Historical Timeline
COLONISATION (2101 - 2500 AD)

2101 - Benedict Summerfield is arrested, by this time having murdered sixty-three people, mostly politicians, and become known as 'the Hyena'. After his execution the lawyers discover that his ID information has been fiddled at least twice, so his forebears could be fiction… (Dead Romance p.202-203, this occurs when he is 'twenty-five'). (CW)

c 2102 - By this time the discod format, the perfect digital reproduction of sound unparalleled in the history of recorded music, has been created. It is around this period that headster music is popular, and the most influential band of this type, Zagrat, record their seminal Sheer Event Shift, little realising the discod's tracks relate the exact location of the mythical planet Sakkrat. Within a decade early recordings by Zagrat and Deep Space will be among the rarest discods in the Inner Planets (The Highest Science, discods are being produced 'about ten years' earlier [than 2112] on p.95. Events mentioned on p.47/90). (MG)

c 2104 - After a period of centuries, the ocean-dwelling inhabitants of the planet Ockora rise up against their Kalarian oppressors. Their leader, the Great Mother, orders the building of a 'great workshop' to design exoskeletal battlesuits. The Ockorans undergo horrendous surgical procedures to fit into their fearsome armour and, in the midst of a major culling festival, they rise from the sea to exact their revenge. The Ockoran warriors, renaming themselves 'Selachians', reclaim their world and, within a year, they conquer four neighbouring worlds, including Kalaya and Molinar (The Final Sanction, no date is given but it is 'almost a century' earlier than 2204, on p.40, events mentioned on p.40-1). To ensure history doesn't repeat itself the Selachians become ruthless arms-dealers, trading for more and more devastating weaponry. At some point they test their sun-stroker on a Martian colony after they refuse to sell weapons to the Selachians (The Final Sanction, events mentioned on p.175). (MG)

2106 - The Ozone Purge takes place on Earth. It is during the Purge that sheep become extinct (Lucifer Rising, the year is given on p.100). (MG)

2106 - Jubilation Summerfield dies (Dead Romance p.201). (CW)

2107 - The EB Corporation is founded when two relatively small trading organisations, the Eurogen Company (specialising in genetics and research and development of improved crop and livestock strains) and the Butler Institute (specialising in artificial intelligence and weather systems) merge to take full advantage of planetary colonisation. The EB Corporation will eventually be renamed the Spinward Corporation (Deceit, the year is given on p.27). (MG)

2107 - The Great Cock Up, in which humanity loses most of western literature, occurs. Fortunately, a complete run of X-Men comics is salvaged from the catastrophe (Digging Up the Past (TDMD), the year is given on p.201). Twentieth century literature (especially if it is printed on paper) will become extremely valuable by the late twenty-fourth century (The Dimension Riders, no date is given on p.188). (MG/CW)

=2108 (Jan 1st) - The Eighth Doctor arrives on Earth to discover time has been interfered with, and the planet is now called Paratractis (Genocide, the exact date is given on p30). The I gestalt, transporting a time tree from Hirath to Tractis, may have caused this alternate timeline (Seeing I p.230). (II/MM)

2108 (July) - The Third Doctor makes a trip to the Oxford Street sales where he purchases, among other items, a pen-sized Xavier Eugene Microscope (Speed of Flight, the date is given on p.38). (MG)

c 2110 - A teenage Kadiatu Lethbridge-Stewart takes apart her favourite talking doll, the one which came with sixty-eight programmable African languages and realistic braidable hair, curious to see how it works (The Also People, this takes place when Kadiatu is 'thirteen' on p.142). (MG)

? c 2110 - The terraforming of Mars begins, the gretest human endavour of the century and the greatest engineering project since the building of the pyramids, so that by 2595, there will be two oceans, with the Borealis in the north being a vast freshwater sea feeding the canal network and supplying the entire planet with its water. Ant-released carbon dioxide thickens the atmosphere, helping to retain the sun's heat, sustaining the forests (Beige Planet Mars p.8, no date given, assumed from the date below referring to a breathable atmosphere). (CW)

? c 2110 - Two major spaceports, Carter in the South and Ransom in the north are built on Mars (Beige Planet Mars p.8). (CW)

? c 2110 - From the earliest days of colonisation it becomes clear that most humans live longer on Mars than if on Earth due to the low gravity, the pure dry processed air, and the regulated climate (Beige Planet Mars p.10). (CW)

? c2110 - ?c2140 - The first few decades of the colonisation of Mars are characterised by youthful dynamism as the very best of the scientific and academic communities on Earth come to Mars to forge their utopia funded by the big aerospace and information technology companies. For a generation Mars is a huge Californian-style campus, a place for fifth-generation hippies and fourth-generation net.utopians to build a society based on faith in the future (Beige Planet Mars p.15). (CW)

c 2110 - By this time the fledgling colony world of Agora has an atmosphere which will be breathable without the aid of filters. The world, free from birth restrictions and space allocations, is ready for tourism and emigration (Killing Ground, this takes place 'within the decade' of 2100, on p.3). (MG)

2112 - The first of the EB Corporation's warpships is commissioned (Deceit, the year is given on p.28). (MG)

2112 - A week before the annual Inner Planets Music Festival on Evertrin a group of four freaksters, Sendei, Rodomonte Van Charles, Jab Molassi and Hugo, become involved in a drunken brawl on the planet Exalfa. When they learn Molassi has injured someone with a knife, Hugo decides to go to the police, and the other three flee, bribing a transmat port operator to send them to the space docks, where they find passage to the Festival on a grain hopper. Having arrived on Evertrin, the three are caught up in a random Fortean flicker on the eve of the Festival and transported to the planet Hogsumm in the year 2680 (The Highest Science, the barroom brawl takes place a 'week before the Festival' on p.100. The freaksters are caught in the flicker 'the night before' the Festival, on p.20). (MG)

2112 - The planet Evertrin hosts the annual Inner Planets Music Festival, colloquially known as Ragasteen. This year's line-up includes some of the most popular freakster bands such as M'Troth, the Great Mothers of Matra, Is Your Baby a God and Televised Instant Death (The Highest Science, the year is given on p.2. Events mentioned on p.66). (MG)

2113 - William Hon Yuen Yong, leader of the Chapter of Saint Anthony, is born during the long space journey in the Chapter's vast cathedral-like mothership (St Anthony's Fire, he is 'thirty-five years' old in 2148, on p.146). (MG)

2113 (Oct 3rd) - Daphne McAllister is born (The Murder Game, the exact date is given on p.89).

2115 - Earth discovers universal concrete (The Face-Eater p.40). (MG)

2115 - A human expedition to the vast underground Martian city of Ikk-ett-Saleth, the City of the Sad Ones, finds the place deserted (GodEngine, the year is given on p.73). (MG)

2116 - (Nightmare of Eden)

2116 - Kadiatu buries her deceased step-father Yembe under a Douglas fir next to his wife at the memorial forest at Achebe Gorge on Mars, among the 450,000 other war dead (Transit, this takes place 'three years' earlier [than 2119] on p.157). (MG)

? c 2116 - The Western Alliance banks foreclose on Earth (The Face-Eater p.21).(MG)

2217 - The Mineral Exploitation Act is passed (The Romance of Crime, the year is given on p.8). (MG)

? 2119 - (The Space Pirates)

c 2119 - By now Mars has a breathable atmosphere (Transit, events mentioned on p.126). (MG)

c 2119 - By this time the Veterans Society is more feared than the triads, Cosa Nostra and Yardies (Transit, events mentioned on p.71). (MG)

c 2119 - The KGB, headquartered at the Nueva Lubyanka, is respected as the world's oldest and best security firm despite tough competition from classier firms like Ninja Machanix (Transit, events mentioned on p.26/54/202). (MG)

2119 (Constitution Day) - The Doctor and Bernice arrive at King's Cross station just as the new Transit station, the Stella Tunnel between Sol and Arcturus II, is due to be opened by the President of the Union of Solar Republics. An unknown something bursts through the gateway, catapulting Bernice and the TARDIS to the very end of the line on Pluto and killing the President's retinue while the Doctor manages to rescue Kadiatu Lethbridge-Stewart from a similar fate. The invader, actually hostile software from another dimension, begins to capture and modify people into razvedka intelligence-gathering assets. On Pluto, Bernice meets prostitute Zamina at Lowell Depot (Transit, no date is given. It is 'thirty years' after the Thousand Days' War [2086-89]. It appears to be 'four hundred years' earlier than Bernice's native time [2570] on p.255. It is 'Constitution Day' on p.18. In GodEngine, the year is given as '2109' on p.1). (MG)

2119 - The Doctor and Kadiatu travel to Pluto in their search for Bernice, only to arrive in the aftermath of a riot where many civilians have been killed by the police. Locating the TARDIS in the razvedka headquarters, the Doctor discovers that Bernice has been taken over by the hostile intelligence. Returning to Smithwood Manor in Kent, the Doctor manages to jury-rig a transmitter and makes contact with the STS when he learns the system has evolved its own intelligence (Transit, the President died 'yesterday' on p.66). (MG)

2119 - The Doctor travels up the line to the Arcturus Terminal to confront the invading virus software, where he releases the TARDIS's entire artron energy reserve to force it back into its own dimension. Entering the software's home dimension, the Doctor engages the ruling program in a battle of wits to rescue Bernice and to ensure the invading software stays in its own dimension (Transit, it is 'daylight' on p.151). (MG)

2119 - The Seventh Doctor walks unchallenged into Luna's Stone Mountain archive, which houses the entire sum of human knowledge. Threatening the security software with disclosure of its sentience to the paranoid human race, the Doctor gets certain historical records erased, much of it pertaining to the latter part of the twentieth century. The Doctor then advises the software to give itself a nice unthreatening name and as a result it christens itself FLORANCE. FLORANCE then hires lawyers and issue a restraining order against the government under the civil rights convention (Transit, events mentioned on p.249-250, p.257). The Doctor has taken the action of removing records of him to prevent others from tracking his movements from media reports (Head Games, [in 2001] the Doctor's destruction of records about himself will occur in 'a century or so'). (MM/CW)

2119 - On the Seventh Doctor's advice, Samuel Robert Garvey Moore of the Second Battalion Third Brigade of the United Nations Armed Forces, travels to Mars. At Arsia Mons the ageing veteran of the Thousand Days' War breaks an ancient Japanese katana across his knee and says 'I come in peace,' burying old grievances with the Martians (Transit, this takes place 'thirty years' after the Hundred Days' War [2086-2089] on p.190. Events mentioned on p.252-3. In GodEngine, the year is given as '2109' on p.1. In So Vile a Sin, the year is incorrectly given as '2010' on p.140). (MG)

c 2120 - Now classed as a Sentient Citizen, FLORANCE's story is told in My Life as a Self-Referential Bioware Operating System Who Got Wise (Sky Pirates!, no date is given on p.80). (MG)

2120 - The various Martian castes debate whether or not to make peace with Earth (GodEngine, the year is given as '2110' on p.2. This event occurs one year after the events in Transit). (MG)

? c 2120 - The World Civilian Police Corps is formed on Earth (The Face-Eater p.14). (MG)

2122 - By this time Kadiatu has graduated and risen through the ranks to the position of chief science officer onboard the Butterfly's Wing, a Harare Power Systems-owned orbiting research facility. Ensuring that the station's two hundred and eighty six personnel have been evacuated, Kadiatu instructs the facility's power plant to self-destruct so that she can derive enough energy to send her prototype time vessel, fashioned out of a modified cargo shuttle, on its first journey (Transit, this appears to take place 'three years' later [than 2119] on p.260). (MG)

? 2122 - Distinguished xenoanthropologist Professor Joan Betts begins a three-year research of the Sea Devils, piecing together details of the ancient culture while poking around in the old Sea Devil base (The Face-Eater p.101). (MG)

? 2125 - Distinguished xenoanthropologist Professor Joan Betts publishes the award-winning volume The Life and Customs of the Marine Saurians (The Face-Eater p.101). (MG)

? 2125 - San Francisco still exists in some form (The Face-Eater p.79/83). (MM/II)

c 2126 - The Oceanic-Nippon Bloc is speculated to be developing interstellar flight around this time (The Face-Eater p.46). (MM/II)

2126 - The first prototype supralight vessel New Horizon, carrying over five thousand people, departs Earth for Proxima 2 to set up man's first colony outside the solar system (The Face-Eater p.40). (MG)

c 2126 - By this time, medical supplies in human equipment still carry the characteristic Red Cross, and include emergency blood transfusion kits (The Eight Doctors p.111, the box of medical supplies from the Hydrax is marked with it on p.142). (CW)

c 2126 - The InterSpace Incorporated scientific vessel Hydrax, with a crew compliment of two hundred and forty-three, leaves Earth on an exploratory mission to Beta Two. The Hydrax never makes it, vanishing into thin air (Lucifer Rising, this takes place 'thirty years' earlier [than 2156] on p.59). (MG)

c 2126 - The scientific vessel Hydrax is dragged into E-Space by the dormant Great Vampire's mental powers. The Great Vampire corrupts the ship's crew and they become vampires themselves, ruling over the nearby village and surrounding countryside. The Hydrax is internally stripped by the vampires, removing all the engines, computers, stores, supplies and all communications equipment, abandoning it deep in the forest. The Three Who Rule begin to drain the blood of the peasants who serve them, while also feeding their buried master (Blood Harvest, no date given, events mentioned on p.210, p.207, The Eight Doctors, events on p.108-109, no date given. In Lucifer Rising, the Hydrax vanishes 'thirty years' earlier [than 2156] on p.59). (MM/CW)

c 2126 - Over the long years the Hydrax will become known as the Tower, and from this evil centre of the vampire planet in E-Space the Three Who Rule begin spreading the vampire strain all over the land, with the village at its centre. Visitors will come to the Tower from far and wide, stay for a time, then, after the Three's taking of the chosen's blood over many nights until the brink of death, return home - changed. These converts will then go on to change others, so that eventually, in very town and city, in the blood of every noble family on the planet, vampires will be waiting. The Three will use their powers to crush the peasants, and all science and technology is outlawed, keeping their subjects in a dark age of ignorance and plunging the world into an age of darkness (Blood Harvest, events mentioned on p.210/207, The Eight Doctors, events on p.108-126). (MM/CW)

2127 - Records exist proving that 'The Doctor' has been recruited in Albania as a GMC security consultant, seconded from UNIT after the peacekeeping force is disbanded (The Face-Eater p.54). (MG)

2128 - The New Horizon reaches Proxima 2 and the colonists commence building Proxima City (The Face-Eater p.0). (MG)

2230 - Humanity reaches the fourteen-planet Uva Beta Uva system located near the centre of Mutter's Spiral. Discovering that the fifth planet is capable of supporting life, a terraforming operation is started. Within a few years the first settlers arrive and rename the world as New Earth and declare their independence from Earth Government. Shortly afterwards the settlers find their legal rights rescinded under a sub-clause of the Mineral Exploitation Act when a precious mineral, belzite, is found in abundance on Uva Beta Uva Three (The Romance of Crime, the year is given on p.47. This takes place 'one hundred and fifty years' earlier [than c2380] on p.8, and 'almost two hundred years' earlier, on p.128. Events mentioned on p.7-8). (MG)

2130 - The planet Vulcan vanishes, although no records exist to explain how this occurred by the time of the Galactic Federation (The Taking of Planet 5 p.15). (MM/II)

2130 (Aug 17th) - On Proxima 2 a second-stage geological survey unwittingly awakens the Proximan Centraliser (The Face-Eater p.129). (MG)

2130 (Sept) - Jacob Leary, a geological assistant to Professor Arnold Coors, is prime suspect for the Face-Eater murders on Proxima 2 (The Face-Eater p.215). (MG)

2130 (? Nov) -The Eighth Doctor and Sam arrive on Proxima 2 prior to riots breaking out as colonists panic over the Face-Eater murders. The true cause of the murders is shut down with a little help from the Doctor ...leading to the eventual decline of the original Proximan civilisation (The Face-Eater p.24/215). (MM/II)

2133 - A religious war between the reptilian Ismetch and the Cutch breaks out on the planet Betrushia (St Anthony's Fire, this takes place 'fifteen years' earlier [than 2148] on p.9/15). (MG)

2134 (Summer) - The Eighth Doctor, Sam and Fitz arrive in London, travelling forward in time from 1963 to ensure Earth is free of the Beast infestation (The Taint p.273). (MM/II)

2135 - On the jungle world Betrushia, a young Ismetch called Grek joins the war effort against the Cutch (St Anthony's Fire, this takes place 'thirteen years' earlier [than 2148] on p.9). (MG)

c 2136 - There is a European government around this time (The Murder Game, events mentioned on p.116). (MG)

c 2136 - The Terran Security Forces (TSF) have been formed by this date (The Murder Game, events mentioned on p.246). (MG)

c 2136 - The First Galactic Treaty has been signed by this date (The Murder Game, events mentioned on p.246). (MG)

? 2136 - The government of Terra Alpha has had a falling out with the Selachian Empire by this date (The Murder Game, events mentioned on p.259).(MG)

c 2136 - A pair of scientists working in weapons research and development for a covert organisation develop an assassin program, software which can make any computer system track down and kill any selected victim (The Murder Game, events mentioned on p.137-8/212-3). (MG)

2136 (? early) -The TARDIS, in response to a distress call, deposits the Second Doctor, Ben and Polly onboard the Hotel Galaxian, an aged space station in Earth orbit. It is not long before the Doctor stumbles on a plot by two research scientists to sell their secret weapon to the warlike Selachian Empire. The elderly space station breaks up in Earth's atmosphere (The Murder Game, the year is given on p.12, and Halloween was 'some months ago' on p.18). (MM/II)

2136 - The second colony wave is expected to arrive on Proxima 2 (The Face-Eater p.34). (MG)

2137 - The anti-pollution laws are repealed on Earth, with devastating consequences (Lucifer Rising, this takes place 'three years' before 2140, on p.84). (MG)

2137 - Verbal Non-Communication, by Vyse Plaquet and Hughes Frost, is published (Theatre of War, the year is given on p.149/303). (MG)

? 2138 - The civil war between the Ismetch and the Cutch continues on the planet Betrushia. Young Portrone Grek's squadron takes part in the massacre of Cutch forces at the Battle of Dalurida Bridge (Prelude: St Anthony's Fire (DWM217), no date is given. In St Anthony's Fire, no date is given, but this takes place 'in the early years of the war [beginning in 2133] on p.77). (MG)

2139 - The warrant card for an American policeman in Kansas, who will eventually become a Roboman during the Daleks' occupation, is issued (The Mutant Phase Disc 1 Track 3). (CW)

2140 - An American subsidiary of Panorama Chemicals is able to get away with filling the Carlsbad Caverns with plastic waste due to the repeal of the Earth's anti-pollution laws (Lucifer Rising, the year is given on p.84). (MG)

2142 - The Eurogen Butler (EB) Corporation arrives on Dimetos, wanting to plunder the mineral wealth of the planet. The native Dimetans, refusing to leave, are eradicated when the Bantu Cooperative, formerly the Bantu Independence Group, are called in. Assan, the last Dimetan, is taken by the Cooperative and, altered at a genetic level, transformed into a living weapon (Another Girl, Another Planet p.34/217).(MG)

c 2144 - Temm Sempiter born (Frontier Worlds, p.126) (II)

c 2144 - The village of Ozette, once preserved as a national enclave, is abandoned due to the chemical spillage from a vast factory complex further along the north-west coast of British Columbia (Prelude: Lucifer Rising (DWM199), this takes place 'two years' earlier [than Paula being eight] on p.48). (MG)

2145 - The game of cricket is probably still a popular sport during this period, as cricket cards are being manufactured at this time (The Sword of Forever, the year is given on p.66). (MG)

2145 - David Campbell, future Dalek resistance fighter and husband of Susan Foreman, is born in England (Legacy of the Daleks p.15). (MM/II)

c 2146 - Miles Engado and his young daughter Paula travel to the polluted remains of the village of Ozette on the Olympic Peninsula Bay to conduct a traditional American Indian ceremony (Prelude: Lucifer Rising (DWM199), this takes place when Paula is 'eight' on p.48. In Lucifer Rising, Paul is almost 'eighteen' [in 2156] on p.16). (MG)

2146 - The American economy collapses and food riots break out across the country, leaving millions of people desperate enough to turn to cannibalism to survive (Lucifer Rising, this takes place in 'forty-six' on p.158). (MG)

2146 (mid) - The Dalek Supreme Council becomes concerned about the rapid growth of the Earth Alliance, believing it to be a threat to their own empire. The Daleks will observe the fledgling Alliance for the next decade before launching a series of seemingly random attacks on the outer colonies (GodEngine, this takes place '10.6 human years' earlier than the Dalek invasion [in early 2157] on p.107). (MG)

? 2146 - A civil war erupts on the planet Delcanto. At some point a diplomatic mission from neighbouring world Callicial is hijacked by a group of extreme Divisionists who film the execution of three of the diplomats onboard. The diplomat Mrrct'llz, one of a race of bodiless energy creatures known as the Brv'cllnz, finds himself trapped within the celluloid, reliving his death every time the movie is viewed. Mrrct'llz will eventually be freed from his living nightmare by Bernice Summerfield and Irving Braxiatel in the year 2600 (The Light that Never Dies (TDMD), no date is given other than 'in the 2140s' on p.63. Arbitrarily dated to a decade before the completion of the documentary And The Sky Turned Blood Red in 2156). (MG)

2146 - The little town of Jurrula is destroyed in a heavy Cutch bombardment during the civil war on the planet Betrushia (St Anthony's Fire, this takes place 'two years' earlier [than 2148] on p.77). (MG)

2147 - Between one hundred and two hundred and fifty miners are killed when a pit shaft collapses on Dimetos, due to the EB Corporation's disregard of safety regulations (Another Girl, Another Planet p.34). (MG)

c 2147 - The Martian Axis, a group of humans who believe in peaceful coexistence with the Ice Warriors, springs up on Mars. A UN peacekeeping force is sent to the red planet when the Axis turns to acts of terrorism, such as the bombing of Coventry (GodEngine, this takes place 'about ten years' earlier [than May 2157] on p.168). (MG)

c 2147 - Klenton Dewfurth born (Frontier Worlds, p.75). Around this time, the first 3D cameras are developed. (II)

c 2148 - By this time the New Dutch Republic has been founded on Earth (St Anthony's Fire, events mentioned on p.259). (MG)

2148 - Wanting some time to herself, Ace is left behind on the planet Massatoris, the eleventh colony of the Shovoran Empire, while the Doctor and Bernice visit neighbouring Betrushia. Unfortunately, the evangelical Chapter of Saint Anthony arrives on Massatoris shortly afterwards, selecting a few suitable converts including Ace, while culling the rest of the planet's population (St Anthony's Fire, events mentioned on p.184). (MG)

2148 - The Seventh Doctor and Bernice travel to the nearby planet of Betrushia, only to arrive in the middle of the religious war between the reptilian Ismetch and Cutch. The Chapter of Saint Anthony turns up in a vast mothership and sets about purifying the Betrushians - by killing them. The Betrushians join forces and capture the Chapter's ship, intending to leave their homeworld before it is destroyed. The Doctor learns the Rings of Betrushia are artificial, intended to keep the mythical Keth at bay and uses the ship's power to banish it. The Betrushian survivors relocate to neighbouring Massatoris (St Anthony's Fire, the year is given on p.39. It is 'two weeks' since Ace is left on Massatoris, on p.39). (MG)

2149 - A riot and general strike on Dimetos is ruthlessly quelled by the EB Corporation (Another Girl, Another Planet p.35). (MG)

c 2149 - Sempiter's father is diagnosed with paldanquinous aetuldeteriorosis, a fast-developing hereditary progressive chronic disorder of the nervous system, which will eventually kill him. (Frontier Worlds, p.124/127) (MM/II)

2150 - Having been accepted as a member of Project Eden, Piper O'Rourke is soon contacted by IMC, who inform her that traces of the Hydrax (on which her husband Ben was serving when it vanished) have been found. Piper will eventually be blackmailed by IMC into betraying her team members and sabotaging the Project (Lucifer Rising, this takes place 'six years' earlier [than 2156] on p.272). (MG)

? 2150 - As public justice and policing grows erratic on far-flung colony worlds, the Pinkerton Intergalactic Agency follows man out into the stars to meet the increasing demand for private justice. In their centuries of existence, the 'Pinks' will acquire legendary status as the stars of innumerable holovid series - whatever the obstacles whatever the odds, they will always get their sentient life-form. The agents of interplanetary justice, seemingly invisible and invincible, will acquire the byname The Eye That Never Sleeps (Shakedown, no date is given. Pinkerton Intergalactic 'soon' follows man to the stars, on p.34. Arbitrarily dated to fifty years after the initiation of Earth's Century Programme [2100]). (MG)

c 2150 - A mining colony has been established on the ice world of Salomon by this time. The planet is discovered accidentally when a science ship's hyperdrive misjumps, and the crew are marooned for three years before a rescue ship arrives. Electing to stay, the scientists establish a viable colony and within a century the planet will become energy self-sufficient. Eventually the warranted labour system will be introduced by the ruling Scientifica, turning the human agricultural workers into nothing more than slaves (Cold Fusion, no date is given other than 'the mid-twenty-second century' on p.3, events mentioned on p.72-4). (MG)

? c 2150 - The second generation of Martian colonists build a string of mile-high geothermal power towers to thaw the polar ice caps, reclaim the ancient canals, plant great forests on the shore and around the cities. Two oceans are made at each pole (Beige Planet Mars p.8, no date). (CW)

c 2150 - Wayne Redfern, who will be vilified as the man who destroyed the planet Ockora, is born (The Final Sanction, he is approximately 'seventeen years old' in 2167, on p.282). (MG)

? 2150 - Shuttle pilot Theresa Forrester is present when a student dies during a training mission at Triton Pilot School. Although a malfunction is to blame for the student's death, Forrester is shunned by her family. Disgraced, Forrester ends up taking a job at the remote Halfway There way station soon after her graduation ceremony on Triton (No One Goes to Halfway There (D4), no date is given, but this takes place 'five years' earlier [than ?2155] on p.30/37). (MG)

? 2151 - Bob Magwamba is employed as second shuttle pilot at Halfway There station (No One Goes to Halfway There (D4), no date is given, but this takes place 'one year' after Theresa Forrester arrives on the station [in ?2150] on p.38). (MG)

2151 - Earth begins work on Project Eden, a desperate attempt to harness energy from the heavy metals of the planets of the Lucifer system. A small scientific research expedition sets up base on Belial, one of the moons of the gas-giant Lucifer (Lucifer Rising, this takes place 'five years' earlier [than 2156] on p.15). (MG)

2151 - The EB Corporation leaves Dimetos. A colony of miners and other officials remain behind after leaving the employ of EB, in an attempt to make a new life for themselves (Another Girl, Another Planet p.35).(MG)

2152 - Benjamin Michael Taggart, father of Grant Markham, is born on the colony world Agora (Killing Ground, he is 'twenty-six' years old in 2178, on p.109). (MG)

c 2152 - The Earth government grudgingly funds a small Transit research complex with the aim of developing subspace technology on Charon, the moon of distant Pluto (GodEngine, this takes place 'about five years' earlier [than May 2157] on p.15). (MG)

? 2152 - Halfway There, the way station for outward-bound explorers and colony ships, is attacked by a hostile alien probe. The testing of the Overlight project, a revolutionary way of sending transmissions to distant colonies, comes to a premature halt and the research team are mercilessly killed by the intruder (No One Goes to Halfway There (D4), no date is given, but Theresa Forrester's brother is the 'director of the Charon Project' on p.42. In GodEngine, the Charon Project is destroyed by the Daleks in 2157). (MG)

2152 (Dec) - The Montreal monorail system is bombed during rush-hour by the Martian Axis terrorist group. Three hundred and ten trains are derailed by a series of small fusion bombs, resulting in many casualties. The wife and children of Antony McGuire, an IMC psychometric assessor, are killed in the attack while doing their Christmas shopping (GodEngine, this takes place 'five years' earlier [than May 2157] on p.193. Events mentioned on p.98). (MG)

2154 - The Project Eden team eventually work out the operations of the Bridge linking Belial and Moloch, although they are incorrect in assuming it is a transport system. It is an advanced alien accumulator, able to extract the energy from the variations in magnetic potential that the two moons pass through (Lucifer Rising, this takes place 'two years' earlier [than 2156] on p.21). (MG)

2154 - The Doctor, in his first or second incarnation, flies an ancient Spitfire during an unrecorded trip to the twenty-second century (Last of the Gaderene, the year is given on p.246). (MM/II)

2154 - By this time Antony McGuire has become a Vraxoin addict to help cope with the loss of his family during a Martian Axis bombing. After losing his job at IMC, McGuire is given the opportunity to start a new life in Jacksonville, a human settlement on Mars (GodEngine, he has been on Mars for 'three years' by 2157, on p.194). (MG)

? 2155 - Michael Anders, a disillusioned ex-member of the Martian Axis, travels to Cluut-ett-Pictar, a Martian outpost in the Rataculan system. Joining the Ice Warriors, Anders helps to defend their nest against an Arcturan strike-force (GodEngine, no date is given, although it must take place sometime between 2153-2157. Events mentioned on p.169). (MG)



2156 (early) - The human colonies in the Arcturus sector are targeted by the mysterious Black Fleet. Over the coming months at least five Arcturan colonies will be devastated, leaving billions of human settlers dead (Lucifer Rising, this takes place at 'the beginning of the year' on p.56). (MG)

2156 - The asset-stripping of InterSpace Incorporated takes place. IMC Shock Troopers Zed-bomb the company's headquarters in Tokyo, allowing Corporate lawyers to go in under their covering fire to deliver the paperwork (Lucifer Rising, this is said to take place 'back in fifty-six' on p.195). (MG)

c 2156 - By this time digital porn-star Layla Field, one of the first synthespians, has reinvented herself as a respectable businesswoman. Her company, Field Enterprises Inc, buys up all the copies of the games to bury her less-than-respectable past (Digging Up the Past (TDMD), no date is given, but it is 'almost two hundred years' after the twentieth-century, on p.211. It is sometime in 'the twenty-second century', before 'most of the records from that time are lost' on p.210. Presumably this takes place sometime before The Dalek Invasion of Earth occurs). (MG)

2156 - The events of the civil war on Delcanto are captured in the documentary film And The Sky Turned Blood Red, named after a poem by Emelia Madison. Incorporating interviews and surveys after the event as well as contemporary footage, the controversial film is suppressed soon after release. The Braxiatel Collection will eventually house the one possible surviving copy of the film (The Light that Never Dies (TDMD), the year is given on p.63). (MG)

2156 (mid) - Supreme Grand Marshal Falaxyr, one of the last surviving members of the Martian Eight-Point Table, contacts the Daleks for the first time, offering them the GodEngine, a plasma gun powerful enough to incinerate planets and to turn stars nova, in return for Ice Warrior sovereignty of Mars (GodEngine, this takes place 'a year' earlier [than May 2157] on p.123. Events mentioned on p.107-8). (MG)

2156 (Nov) - An Earth Embassy is opened on Alpha Centauri Five (Lucifer Rising, no date given, events mentioned on p.57). (MG)

2156 (Nov) - From the Earth Central Complex in Damascus, the President denies rumours of the unidentified Black Fleet massing around Epsilon Eridani, homeworld of the seven-dimensional Legion, and the Earth Alliance of Corporations rejects a call for the planet to be put on a war footing. Meanwhile, reports filter in of outbreaks of a mysterious virus, killing millions, in the barrios of Brazilia, Los Angeles and Tycho City - Dalek biological warfare drones have begun seeding the planet with diseases to weaken any resistance (Lucifer Rising, events mentioned on p.56-7/172).

2156 (Nov) - (Lucifer Rising, no date is given, but this takes place when Sifranos is attacked by the Black Fleet, on p.56. The date seems to be given as '19.11.2154' on p.30). (MG)

? 2156 - The mysterious Black Fleet obliterates fifteen far-distant colonies, including Sifranos, where a billion colonists are exterminated (GodEngine p.3/4). (MG)

c 2156 - The Daleks target Earth, starting by seeding a great plague from space. After the plagues the backbone of the entire world's countries has gone, and there is no longer a enough people to keep more than the barest necessities going. (Legacy of the Daleks p.2, this occurs 'when the Daleks invaded'. In Lucifer Rising p.56-7/172, events are mentioned in this year). (CW).

2156 (Dec) - On Mars, Abbot Abrasaar of the Holy Order of Oras at the Jull-ett-eskul Seminary begins a pilgrimage to the planet's North Pole to renounce the Martian warrior ethic. The journey will end with the ceremonial breaking of the Sword of Tuburr (GodEngine, this takes place 'six months' earlier [than May 2157] on p.39/176). (MG)

c 2157 - By this time Earth's Colonial Marines have seen action during a series of civil wars on the Outer Planets and colonial struggles in the Arcturus system (GodEngine, events mentioned on p.18). (MG)

c 2157 - By this time there are only two human colonies on Mars - Jacksonville and Arcadia Planitia (GodEngine, mentioned on p.12). (MG)

c 2157 - By this time mankind has invented the simularity, a primitive holographic system (GodEngine, mentioned on p.48). (MG)

c 2157 - By this time the genetic engineering of rape has become very popular in the USA, particularly in Kansas, where there is a problem of caterpillars. The genetically modified rape releases a chemical that agitates the ichneumon wasp, a wasp that lays its eggs in its prey. The wasps, now 'guarding' the crops, kill large amounts of caterpillars. With the increase of wasps and the decrease of caterpillars, the wasps soon become very aggressive... (The Mutant Phase Disc 2 Track 8). (CW)

c 2157 - (Lucifer Rising)

2157 (early) - Void Station Cassius, Earth's two-man early warning base orbiting the planet of the same name, is destroyed as the Daleks' Black Fleet enters the solar system (GodEngine, the year is given on p.3. In Killing Ground, the Dalek assault is also dated as '2157' on p.48, in Return of the Living Dad [in 1983] the Dalek assault is in 'just under two hundred years' time, on p.241-242, and dated as '2154'). (MM/CW)

? 2157 - As the Daleks target Earth, the TSF are swiftly defeated (The Final Sanction, events mentioned on p.75). New York is destroyed (Salvation p.58) and many American citizens are evacuated to Canada (The Final Sanction, events mentioned on p.178). A supersaucer lands in Luton, crushing the city beneath it (GodEngine, mentioned on p.107). (MG)

2157 (Feb) - While monitoring the inner planets in an attempt to analyse the plans of the Daleks, the Bureau of Adjudicators on Oberon detects mysterious subspace emissions from the Martian North Pole. Professor Gregory Ketch, an expert in subspace technology, continues his research into beating the Dalek blockade (GodEngine, this takes place 'three months' earlier [than May] on p.161). (MG)

c 2157 - The Daleks parade across the Houses of Parliament and Westminster Bridge to send a message to the world: London has fallen (Head Games p.157, [in 2001] this is in 'two centuries hence'). (CW)

c 2157 - By this time the Daleks have complete control over Earth, and though there are still isolated groups of resistance, begin a number of projects (GodEngine, on the back cover it is stated [in 2157] that 'Earth has been invaded'. In Beige Planet Mars, Earth has been occupied for 'a decade' by the time the Daleks are removed from power [in 2167] on the planet on p.101. In The Mutant Phase, the Doctor knows that Earth has been occupied from 'circa 2157' on Disc 1 Track 4. In No Future, the Dalek invasion of Earth occurs 'in a few decades' [from u1976] on p.105. In Head Games p.157, [in 2001] this is in 'two centuries hence'). From this year until 2167 there will be no (conventional) records kept (The Mutant Phase Disc 2 Track 4). (CW)


2157 (May 7th) - The Seventh Doctor and Roz find themselves stranded on the surface of Mars, while Chris arrives on far-distant Charon, when the TARDIS breaks up partly due to a mysterious subspace infarction. Chris manages to escape down a subspace tunnel to Mars' North Pole shortly before a Dalek bombing raid devastates Charon, while the Doctor and Roz join forces with a human expedition on its way to the pole (GodEngine, the exact date is given on p.28. It is estimated to take another 'three days' to reach the pole, on p.90). (MG)

2157 (May 8th) - The human expedition is approached by Abbot Abrasaar's party of Martian pilgrims. At the North Pole, Chris is captured by a faction of Ice Warriors loyal to Supreme Grand Marshal Falaxyr, who is attempting to complete work on the GodEngine weaponry (GodEngine, this takes place during 'artificial morning' on p.100. It will take 'two days' to reach the pole, on p.116/140). (MG)

2157 (? May 11th) - Reaching the North Pole, the Doctor's group is captured by Falaxyr's warriors and Roz is reunited with Chris. Falaxyr manages to bring the GodEngine on-line, intending to destroy the human settlement of Jacksonville, but his plan is thwarted by the Doctor utilising a Transit-web nucleus (GodEngine, this is said to be 'two days' later, on p.147. But it seems to be 'three days' since the TARDIS breaks up, on p.176, and 'five days' since the joint expedition begins, on p.160/199). (MG)

2157 (late) - The Daleks invade Mars in search of the GodEngine but the campaign is short-lived. The Daleks are defeated by a genetically engineered virus which feeds exclusively on Dalek wiring, but not before many humans and Martians die defending their planet (GodEngine, this takes place 'much later in 2157' [than May] on p.11/95. In Beige Planet Mars, mentioned on p.19). (MG)

= 2158 - In the timeline where the Mutant Phase occurred, Dalek DNA records (by ?4256) show no genetic impurities before this year (The Mutant Phase Disc 2 Track 3). (CW)

2158 - By this time the Daleks perform routine genetic extraction on all units to facilitate reproduction operations. In this way, a genetic infection that manages to go undetected has the potential to infect the entire race... (The Mutant Phase Disc 2 Track 3). (CW)

2158 - The TARDIS lands the Fifth Doctor and Nyssa on Earth, in a field of genetically modified rape in Kansas, after bouncing off a Dalek time corridor. After discovering a dead Roboman, Nyssa is stung by an ichneumon wasp, and shortly after encounter a Dalek. Before they get further involved, they retreat to the TARDIS, dematerialise - and are caught by the time corridor… (The Mutant Phase Disc 1 Track 2, Track 5, the year is given in Disc 1 Track 4, the wasp is identified in Disc 2 Track 8). (CW)

2158 - The Dalek, having had its casing breached by a grenade, is stung by an ichneumon wasp - and infected with its eggs (The Mutant Phase Disc 2 Track 7). (CW)

2158 - After witnessing their past selves in their encounter with the Dalek, the Doctor and Nyssa, travelling back from 4256 to prevent the Mutant Phase, are captured - just as the infected Dalek is examined for damage... (The Mutant Phase Disc 2 Track 10). (CW)

2158 - The Doctor prevents the Dalek Emperor from causing the very timeline he originated from when the device for injecting GK50 pesticide is smashed (The Mutant Phase Disc 2 Track 11). (CW)

= 2158 - An alternate timeline is created from this point when the Dalek Emperor, from inside the mind of a Thal, gives the Daleks an ineffectual treatment for the wasp eggs injected upon stinging. The Mutant Phase, a random genetic mutation caused by genetic material contaminated with GK50 pesticide, will, from now on, spread to other Daleks and develop at a fantastic rate, until that Dalek is left with no higher brain functions - only instinct (The Mutant Phase Disc 2 Tracks 2 and 11, the year is also given on Disc 2 Track 3). (CW)

2158 - Maxine Carter, who will be instrumental in the freeing of her homeworld from Cybermen occupation, is born on the planet Agora (Killing Ground, she is 'thirty-three' in 2191, on p.21, and 'eighteen' at the time of the first rebellion [in 2176] on p.197). (MG)

? 2158 - The Cybermen invade the Earth colony Agora, turning it into a breeding colony. The Cybermen place human Overseers in charge of enforcing conception quotas, and return every three years to convert five hundred colonists at a time into new Cybermen (Killing Ground, no date is given other than 'in the fifties' on p.15, but it is at a time when Earth's authorities have 'their own problems' on p.47). (MG)

2160 - The Daleks begin work on hollowing out the Earth's core in preparation for installing the Martian GodEngine weapon (GodEngine, this takes place 'three years' later [than 2157] on p.214) from the central mineshaft in Bedfordshire. This project, carried out on the orders of the Dalek Supreme also involves the installation of a huge engine allowing the planet to travel in space (The Dalek Invasion of Earth, The Mutant Phase Disc 2 Track 10). (MM/CW)


2162 - By this time the Daleks have conquered all the planets and are the undisputed masters of the solar system (GodEngine p.11). (MG)

2162 - Jon Moslei, future colonial marine and mercenary, is born from an illegal gene bank on the outskirts of New Paris on Earth (The Janus Conjunction p.87). (MG)

2164 - The last monarch of Britain is deposed and exterminated by the Daleks (Legacy of the Daleks p.45). However, the bloodline will continue, beyond the year 4253 (The Mutant Phase Disc 1 Track 11, Albert is the latest descendant in that year). (MM/II/CW)

2165 - Dylan Summerfield is born, but will not leave many records behind (Dead Romance p.203). (CW)

c 2166 - Kent Michaels, the man who will destroy an entire world, is born during the Dalek occupation of Earth (The Final Sanction, Michaels is 'thirty-eight' years old in 2204, on p.19). (MG)

2167 - (The Dalek Invasion of Earth. In GodEngine this takes place 'ten years' later [than 2157] on p.240. In The Face of the Enemy, this is dated as '2167' on p.129. In The Mutant Phase the year is also given on Disc 1 Track 6, as well as it being 'in nine years time' [in 2168] on Disc 2 Track 10). (MM/CW)

2167 - In the middle of the Battle of Cassius, Commander David Jarvis of the Colonial warship Dauntless disregards orders and fires the decisive volley that ends the Dalek blockade of the Solar System (The Crystal Bucephalus, no date is given on p.133). The Seventh Doctor arrives just as the Dauntless lands in England, mere seconds after his first incarnation leaves Susan Foreman behind to start a life with resistance fighter David Campbell, and picks up Susan's discarded TARDIS key from the rubble (GodEngine, this takes place 'ten years' later [than 2157] on p.240). (MG)

2167 - According to the records made after this year, there are widespread reports of ichneumon wasps swarming and attacking people (The Mutant Phase Disc 2 Track 8). (CW)

c 2167 - The Second Doctor makes a brief visit to New York City as the clear up begins after the Dalek occupation (The Final Sanction, events mentioned on p.281-4). (MG)

c 2167 - The colony worlds offer to help rebuild Earth, but their aid is refused (Legacy of the Daleks p.52). (MM/II)

c 2167 - While the various governments attempt to rebuild after the occupation, a powerful cartel of Earth conglomerates are given approval to take on the under-funded TSF (The Final Sanction, events mentioned on p.75). (MG)

? 2167 - A salvage team recovers a starchart of the whole sector from a derelict Dalek saucer (Cold Fusion, no date is given, events mentioned on p.216). (MG)

2169 (Sept) - Homunculette is sent by the future High Council to a ruined London still recovering from Dalek occupation to procure the Relic, but is beaten to it by Qixotl (Alien Bodies p.25). (MG)

? 2170 - An early attempt to form a one-country government takes place in England. The Peace Officers are formed to investigate dangerous Artefacts left behind by the Daleks. The provincial government doesn't last long, and the country fragments into approximately one hundred Domains (Legacy of the Daleks p.53). (MM/II)

? 2170 - (The Chase)


2172 - The Tzun Confederacy attempts to establish a colony on the planet Veltroch, second planet of the Fomalhaut system. When they try to clear a bridgehead in what they think is an uninhabited jungle, the arboreal Veltrochni clans unite and retaliate against the common foe, destroying the Confederacy. (First Frontier, the year is given on p.94). (MG) When the Earth Empire begins spreading through the galaxy, many Veltrochni packs become nomadic, wandering the spaceways, fearing the annexation of Veltroch (Lords of the Storm, this occurs 'in the 2170s' on p.24, The Dark Path, this is 'one thousand years' before events in the novel, on p.142-3). (MM/II)

2172 (July 21st) - After five hundred people are killed by ichneumon wasps, the governor of a town in Kansas authorises the use of pesticide GK50 (The Mutant Phase Disc 2 Track 8). (CW)

= c 2172 - A scientist named Krashen steals time-travel technology from the Daleks and makes replicas for a band of resistance fighters. Discovering this, the Daleks torture and disfigure Krashen, but keep him alive in the hope he will betray his friends. The scientist is rescued by a friend, Tuala, and together they use Dalek time technology to travel back to 1972 to hook up with Anat's band of guerrillas (Honest Living (MST), no date is given). (MG)

= 2172 - (Day of the Daleks).

c 2172 - Grant Markham is born to parents Benjamin Taggart and Jean Markham on the colony world Agora (Killing Ground, Grant is 'nineteen years old' in 2191, on p.22, and 'six years old' in 2178, on p.28). (MG)

c 2172 - The TSF has, within five years, become an army capable of mounting a full-scale intergalactic war (The Final Sanction, events mentioned on p.75). (MG)

2173 - The planet New Canaan is discovered, and named, by Earth explorers (Heritage (D4), the year is given on p.92). (MG)

2174 - England's Domains begin a slow consolidation. By the end of the century, there will only be ten Domains, instead of the initial one hundred, including Haldoran, London, Canterbury, Edmonds, Salisbury and Devon (Legacy of the Daleks p.53/43). (MM/II)

2175 - Gustav Zemler, future colonial marine and mercenary, is born on Earth (The Janus Conjunction p.52). (MM/II)

2175 - A rebellion takes place on the Cybermen-run planet Agora. The rebels, led by colonist Arthur Lakesmith, defeat the human Overseers and await the return of their Cybermen masters (Killing Ground, the year is given on p.171). (MG)

2176 - The Cybermen return to the planet Agora and discover the humans have revolted against their rule. The rebellion is swiftly quashed and, in the destruction, four-year-old Grant Markham witnesses the murder of his mother, Jean (Killing Ground, the year is given on p.19). (MG)

c 2176 - Lady Donna of New London is born (Legacy of the Daleks p.33). (MM/II)

? c 2178 - Lunder, future colonial marine and mercenary, is born on colony world Rho Priapus (The Janus Conjunction p.97). (MG)

c 2178 - Susan Campbell enlists as a Peace Officer (Legacy of the Daleks p.21). (MM/II))

2178 - Grant Markham, aged six, is placed onboard a newly discovered ship, christened the Lifeline, and sent to the planet New Earth. The evacuees have no idea the vessel is or was, in fact, a time-ship belonging to the ArcHivists (Killing Ground, the year is given on p.109). (MG)

c 2180 - Eurogen send a bio-survey team to Ha'olam to discover if it is worth harvesting any of the indigenous plants. Eurogen cut off the funding because they hit a cash crunch, but won't let their employees out of their contracts, essentially trapping the bio-survey team into a life of farming (Seeing I p.83). (MG)

2180 - The Cumberland Convention revokes FLORANCE's status as a Sentient Citizen. The artificial intelligence has been something of a celebrity since 2119 (SLEEPY, this takes place 'forty seven years' earlier [than 2227] on p.160). (MG)

c 2180 - Julya, future colonist of Menda, is born (The Janus Conjunction p.20). (MG)

? c 2180 - On Earth the Intercity Wars erupt. They will sweep across the globe for decades until volunteer members of Earth's nearest colonies return to bring it back into order by force (The Janus Conjunction p.52). (MG)

2183 - Vost's first posting as Monitor-to-be of Hirath, a planet of conflicting time fields, in the Thannos system. The planet is observed from a station on the moon (Longest Day p.vii, dated in relation to Seeing I). (MM/II)

2185 - Extensive terraforming commences on the colony world New Canaan (Heritage (D4), the year is given on p.92). (MG)

2187 - A new rebellion, led by Ted Henneker, springs up on the Cybermen-occupied world of Agora. The rebels start stealing equipment from Overseer patrols and commence work on a project to create a cybernetic nemesis for the Cybermen (Killing Ground, this takes place 'four years' earlier [than 2191] on p.71). (MG)

2188 - Dylan Summerfield has a child, Candice, with his 'space hippie' girlfriend. She will work as a kind of reporter for interplanetary television; her career coming to an end when she gets as close to a drugs cartel she is supposed to be investigating by actually taking some of their stuff herself (Dead Romance p.205). (CW)

c 2189 - Hirath is first used by the K'Arme authorities of the Thannos system as an experimental asylum to house members of society who are substandard (Longest Day p.162). (MG)

? 2190 - Duke Orcino arrives in Venice with his new bride Estella (who unbeknownst to him is an alien), alighting at Ri Alto, and travelling to San Marco with crowds lining the streets. She rapidly becomes popular with the people, and will frequently return from outings with her servants, with crates full of gifts (The Stones of Venice, events mentioned on Disc 1, Track 1. No date is given. This time seems to be prosperous, and must be in the twenty-second century, certainly some time after The Dalek Invasion of Earth [in 2167]. In Legacy of the Daleks [in 2198], the world appears to be recovering, though there are many Dalek Artefacts around. Since Venice does not appear to be of particular significance during the invasion (as oppose to Britain), I am assuming it will recover easily. In The Mutant Phase, the United States (or at least Kansas) has recovered enough to act against the ichneumon wasps [in 2172], on Disc 2, Track 8. This is arbitrarily dated to twenty-three years after the end of the invasion). (CW)

2191 (Jan) - (Time of Your Life).


2191 - The Cybermen make their final trip to Agora, and are overthrown by the colonists and their Bronze Knights, with assistance from the sixth Doctor and Grant Markham (Killing Ground). (JE/II)

c 2192 - Daniel O'Ryan trains as a Space Marine (Dreamstone Moon p.158). (MG)

c 2192 - A Gallifreyan Mark VII mind probe is purposefully left on Ha'olam in the hope that the inhabitants will develop new technology from it. From this one device, the INC Research and Development Complex at Samson Plains develops retinal implants (Seeing I p.69/207). (MM/II)

c 2192 - The Seventh Doctor and Ace break into a twenty-second century genetics lab to steal an artificially-grown female baby. The time travellers return to Earth in the year 1992, where the Doctor hands over the infant to the childless Hutchings, telling the couple to name her Ishtar (Timewyrm: Revelation, no date is given other than 'the twenty-second century' on p.216. Arbitrarily dated to two hundred years after publication). (MG)

2193 - The last buffalo dies in captivity (The Also People, the year is given on p.29). (MG)

c 2193 - The 17-year old Lady Donna of Domain London is forced into a marriage with the rival Lord London. The marriage is annulled when it becomes clear that Donna is sterile and can bear no children (Legacy of the Daleks p.33/127). (MM/II)

c 2193 - It may be around this time that the Earth colony Plumptious Minor becomes cut off from the rest of the galactic community. Over the course of the next few centuries, the inhabitants of Plumptious Minor will create an extensive culture from the remains of the colony's surviving planetary archives. By some fluke of circumstance, the archives consist almost entirely of old Carry On films, Benny Hill shows, Up Pompeii compilations and an obscure twentieth-century sitcom going by the name of Love Thy Neighbour (Ship of Fools, this takes place 'several hundred years' earlier [than 2593] on p.110). (MG)

? THE FIRST CYBERWAR (c 2194 to c 2199?)

c 2194 - A Special Forces unit under the command of Captain Gustav Zemler is formed. The unit will make a name for itself in skirmishes with the Cybermen on the periphery of Earth's colonial borders (The Janus Conjunction p.98/52). (MG)

2194 - The planet Arcadia is colonised by the EB (latterly Spinward) Corporation. The Corporation's six most senior scientists, conducting an experiment using semi-organic material to link their minds, are able to merge their thoughts - six powerful minds becoming one, an entity known as Pool. The colony is controlled by Pool from the very beginning, kept at a pre-technological level of civilisation, with android advisers to make their lives easy. The people die young, their brains transported to Pool's orbiting space station to augment the living computer (Deceit, by the Arcadian calendar it is the year 'three hundred and seventy-nine' [in 2573] on p.115). (MG)

2194 - By this time the Selachian Empire has developed an anti-personnel weapon called the Cloak. They sell the technology to Earth (The Final Sanction, this is 'a decade' before 2204, on p.59). (MG)

c 2197 - Patients on Hirath discover something during excavation work to build more facilities (Longest Day p.163). (MG)

2197 - Dreamstone is first discovered on the moon of Mu Camelopides VI. The Dreamstone Moon Mining Company (DMMC) is quickly established to exploit the resource. Daniel O'Ryan takes part in a fruitless DMMC survey looking for dreamstone on the mother planet (Dreamstone Moon p.18/177). (MG)

2198 - Colonial marines are involved in the Alphan Kundekka conflict (The Janus Conjunction p.100). (MG)

2199 - The Eighth Doctor arrives in New London as the Master starts a war between rival Domains Haldoran and London. The Master reawakens a hidden Dalek factory to gain an experimental matter transmuter. David Campbell is killed in a struggle with the Master (Legacy of the Daleks p.15). (MM/II)

c 2199 - Student contemporaries Temm Sempiter and Klenton Dewfurth sell up and move from the colony world Creal to nearby Drebnar. The pair quickly establishes the headquarters of the Frontier Worlds Corporation, a food manufacturing and research company. (MG) They bring in two brilliant young researchers to form a team which, between them, has the right combination of mechanical and biological engineering to make the venture a success (Frontier Worlds p259/75/66/28) (II)

c 2199 - On colony world Titan 317 a squad of Cybermen infiltrate a secure research bunker. Gustav Zemler's Special Forces unit is sent in to eliminate the Cybermen - instead a massacre ensues and one hundred and thirty-two unarmed civilians are also killed. Following the unit's courts-martial they themselves out as mercenaries to protect a colony ship on its way to Menda (The Janus Conjunction p.64/80). (MG)

? 2199 - Duke Orcino of Venice gambles his Duchess Estella in a game of cards, and loses. At that point, she uses her jewels to curse the Duke to one hundred years of life, but palms him the brooch containing her only painting. Estella then commits suicide by hurling herself into the canal wearing her wedding dress (The Stones of Venice, [before ?2299] the curse has been in effect for '[one] hundred years'. Events mentioned on Disc 2, Track 6). In order to prepare for her return, the Gondoliers take her dress and will pass it down the generations for the next hundred years. During this time they will evolve, so by the time Venice collapses they will be able to survive underwater. The Cult of Our Lady Estella springs up, and will recover her body and inter it in a coffin, supposedly entrusted to the grandfather of the cultist Vincenzo by Estella herself, in their lair below the ground, worshipping it as an idol. The Duke, sustained at the expense of his city, will spend the next hundred years scouring the city for her body at night, unaware of its fate (The Stones of Venice, events mentioned on Disc 1, Tracks 8-11, Disc2, Tracks 1-2. No date is given; this is arbitrarily dated to nine years after the Duke's marriage [in ?2190]). (CW)

2200 - The Eighth Doctor makes a fleeting return visit to Earth on the eve of the wedding of Lady Donna and Toby Barlow which will unify Domains Haldoran and London (Legacy of the Daleks p.243). (MM/II)

c 2200 - An archaeological expedition headed by Niall Goram and Matt Lacey discovers the Lost Tomb of Rablev on the planet Kasagrad. The pair document their findings in a text that will, in centuries to come, become known as the Doomsday Manuscript shortly before opening the tomb and becoming bombarded with lethal doses of radiation. Believing themselves dying of some wasting disease due to a curse placed on the tomb, the archaeologists rip the Doomsday Manuscript in half to prevent anyone else finding the location of the tomb (The Doomsday Manuscript, this takes place 'about four hundred year' earlier [than 2600] on p.51/62. Events mentioned on p.50/52/62). (MG)

c 2200 - It is around this time that the name of Brian Parsons, a veteran of many of Earth's most notorious space conflicts, becomes almost legendary. His skill and experience in various types of warfare will be programmed into Killer-type androids in two hundred years' time (The Pit, this takes place 'over two centuries' earlier [than 2400] on p.86). (MG)

? 2200 - The Interbank scandal takes place. Chairman Wayne Redfern is indirectly responsible for the bankruptcy of the organisation (The Final Sanction, no date is given (but it must be some time before 2203) on p.146). (MG)

? 2200 - In the twenty-third century fusion tests are carried out on the Rim. It is discovered five fusion bombs are enough to destroy a planet, while eight charges are enough to shatter every planet in a solar system and ignite its gas giants. The devices are immediately banned, and mankind never uses them in war, not even as a last resort (Cold Fusion, no date is given except 'the twenty-third century', events mentioned on p.180). (MG)

? 2200 - The Cybermen launch a vast factory ship from Telos with the sole purpose of re-activating the vessel's hibernating crew when contact with humanoids is confirmed and to convert them into Cybermen. Early on in its journey, this vast 'star destroyer' will have its systems damaged after running into an ion storm, and will end up drifting through space for centuries, until it finally reaches the Garazone System (Sword of Orion, the 'estimated date of launch coincides with reported hibernation of Cyber Race on Telos' on Disc 2, Track 7. In David Banks's Cybermen, a date of ?2175 is given for the Cyber Race's initial use of hibernation chambers on Telos, on p.66). (MG)

? c 2200 - Professor Patrick Trethui discovers the remains of a titanthrope (Last of the Titans (DWM#300) Tracks 8, 10, no date given). (CW)

? c 2200 - Professor Trethui makes archaeological and genetic history by cloning a titanthrope from equips Vilgreth with an artificial voice box (Last of the Titans (DWM#300) Track 8, 11, no date given, this is 'ten years ago', and then 'nearly eleven years ago'). (CW)

? 2201 - After a yearlong trial Wayne Redfern's life is left in ruins. Although he escapes all charges of fraud on technicalities, he is made bankrupt and his wife leaves him. He is eventually assigned to the TSF (The Final Sanction, no date is given, on p.146). (MG)

2202 - The Eighth Doctor and Sam land on Hirath and discover the cause of the planet's conflicting time fields just as a seeker ship from the Kusk Technocracy arrives to reclaim the object responsible. The Doctor and Sam are separated, after Sam believes the Doctor is killed in an explosion (Longest Day). (MM/II)

2202 - Sam Jones is rescued by the DMMC ship Dreamstone Miner after drifting in space for a week in a Kusk ship. She is taken to the DMMC mining operation on the Dreamstone Moon (Dreamstone Moon p.7). (MM/II)

2202 - Earth Fleet has 500 ships in the Mu Camelopides system on manoeuvres. The captain of the Earth Fleet dropship Royale self-destructs his ship while suffering from delusions (caused by the Dreamstone Moon). The ship's compliment of one thousand troops is lost. Altogether, five thousand people die. The Eighth Doctor discovers the true nature of dreamstone (Dreamstone Moon p.105/169/248). (MM/II)

2202 (April) - The Mu Camelopides solar system is abandoned after the secret behind dreamstone is revealed. Sam Jones is evacuated to the world of Ha'olam, where she initially works as a volunteer in a INC-run homeless shelter, during which time she turns eighteen (Seeing I p.12?). (MM/II)

2202 (April) - The Eighth Doctor is responsible for 'the Great Umph Massacre of 2204' when he sends data-umphs into the galaxy-wide computer network in search of Sam's whereabouts (Seeing I p.27). (MM/II)

2202 (Tuesday in May) - The Eighth Doctor, using the alias Dr. James Alistair Bowman, is arrested as an industrial spy on INC premises. He is given a ten-year sentence and taken to the Oliver Bainbridge Functional Stabilisation Centre and questioned by Dr Akula (Seeing I p.59/198). (MG)

2202 (Aug) - The Eighth Doctor has been imprisoned for three months (Seeing I p.75). (MG))

2202 (? Sept) - Sam is hired by the non-profit organisation Livingspace to do volunteer work at Eurogen Village (Seeing I p.79). (MG)

2202 (? Oct) - DOCTOR, an expert system, is set up by Dr Akula to create an accurate psychological profile on the Doctor. It will eventually discover 346 reports of TARDIS sightings in hundreds' years worth of data, despite someone erratically, not systematically, erasing nearly all of it (Seeing I p.108/195). (MG)

2202 (? Dec) - Sam starts a relationship with Paul Hamani (Seeing I p.94). (MG)

? c 2203 - Rho Priapus, one of Earth's colony worlds, is invaded by the Selachian Empire (The Janus Conjunction p.98). (MG)

2203 - On Earth, Professor Laura Mulholland develops the gravity bomb, a devastating weapon capable of making a planet collapse in on itself. With the creation of the G-bomb, Earth feels confident to prosecute a war against the Selachian Empire. A warfleet, led by the flagship Triumph, leaves Earth and engages the enemy. Within a year the Selachians are forced back to their own system (The Final Sanction, this occurs 'almost a year' before 2204, on p. 73, events mentioned on p.73/255). (MG)

2203 (May) - Sam and Paul Hamani end their relationship (Seeing I p.98). (MG)

c 2203 - The man known only as 'Colonel White', the telepathic commanding officer of the Dione-Kisumi Company warship Olpiron, is born around this time (SLEEPY, he is 'in his fifties' [in 2257] on p.112). (MG)

2203 (Oct 15th) - Sam celebrates her 19½ birthday at Eurogen Village (Seeing I p.100). (MG)

2203 (Nov) - The Eighth Doctor has been incarcerated at OBFSC for eighteen months (Seeing I p.102/182). (MG)

c 2204 - By this time the Selachians have been driven back to the planet Kalaya. The TSF engage in a land war that lasts for approximately three months before the Selachians are defeated (The Final Sanction, events mentioned on p.20). (MG)

2204 - The Second Doctor, Jamie and Zoe arrive on the war-torn planet Kalaya shortly before the Selachian forces abandon the planet and return to their homeworld. The Doctor finds himself onboard the flagship Triumph as it pursues the Selachian fleet to Ockora. The G-bomb is launched and the Selachian homeworld is destroyed, taking over nine million lives. Although it is Lieutenant Kent Michaels who gives the final password, it is Commander Wayne Redfern who will be remembered in the history books as one of the most evil men who ever lived (The Final Sanction, the year is given on p.40). (MG)

2204 (? March) - Sam is involved in a failed protest to prevent INC buying Eurogen Village (Seeing I p.125). (MG)

2204 - History is altered due to the Second Doctor's interference on Ockora. Instead of committing suicide, Professor Laura Mulholland, creator of the G-bomb, lives (The Final Sanction, this occurs 'six months' after the destruction of Ockora, on p.120-1/279). (MG)

2205 - The Eighth Doctor has been in prison for three years (Seeing I p.132). (MG)

2205 (? April) - Sam discovers that INC owns 64% of TCC (Seeing I p.149). (MG)

2205 (? May) - Sam breaks into a TCC research plant and discovers they are growing human clones with no higher brain functions for immoral experimentation (Seeing I p.152). (MG)

2205 (? June) - Sam, now 21, breaks the Doctor out of prison. The Doctor has been an inmate of OBFSC for three and a bit years (Seeing I p.224/177/182). (MG)

2205 (? June) - The INC Research and Development Complex at Samson Plains is overrun by the I gestalt. The Eighth Doctor departs for Gallifrey to return Savar's eyes (Seeing I p.224/273). (MG)

2205 (? June) - DOCTOR departs Ha'olam, travelling human dataspace with another AI called FLORANCE (Seeing I p.274). (MG)

2205 - An archaeological expedition on the planet Traxis Six uncovers evidence of a lost civilisation. These findings will be further backed up by relics eventually found on Traxis Four in the twenty-sixth century by archaeologist Bernice Summerfield (A Question of Identity (TDMD), the year is given on p.11). (MG)

c 2207 - On Mars the settlement of Shelbyville is established (GodEngine p.12). (MG)


c 2208 - By this time the Celestial Toymaker has found the planet Dymok, setting himself up as the inhabitants' god when he discovers they are telepathic and he can use their dreams to make himself stronger (Divided Loyalties, no date is given but the Toymaker has been on Dymok for 'hundreds of years' by 2408, on p.184). (MG)

2210 - An aged Spacemaster, with one thousand colonists on board, is holed by an asteroid prior to crash-landing on the planet Menda. Mercenary Gustav Zemler discovers a hyperspatial Link that joins the planet to its neighbour, Janus Prime. He and his unit are trapped on Janus Prime for a year, victims of radiation sickness (The Janus Conjunction p.64/3). (MG)

? 2211 - By this time most of the planet eaters have been scrapped, but some still remain in museums (Last of the Titans (DWM#300) Track 11). (CW)

? 2211 - Vilgreth starts work on a farm in the Devon district of Old England, but occasionally will be taken on the Jupiter run by the Professor (Last of the Titans (DWM#300) Track 10, 11, this is 'a long time ago', the farm indicates that it is before the time Earth's population lives in Hiveblocks [in ?263] in The Empire of Glass). (CW)

2211 (Sept 14th) - After arriving on Janus Prime, the Eighth Doctor uncovers the truth behind the hyperspatial Link - it is an accidental by-product of a long-dead civilisation turning their entire solar system into a gigantic bomb, intended as the ultimate deterrent to war (The Janus Conjunction p.16/217). (MM/II)

2211 (Sept 15th) - Gustav Zemler is killed before his attempt to set the Janus conjunction in motion turns the sun into a black hole, destroying a localised part of the galaxy. Sergeant Jon Moslei sacrifices himself to collapse the Link, saving Janus Prime in the process (The Janus Conjunction p.209/215). (MM/II)

2211 (Sept 24th) - While on Menda, the Doctor and Sam go on a picnic after Sam recovers from radiation sickness (The Janus Conjunction p.278). (MG)

? c 2214 - Delahaye, the oldest inhabitant of the Earth colony Arcadia, finally dies (Prelude: Deceit (DWM198), no date is given. Delahaye, born on Earth, is 'thirty-eight', and the 'only man who wasn't born' on Arcadia, on p.49. Most of the children born on Arcadia appear to be twelve or thirteen years old, on p.49). (MG)

2214 - Candice Summerfield gives birth to first child Benedict, who will work as a policeman on Vandor Secunda (Dead Romance p.205). (CW)

? 2115 - By this time there is a European Senate (Last of the Titans (DWM#300) Track 11, no date). (CW)

? 2215 (a Tuesday) - Vilgreth, who at this time is prone to losing his temper, is due to be examined by a specialist, but when the men goes to tranquillise him, Vilgreth reacts badly to the gun - and a massacre ensures in which all the inhabitants of the farm are killed except for Mrs Burden (Last of the Titans (DWM#300) Track 11, this takes place 'last Tuesday'). (CW)

? 2215 - Vilgreth 'salvages' his favourite ship from Professor Trethui's museum and begins wandering the galaxy, taking with him only tea and short cake (Last of the Titans (DWM#300) Tracks 8, 10, this was 'a long time ago'). (CW)

? 2215 - A week after Vilgreth breaks loose, the Oceana Police Authority in cooperation with the European Senate confirm that he made the killings. The news programme broadcasting the report also features a comment by Mrs Burden (Last of the Titans (DWM#300) Track 11, no date, there is a European Senate). (CW)

2219 - The Seventh Doctor, Ace and Bernice make an unrecorded trip to the twenty-third century where they spend some time relaxing at the Moscow City Carnival (Strange England, the year is given on p.7). (MG)

c 2219 - The Reddenblak Corporation begins to challenge Frontier Worlds' monopoly. Fearing that they will not be able to see their dreams become reality, the research team starts researching methods of extending their lifespan. Temm Sempiter designs a robot to download his memory into, but it proves to be a failure. The team then considers genetically modifying animal tissue to prolong its lifespan. They're wildly behind schedule when the first Raab is discovered.... (Frontier Worlds, p.66/74) (II/MM)

? 2220 - By this time a number of officials from a number of planets have attempted to destroy Vilgreth's ship by planting bombs on it - but Vilgreth manages to disarm all of them before they explode, thinking they do it because he pays no tax (Last of the Titans (DWM#300) Track 7). (CW)

? 2220 - By this time the Ormelian government has decreed that Vilgreth's ship is to be destroyed (Last of the Titans (DWM#300) Track 12). (CW)

? 2220 - Vilgreth discovers the half-melted spaceship belonging to Stelpor, an agent from the Ormelian Security Service (Last of the Titans (DWM#300) Tracks 8-9). (CW)

? 2220 - The Seventh Doctor, intent upon a holiday, lands on Vilgreth's space ship over the planet Ormelia. After losing his TARDIS when a deck hatch drops it into a furnace, the Doctor meets the owner of the ship. The Doctor, informed by an Ormelian agent instructed to blow Vilgreth's ship up, helps Vilgreth disarm a bomb. After having tea and biscuits, the Doctor finds the Ormelian agent again and after discovering the function of the ship resets the bomb… (Last of the Titans (DWM#300) Tracks 7-12, no date is given). Debris from Vilgreth's ship rains down on Ormelia, causing a spectacular firework display (Last of the Titans (DWM#300) Track 12). (CW)

? c 2220s - The Bantu Independence Group (BIG), by this time renamed the Bantu Cooperative, continues to colonise and subvert whole swathes of the galaxy, becoming more militaristic with each passing generation. In time the Cooperative will become a loose alliance of dominated worlds, maintained, supported and governed by countless alien races. A complete economic and trading system will be established where everything works to the benefit of the Cooperative (Another Girl, Another Planet p.131). (MG)

2223 - By this time the Dione-Kisumi Company has relocated from its headquarters in the town of Kisumi to Dione, one of the moons of Saturn. The psi-talented Director Madhanagopal, a member of the Brotherhood of the Immanent Flesh, ends his experiments on the artificial intelligence FLORANCE and concentrates his efforts on the design of GRUMPY, a computer-model of the human mind so advanced that it quickly becomes telepathic. Madhanagopal intends to use GRUMPY to encode psi powers into everyone in the universe by distributing memory RNA in vaccines, medicines and transfusions (SLEEPY, this takes place 'four years' earlier [than 2227] on p.137. Events mentioned on p.160-1/165/178). (MG)

c 2226 - Microbiologist Doctor Bryerley St John is born in Australia around this time (SLEEPY, he is 'in his thirties' [in 2257], and Roz Forrester is 'maybe ten years his senior' on p.105). (MG)

c 2227 - The settlement of Springfield is established on Mars, situated near Ascraeus Lacus (GodEngine, this takes place 'seventy years' later [than 2157] on p.12). (MG)

c 2227 - By this time the Dione-Kisumi Company is the solar system's chief producer of memory tablets by using GRUMPY to encode information into the form of memory RNA. Pre-packaged into the tablets, the memory RNA is intended mainly for educational programmes (SLEEPY, events mentioned on p.145). (MG)

2227 - Bernice and Roz travel thirty years into the past on a delicate mission for the Seventh Doctor, the pre-programmed TARDIS arriving in the basement of a hotel on Io. Posing as agents of the Serial/Spree Killers Investigations National Unit, they travel to the headquarters of DKC on Dione. Director Madhanagopal gives them a tour, during which they are shown GRUMPY, a machine built to mimic the human brain. That night Bernice and Roz covertly enter the secondary computer room and meet the outdated FLORANCE and are given access to GRUMPY's room. Unfortunately GRUMPY alerts the base personnel rather than aid the time travellers and the pair are apprehended, while FLORANCE escapes via an uplink to the Jovian satellite network (SLEEPY, the year is given as '2227' on p.159. It is 'thirty years' earlier [than 2257] on p.137). The Doctor will eventually seek out FLORANCE's help in defeating the Brotherhood of the Immanent Flesh in the year 2981 (So Vile a Sin). (MG)

2227 - Bernice and Roz are injected with Madhanagopal's latest experimental memory RNA, but they escape with GRUMPY's help and return to the TARDIS on Io. The virus flowing through their veins will act as a cure for the virus on colony world Yemaya 4 (SLEEPY, the TARDIS arrived 'yesterday' on p.142). (MG)

c 2229 - The other members of the core research team are hired as employees of Frontier Worlds Corporation, to aid in its development. (Frontier Worlds, p. 75) (II).

2231 - The colony world New Canaan declares independence (Heritage (D4), the year is given on p.92). (MG)

c 2231 - The Terran Survey Ship Icarus is built (The Dimension Riders, the ship is 150 years old [in 2381] on p.61). (CW)

2234 - A fashionable French artist named Heironymous Basquiat causes a political skirmish when he tries to wrap the Sphinx in Christmas paper before subsequently attempting to purchase it. He is escorted off the Giza plateau by a number of uniformed and armed men. A more or less direct result of this incident is an ongoing petition from major governments for all the remaining wonders of the world to be sprayed with a layer of clear glassite to protect the structures (The Sword of Forever, the year is given on p.40). (MG)

c 2237 - The artificial intelligence known as GRUMPY escapes the DKC base on Dione by pushing himself into neighbouring computer systems, leaving his own hardware uninhabited. Storing a copy of his operating system in a communications satellite near Phobos, GRUMPY leaps out into the universe. DKC, intent on preventing any word of his existence leaking to the media or the government, chase GRUMPY across the networks, destroying whatever parts of him they can find. GRUMPY retaliates by lashing out with his psychokinesis, smashing people and ships to ensure his freedom, but the artificial intelligence is finally tracked down near the planet Sunyata. His fighter shuttle is finally shot down on the nearby world of Yemaya 4 (SLEEPY, this takes place 'twenty years' before the Yemaya 4 surveys, on p.195). (MG)

c 2239 - Shar Mozarno retires from Frontier Worlds Corporation, his short-term memory already affected by the Raab tissue (Frontier Worlds, p.1). (II)

2239 - The system of Condominium government is established on the colony world New Canaan (Heritage (D4), the year is given on p.92). (MG)

c 2242 - Cephas Mabgwe, a youngster with latent psi power, is born in Africa (SLEEPY, he is 'fifteen' [in 2257] on p.231). (MG)

c 2242 - Benedict Summerfield commits suicide, blaming his mother, and leaving behind a son, Marshal, and a daughter, Christine (Dead Romance p.206, this occurs when Benedict is 'before thirty'). Marshal will grow up to be the head of Caprisi Military Academy, starting a line of three other Marshals, until they have built a clique at the Academy in the Wayfinder Order, famous for right-wing views and secret rituals (Dead Romance p.206). (CW)

c 2246 - A group of Cybermen seeking more converts attack the cargo ship Dreadnaught, leaving Stacy Townsend as the only survivor. The Eighth Doctor manages to defeat the Cybermen and rescue Stacy. (Dreadnaught, no date is given, but Stacy's parents come from 'the twenty-third century' in Placebo Effect, p.53) (II)

c 2247 - The Unukalhai system, formerly the home of the Tzun Confederacy, is surveyed by Earth's Colonial Office. The gas giant Unukalhai IV is renamed Indra, and its sixth moon, Raghi, is deemed suitable for colonisation and atmospheric processors are put in place. At some point work also begins on the construction of the system's key energy production facility on the third moon, Agni (Lords of the Storm, the year is given on p.24). (MG)

2247 - Zaniwe becomes a student of archaeology on Earth (SLEEPY, this takes place 'ten years' earlier [than 2257] on p.54). (MG)

c 2248 - A second Raab is found on the far side of the Lake of Ice. (Frontier Worlds, p.70) (II)

c 2248 - Griz Ellis breaks off his relationship with Nadaly Allder. (Frontier Worlds, p.51)(II)

c 2249 (2 months before Frontier Worlds) - Frank and Nancy Sinatra are hired by Frontier Worlds.(Frontier Worlds, p.26/43)(II)

c 2249 (6 weeks before Frontier Worlds) - Frank Sinatra meets Alura Trebul. (Frontier Worlds, p. 26) (II)

c 2249 (Spring) (Frontier Worlds) The Darkling project goes up in smoke, Frontier Worlds Corporation is bought out by Reddenblak Corporation, and the Raab is finally destroyed. In the space of two days. With assistance from Dr. James Bowman and Frank and Nancy Sinatra. (since two nights pass during the action of Frontier Worlds) (II)

2250 - The Foamasi homeworld of Liasici is destroyed in the Argolin/Fomasi war (Placebo Effect p.186). (MG)

c 2250 - Kylie, the telepathic daughter of archaeologist Professor Dorothy Smith-Smith is born in Australia (SLEEPY, she is said to be an 'eight-year-old' [in 2257] on p.84. She is then contradictorily said to be a 'six-year-old' on p.227). (MG)

2255 - A furore erupts when it is discovered that evidence of an ancient alien civilisation on the planet Nephelokokkugian has been kept quiet to allow colonisation to proceed as planned (SLEEPY, this takes place 'two years' earlier [than 2257] on p.33). (MG)

2255 - Zaniwe meets Professor Dorothy Smith-Smith for the first time when she's gets a job as her multilingual assistant at Natal University (SLEEPY, this takes place 'two years' earlier [than 2257] on p.81). (MG)

c 2256 - An unremarkable alien civilisation builds a mining facility on the asteroid Omicron 378, the remains of a sub-gas giant that broke up billions of years previously, to burrow out the valuable cores of the surrounding asteroidal material (The Also People, this takes place 'three hundred years' earlier [than c2556] on p.168. The sub-gas giant is said to have broken up 'sixty-two billion years' earlier, but the universe is only around 13.5 Billion years old at this point). (MG)

c 2257 - By this time archaeologist Professor Dorothy Smith-Smith has written an encyclopaedia on Exxilon culture and its derivatives (SLEEPY, no date is given on p.59). (MG)

c 2257 - The DKC warship Olpiron is sent to Kusinitz's World to deal with a group of economic terrorists (SLEEPY, no date is given, but this appears to have happened recently, as a replacement officer on the Olpiron is 'fitting in without problems' on p.126). (MG)

c 2257 - Apart from warships there are few interstellar ships designed for the mass movement of people and equipment around the galaxy at this time, the reason being that it is almost always easier (and more importantly, cheaper) to grow or mine what is needed within your own solar system (SLEEPY, events mentioned on p.69). (MG)

c 2257 - South Africa is part of the United African Confederacy at this time (SLEEPY, events mentioned on p.32). (MG)

c 2257 - At this time the religions of Earth and its colonies include Reformed Independent Neo-Anglican and more than one Sidereal Baptist Reclamation group (SLEEPY, events mentioned on p.39/61). (MG)

c 2257 - The largest solar power company in Australia at this time is unimaginatively named Australian Solar (SLEEPY, events mentioned on p.63/79). (MG)

c 2257 - Yemaya 4 is surveyed three or four times by robotic ships and it is decided the planet is ideal for colonisation. Soil and water samples are taken to the DKC laboratories on Dione and bacteria and viruses are broken down and sequenced to create vaccines for the colonists. DKC has no idea that the fragmented memories and powers of the artificial intelligence GRUMPY are hidden within the newly created vaccines (SLEEPY, events mentioned on p.18/47/195). (MG)

c 2257 - Australian microbiologist Doctor Byerley St John and his partner Cinnabar, living downstream from a nuclear plant near Sydney, become sick of being surrounded by garbage and radioisotopes. The final straw comes when Byerley witnesses a little boy kept blindfolded by his peers to make weapons for them by touch. The couple decide to sign up for the proposed colony on Yemaya 4 (SLEEPY, events mentioned on p.30). (MG)

c 2257 - The first pioneers, a group of around five hundred highly-skilled people and their families, are sent to colonise Yemaya 4. Before debarkation the colonists, mainly Botswanan, South African and Burandan, are given DKC vaccines, little realising they are being infected with the splintered memories of GRUMPY. After a final stop off at the DKC base on Sunyata, the converted interplanetary freighter finally reaches its new home, and a habitat dome is erected, along with accelerated gardens to grow food (SLEEPY, this takes place 'two months' by the outset of the novel, on p.18. Events mentioned on p.37/29/69/88/105). (MG)

2257 - The first outbreak of psi powers among the colonists of Yemaya 4 takes place, interrupting the wedding ceremony of Doctor Byerley St John and his bride-to-be Cinnabar (SLEEPY, this takes place 'a week' before the Doctor's arrival, on p.55). (MG)

2257 - The Seventh Doctor, Bernice, Roz and Chris arrive at the colony on Yemaya 4 after learning of an outbreak of psi powers during an unrecorded trip to the twenty-fourth century (SLEEPY, this takes place 'two weeks' earlier, on p.17). (MG)

2257 - While investigating the virus that seems to be spreading the psi powers, the Doctor accidentally gives himself a needlestick, passing the virus into his own system. His memories and personality come under attack from the viral memory RNA and begin to be overwritten (SLEEPY, events mentioned on p.22). (MG)

2257 - The Doctor finally overcomes the virus after battling the infection for three days. Chris provides the important clue that the virus may have been in the inoculations the colonists received before they arrived on Yemaya 4 and the Doctor begins working on decoding the virus's genes with Doctor Byerley St John. Elsewhere, Bernice sets out to investigate the local ruins, hoping to find evidence of an ancient civilisation. That night, Chris finds himself sleepwalking into the forest, summoned by a mysterious voice (SLEEPY, the year is given on p.29. It is 'dawn' on p.5). (MG)

= 2257 - A timeline where the Yemaya 4 colony goes up in flames with only a few colonists surviving long enough to be picked up by the rescue ship has been averted by the arrival of the Seventh Doctor and his companions (SLEEPY, this should have happened 'two days' earlier, on p.67). (MG)

2257 - Bernice finds the remains of a crashed fighter shuttle near to an ancient Ikkaban ziggurat she is examining while, back at the habitat dome, the Doctor learns the virus is being spread by a new airborne strain. The wedding of Bryerley and Cinnabar is interrupted a second time by the outbreak of yet more psi powers. That night the Doctor discovers that the telepathic colonists, including Chris, have disappeared, lured into the forest by the mysterious voice. As the search for the missing colonists gets underway the DKC warship Olpiron, commanded by the telepathic Colonel White, arrives to contain the situation on Yemaya 4 (SLEEPY, it is 'morning' on p.41). (MG)

2257 - The Doctor sends Bernice and Roz on a mission thirty years into the past in the pre-programmed TARDIS while the rest of the colonists are rounded up by White's fast response team (SLEEPY, it is 'dawn' on p.103).

2257 - The Doctor learns that White may be ordered to sterilise the entire colony if the mysterious virus can't be contained. Imprisoned within a storeroom, the Time Lord accesses the colony mainframe and enables Cinnabar's artificial intelligence programs to act independently of human instruction. With their aid he engineers the escape of eight of the colony's telepaths in a bid to make contact with the intelligence buried near to the Ikkaban ziggurat (SLEEPY, the Olpiron has been on Yemaya for 'two days' by now, on p.147). (MG)

2257 - Bernice and Roz return from their mission to 2227 and begin spreading an airborne cure to the virus around the colony. The Doctor meets up with the telepaths near the ziggurat and holds a séance, managing to communicate with the slumbering intelligence, SLEEPY, and discover it is actually the remains of the artificial intelligence once known as GRUMPY. A second DKC warship, the vast Flame Warrior, enters the system with orders to destroy GRUMPY, and the colonists if necessary. The Doctor's companions begin herding the colonists into the safety of the TARDIS (SLEEPY, it is 'three days' since Bernice and Roz were sent on their mission, on p.183). (MG)

2257 - As dawn approaches, Bernice aids in the excavation of SLEEPY's buried shuttle and the entity is eventually freed from its tomb. SLEEPY uses its psychokinesis to raise its crashed shuttle into the air and aims itself at the Flame Warrior, sacrificing itself for its 'children'. The wedding of Bryerley and Cinnabar finally goes ahead without problems and the Doctor and his companions depart sometime afterwards (SLEEPY, it is 'dawn' on p.222). (MG)

? 2259 - Out on the colony world New Zion, Jon Forrester is approached by the Pabulum Corporation to help them add the planet to their ever-growing sphere of influence. Forrester flees onboard an ore freighter bound for Earth shortly to escape the Corporation's unwanted advances. Unfortunately his escape pod jettisons him in a remote area of New Zion, where he is briefly mistaken as the Chosen One by an enclosed religious community (Shopping for Eternity (D4), no date is given other than 'the mid-twenty-third century' sometime after 'a series of intergalactic wars' with 'implacable alien foes' on p.54. The founders of New Zion left Earth 'a couple of centuries' ago on p.56, possibly at the same time as the Mandela [in 2059] on p.105). (MG)

? 2260 - The inhabitants of Earth live in buildings called Hiveblocks, which are made up of cramped apartments (The Empire of Glass, no year is given, events mentioned on p.14). (MG)

? 2260 - After growing up amid the ruins of England, Earth (Salvation p.59/116), Steven Taylor joins up to fight in the interplanetary wars, manning the helm of a streamlined Terran battleship built from modified Dalek designs (Salvation, no date is given, events mentioned on p.59). (MG)

? 2260 - An uprising on the colony of Roylus Prime occurs. The restoration of order involves prison camps and death squads. During shore leave on Roylus Prime, space pilot Steven Taylor witnesses a soldier brutally clubbing a defenceless civilian. Despite strong, off-the-record backing from superiors, he doggedly pursues a case for disciplinary action against the soldier. Having thrown away his chances of promotion, Steven is reassigned to a one-man fighter running politically safe non-combat missions in ever more dangerous zones. His one friend during this lonely period is a stuffed Panda called Hi-Fi (Salvation, no date given, events mentioned on p.59/70). (MG)

? 2263 - One of the combatants of the interplanetary wars, space pilot Steven Taylor, Flight Red Fifty, crashes on the planet Mechanus (The Chase, Salvation p.61) after his ship is shot down by Krayt fighters (The Empire of Glass p.163). He will remain a prisoner of the Mechanoids for two years (The Chase, The Empire of Glass p.103, and The Man in the Velvet Mask p.107). (MG)

2265 - (The Chase)


2265 - The Computers and Cybernetic Systems Act is passed (The Romance of Crime, the year is given on p.10). (MG)

2267 - Booth Kitava's Fictional Voices is published (Theatre of War, the year is given on p.215). (MG)

c 2272 - The terraforming of Raghi is finally completed. It has taken forty million people and over two decades to accomplish the task (Lords of the Storm, this takes 'nearly a quarter of a century' on p.53). (MG)

2273 - Stanoff Osterling's legendary play, The Good Soldiers, is written, transcribed from the playwright's dictation by the Doctor due to Osterling inability to hold a stylus or tap on a keypad due to creeping restioparothis. The play will soon become lost to history and the only complete copy will reside in the Braxiatel Collection, still unseen by the masses in the year 3985 (Theatre of War, the year is given on p.80. Events mentioned on p.224. In Whispers of Terror, the play is mentioned on Disc 1, Track 8). (MG)

c 2275 - Vazlov Baygent becomes the President of Earth shortly after human-controlled space begins to recover from its first bout of interstellar wars. Foreseeing a time when humanity will slip back into a dark age of war and loss of knowledge, Baygent secretly establishes a set of databases that will eventually be filled with all knowledge. Its completion and protection is entrusted to an existing scientific-military organisation, UNIT, which Baygent recharters and renames the Knights of Geneva. The Order's name will, over time, become corrupted into the Knights of Geneve (or Jeneve) (Dragons' Wrath, this takes place 'in the third quarter of the twenty-third century', sometime before '2276' on p.141). (MG)

2276 - President of Earth Vazlov Baygent is assassinated, partly due to his attempt at ensuring the presidency becomes an hereditary rather than elected position. Fiercely loyal to Baygent, the Knights of Geneva protect the late President's young son and make it their personal crusade to find and destroy those responsible for his death, an objective they achieve with frightening speed and efficiency (Dragons' Wrath, the year is given on p.141). (MG)

2278 - The Mutants Rights Act is passed (The Romance of Crime, the year is given on p.74). (MG)

? 2280 - Farrash's sun begins emitting a form of radiation which causes an increased number of mutagens in the Farrashnians' blood - including sterility (Rights (ST), it's 'almost a century' before, on p.235). (II)

c 2284 - By this time the debate to cover up the wonders of the world in glassite has become fashionable with the movers and shapers, spawning no less than thirty-seven specialised companies tendering for the contract to coat the Sphinx if and when it should ever be agreed. The debate has also sparked twelve major economic debacles and two minor wars by this time (The Sword of Forever, this takes place 'over the next half century' [from 2234] on p.40). (MG)

c 2285 - (Vengeance on Varos)

c 2286 - The Worldsphere's older defensive model drones are designed and built for operation in hostile environments. The sentient drone vi!Car-pin-go-ri, part of the second batch of militarised defences, is manufactured around this time on the Travelling Space Habitat J-!Xin!ca, primarily to provide forward and aggressive defensive postures (The Also People, vi!Cari is said to be built 'three hundred years' earlier [than c2586] on p.83. It is then stated that drones like vi!Cari were constructed 'at the start of the war' on p.146). (MG)

2290 - (The Leisure Hive).

2290 - Checkley's World, which will earn the legendary moniker 'the Horror Planet', is selected as the optimum site for a proposed scientific frontiers base and is colonised (The Highest Science, the year is given on p.228). (MG)

2294 - A retelling of lost masterpiece The Good Soldiers is published in Stories from the Theatre (Theatre of War, the year is given on p.287). (MG)

? 2294 - It may be around this time that the planet Megerra, a bleak and isolated planet on the fringes of the galaxy, is surveyed and swiftly carved up by Earth's biggest mining corporations after it is discovered to be incredibly rich in valuable minerals (Mean Streets, no date is given, but it is during the days of the 'early expansionist days' of Earth's mining corporations, on p.40. Arbitrarily dated to three centuries earlier than the novel's main events). (MG)

c 2295 - An account of the opening performance of Stanoff Osterling's The Captain's Honour at the Pentillanian Theatre on Menaxus dating from this period is forged by Irving Braxiatel (Theatre of War, the date is given on p.121). (MG)

c 2296 - The vessel Justinian carries the first human settlers to the colony world Ordifica (Interference Book Two p.23).(MG)

? 2297 - A group of human settlers discover the Adelphine cluster, out on the galactic rim. The planet Landor is soon terraformed and colonised and the humans begin to establish outposts and colonies throughout the cluster. Contact with the indigenous alien races of the cluster is peaceful, with the exception of the Averonians who, as the most powerful race in the cluster, believe in their innate superiority over all other sentient life forms (A Device of Death, this occurs 'about fifteen hundred years' earlier [than 3797] on p.30). (MG)

? 2298 - The activist group HALF launches a series of attacks during Kursaal's construction. The Jax are reawakened (Kursaal). (II)

? 2299 - As the time before the Great Crash, the event when the whole of Venice sinks beneath the lagoon, draws close, all those among the populace who can flee the city do so. By the anniversary of the curse, there will be no more boats left to take people away (The Stones of Venice, events mentioned on Disc 1, Track 3). (CW)

? 2299 - After overthrowing yet another reign of terror, the Eighth Doctor and Charley arrive in Venice on the eve of its destruction. After meeting 'Miss Eleanor Lavish', the travellers become separated and while the Doctor and the Duke's art curator Francis Churchwell, is captured by cultists, and Charley is caught up in the plans of the Gondoliers to try to make Estella return for their own ends. After they escape, the Doctor and Churchwell discover the cultist's secret the - empty - coffin, and manage to bluff their way back to the palace to search for the only painting of Estella, but on the way are attacked by Gondoliers. After reaching the palace, they meet up with Charley, and return with the Duke to the cultist's lair, arriving in time for the clock to strikes midnight and the coffin opens (The Stones of Venice. It is the 'twenty-third century', on Disc 1, Track 2, and '[one] hundred years' after the curse [in ?2199]. The idea that paintings belonging to Orcino's grandfather might be from 'outer space' is treated with much scorn, on Disc 2, Track 2. In Minuet in Hell, this occurs 'in the future', on Disc 1, Track 12. In The Scarlet Empress, Iris asks the Doctor if he remembers 'Venice and those awful fish people', on p.116). (CW/MM)

? 2299 - When the empty coffin opens the Gondoliers attack and meet the hundreds of cultists that resist, even as the facades of the buildings of Venice crumble and fall into the lagoon. The Doctor, the Duke, Charley, Vincenzo and Pietro the Gondolier all return to the Duke's barge and return to the palace, where 'Eleanor Lavish' shows her possession of the only painting of Estella, before revealing her true identity. With time running out for the city, Orcino takes her jewels and uses them to try to restore the city and fails. Estella, realising she really does love him, joins him, and together they are consumed by the power, but restoring the city almost to its former glory. Vincenzo makes off with their remains, intending to worship them. The Doctor and Charley spend some time relaxing on the canals, and the Doctor practices being a gondola (The Stones of Venice. The Duke announces he will 'return at dawn', which is in 'a few hours' on Disc 2, Track 2. It is 'dawn', and there is 'light' coming in through the palace windows, and 'morning', on Track 4). When they finally return to the TARDIS, the Doctor decides to pay a visit to Grace Holloway (Minuet in Hell, events mentioned on Disc 2, Track 2). (CW)

? 2300 - By this time the planet Kastopheria has been discovered, and named, by explorer Elias Kastopherious. The planet, situated in one of the remoter parts of the galaxy, is soon colonised by Earth. The colonists set up plantations to harvest the abundant exotic fruits and medicinal plants, using the indigenous species, the People, as slave labour for the burgeoning Kastopheria Company (Catastrophea, this occurs 'hundreds of years' before the twenty-sixth century, on p.39-40). (MM/II)

2300 - The laboratories on Checkley's World are released from state control and their funding continued by a consortium of planetary empires and corporations including Riftok, Masel and Arcturus, with Earth Government remaining the major partner. Some of the more revolting defence systems, including Freire's gas, compression grenades, Hercules Devastators (powerful explosive capable of destroying a thousand-mile-square area) and Ethers (spirits brought into semi-corporeal form to perform simple tasks in war) are probably created on the so-called 'Horror Planet' (The Highest Science, the year is given on p.228. Events mentioned on p.231/237/). (MG)

c 2301 - By this time sleep suspension systems have been all but superseded by the advent of ever faster super-light drives, damaging the profits of businesses like Dozing Decades, located on New Oslo (The Highest Science, no date is given other than 'by the twenty-fourth century' on p.49. Events mentioned on p.50). (MG)

? 2301 - Early in the 24th century one of Earth's colony worlds loses the ability to intuit circles. A survey ship is sent to investigate after a local philosopher publishes a monograph entitled The Myth of the Non-straight Line. The commander of the ship decides to quarantine the planet and send in a team of psychologists, psycho-tacticians and virologists to find an answer to the mystery (The Taking of Planet 5 p.219/73). (II)

? 2303 - By this time a highly effective pacification and riot control gas has been invented, known as Mecipicus (The Shadow of the Scourge Disc 1 Track 11, it is 'the twenty-third century', dated to three hundred years after the story is set). (CW)

? 2305 - In Egypt, an Uphaut IX robot goes berserk while part of a park-keeper system and begins destroying the walls of the Sphinx. In the aftermath of this accident, the Egyptian government bans anyone from entering the Sphinx for centuries to prevent further damage to the structure (The Sword of Forever, no date is given other than 'in '05', which was 'centuries' ago [in 2595] on p.43). (MG)

c 2309 - Duronite, an alloy of machonite and duralinium, is invented (Birthright, this takes place 'about four hundred years' later [than 1909] on p.66). (MG)

2310 - Mars, although terraformed with a breathable atmosphere, is now polluted (GodEngine). (MG)

? 2310 (Aug) - (The Twin Dilemma)

? 2313 - The ThemePark area of Kursaal is destroyed in a terrorist strike (Kursaal). (II)

c 2314 - A detailed map of the Pentillanian Theatre on Menaxus, supposedly drawn during an archaeological expedition, is forged by Irving Braxiatel. The map will eventually be 'loaned' to the Stanarbrian Library by Braxiatel in 3979 (Theatre of War, the date is given on p.35). (MG)

2315 - An application for the post of Admissions Overseer at the Pentillanian Theatre on Menaxus dating from this period is forged by Irving Braxiatel (Theatre of War, the year is given on p.148). (MG)

2315 - Professor Bernice Summerfield's An Eye for Wisdom: Repetitive Poems of the Early Ikkaban Period is published by Youkali Press, despite the fact that the archaeologist won't be born until the year 2540 and the book won't actually be written until 2595 (SLEEPY, the year is given on p.102. In Walking to Babylon, Bernice is busy trying to write the book in the year 2594, on p.2. The year of publication is given as '2595' on p.61). (MG)

2315 - Archaeologist Andreas Dorpfeld discovers the reason why the Smermashi civilisation became extinct. They had developed a crystal-based technology that appeared to improve reality - while viewing life through rose-tinted spectacles they were oblivious to various difficulties their world was suffering from, including pollution and disease. During his expedition Dorpfeld unearths the focusing stone, which will be named Dorpfeld's Prism in his honour after his death (The Joy Device p.112/107). Irving Braxiatel may, or may not, have been present at Dorpfeld's deathbed (The Joy Device p.247/248/98). (MM/II)

c 2317 - By this time the Dyson sphere in the Varteq Veil has become unstable and begins to break up (The Also People, this takes place at least 'two hundred and fifty years' earlier [than ?2567] on p.9). (MG)

2318 - Marshal Summerfield [the fourth in the line] is born (Dead Romance p.207). (CW)

2327 - Third Eye release their latest HvLP, Outta My Way Monkey-boy (The Also People, the year is given on p.54). (MG)

c 2337 - The artist Menlove Ereward Stokes is born (The Romance of Crime, he is 'forty-three' in c2380, on p.12). (MG)

c 2337 - Sheldukher, the most wanted criminal in Mutter's Spiral during the latter half of the twenty-fourth century, is born in New Boston City on Earth (The Highest Science, he is 'in his early fifties' when he goes into cryogenic sleep [in 2389] on p.134). (MG)

c 2340 - The Rock of Judgement, not only court but also where punishment is meted out to hardened criminals, is built on the rocket-powered asteroid 6KK Gamma in the Uva Beta Uva system (The Romance of Crime, this takes place 'over forty years' earlier [than c2380] on p.47). (MG)

c 2341 - The Rutan Host stages an attack on a Sontaran cruiser as part of a plan to insert a spy into the enemy ranks. Karne, a Rutan scout disguised as a Sontaran, is deposited in an escape pod at the site of the battle (Lords of the Storm, this takes place 'almost thirty years' earlier [than 2371] on p.263). (MG)

2344 - Marshal Summerfield has a sole child, Cathy/Cathal [note: see below for details on gender] (Dead Romance p.207). (CW)

c 2344 - Despite having a stable background and a loving family, seven-year-old Sheldukher is assigned to educational psychologists when it is discovered he enjoys inflicting pain on others. Following the deaths of his parents in a tragic accident involving a threshing machine, young Sheldukher leaves Earth never to return (The Highest Science, this takes place just after 'his seventh birthday' on p.31). (MG)

2345 - Darius Kieran Cheynor, descendant of Tom Cheynor (from 1993), who will rise to the rank of captain in Spacefleet, is born (The Dimension Riders, Infinite Requiem, he is 'forty-two' in 2387, on p.6). (CW/MM)

c 2348 - Helina Vaiq, future 'interviewer' on station Q4, is born on the Aberna Colony in a shanty town. She will grow up in a settlement where people live under salvaged plastic and corrugated iron salvaged from crashed shuttles, on mud floors. Though the population has access to hundreds of satellite channels their sanitation is a hole in the ground. Food is dropped near the settlement, though not every week - so when anyone dies, the relatives are obliged to eat their remains... (The Dimension Riders, on p.95-96 she was born '33 years' ago). (CW)

c 2350 - Charles and Edward Nisbett, a pair of brothers with mutant Recessive genes, take over the running of the family firm from their mother. Under their leadership the organisation virtually runs West Coppertown, dealing in extortion, fraud, smuggling, arms dealing, torture and multiple murder (The Romance of Crime, this takes place 'thirty years' earlier [than c2380] on p.117). (MG)

c 2350 - By this time International Electromatics has been renamed Interstellar Nanoatomic Independent Terran Empire Corporation. INITEC is at the forefront of weapons development as well as funding research into biological engineering, genetics, bionics, robotics and data storage (Original Sin, events mentioned on p.286/246). (MG)

2350 - An attempted Jullatii invasion of Earth is prevented by INITEC's invention of the boson cannon (Original Sin, the year is given on p.287). (MG)

? 2350 - (Mission to Magnus, according to the Doctor it is 'midway through… the twenty-third century' on p.17. As this would place this adventure before the Doctor's first meeting with Sil in Vengeance on Varos, [c2285] this has been moved to midway through the twenty-fourth century, sometime before their next meeting in Mindwarp [2379]). (MG)

c 2352 - Listrelle Quallem, who will be the first officer on board the Terran Survey Ship Icarus, is born (The Dimension Riders, she could be 'no more than 25 years old' on p.28, on p.67 she is 'seventeen' at the Academy [in c2369] with Romulus Terrin). (CW)

c 2353 - Emmi Daselle, who will be a crew member on Station Q4, is born (The Dimension Riders p.154, [in c2381] she is 'twenty-eight'). (CW)

c 2355 - Cal Pagett, future crewman of station Q4, is born (The Dimension Riders, he is 'twenty-six' on p.133). (CW)

? 2357 - The first evidence of the Ikkaban Turtle Cult is discovered by archaeologists (SLEEPY, no date is given other than 'next century' [in 2257] on p.59. Arbitrarily dated to a century after the Seventh Doctor's visit to Yemaya 4). (MG)

c 2359 - The settlement on Aberna is firebombed and Helina, one of the few survivors, is taken as an unquestioning uneducated secretary to a major. Others are killed or forced to perform unspeakable acts upon their families (The Dimension Riders, on p.96 this occurs when she was 'eleven'). (CW)

? - The family of Brad Gillespie, crewman of the Icarus, are killed during the Cyberwars (The Dimension Riders p.91, no date is given). (CW)


c 2359 - Xais, who will eventually proclaim herself to be princess of the Guaal Territories and last of the Ugly Mutants, is born, probably on Vanossos (The Romance of Crime, she will celebrate her 'nineteenth birthday' c2377, on p.83). (MG)

c 2359 - Disturbed youngster Marjorie Postine is sold into military by her parents after being left an empty husk as a result of electroshock treatment. At some point during the next thirty years she will be part of a team sent into the trenches of Regurel to protect the planet's rich mineral seams during the skirmish between the Skaas and the Vetrux (The Highest Science, no date is given other than during 'the mid-twenty-fourth century' on p.179. Events mentioned on p.50. Arbitrarily dated to thirty years before Postine plays her part in the raid on Checkley's World). (MG)

c 2360 - By this time, becoming a hermaphrodite is all the rage. Any who undertake the operation have their records changed to reflect their new gender, meaning their original sex is unknown (Dead Romance p.207). (CW)

c 2360 - Cathy/Cathal Summerfield announces that he/she is to become an androgyne (Dead Romance p.207, this occurs when he/she is 'sixteen'). (CW)

2361 - Out in the Lagoon Nebula Lieutenant Loxx rescues a fellow Sontaran, Karne, after his cruiser is crippled in a suicidal Rutan attack. (Lords of the Storm, this takes place 'ten years'earlier [than 2371] on p.9). (MG)

c 2361 - Klift, employee of McDrone Systems and (along with his accomplice Rosheen) perpetrator of a crime resulting in the deaths of millions, is born (The Highest Science, he ages 'forty years' on p.30, to appear 'sixty-eight' on p.32). (MG)

c 2361 - Helina Vaiq is allowed to get a Terran Survey Corp education by the major she is secretary to (The Dimension Riders, this occurrs in 'a couple of years' [from c 2359] on p.96). (CW)

c 2362 - Kate Brintz, future crew member of the Icarus, is born (The Dimension Riders p.91, [in c2381] she is 'nineteen last birthday'). (CW)

c 2362 - High Archon Pyerpoint is appointed station administrator of the Rock of Judgement. Pyerpoint will use his position and contacts in the administrative bureaux and the military of Uva Beta Uva to seize control of a quarter of the major crime syndicates on Planet Five (The Romance of Crime, this takes place 'eighteen years' earlier [than c2380] on p.41). (MG)

? c 2362 - Hermaphrodites go out of fashion (Dead Romance p.207, this occurs in the '2360s'). (CW)

? c 2362 - When hermaphrodites go out of fashion, Cathy/Cathal Summerfield sells his/her body to medical science (Dead Romance p.207, no other date given). (CW)

2362 - Marshal Summerfield dies in the disgrace of a 'broken heart' (Dead Romance p.207). (CW)

2362 - After receiving experimental super-fertility treatment, Cathy/Cathal Summerfield gives birth to a son, Benedict (Dead Romance p.207). (CW)

2364 - The 'lost' sleeper ship Mandela is discovered by Chandos Forrester's band of space pirates. Believing he can use the sleeper ship to ram the Condominium of New Canaan prior to looting the planet, Chandos comes into conflict with the captain of the Mandela, Wilhelmina Inyathi Forrester Obote. Wilhelmina sacrifices herself to prevent Chandos's plan, saving the majority of the one hundred sleepers onboard (Heritage (D4), the year is given on p.83). (MG)

2365 - Benedict Summerfield, aged two, gives birth to a son, Isaac. Isaac will spend the rest of his life being shunted from one space-age housing estate to another (Dead Romance p.208). (CW)

2366 - (The Macra Terror).

? 2368 - The Second Doctor, Jamie and Zoe make a brief stop at an alien art gallery to deposit a sculpture called the Faces of Humanity (Aliens and Predators (D3), this takes place 'many millennia' earlier [than ?40,000] on p.178 In Fegovy (D3), the Faces of Humanity has been 'missing for centuries' [by ?2568] on p.194). (MG)

c 2369 - Romulus Terrin meets Listrelle Quallem while in his second phase at the Academy. She is a cadet and he is a lieutenant on a user-awareness course studying the long-term effects of linkage with neural networks (The Dimension Riders p.67, [in c2381], Listrelle was at the Academy 'a decade' ago). (CW)

? c 2369 - During a lecture on tachyon control physics at the Academy, Romulus Terrin rises to his feet in a packed hall and uses his remote indicator to point out the crucial instability in the lecturer's equation (The Dimension Riders p.31, [in ?2371] this occurs 'two years' ago). (CW)

c 2370 - Human colonists arrive on the planet Tairngire for the first time and the initial landing site is developed into the capital city of New Byzantium. Tairngire and its system will be linked with seven other systems to form an alliance of worlds known as the Concordance (Shadowmind, this takes place 'over three hundred years' earlier [than 2673] on p.32). (MG)

2370 (late) - The Sontarans invade the Unukulhai system and attack the key energy production facility on Agni, the third moon orbiting the gas giant Indra (Lords of the Storm, the year is given on p.6, it is 'two months' before the Doctor's arrival in 2371, on p.68). (MG)

c 2371 - At this time Romulus Terrin is a lecturer at the Terran Survey Corps Academy (The Dimension Riders, [in 2381] this occurs on p.67). (CW)

? 2371 - When giving a lecture to a new year of cadets, Romulus Terrin turns off the screen and begins a series of elaborate conjuring tricks met with rapturous applause. The loudest ovation comes in the last five minutes when he explains the scientific principals behind each and every one of the illusions (The Dimension Riders p.31-32). (CW)

2371 - (Lords of the Storm, the year is given on p.23).

? 2372 - The Ceerad (standing for Cellular Remission and Decay) mutants of Vanossos flee purges on their world and set up settlements on Uva Beta Uva Six. When mining operations finally reach Planet Six the Ceerads are murdered, their deaths explained away as ritual suicides. Young Xais witnesses the murder of her mother at the hands of miners and her psi power manifests itself for the first time, crushing her enemies with the power of her mind, causing death by massive disruption of internal and external organs (The Romance of Crime, events mentioned on p.83/85/74-6). (MG)

c 2373 -Menlove Stokes sets himself up as artist in residence on the Rock of Judgement with funds acquired with the death of his father, a planetary councillor. Over the next seven years Stokes will preserve the likenesses of such renowned criminals as Ventol the three-headed killer of the lower city, Strapping Jack, the Zinctown Basher and Seldin Vranch (The Romance of Crime, this takes place 'seven years' earlier [than c2380] on p.28/61). (MG)

c 2374 - The Nisbett firm is betrayed to the authorities by one of their contacts, a man known only as the Sentinel. Charles and Edward manage to escape, vowing to discover who Sentinel is and to get their revenge (The Romance of Crime, this takes place 'five, six, years' earlier [than c2380] on p.62). (MG)

? 2375 - (The Brain of Morbius)

c 2375 - Xais arrives on Uva Beta Uva Five and uses her psi powers in a killing spree, killing hundreds of people and demolishing buildings in random attacks. The corrupt High Archon Pyerpoint uses his criminal contacts to meet with Xais, arranging for her to act as a walking weapon, killing his enemies and destroying enterprises that threaten his investments (The Romance of Crime, this takes place 'two years' earlier [than c2377] on p.83. Events mentioned on p.153). (MG)

c 2375 - High Archon Pyerpoint uses his position as a director of the Board of Mineralogical Extraction to send an independent agent, Jarrigan Voltt, to carry out a survey of the inhospitable Planet Eleven. Voltt discovers that one point three per cent of the world's planetary mass is composed of helicon. Pyerpoint and Xais hatch a plot to mine the helicon for themselves (The Romance of Crime, this takes place 'about five years' earlier [than c2380] on p.170). (MG)

c 2376 - Tristan Cobain becomes security chief on the Icarus (The Dimension Riders, he has been in the job for 'five years' on p.90-91). (CW)

c 2376 - Xais meets the Nisbett brothers on Bervisto for the first time and enters into a partnership to acquire mining equipment for the operation on Planet Eleven. She demonstrates the process of activating helicon and imprinting one's personality into it to Pyerpoint, who wants to use the mineral to return order and control to the whole system (The Romance of Crime, this takes place 'four years' earlier [than c2380] on p.121/145/236). (MG)

? 2376 - The Fourth Doctor and Sarah aid the citizens of Farrash in deciding the possible courses of their future. ((ST) Rights, no date given, but Earth and its colonies are seen as uncaring) (II)

c 2377 - Xais is finally captured by the authorities shortly before her nineteenth birthday - in the space of two years she has killed at least two thousand humans. She is sentenced to death by particle reversal but, before her death, Pyerpoint arranges for her to imprint her personality onto a mask of helicon cast by the artist Menlove Stokes, ensuring her return from the grave (The Romance of Crime, this takes place 'three years' earlier [than c2380] on p.69/91). (MG)

2377 - The colony world Gadrell Major is brought to the brink of nuclear war. Suffering from a condition known as nukeophobia, many of the planet's inhabitants will begin constructing underground fallout shelters (Infinite Requiem, this takes place 'ten winters' earlier [than 2387] on p.19). (MG)

? 2377 - Earth finds itself at war with the Phracton Swarm, a cyborg mental collective (Infinite Requiem, no date is given other than 'many years' earlier [than 2387] on p.180). (MG)

? 2377 - The Icarus begins a mission that will take its crew two years to achieve (The Dimension Riders, p.61, no date is given). (CW)

2378 - The planet Dymok demands isolation from the rest of Earth's Empire. The Imperial Earth Space Station Little Boy II is built to oversee the planet, and to ensure the indigenous Dymova's privacy is never invaded again (Divided Loyalties, the year is given on p.31). (MM/II)

? 2378 - (The Androids of Tara)

c 2378 - Albion Strakk's girlfriend Anji, and daughter Mikaela die in a skimmer crash. Strakk is taken to identify the body of his girlfriend, but Mikaela's body is burnt to a crisp. Strakk's job on a samizdat network falls through, and he ends up in a bar on a moon with a number of off-duty TSC crew, one of whom is Tanja Rubcjeck, who recommends the TSC. Three months later he is part of Romulus Terrin's crew (The Dimension Riders, on p.121, p.143-144, this occurs 'three years ago'). (CW)

c 2378 - Cal Pagett's son is born (The Dimension Riders, this happens 'three' years ago on p.134). (CW)

c 2378 - The Icarus begins a mission that will take its crew two years to acheive (The Dimension Riders, on p.61 this happens 'three years' ago [from c 2381]). (CW)

? 2379 - The TSC ship Icarus arrives at a settlement on Rho Magnus. Under the impression the area has been sterilised, a team reaches the planet and discover that a number of Berax spores - bacteria that can travel faster than any other microbe - have managed to escape destruction through a tiny crack in the sterilisation foam. This batch's first meal is the reinforced Plexiglas and gold anti-glare film protecting Joshua Kenley, the Icarus's First Officer. Romulus Terrin is foirced to leave him to his fate instead of saving him and condemning the entire crew of two hundred (The Dimension Riders p.98, p.224, no date given, this appears top be the Icarus's 'last mission' - but, Listrelle Quallem, who is Kenley's replacement, joins the crew 'two years' ago [in c2381] on p.67). (CW)

c 2379 - The replacement for Joshua Kenley is Listrelle Quallem, the youngest First Officer ever assigned to a starship by Lightbase (The Dimension Riders p.67, [in c2381] she joins 'two years' ago). (CW)

? 2379 - Carden joins Romulus Terrin's crew on the Icarus (The Dimension Riders, this happens 'two years' ago on p.51). His first mission involves finding three palaeontologists who have become trapped in caves on the colony world of Ephros after they have been missing for a week before the alarm is raised. The team spends seven days with oxygen masks and no natural lighting until they find life traces in the Belvedere Cavern, the deepest and most enormous of halls with a huge lake. The team led by Darius Cheynor find only one of the scientists, driven mad, and after dredging the lake find the remains of the other two men after twenty-four hours of searching. The murderer is sent to station B5 for trial (The Dimension Riders, events on p.51-52). (CW)

2379 (July 3rd) - (Mindwarp)

c 2379 (Nov 3rd) - Mineralogist Jarrigan Voltt is framed by Pyerpoint for the murder of Viktor Stott in Coppertown to ensure his silence in regards to the amount of helicon on Planet Eleven (The Romance of Crime, this takes place on 'November third last' [in April c2380] on p.10). (MG)

c 2379 (Nov) - McConnochie Mining sets up a mineral survey base on Uva Beta Uva Eleven, hoping to find something of worth on the inhospitable rock (The Romance of Crime, this takes place 'at the end of last year' [in April c2380] on p.86. February c2380 is 'month three' of the survey, on p.4). (MG)

c 2380 - By this time the fugitive Nesbitt brothers have been forced to sell their luxury star yacht, the Stellar Caprice. While on the lookout for some cheap muscle they buy a group of Ogrons in an auction on Ghelluris (The Romance of Crime, no date is given on p.129). (MG)

c 2380 (Feb 28th) - Learning of the McConnochie Mining survey being conducted on Planet Eleven, Xais possesses the body of the Rock's security chief, Margo, and transmats to the distant survey base. She switches off the life support systems to ensure the failure of the survey team, but leaves a valuable clue behind when she uses her psi power to crush one of the miners to death (The Romance of Crime, this takes place 'two months' earlier [than April c2380] on p.85. The date is given as '28/2' on p.4, and 'February 28th' on p.93. Events mentioned on p.153-4). (MG)

c 2380 (April 21st Thurs) - The Fourth Doctor and Romana arrive on the Rock of Judgement in the Uva Beta Uva system only to be swiftly arrested for their unauthorised presence. They are released when it is assumed they are partners of Detective Inspector Frank Spiggot of Planet Five's capital police, who has arrived on the Rock to investigate the murder on Planet Eleven, which has all the hallmarks of having being perpetrated by the long-dead Xais (The Romance of Crime, this takes place on 'April 21st' on p.43, which is a 'Thursday' on p.11. It is 'a hundred and fifty years' later [than 2230] on p.8. In The Well Mannered-War, this is [incorrectly] dated as 'the twenty-third century' on p.96). (MG)

c 2380 (April 22nd Fri) - The disembodied presence of Xais completely takes over Margo just as the Rock is attacked by a group of Ogrons in the employ of Xais's partners, the Nisbett brothers. Gaining control of the Rock, Xais and the Nisbetts pilot the rocket-powered asteroid in the direction of Planet Eleven. Reaching their destination, the criminals transmat down to the survey base, where their greed and paranoia gets the better of them. The Nisbetts wind up dead, as does Pyerpoint when it is revealed he is Sentinel, the man who betrayed their firm to the police years ago. Xais activates the helicon, which surges forward to cover the planet's surface in a mindless mass shortly after the Doctor manages to escape (The Romance of Crime, the date is given as 'April the twenty-second' on p.46). (MG)

c 2380 (late July) - The lease for Menlove Stokes's art gallery within the Rock of Judgement expires (The Romance of Crime, this takes place at the 'end of July' on p.63). (MG)

2381 - By this time the codes needed to send a ship into hyperspace are given to the three commanding officers as their identification numbers, as this is thought to be too obvious a place to look (The Dimension Riders, on p.152). (CW)

2381 - At this time London is an area of forest (The Dimension Riders, on p.68). (CW)

c 2381 (c January) - Kate Brintz, a crew member of the Icarus, becomes pregnant (The Dimension Riders p.91, this occurs 'two months' ago). (CW)

c 2381 - By this time, Emmi Dasselle has been promoted twice, and is now a Storage Monitor (First Grade) (The Dimension Riders p.154). (CW)

c 2381 - By this time half the galaxy has been abandoned due to the Cyberwars, and human space stations all have letter-number designations. Earth colonies at this time are enjoying the longest period of interplanetary peace since before the Cyberwars began (The Dimension Riders p.4, p94). (CW)


c 2381 (March 15th) - The Icarus at this time is at Colony Franost, collecting samples for contamination checks. The Doctor and Romulus Terrin find themselves on Q4 after encountering a time disturbance in a week's time. The Doctor and Romulus are interrogated, before being brought before Septimus Ballantyne, who shows them the body of Cal Pagett, who has been killed by a Time Soldier. The Doctor records a distress signal to be sent in a week's time. The President lands on the Icarus and Amanda kills Emmi Daselle, before capturing the Doctor and Romulus Terrin and taking them back to 1993 to retrieve the Doctor's TARDIS. A while later, Terrin and Rafferty arrive from 1993, as the Icarus emerges from the Vortex from a week's time and Terrin sets up a field around the station, reflecting the Time Soldiers' weapons back onto them. Station Q4 undergoes a massive power failure due to the field's operation. The Icarus is taken back to the future in the TARDIS (The Dimension Riders p.63, p.76-77, p.81, p.132, p.154-155, p.161, p.201, p.221-225, p.230, the 22nd is '160 hours' away on p.136). (CW)

= c 2381 (March 15th) - In an altered history, the crew of Q4 die of old age under asault from the Garvond while the station undergoes a massive power drain preventing a distress beacon being used (The Dimension Riders, on p.27). (CW)

c 2381 - At this time, Professor Xoster's tachyon experiments are at a 'very primitive' stage (The Dimension Riders p.77). (CW)

c 2381 - Captain Romulus Terrin and his Second Officer, Darius Cheynor, receive orders to investigate the mysterious silence from Station Q4, the major strategic and scientific base on the edge of the Spiral Arm. Their ship, the Icarus, lifts off from Lightbase, on its new mission (Prelude: The Dimension Riders (DWM#206) on p.46-47). (CW)

= c 2381 (March 22nd) - In an altered history the Icarus docks with station Q4, an Earth survey post at the fringes of explored space for the time, after being sent out by Lightbase to investigate. Tanja Rubcjeck and Matt Henson explore the docking bay, noticing that it is full of skeletons of people who appear to have died of extreme old age - each skeleton is three hundred years old. Shortly afterwards the survey team disappear. The TARDIS lands on Q4, and the Doctor finds the badge of station supervisor Septimus Ballantyne. The Doctor and Ace are caught by the TSC team who have come to investigate the fate of the two members, but soon afterwards the Doctor and Romulus Terrin are swallowed by a time disturbance. The Doctor communes with the Garvond allowing them to emerged unscathed one week into the past. Ace is taken on board the Icarus (The Dimension Riders p.6, p.18, p.26, p.44, p.47, p.59, p.159). (CW)

c 2381 (March 22nd) - Q4 transmits a pre-recorded message by the Doctor to the Icarus, just before the Garvond and its twelve component Time Soldiers land on the ship, ageing the crew. Dr Mostrell is instead regressed back to a five-day old baby. Ace is forced to remain on the Icarus when given an opportunity to escape due to the limiter bracelet she is wearing, preventing her from entering the shuttle bay. The Garvond, with its component Time Soldiers, materialises on the bridge and Listrelle Quallem goes mad, convincing herself that this is a hijack drill, and is aged to chalk as demonstration by the Garvond, who then is given the hyperspace codes. The Icarus then enters the Time Vortex via hyperspace, but cannot go anywhere (The Dimension Riders, events on p.74, p.91, p.103-104, p.116-117, p.120, p.150, p.152, it is 'after the Cyberwars and just before Benny's time' and 'the 24th century' on p.25. On p.97 and p.187, 1993 was '400 years ago'. In Infinite Requiem, the 'live' events in this book take place 'six years' ago [in 2387] on p.5). (CW)

c 2381 - In the Time Vortex Ace and a few others attempt to sabotage the Garvond with a virus, who has since merged with the Icarus, but it is unsuccessful. The Doctor's TARDIS materialises on the bridge of the Icarus and Tom Cheynor is given over to the Garvond. The Doctor gives the TARDIS key to the Garvond and goes inside, followed by Ace, and they manage to trap it in The Worshipful and Ancient Law of Gallifrey, and traps the book in a secluded area of the TARDIS by smashing the Archtectural Configuration circuits. Meanwhile, the Icarus is taken back in time a week... (The Dimension Riders, p.166-167, p.197, p.208). (CW)

c 2381 - The Icarus is returned by the TARDIS from a week ago, and Doctor Mostrell is taken back to his family to have a second childhood (The Dimension Riders, on p.230). (CW)

c 2381 - On colony world Magellani, Horst Leibniz's latent psi powers reveal themselves during the aftermath of his wife's assassination by a toxin of Draconian origin. Naturally telepathic, Leibniz finds himself a valuable asset to the Earth Security Council as a resident intuitive (Infinite Requiem, this takes place 'about six years' earlier [than 2387] on p.226. Events mentioned on p.249-50). (MG)

2381 - Darius Cheynor transfers from the Icarus, and is promoted to captain of the Phoenix, one of the most advanced warships in Spacefleet (Infinite Requiem, this takes place 'six years' earlier [than 2387] on p.6. It is 'shortly after' his ordeal with the Time Soldiers [in March 2381] on p.15). (MG)

? 2383 - A single member of a group of enslaved physicists manages to escape and flee back in time to Earth in the year 1983, where she will find the village of Little Caldwell (Return of the Living Dad p.41, no date except for the 'twenty-fourth century'). Shortly afterwards, she returns, having travelled forward tin time from 1983 to release the rest (Return of the Living Dad p.41). (CW)

2385 - An ex-convict named Cooper is assigned to sanitary inspection duties on Checkley's World (Prelude: The Highest Science (DWM196), this takes place 'four years' earlier [than 2389] on p.48). (MG)

2386 - Slow time compression, which involves the lengthening of temporal flow in a specified area while the rest of space-time carries on as normal around it, is first theorised (The Highest Science, the year is given on p.203). (MG)

2386 - Menlove Stokes takes legal advice regarding another's spurious account of events on the Rock, but unfortunately he loses the court case and is ruined. The artist is approached by the Black Guardian to provide a service in return for fame and fortune, and Stokes agrees. The Guardian points him in direction of the Dozing Decades cryo-mort on Fridgya and Stokes books himself in, specifying only to be woken when his work is re-evaluated and properly appreciated (The Well-Mannered War, the year is given on p.273, events mentioned on p.97-8/285-6). (MG)

? 2387 - The planet Youkali is colonised, though only a couple of bases are built. When the people realise that a stone cannot be thrown in the jungle without hitting ancient ruins, a protection order is slapped on it (Return of the Living Dad p.12, [in 2587] this occurs 'centuries ago'). (CW)

? 2387 - Kristan J. Oakwood spends time as a junior officer in Earth's last war of the late 24th century (Divided Loyalties, no year is given, events mentioned on p.241. I've assumed this is referring to the war with the Phractons). (MG)

c 2387 - There is an Intergalactic Taskforce in operation in the Inner Planets of Earth's colonies at this time (The Highest Science, events mentioned on p.231). (MG)

c 2387 - Having erased her minor convictions for electronic crimes committed in her careless teens and creating a new identity for herself, Rosheen gets a job with McDrone Systems. Partnered with a man named Klift, she finds in him a like mind to steal a fortune, a crime that causes the collapse of the central markets when the first, enormous untraceable sum is lifted. Millions of innocent lives are lost either through starvation or during the wars that break out as a result of the collapsing economy and entire worlds are left in ruins. Inevitably the police become suspicious of the new-found wealth of Rosheen and Klift and the pair are forced to 'emigrate' to the North Gate. The criminals will spend a couple of years luxuriating among the richest and most influential people in Mutter's Spiral before they are forced at gunpoint to join Sheldukher's quest for the Highest Science (The Highest Science, this takes place 'a couple of years' earlier [than 2389] on p.27. Events mentioned on p.156). (MG)

c 2387 - There is a famine on the colony world Tenos Beta around this time (Infinite Requiem, no date is given on p.8). (MG)

2387 - The warship Phoenix spends several months patrolling Earth's remote colonial outposts (Infinite Requiem, events mentioned on p.68). (MG)

2387 (? April) - The Phracton Swarm invades Earth colony Gadrell Major to acquire the supposedly rich deposits of porizium, little realising it is diversion by the Earth Security Council to keep them from Earth's solar system. A major evacuation is effected, with hundreds of thousands of civilians transferred to an orbital platform to await the relief ship Darwin (Infinite Requiem, this takes place 'weeks' before the Doctor's arrival, on p.106). (MG)

2387 (? May) - Phracton warrior 3X-877+ finds his systems corrupted, his major feeder to the Swarm damaged, when his shuttle impacts on the surface of Gadrell Major (Prelude: Infinite Requiem (DWM223), no date is given on p.38). (MG)

2387 (late May) - The Seventh Doctor arrives on Gadrell Major and learns of the Sensopath Shanstra's plan to gain control of the Phracton Swarm's network of minds and manipulate them into causing a massacre. The resulting Battle of Banksburgh is ended with Shanstra's death at the hands of a vengeful colonist. After a trip to the far future to deal with another Sensopath, the Doctor returns to Gadrell Major to collect Bernice (Infinite Requiem, the year is given on p.5). (MG)

2387 (May 29th) - After playing a major role in a peace treaty between Earth and the Phracton Swarm, Captain Darius Cheynor is killed when his skimmer is booby-trapped with an explosive device. Although never proven, Phracton extremists are believed responsible (Infinite Requiem, the exact date is given on p.273). (MG)

? 2388 - (The Happiness Patrol)

? 2388 - The Seventh Doctor and Bernice visit the planet Tara shortly before Count Grendel, with the help of his new executioner the Kandyman, lays siege to Queen Strella's castle (The Trials of Tara (D2), no date is given, but it is 'ten years' since the Doctor's last visit [in ?2378] on p.117. It 'has been long since Terra Alpha' according to the Kandyman, on p.133). (MG)

2389 - Isaac Summerfield and his lover have a child, Marshal, but hands the child over to the Earth military before the year is out, though he will end up in the army's civil service, and have a son called Dylan (Dead Romance p.208-209). (CW)

2389 - Using their knowledge gained from the vivisection of various telepathic races encountered by the human race, the scientists at the gene laboratories on Checkley's World create Project FXX Q84, a creature engineered to be the pinnacle of their genetic research. Learning of the existence of this creature and hoping to use it to locate the legendary planet of Sakkrat, Sheldukher, the most wanted criminal in Mutter's Spiral, conducts a raid on the Horror Planet to acquire it, killing all who stand in his way. An entire fleet of the most advanced ships are sent to retrieve the Cell, but are destroyed by Sheldukher's cellular disruptors (The Highest Science, the year is given on p.229. Events mentioned on p.78). (MG)

2389 - Fearing that Sheldukher has left traps within the gene labs following his departure, a couple of dozen workers on cleaning attachment to Checkley's World are kitted out in protective gear and sent in after a controlled detonation of plurtex is used to gain entry to the facility. The team finds the computer files erased, the machines gutted, and Doctor Pethering, head of Project FXX Q84, dead. One of the team, an ex-con named Cooper, is left for dead after being attacked by an escaped genetically-altered specimen (Prelude: The Highest Science (DWM196), this takes place 'six days' after Sheldukher's raid, on p.48). (MG)

c 2390 - Knowing that Project FXX Q84 is too valuable to lose, the consortium's strategy computers are used to assimilate all available information on Sheldukher, and it is predicted that he will use Project FXX Q84 to locate Sakkrat. The planet Hogsumm is selected to double as Sakkrat and a trap consisting of a slow time convertor is placed underneath a hastily constructed 'ancient' ruined city to await Sheldukher's arrival. The consortium hopes to reacquire the Cell by capturing Sheldukher at a moment of supreme vulnerability - the discovery of the Highest Science (The Highest Science, events mentioned on p.78/235). (MG)

c 2391 - Albion Strakk is expected to die, his body ageing at twice the normal rate because of a partial blast from a Time Soldier's weapon (The Dimension Riders, this will happen in 'ten years' time on p.232). (CW)

c 2393 - By this time humanity has finally eradicated the virus that causes influenza (Birthright, no date is given other than 'in the twenty-fourth century' on p.104). (MG)

? 2393 - It may be around this time that Checkley's World is destroyed in a misdirected missile attack in some skirmish or other, long before its optimistic controllers anticipated its end (The Highest Science, Checkley's World appears to be only a legend by the twenty-sixth century, as Bernice says 'the Horror Planet. So it really did exist' on p.228. Events mentioned on p.256. Arbitrarily dated to four centuries after publication). (MG)

c 2393 - Hugo Gamaliel, chairman and chief executive of BrokTek, decides his corporation's interests will be best served by breaking away from Earth and to stop paying the huge taxes that the government levies to enable it to keep control by keeping the corporations underfunded (Dragons' Wrath, this takes place 'towards the end of the twenty-fourth century' on p.30. It is 'two hundred years' earlier [than 2593] on p.52. Events mentioned on p.39/40/42). (MG)

c 2393 - Realising that Gamaliel's rebellion is growing in support and that he will soon attack them to take their Dragon standard (which also doubles as the Order's encryption key for their secret archives) as his own as a rallying call, the Knights of Jeneve create a beautiful, jewelled statuette in the form of a rearing Dragon and place within it surveillance equipment and a micro-explosive device, intending for Gamaliel to capture it. If their plan works, the Knights will have a direct audio-visual link to Gamaliel's war room and will be able to assassinate their enemy if needs be (Dragons' Wrath, Events mentioned on p.3/160). (MG)

c 2393 - Heavily outnumbered, Gamaliel's followers engage the far larger forces of the Knights of Jeneve at the communications station world of Bocaro (also referred to as Bosarno) in the Tersalian system. The Knights lose the battle deliberately so that the false Dragon standard can fall into the hands of Gamaliel and that they themselves, believed completely destroyed in the confrontation, can continue their work unhindered and unseen. The Knights themselves spread disinformation of Gamaliel's 'victory', and the myth of the Gamalian Gambit is born (Dragons' Wrath, the Gamalian Gambit takes place 'within days' of the Battle of Bocaro, on p.2. Events mentioned on p.143). (MG)

c 2393 - Henri of Bosarno, Gamaliel's right hand in battle, cuts across an area of space outside the battlefield and comes across a group of Dragon Knights, an elite inner order who protect the real Dragon standard. Slaughtering the Knights, Henri takes whatever trophies he can carry - including the real Dragon standard - and returns to Gamaliel's side where, overcome by his wounds, collapses and dies. Realising that Gamaliel may have their real standard, the Knights are unable to detonate the explosive in the fake Dragon for fear of destroying it (Dragons' Wrath, this takes place 'just after the main events' of the Battle of Bocaro, on p.54. Events mentioned on p.213). (MG)

c 2393 - Once in Hugo Gamaliel's possession, the fake Gamalian Dragon is placed within his war room and protected by the most state-of-the-art system available at the time, a laser lattice designed by the Ormand-Seltec Corporation. Unknown to everyone, the real, the original, Dragon standard has been placed within the tomb of Henri of Bosarno and will remain there for the next two centuries (Dragons' Wrath, this takes place 'two hundred years' earlier [than 2593] on p.52). (MG)

c 2393 - Hugo Gamaliel adopts the Dragon standard as his own motif, using it as a rallying call to the increasing number of worlds and peoples dissatisfied with Earth's remote and unfair rule. Gamaliel has a huge following by the time he breaks away from Earth and builds a small power base in the region surrounding his homeworld, Tharn (Dragons' Wrath, the Gamalian Gambit takes place 'within days' of the Battle of Bocaro, on p.2. Events mentioned on p.143). (MG)

? 2394 - The Ipsissimus Order of vampires, composed of nobility aristocracy, will trace their origins to Lord Jake and Lady Madelaine, destroyed in the twenty-fourth century by Jonquil the Intrepid (Managra, events mentioned on p.64. Arbitrarily dated to four centuries after publication of Goth Opera, in which Jake and Madelaine appeared). (MG)

2396 - The cargo ship Convergence, ignoring warnings to stay away from the insular world of Dymok, is destroyed by unknown means. An investigation into the ship's fate yields no clues (Divided Loyalties, this takes place 'just over twelve years' before the Doctor's arrival[in 2408], on p.17).(MG)

? 2396 - The Seventh Doctor hears rumours of an outbreak of psi powers on colony world Yemaya 4 in the year 2257 during an unrecorded visit to the twenty-fourth century. Wanting to discover what really happened, the Doctor departs with his companions Bernice, Roz and Chris (SLEEPY, no date is given other than the 'next century' [in 2257] on p.51. Events mentioned on p.54. Arbitrarily dated to four hundred years after publication). (MG)

2397 - The Bantu Cooperative elects its first non-human leader, Emah-ji-ji-Ke-gege (Another Girl, Another Planet p.131). (MG)

2397 - The inhabitants of Nicea, the main colony world of the Seven Planets of the Althosian system, revolt against Corporation rule. After gaining their planet's independence, the Nicean Academy issues a decree, giving the indigenous khthons their freedom and equal status with the colonists. Over the next three years Nicea will plunge closer and closer towards civil war despite the ruthlessness of its Justice Police (The Pit, this takes place 'three years' earlier [than 2400] on p.17). (MG)

2400 - Major Carlson of the Nicaean Justice Police investigates a series of unexplained murders. Carlson discovers the latest victim, a fourteen-year-old boy, still alive despite horrific wounds. When asked his name, the boy replies 'I am… Legion,' shortly before dying (Prelude: The Pit (DWM197), no date is given). (MG)

2400 - The Seventh Doctor and Bernice arrive on an unnamed, artificial world at the edge of the Althosian solar system. After stumbling into a portal into another dimension, the Doctor learns of the existence of the Yssgaroth, an ancient enemy of the Time Lords. Returning to the artificial world, the Doctor narrowly manages to prevent agents of the centuries-old Fellowship from using the prototype Pandora's Box missile to release the ancient evil into the universe. Unfortunately, the Doctor is powerless to prevent Kopyion Liall a Mahajetsu, a Gallifreyan military leader, from detonating Pandora's Box to prevent the Yssgaroth's escape, obliterating the Seven Planets and killing millions of people in the process (The Pit, the year is given on p.9 and is [incorrectly] said to be 'fifty years' before Bernice's time. In Head Games, events are mentioned on p.92, p.113). (MM/CW)

c 2400 - The background radiation within the Lost Tomb of Rablev on Kasagrad finally falls to within tolerable levels after a period of almost three thousand years (The Doomsday Manuscript, this takes place 'at least two hundred years' earlier [than 2600] on p.211). (MG)

2404 - Gilliam, Queen of Kr'on Tep, disappears (Bad Therapy p.288). (MG)


2406 - Commander Kristan J. Oakwood begins a three-year assignation in charge of the Little Boy II station orbiting the planet Dymok (Divided Loyalties, this takes place 'two years' before the Doctor's arrival [in 2408], on p.15). (MG)

2407 - An eyewitness account regarding Hagan, the greatest Menaxan actor, purporting to be from this date is forged by Irving Braxiatel (Theatre of War, the year is given on p.134). (MG)

? 2407 - Humanity reaches the Garazone System. When smuggling becomes rife, the Garazone Space Patrol is established to combat the growing problem (Sword of Orion, Garazone Central is 'about a hundred years old' [in ?2507] on Disc 1, Track 4). (MG)

2408 - The Fifth Doctor arrives on the Imperial Earth Space Station Little Boy II just as all communication is lost with the isolated world of Dymok. The Doctor travels to the surface of the planet, only to find himself at the mercy of the Celestial Toymaker. Shortly afterwards, Dymok disappears completely (Divided Loyalties, this takes place 'thirty years' after Dymok's isolation [in 2378], on p.16). (MM/II)

2415 - An organisation known only as the Bureau discovers an abandoned alien time corridor in Earth's district 406 akker Playa del Nuttingchapel. Despite the illegality of unauthorised time travel, the Bureau despatches an agent down the corridor on a one-way journey to the twentieth century (The English Way of Death, the year is given on p.201. Percy Closed comes from a period 'many hundreds of years' later [than 1930] on p.180, sometime after 'Third Eye' have been formed, on p.37. In The Also People, Third Eye release their latest recording in 2327, on p.54). (MG)

2420 - The Bantu Cooperative co-funds a pre-emptive weapons creation programme with Terran personnel after a chance diplomatic encounter with the Draconians (Another Girl, Another Planet p.132). (MG)

2421 - After years of falsely claiming to have discovered the lost secrets of space, explorer Gustaf Heinrich Urnst stumbles across the biggest of them all, the location of the planet Sakkrat. Frightened off by the ruined city's Monumental Guardian, Urnst writes Being an Account of my Discovery of the Unnameable Secrets of Sakkrat, to warn others not to search out the Highest Science (The Highest Science, the year is given on p.1). (MG)

? 2430 - By this time humanity's successful implementation of anti-grav technology has been made possible by the genius of scientist Welford Jeffries (Sword of Orion, no date is given other than 'several hundred years' after 1930, on Disc 1, Track 4. Arbitrarily dated). (MG)

c 2444 - The inhospitable world of Tempest is first surveyed. It is soon colonised and the Trans-Global Railway monorail system is set up, its head office in the city of Thule (Tempest p.10/24). (MG)

c 2445 - The planetoid Cappa Nine Seven, also known as Delfus Orestes, is renamed KS-159 (Tears of the Oracle p.63). (MG)

? 2447 - The Fourth Doctor wins ownership of a planetoid located on the fringes of the Magellanis system during a game of poker with an arrogant Draconian. Discovering that the planetoid is a desolate, barren rock the Doctor hands it over to the Earth colonies to develop, although he still keeps nominal ownership (Lonely Days (D2), no date is given other than the 'twenty-fifth century' on p.230. Arbitrarily dated to a century prior to the Fifth Doctor's visit). (MG)

2455 - Dylan Summerfield's children are taken away from him when it is revealed that he has been sleeping with non-humans - a practise that is forbidden. Dylan's son, Jonah, will eventually become an officer in the space navy (Dead Romance p.210). (CW)

2465 - Comes the Trickster release their latest HvLP, All The Way From Heaven (The Also People, the year is given on p.170). (MG)

? 2466 - Bernice Summerfield publishes her best-selling coffee-table archaeology book Down Among the Dead Men (Theatre of War, Bernice's book is published in '2566' on p.36, but in '2466' (!) on p.135. The year on '2566' is chosen in A History of the Universe, on p.195. The date on '2466' is chosen on the Big Finish website). (CW)

? 2470 - (Revenge of the Cybermen)

c 2471 - Spacefleet discover the psychic ability of the future mother of Mrs Ransandrianasolo, and begin forcing her to take enhancing drugs to make hr a psychokinetic (Return of the Living Dad p.164, this is 'twenty years' before Mrs R is born). (CW)

2472 (March 3rd Tues) - (Colony in Space)

2476 - The Techno-Magi sect revive the cryogenically preserved head of twentieth-century animation pioneer Ralph Waldo Mimsey and use it as an Oracle. After the collapse of the sect, the head is reacquired by the Mimsey Incorporation as a curio (Burning Heart, the year is given on p.174). (MG)

c 2480 - Vicki Pallister, companion of the First Doctor, is born in New London on the planet Earth, and narrowly avoids being christened Tanni by her mother. Vicki will spend her childhood living in Liddell Towers on the South Circular Road (Byzantium!, she is 'fourteen' when she meets the Doctor [2493] on p.27/114. She is 'eleven' when her mother dies, on p.96. Vicki's surname is given as 'Pallister' on p.235. Events mentioned on p.33. The name 'Tanni' is, of course, a reference to Doctor Who and Tanni, which was the working title for The Rescue). (MG)

? 2482 - Greed Incorporated: The Rise of the Space Corporations by M. Ashe is published (So Vile a Sin, no date is given on p.29. Arbitrarily dated to five hundred years earlier than events in the novel). (MG)

? 2486 - The Sixth Doctor investigates the disappearance of his old friend Korriklimm on the holiday world of Nesta, and teaches a robot 'conflict resolution'... ((ST) Wish You were Here, no year is given. There is a reference to 'the five galaxies' also mentioned in Delta and the Bannermen). (II)

? 2487 - By this time, the Navarino civilisation is the only nation to survive on its planet, the others having destroyed themselves in the single war that rocked the planet - the Navarinos only emerging unscathed for the simple reason that they couldn't be bothered to join in. The entire Navarino culture is based around frivolity and recreation, and deemed so harmless that they are given limited time travel (and are taxed mercilessly) by the Time Lords so they can go on holidays (Return of the Living Dad, no date given on p.161-162). (CW)

? 2487 - (Delta and the Bannermen, no date is given. There is a reference made to 'the five galaxies'. In Return of the Living Dad, Albinex's Sky Yacht's 'last warp coordinates' were 'nineteen sixty-three', on p.241. I have taken this to mean that the Yacht has not travelled anywhere else in time since the trip to 1963 [by 2547]. Arbitrarily dated to five hundred years after broadcast). (CW)

? 2487 - (Delta and the Bannermen, no date is given. There is a reference made to 'the five galaxies'. In Dragonfire, there is a reference to 'the twelve galaxies' [in ?3972], suggesting this story occurs a significant time afterwards). (CW)

c 2490 - The legendary statuette known as the Gamalian Dragon, surrounded by its protective Ormand-Seltec laser lattice, is placed within the high-security Archives of Tharn, which are located deep in the lower levels of the Castle of Fire and Ice (Dragons' Wrath, this takes place 'over a century' earlier [than 2593] on p.52). (MG)

c 2491 - Mrs Ransandrianasolo is born, a telepath due to the Spacefleet psi drugs still in her mother's body at the time of her conception (Return of the Living Dad, [in 1983] she is 'seventy-two' on p.106, p.164). (CW)

c 2491 - The mother of Vicki Pallister dies. Sometime shortly afterwards, Vicki and her father leave Earth for a new life on the planet Dido (Byzantium!, this takes place when Vicki is 'eleven' on p.96. Her mother's death takes place 'shortly before' Vicki's departure for the planet Dido, on p.154). (MG)

? c 2492 - General Keele, liberator of Mars, is born on Martian soil (Beige Planet Mars p.41). (MG)

c 2493 - (The Rescue. In Byzantium!, Vicki leaves Earth 'for a new life in 2493' on p.154). (MG)

? 2494 - It may be around this time that the remote homeworld of the avian-evolved Dethaki is taken over by Earth's greedy mining corporations. Too few in numbers to regain their planet, too proud to adapt, the surviving Dethaki will become fierce mercenaries, hiring themselves out as guerrilla fighters and assassins (Mean Streets, no date is given on p.35. Arbitrarily dated to one hundred years earlier than the novel's main events). (MG)

c 2495 - The Seventh Doctor and Ace board the starliner Cortese, hoping to learn the cause of a spate of mysterious spaceship disappearances linked to a space-time fracture. The Cortese is eventually attacked by an organic Ship, its robotic Ant servants assimilating the majority of the liner's 506 passengers before the Doctor, Ace and Bernice manage to escape by hurling themselves into the random fracture (Set Piece, no date is given other than 'the twenty-fifth century' on p.33. It is at a time when 'police psychic probes' have been made illegal, on p.14. Arbitrarily dated to 500 years after publication). It is while he is a captive of Ship that the Doctor 'celebrates' his one-thousandth birthday (SLEEPY, events mentioned on p.175). (MG)

? 2496 - The Seventh Doctor, Chris, Roz and Bernice arrive on Navarro intent upon some much needed R and R... (Return of the Living Dad, no date is given on p.161. Dated to five hundred years after publication). (CW)

? 2496 - At the end of their holiday on Navarro, it is all the Doctor, Bernice and Roz can do to get Chris back in the TARDIS. And Bernice will still have a hangover three weeks afterwards (Return of the Living Dad, events mentioned on p.161). (CW)

? 2499 - Mankind's most advanced androids, indistinguishable from their masters in every way, begin demanding equal rights as sentient creatures. When Earth authorities deny them such rights and outlaw them, the androids retreat to the Orion System, where many of them were originally manufactured, and supplant the human colonists. Earth's military is sent in to combat the 'Android Hordes', and the Orion War breaks out between master and servant (Sword of Orion, the Orion War breaks out 'about eight years' earlier [than ?2507] on Disc 2, Track 6). (MG)

? 2499 - It may have been around this time that colonists under the leadership of a man named Hoover are sent to settle New Jupiter, a planet located a few hundred thousand light years from Earth. The early settlers use basic drones for heavy work, while some of the senior families have advanced humanoid replicants as servants (EarthWorld, no date is given other than 'way back years ago' [in ?2801] on p.29. Events mentioned on p.135. The colony's androids are so advanced that, 'at this level of sophistication'… 'there's no way of telling if a person is real or not' on p.212. They have a 'positronic brain' on p.212. When it comes to the advanced androids, 'Earth's where the technology was developed' on p.144.). (MG)