consist entirely of people who, over the years, have come in search of the fabled treasure of Rovan Cartovall (The Ultimate Treasure, this takes place 'centuries' earlier [than 3064] on p.228). (MG)

2870 - The Forrester family palace is built on Io, one of Jupiter's moons, by the fifth Baron (So Vile a Sin, the year is given on p.28). (MG)

c 2874 - By this time the planetoid Dramos, poised equidistant between the secondary and tertiary spiral arms of the Galaxy, has been colonised by the Earth Empire. Dramos Port becomes the vital staging post and crossover point for intergalactic travel, with billions of tonnes of cargo, both legal

and illegal, passing through (Burning Heart, no date is given but this takes place 'centuries' earlier [than 3174] on p.4). (MG)

2876 - Reality - An Overrated Concept, by Rankin Alduss, is published (Theatre of War, the year is given on p.230). (MG)

? 2878 - (The Power of Kroll)

? 2884 - (The Caves of Androzani)

? 2887 - (The Robots of Death).

? 2887 - At some point the classic treatise Taren Capel: A case study of robophilia is published. The Doctor will store a copy of the work in the TARDIS database (The Also People, no year is given on p.16). (MG)

? 2887 - In Kaldor City, a new breed of robots known as Cyborgs have been secretly developed. Thanks to a yet more secret project, they are sent on a murderous rampage, killing many of Kaldor City's citizens. As a result of the ensuing scandal, Uvanov becomes Firstmaster (Corpse Marker, no date is given). (II)

2890 - The Daleks lay waste to the homeworld of the reptilian Anthaurk. Dispossessed, the Anthaurk arrive in the Minerva System and take over the planet Kaillor, renaming it New Anthaur. Thousands of the planet's inhabitants, the bird-like Izrekt, are murdered during the Anthaurk invasion. The other planets of the Minerva System band together against the Anthaurk threat and a period of intense warfare lasting over two years ensues (The Fall of Yquatine, the year is given on p.30). (MG)

c 2892 - 'Wrath of God' Konstantine may have become an Adjudicator around this time (The Also People, Konstantine is said to have worn the 'same frown for sixty years' [by 2952] on p.172). (MG)

2893 (Lannasirn 16th) - The Treaty of Yquatine is signed by the sentient species of the ten planets of the Minerva System when the Anthaurks are finally defeated. Among other things the inhabitants of the System sign up for independence from the Earth Empire, free trade, mutual aid, and famine and disaster relief. For protection, the Minerva Space Alliance is formed. Shortly after the Treaty is signed, Aloysius Station is built on the border of Anthaurk-Yquatine space. The Anthaurks, though defeated, begin the Century of Waiting, secretly building a new fleet when the time is right to recommence hostilities with the humans (The Fall of Yquatine, the year is given on p.30). (MG)

c 2900 - By this time the Adjudicators have discontinued the intricate ritual to cleanse the supplicant of the taint of sin following a line of duty killing by bathing in a pool of clear water before being clothed in a surplice of pure white lamb's-wool by one of the Untouched. In its place an Adjudicator is sprinkled with holy water on every seventh day, usually during the morning briefing (The Also People, the original custom is discontinued 'at least fifty years' before Roz Forrester joins the Adjudicators [in 2950] on p.44). (MG)

c 2900 - Over the next century more races will flock to the Minerva System. The Ixtricite, a combined crystalline gestalt comprised of the Krotons, the Rhotons, and the 'something-else-ons', begin living together in perfect harmony on the crystal world of Ixtrice, while the silicon-based Adamanteans, find a new home alongside the Ogri on the planet Adamantine (The Fall of Yquatine, this takes place 'during the last hundred years' on p.134). (MG)

c 2900 - President Marc de Yquatine, originator of the Treaty of Yquatine, passes away. The Vargelds, one of the founding families of Yquatine, comes to prominence, taking over the ruling of the planet Yquatine (The Fall of Yquatine, this takes place 'at the turn of the century' on p.43). (MG)

? 2900 - By this time, the abandoned colony worlds of the Mendeb system have devolved due to the lack of TAM Corporation technology. The inhabitants of Mendeb Two eke out a simple existence as farmers and fishermen, while on neighbouring Mendeb Three, the colonists have formed themselves into a feudal society (Independence Day, no date is given. This has taken place around 'four hundred years' after the Galactic Wars, on p.22). (MG)

c 2901 - The people of the thirtieth century are a little higher up the evolutionary ladder than their twenty-century counterparts. With a thousand-odd more years of evolution, the result of years of widespread interbreeding between the racial regroupings of Earth, each with its own invaluable cards to add to the genetic deck, humanity will lack a veriform appendix and wisdom molars (Death and Diplomacy, events mentioned on p.16). (MG)

2905 - Volsted Kornbluth Cwej, father of Chris, graduates from the Guild of Adjudication on Ponten IV (Original Sin, this takes place 'back in oh-five' on p.160. In Christmas on a Rational Planet, the senior Cwej is named on p.144). (MG)

? 2920 - On Mendeb Three, an upstart landowner declares Gonfallon a duchy, even though it is smaller than many mere counties. The young son of the self-proclaimed Duke of Gonfallon will eventually rise to rule the entire planet (Independence Day, no date is given. This takes place when Vethran, Duke of Gonfallon, is 'a child' on p.18). (MG)

c 2925 - Suspensor pools are very fashionable among the rich of the Earth Empire around this time (The Also People, this takes place 'fifty years' earlier [than 2975] on p.10). (MG)

c 2926 - Fenn Martle, partner, lover and betrayer of Adjudicator Roz Forrester, is born around this time (Oblivion, he is 'twenty-nine', which is 'nine years older than Roz' [she is born in 2935], in 2955, on p.8. I'm assuming 'our' Fenn Martle is born at the same time as the 'alternative' Fenn Martle). (MG)

c 2929 - By this time old Kalmar, leader of the rebel faction on the vampire planet in E-Space has ordered his followers to gather up all the technological equipment they can find in the hope of rediscovering lost knowledge, storing everything in their dome (The Eight Doctors p.109). (CW)

c 2929 - By this time, on the vampire planet in E-Space the Lord Zarn has become a trusted servant of the Three Who Rule, making many visits to the Tower (The Eight Doctors p.118). (CW)

2929 - (State of Decay, dated in The Discontinuity Guide). (CW)

2929 - Romana, leaving the Doctor in discussion with the rebels, journeys to the house of Lord Zarn on the pretence of helping an ill child - a trap to lure the Fourth Doctor. The Fourth Doctor follows, and is caught by Zarn. The Eighth Doctor, arriving in E-Space in search of his memories, is found by Romana and they return to rescue the Doctor, just before the villagers find them and destroy the vampires. The fourth Doctor is forced to undergo a blood transfusion - with the Eighth as the blood donor (The Eight Doctors p.112-142. This takes place immediately after State of Decay). (CW)

2929 - The Fourth Doctor leaves the vampire planet in E-Space (State of Decay Part Four). (CW)

c 2929 - With the vampires' demise, revolutionary councils spring up and begin killing every aristocrat they can find, even those innocent of any connection with the vampires. Eventually these revolutionary groups split into factions and fight amongst themselves, with the strongest party executing political opponents as traitors (Blood Harvest, events mentioned on p.147). (MG)

c 2935 - By this time members of the human race have a life expectancy of around one hundred and forty years (Just War, events mentioned on p.150). (MG)

2935 - Roslyn Sarah Inyathi Forrester is born (A History of the Universe, the year is given on p.204. In Just War, Roz is 'in her early forties' on p.150. In Return of the Living Dad she is 'old enough to be [Chris Cwej's] mother on p.165, and on p.216 'about twenty years' separate the two of them [Chris was born in 2954]. In Original Sin, her name is given as 'Forrester, Roslyn Sarah' on p.34. In The Also People, her name is given as 'Roslyn Inyathi Forrester' on p.24, and she is 'over forty' on p.12. In So Vile a Sin, her full name is given as 'Roslyn Sarah Inyathi Forrester' on p.300). Roz is a premature birth, delivered out in the badlands where the medical facilities are basic, and her mother is ruined beyond the skill of any reconstructive surgery. Her clan name Inyathi (meaning 'buffalo') means she isn't supposed to eat buffaloes (The Also People, events mentioned on p.45/29). (MG/CW)

2939 - The Corporate Faiths Amendment outlines the rare cases justifying the absence of an ID implant in the anatomy of Imperial citizens. At an earlier point, the presence of these ID implants became mandatory under the Sixteenth Criminal Justice Empowerment (Christmas on a Rational Planet, the year is given on p.189). (MG)

? 2940 - A trans-dimensional elemental creature known as Agonal, who feeds on pain and death by magnifying evil, arrives on the vampire planet. Agonal intends to set the Lords and villagers at each other's throats and create bloodshed on a massive scale by resurrecting the Great Vampire and the Three Who Rule (Blood Harvest, no date is given, events mentioned on p.248). (MG)

? 2940 - The Cybermen manage to create an experimental space-time capsule. Unfortunately their grasp of time-travel technology leaves much to be desired and the initial experiment leaves the small crew trapped in occupied Jersey in the year 1940 (Illegal Alien, no date is given other than 'the thirtieth century' on p.152, events mentioned on p.246-7). (MG)

? 2940 - On Mendeb Three, Vethran becomes Duke of Gonfallon upon the death of his father. Vethran's visions of grandeur will immediately cause him to wage war on his neighbours, hoping to expand his duchy (Independence Day, this takes place 'little more than a decade' before the Seventh Doctor's arrival [in ?2950] on p.18). (MG)

? 2941 - The well-equipped cavalry of the ambitious Duke Vethran, led by youthful military genius Kedin Ashar, conquers the duchy of Brann, and Kedin is given the title of Duke of Jerissar for his part in Vethran's campaigns. Without an heir to rule it, the insignificant domain of County Vandorn is also gifted to Kedin, and he meets his chief aide, Lieutenant Madok, for the first time. Shortly afterwards, Kedin's genius leads to the development of a breech-loading musket, which will change the way war is waged (Independence Day, events mentioned on p.106-7/108). (MG)

2942 - Roslyn Forrester's father, needing the support of the iZulu emhlotshana, or Blond Zulus, in his complicated political machinations, intends to link their families by marriage. At the Baronial Krall at Kibero Patera on Io, Roslyn and Leabie are prepared to dance in honour of her father's guests, but Roz refuses to dance. Believing herself to be a total disappointment as a daughter, Roz prays to her ancestors for the last time in the next thirty-two years (The Also People, this takes place 'thirty-two years' earlier [than 2975] on p.262, when Roz is 'twelve' on p.64). (MG)

? 2942 - On Mendeb Three, Kedin Ashar's reading of old books leads to an age of innovation. The testing of new prototype engines and experiments with new fuels begins in earnest. Ashar develops steam tractors and sells them to Duke Vethran's army (Independence Day, this takes place 'two years' earlier [than ?2944] on p.8. Events mentioned on p.109). (MG)

? 2943 - The Fourth Doctor and K9 arrive onboard a vast Lorq vaultship just as the last survivors of the Crialan, a bacterial life form, attempt to infest the vessel. After their defeat, the Doctor ensures the Crialan culture tank is put in perpetual storage (Timevault (D3), no date is given, but it takes place sometime after the 'Gwendoline Talwinning Memorial Institute' is formed, on p.249. This is arbitrarily dated to three hundred years after her birth in 2643). (MG)

? 2943 (Summer) - Duke Vethran, his treaty of permanent alliance with Count Cathogh refused, goes to war to acquire the neighbouring county's coal fields. Vethran's army is victorious in the Cathogh campaign due mainly to Kedin Ashar's more efficient breech-loading muskets (Independence Day, this takes place 'the previous summer' [in ?2944] on p.7). (MG)

? 2944 (Winter) - Kedin Ashar meets his lover, Tevana Roslod, for the first time, and the pair make several key technological rediscoveries together. The first major breakthrough is a self-propelled vehicle, making the local beasts of burden, camelopes, obsolete in warfare. An experimental rocket, capable of escaping the planet's atmosphere, is constructed, although the means to steer the vessel is still beyond Kedin's grasp (Independence Day, no date is given. It is 'some years' before the Second Doctor's visit [in ?2947] on p.11). (MG)

2945 - The Earth Empire, now in an expanding phase, begins a series of Wars of Acquisition against alien worlds. The Empire is met with fierce resistance and its solar system is subjected to off-world raids but within ten years the battle lines will be pushed so far away from Earth that humanity will almost forget that the Wars are still being fought. The first of the floating Overcities are constructed above the battle-torn cities of Earth, using a cheap and effective variant of null gravity to keep them aloft. Some levels are for accommodation, while others are shops and offices. Citizens have ID implants to limit access to the levels they are allowed to visit and no others (Original Sin, no date is given, but this takes place when Roz Forrester is 'a child' on p.17. It is 'ten years' earlier [than 2955] on p.17. Events mentioned on p.18/41). (MG)

2945 - With the construction of the Overcities, Central City (formerly London) is renamed Spaceport Five Overcity (Original Sin, events mentioned on p.42). Spaceport Five Undertown's landmarks include Trafflegarr Square and Sintjaimsys (Just War, events mentioned on p.84). (MG)

2945 - The data protection act is amended (Original Sin, the year is given on p.35). (MG)

? 2947 - The Second Doctor and Jamie arrive on Windsweep Island on the abandoned colony world of Mendeb Two. Little realising the northern islands depend on a communications device to keep in contact with settlements in the southern polar region, the Doctor 'borrows' the device to act as a reminder to visit again sometime in the future (Independence Day, this takes place 'some years' later [than ?2944] on p.11. It also takes place 'a few years' earlier [than ?2950] on p.48). (MG)

? 2949 - Vethran, all opposition defeated, is crowned King of every duchy, county and manor on Mendeb Three. Realising the power-hungry Vethran will eventually turn on his own subjects, Kedin attempts to direct his ruler's attention to worlds beyond Mendeb Three. He succeeds in building a rocket that reaches the orbiting Moonstar space station, where he discovers ships that are capable of transporting a small army to Mendeb Two. Vethran sends an invading army to the neighbouring world to acquire cheap disposable slave labour for the more ruthless owners of mines, farms and factories of his home planet (Independence Day, this takes place at least 'two hundred days' earlier [than ?2950] on p.140. Events mentioned on p.75/108-10). (MG)

? 2950 - The Seventh Doctor and Ace arrive in the Mendeb system to return a borrowed communications device. While the Doctor travels to Mendeb Two, Ace investigates a space station mid-way between the two inhabited planets, only to end up being send to Mendeb Three with the latest batch of slave labour. Arriving on Mendeb Two to find it a war-torn ruin, the Doctor ensures his capture by the invading soldiers (Independence Day, this takes place 'four hundred years' after the TAM Corporation pulls out of the Mendeb system 'during and after the [Galactic] wars' on p.22). (MG)

? 2950 - The Doctor, along with a homeless farmer named Bep-Wor, is finally sent to Mendeb Three with the next batch of slaves. The pair soon manage to free their fellow slaves, and their army swiftly grows, heading towards the capital city, Gonfallon (Independence Day, Ace has been on Mendeb Three for 'almost a week' by this time, on p.120). (MG)

? 2950 - The forces of Kedin Ashar attack King Vethran's palace, intent on ending the dictator's expansion to the stars. Ace, held within the palace by her master, the odious Balon Ferud, uses her explosives expertise to breach the citadel walls, aiding the revolt. Vethran is finally brought low by the combination of Kedin's soldiers and Bep-Wor's slave army (Independence Day, this takes place 'four days' later on p.180-1). (MG)

2950 - Roslyn Forrester becomes distanced from her proud pure-bred African Xhosa family after spending time with 'inferior' humans in the deep shelters during alien raids. She is briefly torn between joining the Imperial Landsknechte and the Order of Adjudication just to get away from home, but eventually decides to sign up with the Adjudicators. She will spend the next two years training on Ponten IV (Original Sin, this takes place 'two years' earlier [than 2952] on p.127). (MG)

2950 - As part of her Adjudicator training, Roslyn Forrester is forced to experience the effects of Earth-produced heroin by electroencephalic stimulation (Sky Pirates!, no date is given on p.150). (MG)

c 2952 - By this time the Morok Empire has been overthrown as a result of Earth-funded insurgents. In its wake, criminal organisations such as the Morok Nostra will rise up (The Death of Art, no date is given on p.100. It is during the time Roz works as an Adjudicator). (MG)

2952 - Roslyn Forrester's graduation ceremony takes place at the Guild of Adjudication on Ponten IV (So Vile a Sin, she has been an Adjudicator for 'twenty-three years' by the time she meets the Doctor [in 2975] on p.293. In Zamper, Roz has had 'thirty years' experience as an enforcer' [by 2975], on p.184. In The Also People, she is said to have been on the streets for 'twenty-five years' on p.46/82. In Just War, she serves as an Adjudicator for 'over twenty years' [by 2975] on p.184. In GodEngine, her graduation year is incorrectly given as '2955' on p.175). She is immediately squired to a roving off-world Adjudicator (Original Sin, this takes place 'five years' before she squires with Fenn Martle [in 2957] on p.127) called Konstantine, with whom she spends a generally unpleasant time. At one point they are posted to the colony at Jackson City on Mars to curb an outbreak of civil unrest (GodEngine, events mentioned on p.7/10). (MG/CW)

2952 - While squired to Konstantine, Novice Adjudicator Roslyn Forrester finds herself posted to a planetoid called Skag. While skiving off from her duties to bathe in a sheltered pool at the Borodino Oasis, Roz discovers the body of a young Skag maiden. Although she believes the plantation manager Boss Edward Shuster is responsible for the girl's rape and murder, Roz finds the human colonists closing ranks on her and the natives unwilling to testify against him (The Also People, no date is given on p.172/228-9, but this is Roz's first murder case). (MG)

2952 - Hiths With Attitude release their latest HvLP, Terrorformed (The Also People, the year is given on p.120). (MG)

= 2954 - In an alternative reality, Roslyn Forrester is fully Ordained in the Church of Adjudication and is immediately partnered with an experienced Adjudicator named Fenn Martle. The newly paired Adjudicators spend the next year patrolling the Overcities of Earth (Oblivion, this takes place when Roz is 'nineteen' on p.8). (MG)

2954 (Sept 5th) - Christopher Rodonanté Cwej is born in Spaceport Nine Overcity on Earth (Head Games, the year is given as '2954' on p.205. In The Room with No Doors, the month and day are given on p.20. In Just War, he appears to be 'in his early twenties' on p.156. In Original Sin, his name is given as 'Cwej, Christopher Rodonanté' on p.34. In GodEngine, Cwej's middle name is incorrectly given as 'Rodamonte' on p.114). Chris will go through life never having chicken pox, or other illnesses common to twentieth century humans (Return of the Living Dad p.129). (MG/CW)

2955 - By this time the inhabitants of Earth's solar system have forgotten that the Wars of Acquisition are still being fought out on the Rim (Original Sin, this takes place 'ten years' later [than 2955] and 'twenty years' earlier [than 2975] on p.17). (MG)

= 2955 - In another, possible, reality, Adjudicator Fenn Martle and his squire Roz Forrester travel to the planet Zarjax, the homeworld of the Fnaroks, to investigate the source of a hypnoleptic drug that is currently inundating Earth's Overcities. Shortly after their arrival, the starship Schirron Dream comes out of the translation from one universe to the next in orbit of Zarjax and Roz is kidnapped by the Sloathe Sgloomi Po to help rescue hir friends, who are trapped by the madman Randolph Bane on Earth in the twenty-sixth century. It is during these events that this 'alternative' younger Roslyn Forrester meets her future partner Chris Cwej for the first time (Oblivion, this takes place when Roz is twenty [Fenn Martle is 'twenty-nine', 'nine years older than Roz' on p.8. It is [incorrectly] said to be 'ten years' before Cwej's Ordination in the Church [he graduates in 2974], on p.126. Chris Cwej [incorrectly] recalls that he will initially meet Roz in another 'ten years' [actually 2975] on p.127. This is Roz's 'first off-planet mission' [Roz's actual first off-world mission was with Konstantine, in 1952] on p.6). (MG)

= 2955 - Having played her part in the defeat of Randolph Bane, Roz is returned to her own reality by the Schirron Dream (Oblivion, events mentioned on p.232). (MG)

2957 - Adjudicator Roslyn Forrester is posted to Earth and squired to Fenn Martle (Original Sin, this takes place 'fifteen years' earlier [than 2972] on p.32). (MG)

2959 - Christopher Cwej attends his grandfather's funeral (The Room With No Doors, this takes place when Cwej is 'five' on p.34). (MG)

? 2958 - Hearing rumours that the Undying Ones have returned to bring a new Dark Time to the vampire planet, young Tarak seeks out elderly scientist Kalmar. The pair revive the old resistance movement, recruiting men from the other villages, vowing never to be slaves to the Lords again (Blood Harvest, no date is given, events mentioned on p.95-6). (MG)

? 2959 - Romana, having aided the Tharils as best she can, is transported to the vampire planet, only to learn that the surviving Lords, now free of vampirism, are trying to re-establish control, despite fierce resistance from the free villages. After a failed attempt to bring both sides together, she sends a telepathic signal to the Doctor (Blood Harvest, events mentioned on p.136). (MG)

? 2959 - In response to Romana's signal, the Seventh Doctor travels into E-Space and deposits Bernice on the vampire planet. Bernice meets Romana and learns of the trouble between the Lords and the villagers. A second peace conference between the Lords and the villagers ends in bloodshed due to sabotage at the hands of the vampiric Lord Yarven. Rescued from a vampire attack by Lord Sargon, Bernice and Romana learn he is actually responsible for the re-emergence of the vampires, and is attempting to bring the Great Vampire back to life (Blood Harvest, no date is given. It is long enough after the Fourth Doctor's visit for the events of State of Decay to be known as 'the Old Time' which was 'long ago' on p.71. Ivo is described as being 'white-haired' on p.32, while Kalmar is 'incredibly ancient' on p.93. Events mentioned on p.136. In Goth Opera, the Fourth Doctor's earlier visit takes place when Lord Yarven is 'a child' on p.45. Arbitrarily dated to thirty years after the Fourth Doctor's visit [c 2929]). (MG)

? 2959 - It is while fleeing back to the inn, his chest pierced by Tarak's arrow, that Lord Yarven is approached a second time by Agonal. The elemental reveals himself to be Yarven's father, having come to his mother as a shower of rain decades ago. Agonal then instructs Yarven to hide and that he will be transported to Earth in the Doctor's TARDIS (Goth Opera, events mentioned on p.210-11). (MG)

? 2959 - The Seventh Doctor arrives on the vampire planet in response to Bernice's distress call and leads a raid on Lord Sargon's castle. Sargon is revealed to be the elemental being called Agonal, who feeds on pain and death. Observing events, Gallifrey's Committee of Three Time Scoops Agonal before he can be bested. The Doctor ensures the Great Vampire's final destruction before following Agonal to Gallifrey, little realising the vampiric Yarven has stowed away onboard the TARDIS (Blood Harvest). (MG)

c 2960 - A young Christopher Cwej is absolutely and irrationally terrified by a holo-vid series entitled EarthDoom XV (a highly fictionalised account of the Third Dalek War with incredibly low production values) from behind the sofa (Sky Pirates!, no date is given on p.38. Arbitrarily dated). (MG)

2960 - Stefan Vargeld, the Marquis of Yquatine and the President of the Senate of the Minerva System, is born (The Fall of Yquatine, he is 'thirty three' in 2993, on p.32). (MG)

c 2962 - Koel Paddox, the galaxy's leading necrologist and inventor of the Beautiful Death experience, is born (Festival of Death, he is born 'fifty years' earlier [than 3012] on p.236). (MG)

c 2965 - Professor Zebulon Pryce of the University of Sallas discovers how to produce icarons by smashing beams of blumons and zeccons together. He will go on to publish a number of papers on the basic mathematics and quantum states of icarons (Original Sin, this takes place 'ten years ago or so' [in 2975] on p.154). (MG)

c 2967 - By this time the Imperial Landsknechte training planet Purgatory has been terraformed, its surface transformed into segments hundreds of kilometres across, representing thousands of planets, each with its own ecology and climate. This vast patchwork of hexagons presents special survival problems for Landsknechte troops. In the process, Purgatory becomes renowned as one of the Eight Wonders of the Universe (Original Sin, events mentioned on p.70/104). (MG)

2967 - Professor Zebulon Pryce's reputation as an expert in icarons draws the attention of the Imperial Landsknechte. He is offered facilities and a grant to study the weapons applications of icaron beams and is relocated to Purgatory (Original Sin, this is 'three years' earlier [than c2971] on p.154). (MG)

c 2967 - Intergalactic dropout Hoopy the lizard may have been born on the planet Gonzos around this time (Festival of Death, he remembers his 'forty-fifth birthday' during the Beautiful Death experience [in 3012] on p.72). (MG)

c 2968 - Koel Paddox is traumatised when he witnesses the death of his parents in an horrific Alpha Twelve intersystem shuttle accident. (Festival of Death, this takes place when Paddox is 'six years' old on p.279. It is 'forty-five years' earlier [than 3012] on p.236). (MG)

2968 - Christopher Cwej is struck with the thought of his own mortality while playing on a basketball court (The Room With No Doors, this takes place when Cwej is 'fourteen' on p.100). (MG)

c 2970 - The Empire targets Hithis, the homeworld of an intelligent race of gastropods. The Hith strike back, but their entire Cosmic Fleet, including the flagship Gex, is utterly destroyed during their Great Patriotic War against humanity. The surviving Hith are left wandering the galaxy in whatever spaceships they can beg, borrow or steal. With the Hith Pacification complete, the Empire terraforms the alien world, repopulating it entirely with human citizens (Original Sin, this takes place 'four years or so ago' [in 2975] on p.23. The war ends 'four years' ago on p.85. This appears to take place 'five years' earlier, on p.50. Events mentioned on p.39/55). (MG)

c 2970 -The dispersed Hith manage to salvage one craft, hoping to develop it into the flagship of a new fleet to spearhead an attempt to regain their homeworld. On its test flight the experimental Skel'Ske (named for the sound made by the wings of Jakkat-Kajjat, the twin-headed Goddess of Justified Retribution) is captured by the Imperial Landsknechte and taken to Purgatory to be disassembled by Professor Zebulon Pryce (Original Sin, events mentioned on p.231/235/249). (MG)

2970 - Adjudicator Roz Forrester confronts a citizen after seeing his callous disposal of an unwanted pet ditz. Realising she has no evidence of the crime, Roz swallows the man's plastic ident and busts him for not possessing any identification (Original Sin, this takes place 'just after the Hith Pacification' [c2970] on p.32). (MG)

2970 - On Purgatory it is eventually discovered that Professor Zebulon Pryce has been driven insane by his exposure to the Skel'Ske's icaron radiation. The authorities learn that he has been paralysing troopers with dermal patches and taking them to his laboratory, keeping them alive for weeks while gradually dissolving the flesh from their bones with coronic acid. Pryce is sent to the Landsknechte Penal Institute on the planet Dis for his crimes (Original Sin, events mentioned on p.155). (MG)

? 2970 - The last of the Empire's Dauntless-class Imperial destroyers is built around this time (The Dark Path, no date is given but it is 'four hundred years' since the last Dauntless-class was built, on p.22). (MG)

2970 - The Imperial Landsknechte sees action in the Aspenal Campaign (So Vile a Sin, this takes place in 'seventy' on p.10). (MG)

c 2971 - INITEC are contracted to take the Skel'Ske apart on the basis that they can patent any spin-off technology. The ship and its two-man crew are transported to INITEC's headquarters on Earth to facilitate their research. At some point the Hith prisoners manage to escape, pilot Vap Oppat Pol fleeing to the planet Oolis and renaming himself Homeless Forsaken Betrayed And Alone. The navigator, Daph Yilli Gar, hides out in Spaceport Five Undertown after having his memories erased by ex-Surgeon Imperialis Doc Dantalion, a juke-addicted Birastrop, and renaming himself Powerless Friendless And Scattered Through Space (Original Sin, this takes place a 'few years' earlier [than 2975] on p.145 and 'five years' earlier on p.287. It is before Fenn Martle's death [in 2972] on p.217. Events mentioned on p.217/231/245). (MG)

c 2971 - Random acts of senseless violence break out on Earth when INITEC begins its research into the Skel'Ske's revolutionary icaron drive (Original Sin, this takes place a 'few years' earlier [than 2975] on p.145 and 'five years' earlier on p.287). (MG)

2971 -Volsted Kornbluth Cwej finally retires from the Order of Adjudication after seventy years' loyal service (Original Sin, this takes place 'four years' earlier [than 2975] on p.161). (MG)

2971 - The Seventh Doctor, in an unrecorded adventure, helps instil the Jithra with enough confidence to repel an invasion of their homeworld by the neighbouring Jeopards (So Vile a Sin, this takes place 'a year' before the conquest of Jeopardy [than 2972] on p.182. Chris [mistakenly?] thinks this is 'after we left' [in 2975] on p.182). (MG)

2972 - Roz kills a female metamorph in the line of duty after a chase through the waist-deep bile-coloured water of some nameless Undertown canal. Suffering the worst shakes of her career after killing the shape-shifter Roz ends up in the shower with her partner Martle and they make love for the one and only time (The Also People, this is [incorrectly] said to take place 'five years' earlier [than 2975] on p.121. This is said to be 'one month' prior to Martle's death [in 2972] on p.68). (MG)

2972 - Adjudicator Roz Forrester follows her partner Fenn Martle to a secret rendezvous only to learn he has been corrupted and is on the payroll of Tobias Vaughn. When her presence is discovered, she is forced to kill Martle with a vibroknife through his right eye. Vaughn stuns Roz and takes her to disreputable surgeon Doc Dantalion to erase her true memories of the incident (Original Sin, this takes place 'three years' earlier [than 2975] on p.211. Events mentioned on p.215-20). (MG)

2972 - The Earth Empire sweeps in and conquers Jeopardy and the neighbouring world of the Jithra. The Jithra are completely exterminated during the human invasion, while the Jeopards are more fortunate - a few hundred thousand survive. It is around this time Lady Leabie Forrester begins building a secret army to set herself up as Empress in Helen the First's stead (So Vile a Sin, this takes place 'a year later' [than 2971] and 'ten years' earlier [than 2982] on p.182. Mention is made of a Jeopard's 'ten years spent serving humans' on p.186. Leabie starts her scheming 'ten years' earlier [than 2982] on p.269). (MG)

c 2972 - The Wars of Acquisition come to a close when the Sense-Sphere finally capitulates to the Earth Empire. Over the past thirty years the Imperial Landsknechte has conquered many worlds, including Throssa, Ybarraculos Epsilon (Original Sin, the Wars end 'a few years ago' [in 2975] on p.28. Events mentioned on p.105), Lacaille 8760, Solos and the Androzanies (So Vile a Sin, events mentioned on p.166). With the Wars at an end, a form of genetic alteration known as body-beppling becomes fashionable among the human citizens of Earth. A specific mutagen is placed onto a targeted virus, causing significant alteration within the general design limitations of the human body. Over the next few years over sixty per cent of the humans on Earth will bepple themselves in major or minor ways (Original Sin, events mentioned on p.27-8, p.266. In Perceptions (RT), it is mistakenly 'the late twenty-ninth century' in Part One. Body-bepple is incorrectly spelt 'body-pepple'). (MG/CW)

c 2972 - On the planet Claathi, young Callie Forrester is rescued from the clutches of the sadistic Altair Born Johanessan after being sold into a temporary form of slavery by her destitute parents (Rescue Mission (D4), no date is given, but this takes place during a time of 'alien wars' which are probably the Wars of Acquisition, and 'body-beppling' is all the rage, on p.242). (MG)

c 2974 - By this time Chris Cwej has enrolled in the Order of Adjudication on Ponten IV. He is tutored in standard unarmed combat moves, learning how to snap a target's spinal column to kill quickly and efficiently without making a noise (Just War, events mentioned on p.120). He also goes to lectures on the history of narcotics, including drugs such as skoob, which has been stamped out on Earth long before this time (Mean Streets, events mentioned on p.159). (MG)

c 2974 - While training with the Order of Adjudication, Chris Cwej completes an off-world tour of duty on the planet Jallafillia, which is owned by one of the Spiral Corporations. He is horrified to learn that the Church of Saint Thoth kills children who have red hair, believing it to be the sign of the Evil One. Cwej is unable to make any arrests due to a clause in the Colonies Cultural Identifies Act (Christmas on a Rational Planet, no date is given on p.202). (MG)

2974 - Christopher Rodonanté Cwej graduates from the Guild of Adjudication on Ponten IV and is posted to Earth as a flitter pilot on traffic patrol over in Spaceport Nine Overcity (Original Sin, Cwej graduated 'last year' [in 2975] on p.20. Events mentioned on p.8. In Lungbarrow, the year is incorrectly given as '2975' on p.168). Spaceport Nine Overcity Lodge's motto is 'Just fight for what's just' (Just War, events mentioned on p.145). (MG)

2974 - Brightly coloured My First Blaster weapons, low-intensity energy 'toys' designed for young children, become popular (Christmas on a Rational Planet, this takes place 'the year before' Roz and Chris meet the Doctor [in 2975] on p.158). (MG)

2975 - By this time Earth's oceans are sluggish with pollution (The Also People, no date is given other than 'in the thirtieth century' on p.101). (MG)

2975 - By this time humans and Earth Reptiles can work productively together (Eternity Weeps p.225, this happens 'in Chris's time'). (CW)

2975 - By this time there are organ banks for use in emergency surgical operations in the field, and all adjudicators are trained in major surgery (Toy Soldiers p.121, assumed from Chris and Roz's comments to this effect). (CW)

2975 - At this time offworlders are treated in much the same way as native Africans were in the early twentieth century (Toy Soldiers p.139, indications are also given in Original Sin and Sky Pirates!). (CW)

c 2975 - By this time, political conditions are much the same as they were in the twentieth century, with the state doing what it likes and everybody else going along with it (Return of the Living Dad p.106, this is [in 1983] in 'ten centuries' time). (CW)

2975 - By this time, the social conditions are much the same as they were in the twentieth century - there is crime, pollution, starvation, war, and the rich getting richer off the backs of a poverty-stricken underclass. Greed is king as people covet material wealth and power regardless of the consequences to others and to the environment. Newscasts all claim that things were better in the past (Head Games p.150). (CW)

2975 - By this time, Queen Elizabeth the Second is still a respected historical figure (Head Games p.167). (CW)

c 2975 - By this time INITEC is the only major corporation still headquartered on Earth, every other company having moved to the outer Rim planets. INITEC's new humanoid securitybots, eight feet tall and four-armed, come into operational use (Original Sin, events mentioned on p.246/34). (MG)

c 2975 - By this time ElleryCorp has genetically engineered a race of alien creatures from one of the Rim systems into a source of food to feed the starving billions of Earth. The unthinking creatures, known as animeats, have the vast majority of their flesh harvested on a continual basis. The animeats are fed on a diet consisting entirely of waste products from refineries and sewage stations (Original Sin, events mentioned on p.13-14). (MG)

c 2975 - By this time the famed paradise world of Florana has been despoiled, used as a dumping ground for the waste products of thirty-six races (Original Sin, events mentioned on p.260). (MG)

c 2975 - The desert planet Gallipoli V in the Quirillis Sector is colonised by the Earth Empire. It is swiftly transformed into a very exclusive, very expensive holiday resort (Original Sin, events mentioned on p.11). (MG)

2975 - The Seventh Doctor and Bernice make a visit to the planet Oolis, only to witness the death of a Hith named Homeless Forsaken Betrayed And Alone at the hands of local militia. Although the Doctor doesn't know it, the Hith has been killed on orders of old adversary Tobias Vaughn (Original Sin, events mentioned on p.217). (MG)

2975 - Twenty-nine alien races file claims for reparation from the Imperial Court for damages during the Wars of Acquisition, while Duke Marmion, Lord Protector of the Solar System and its Environs, calls for the scrapping of the Imperial Landsknechte (Original Sin, events mentioned on p.7). (MG)

2975 - Adjudicator Roz Forrester meets her new squire Christopher Cwej, newly-transferred from the Spaceport Nine Overcity Lodge (Original Sin, events mentioned on p.20). (MG)

2975 - The Doctor and Bernice arrive in Earth's Spaceport Five Overcity and meet another Hith, Powerless Friendless And Scattered Through Time. Noticing that the gastropod has been branded with a Landsknechte prisoner of war identification number, the Doctor decides to travel to Purgatory to further his investigations (Original Sin, this takes place 'seventy years' later than 'oh-five' on p.160. Although it also appears to take place 'four years' later than '2955' on p.85-6). (MG)

2975 - An insurrection on the planet Jallafillia is brought to an end when Imperial fleets are sent in to devastate the planet. The alien ringleaders are apprehended and publicly executed (Original Sin, events mentioned on p.31). (MG)

2975 - Outbreaks of unexplained violence continue through the solar system and a disturbing five thousand per cent increase in violent crime is reported. On Earth, riots in Spaceport Nine Undertown result in over three hundred fatalities, while twenty-five people are murdered in Spaceport Two Overcity when a restaurant owner laces their meals with zeelan toxin. During the investiture of a new baron at the Imperial Court in orbit of Saturn, a courtier fires a plasma rifle towards the throne. Landsknechte troops manage to prevent the death of the Empress, but are they themselves executed for their lapse. (Original Sin, events mentioned on p.50/64/84). (MG)

2975 - The Doctor and Bernice head for Purgatory in the shuttle Arachnae. Back on Earth, Adjudicators Forrester and Cwej believe the time travellers to be the prime suspects in a murder case and follow them to Purgatory. They arrive in time to save the Doctor from death on the orders of Provost-Major Beltempest for impersonating Landsknechte officers. Convincing them that he knows the truth behind the eruptions of mass violence back on Earth, the Doctor plans to travel to the Penal Institution on Dis to meet psychotic icaron exert Zebulon Pryce, while Bernice returns to Earth with the Adjudicators (Original Sin, this takes place 'seventy years' later than 'oh-five' on p.160. Although it also appears to take place 'four years' later than '2955' on p.85-6). (MG)

2975 - A crewmember of one of Earth's orbital Vigilant laser platforms goes insane and destroys an entire accommodation block in Spaceport Eighteen Overcity, killing sixty thousand people and causing damage estimated at over one billion Imperial schillings (Original Sin, events mentioned on p.103). (MG)

2975 - The Rim World Alliance applies to leave the Empire and an Imperial Landsknechte flotilla is sent to quell dissent. Fighting breaks out on many Imperial planets including Allis Five, Heaven, Murtaugh, Riggs Alpha and Solos (Original Sin, events mentioned on p.125/318. In Christmas on a Rational Planet, events mentioned on p.112). (MG)

2975 - After an attack by Vaughn's robots, Bernice and Roz take the injured Cwej to Doc Dantalion, who reveals that Roz's memories were restructured a few years ago. Roz has the true memories of Fenn Martle's death restored to her (Original Sin, it is 'a new day' on p.163). (MG)

2975 - By order of Her Highness the Divine Empress, Adjudicator in Extremis Bij Kakrell declares a state of martial law across the planet Earth. A twenty-four-hour curfew comes into effect (purely for the protection of law-abiding citizens) with any transgression punishable by death. The Imperial Landsknechte and the Order of Adjudicators are deployed in force to ensure enforcement of the Royal Proclamation (Original Sin, events mentioned on p.257/271). (MG)

2975 - Following acts of sabotage, thirty towers in Overcities around the globe fall on the Undertowns. Insurance claims are estimated at five hundred trillion Imperial schillings, a sum that will effectively bankrupt the First Galactic Bank (Original Sin, events mentioned on p.283). (MG)

2975 - The Doctor returns to Earth and confronts the man responsible for the mass violence, only to learn it is Tobias Vaughn. The Doctor lures Vaughn into the TARDIS and decapitates his robotic body with a plasma scalpel. With the destruction of the experimental Hith vessel, the riots begin to decline and marshal law is rescinded. The Doctor fixes Mrs Cwej's irradiator by replacing its techbrain with that of Tobias Vaughn shortly before Roz and Chris join the TARDIS crew (Original Sin, it is 'morning' on p.318. Events mentioned on p.271). (MG)

2975 - Tsitsi Kuleya, a young orphan gifted with psi powers, is sold into slavery to the Brotherhood (So Vile a Sin, this takes place when she is 'seven' on p.230. She is 'fourteen' in 2982, on p.224). (MG)

2976 - The Earth Empire finally comes to the Ogron homeworld of Orestes, one of the moons of the failed sun Clytemnestra in the Agamemnon system. When the Ogrons learn that the humans are using their genes to create a race of pygmy Ogrons, the primitives rise up and use long-buried Dalek weaponry to attack the offworlders. This act sparks off a planetary war that will last for the next six years (So Vile a Sin, this takes place 'six years' earlier [than 2982] on p.59). (MG)

2976 - After missing for a whole year, Adjudicator Roslyn Forrester is legally declared dead. Leabie, wanting to ensure her sister's line continues, uses Roz's cloned tissue to create Thandiwe, and raises her as her own daughter (So Vile a Sin, Thandiwe is 'six' in 2982, on p.205, events mentioned on p.210). (MG)

30th C (2980?) - The Seventh Doctor travels to one of Earth's floating Overcities to collect Jacquilian and Sanki, a pair of Earth Reptile musicians and proprietors of Bona Music, to play at the wedding of Bernice Summerfield and Jason Kane at Cheldon Bonniface in the 21st century (Happy Endings p.98). (MG/II)

2980 - The Imperial exploratory cruiser Redoubtable arrives in the Agamemnon system just as the human/Ogron war heats up. Tsang Mei Feng, a commander in the Exploration Arm of the Imperial Space Navy, is given command of an in-system cutter and sent to the moon of Iphegenia to look for secret bases belonging to the Ogrons and their allies. While on the moon's surface the expedition locates the Nexus, a tool capable of altering reality. Mei Feng's brain is invaded by an N-gram, a multidimensional Gallifreyan time bomb, while the rest of the expedition are driven mad when they approach the Nexus (So Vile a Sin, this takes place 'two years' earlier [than 2982] on p.46). (MG)

2980 - Stefan Vargeld inherits the title, and responsibilities, of the Marquis of Yquatine at the age of twenty, taking the ruling of an entire planet in his stride (The Fall of Yquatine, this takes place when he is 'twenty' on p.43). (MG)

c 2981 - Earth has come into conflict with the Sontarans by this time, and a DMZ is placed between the two uneasy galactic powers (So Vile a Sin, mentioned on p.20). (MG)

c 2981 - By this time there are six million, seven hundred and six thousand, nine hundred and ninety-six human citizens of the Earth Empire suffering from various dysfunctional delusional episodes (So Vile a Sin, mentioned on p.24). (MG)

c 2981 - By this time the planet Tara is part of Earth's Empire. The importance of the Taran nobility is significantly lessened by the rise of the Liberal Reconstructionists (So Vile a Sin, mentioned on p.26). (MG)

2981 (Feb 22nd) - On Orestes, a platoon of Imperial Landsknechte withdraw from a confrontation with Ogron forces in Spaceport 16 Undertown after trooper Vincenzi kills his own commanding officer rather than sacrifice the whole squad in the assault (So Vile a Sin, the exact date is given on p.6). (MG)

2981 (late April) - Vincenzi is given a dishonourable discharge for his part in the failed offensive on Orestes. In a dingy Hong Kong bar the ex-soldier is approached by one of Lady Leabie Forrester's agents with the offer of joining a secret army (So Vile a Sin, this takes place 'two months' later [than [February 22nd] on p.9). (MG)

2981 (June 8th) - The Seventh Doctor contacts FLORANCE to acquire a list of mental patients conforming to a precise pathology. During the meeting FLORANCE informs the Doctor of the existence of a special psychiatric complex on Dis that houses half a dozen patients who meet this criteria. Travelling to the facility on Dis, the Doctor is given a vital lead after talking to one of the patients, an ex-crew member of the Redoubtable (So Vile a Sin, the exact date is given on p.11). (MG)

2981 (Dec 31st) - Lady Leabie Susan Inyathi Forrester, fifteenth Baroness of Io, holds a party at her palace on Kibero Pata. Duke Abu ibn Walid of Callisto is present with his new Taran concubine, Genevieve ap Gwalchmai. Walid is unaware Genevieve is an undercover intelligence operative gathering information for the Empress (So Vile a Sin, the exact date is given on p.25). (MG)

2982 (Jan 1st) - Lady Leabie Forrester unveils the rebirth of the long-extinct African elephant, subject of the latest microreclamation project of House Forrester (So Vile a Sin, it is 'midnight' on p.32). (MG)

2982 (Jan 2nd) - Roz Forrester arrives on Aegisthus, one of the moons of the gas giant Clytemnestra in the Agamemnon system. She has been sent to the domed city of Fury to investigate the Seventh Doctor's suspicions regarding the presence of a deadly Gallifreyan N-form (So Vile a Sin, the exact date is given on p.37). (MG)

2982 (Jan 3rd) - Roz spends an evening in the Yellow Oasis bar and, pretending to be a journalist by the name of Sarah McShane, meets the proprietor, Tsang Mei Feng (So Vile a Sin, Roz arrives 'the previous night' on p.44). (MG)

2982 (Jan 4th) - The Seventh Doctor makes a brief visit to Fury, where Roz confirms that an N-form is present somewhere in the city. That night, Roz manages to get a security job at the Yellow Oasis bar (So Vile a Sin, Roz arrives 'two days ago' on p.53). (MG)

2982 (Jan 5th) -The Seventh Doctor and Chris Cwej appropriate a Hopper belonging to an academic expedition heading for Iphegenia. The expedition, consisting of Professor Henri Martinique, an unregistered psi by the name of Emil Zapotek, and geology student Iaomnet Wszola, intends to investigate Aulis, the largest crater anywhere in human space. Back on Aegisthus, Roz examines a covert scan of Mei Feng's brain, confirming that the owner of the Yellow Oasis is the individual who is harbouring the N-gram (So Vile a Sin, the exact date is given on p.69, it is 'four a.m.' on p.55). (MG)

2982 (Jan 6th) - The Hopper arrives in orbit around Iphegenia and the Doctor travels to the surface of the moon with Martinique's team. The expedition discovers a mysterious alien airlock that dates back ten million years and, after several hours without contact, Martinique suddenly appears with the Doctor in tow, informing Chris they must now travel to the outermost moon, Cassandra. Chris has no idea the Doctor is, in fact, Emil Zapotek, who has been imprinted with the possibility of an alternate Doctor when the Nexus explodes, shattering the Doctor's timeline. The real Doctor is stranded on the moon with Iaomnet Wzsola as the Hopper departs (So Vile a Sin, it is the 'next morning' on p.78). (MG)

2982 (Jan 8th) - Roz's cover is blown when Mei Feng goes digging in puterspace for information on her latest employee. Deciding that Roz must be eliminated, the N-form reveals itself and attacks its opponent. Roz manages to lure the N-form to a foundry, where she outwits the creature by dropping one million tons of dwarf star alloy on it (So Vile a Sin, Roz has worked at the Yellow Oasis for 'four nights' on p.57). (MG)

2982 (Jan 17th) - The Doctor is finally picked up by a rescue ship, the ISN Wilfred Owen, and, much to his surprise, finds Roz has used her family's influence to get onboard. The vessel takes the Doctor and Roz to Cassandra where, on the surface of the moon, they find the entrance to an underground complex as old as the one found on Iphegenia. The Doctor reveals that it is actually an early TARDIS model, big enough to carry the bow-ships for the war with the Great Vampires. The Doctor sets the TARDIS's auto-destruct to shut off the distress beacon before it can awaken any other N-forms. The Doctor is confronted with his doppelganger when the pair are brought onboard the ISN Victoria shortly before Cassandra's destruction (So Vile a Sin, the exact date is given on p.98). (MG)

2982 (March 2nd) - Leabie Forrester travels to Dhaulagiri, Nepal, to take part in a clandestine meeting with members of the Unitatus (So Vile a Sin, the exact date is given on p.132). (MG)

2982 (March 11th) - Intelligence agent Genevieve ap Gwalchmai, on direct orders from the Empress, travels to an ancient house on a Reserve near to Spaceport Five Undertown on Earth. She meets the owner of the house, an old man with fine white hair who goes by the name Doctor Smith. Genevieve learns that this man is a version of the Doctor from an alternate timeline, one who never left Earth after his exile to the twentieth century (So Vile a Sin, the exact date is given on p.135). (MG)

2982 (mid March) - The two Doctors and company take passage on a liner headed for the Joseph Conrad spaceport, a metaship built centuries ago by the long-departed Listeners (So Vile a Sin, they board the liner 'a month' earlier [than April 18th] on p.152). (MG)

2982 (April 18th) - The two Doctors arrive on the Joseph Conrad with the survivors of the Iphegenia expedition. The second Doctor is revealed to be Emil Zapotek just as Iaomnet Wszola is unmasked as an undercover Imperial Intelligence Agent in the employ of the Empress. Iaomnet kidnaps the real Doctor and, holding him at gunpoint, heads for the Imperial Palace on Janus, moon of Saturn (So Vile a Sin, the exact date is given on p.149). (MG)

2982 (April 19th) - After ensuring the TARDIS is shipped to safety at the Forrester palace on Io, Chris and Roz take a Hith Spacelines flight on the trail of Zapotek. The ex-Adjudicators spend the majority of the long journey onboard cargo freighters and pirate ships (So Vile a Sin, it is 'the next day' on p.157). (MG)

2982 (June 3rd) - Iaomnet finally arrives at the Imperial Palace on Janus, one of the moons of Saturn, where the Doctor is brought before Helen the First, Empress of Earth. Helen begs the Doctor to end her life and he complies by destroying her life-support globe and its backup systems (So Vile a Sin, the exact date is given on p.161). (MG)

2982 (June 4th) - The Doctor is brought before the Imperial Supreme Court for the regicide of Helen the First. During the trial many of the Councillors, registered psis, mutate into monsters and a slaughter ensues. Duke Walid of Callisto and Duke Geoffrey Armand, Lord High Sheriff of Earth - the only two contenders for the throne of the Empire - are among the few survivors (So Vile a Sin, it is 'the fourth of June' on p.170). (MG)

2982 (July 12th) - Half a dozen wars break out in the aftermath of the Empress's death. One of the conflicts takes place in the solar system itself when the Antarctic Alliance fires a missile at the Horne Collective (So Vile a Sin, this takes place within 'twenty-four hours' of Chris and Roz's arrival on Tethys, on p.188). (MG)

2982 (July 13th) - Chris and Roz finally arrive on Tethys, one of Saturn's moons, on the trail of Zapotek. Just as they begin to make headway in the Martian Quarter the ex-Adjudicators endure a psychic attack by unregistered psis working for the Brotherhood, but they are saved by the timely intervention of FLORANCE. Returning to their rooms, the pair meet one of Leabie's agents and ready themselves for the journey to Io (So Vile a Sin, the exact date is given on p.178). (MG)

2982 (July 16th) - Chris and Roz arrive at the Forrester palace on Io, and Leabie gets reacquainted with her older sister. The arrival of Duke Walid's entourage is announced and the Doctor is reunited with his companions. The Doctor informs the ex-Adjudicators of Zapotek's links to the Brotherhood. In the middle of the night the Brotherhood launches a psi attack on the palace and, within ten minutes, a dozen Forresters lie dead, including two of Leabie's children (So Vile a Sin, the exact date is given on p.216). (MG)

2982 (mid Aug) - The Doctor and his companions are finally tracked down in Europe by one of the Brotherhood's operatives. The Doctor uses a shutterfly, a device for interrogating telepaths, to probe the young girl's mind and learns she is in contact with Duke Armand. The Doctor pays the Duke a visit, masquerading as Zapotek, to learn more about the Brotherhood's plans just as the real Zapotek finally turns up (So Vile a Sin, this takes place 'a month' later [than July 16th] on p.224). (MG)

2982 (late Aug) - The Doctor is left with no leads to follow when Zapotek slowly dies, the possibility he's inhabiting burning out, its probability falling back to zero (So Vile a Sin, this takes place 'two weeks' later, on p.236). (MG)

2982 (Aug 23rd) - Abu ibn Walid is crowned Emperor at his palace on Callisto, and the festivities continue for three days (So Vile a Sin, the coronation feast has been in full swing for 'three days' on 25th, on p.244). (MG)

2982 (Aug 25th) - Roz Forrester is offered, and accepts, the position of Pontifex Saecularis, Head of the Order of Adjudicators. As Pontifex, Roz will rank just below the Emperor in importance and be in a position to shape history. A dozen riots, engineered by the Unitatus and the resistance, break out on Earth. The largest, in Australia, involves twelve thousand Earth Reptiles who walk out of the ocean to hold a peaceful demonstration only to be attacked by angry locals (So Vile a Sin, the exact date is given on p.243). (MG)

2982 (Aug 26th) - The Doctor is summoned to Callisto by the newly crowned Emperor, to clear up matters surrounding the death of Helen the First. On Callisto Chris learns of the Brotherhood's plan - the gestalt intends to gain full control of a Nexus on Mimas but to do this they need to find a reality where an alternate Doctor will aid them. The Doctor and Chris manage to escape the Brotherhood and head for Mimas, one of Saturn's moons, to locate the Nexus. The Three Days' War breaks out when a comet is dropped on Purgatory, the Imperial Landsknechte training planet. Casualties number in the tens of thousands. Elsewhere, Leabie's secret army, working alongside Unitatus forces, attacks Mars and the Battle of Achebe Gorge commences (So Vile a Sin, the exact date is given on p.273). (MG)

2982 (Aug 27th) - Roz Forrester is given the rank of colonel when she decides she can't just sit back and watch while the war happens around her. As hostilities spiral out of control throughout the Empire FLORANCE invades Centcomp Node Number One, the centre of the Empire's computer control, and brings the entire network crashing down (So Vile a Sin, the exact date is given on p.276). (MG)

2982 (Aug 28th) - The Doctor and Chris, hit by a psychic attack in orbit of Mimas, awake to find themselves guests of the Grandmaster. The gestalt intends to use the Nexus to reshape reality, ensuring the human race has always been telepathic from the very beginning. The Doctor manages to shut down the Nexus with a little help from an alternate version of himself and, with the Grandmaster destroyed, the Brotherhood's plans are foiled. Roz Forrester's company is transported to Callisto in the ISN Victoria to stage a ground assault on the Emperor's palace. The company sustains heavy casualties and Roz is killed while storming a ground-to-orbit defence station that is targeting the Victoria (So Vile a Sin, the exact date is given on p.292). (MG)

2982 (Aug 30th) - The Emperor, left an empty shell with the destruction of the Grandmaster, finally has his life-support systems turned off. Leabie Susan Inyathi Forrester, fifteenth Baroness of Io, is crowned Empress of Earth's Empire in his stead (So Vile a Sin, this takes place 'two days' later, on p.309). (MG)

2982 (Sept 1st) - The funeral of Colonel Roslyn Sarah Inyathi Forrester takes place on Earth, in Africa's Umtata Reclamation Zone. The Doctor and Chris are among the hundreds of mourners as Roz is buried alongside the bodies of her recently murdered niece and nephew. As Roz's body is lowered into the ground the Doctor suffers a heart attack and collapses. After spending time in the TARDIS infirmary, the Doctor departs with Chris for the twenty-sixth century to visit Bernice Summerfield on Youkali 6 (So Vile a Sin, the exact date is given on p.2/238). (MG)

2983 (Sept 1st) - The Seventh Doctor and Chris make a return visit to Earth to bid a final farewell to Roz who, as part of Xhosa tradition, is believed to have spent the past year visiting everyone she knew in life, saying goodbye to all of them. Also present are Bernice and Jason, who have been brought forward from the twenty-sixth century in the TARDIS (So Vile a Sin, this takes place 'a year' after Roz's burial, on p.310). (MG)

? 2984 - The Third Doctor and Jo visit the war-torn planet Pakha in the Rho system and become involved in a struggle for possession of the Ancient Diadem. The Doctor soon realises the Pakhars are being manipulated by the Diadem, which he believes is inhabited by a wholly malevolent lifeform dedicated to war. Thanks to his intervention the Diadem is lost in a deep ravine and, with its loss, Pakha becomes a peaceful planet (Legacy, no date is given, but the planet has enjoyed 'many hundreds of years' of tranquillity [by 3948] on p.37. The Diadem appears to have been missing for 'thousands of years' on p.112. In Prelude: Legacy (DWM211), the Diadem has been missing for 'many centuries' [in 3984] on p.47). (MG)

? 2986 - (Attack of the Cybermen).

2986 - The Daleks use time-corridor technology to place deep-hibernation units on many planets, including Kar-Charrat. The Dalek units will lie in wait, inhumanly patient, for the time when a Gallifreyan will arrive on the planet, as part of a plan to gain total knowledge in the forty-third century. The hibernation unit on Kar-Charrat will become mistaken for a ziggurat built by a long-dead civilisation (The Genocide Machine, no date is given. This takes place 'one thousand, two hundred and seventy years' earlier [than 4256] on Disc 1, Track 2. Events mentioned on Disc 1, Track 10)

2986 (April 16th) - (Terror of the Vervoids).

2987 - By this time Empress Leabie Forrester has dismantled the Earth Empire wholesale. In its wake new federations and hegemonies begin to spring up. Back on Earth, the remaining inhabitants descend into barbarism and savagery and a lack of food means many turn to cannibalism to survive. Religious cults and would-be-saviours spring up, making sacrifices to the gods who abandoned them (Dependence Day (D4), this takes place 'within five years' of 2982, on p.270). (MG)

2987 (? mid) - Empress Leabie Forrester is devastated to learn her young daughter Gugwani has been killed to prevent her being eaten alive by a roving band of cannibals. Academic Tranlis Difarallio arrives on Earth to complete his life's work, The Gutter to the Stars: A History of the Forrester Family. The alien Cimliss also land on Earth and begin handing out food to the starving, but Leabie discovers they are attempting to acquire the planet by stealth, transforming the inhabitants with a genetic virus hidden in the rations. With her mother's disappearance, eleven-year-old Thandiwe Forrester takes it upon herself to begin rebuilding an empire (Dependence Day (D4), this takes place 'just under five years' of Leabie Forrester becoming Empress, on p.268. In So Vile a Sin, Thandiwe is 'six' years old). (MG)

c 2987 - Due to her having wide experience with all types of alien species, renowned xenologist and bio-astronomer Doctor Aline Vehlmann is chosen to lead a mission to contact a new life-form, which has ignored all attempts to communicate with it. The alien, a higher evolutionary, senses Aline is receptive to it and attempts to mentally bond with her, causing the xenologist to suffer a nervous breakdown resulting in complete xenophobia (Superior Beings, this takes place 'ten years' earlier [than c2997] on p.90). (MG)

2988 - Stefan Vargeld, Marquis of Yquatine, stands against the unpopular President Ignatiev, and wins by a landslide. At the age of twenty-eight, Vargeld becomes the President of the Minerva System. The Doctor, in one of his first seven incarnations, is present at Vargeld's inauguration ceremony during an unrecorded trip to the Minerva System (The Fall of Yquatine, the year is given on p.43, events mentioned on p.106). (MG)

c 2990 - (The Mutants)

2992 (Lannasirn 16th) - Stefan Vargeld, Marquis of Yquatine and President of the Senate of the Minerva System, meets xenobiology student Arielle Markhof at a diplomatic function, and the pair swiftly fall in love (The Fall of Yquatine, the exact date is given on p.16). (MG)

2993 (Jaquaia 1st) - Fitz is brought back in time by about a month and then deserted by Compassion (The Fall of Yquatine, the date is given on p.63, it is 'fifty-eight days' in the past, on p.62). (MG)

2993 (Jaquaia 2nd) - Compassion travels to the planet Beatrix, where an attempt to get a black market surgeon to remove her Randomiser goes horribly wrong. Back on Yquatine Fitz manages to get a job as a barman at Il-Eruk's Tavern, hoping to buy passage off Yquatine before the planet is destroyed (The Fall of Yquatine, Fitz got drunk 'last night' on p.95). (MG)

2993 (early Jaquaia) - Fitz meets Arielle Markhof, fiancée of President Vargeld, for the first time. Unwittingly Fitz convinces her to leave her overbearing partner, and the pair plan to leave for the nearby moon of Muath. Fitz is caught by Vargeld's men and incarcerated in Yquatine's Internment Centre for 'cheating' with the President's lover. Arielle decides to travel to Muath (The Fall of Yquatine, this takes place 'a week or so' later, on p.112). (MG)

2993 (mid Jaquaia) - The Grand Gynarch, leader of the Anthaurks, prepares her people for war despite Compassion's intervention (The Fall of Yquatine, this takes place 'a month' before the fall of Yquatine, on p.131). (MG)

2993 (Lannasirn 11th) - Fitz, still incarcerated for his 'crime', volunteers to work as cheap labour for Powell Industries on the moon of Muath and his name is entered into a lottery to pick the 'lucky' few (The Fall of Yquatine, this takes place 'yesterday' [on the 12th] on p.179, he has been in prison for 'almost a month' on p.175). (MG)

2993 (Lannasirn 12th) - Fitz is shipped to the moon of Muath to be used as cheap prison labour by Powell Industries (The Fall of Yquatine, the date is given on p.175). (MG)

2993 (Lannasirn 15th) - While working on the surface of Muath Fitz witnesses Arielle, completing work on the organic transmitter. Compassion materialises just in the nick of time to save Fitz as the transmitter activates and Omnethoth ships begin entering Yquatine space. The pair flee in a small municipal shuttle and, with Compassion homing in on the Doctor's biodata, head for Alyosius Station on the border of Anthaurk-Yquatine space (The Fall of Yquatine, this takes place on 'the day before Treaty Day' on p.202). (MG)

2993 (Lannasirn 16th) - The Eighth Doctor brings Fitz and Compassion to the planet Yquatine, to buy a Randomiser for his new Type 102 TARDIS. Compassion, panicking, disappears with Fitz, leaving the Doctor and Lou Lombardo, trafficker in black-market time technology, to find their own way off the planet as mysterious black ships arrive and corrosive black gas rains down. The pair, fleeing in an old freighter, eventually find themselves in front of the remains of the Minervan Senate on Aloysius Station. The Doctor travels to Muath with President Vargeld to acquire a sample of the mysterious black gas that has destroyed Yquatine (The Fall of Yquatine, it is 'the centenary' of Treaty Day, on p.25). (MG)

2993 (Lannasirn 17th) - The Doctor learns that the black gas is, in fact, an ancient sentient weapon called the Omnethoth. The Doctor believes he can reprogram the Omnethoth's DNA to make them a force for good in the universe but the Anthaurk, seeing a means to become masters of the Minerva System, attempt to obtain the weapon for themselves. A small municipal shuttle drifts in shortly before an Anthaurk assault on Aloysius Station takes place, and Compassion employs her chameleon circuit to avert a second major war in the Minerva System (The Fall of Yquatine, the date is given on p.150). (MG)

2993 (2000 Jan 1st) - A group of humans from Earth in the year 1965 are brought to an airless planetoid by an alien known only as the Maker. The people, believing that they are on Earth in the year 2000, become the inhabitants of an isolated futuristic city, believing the rest of humanity has been wiped out in a nuclear war (The Space Age, this takes place 'nineteen years' earlier [than 3012/2019] on p.120/152/165. The date 'January the first' [2000] is given on p.66). (MG)

c 2997 - (The Sorcerer's Apprentice). (MG/II)

2997 - The wife of Metcalf, future Executive of the Beautiful Death experience, runs off with a holophotographer, taking the couple's two young children with her (Festival of Death, this takes place 'fifteen years' earlier [than 3012] on p.15). (MG)

c 2997 - The Fifth Doctor and Peri arrive on a pleasure-planetoid inhabited by members of a hedonistic, technocratic race known as the Eknuri and the Time Lord meets retired xenologist Aline Vehlmann, who is busy researching a thesis on the highly advanced race for the Hamilton Smith Institute. Shortly after the Doctor's arrival a huge skirmisher vessel belonging to the Valethske darkens the sky and the ferocious vulpine hunters spread out, killing and eating most of the Eknuri. While the Doctor and Aline manage to escape a similar fate, Peri and several other Eknuri are captured and taken up to the Valethske mothership while the fox-like aliens re-enter cryogenic sleep on their Great Mission to find the homeworld of their Gods. Reaching the TARDIS with Aline, the Doctor pinpoints the mothership's destination to a solar system one hundred and thirty light years distant - a journey that will take the Valethske more than a century to make. Intent on rescuing Peri, the Doctor pilots the TARDIS one hundred years into the future (Superior Beings, this takes place 'over a century' earlier [than c3101] on p.63). (MG)

? c 3000 - The Gods of Ragnarok abandon the Land of Fiction due to lack of interest, but do not bother returning the current Master of the Land (Conundrum, no date on p.229, assumed from The Mind Robber). (CW)

c 3000 - The Foamasi wage war for the last time against a common foe (Placebo Effect p.236).They begin gaining in power and political sophistication. Over the next thousand years, they will become feared throughout the galaxy (Placebo Effect p.11). (MG/II)

c 3000 - (The Ice Warriors. In The Dark Path, the events in Brittanicus Ice Base, and the Doctor's involvement, are included on file at the Darkheart colony, on p.63/164). (MG)

c 3000 - An Imperial Navy expeditionary force consisting of the flagship Pendragon, escorted by the cruisers Tigris and Donau, and the destroyers Foxhound and Jaguar depart on a mission to find alien technology that can help sustain the dying Empire. The Imperialists will stumble across a world they will name Darkheart, and will immediately begin to terraform it (The Dark Path, no date is given, but the ships are sent out at 'the turn of the thirty-first century' on p.22). (MG)