Historical Timeline

1901 (Sept 6th Fri) - The First Doctor witnesses the shooting of US President William McKinley during an unrecorded trip to Buffalo, New York. McKinley will eventually die a week later from a gangrenous infection to his intestinal wound (Byzantium!, no date is given on p.179. The shooting of President McKinley on 6th September 1901 is a matter of historical record). (MG)

1901 (Dec) - John Lafayette is aiding the excavations of the ruins of Babylon (Walking to Babylon, the date is given on p.26). (II)

1902 - Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s The Hound of the Baskervilles is published. Although largely based on the investigations of consulting detective Sherlock Holmes, the addition of a huge hound to the narrative may have been inspired partly by Conan Doyle’s meeting with the Fourth Doctor in Devon in the year 1880 (Evolution, assumed from Conan Doyle’s words, on p.118). (MG)

1902 (Dec) - Thirty years after the Fourth Doctor’s visit to Rapa Nui, the majority of the population of Easter Island has dramatically fallen from twenty thousand to less than two hundred (Eye of Heaven, the date is given on p.273). (MG/II)

1903 - Montague Rhodes James, noted scholar and influential writer of ghost stories, visits the Montfalcon toyshop in Paris. His glimpses of the Doll’s House will influence his writing of The Haunted Dolls’ House (The Death of Art, the year is given on p.274). (II/MG)

c 1903 - Manda Sutton is born in England to her father George and mother Charlotte (Toy Soldiers, [in 1919] she is ‘sixteen’ on p.45, her parents are named on p.41). (CW)

c 1904 - By this time the inhabitants of the planet Kalaya have colonised neighbouring Ockora, turning it into a holiday resort. The Kalarians build hundreds of hotels and holiday camps and Ockora becomes a popular tourist destination. Little realising the ocean-dwelling Ockorans are an intelligent species, the Kalarians begin to cull their numbers for sport (The Murder Game, this occurs ‘centuries’ before 2104, on p.167. In The Final Sanction, events mentioned on p.154-5/157-164). (MG)

1904 (Oct 2nd Sun) - Henry Graham Greene, British intelligence officer and author, is born in Hertfordshire (The Turing Test, the year is given on p.243). (II/MG)

c 1905 - Jules Verne, author of 20,000 Leagues under the Sea and 80 Days around the World, dies (64 Carlysle Street (MST), Verne's death is ‘nigh four years gone’ on p.96). (II)

1906 - Lady Edith Greystone dies of influenza, leaving behind her husband Geoffrey, and her daughter Annabel. (64 Carlslyle Street (MST), the cause is given on p.91, the year on p.93). (II)

1906 - Weird Harold, a vampire, is found buried alive in the San Francisco earthquake (Vampire Science). (MG)

1906 - (All-Consuming Fire p.290).

1906 - (The Chimes of Midnight).

1906 - The British Royal Navy launches the HMS Dreadnought, the fastest, most heavily armed ship the world has ever seen. The vessel is so powerful that it can outclass any other ship on the oceans, making all preceding battleships obsolete (Just War, the year is given on p.30). (MG)

c 1907 - Bertoldt Sneider is born in Germany (Toy Soldiers, [in 1919] he is ‘twelve’ on p.11). (CW)

c 1907 - Gabrielle Grovier is born in France to her mother Amalie and father Nicolas (Toy Soldiers, [in 1919] she is ‘twelve’ on p.19). (CW)

1908 (June 30th Tues) - The Tunguska explosion occurs. After at least one failed attempt the Third Doctor, Jo and Liz Shaw are present to witness the impact (The Wages of Sin, the exact date is given on p.2, events mentioned on p.250). (MG/II)

1908 - Winston Churchill marries Clementine Hozier (Players, the year is given on p.134). (MG)

c 1909 - The First Doctor, Steven and Dodo arrive in England, unwittingly bringing two criminals from the Fourth Universe in their wake. The Doctor and his companions set about tracking down the criminals’ whereabouts before they can cause any trouble on Earth (64 Carlysle Street (MST), the Doctor has been on their trail for ‘many months’ earlier [than 1909] on p.97). (MG)

1908 - Liberal statesman Herbert Henry Asquith become British Prime Minister (Birthright, the year is given on p.79). (MG)

1908 (June 30th Tues) - The Tunguska event takes place in Siberia when Jared Khan’s TARDIS is Time Rammed from the far future. The energy of the supposed ‘meteorite strike’ is so great that it opens a rift in the space-time continuum. This Great Divide, a link to the planet Antýkhon in the far future, is unstable - shifting from St Petersburg, to Moscow, and finally to London (Birthright, the exact date is given on p.202. In All-Consuming Fire, the year is given on p.290). (MG)

1908 (Aug) - Five young women are murdered by the Charrl in St Petersburg, their corpses thrown in the Neva River. Their remains appear to have been cut up and examined as if for scientific purposes. One of the victims is the daughter of private investigator Mikhail Vladimir Popov, who vows to find her killer (Birthright, this takes place in ‘August’, which is ‘nine months’ earlier [than April 1909] on p.48). (MG)

1908 (Sept) - Three more victims of the insect-like Charrl are found in the city of Moscow after the unstable Great Divide moves location (Birthright, this takes place ‘the following month’ on p.48). (MG)

1909 (Feb 3rd Wed) - The Seventh Doctor intervenes when butcher Ernie Wright is falsely arrested for the murder of a teenage prostitute. Lancashire Lily’s death at the hands of the Charrl sparks off rumours of Springheel Jack’s return to the East End of London (Birthright, the exact date is given on p.15. Ernie is an ancestor of either Barbara or Polly Wright, on p.21). (MG)

1909 (Feb) - The Seventh Doctor visits Margaret Waterfield, sister of Edward, at her home in Dean Street, Soho and arranges for Bernice to stay in the spare room. He also asks her to collect some books for him from Jared Khan, Antiquarian Bookseller, an establishment situated in Bloomsbury (Prelude: Birthright (DWM203), the year is given on p.46. In Birthright, this takes place ‘in February’ on p.36). (MG)

1909 (mid Feb) - Bernice finds herself stranded in Edwardian London after a forced landing by the TARDIS. With both the Doctor and Ace missing, she has only the key to Margaret Waterfield’s residence in Dean Street and a key for an account at Coutts Bank to aid her plight (Birthright, this takes place ‘two months’ earlier [than April 15th] on p.24). (MG)

1909 (early March) - Growing tired of her enforced exile, Bernice makes the first of many trips to the banks of the Thames to visit the decaying shell of the TARDIS. She is covertly observed by Jared Khan, magus of the Sacred Order of the New Dawn, who hopes to acquire the TARDIS key (Birthright, this takes place ‘six weeks’ earlier [than April 15th] on p.31). (MG)

1909 (April 10th Sat) - The eighth victim of Springheel Jack is discovered near Spitalfields market. Private investigator Mikhail Popov travels to London, believing the murders are the work of his daughter’s killer (Birthright, this takes place ‘five days’ earlier [than April 15th] on p.49). (MG)

1909 (April 15th Thurs) - Bernice receives a map from an anonymous source in the post. While she is out, Jared Khan uses his vast mental powers on Margaret, hoping to gain access to Bernice’s safety-deposit box. Later that night Bernice is attacked by a thug in Khan’s employ, but the man is driven off by the timely intervention of Russian private detective Mikhail Vladimir Popov (Birthright, the exact date is given on p.23/31). (MG)

1909 (April 16th Fri) - Francesca Whitton, the ninth victim of Springheel Jack, is saved by Bernice and Popov. Returning home, Bernice finds Margaret’s corpse and is arrested by Chief Inspector Prior, who is a member of the New Dawn (Birthright, the exact date is given on p.50/65). (MG)

1909 (April 17th Sat) - Bernice is incarcerated in Holloway Prison, the acting governor burning her papers the moment she signs them on the orders of the New Dawn - officially there is no record of her ever entering the prison. That night, seven more murders occur on the streets of Whitechapel (Birthright, the 18th of April is her ‘second morning’ as a prisoner, on p.73). (MG)

1909 (April 18th Sun) - Bernice is released from Holloway with the help of Popov and Prime Minister Asquith, who is an old friend of Doctor John Smith (Birthright, the exact date is given on p.73). (MG)

1909 (April 20th Tues) - Bernice arranges, and attends, the funeral of Margaret Waterfield at Golders Green Crematorium in North London. The Seventh Doctor sends a bouquet of white lilies (Birthright, the exact date is given on p.81). (MG)

1909 (April 21st Wed) - Bernice and Popov witness the materialisation of a weakened Charrl in a London alley (Birthright, the exact date is given on p.83). (MG)

1909 (April 22nd Thurs) - Bernice engages the lock-picking skills of young Charlie Jackson to gain entry to Khan’s bookshop. Bernice is captured by Khan and learns of the plan to help the Charrl find a permanent home on Earth. She is eventually rescued by Popov and Charlie (Birthright, the exact date is given on p.91/96. Charlie is probably an ancestor of Ben Jackson). (MG)

1909 (April 23rd Fri) - Ace arrives in London after traversing the Great Divide from the far future. Bernice, infected by the Charrl, replaces the TARDIS’s Time Vector Generator, only to witness Jared Khan sacrificing his physical body to merge his mind with the time machine. With Bernice and Ace onboard, the TARADIS departs for the planet Antýkhon (Birthright, the exact date is given on p.106/148). (MG)

1909 (April 24th Sat) - With the Great Divide finally stabilised, the Charrl arrive en masse, but Muldwych turns against the insectoids when Queen Ch’tizz reveals that the human race must be eradicated to make room for her people. He tricks the Charrl into believing he can take them to an alternative Earth and traps them within the confines of the TARDIS. When he attempts to hijack the TARDIS, Muldwych is dematerialised back to Antýkhon by the time machine (Birthright, the exact date is given on p.203). (MG)

1909 - Joachim Wolff, a ruthless Waffen-SS Standartenführer who will be reviled as the Butcher of Mallesan, is born in Germany (Just War, he is ‘thirty-two’ [in 1941] on p.100). (MG)

1909 - The First Doctor, Steven and Dodo visit 64 Carlysle Street on the trail of the refugees from Ronnos (64 Carlysle Street (MST), Lord Greystone's wife died in 1906 on p.95, which was ‘three years gone’ on p.91). (II)

c 1909 - Oni, who will be part of Gabrielle’s team on Q’ell, is born (Toy Soldiers, [Gabrielle, aged twelve] is ‘two years’ older than him on p.84). (CW)

c 1909 - Ingrid, who will be a member of Josef Tannenbaum’s team on Q’ell, is born (Toy Soldiers, Josef [who was born in c1910], is ‘a year’ younger on p.57). (CW)

1909 (July 25th) - French aviator Louis Blériot makes the world's first over-the-ocean flight in a heavier-than-air craft by piloting his Blériot XI monoplane across the English Channel from Calais to Dover. The flight wins him lasting fame and a prize of £1,000 offered by the London Daily Mail (Toy Soldiers, the year is given on p.17. Blériot's flight on 25th July 1909 is a matter of historical record). (MG/CW)

1910 (Jan) - Francesca Whitton, infected with the Charrl seed early last year, gives birth to a hybridised human-Charrl baby (Birthright, the date is given on p.213). (MG)

? 1910 - The First Doctor trains with Harry Houdini (The Pit, events mentioned on p.154, no date is given. In Head Games, events mentioned on p.105, no date is given) learning various tricks, including sleight of hand (The Sorcerer’s Apprentice, no date is given on p.47. Harry Houdini, born Ehrich Weiss, lived from 1874 to 1926 and his career as a performer began in 1882. Arbitrarily dated). (CW)

1910 - An unspecified incarnation of the Doctor is witness to earth tremors in Peru in an unrecorded trip (The English Way of Death, the year is given on p.46). (MG)

1910 - David Blau is born in Germany (Toy Soldiers, he is ‘hardly older than Josef’ on p.24). (CW)

c 1910 - Josef Tannenbaum is born in Germany to a Jewish family (Toy Soldiers, he is ‘three years younger’ than Bertoldt Sneider [aged twelve] on p.11). (CW)

1911 - (Pyramids of Mars)

1911 - Guy Burgess, Soviet double agent, is born in Devon (Endgame, no date is given. Burgess’s birth in 1911 is a matter of historical record). (II/MG)

1912 (Jan 1st Mon) - Kim Philby, British intelligence officer and the most successful Soviet double agent of the Cold War period, is born Harold Adrian Russell Philby in Ambala, India (The Turing Test, Endgame, no date is given. Philby’s birth on 1st January 1912 is a matter of historical record). (II/MG)

1912 - On the planet Mars, young Xznaal of the Argyre clan learns a valuable lesson about his planet’s flora while visiting the plantations of the Mare Sirenum (The Dying Days, this takes place ‘eighty-five’ years earlier [than 1997] on p.175). (MG)

1912 (? January) - Sir Charles and his daughter Anna travel together, smuggling artefacts from country to country. In the next few months they will visit a Turkish holy man and an Irish museum director as they try to sell off some of the items they have acquired, including the Codex Atlaca and the Xiuhcoatl (The Left-Handed Hummingbird, no date is given on p.227. [In April] it is during ‘the last few months’). (CW)

1912 (April 10th Wed) - The RMS Titanic sets out from Southampton in England. On board are two hundred and twenty four people, including thirteen honeymoon couples though there are only enough lifeboats for less than half the passengers. Sir Charles and Anna board the ship to get to New York, where they have arranged to sell the Codex Atlaca (The Left-Handed Hummingbird, events mentioned on p.222, p.225-226. The launch of the Royal Mail Ship Titanic on the 10th April is historic fact). (CW)

1912 (April 14th Sun) - The California spots three icebergs ahead of the Titanic, and the Mesaba sends six ice warnings. These warnings are lost or ignored under a deluge of personal messages from the passengers. The TARDIS arrives with three hours to midnight from 1980 in a cargo hold at the front of the ship. The TARDIS is set, in case the Doctor does not return, to dematerialise at midnight. The Doctor and Cristán begin looking for the Codex Atlaca. Cristián is approached by Anna and told to come to her rooms where her father can sell him the Codex. In the TARDIS, Ace manages to open the doors, and she and Bernice go to look from the Doctor. The Doctor sees Blue just as Huitzilin kills Sir Charles, wanting the Xiuhcoatl. The Doctor goes to their rooms and finds the Codex Atlaca and the Xiuhcoatl, which he reaches just as the Titanic hits the iceberg at midnight... (The Left-Handed Hummingbird, events mentioned on p.221-222, p.226, p.228-229, p.234). (CW)

1912 (April 15th Mon) - The Doctor, reading from the Codex Atlaca, manages to weaken Huitzilin, but he is unable to keep it up, and Huitzilin begins to feed on the Doctor's life energy. Huitzilin and the Doctor gradually swap corporeality - Huitzilin becoming solid and the Doctor physically transparent. Cristián, finding a gun on the floor, shoots Huitzilin, the bullet having gone through the Doctor. Bernice finds them, and they split up going back to the TARDIS with Bernice carrying the Doctor. Ace finds her way up to the deck where people are being evacuated. The Titanic's radio room begins sending out distress signals only after the damage has been assessed by the captain, and the Carpathia and Olympic (though 500 miles away) are coming to the rescue. During this, the world’s first SOS is sent. Below stairs, the middle-class passengers have no idea what is going on or that the ship is being evacuated. As Cristián makes his way back to the TARDIS he is forced to take a baby with him, pressed into his hands by an elderly woman. By 2:00 all the lifeboats have gone, the Titanic begins to show signs of sinking. Ace is swept overboard by a wave, pushed away from the ship by the waves made by one of the chimneys falling into the water. After many minutes, the ship is as straight as a tower and slides between the waves. The TARDIS rematerialises over Ace, before it departs for 1980. Out of the two hundred and twenty-four people on board, one thousand five hundred and two will drown, fifty-three of them children, all of them from middle-class, and out of the thirteen honeymoon couples only four people will survive (The Left-Handed Hummingbird, events mentioned on p.245-250, p.253-256, and from historical fact. In All-Consuming Fire, the year is given on p.290). (CW)

1912 - An investigation into the sinking of the Titanic is begun. By the end it will be established that from now on ships will have round-the-clock radio surveillance and lifeboats for everyone on board. The International Ice Patrol is formed (The Left-Handed Hummingbird, events mentioned on p.226). (CW)

1912 - The exploits of Professor George Challenger see print in Arthur Conan Doyle’s The Lost World (All-Consuming Fire, this is a matter of historical record). Unfortunately for Challenger, as early as the 1970s he will be remembered by many people as nothing more than a fictional character created by Conan Doyle (Evolution, Sarah Jane Smith comments that Sir Arthur Conan Doyle will ‘create’ the ‘character’ of Professor Challenger, on p.158-9. This is also confirmed on p.260). (MG)

1912 (June 23rd Sun) - Alan Mathison Turing, English mathematician, logician and pioneer in the field of computer theory, is born in London, England (The Turing Test, the year is given on p.243). (II/MG)

c 1912 - Lieutenant George Reed, the British counter-intelligence officer who will become Roz Forrester’s fiancé for a brief time, is born into a rich Kent family (Just War, he is ‘about thirty’ [in 1941] on p.20). (MG)

c 1912 - Voss, a captain in the German armed forces and the man in charge of a stealth raid on the village of Turelhampton to acquire alien artefacts for the Third Reich, is born in Germany (The Shadow in the Glass, he appears to be in his ‘early thirties’ [in August 1944] on p.190). (MG)

c 1913 - A British climber named Harding Wellman dies in an avalanche while on a mountaineering holiday in the Swiss Alps (Winter for the Adept, this takes place ‘some fifty years’ earlier [than 1963] on Disc 2, Track 6). (MG)

1913 - The Nemesis statue's orbit takes it closer to Earth again, influencing events on the planet (Silver Nemesis). (CW)

1913 - Thomas Edward Hawthorne, eminent Cambridge radio astronomer, is born (Nightshade, he is ‘fifty-five’ in 1968, on p.80). (MG)

1913 - Gamio finds the top of the Great Temple under the streets of Mexico City (The Left-Handed Hummingbird, events mentioned on p.58). (CW)

1913 (May 25th Sun) - Donald Maclean, Soviet double agent, is born in London, England (Endgame, no date is given. Maclean’s birth on 25th May 1913 is a matter of historical record). (II/MG)

1913 - A Spanish traveller arrives in Hawkswick with a dancing bear. When a spate of cattle mutilations take place in the village in five years’ time, farmer Bill Cromby’s original theory is that the bear escaped and went rogue (Casualties of War, the year is given on p.19). (II/MG)

1913 (Oct 31st Fri) - The Seventh Doctor makes an unrecorded trip to Guernsey, where he saves the town of St Peter Port from ‘something worse’ than Nazis. Unfortunately he is unable to rescue three-year-old Celia Doras from a death by drowning. He meets the girl’s mother, Ma Doras, for the first time. Bernice Summerfield will use Celia’s identity during the Second World War (Just War, Celia drowns on ‘Halloween 1913’ on p.4. Events mentioned on p.42). (MG)

1914 (Feb) - The Seventh Doctor and Bernice arrive in the little town of Farringham, Norfolk for an intended three-month stay while the Time Lord experiments with being human. Bernice takes lodgings at Station Cottage with Alexander Shuttleworth, the curator of the local museum (Human Nature, this takes place ‘nine weeks’ earlier [than April] on p.15). (MG)

1914 (March) - Doctor John Smith, a history teacher from Aberdeen, becomes the new form master for Farrar house at the Hulton College School for Boys in the quiet town of Farringham (Human Nature, this takes place ‘six weeks’ earlier [than April] on p.28). (MG)

1914 (April) - During a Women’s Institute meeting, widowed science teacher Joan Redfern begins to realise that she has feelings for Doctor John Smith, her new colleague at the Hulton College School (Prelude: Human Nature (DWM226), Smith is still ‘new’ to the school, on p.35). (MG)

1914 (April, a Thurs) - The Dubraxines, a family of ruthless Aubertides, arrive in Farringham via a vortex tunnel, on the trail of a Biodatapod containing the Doctor’s Time Lord DNA. The Pod is essential in their plan to alter their biology into that of Time Lords, enabling them to expand their limited breeding capabilities. That night, John Smith begins writing a story for children entitled The Old Man and the Police Box (Human Nature, it is ‘April’ on p.17, in the year ‘1914’ on p16). (MG)

1914 (April, a Fri) - Bernice realises, during a conversation with John Smith, that widowed Joan Redfern is falling in love with the ex-Time Lord. After being confronted by the sudden appearance of the Aubertides, Bernice discovers the Biodatapod has gone missing from its hiding place - it has been taken by schoolboy Timothy Dean, whose biology begins to change due to the Gallifreyan biodata contained within the Pod. That night, Smith and Joan become sweethearts (Human Nature, it is the ‘next morning’ on p.3, it is ‘Friday’ on p.44). (MG)

1914 (April, a Sat) - The Aubertides isolate the entire town with a time barrier and, realising the Pod is in the possession of a local schoolboy, lay siege to Hulton College. Smith, enjoying a picnic with Joan, proposes to his sweetheart. The picnic is cut short when Hulton is decimated by an Aubertide fusion bomb. Regaining the Pod from Dean, Smith becomes the Doctor once more to defeat the aliens (Human Nature, it is ‘Saturday morning’ on p.103). (MG)

1914 (April, a Sun) - The Doctor is forced into handing over the Pod to August, leader of the Aubertides, after Joan is kidnapped and held hostage. August realises too late that he has been tricked - the Pod contains the information of Dr. John Smith instead of that belonging to the Doctor. With the Aubertides defeated, the Doctor says his goodbyes to Joan and departs in the TARDIS, taking his former sweetheart’s cat, Wolsey, for company (Human Nature, it is ‘dawn’ on p.226). (MG)

1914 - Effie Briggs, wife of village constable Albert, passes away after contracting influenza and the station house quickly descends into a state of squalor without her presence (Casualties of War, this takes place ‘four years’ earlier [than August 1918] on p.56, ‘back in ‘14’ on p.17). (II/MG)

1914 - MDMA, more commonly referred to as Ecstasy, is patented by the German chemical company Merck, supposedly as an appetite suppressant, but the company eventually decides against marketing the drug (Warlock, the year is given as ‘1914’ on p.114. It is a matter of historical record that MDMA was patented in 1913 as patent #274.350). (MG)

1914 - Cocaine, a perfectly legal and highly popular drug until now, becomes a banned substance (Warlock, the year is given on op.113). (MG)

1914 (June 28th) - The assassination of Archduke Ferdinand, heir to the Austrian throne, starts a series of events that will lead to the outbreak of the First World War (Human Nature, this takes place in ‘June 1914’ on p.247), a culmination of events caused due to the Nemesis Statue's close proximity to Earth (Silver Nemesis). (MG/CW)

1914 (Aug 4th) - Great Britain declares war on Germany due to the invasion of Belgium (Human Nature, events mentioned on p.247. In Toy Soldiers, [in 1918] the war begins ‘four years ago’ on p.5. In Eater of Wasps, the year is given on p.215. The British declaration of war on 4th August 1914 is a matter of historical record.). By the end of the war, three quarters of all French men between the ages of eighteen and thirty will have died (Toy Soldiers, events mentioned on p.163). At some point Miss Margaret Havers will see ‘action’, probably as a nurse (Eater of Wasps, this occurs during ‘the Great War’ on p.79. Her full name is given on p.246). (CW/MG)

1914 - In the United States the Anti-Saloon League gathers support for the banning of alcohol just as the Great War breaks out in Europe (Blood Harvest, the year is given on p.63). (MG)

= 1914 (Aug 22nd) - The dormant Dark Matrix is awakened by the bloodshed at the Battle of Mons, the first conflict of the Great War. The British Expeditionary Force witnesses the spectral form of Jack the Ripper hovering over the battlefield. Throughout the war reports and rumours from the trenches concerning ghosts which drink blood are hushed up by the Allied High Command (Matrix, no date is given on p.44. The Battle of Mons on August 22nd - 23rd 1914 is a matter of historical record). (MG)

1914 - The trans-dimensional parasite known as Agonal feeds on the death caused by trench warfare during the First World War (Blood Harvest, no date is given on p.218. Arbitrarily dated to eighty years before publication). (MG)

1914 - At this time during the First World War Mount Ararat is on Russian territory (Eternity Weeps, events mentioned on p.32). (CW)

1914 (Oct) - Richard Hadleman, Labour constituent for the town of Farringham, enlists in the British Army (Human Nature, the date is given on p.248). (MG)

1914 (Oct 31st Sat) - Private Daniel Burridge, from the secluded village of Hexen Bridge, is killed defending the British lines at Ypres (The Hollow Men, the exact date is given on p.71). (MG)

1915 (April 24th Sat) - Sergeant Thomas Baber, from Hexen Bridge, is gassed during the Great War (The Hollow Men, the exact date is given on p.71). (MG)

1915 (May 7th Fri) - The Fifth Doctor finds himself onboard a British merchantman crossing the Atlantic Ocean shortly before it is torpedoed by a German U-boat. The Doctor is rescued by the crew of the U-boat and impersonates a German secret agent. He manages to escape from the clutches of the Germans shortly before the U-20 targets, and sinks, the RMS Lusitania (The Sirens of Time). (MG/II)

1915 (Aug) - (White Darkness).

1915 (Nov 18th Sun) - Lieutenant Jeremy Carstairs and Lady Jennifer Buckingham are kidnapped for the War Games. They are eventually returned to their correct place in time and space by the Time Lords (The War Games, seen in Players, the exact date is given on p.69). (MG)

1915 (Nov 18th Sun) - The Second Doctor, using a Time Ring, arrives in no man’s land during the First World War. He manages to save Major Winston Churchill from an ambush set up by the Count and Countess. The Doctor meets the couple and learns they are planning to send Churchill to Berlin, delivering him into the hands of the Kaiser (Players, the exact date is given on p.69). (MG/II)

1915 (Nov 19th Mon) - The Second Doctor rescues Churchill again, with the help of Lieutenant Jeremy Carstairs and Lady Jennifer Buckingham, before narrowly avoiding execution at the hands of a German firing squad by using the Time Ring to return to Gallifrey (Players, it is ‘dawn’ on p.99). (MG/II)

1916 (March) - In Britain, the Government introduces conscription for single men between 18 and 41. Hilary Pink, among several other men, declares himself to be a conscientious objector, and it is only due to the efforts of his brother George that he avoids going to prison for it. However, Hilary will never forgive him for it. He will spend time travelling, especially to London, where he falls in with artists, writers, drinkers, liberals and communists, before returning to Marpling. There, he will an affair with Gwen Jarrow (Eater of Wasps, no date is given on p.41, p.96-97. The introduction of conscription for single men in Britain in March 1916 is a matter of historic record). (CW)

1916 (May) - In Britain, the Government introduces conscription for married men. Just days before he leaves for battle, John Jarrow, husband of Gwen, is photographed in uniform (Eater of Wasps, no date is given on p.143. The introduction of conscription for married men in Britain in May 1916 is a matter of historic record). (CW)

1916 (Summer) - Nikita Kuznetzov of Russia's Academy of Sciences is the first man to see the devastation wrought by the Tunguska event in Siberia, although this is never recorded in history books. Leonid A. Kulik will eventually be the man remembered as the first to visit the site in 1921 (The Wages of Sin, events mentioned on p.204). (MG)

1916 (July 8th Sat) - Major Nicholas Hatch, an inhabitant of Hexen Bridge, dies of shrapnel wounds during the fighting at the Somme (The Hollow Men, the exact date is given on p.71). (MG)

1916 (July 14th) - The first ever night-time attack on German positions takes place as 20,000 British troops cross no-man’s land in the Somme. Captain Richard Hadleman of the Ninth Battalion of the Norfolk Regiment is one of the few survivors of the mass slaughter on the Somme, his wounds tended by old acquaintance Timothy Dean, a member of the Red Cross (Human Nature, the exact date is given on p.247-8). (MG)

1916 (July) - Lance-Corporal Weeks of the 8th Royal Lincolnshire Regiment engages the enemy at the Somme (Storm Warning, no date is given other than during ‘14-18’ on Disc 2, Track 1). (MG)

1916 - By this time the Germans have discovered a way of passing messages through enemy checkpoints without discovery. Writing in acetic acid on the shell of soft-boiled eggs before boiling them, their spies learn that messages will be absorbed, leaving no visible trace on the surface. Despite this ingenious method’s eventual discovery by the enemy, Germany will still continue to use this system without even the slightest variation during the Second World War (Just War, the year is given on p.155). (MG)

c 1916 - William Pollack, commander in the Royal Navy and High Priest of a witch coven, is born, possibly in the village of Moreton Harwood (K9 and Company: A Girl’s Best Friend novelisation, he appears to be ‘perhaps sixty-five’ [in December 1981] on p.30). (MG)

1916 (Nov) - Following the Battle of the Somme, the Roger Gleave witnesses a scene of utter devastation (Eater of Wasps, no date is given on p.215. The end of the Battle of the Some in November 1916 is a matter of historic record; although the German offensive around St Quentin in March - April 1918 is sometimes known as the Second Battle of the Somme). (CW)

1916 (Dec 24th Sun) - The Third Doctor takes his TARDIS on an initial test-flight after the Time Lords lift his exile on twentieth-century Earth. The Doctor, Jo and Liz Shaw arrive, not in 1908 as expected, but eight years later, in St. Petersburg. The time travellers spend the night in the Astoria hotel (The Wages of Sin, this occurs ‘the previous day’ on p.17, the exact date is given on p.21). (MG)

1916 (Dec 25th Mon) - The time travellers awake the next morning intent on leaving St. Petersburg, only to find the TARDIS has been stolen. When the Doctor reports the theft to the local police, he and his companions are mistaken for newly arrived British envoys and granted an audience with the Empress Alexandra (The Wages of Sin, it is ‘the 13th’ on p.27). (MG)

1916 (Dec 26th Tues) - The Doctor and his companions are given quarters in the Winter Palace after their audience with Alexandra. While there, the time travellers meet the charismatic Grigory Rasputin. A clandestine meeting takes place to discuss the assassination of Rasputin. The conspirators, including Prince Felix Yusupov, believe Rasputin is doing irreparable harm to the war effort and must be killed (The Wages of Sin, it is ‘morning’ on p.27). (MG)

1916 (Dec 27th Wed) - The conspirators prepare the basement room in the Moika Palace where Rasputin is to be lured and killed (The Wages of Sin, it is ‘morning’ on p.117). (MG)

1916 (Dec 28th Thurs) - Liz Shaw warns Rasputin of the plot to end his life but, disregarding her advice, he travels to the Moika Palace at the invitation of Prince Felix. Jo, disguised as a serving maid, manages to replace a batch of poisoned cakes shortly before Rasputin is offered food and drink by his host (The Wages of Sin, it is ‘December 16th’ on p.162). (MG)

1916 (Dec 29th Fri) - Sometime after midnight Rasputin is shot in the back by Prince Felix, when the attempt to poison him fails. Rasputin, still alive, is wrapped in a carpet and dumped in the freezing Neva River. Witnessing the act, the Doctor attempts to rescue the victim until, at the last moment, he realises the man is Grigory Rasputin and history must run its course. After retrieving the TARDIS from its hiding place at the former Stock Exchange building, the time travellers depart on another attempt to reach 1908 (The Wages of Sin, it is ‘morning’ on p.235). (MG)

1917 (April 16th Mon) - An unspecified incarnation of the Doctor is onboard the train that returns the exiled Vladimir Ilitch Lenin, architect of the Russian Revolution, from Switzerland to Petrograd upon the abdication of the Czar. During the journey the Doctor introduces Lenin to the game of tiddlywinks, before meeting the Empress Alexandra upon his arrival in Russia (Storm Warning, no date is given on Disc 1, Track 4. Lenin’s return to Petrograd on 16th April 1917 is a matter of historical record). (MG)

1917 - Lieutenant Emile Chevillon transfers to the French Flying Corps (Toy Soldiers, the year is given on p.182). (CW)

1917 - The CHEKA, a secret police force operating in the USSR, is founded. It is a forerunner of the KGB and a replacement for the Tsarist Okhrana (Transit, [in c2119] the KGB claim to be established since this year on p.202. The actual establishment of the KGB in 1954 is a matter of historic record). (CW)

? 1917 (mid) - The Toymaker acquires a pair of British soldiers for his celestial toyroom while making a visit to no-man’s land at Ypres, Belgium (Divided Loyalties, no date is given, events mentioned on p.138/143, there were battles at Ypres in 1914, 1915, and 1917). (MG)

1917 - French soldiers, including Lieutenant Lucke are abducted by the Aliens to take part in a series of War Games (The War Games. In The Eight Doctors, the year is given on p.58, this is all that Lucke knows). (CW)

1917 - John Jarrow is killed at the Somme. He will be awarded the Victoria Cross for bravery (Eater of Wasps, events mentioned on p.2, p.97. Note: the medal named is the ‘George cross’ - this is a historical inaccuracy as the George Cross was a medal that was instituted for civilians in 1940. It is more likely this would have been the Victoria Cross, which was awarded to soldiers rather than civilians who fought in the war, rather than a medal introduced in twenty years’ time). (CW)

1917 (Sept 20th Thurs) - Private Walter Smith is killed while saving his officer’s life at Passchendaele, far from his home of Hexen Bridge (The Hollow Men, the exact date is given on p.71). (MG)

1917 (? October) - The First Doctor, in an unrecorded trip, witnesses the horror of the third major battle of Ypres - also known as the Battle of Passchendaele - in which General Sir Douglas Haig’s British Expeditionary Force eventually suffers approximately 310,000 casualties due to heavy shelling and mustard gas attacks (Byzantium!, no date is given on p.179. In The King of Terror, no date is given on p.241. The Battle of Passchendaele began on July 31st 1917 after a ten-day preliminary bombardment. Unsuccessful attacks were also made on 9th and 12th October. British and Canadian infantry finally took the village of Passchendaele on November 6th 1917). (MG)

1917 (Nov 7th Wed) - The Doctor makes an unrecorded trip to Russia during the October Revolution, where he meets Lenin in Petrograd. During the uprising, the Doctor becomes a hero of the October Revolution (The Devil Goblins from Neptune, the year is given on p.50, events mentioned on p.53). (MG)

1917 (late Nov) - The Battle of Cambrai, the British offensive on the Western Front that marks the first large-scale, effective use of tanks in warfare, takes place. Attacking the Germans’ Hindenburg line by complete surprise, British tanks initially rip through German defences, taking approximately 7,500 prisoners of war. The offensive is halted due to bad weather, with the cavalry unable to exploit the breakthrough, and on 30th November the Germans counterattack with twenty divisions. By 5th December the British are driven back almost to their original positions. Casualties during the battle are high, numbering around 45,000 on each side (Casualties of War, no date is given on p.8. The British offensive between 20th November-5th December 1917 is a matter of historical record). (MG)

1918 (Jan) - Sugar rationing is introduced in Great Britain (Casualties of War, the month is given on p.17). (II/MG)

1918 - Manda Sutton begins her collection of toy bears she calls ‘the Zoo’ (Toy Soldiers, events mentioned on p.44, this is ‘before Charles’ death’). (CW)

1918 (late Jan) - Clara Walker becomes secretary of Doctor Charles Banham at Hawkswick Hall, a psychiatric hospital for shell-shocked soldiers (Casualties of War, she has been at Hawkswick for ‘nearly eight months’ [in August 1918] on p.33). (MG)

1918 (? early) - Following the death of John Jarrow which leaves Gwen devastated, Hilary Pink leaves her to travel the world for the next fifteen year, mostly in the United Sates and South America in order to stay away from Europe, leaving a trail of social destruction in his wake. During that time he will not know he has a son. It will take Gwen years to shake off her reputation after spending time with the conscientious objector (Eater of Wasps, events mentioned on p.96-97. Gwen’s child, Liam, will be born on ‘Armistice Day’, on p.97). (CW)

1918 (March 19th Tues) - Lieutenant Corporal Edward Luston, from the Wessex village of Hexen Bridge, is shot at Marne during the Great War (The Hollow Men, the exact date is given on p.71). (MG)

1918 (March 19th Tues) - Lance Corporal Joe Collins and Corporal John Sykes, patients at Hawkswick Hall psychiatric hospital, go missing after exploring Doctor Banham’s secret basement room. Having murdered the men, Banham circulates the cover story that the soldiers have returned to their regiments in France. Their true resting-place will be uncovered in five months’ time by the Eighth Doctor (Casualties of War, the exact date is given on p.1). (II/MG)

1918 (March) - The villagers of Hawkswick begin to hear strange things moving around in the night shortly before a spate of pet disappearances hits the village. Unbeknownst to the villagers, the corpse soldiers have taken the animals to be placed on their Offering Tree in return for power to break free from Banham’s arcane influence (Casualties of War, this takes place in ‘March’ on p.18). (MG)

1918 (April) - The outbreak of the Influenza Epidemic, apparently originating with American troops arriving in western Europe, will be regarded as the most severe pandemic of the twentieth century. The virus, mutating into a more severe form, spreads swiftly, with outbreaks occuring in nearly every inhabited part of the world. The pandemic will eventually claim around 30 million victims in total (Birthright, the year is given on p.104). (MG)

1918 (April) - Constable Albert Briggs sends a report to the Ministry concerning the slaughter of livestock in Hawkswick, requesting an official to be sent to investigate the matter (Casualties of War, this takes place ‘four bloody months’ earlier [than August] on p.12). (MG)

1918 (May) - Farmer Bill Cromby discovers the first of many of his sheep torn apart. As more sheep are slaughtered over the course of the next week, Cromby will believe it is the work of a rogue bear escaped from its owner five years earlier (Casualties of War, this takes place in ‘May’ on p.18). (II/MG)

1918 (June) - At Hawkswick Hall hospital, Doctor Charles Banham uses his revolutionary ‘mud therapy’ on disturbed war veteran Corporal Duncan McHale for the first time and the soldier begins composing a huge, rough, man-like form out of the clay (Casualties of War, this takes place ‘two months’ earlier [than August] on p.50). (MG)

1918 (July) - Farmer Bill Cromby loses another couple of sheep to the mysterious force, little realising they have been slaughtered by the walking dead for their Offering Tree (Casualties of War, this takes place ‘last month’ [in August] on p.27). (MG)

1918 - An agent of the mysterious Bureau arrives in the twentieth century by way of an abandoned one-way alien time corridor in Earth’s future. The man assumes the name Percival Closed, believing it is suitably inconspicuous (The English Way of Death, this takes place ‘twelve years’ earlier [than 1930] on p.83/102). (MG)

? 1918 - Four Turkish soldiers marching home across the mountainside say, in a letter claimed to be owned by two Turkish farmers in 2003, to have seen a formation they call ‘The Ark of Ages’ (Eternity Weeps, this happens during ‘the First World War’ on p.29, since they are walking home suggests that it could be the end). (CW)

1918 (Aug 18th Sun) - The amnesiac Eighth Doctor travels via train to the Yorkshire town of Grimston after reading a newspaper article concerning things going ‘bump in the night’ in the nearby village of Hawkswick (Casualties of War, he arrived ‘last night’ [on 19th August] on p.69). (MG)

1918 (Aug 19th Mon) - The Doctor is mistaken for a man from the Ministry by village constable Briggs upon his arrival in Hawkswick. After hearing the rumours that veterans at the nearby psychiatric hospital may be responsible for the mutilation of livestock in the area, the Doctor visits Doctor Banham’s establishment, where he is given a demonstration of the psychiatrist’s innovative ‘mud therapy’. Later that day, the Doctor’s picnic with village midwife Mary Minett is interrupted when human remains are discovered in Skews Bank Field. The Doctor believes the corpses to be those of Lane Corporal Collins and Corporal Sykes, missing for five months (Casualties of War, the exact date is given on p.7). (II/MG)

1918 (Aug 20th Tues) - Shortly after midnight dead men are seen walking in the village and another patient at Hawkswick Hall, Private Daniel Corey, is killed by an unknown assailant. The Doctor returns to the hospital and makes a thorough search of the premises during his investigation into the man’s death. He makes a second clandestine visit to the hospital during the night only to be caught by Banham and forbidden to return (Casualties of War, it is ‘morning’ on p.131). (II/MG)

1918 (Aug 21st Wed) - The Doctor returns to Skews Bank Field to find conclusive proof of the corpses’ identities and, after a brief search, locates Sykes’s dog tags - only to have them stolen by a group of corpse soldiers. When Mary Minett vanishes during a search of Hawkswick Hall, the Doctor is forced to return once more to confront Banham. Penetrating Banham’s inner sanctum, the Doctor learns that the psychiatrist is in possession of telekinetic powers. The Doctor finds himself in a netherworld wrought by Banham from the nightmares of the Great War, where the Time Lord is forced to battle a dark elemental force, defeating it by using the power of the psyche to dissipate it (Casualties of War, it is ‘daybreak’ on p.198). (II/MG)

1918 (Aug 22nd Thurs) - The Doctor leaves Hawkswick after arranging to have his box collected by Messrs. Bracket and Flockton of Grimston Removals, for destinations unknown (Casualties of War, the exact date is given on p.270). The last letter Mary Minett writes to the Doctor, on this day, will remain in his pocket the whole time he is on Earth (Eater of Wasps, the letter is dated ’22 August 1918’, on p.76). (MG/II/CW)

1918 (Aug) - The Influenza Epidemic virus mutates into a second, more lethal strain. In this form, pneumonia develops with surprising rapidity and death comes ordinarily after only two days from the first symptoms. Around half of the deaths are among twenty-to-forty-year-olds, marking out an unusual pattern for this kind of virus. It is estimated 30 million people are killed - at least 12.5 million in India, approximately 550, 000 in America - more people than are killed in the war. The cause of the virulence remains unknown (Casualties of War, the date is given on p.271). (II/MG)

1918 (Nov 11th) - The Armistice is signed at eleven minutes past eleven in a train carriage between the two sides, signalling the end of the First World War with the surrender of Germany (Toy Soldiers, events mentioned on p.3. In Eater of Wasps, the year is given on p.215. The signing of the Armistice on November 11th is a matter of historic record). (CW)

1918 (Nov 11th) - Four hours after the Armistice is signed Biune from Q’ell chase a number of German soldiers across No-Man’s Land to the British trenches. After a small skirmish, Lieutenant Charles Sutton, Sergeant John Betts, Corporal Robert Dale, Private David Stringer, Gefriete Hans Göth and Gefriete Reinhardt Perelmann are taken by the Recruiter, leaving only a two-foot hole in the ground (Toy Soldiers, events mentioned on p.5-9, p.51).

1918 (Nov 11th) - On Armistice Day, Liam Jarrow, illegitimate son of Hilary Pink, is born to his mother Gwen, probably in the English village of Marpling. He will grow up not knowing who his real father is, and idolise the memory of the one he believes in (Eater of Wasps, events mentioned on p.97-98. Liam is born on ‘Armistice Day’). (CW)

1918 (Nov 14th) - On Q’ell, training of the soldiers taken three days ago finishes, and they are taken to join the Front (Toy Soldiers, events mentioned on p.9). (CW)

1918 (c Nov) - Soldiers begin returning home, however one regiment of the British Army is sent to Ireland (Toy Soldiers, events mentioned on p.74-75). (CW)

c 1918 - After finding out about Charles Sutton’s ‘death’, his sister Manda is shocked - but weeks later will be the first to find her father’s purple-faced body sprawled across their living-room floor (Toy Soldiers, events mentioned on p.43). (CW)

= 1918 (Nov) - On Matrix Earth, British soldiers come home at the end of the Great War and the Ripper killings start again. A few ex-servicemen, suspected of being responsible, are rounded up and executed. The nation goes mad en masse and the Government withdraws to Edinburgh. Gangs and private armies spring up, fighting with each other, the police and the regular army, and the hungry wraiths of the Ripper appear on London streets for the first time (Matrix, events mentioned on p.44-5. The end of the Great War on November 11th 1918 is a matter of historical record). (MG)

1919 - An archaeological dig at the site of Marsham Castle is abandoned after several prominent members of the expedition disappear in mysterious circumstances (Nightshade, the year is given on p.125/135). (MG)

1919 - The first of Percival Closed’s Circle arrives from Earth’s future, travelling down a one-way time corridor (The English Way of Death, this takes place ‘a full year’ after Percival’s arrival [in 1918] on p.102). (MG)

1919 (early Feb) - A man gives Josef Tannenbaum’s sister Edi a teddy bear. She is so hungry she tries to eat is, so her mother gives it to Josef (Toy Soldiers, events mentioned on p.31, [in March] this is ‘more than six weeks ago’). (CW)

1919 (Feb 12th) - In Germany, Josef Tannenbaum gets ready to raid a supply train for food when, after being chased by the Sneider brothers is taken by the Recruiter (Toy Soldiers, events mentioned on p.9-13). (CW)

1919 (mid Feb) - Josef is looked for by his friends and family - but they are unsuccessful (Toy Soldiers, events mentioned on p.24-25). (CW)

1919 (March 26th) - Gabrielle Grovier is at Provence in France at the wedding of her sister Nadienne and her fiancé Jean-Pierre. After seeing ‘fireworks’, she is given a teddy bear by a strange man. Trying to hide from her mother, she goes up the tower of the church - and is taken by the Recruiter. Roz and Chris, who are nearby, help the party look for her. After meeting Amalie, they return to the TARDIS, and the Doctor takes them forward a month (Toy Soldiers, events mentioned on p.15-18, p.21, p.27-28, p.34, p.37). (CW)

1919 (March 26th) - The Doctor visits Hannah Tannenbaum, Josef’s mother (Toy Soldiers, events mentioned on p.25-26, it has been ‘six weeks’ since [on 26th February] Josef vanished; assumed to be contemporary with the above). (CW)

1919 (April 26th) - Chris and Roz visit Amalie Grovier, now staying with Nadienne at her house in Larcochepot. They will continue to visit for the next five months (Toy Soldiers, events mentioned on p.106, [on the 26th September] it is incorrectly said they make a visit on the ‘16th’ of each month). (CW)

1919 (June) - Ingrid, who will be a member of Josef’s team on Q’ell, is taken by the Recruiter (Toy Soldiers, events mentioned on p.57, [in September] this is ‘three months’ ago). (CW)

1919 (June 28th) - The Treaty of Versailles is signed by the Allied powers and Germany in the Palace of Versailles. As part of the terms of the treaty strict limits are placed on the size of Germany’s armed forces. The ‘war guilt clause’ deems Germany the aggressor in the war and consequently responsible for reparations to the Allied nations for losses and damage they have sustained in the war (Just War, no date is given on p.195/257). Labour Peer Lord Tamsworth is part of the British delegation to Versailles, and is one of those who decides on suitable reparations (Storm Warning, no date is given on Disc 2, Track 6. The signing of the Treaty of Versailles on 28th June 1919 is a matter of historical record). (MG)

1919 - The small German Workers’ Party is founded by Anton Drexler and Dietrich Erhart. Renamed the National-sozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei (National Socialist German Workers’ Party, or Nazi Party), it will enjoy a modest success in the early twenties due to resentment at the loss of the war and economic woes. Its policies - a mixture of nationalism, socialism and, above all, anti-Semitism - will become popular thanks to the rabble-rousing abilities of an ex-serviceman called Adolf Hitler (Timewyrm: Exodus, the year is given on p.95). (MG)

1919 (mid August) - The Universal Toys factory opens. By the 26th September over half a million toy bears will have been produced (Toy Soldiers, events mentioned on p.80, [on 26th September] this is ‘six weeks ago’). The factory will be employed in packaging and distributing toy bears with characteristic green eyes, some of which will be sold by M. Parmentier, who believes they are markers for the targets of Bolshevik ‘special liaison forces’ dressed as bears ‘to reassure the children’. These ‘forces’ tell him they are taking the children away to Russia to be educated in Communism (Toy Soldiers, events mentioned on p.173-174). (CW)

1919 (early Sept) - The boy called Oni is taken by the Recruiter (Toy Soldiers, events mentioned on p.84, [on 26th September] this is ‘three weeks ago’). (CW)

1919 (early Sept) - At the Doctor's behest, Bernice gains employment at the Universal Toys factory in Bristol, hoping to acquire one of the mysterious teddy bears. The Doctor keeps an eye on her progress from his pie stall located on Sullivan Road (Toy Soldiers, events mentioned on p.73 [on the 26th] this is ‘two weeks’ ago). (MG/CW)

1919 (Sept) - On her second day at the factory, Bernice smuggles a bear out for the Doctor to examine (Toy Soldiers, events mentioned on p.73). (CW)

1919 (Sept) - On her third day of working at Universal Toys, Bernice discovers, in her note from the Doctor, that the toy bears are really the locator end of a mm’x synchronisis intradimensional energiser. Enquiring about where the toy bears come from, Bernice is told that they are delivered to the factory at 6am (Toy Soldiers, events mentioned on p.73). (CW)

1919 (Sept) - On her fourth day at Universal Toys Bernice goes to the factory at 6am and talks to one of the loaders of the delivery trucks - and discovers that the delivery consists of only the boxes the toys are to be packed in (Toy Soldiers, events mentioned on p.73). (CW)

1919 (Sept) - Bernice watches the Universal Toys factory for a twenty-four hour period - but learns nothing (Toy Soldiers, events mentioned on p.73). (CW)

1919 (Sept) - During the next few days at Universal Toys Bernice explores the factory as much as possible by pretending to be lost (Toy Soldiers, events mentioned on p.73). (CW)

1919 (c Sept 17th) - On a visit to Mrs Fox, Carrie and Manda Sutton attend a séance where ‘Madame Ségovie’ finds Charles, her brother, and her father (Toy Soldiers, events mentioned on p.41, [on the 25th] this is ‘last week’). (CW)

1919 (c Sept 22nd) - Manda Sutton begins to feel ill, refusing to go to school (Toy Soldiers, events mentioned on p.41 [on the 25th] this is ‘a few days ago’). (CW)

1919 (c Sept 23rd) - Bernice breaks into the Universal Toys factory 2am - to discover that the building is not guarded and there is nothing unusual on the premises (Toy Soldiers, events mentioned on p.73-74, [on the 26th] this is ‘three nights ago’). (CW)

1919 (Sept 24th) - Bernice meets Carrie Sutton while at the pictures, watching a silent film (Toy Soldiers, events mentioned on p.66 [on the 26th] this is ‘the day before yesterday’). (CW)

1919 (Sept 25th) - Bernice is invited to tea by Carrie Sutton. Later, Madame Ségovie holds a séance, during which she sees the battlefield on Q’ell - a battlefield with a psychic resonance so close to Earth’s (at that time) that a two-foot hole is blasted the card table by the shock of a shell explosion. Manda is given a new bear named ‘Yewentee’ by Carrie - and at night is taken by the Recruiter (Toy Soldiers, events mentioned on p.39, p.48-49, p.66). (CW)

1919 (c Sept 25th) - On Q’ell, engineer Elreek is ‘reassigned’ along with his equipment (Toy Soldiers, events mentioned on p.85-86, [on the 26th] this is probably the day before). (CW)

1919 (late Sept) - By this time there have been disappearances reported in England, Austria, Germany, France and Russia (Toy Soldiers, events mentioned on p.107). (CW)

1919 (Sept 26th) - Bernice visits ‘Doctor Smith’ at his pie stand, who gives her a toy rabbit. Later at the factory, Bernice is discovered after recognising Charles Sutton - and is taken by the Recruiter, and promoted to Sergeant-Recruiter. Returning with Lieutenant-Recruiter Charles Sutton to the Universal Toys factory, she helps the Recruiter takes a rather surprised Doctor when he materialises the TARDIS in the manager’s office. In France ‘Sergeant Dale’ of the British Army visits Amalie to warn against Chris and Roz, who return at sunset - but in the resulting confusion Amalie is shot dead by Dale, and are taken to the police station (Toy Soldiers, events mentioned on p.69-71, p.75-80, p.90, p.97-99. p.106, p.111-118). (CW)

1919 (Sept 27th) - In the early hours of the morning, Madame Mathilde Detaze, Nadienne’s cook, returns to Larochepot to discover Father Duval, the local vicar, is dead and everyone in the village has disappeared. French police soon arrive at the village - and find the place deserted but for the dead priest. In the police cells in Touleville, Roz and Chris convince Martineau to investigate Monsieur Parmentier's toyshop, where they learn the Recruiter intends to abduct millions of children tomorrow morning. Meanwhile, on Q’ell Manda Sutton is taken to Sergeant-Doctor Smith, while Bernice meets Gabrielle, and together they go North - a forbidden direction - and discover that the two ‘sides’ fighting in the war are actually using the same trench. Leaving the trench, they are captured by the insectoid Q’ell and taken to the Recruiter. They are followed by Josef. The Doctor and Manda, meanwhile are taken to the Recruiter after trying to reprogram it. In England Soldiers from the British Army are given orders from the Home Secretary to guard the Universal Toys factory (Toy Soldiers, events mentioned on p.133-134, p.135-138, p.179-180, p.182-185, p.223, Amalie was murdered 'last night' on p.140). (CW/MG)

1919 (Sept 28th) - By this time the number of sentients killed in the war on Q’ell totals 28,461,432 - and still the technical advance has not been achieved (Toy Soldiers, events mentioned on p.208). Roz and Chris fly from France to Bristol in Emile Chevillon’s plane. While in-flight they are attacked by one from Q’ell, but fail to reach the factory in time. At 6am the transmat device hidden in the Universal Toys factory operates, sending 5, 000, 000 children to Q’ell. On Q’ell, the Doctor and Bernice meet the Recruiter, and the Doctor forces the Recruiter to stop the war, but the Recruiter tries to use the children in transit to transmat Earth into its sun. This act that would provide enough energy to destroy the Ceracai Dominions. Reaching the TARDIS, Chris and Roz - and in an attempt to save the children and change history, Chris tries rewinding the temporal co-ordinates backwards, forcing the TARDIS to make an emergency materialisation on Q’ell just before the Doctor is forced to pull the plug on the Recruiter’s transmat system (Toy Soldiers, events mentioned on p.196-197, p.201, p.209-210, p.225, p.234). (CW)

1919 (Sept) - With the Recruiter reprogrammed the Doctor takes all the recruits back to their own planets (Toy Soldiers, events mentioned on p.242). (CW)

1920 (Jan 17th) - The Anti-Saloon League is powerful enough to make Congress pass the Eighteenth Amendment, making it illegal to make, sell or transport any drink containing more than half a per cent alcohol. A new era in American history called Prohibition is ushered in and celebrations are held all over the country commemorating the death of John Barleycorn (Blood Harvest, the year is given on p.63. The Eighteenth Amendment’s becoming law on January 17th 1920 is a matter of historical record). (MG)

1920 (Nov) - The Sixth Doctor makes a brief trip to a timeshare property in North Devon, on the instructions of the Time Lords, to dispose of the body of Woodruff, a vampiric exile who has been killed by another tenant (Timeshare (D2), the year is given on p.301/330, it is ‘November’ on p.324). (MG)

1920 (Nov) - The history book Every Boy's Book of the English Civil Wars is reprinted. The Second Doctor will inadvertently lose a copy of this during a visit to 1648 (The Roundheads, the date is given on p.144, the title of the book on p.30). (MG)

1919 (Christmas) - A boy named Douglas is given a copy of Schoolboy’s Companion by his Aunt Eve. This book will end up being sold in a town in Kent in the nineteen-nineties, and something about it will prompt the Seventh Doctor to investigate a series of disappearances that occurred earlier this year (Zamper, the book has ‘Christmas, 1919’ written on it on p.249. The disappearances occur during Toy Soldiers). (CW)

c 1920 - The remains of a possible Earth Reptile Shelter is discovered in the Antarctic. UNIT will eventually investigate this site in the 1970s (The Scales of Injustice, this takes place ‘during the twenties’ on p.181). (MG)

c 1921 - (The Daleks’ Master Plan).

1921 - Leonard A. Kulik, charged with the task of locating and examining meteor impacts within the Soviet Union, becomes the first person to visit the area of the Tunguska explosion. During his initial expedition Kulik only manages to work out the general location of the impact, not actually visit it. He will make further attempts in 1927, 1929 and 1938, but will never establish the cause of the impact (The Wages of Sin, the year is given on p.49). (MG)

1921 (July) - Ex-serviceman Adolf Hitler becomes leader of the National Socialist German Workers’ Party. Searching for someone to use as a figurehead to manipulate human history, the Timewyrm chooses Hitler, partly because of his rabble-rousing potential. The Timewyrm soon learns that Hitler’s mind has all the strength of madness, and it becomes trapped within, unable to control him properly, boosting Hitler’s powers in an erratic way (Timewyrm: Exodus, events mentioned on p.216. Hitler’s assumption of the Party leadership in July 1921 is a matter of historical record). (MG)

1922 (Nov 26th Sun) - Howard Carter finally enters the tomb of the boy-king Tutankhamen in Luxor, Egypt (Tempest, no date is given on p. 7 but this is an historical fact).(MG)

1922 (late) - Hermann Goering joins Hitler’s small National Socialist German Workers’ Party (Timewyrm: Exodus, this takes place ‘seventeen years’ earlier [than 1939] on p.162. This is a matter of historical record). (MG)

1923 - Professor Byron Carter, biophysicist, is born in the United States (Salvation, Carter is 'forty-two years old' in 1965 on p.42). (MG)

1923 (May 1st Tues) - Joseph Heller, USAF bombardier and author, is born in Brooklyn, New York (The Turing Test, the year is given on p.243). (II/MG)

c 1923 - Looking for a human puppet to gain control of ever-larger crowds through the power of oratory, the alien War Lords chance upon Adolf Hitler. They observe Hitler has unusual psychic powers, little realising these mysterious surges of energy are caused by the Timewyrm trapped within Hitler’s mind, and decide to stabilise him as best they can and to boost his powers with a fairly crude method of psychic amplification. The crippled renegade Time Lord known as the War Chief, assuming the name Doctor Felix Kriegslieter, is sent to watch over the subject and to insinuate himself within the ranks of Hitler’s followers (Timewyrm: Exodus, events mentioned on p.216/101/111). (MG)

c 1923 - It may be around this time that an unspecified incarnation of the Doctor is taught fighting stances by World Heavyweight Boxing Champion Jack Dempsey during an unrecorded visit to the United States (Timewyrm: Genesys, no date is given on p.86. Jack Dempsey held the heavyweight title from 4th July 1919 - 23rd September 1926. Arbitrarily dated midway between those dates). (MG)

1923 (Sept) - The Nationalist Socialist German Workers’ Party is banned after a ludicrously inept and ill-timed attempt at a political coup in Munich, Germany (Timewyrm: Exodus, the date is given on p.95). (MG)

1923 (Nov 8th Thurs) - In Germany, Adolf Hitler and his small Nazi Party enlist the support of the almost-senile right-wing war hero General Erich Ludendorff. Forcing his way into a political meeting in a Munich beer hall, Hitler convinces other right-wing leaders to join together to carry their insurrection against the Weimar Republic all the way to Berlin (Timewyrm: Exodus, no date is given. The beginning of the Munich Putsch on 8th November 1923 is a matter of historical record). (MG)

1923 (Nov 9th Fri) - The Seventh Doctor and Ace arrive in Munich after travelling back through time to discover the point where an alternative timeline was created in which the Nazis won World War Two. They witness Hitler’s march on the War Office, in which the crowd of three thousand Nazis is met by a fusillade of gunfire from a police cordon. Trampled by his fleeing supporters, Hitler is helped to his feet and has his dislocated shoulder reset by the Doctor. Faced with defeat, Hitler contemplates suicide, but the Doctor convinces him he will rule Germany in the fullness of time. Sometime after the Doctor’s departure, Hitler is tried in a sympathetic Bavarian court and given a minimum sentence of five years for treason (Timewyrm: Exodus, the year is given on p.95/103. The failure of the Putsch on 9th November 1923 is a matter of historical record). (MG)

1924 - Adolf Hitler is released after serving only months of a five-year sentence for treason against the Weimar Republic. He has spent most of his time in relative comfort as a VIP prisoner at Landsberg Castle, dictating the first volume of his political autobiography Mein Kampf (My Struggle). Ten more years of dirty politics will see Hitler seizing complete control of Germany (Timewyrm: Exodus, events mentioned on p.110). (MG)

c 1924 - According to the Doctor, the first mass produced teddy bears are made (Toy Soldiers, events mentioned on p.73, [in 1919] it is in ‘nearly five years’ time). (CW)

1924 (July) - Gerhard, a young Nazi soldier who will be shot dead by Bernice Summerfield, is born in the town of Waiblingen in Germany (Just War, he is ‘seventeen in July’ [1941] on p.58). (MG)

1924 (Nov 29th Sat) - The Doctor, in an unspecified incarnation, is present when Giacomo Puccini dies in Brussels, Belgium before the completion of Turandot. The Doctor offers to help finish it, although it is Franco Alfano who finally completes Turandot, based on Puccini's notes (Doctor Who - The Movie novelisation, events mentioned on p.84). (MG)

? 1925 - Inspector Roger Gleave investigates a murder when a man kills his wife and young children in an attack which apparently has no motive. The man has a good job, prospects, and what appears to be a good family life. He will never understand it, but it does open his mind (Eater of Wasps, events mentioned on p.117-118. This occurs ‘some years’ [before 1933]. Arbitrarily dated). (CW)

1925 (June 11th Thurs) - (Black Orchid).

1925 - Julia Orlostro, the Contessa di Straglione, is disowned by her wealthy Italian family and, cut off from her inheritance, makes a home for herself in London (The English Way of Death, presumably this takes place ‘three years’ before her enforced exile from Britain [in 1928] on p.49). (MG)

1925 - Percival Closed spends a week vacationing in Italy (The English Way of Death, the year is given on p.145). (MG)

1926 - Fearful of the technological lead Germany is developing in the field of airship construction, the British Government decides to build the biggest and most splendid airship in the world, which is to be seen as a flagship of the British Empire in a new era. Under the guidance of Technical Director Frayling, work commences on the building of His Majesty’s Airship R101 at the government-owned Royal Airship Works at Cardington, with the full backing of Labour Peer Lord Tamsworth (Storm Warning, no date is given. Lord Tamsworth is a fictional character based on Labour Peer Lord Thompson. The start of work on the R101 in 1926 is a matter of historical record). (MG)

1926 - Agatha Christie’s The Murder of Roger Ackroyd, featuring Belgian sleuth Hercule Poirot, is published by William Collins Sons and Company Ltd. The Doctor will acquire a copy for the TARDIS library (Storm Warning, no date is given, but it is a signed ‘first printing’ on Disc 1, Track 1. The publication of The Murder of Roger Ackroyd in 1926 is a matter of historical record). (MG)

1926 - The Fifth Doctor makes a brief visit to Cranleigh Hall in Oxfordshire to attend the wedding of Ann Talbot. The ‘goddess’ Nephthys is tricked by the Doctor into becoming trapped in an Osiran time corridor between this year and 1996 and ages to death (The Sands of Time, the year is given on p.7). (MG)

1926 - The Doctor, in an unrecorded trip to the United States, witnesses baseball legend George Herman ‘Babe’ Ruth hit three home runs for the New York Yankees (Illegal Alien, the year is given on p.83). (MG)

1926 (March) - The Seventh Doctor takes Ace on a trip to the wilderness of the Great Rift Valley in Africa. He leaves his companion with old friend Naikosiai, chief of the Maasai, while he attends to some important matters (Prelude: Birthright (DWM203), the date is given on p.46). (MG)

c 1926 - Anne Doras, youngest daughter of Ma Doras, is born in the town of St Peter Port on Guernsey (Just War, she is ‘sixteen’ [in March 1941] on p.9). (MG)

c 1926 - Lily Gregson, High Priestess of Moreton Harwood’s witch coven, is born (K9 and Company: A Girl’s Best Friend novelisation, she appears to be ‘about fifty-five’ [in December 1981] on p.51). (MG)

1926 - Graham Greene converts from Anglicanism to Catholicism (The Turing Test, the year is given on p.243). (II/MG)

c 1927 - Anthony Rupert Hemmings is born in Great Britain. In an alternative timeline where the Nazis won World War Two thanks to the interference of the Timewyrm, he will enlist in the Britischer Frei Korps and rise to the rank of lieutenant (Timewyrm: Exodus, he is ‘thirteen’ when the Nazis win the Second World War in an alternative timeline [in 1940] on p.89. His name is given as ‘Anthony Hemmings’ on p.15. In Timewyrm: Revelation, his name is incorrectly given as ‘Rupert Hemmings’ on p.30. Both Christian names have been incorporated into this entry). (MG)

1927 - Professor Karl Muller’s Ballots, Blood and Bullets - Political Chaos in Post-War Germany is published in Berlin. The professor will be executed when the Nazis seize power of Germany in the early 1930s (Timewyrm: Exodus, the year is given on p.96). (MG)

1928 - The Doctor's copy of Wisden's Almanac is printed (Phantasmagoria). (JE)

1928 - By this time Julia Orlostro, disowned heiress of a wealthy Italian family, has become implicated in a whole host of plots after turning into a ‘diamond-loving’ adventuress. She is finally arrested by the Metropolitan Police for the cold-blooded killings of two accomplices who have tried to betray her, but she flees before she can be brought to trial, causing the wildest sensation (The English Way of Death, this takes place ‘two years’ earlier on p.40, and ‘a couple of years’ earlier [than 1930] on p.245. Events mentioned on p.244-5). (MG)

1928 (Dec) - The Seventh Doctor and Ace arrive in Chicago during Prohibition and set up an illegal speakeasy called Doc’s Place in disputed territory. The night-spot is high class, with good liquor, straight gambling and no hostesses. The Doctor makes a generous contribution to Mayor Bill Thompson’s campaign funds, suggesting that Doc’s Place should be left alone (Blood Harvest, this takes place ‘a few weeks’ before Dekker is hired, on p.14). (MG)

1929 (Jan) - On his first day as a private investigator Thomas Dekker is hired by mobster Al Capone to investigate Doc’s Place and, later that night, he goes to the speakeasy where he meets Miss Ace and Doc Smith. Deciding Doc is no threat to his profits, Capone invites him to lunch at his headquarters at the Hawthorne Hotel. The Doctor manages to save Capone from a rival mob hit and, owing the Doctor his life, Capone agrees to organise a peace conference between rival gangs (Blood Harvest, this takes place in ‘winter’ on p.5. It is a ‘few weeks’ before the St Valentine’s Day Massacre, on p.114. The year is given as ‘1929’ on the back cover, and the ‘1930s’ on p.273). (MG)

1929 (early) - Capone moves his headquarters to the Lexington Hotel in the chaos after the failed hit (Blood Harvest, events mentioned on p.127). (MG)

1929 (Feb 12th) - The delicate peace in Chicago is broken when Agonal kills three important city figures. Mobster Hymie Weiss, reporter Jake Lingle, and District Attorney William McSwiggin are killed in separate violent episodes. That night, the Doctor hires Dekker to help him find the person responsible for these acts (Blood Harvest, this takes place a ‘few weeks’ later, on p.114). (MG)

1929 (Feb 13th) - Ace investigates the murder of Hymie Weiss but ends up being lured to the Palace Hotel, a notorious whorehouse, where she is drugged and held captive by Tony Ricotti. Fearing for her safety, the Doctor and Dekker manage to trace her whereabouts and rescue her, but not before Tony Ricotti is shot dead by Dekker (Blood Harvest, it is ‘breakfast’ time, on p.162). (MG)

1929 (Feb 14th) - Mayor Thompson orders a crackdown on crime and Eliot Ness and his Untouchables begin raiding warehouses across the city. Agonal’s influence is responsible for the St Valentine’s Day Massacre. Ace joins one of Eliot Ness’s raids. The Doctor finally comes face to face with the trans-dimensional being known as Agonal, but not before the creature has organised the Saint Valentine Day’s Massacre, in which several prominent mobsters are mowed down. Agonal manages to escape and influences the police to raid Doc’s Place. With nowhere else to go, the Doctor, Ace and Dekker flee into the TARDIS. Receiving Bernice’s distress call, they travel into E-Space to rescue her (Blood Harvest, it is ‘St Valentine’s day’ on p.224. The St Valentine’s Day Massacre on February 14th 1929 is a matter of historical record). (MG)

1929 (Feb) - The Doctor returns Dekker to his rightful place in time after a brief adventure on Gallifrey. As a mark of his appreciation, the Doctor gives Dekker a half-share in Doc’s Place. Having stowed away onboard the TARDIS, the vampire Lord Yarven escapes into the twentieth century to spread his hunger for blood (Blood Harvest). (MG)

1929 (May) - Harriet Kipps becomes the latest member of Percy Closed’s Circle, travelling down a one-way time corridor from Earth’s future. Closed is contacted by his Bureau superiors in the far future for the last time when the being known as Zodaal intercepts the path of the time corridor (The English Way of Death, the date is given on p.91. Harriet arrives ‘barely a year’ earlier [than June 1930] on p.28. Events mentioned on p.203). (MG)

1929 (mid) - Wealthy biscuit magnate Hepworth Stackhouse is possessed by the disembodied alien scientist Zodaal. Returning to his Blackheath residence, ‘Stackhouse’ dismisses every one of his servants bar his valet Orlick and cuts all ties with his business and family (The English Way of Death, this takes place ‘some months’ earlier [than October] on p.99). (MG)

c 1929 - Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart is born (Blood Heat, he is ‘sixty-three’ [in 1993] on p.54. In No Future, he is ‘46’ [in June u1976], on p.10. In The Devil Goblins from Neptune, Lethbridge-Stewart is 'twenty-one' years old [in 1951], on p.37. In The King of Terror, he will be 'seventy-one' in 1999 sometime after July, on p.28. He is 'one hundred and twenty-one' [in late September 2050] on p.1) in Scotland (Minuet in Hell, on Disc 1, Track 3, Lethbridge-Stewart is ‘from Scotland’. On Tracks 1-2 he has been involved in Scottish politics). (CW/MG)

1929 (Oct) - Exiled adventuress Julia Orlostro is employed by Zodaal to be his representative to auction off the contents of Stackhouse’s residence as speedily as possible to raise funds. Within a month Orlostro has raised millions of pounds. She is then instructed to rent a warehouse and place orders for vast quantities of certain chemicals and metals (The English Way of Death, this takes place ‘eight months’ earlier [than June 1930] on p.99). (MG)

1929 (late Oct) - The devastating stock market fall known as the Wall Street Crash is engineered by undercover Canavitchi agents as part of their long-term plan to hinder mankind’s development. The dramatic fall of share prices on Wall Street will lead to the Depression in the United States before spreading to most of the other countries of the world (The King of Terror, no date is given on p.179. The Wall Street Crash on October 24th 1929 (and a second time on October 29th) is a matter of historical record). (MG)

1929 (early Nov) - The Sixth Doctor and Peri arrive at a country house in North Devon, soon realising they have been manipulated by the Time Lords. The property belongs to Holiday Opportunity Promotions, a company of timeshare operators, and exists in many different time periods, all at the same time. The travellers upset the timeline by inadvertently overcharging the time meter of the property, but the Doctor manages to get time back on track by adapting the meter so that it operates at double its regular speed. With the time anomaly dealt with, the Doctor travels to 1920 to dispose of a corpse for the Time Lords (Timeshare (D2), the year is given on p.292, it is the ‘first week of November’ on p.290). (MG)

1929 (Winter) - Out in deep space, the telepathic Triskele realise their Lawgiver, the embodiment of the free will of the entire race, is dying. The Engineer Prime travels to Earth, seeking a human replacement, but her vessel is damaged and crashes into British woodlands. Lord Tamworth, an expert in aviation, is summoned and watches in amazement as the craft disintegrates, leaving nothing of itself behind. The wounded Engineer Prime, dubbed ‘patient x’, is taken for questioning (Storm Warning, this takes place ‘one night last winter’ [in October 1930] on Disc 2, Track 2). (MG)

1930 - By the end of this decade the membership list for the secret society at Abbots Siolfor will contain thousands of names, and the last entry to the list will be made (Option Lock, events mentioned on p.78, it is ‘the nineteen-thirties’). (CW)

1930 - According to the records in 2101, Jonah Summerfield, ancestor of Bernice, is born in England. He will be skilled at all kinds of crafts, though his main line of work will be in the military (Dead Romance, the year is given on p.199). (CW)

1930 (Jan) - Solicitor Alfred Woodrow sleeps peacefully for the last time due to the unspeakable horrors he witnesses while in the employ of Zodaal (The English Way of Death, this takes place ‘five months’ earlier [than June] on p.123). (MG)

1930 (early) - Julia Orlostro is once again employed by Zodaal and sent to a building site a few miles from Colchester to arrange an accident for the workforce. Orlostro saws through a link of chain and a tackle carrying shoring timber crashes down, killing the men. The corpses will form the backbone of Zodaal’s workforce at his rented warehouse (The English Way of Death, this takes place ‘early this year’ [in June 1930] on p.100). (MG)

1930 (early) - After subjecting ‘patient x’ to two months of gruelling interrogation, Lord Tamworth’s team is still unable to communicate with the alien. British Intelligence agent Rathbone arrives and informs Tamworth that a spiritualist named Madame Zelda, located in Shoreditch, will be able to make contact with the creature. Sure enough, after a couple of hours in a trance-like state, ‘patient x’ talks for the first time (Storm Warning, this takes place ‘two months’ later [than winter 1929] on Disc 2, Track 2). (MG)

1930 (Summer) - As part of a plan to make contact with the Triskele and return ‘patient x’ to her people, Lord Tamworth imposes modifications to the R101, to enable the airship to carry extra weight - despite the warnings of Lieutenant-Colonel Frayling and his team (Storm Warning, this takes place ‘last summer’ [in October 1930] on Disc 1, Track 2). (MG)

1930 (June 5th Thurs) - The Fourth Doctor, Romana and K9 travel to the Strand, London, when the Time Lord bypasses the Randomiser to return some overdue library books. On their arrival, they discover that a primitive unshielded time corridor is being operated by Percy Closed and his Circle of exiles from the twenty-fifth century living in retirement in peaceful, unpolluted 1930. The Doctor is visiting a teashop when geophysicist Professor Heath Porteous is forced at gunpoint by Julia Orlostro to accompany her to Zodaal’s warehouse. Within the warehouse Zodaal’s slaves are building a sonic stimulator, its purpose to increase the pressure at selected points along the planet’s crust, and it becomes apparent that Zodaal intends to destroy Earth as part of a plan to stabilise himself as a corporeal being once more. Later that day, the Doctor is attacked by the gaseous form of Zodaal but is rescued by Romana and Percy. The Time Lord spends the evening building a seismic monitoring system (The English Way of Death, the exact date is given on p.23). (MG)

1930 (June 6th Fri) - Romana and K9 are charged with the task of shutting down the Circle’s time corridor, and set off for Nutchurch. Locating the corridor, which is disguised as a bathing-hut, Romana is cornered by Zodaal and has no option but to enter the portal. She finds herself within a propelled warper capsule, in which the ‘good’ half of Zodaal has been imprisoned. Romana returns from Nutchurch and attempts to unite the two halves of Zodaal, hoping to restore his conscience, but the act makes little difference. Julia Orlostro sacrifices herself, preventing Zodaal from using her as his new host body, and he is left trapped in his gaseous state as his escape ship blasts off (The English Way of Death, it is ‘morning’ on p.109). (MG)

1930 (June 7th Sat) - The Doctor and Romana repair K9 before departing for new adventures (The English Way of Death, it is ‘the following afternoon’ on p.274). (MG)

1930 (June 10th Tues) - The wedding of Professor Heath Porteous and Davina Chipperton takes place (The English Way of Death, this takes place the following ‘Tuesday’ on p.277). (MG)

c 1930 - Henry Tobias, editor of the Gloucestershire Standard and coven member, is born (K9 and Company: A Girl’s Best Friend novelisation, he is ‘fifty’ [in December 1981] on p.8/65). (MG)

u c 1930 - The Silurian Triad Encampment is revived. The Shelter is led by Icthar, along with Scibus, his Second, and Tarpok, his Science Advisor (The Scales of Injustice, this is ‘around forty years’ earlier, on p.89). (MG)

1930 (Oct 4th Sat) - The Eighth Doctor finds himself onboard His Majesty’s Airship R101 shortly after the vessel has departed on its maiden flight to Karachi, India. Exploring, the Time Lord meets Charlotte E Pollard, a young adventuress who has sneaked aboard by disguising herself as a male steward. Hearing a cry from cabin 43, the pair rush in just in time to rescue British Intelligence agent Rathbone from a vortisaur, a creature that has followed the TARDIS from its feeding grounds in the Vortex. Having set eyes upon ‘patient x’ within the cabin, the Doctor and Charley are taken before Lord Tamworth (Storm Warning, the date is given as ‘early in October 1930’ on Disc 1, Track 5. In The Stones of Venice, Charley tells the Doctor ‘it’s the nineteen-thirties now’, on Disc 1 Track 2. In Minuet in Hell, Charley is from ‘nineteen-thirty’, on Disc 1, Tracks 5, 12, Disc 2, Track 2. The R101’s maiden voyage on 4th October 1930 is a matter of historical record). (MG/CW)

1930 (Oct 5th Sun) - The Doctor learns the alien origins of ‘patient x’ just as the R101 ascends to five thousand feet to make its rendezvous with a vast Triskele saucer. The Doctor, Tamworth and Frayling are summoned aboard the alien ship and they learn of the schism that divides the Engineers (the intellect of the Triskele) and the Uncreators (the instinctual side of the race). When Rathbone sneaks onboard and kills the Lawgiver, the Uncreator Prime declares war on the whole of humanity, and Tamworth has no option but to challenge the alien to a duel. With the Uncreator Prime defeated with the aid of Rathbone, Tamworth becomes the new Lawgiver and the Triskele depart. Back onboard the R101, the Doctor discovers the vessel is coming apart in the midst of a furious storm. The Doctor and Charley climb onto the back of the tamed vortisaur and fly to safety as the doomed airship crashes into a hill in Beauvais, France (Storm Warning, this will take place ‘in the early hours of the next morning’ on Disc 1, Track 5. The R101 ascends to five thousand feet at ‘0:030 hours exactly’ on Disc 1, Track 8. The crashing of the R101 in the early hours of 5th October 1930 is a matter of historical record). On a visit to twenty-first century America Charley will have a vision of her being in two places at once: both on the back of Ramsay as well as dying in the crash (Minuet in Hell, events mentioned on Disc 1, Track 12). (MG/CW)

1930 - (Seasons of Fear).

c 1931 - Cambridge University student Kim Philby joins the Communist party (Endgame, this takes place ‘twenty years’ earlier [than 1951] on p.82). (MG)

1931 (Aug) - The Master arrives in Chicago on the trail of an object called the Thought Core, which can help him to gain control of the Godhead, a vessel created far in the future by the tyrannical Order of Alchemaitres to survive the end of the Universe. At some point the planet Blue Profundis is ravaged when the Master inadvertently unleashes the Godhead’s elemental energy without the presence of the Thought Core to hold it in check (The Duke of Dominoes (D), no date is given, but this takes place ‘a couple of months’ earlier [than October] on p.51). (MG)

1931 (Oct) - The Master finally tracks down the Thought Core, which is on display at the Wainwright Museum as the Flagstaff Tektite. Unfortunately the Master’s plan to use the Thought Core to harness the Godhead is foiled by the sudden appearance of the Fourth Doctor and Sarah, who have arrived in search of mercury for the TARDIS’s fluid links (The Duke of Dominoes (D), no date is given, the Master rides in a ‘thirties limousine’ during ‘Prohibition’ on p.49. It is ‘about sixty years’ later than 1871, on p.62. Al Capone gets ‘booked for tax evasion’ on p.81. Capone’s eventual conviction for tax evasion on October 24th 1931 is a matter of historical record). (MG)

1932 - Harold Harvey is born (Damaged Goods p.262). (MG)

1932 - Mrs Dorothy Frances Gurney dies (Option Lock, the year is given on p.13). (CW)

1932 - The sister of Anthony Williams, verger at St Cuthbert’s church in Marpling, dies is Salisbury, devastating him (Eater of Wasps, this occurs ‘only last year’ [in 1933], on p.78). (CW)

1932 - Gwen Jarrow, a widow for fifteen years, marries American engineer Tom Carlton, despite being hated by her son Liam. He offers his help in renovating the failing steeple joists of Marpling’s Norman church, St Cuthbert’s (Eater of Wasps, this occurs ‘a year ago’ [in 1933], on p.41). (CW)

c 1932 - Hilary Pink returns from abroad to discover Gwen Jarrow has a fifteen year old son and is married again. She makes it clear she does not want to know him any more (Eater of Wasps, Hilary has been away for ‘fifteen years’ [after 1917], on p.97). (CW)

1933 (Jan 30th Mon) - The Nazi Party comes to power when President Paul von Hindenburg offers Adolf Hitler the chancellorship of Germany. In the beginning only two other Nazis, Wilhelm Frick and Hermann Goering, hold offices in the new Cabinet. As a former officer, Goering will eventually be given command of Hitler’s Stormtroopers, the SA (or Sturmabteilung) (Timewyrm: Exodus, the year is given on p.96. Hitler’s acceptance of the German chancellorship on 30th January 1933 is a matter of historical record). (MG)

1933 (March 10th Fri) - Just over five weeks after Adolf Hitler has become Chancellor of Germany, Heinrich Himmler establishes the first concentration camp at the edge of the town of Dachau, twelve miles north of Munich. Under Commandant Theodor Eicke, Dachau becomes the prototype for subsequent Nazi concentration camps. At first, Dachau and others like it are built for the confinement of political opponents to the Nazi Party, such as Communists and Social Democrats, but the net will soon widen to envelop minority groups including gypsies, homosexuals and Jehovah’s Witnesses. Jews will also be interred in Dachau following Kristallnacht (Night of Broken Glass) in early November 1938, only to be sent to the extermination camps when the systematic killing begins in 1942 (Timewyrm: Exodus, this takes place ‘six years’ earlier [than 1939] on p.148. The establishing of Dachau concentration camp on 10th March 1933 is a matter of historical record). (MG)

c 1933 - Otto Kreiner leaves Germany to live in England, and it is not long before he meets Muriel Tarr. Otto will be the target of anti-German sentiment when the Second World War breaks out (Frontier Worlds p.121). (MG/II)

u c 1933 - Charles Cochrame, future Secretary of Defence, is born (Last of the Gaderene, he’s ‘forty-one’ on p.48)

1933 - Cueras finds the top of the steps of the Great Temple under Mexico City, and the theory that stones from the Great Temple were used for the first Christian church in Mexico are disproved (The Left-Handed Hummingbird, events mentioned on p.12-13, p.58). (CW)

1933 - The Second Doctor, Jamie and Zoe arrive in a manor house in Sussex, only to discover it is a prison built by the Time Lords to incarcerate a group of Crustacoid criminals. With the help of a gentleman thief known as the Fallen Angel, the Doctor manages to outwit the robot guardians of the prison, only to learn the inmates killed themselves long ago (Fallen Angel (D), the year is given on p.13. In The Shadow of Weng-Chiang, this is dated as ‘about four years’ before 1937, on p.154). (MG)

1933 - By this time the amnesiac Earthbound Eighth Doctor has [apparently] acquired a criminal record (Eater of Wasps, events mentioned on p.92). (CW)

c 1933 - At this time the amnesiac and Earthbound Eighth Doctor is spending time sailing on the South Seas. At some point he acquires a tattoo (Eater of Wasps, this occurs ‘roundabout now’ [in August 1933], on p.92). (CW)

1933 (mid) - Dr Gillespie, doctor for the English village of Marpling, elopes with a girl from the dairy. Though the girl is not missed, the villagers are left without a doctor (Eater of Wasps, events mentioned on p.24. This event appears to be recent [in August]). (CW)

1933 (late Aug) - Tom Charlton chips a tooth. To get it seen to, he makes an appointment to see Charles Rigby, not wanting to go all the way to Penton (Eater of Wasps, this occurs ‘last weekend’ [on August 26th], on p.35). (CW)

1933 (late Aug) - In Marpling, dentist Charles Rigby discovers an experimental weapon form the far future in his vegetable patch, lodged between two rows of King Edwards. He puts it in a shoe box in his shed for safe keeping (Eater of Wasps, this occurs ‘earlier this week’ [on August 26th], on p.4. Events mentioned on p.18). (CW)

1933 (Aug 26th) - Charles Rigby spends time talking to Laim Jarrow about his experiences in the Great War in an attempt to put him off the idea of joining up. After showing him his Webley .38, he goes to show him the artefact he discovered. While they are in the shed, they disturb a wasps’ nest, and are forced to abandon the idea (Eater of Wasps, events mentioned on p.1-4. It is ‘a bright summer’s evening’, on p.4). (CW)

1933 (Aug 27th) - The TARDIS arrives on Marpling’s village green. No sooner have the Doctor, Fitz and Anji disembarked than they are confronted by Miss Havers. Hilary Pink intervenes, and invits them back to the Grange. Charles Rigby investigates his shed only to find the wasps intent on escaping, and co-ordinated by the weapon they have been possessed by, break the windows though sheer force of numbers. Fleeing back to his house, Rigby is attacked when the swarm enters in through open windows, and they invade his body, using their combined psionic energy to restructure his body. Later, Tom Charlton arrives at his house to keep his appointment, and Rigby attempts to use the wasps on him, but after a struggle escapes and is found at some crossroads by George Pink and he summons the Doctor. Finding that he is dead, Hilary takes Anji with him as he goes to tell Gwen. Coming across Rigby, Miss Havers’ body is invaded by the wasps, and as she flees back to church, Rigby tries to do the same to Mr Williams the verger, but he dies. The Doctor, Fitz and Liam investigate Rigby’s shed and find a fragment of the weapon. On entering his house they are discovered by Rigby, and after threatening them, the Doctor convinces him to let them leave. Outside the Doctor is grabbed by a unit of time travellers who have arrived from the far future, but escapes and returns to the Grange. Late in the evening, he returns to burgle Rigby of his device (Eater of Wasps, events mentioned on p.7-91, p.175. It is ‘the next morning’, on p.7. The Doctor estimates ‘it is probably the 1930s. If pushed, I’d have to say 1933. Twenty-seventh of August in fact’, on p.10. Liam Jarrow [born on November 11th, Armistice Day], is ‘only fifteen’, on p.1, ‘at that awkward age’, on p.48, and ‘about fifteen’, on p.50. In the original cover synopsis, the year was given as ‘1934’). (CW)

1933 (Aug 28th) - While the Doctor and Fitz break into Rigby’s bedroom, George Pink tells Anji about Hilary’s affair with Gwen Jarrow. George Pink summons the police when Anji tells him where the Doctor has gone, and Anji and Hilary leave to warn the Doctor. They enter the house just as Rigby attempts to kill the Docto,r and kills Hilary instead. The hit squad arrives in another attempt to claim the weapon, but leave the Doctor to the police. After being taken to Penton Police Station, Inspector Roger Gleave questions them, though a few hours later George Pink decides to ask the police to let them go, and Fitz and Anji return to Marpling. The hit squad tries to catch Rigby at the church, but he escapes again. In the police pathology lab, the Doctor helps Professor Jacobs in his examination of Hilary Pink, but when they discover the wasps inside his body they are forced to burn the corpse. The Doctor heads back to the village. Meanwhile, Rigby forces his way into Liam’s house and the hit squad strikes - but their weapons fail and instead they start a fire that damages Fatboy. Rigby saves Liam and steals Hilary’s car to drive to Marpling Halt the local train station. The Doctor meets Kala, and in the TARDIS the Doctor creates a weapon against Rigby by synthesising a version of the weapon’s psionic energy and encoding it into the carbon dioxide in a fire extinguisher. This done, he headis to the station in pursuit, arriving just as the train leaves. Only the Doctor, Kala and Anji get aboard, and they confront Rigby in a cabin after a chase over the train’s roof. After Rigby escpes, he kidnaps Anji as well, and Rigby takes them back to the M<arpling, where he kills Jode, who has already started Fatboy’s countdown. Racing back to the church, the Doctor is forced to kill Miss Havers, and then confronts Rigby in the church’s loft. He smashes the weapon and with the power gone, Rigby shatters on the floor of the church. The Doctor then sets about deactivating Fatboy, which he does with a single second to spare. The threats dealt with, the Doctor, Fitz and Anji return to the TARDIS after a small celebration at Pink House. Kala, the only surviving member of the team, returns to the future (Eater of Wasps, events mentioned on p.96-229. It is ‘two o’clock in the morning’, on p.94, p.114). (CW)

1933 (Dec 5th) - In Chicago, Doc’s Place opens legally when Prohibition finally ends. Joint-owner Tom Dekker keeps an alcove seat reserved just in case Doc Smith ever makes an unexpected appearance, even if it means pulling a gun on stubborn drunks (Prelude: Blood Harvest (DWM214), the exact date is given on p.46). (MG)

c 1934 - Evelyn Smythe, future companon of the Sixth Doctor, is born (According to the Big Finish Website, [in c1999] she is ‘65’). (CW)

? 1934 - Tom Dekker accepts a job offer from the Pinkerton Detective Agency (Players, no date is given, on p.139, Dekker is still hanging around Doc's Place in December 1933, in Prelude: Blood Harvest). (MG)

c 1934 - The reputation of Professor Friedrich Sternberg is irreparably damaged when a young girl dies while under his care in Zurich. Unable to work in Switzerland, Austria, Germany, and France Sternberg flees, seeking work in mission hospitals on the islands of French Polynesia (The Eye of the Giant, no date is given, events mentioned on p.140). (MG)

c 1934 - George Limb, a permanent secretary at the Foreign Office and close friend of Winston Churchill, becomes a Nazi agent (Illegal Alien, Limb has been working for the Nazis for ‘six years or more’ by 1940, on p.192). (MG)

1934 (March) - Disgraced Swiss medical practitioner Professor Sternberg learns the location of the lost island of Salutua from the diary of a dying man found drifting in the Pacific. Shortly before his death, the man tells stories of giant creatures inhabiting the lost island. Believing there is something on Salutua that can restore his damaged reputation, Sternberg seeks out wealthy movie tycoon Marshal J. Grover, hoping to travel to the island under the pretence of scouting out locations for a new movie (The Eye of the Giant, this occurs ‘three months’ before June, on p.110). (MG)

1934 (? May) - The Grold shielding device finally begins to break down after a period of over fifty years. The Semquess, who have been patiently monitoring Earth from orbit, are able to narrow their search to the island of Salutua, and send a force consisting of aquatic tanks to locate the stolen drug ampules (The Eye of the Giant, the Semquess arrive on Salutua ‘a few weeks’ before June, on p.147). (MG)

1934 (late May) - The Constitution III, a private yacht belonging to movie tycoon Marshal J. Grover, sets sail from San Francisco, searching for the legendary island of Salutua, which is said to be located somewhere in the Pacific Ocean (The Eye of the Giant, this occurs ‘two weeks’ before early June, on p.6). (MG)

1934 (June 7th Thurs) - The Constitution III finally locates the island of Salutua on the edge of French Polynesia. The yacht's hull is breached, and the occupants of the ship decide to explore the island while the crew makes repairs (The Eye of the Giant, this occurs a day prior to June 8th). (MG)

1934 (June 8th Fri) - The Third Doctor and Liz arrive on Salutua after using a space-time bridge to travel back in time from the 1970s. Soon after their arrival they discover the damaged Grold spacecraft near to a dormant volcano. They meet the occupants of the Constitution III after the ship is attacked by giant crabs (The Eye of the Giant, the exact date is given on p.42). (MG)

1934 (June 9th Sat) - The Doctor learns the Grold pilot is merely dormant, not dead, and it is awakened with the help of movie star Nancy Grover. The Grold attempts to escape in his ship just as the Semquess finally locate his whereabouts, but after a brief battle the Grold vessel is destroyed. Believing everything has been taken care of, the Doctor and Liz return to the 1970s (The Eye of the Giant, it is ‘morning’ on p.110). (MG/II)

= 1934 (June 9th Sat) - An alternative timeline is created after Nancy Grover takes the shards of the dead Grold's cyclopean eye. She returns to America and soon becomes ‘the Goddess of the World’. The Third Doctor, having returned to the 1970s only to discover time has been altered, returns to 1934 to correct things. This timeline is erased with the help of Amelia Grover’s sacrifice (The Eye of the Giant, it is ‘morning’ on p.110). (MG)

1934 (June 29th Fri) - In Germany, Adolf Hitler fears that the unruly behaviour of the SA (which has provided useful muscle during the party’s long years of struggle) may invite the army’s intervention and his own overthrow. In the so-called Night of the Long Knives, Hitler engages Himmler’s SS to brutally purge the SA of dozens of its top leaders, including Hitler's long-time friend Ernst Röhm (Timewyrm: Exodus, no date is given other than ‘in ’34’ on p.184). The Doctor, in an unrecorded adventure meets Heinrich Himmler and Reinhard Heydrich while pursuing the Master across Berlin (The King of Terror, no date is given on p.103. The Night of the Long Knives (June 29th - 30th 1934), a purge of the German Nazi party to root out possible opposition to Adolf Hitler, is a matter of historical record). (MG)

1934 (Aug 2nd Thurs) - The death of Germany’s President Paul von Hindenburg is the penultimate event in Hitler’s seizure of power over the entire country. Hitler appropriates the powers of the presidency and, combining them with his own as chancellor, assumes the twin titles of Führer and chancellor (Timewyrm: Exodus, no date is given. This is a matter of historical record). (MG)

1934 - The Eighth Doctor shares lunch in Paris with Sam and Iris Wildthyme’s Sixth incarnation to reminisce about an adventure they shared in 1968. As per usual, Iris’s account of the events are somewhat different to what actually occurred (Femme Fatale (MST), the year is given on p.318). (MG/II)

c 1934 - With the first television broadcast, the emissions continue to travel through the Earth's atmosphere and out into space. Within hours the first broadcast reaches Mars, and the emission sphere is formed by a steady stream of media (No Future, events mentioned on p.35-36). (CW)

1935 (Feb) - Much-maligned twenty-fifth century explorer Gustaf Heinrich Urnst unexpectedly finds himself on the planet Earth after being transported backwards through time by an unpredictable temporal phenomenon known as a Fortean flicker (The Highest Science, this takes place ‘six months’ before the Seventh Doctor’s arrival [in August] on p.258). (MG)

1935 (Feb 26th) - The first radar echo is detected at Daventry (Just War, the exact date is given on p.203). (MG)

1935 - (The Abominable Snowmen. In Downtime, this takes place in ‘1936’ on p.65). (CW)

c 1935 - In the Enclave the Ghillighast are bestowed power over the Pesst by the mysterious Three Who Rule, and commence two thousand years of written history (The Blue Angel p.159). (MG)

1935 - Lars Petersen, storeowner, is born in Sweden (Dominion p.85). (II)

1935 (Aug) - The Seventh Doctor and Bernice make a brief visit to 52 Tavistock Square in Bloomsbury to meet Virginia Woolf. Disappointed that the novelist isn’t at home, the time travellers go to the theatre instead and, by a strange coincidence, twenty-fifth century explorer Gustaf Urnst is also in the audience (The Highest Science, the date is given on p.257). (MG)

1936 (Jan) - The Seventh Doctor and Mel meet millionaire racing driver Emil Hartung in Cairo on the eve of the Cairo 500. Hartung manages to win the race thanks to the Doctor’s mechanical skills. Later, an innocent conversation about owls and echo-location plants the seed in Hartung’s mind for the development of stealth aircraft decades before they should exist (Just War, the date is given on p.28. Events mentioned on p.125-7/186-7/238-9/251). (MG)

1936 (Feb-April) - H.P. Lovecraft's At the Mountains of Madness is published in serial form in Astounding Stories (The Taking of Planet 5, the date is given on p.28/149). (MG/II)

1936 (March 7th Sat) - Fitzgerald Michael Kreiner, companion of the Eighth Doctor, is born to Otto and Muriel Kreiner at the Royal Free Hospital, Hampstead. He is christened Fitzgerald by his father, who is a big fan of The Great Gatsby (The Ancestor Cell, Fitz’s full name is given as ‘Fitzgerald Michael Kreiner’ on p.163, and the year of his birth is given as ‘1936’ on p.126. Events mentioned on p.37. In Escape Velocity, the year of Fitz’s birth is incorrectly given as ‘1935’ on p.31. In EarthWorld, Fitz’s full name is given on p.100. His exact date of birth is given as ‘7 March 1936’ in BBC Books Fact Sheet: Fitz Kreiner). (MG/II)

1936 (early) - Tom Dekker relocates to Britain when he is put in charge of the Pinkerton Detective Agency’s London office (Players, this takes place ‘about a year’ earlier [than December] on p.154). (MG)

1936 - Alan Turing’s seminal paper On Computable Numbers, with an Application to the Entscheidungsproblem [Decision Problem] is published, making important contributions to the philosophy of mathematics (The Turing Test, the year is given on p.243). (II/MG)

1936 - Ian Chesterton, teacher at Coal Hill School and companion of the First Doctor, is born in Reading (Byzantium!, Ian’s birthplace is named on p.89. In A History of the Universe, author Lance Parkin gives a date of ‘1936’ for Ian’s birth from a format document dating from July 1963 (Ian is said to be ‘27’ in 1963) on p.67). (MG)

1936 - James Edwin Rafferty, who will be the Professor of Extra-Terrestrial Studies at St Matthew’s College, Oxford, is born (The Dimension Riders, he is ‘57’ [in 1993] on p.36, his full name is given in Prelude: The Dimension Riders (DWM206) on p.47). (CW/MG)

1936 - The Master establishes the Freedom Corporation as part of a contingency plan in case he is captured by Earth authorities some day. He also obtains raw genetic material from sometime in Earth’s future to grow a human construct, Professor Gerald Gooder, in a nutrient tank (Freedom (ST), the year is given on p.141). (MG/II)

= c 1936 - In an alternative timeline created in 1934, movie actress Nancy Grover uses the dead Grold’s influence to turn the US depression around and she is soon running the country. With the aid of her new followers, she is in time ‘welcomed’ as the ruler of the whole planet and becomes known as ‘the Goddess of the World’. This timeline ceases to exist when the Doctor travels back to 1934 to ensure these events never occur (The Eye of the Giant, this occurs ‘within a couple of years’ of 1934, on p.270). (MG)

c 1936 - Quantum physicist Jeremy Winterdawn is born (Falls the Shadow, he appears to be ‘no more than sixty’ in 1995, on p.88). (MG)

1936 - Eugene Houdry invents a commercial process by which high-octane petrol can be produced through the hydrogenation of lignite. The usage of this process will significantly contribute to the amount of air pollution that exists in Britain (Eater of Wasps, the year is given on p.10). (CW)

1936 (Nov) - Nazi avionics expert Emil Hartung begins designing a pair of stealth fighters after a chance conversation with the Seventh Doctor. The fighters are named Hugin and Munin, after the pair of ravens in Norse Myth that Odin would send out every morning to gather news of the whole earth for him by nightfall (Just War, the date is given on p.24/203. Events mentioned on p.154). (MG)

1936 (? early Dec) - The Sixth Doctor and Peri arrive in London when it becomes apparent someone is interfering with Winston Churchill’s life. They begin living an exorbitant lifestyle, staying at the Ritz Hotel in Piccadilly, to enter Britain’s high society (Players, the year is given on p.150). (MG)

1936 (Dec 9th Wed) - The Sixth Doctor prevents Winston Churchill from being assassinated at a garden party held at Buckingham Palace. Tom Dekker, an old acquaintance of the Seventh Doctor, kills the assassin, unwittingly bringing the Doctor to the attention of the Players (Players). (MG)

1936 (Dec 10th Thurs) - The Sixth Doctor rescues Peri when she becomes a prisoner of the Count and Countess at the German Embassy (Players, it is ‘next morning’ on p.163). (MG)

1936 (Dec 11th Fri) - Edward VIII is prevented from dismissing the British Government and taking Wallis Simpson as his Queen. Edward is forced into abdication (Players, this takes place ‘the following morning’ on p.211, Edward’s abdication on December 11th is an historical record). (MG/II)

1936 (Dec 12th Sat) - The Sixth Doctor finally comes face to face with the Count and Countess, two of the mysterious Players of the Game. In Berlin, Führer Adolf Hitler becomes more prone to uncontrollable rages due to the influence of the Timewyrm inside his mind, and his secretary Martin Bormann calls for the latest psychic consultant, Doctor Felix Kriegslieter (Players, it is ‘next day’ on p.239. In Timewyrm: Exodus, Hitler’s uncontrollable rages due to the Timewyrm’s presence are mentioned on p.138). (MG)

c 1937 - Doctor Felix Kriegslieter quickly rises to become one of Hitler’s most trusted advisers, and is given the position of head of the Aryan Research Bureau (ARB). Drachenberg Castle, situated hundreds of miles from Berlin, is purchased for the use of Himmler’s SS, and part of the building is reserved for the use of the War Lords, masquerading as the Black Coven, a top secret group rumoured to harness mystic forces. The Black Coven, the psychic shock troops of the SS, are said to toil to uncover the secret knowledge of the Ancient Ones, but in reality they are building a fully automated atomic reactor. When the time comes, the Führer’s rockets will have nuclear warheads to be launched against Russia, China and the United States (Timewyrm: Exodus, no date is given. Events mentioned on p.131/171/177/194). (MG)

1937 - The Right Honourable Sir Henry Rugglesthorpe loses a game of cards to the Celestial Toymaker at the Firestrong Club in London and is transported to the Toymaker’s realm. When Rugglesthorpe loses a game of snakes and ladders his family also become playthings of the Toymaker (Divided Loyalties, no date is given, but King George’s accession ball takes place ‘last year’ on p.8). (MG/II)

c 1937 - Young Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart, on holiday with his bickering parents, spends time living on a caravan site in Sussex. At the end of their vacation Alistair’s father buys his son a red balloon to placate the young boy. Alistair is heartbroken when the balloon sails off ‘into balloonland’ and, in his original timeline, the Brigadier suffers a recurring nightmare about the loss of this balloon. The Eighth Doctor, interfering in a minor way, travels back in time from the twenty-first century to ensure he’s there to catch it for the young Alistair (The Shadows of Avalon, no date is given, but this takes place when Lethbridge-Stewart is ‘about six or seven’ on p.3, events mentioned on p.271). (MG)

1937 - Guernica is painted by Pablo Picasso, inspired by the air raids on civilians during the Spanish Civil War (No Future, no date is given on p.83, the painting of Guernica in 1937 is a matter of historic record). (CW)

1937 (Summer) - The first of Britain’s radar stations is built (Just War, the date is given on p.204). (MG)

1937 (July 1st Thurs) - Grace Partnoll, an inhabitant of the isolated Wessex village of Hexen Bridge, is sacrificed to the hunger of Jack i’ the Green (The Hollow Men, the date is given on p.106). (MG)

1937 (July 2nd Fri) - Amelia Earhardt, the first woman to cross the Pacific, disappears while attempting to fly around the world. It is possible she may have flown into one of the Dragon Paths, lines of magnetic force produced by convection in the Earth’s outer core (The Shadow of Weng-Chiang, no date is given on p.208. The date of Amelia Earhardt’s disappearance is a matter of historical record). Amelia Earhardt’s brown leather flying jacket will somehow end up in the Doctor’s TARDIS (Superior Beings, events mentioned on p.58). (MG)

1937 (Aug) - Lucas Seyton, a gentleman catburglar also known as ‘the Fallen Angel’, purloins a hand-written first draft of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet from the Palace Theatrical Museum in London (The Shadow of Weng-Chiang, the date is given on p.1). (MG)

1937 (Aug) - The Fourth Doctor, Romana and K9 are drawn to Shanghai while on the search for the Key to Time. They stumble across the Tong of the Black Scorpion’s plan to recover their ‘god’ Weng-Chiang from the zygma beam experiment. Following the Tong’s leader, H’sien-Ko, to the holy mountain of T’ai Shan, the Doctor discovers the Tong has constructed the world’s first nuclear reactor to give them the power necessary to recover Magnus Greel from the zygma beam. The Doctor narrowly prevents a temporal paradox occurring by time-ramming Greel’s Time Cabinet, hurling it back in time to the year 1872 (The Shadow of Weng-Chiang, the date is given on p.1). (MG/II)

1937 (Autumn) - The Seventh Doctor visits ageing Pietia Marichev in rural Russia, hoping to warn his old friend that Stalin’s Great Terror is heading his way. During his brief stay the Doctor receives a sample of the toad-back mushroom by Pietia’s grandson Anatoly, a brilliant young scientist. The Marichevs are executed shortly after the Doctor departs, betrayed to Stalin’s forces by Anatoly’s lover, Ludmilla Serebrennikov, who had been assigned by the secret service to seduce and win the trust of the young scientist. Ludmilla steals Anatoly’s notebooks and a specimen of the toad-back mushroom before the soldiers set Pietia’s house ablaze (Prelude: Warlock (DWM221), it is ‘autumn’ on p.38. It is prior to the outbreak of ‘another world war’ on p.38. In Warlock, this takes place ‘in the late 1930s’ on p.23, ‘sometime between the world wars’ on p.4. Stalin’s Great Purges, or the Great Terror, took place between 1937-1938). (MG)

c 1938 - Eminent British botanist Charles Moore Wedderburn is born (Falls the Shadow, he appears to be ‘in his mid-fifties’ in 1995, on p.57, or his ‘late fifties’ on p.111). (MG)

c 1938 - After four years of travelling the first broadcast reaches Alpha Centauri (No Future, events mentioned on p.35-36). The discovery of these emissions will prompt the Alpha Centaurians to send an expedition to Earth, which will arrive in three years time (The Shadow of Weng-Chiang, events mentioned on p.23). (CW)

1938 - (Invaders from Mars).

1938 - The Nemesis Statue’s orbit takes it close to Earth, influencing events on the eve of the Second World War (Silver Nemesis, its orbit takes it close to Earth every ’twenty-five years’, influencing events as it does so). (CW)

1938 (Dec 17th Sat) - A German expedition under the leadership of Captain Alfred Ritscher is sent out in the aircraft carrier MS Schwabenland from the port of Hamburg to claim Antarctica for the glorious Third Reich (The Shadow in the Glass, this takes place in ‘1938 or 1939’ on p.237. The departure of the MS Schwabenland on 17th December 1938 is a matter of historical record). (MG)

1939 (Jan 20th Fri) - Having followed a precisely planned and determined route towards the southern continent, the MS Schwabenland reaches Antarctica after a month at sea. Dropping anchor, the expedition renames the surrounding land as Neu Schwabenland and commences to reconnoitre the area, placing hundreds of Swastika-bearing stakes along the way. A huge, underground Nazi base in the shape of a Swastika will eventually be constructed beneath the ice (The Shadow in the Glass, this takes place in ‘1938 or 1939’ on p.237. The arrival of the MS Schwabenland on 20th January 1939 is a matter of historical record). (MG)

1939 - Communist activist Kim Philby finally manages to infiltrate Britain’s intelligence community when he is recruited into MI6 by Guy Burgess, himself a Soviet double agent (Endgame, the year is given on p.92). (MG)

c 1939 - Russell Waller, descendant of one of Azoth’s test subjects, is born (The Taint p.109). (MG)

? c 1939 - Ellen Woodworth, who will suffer from an irrational phobia of aliens and the paranormal, is born (Return of the Living Dad, [in 1983] she is described as ‘forty-something’ on p.40). (CW)

1939 (late Aug) - The Seventh Doctor and Ace travel forward in time from 1923 to discover the point where an alternative Nazi Britain came into being and find themselves at one of the massive annual Nuremberg Rallies held in Bavaria. They are reunited with ‘old friend’ Adolf Hitler at a party hosted at the Deutscher Hof hotel and introduced to the crippled Doctor Kriegslieter, who seems familiar to the Doctor (Timewyrm: Exodus, the year is given on p.111. It is sometime after the invasion ‘Czechoslovakia’ [15th March 1939] and after the signing of ‘a treaty of friendship with the Bolshevik’ [23rd August 1939] on p.135. It is sometime before the invasion of Poland [1st September 1939] on p.146. The Nuremberg Rallies were traditionally held in late August or September, although the so-called Peace Rally for 1939 was actually cancelled because of preparations for the invasion of Poland). (MG)

1939 (late Aug) - The next morning, Hitler requests the Doctor’s presence in his office and the Führer becomes enraged when the Time Lord imparts the knowledge that the British will declare war if the planned invasion of Poland goes ahead. During this incident, the Timewyrm gains momentary control of Hitler and threatens to destroy the entire universe. A few hours later, the Doctor and Ace board the special Führer train to Berlin, where they are given accommodation at the swastika-draped Hotel Adlon (Timewyrm: Exodus, it is ‘three in the morning’ on p.133). (MG)

1939 (Sept 3rd Sun) - The Doctor and Ace are summoned to Hitler’s office at the Chancellery, where they learn of the British Ambassador’s ultimatum, a declaration of war against Germany if Hitler’s forces don’t pull out of Poland immediately. With the ultimatum ignored, Britain and France declare war on Germany and the Second World War begins. Shortly afterwards, the Doctor learns of Ace’s kidnapping at the hands of Kriegslieter’s men and, locating a hidden transmat booth at the Aryan Research Bureau, is transported to Castle Drachenberg. Once inside, it soon becomes apparent he is facing his old foes, the War Lords, who are planning on altering history by controlling Hitler’s thoughts and actions to their own advantage (Timewyrm: Exodus, the date is given as ‘September the third’ on p.153. It is ‘Sunday’ on p.155. The year is given on p.111. The British and French declarations of war against Germany on 3rd September 1939 are a matter of historical record). (MG)

1939 (Sept 4th Mon) - The Doctor rescues Ace from the clutches of the Black Coven just as an armoured column under the command of Hermann Goering arrives to battle the War Lords’ brainwashed SS thugs. The Doctor overloads Drachenberg’s atomic reactor and the TARDIS dematerialises, heading forwards in time to the eve of the evacuation at Dunkirk, as the ensuing nuclear explosion kills Kriegslieter and the War Lords (Timewyrm: Exodus, it ‘will soon be dawn’ on p.198). (MG)

c 1939 - A space-time capsule containing a couple of Cybermen arrives on the island of Jersey and at some point, Mr Wall, business partner in Le Mur Engineering is partly-converted by them. After a disagreement with his business partner, Doctor Peddler leaves the company to set up his own firm Peddler Electronic Engineering in south-east London. PEE will continue researching the battle-effectiveness of British foot soldiers, seeking ways of giving the individual combatant the speed and strength of many men (Illegal Alien, this takes place ‘a year or two back’ [in November 1940] on p.211. The calendar in Peddler’s old office on Jersey is ‘two years out of date’ [in November 1940] on p.236). (MG)

1939 - ‘Criminal mastermind’ George Limb, known as the Professor, is responsible for the planning of a heist in Acton (Illegal Alien, this takes place ‘last year’ [in 1940] on p.50). (MG)

1939 (late) - Major Lazonby of British Military Intelligence sets up base at a secret testing facility secreted within Peddler Electronic Engineering’s London-based factory (Illegal Alien, this takes place ‘nearly a year’ earlier [than November 1940] on p.36). (MG)

= 1939 - The Second World War doesn’t take place in the parallel Inferno universe. Instead, Europe is divided up between the British Republic and White Russia (The Face of the Enemy, no date is given, events mentioned on p.247). (MG)

1939 - British Intelligence receives unconfirmed reports that the Germans have initiated a programme to create a new type of airborne weapon, a superbomber that can devastate British cities with minimal losses to German forces (Just War, the year is given on p.30). (MG)

c 1940s - Jurgen Kreiner, uncle of Fitz, is interred in a Nazi concentration camp (Frontier Worlds p.122). (MG)

c 1940 - Candy DuFries, future archivist on the James Edward Allen expedition in 2003, is born (Eternity Weeps, she is in her ‘mid-sixties’ on p.29, and ‘63’ [in 2003] on p.33). (CW)

c 1940 - The young Fitz Kreiner spends a dull afternoon at the cinema watching Gone with the Wind in the company of his parents (Frontier Worlds p.174). (II)

c 1940 - The treacherous Ludmilla Serebrennikov steals certain secret documents from the Soviets before abandoning the secret service colonel who has groomed her as his protégé and defecting to Hitler’s Third Reich. Ludmilla’s expertise in chemistry allows her to attach herself to one of Hitler’s leading industrialists and to use the Warlock formula to bargain herself into a position of power and prestige among the military research cabal who are devising the Fuhrer’s weapons of terror. Rumours of mind drugs that can warp men’s thoughts and beliefs quickly leak out (Warlock, events mentioned on p.16/18). (MG)

1940 - Lanyon Moor is occupied by the Royal Navy as a radar observation post, but it soon becomes apparent the radar equipment is permanently scrambled by an unknown source (The Spectre of Lanyon Moor, the year is given on Disc 1, Track 5). (MG)

= c 1940 - On Matrix Earth, Britain is incapable of fighting Hitler’s invasion of Europe due to the army keeping order at home via marshal law. The price of American intervention in Europe is de facto control over a Britain strategically vital, but economically bankrupt and governmentally crippled. When the war eventually ends, London will find itself isolated, ghettoised, and ultimately walled in by American checkpoints (Matrix, events mentioned on p.46). (MG)

? 1940 - Aleister Crowley, the notorious occultist, manages to summon a demon known as a Jarakabeth and binds it into a homunculus shaped like Crowley himself. Crowley sets his homunculus to work filling in for him, taking care of his public appearances while he continues his true studies (Heart of TARDIS, no date is given, but it is ‘several years’ before Crowley’s death [in 1947] on p.6). (MG)

1940 (May 14th) - The Netherlands falls to Germany after just four days (Just War, no date is given on p.79. This is a matter of historical record). (MG)

1940 (late May) - The Seventh Doctor and Ace arrive at Felsennest, Hitler’s command post situated near the village of Rodert, after learning the Führer has learned to control the Timewyrm within his own mind. The Doctor confronts Hitler and manages to expel the Timewyrm from his mind, leaving the architect of the Third Reich a broken man. With the Timewyrm defeated, the Doctor convinces Hitler to halt the advance on the evacuation of Dunkirk, erasing an alternative timeline where the surrender of the Allies at Dunkirk will lead to a Nazi-occupied Britain (Timewyrm: Exodus, the date is given as ‘May 1940’ on p.217. Hitler’s presence at Felsennest between 10th May - 5th June 1940 is a matter of historical record, as is the splitting the Anglo-French forces by the arrival of German forces at the Channel on 20th May 1940). (MG)

1940 (May 23rd Thurs) - Within a fortnight of Winston Churchill’s becoming Prime Minister, hundreds of British subjects, a large proportion of them ex-servicemen, are suddenly arrested and thrown into prison under Regulation 18B, which gives the government the power of arrest without charge or trial. Sir Oswald Mosley, founder of the British Union of Fascists, finds himself imprisoned (Timewyrm: Exodus, no date is given), as do other fascist sympathisers like George Ratcliffe, who speaks out about the ill-advised idea of siding against Germany in the war (Remembrance of the Daleks, no date is given except for 'during the war'. The mass arrests on 23rd May 1940 are a matter of historical record). (MG/CW)

c 1940 - Within a couple of months a wave of mental illness among the men leads to at least one death, resulting in the Admiralty abandoning the site and moving the station twenty miles down the coast (The Spectre of Lanyon Moor Disc 1, Track 5). (MG/CW)

1940 (June 4th Tues) - The First Doctor witnesses the evacuation of British and French troops to Great Britain during an unrecorded trip to Dunkirk (Byzantium!, no date is given on p.179). The Time Lord watches as Messerschmitts mow down civilians as the roads become blocked with refugees. Every fishing boat, every little barge on the south coast of England has been commandeered to evacuate the Allied troops from Europe (Just War, no date is given on p.2. The evacuation at Dunkirk on 4th June 1940 is a matter of historical record). (MG)

= 1940 (June 4th Tues) - An alternative timeline where the Nazis will win World War Two is created due to Hitler’s controlling the Timewyrm trapped within his mind. The Führer focuses his thoughts enough to order the advance of his forces on the port of Dunkirk and the remains of the British Army are forced to surrender in a futile last stand against the Nazis (Timewyrm: Exodus, events mentioned on p.61). (MG)

1940 (June 14th) - The city of Paris falls to the Nazis during the devastating Blitzkrieg. German soldiers perform victory marches past the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre and Notre-Dame (Just War, no date is given on p.33. The Axis occupation of Paris on 14th June 1940 is a matter of historical record). (MG)

1940 (June 28th Fri) - The German Luftwaffe begins bombing runs against the Channel Islands as a prelude to invasion (Just War, the exact date is given on p.2). (MG)

1940 (June 30th Sun) - Germany invades the island of Guernsey. Major Lanz assumes command and sets up base at the Royal Hotel and enforces a curfew on the local populace. Wave after wave of German troop transports arrive, one hundred and seventy eight huge aircraft carrying thousands of German troops (Just War, this takes place in ‘June’ on p.1, on a ‘Sunday’ on p.3. The occupation of Guernsey on 30th June 1940 is a matter of historical record). (MG)

1940 (Summer) - The Scientific Intelligence Division is formed in Whitehall on the recommendation of Admiral Arthur Kendrick. SID, consisting of around a dozen officers and half a dozen scientists, is given the task of co-ordinating specialised technical information and reading everything that is picked up by radio operators in Bletchely in an effort to gain the upper hand on the Nazis (Just War, this takes place ‘the previous summer’ [in March 1941] on p.28). (MG)

1940 - One of the first tasks SID is entrusted with is to try and assess the German radar network. They manage to identify an unknown German system codenamed Wotan as a single-beam radar guidance system by referring to a book on Norse Myths (Just War, no date is given on p.153-4). (MG)

? 1940 (July) - The Seventh Doctor and Mel arrive in the Nazi-occupied English village of Pax Lucis. The Doctor discovers the Nazi expeditionary force has captured a crystalline lightwanderer, an alien entity, and are using it as part of a special weapon called the Exclusion Generator which, when activated, can create a barrier that nothing can pass through - not people, not air, not even sunlight. Learning that the Nazis are attempting to destroy England with the Generator, the Doctor manages to free the lighwanderer before the resulting shock wave can flatten the entire planet (Special Weapons (MST), no year is given, it is ‘July’ on p.165, the Nazi expeditionary force invaded ‘a couple of months’ earlier, on p.169). (MG/II)

1940 (July 31st) - Mr Wall flees the Le Mur Engineering compound when the Nazis occupy the island of Jersey. Inside the Le Mur compound the Nazi forces, led by Colonel Schott of the Wehrmacht, discover a dormant army of Cybermen (Illegal Alien, no date is given on p. 211. The Nazi occupation of Jersey on 31st July 1940 is a matter of historical record). (MG)

1940 (Aug) - Nazi scientist Emil Hartung and his stealth fighters are relocated to a secret airbase that is under construction near the fishing village of Granville in Brittany (Just War, this takes place ‘seven months’ earlier [than early March 1941] on p.104). (MG)

1940 (Aug) - Cody McBride, American private detective, decides to set up a new agency in London, England after making too many enemies back in Chicago (Illegal Alien, this takes place ‘three months’ earlier [than November 1940] on p.5/7). (MG)

1940 - Graham Greene’s finest novel The Power and the Glory, detailing the desperate wanderings of an alcoholic priest hunted down by a revolutionary government in rural Mexico, is published (The Turing Test, the year is given on p.243). (II/MG)

1940 - The amnesiac Eighth Doctor answers Prime Minister Winston Churchill’s call for more pilots and attempts to join the RAF. Unfortunately, without nationality papers the Doctor can’t prove he’s a British subject and is turned down (The Turing Test, the year is given on p.59). (II/MG)

= 1940 (Aug) - Goering’s Luftwaffe destroys the Royal Air Force and is triumphant in the Battle of Britain. With his strategies enhanced by the harnessing of the Timewyrm within his mind, Hitler decides to concentrate bombing on airfields and radar installations rather than on London itself (Timewyrm: Exodus, events mentioned on p.61-2. The preliminaries of the Battle of Britain from June - July 1940 and the climax during August - September 1940 are a matter of historical record). (MG)

= 1940 (Sept 12th Thurs) - With air supremacy over British skies assured by the destruction of the Royal Air Force, Operation Sealion (Hitler’s plan for an amphibious invasion of Britain) goes ahead as scheduled. Freak storms, said to be engineered by Hitler’s Black Coven, decimate the Royal Navy, while an equally freak period of calm weather paves the way for General Strauss’s 19th Army to cross the English Channel and establish a beach-head between Folkestone and Worthing. Unopposed, the Panzer columns smash their way towards London (Timewyrm: Exodus, events mentioned on p.3/62/73. The scheduled invasion of Britain on 12th September 1940 is a matter of historical record). (MG)

= 1940 (Sept 17th Tues) - Great Britain capitulates to the Nazis after only six days. King Edward VIII is restored to his rightful throne, accompanied by Her Royal Highness Queen Wallis, and signs the Anglo-German Treaty, establishing Great Britain as a protectorate of the German Empire. Sir Oswald Mosley, founder of the British Union of Fascists, is released from prison and becomes Prime Minister upon the execution of the arch-criminal Churchill. All potential threats to the Reich, including civil servants, ex-officers, trade unionists and lawyers are instantly arrested. Blue-eyed blondes are sent to Race Centres to be impregnated by SS soldiers to propagate the Aryan race. The Britischer Frei Korps (British Free Corps, or BFK) is formed and given authority stemming directly from the Third Reich, superseding that of the civilian police in all cases (Timewyrm: Exodus, the conquest of Britain takes only ‘six days’ [commencing on 12th September] on p.3. This takes place ‘ten years’ earlier [than =1951] on p.26. Events mentioned on p.7/8/11/72). (MG)

1940 (Autumn) - The earthbound Eighth Doctor leaves England sometime shortly after his rejection by the RAF, spending the best part of the next two years travelling in South America and Africa (The Turing Test, the date is given on p.119). (II/MG)

1940 (late Sept) - A joint Anglo-Free French naval expedition under Admiral Cunningham and General Charles DeGaulle is sent to Dakar, the capital of French West Africa in the hope that an overwhelming display of Allied force can persuade Governor General Boisson to surrender the colony over to Free France without bloodshed. After three days of shelling, Cunningham and DeGaulle abandon their effort, leaving Dakar in the hands of the Vichy French (The Turing Test, no date is given on p.106-7. The departure of the joint taskforce from Liverpool on 31st August 1940, and the assault on Dakar between 23rd - 25th September 1940 is a matter of historical record). (MG)

1940 (Sept) - A lone Cyberleader, sent back in time from the thirtieth century to secure a hiding place for a proposed army of sleepers, arrives in Blitz-torn London. At some point the Cyberleader is damaged when the Luftwaffe drop a bomb on it. The Cyberleader, with its memory banks destroyed and its communications with the main Cyberforce severed, will become known as the Limehouse Lurker and, over the next two months, be responsible for the murders of at least six individuals (Illegal Alien, this takes place ‘two months’ earlier [than November 1940] on p.5. Events mentioned on p.153). (MG)

1940 (Nov 12th Tues) - Private detective Cody McBride witnesses a large sphere fall to Earth late at night during a German bombing raid. He blacks out just as shadowy figures emerge from the sphere - a pair of Cybermen sent to locate the missing Cyberleader (Illegal Alien, the Doctor and Ace will arrive tomorrow ‘morning’ on p.11). (MG)

1940 (Nov 13th Wed) - The Seventh Doctor and Ace arrive in London after reading of the mysterious sphere in tomorrow’s newspapers. Major Lazonby of Military Intelligence assumes jurisdiction and has the sphere removed to the Peddler Electronic Engineering building. Later that night electrical entrepreneur Doctor Peddler is killed by a Cybermat after refusing to co-operate with Mr Wall and his associates (Illegal Alien, ‘tomorrow’ it will be ’14 November 1940’ on p.20). (MG)

1940 (Nov 14th Thurs) - The Doctor travels to PEE and discovers Wall’s business card next to Peddler’s corpse. Examining the card, the Doctor manages to activate it and he is attacked by a Cybermat. After a tip off from George Limb, Ace and McBride break into the PEE building, only to be attacked by a pair of Cybermen (Illegal Alien, it is ‘morning’ on p.27). (MG)

1940 (Nov 15th Fri) - The Doctor realises the Limehouse Lurker is, in fact, a damaged Cyberman from the far future. Ace, returning to Limb’s home after a day spent dodging Cybermats, is kidnapped by Captain Hartmann of the Nazi SS and taken to the Le Mur Engineering compound on Jersey (Illegal Alien, Ace met George Limb ‘yesterday’ on p.87). (MG)

1940 (Nov 16th Sat) - After spending twelve hours in a cell accused of passing government secrets to enemies of the Crown, the Doctor and McBride are released in time to take part in a police raid on the PEE building. Inside, they learn Major Lazonby has made a deal with Wall to create a British army equipped with Cyber-armour. The Doctor manages to escape just as a German bombing raid destroys the facility (Illegal Alien, it is the following ‘afternoon’ on p.160). (MG)

1940 (Nov 17th Sun) - The Doctor travels to Jersey in the TARDIS after locating and reprogramming the Cyber-command unit. Once inside the Le Mur building, the Doctor commands the unit to revive the dormant Cybermen, then orders the silver giants to destroy everything. A full-scale battle between the German forces and Cybermen ensues as the Doctor and Ace make their escape (Illegal Alien, it is ‘dawn’ on p.228). (MG)

1940 (Nov 19th Tues) - In London, an army of hundreds of dormant Cybermen is located beneath an old Victorian sewage pumping station (Illegal Alien, this takes place ‘two days’ after the Doctor travels to Jersey, on p.277). (MG)

1940 (late Dec) - The Seventh Doctor and Bernice arrive on the island of Guernsey. The Doctor leaves Bernice with old friend Ma Doras, who runs a family boarding-house in the town of St Peter Port (Just War, the date is (mistakenly) given as ‘late December 1941’ on p.4. Bernice arrived ‘just before Christmas last year’ [in March 1941] on p.6). (MG)

1940 (Dec 31st) - Bernice narrowly avoids being raped at the hands of a young German soldier who comes into her room at the Doras’ boarding-house on Guernsey (Just War, this takes place on ‘New Year’s Eve’ on p.158). (MG)

1941 (early Jan) - On Guernsey the Germans confiscate every radio they can find in the possession of the islanders. Monitoring German military transmissions - as well as listening to the BBC - is deemed a criminal offence (Just War, this takes place ‘a couple of months’ earlier [than March 2nd] on p.37). (MG)

1941 (Jan 6th Mon) - Noted pilot Amy Johnson is rescued by Gaylord LeFevre, one of the Celestial Toymaker’s servants, when her plane goes down in the Thames Estuary near Kent on a flight over the English Channel (Divided Loyalties, the exact date is given on p.46). (MG/II)

1941 (late Feb) - The Seventh Doctor deposits Roz and Chris in London, where they pose as undercover foreign intelligence agents co-operating with the British SID based at Whitehall (Just War, this takes place ‘a week’ earlier [than 1st March 1941] on p.21). (MG)

1941 (? Feb 27th Thurs) - Bernice is nearly caught by a Nazi patrol while keeping the airstrip on Guernsey under surveillance for the Doctor (Just War, this takes place ‘a couple of nights ago’ [on 2nd March] on p.67). (MG)

1941 (Feb 28th Fri) - Construction work is finally completed on Hugin and Munin at the secret Nazi airbase at Granville in western France. On Guernsey, islander Marcel Brossier is shot dead without even the pretence of a trial after being discovered cutting a German telephone line. Later that night, Whitehall comes under heavy Nazi bombing, but the TARDIS is left completely unscathed when a two-thousand-pound bomb crashes through the Portland Street library and explodes nearby (Just War, the exact date is given on p.203. Brossier is killed ‘the night before last’ [on 2nd March] on p.67. Events mentioned on p.6. Whitehall is bombed ‘last night’ [on March 1st] on p.18). (MG)

1941 (March 1st Sat) - Emil Hartung is killed during Hugin’s initial test-flight due to a fatal design error. Walking along the beach late at night, Bernice manages to acquire a piece of debris from the fallen aircraft. On the British mainland Chris is given the task of travelling to France via submarine when SID are misinformed that Hartung wishes to defect (Just War, the exact date is given on p.5). (MG)

1941 (March 2nd Sun) - Arriving on Guernsey, the Doctor witnesses the Nazis using heavy lifting equipment to drag the wreckage from the sea. Investigating further, the Doctor realises that the downed aircraft is the most advanced thing this planet has ever seen - only to be captured by Standartenführer Joachim Wolff. Bernice, cut off from the Doctor, is forced to shoot a young German soldier to facilitate her escape back to the Doras’ boarding-house (Just War, it is ‘morning’ on p.42. The date is given on p.61). (MG)

1941 (March 3rd Mon) - Chris arrives in Granville just before dawn, intent on tracking down and rescuing Hartung, little realising the man is already dead. The Doctor is drugged and flown to the townhouse of Nazi torturer Oberst Oskar Steinmann and, upon waking, is given the opportunity of joining the Nazi Party. Back on Guernsey Bernice is captured by Joachim Wolff and she is readied for interrogation (Just War, it is ‘nearly dawn’ on p.70). (MG)

1941 (March 4th Tues) - In Whitehall Roz and George Reed are given the task of locating the notorious Nazi spymaster von Wer. Bernice’s ordeal at the hands of Wolff begins when she is subjected to sleep deprivation over the course of the night (Just War, it is ‘morning’ on p.94). (MG)

1941 (March 5th Wed) - Steinmann takes the Doctor to the secret airbase just outside Granville. Witnessing this, Cwej disguises himself as a German soldier, infiltrates the base, and rescues the Doctor at gunpoint. In his infinite wisdom the Doctor decides to disguise himself as a nun to affect his escape. On Guernsey, Wolff begins interrogating Bernice. During the course of her questioning Bernice will be beaten, whipped, burnt with a cigarette and have her right hand broken. That night the RAF bombs Granville, hitting pumping stations and a fuel storage area (Just War, the exact date is given on p.123). (MG)

1941 (March 6th Thurs) - Wolff is captured by Roz and Reed when he appears in London at Paddington Station. With Wolff’s absence, Bernice manages to escape her cell by holding one of her captors at knifepoint, and slowly makes her way back to England. Returning to the secret airbase at Granville, the Doctor and Chris hijack Munin and fly the aircraft across the Channel to England, where Kendrick momentarily arrests the Doctor as the spymaster von Wer. Wolff turns out to be a loser in a game of Russian Roulette with the Doctor shortly before Cwej and Roz ensure Munin is destroyed to stop it falling into Allied hands (Just War, the exact date is given on p.194/211). (MG)

1941 (April 23rd) - The British are forced to retreat from Greece after being outflanked by the Germans in the Pindus Mountains. After a last stand at Thermopylae Pass the British are forced to evacuate, leaving the way open for the German war machine’s relentless advance on Athens (Just War, the date is given on p.217). (MG)

1941 - The Doctor, in an unrecorded trip to Shanghai, is present when a group of stranded Alpha Centaurians make a bungled First Contact with Earth (The Shadow of Weng-Chiang, the year is given on p.23). (MG)

1941 - A young Fitz Kreiner and his mother seek safety in an air-raid shelter during a German bombing run. The pair are spat upon when the other Londoners discover their German surname (EarthWorld, this takes place sometime after Fitz’s ‘fifth-birthday party’ on p.167). (MG)

? c 1941 - Geoff Harrison, future UN delegate, is born in Texas (Option Lock, [in 1998] he is in his ‘late forties’ on p.244). (CW)

c 1941 - George Tracey, member of Moreton Harwood’s witch coven, is born (K9 and Company: A Girl’s Best Friend novelisation, he appears to be ‘about forty’ [in December 1981] on p.18). (MG)

= 1941 - In an altered timeline created back in 1934, the aquatic Semquess return to Earth to retrieve a batch of genetic drug ampules that was stolen by a lone Grold back in the nineteenth century. The forces of the ‘Goddess of the World’ are ready for them and the Semquess are defeated, never to return. This timeline is erased when the Third Doctor travels back to 1934 and ensures history goes according to plan (The Eye of the Giant, the year is given on p.270). (MG/II)

c 1941 - Fitz Kreiner attends St. Edward’s Primary School, where he will make a solitary friend, George Cullen (Frontier Worlds p.170-1). (II)

1941 (December 8th) - The United States of America declares war on the Empire of Japan following the bombing of the US Pacific Fleet in Pearl Harbour (Just War, no date is given on p.253. This is a matter of historical record). (MG)

c 1942 - The British Government conducts chemical warfare experiments at Dead Loch on the Hebridean island of Yarra. The tests kill all the loch’s fish and the area will remain bare of wildlife for at least the next forty years (Harry Sullivan’s War, no date is given other than ‘during World War Two’ on p.50. Arbitrarily dated). (MG)

1942 - Ben Jackson and Polly Wright are born in London, England (The Murder Game, the year is given on p.91), although Polly spends much of her early life living in Devon (Invasion of the Cat-People, events mentioned on p.37). (MG)

1942 - With no proper Intelligence Service in place when entering the war, US President Franklin D. Roosevelt sets up the Office of Strategic Services (OSS) under Bill Donovan. The OSS agents are trained by British MI6 operatives across the border in Canada (Endgame, the year is given on p.142). (MG)

c 1942 - The vampire Yarven arrives in Britain for the first time, intent on creating an army of the Undead. Unrestrained, he goes about initiating as many humans as possible along the way. It is probably around this time that Jeremy Sanders is transformed into a vampire. Yarven’s true nature is eventually discovered and he is thrown out of an aeroplane flying over Europe, to land in the Balkans (Goth Opera, no date is given other than ‘the early nineteen forties’ on p.12. Sanders becomes a vampire ‘in the forties’ on p.11). (MG)

1942 - Cassius Marcellus Clay, otherwise known as Muhammad Ali, is born. It will eventually be said that he "Flies like a butterfly, stings like a bee", and will be visited by the amnesiac Earthbound Eighth Doctor (Eater of Wasps, no date is given on p.198). (CW)

1942 - MI6 intelligence officer Graham Greene is based in Freetown, the capital of Sierra Leone, running a group of around fifty undercover agents. His tasks include providing them with money, cover stories and communications, and to ensure any information received is sent back to London (The Turing Test, the year is given on p.105). (II/MG)

1942 (June) - Graham Greene travels to the village of Markebo to visit one of his more remote agents only to find the place deserted bar three mysterious white strangers. Driving to the next village, D’nalyel, with the strangers, Greene discovers the missing villagers have fled there - they speak of the appearance of ‘demons’ which scared them away from their homes (The Turing Test, the date is given on p.106). (II/MG)

1942 (June) - A German SS squad under the command of Leutnant Franz Schubert arrives in D’nalyel to investigate rumours of the testing of a secret Allied weapon in the area. The SS troops attempt to kill the three strangers and all hell breaks loose - the strangers burst into flames and appear to die. Unknown to Greene, the strangers have the ability to transfer copies of their minds to host bodies, and they have taken over the identities of the German soldiers (The Turing Test, this takes place the next ‘morning’ on p.110). (II/MG)

1942 (July) - The Doctor witnesses the battle of attrition at El Alamein between the forces under the command of Rommel and British General Claude Auchinleck (The King of Terror, no date is given on p.241. Rommel’s initial attack on the British defences at El Alamein on 1st July 1942 is a matter of historical record). (MG)

u c 1942 - Kane Sawyer, descendent of the Ragman’s bastard offspring, is born in Cirbury, Wiltshire (Rags, he is ‘thirty, thirty one’ [in u1973] on p.171). (MG)

1942 (Aug) - The Sixth Doctor and Lethbridge-Stewart travel back through time from 2001 to procure DNA samples from Adolf Hitler, hoping to verify that bodily fluids kept at the Russian State Special Trophy Archive for over fifty years are those of the deceased Nazi leader. Arriving at a ballroom in Berlin, the time travellers meet the Führer and the Time Lord introduces himself as Major Johann Schmidt, a doctor attached to the Fifth Medical Corps. Having gained blood samples from Hitler and Eva Braun, the Doctor and Lethbridge-Stewart return to the twenty-first century to conduct tests (The Shadow in the Glass, the date is given on p.217. In Timewyrm: Exodus, a continuity error has the Seventh Doctor telling Ace that the 1923 Munich Putsch is ‘the first time I’d ever met Adolf’ on p.110. The simplest explanation for this apparent contradiction is that the climax to the Sixth Doctor’s earlier adventure involving Hitler is something the Time Lord would rather forget). (MG)

1942 (Oct) - The amnesiac Eighth Doctor arrives in Sierra Leone on his wanders and hears of the Markebo incident from the local people. An examination of the strangers’ remains piques the Doctor’s interest and he crosses the frontier in search of the SS squad. Finding nothing, he travels to Vienna to check the German paperwork, where he learns that the squad has gone to the Ivory Coast under cover. Returning from there with false identities, the strangers will eventually go to Dresden (The Turing Test, the date is given on p.119. Events mentioned on p.120-1). (II/MG)

1942 - Audrey Dudman, Ace's mother, is born to parents Kathleen and Frank (The Left-Handed Hummingbird, she is [incorrectly] still 'twenty-three' in early December [in 1968] on p.147. Audrey’s parents are named in The Curse of Fenric). (CW)

1942 (Dec 24th) - Generalmajor Oskar Steinmann is present at the first test of Germany’s V-I flying bomb at Peenemünde (Just War, the exact date is given on p.252). (MG)

1943 (Jan) - While in Freetown, the Eighth Doctor is arrested and imprisoned for having no papers, and Graham Greene is sent to question him. Impressed with the Doctor’s knowledge of the events in D’nalyel the previous year, Greene is talked into returning to Markebo to learn more (The Turing Test, this takes place during Greene’s ‘last week’ in Freetown, ‘in January 1943’ on p.116). (II/MG)

1943 (Jan) - The Doctor and Greene journey to Markebo, where they take communion in the small, brick church despite the priest’s reticence - he confides in Greene that he believes the Doctor to be ‘the Devil’s agent’. Afterwards, Greene takes the Doctor to the port in Freetown to catch a Portuguese liner to Europe. Greene is then transferred back to London (The Turing Test, this takes place on Greene’s ‘last day’ in Sierra Leone, on p.125). (II/MG)

c 1943 - As the Western Front collapses around her Nazi paymasters, Ludmilla Serebrennikov flees Berlin and defects back to Russia, using samples of Warlock, perfected by Hitler’s skilled technicians, to barter with. Ludmilla finds her talents in demand, to develop all kinds of diabolical chemicals for Stalin’s brainwashing experiments. While working for the Russians, Ludmilla arranges a secret deal with a young American OSS officer named Hank Harrigan to defect to the West. Unfortunately the short-sighted Ludmilla boards the wrong train and ends up heading East towards Stalin’s death camps (Warlock, this happens ‘towards the end of WW2’ on p.16. It is during a period when Stalin is executing suspected traitors, on p.19. Events mentioned on p.20. In Endgame, no date is given for Stalin’s purges other than ‘during the war’ on p.232. The Russian counterattack at Stalingrad on 19th November 1942 and the German surrender to the Soviets on 2nd February 1943 is a matter of historical record). (MG)

c 1943 - The amnesiac Eighth Doctor rents a basement flat in a quiet Bloomsbury back street, not far from the Café des Artistes (Endgame, this takes place ‘almost a decade’ earlier [than spring 1951] on p.19). (MG)

1943 - Professor Elizabeth Shaw is born in Stoke-on-Trent (The Devil Goblins from Neptune, the year is given on p.10). She will spend her childhood at the family home in Burton Joyce, in the Home Counties (The Scales of Injustice, events mentioned on p.98/210). (MG)

1943 - By this time Captain Sorin is in the Red Army’s Special Missions Brigade (Time’s Crucible p.48). (CW)

1943 - The young Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart attends Harrow school (The Devil Goblins from Neptune, the year is given on p.122), where he meets his friend, who will be knighted and placed at the head of Department C19, John Sudbury (Business Unusual, no particular school is mentioned on p.60, but this is the only one mentioned). (MG/CW)

1943 - Professor Rachel Jensen works with Alan Turing on code breaking and ciphers (Who Killed Kennedy, no date is given except 'during the Second World War' on p.70, but Turing was working with a group of British scientists, mathematicians and engineers in 1943. The first completely electronic computer, the Collossus, was built and designed for code breaking by this). (MG)

? c 1943 - Norton Silver is born, the last in the line of descendants of the original alchemists at Abbots Siolfor (Option Lock, he is in his ‘fifties’ [in 1998] on p.12). (CW)

1943 (May) - (The Curse of Fenric. In The Left-Handed Hummingbird, Audrey, Ace's mother, is [incorrectly] ‘twenty-three’ [in 1968] on p.147). (CW)

? 1943 (May) - Mortimus records the seventh Doctor moving a chess piece so that his earlier self will see it. This is the first time the Doctor travels back in time to set up something for himself (No Future, events mentioned on p.166, no date given, referring to The Curse of Fenric). (CW)

1943 (May) - The Timewyrm is present when the Seventh Doctor manipulates Ace in ‘the most outrageous manner’ to contain the manifestation of Fenric (Timewyrm: Revelation, no date is given on p.113). (MG)

1943 (June) - The US begin work on Project Rainbow at the Philadelphia Naval Yard. A small destroyer escort ship, the USS Eldridge, is fitted with a host of specialised hardware which, when properly configured, will be able to bend light and radio waves around the ship, thus making it invisible to enemy observers (relevant to Autumn Mist). (MG)

c 1943 - Juno Baker, friend of anthropologist Doctor Lavinia Smith, is born (K9 and Company: A Girl’s Best Friend novelisation, she appears to be ‘in her late thirties’ [in December 1981] on p.11). (MG)

1943 (July 22nd Thurs) - The USS Eldridge vanishes during the first test of Project Rainbow (relevant to Autumn Mist). (MG)

1943 - The Soviet military counter-intelligence organisation SMERSH (from the Russian smyert shpionam - ‘Death to spies’) is formed to, among other things, uncover spies, saboteurs and subversives in the military. The organisation will become infamous in the West for its hunting of Nazi collaborators in areas occupied by the Red Army. At the end of its short existence in 1946, SMERSH will be incorporated into the 3rd Directorate of the newly formed Ministry of State Security (MGB) (Endgame, no date is given on p.107. The existence of SMERSH between 1943-46 is a matter of historical record. SMERSH would later turn up as a sinister intelligence agency in Ian Fleming’s James Bond novels). (MG)

1943 (Oct 28th Thurs) - Project Rainbow is abandoned after the USS Eldridge disappears. In reality the destroyer has been used by the Doctor to seal a rift leading to the realm of the Leannain Sidhe (Autumn Mist p.96/119/217). (MG)

1943 (Nov) - The village of Tyneham and ten square miles of the surrounding Dorset countryside are ordered evacuated at very short notice to prepare British troops for D-Day training manoeuvres. Despite promises made at the time, the ‘ghost village’ of Tyneham will remain uninhabited for the remainder of the twentieth century, and the area will eventually be demilitarised and owned by the National Trust (The Shadow in the Glass, the date is given on p.285). (MG)

1944 (Feb) - USAF bombardier Joseph Heller meets the Eighth Doctor in a hospital ward on Malta while pretending to be insane to avoid combat. The Doctor asks for Heller’s help in stealing an aeroplane, but the airman refuses. Four days later, Heller is certified sane and is returned to the war, placed on a series of bombing missions (The Turing Test, the year is given as ‘1944’ on p.200. It is ‘five months’ earlier [than July] on p.204). (II/MG)

1944 - Alison Speers, a girl with natural telepathy in her genes, is born to a privileged British family. (Winter for the Adept, she is ‘nineteen’ in 1963, on Disc 1, Track 2). (MG)

1944 (mid May) - Harold Sullivan, companion of the Fourth Doctor, is born in London and christened in the church located at Harrow-on-the-Hill (Harry Sullivan’s War, he is ‘forty-one’ [in mid May 1985] on p.2. Events mentioned on p.92. In System Shock, Sarah [mistakenly?] believes Harry looks to be ‘in his late forties’ [in 1998] on p.61). (MG)

1944 - (Colditz).

1944 (May 17th Wed) - A Vvormak survey ship is picked up by British radar and the Hurricanes of 482 Squadron are dispatched to investigate. Having located an unidentified cylinder hovering over the waters of the English Channel at an altitude of around 30,000 feet, Flight Lieutenant Carl Smithson engages the enemy. Fleeing at over 500 miles per hour, the damaged Vvormak craft tries to escape only to come crashing down on the Dorset village of Turelhampton. The soldiers of 105th division are immediately sent in to evacuate the villagers to nearby Crookhampton and a three-man team consisting of privates Gerrard Lassiter, Peter Spinney and Alan Watson is posted to guard the downed vessel. Unobserved, Lassiter takes the ship’s ocular celluprime, a vital navigational tool, as a souvenir shortly before Sergeant George Henderson arrives to take charge of the situation (The Shadow in the Glass, the date is given on p.29. Events mentioned on p.30/128). (MG)

1944 (May 18th Thurs) - Private Gerrard Lassiter is shocked and surprised to glimpse the upcoming Normandy landings within the glass-like heart of the ocular celluprime ‘Scrying Glass’ (The Shadow in the Glass, this takes place ‘the next morning’ on p.136). (MG)

1944 (late May) - Having discovered that the unidentified cylinder resists all attempts to relocate it elsewhere, the powers-that-be deem it necessary to keep a military presence at Turelhampton while the secrets of the craft are teased from it. The evacuated villagers of Turelhampton receive a letter from the Ministry of Defence, explaining that the area surrounding their homes has been sequestered for training purposes. The village will remain cordoned off by the Regular Army until the year 2001 (The Shadow in the Glass, this takes place ‘several days’ later [than 17th May] on p.166. Events mentioned on p.57). (MG)

c 1944 - Tom Osgood, a member of the British branch of UNIT who will do his duty during crises like those at Dungeness, Devil’s End and Turelhampton, is born (The Shadow in the Glass, he is ‘in his late fifties’ [in April 2001] on p.132. In The Scales of Injustice, his full name is given on p.183, p.233). (MG/CW)

c 1944 - The vampiric Yarven is finally caught by General Josip Tito’s Catholic partisans while feasting in Serbia. Trapped within a circle of partisans wielding silver crucifixes, Yarven is blindfolded and forced into a hurriedly dug pit to be buried in his Undead state. The Yugoslav partisans bless the ground before they depart (Goth Opera, this takes place in ‘the nineteen forties’ on p.16. Events mentioned on p.13/14. The Western Allies recognised Tito as leader of the Yugoslav resistance in 1943, and Serbia was liberated in October 1944). (MG)

1944 (? June) - Participating in the D-Day landings at Normandy, Private Gerrard Lassiter uses the talismanic alien ‘Scrying Glass’ to snatch brief glimpses into his own future, guarding against his own death during skirmishes with the retreating Nazi forces. Despite his vigilance, Lassiter is killed by a German soldier, Gunther Brun, who takes the Glass for himself (The Shadow in the Glass, events mentioned on p.136-8). (MG)

1944 (June) - The grandfather of Jason Kane participates in the Normandy landings as part of the 21st Army Group. Unfortunately, a German sniper’s bullet transforms his lucky silver crucifix into shrapnel, blowing through his left lung, kidney, liver and intestinal tract, killing him instantly. Told this tale at an early age, Jason Kane will go through life taking no chances - he will line his jacket with a couple of layers of long-chain polycarbon micromesh after he is accidentally transported to the distant Dagellan Cluster (Death and Diplomacy, the year is given on p.226). (MG)

1944 (June 6th Tues) - During the Normandy landings Captain Davydd Watson experiences unsettling visions due to Azoth's experiment (The Taint p.91). (MG)

1944 (June 13th) - The first German V-I guided missile falls on London (Just War, this takes place ‘a year and a half’ later [than December 1942] on p.252. This is a matter of historical record). (MG)

1944 (June) - Paris is liberated by Allied forces (The Turing Test, this happens 'six months ago' on p. 37). (II)

1944 (late June) - Greene (who has been placed in charge of the remote supervision of agents in Portugal) meets the mysterious woman known only as Daria in Oxford for the first time. Unknown to Greene, she has been sent by Colonel Herbert Elgar, one of the strangers, to seduce him in an effort to locate the renegade strangers from Sierra Leone (The Turing Test, this takes place ‘eighteen months’ later [than January 1943] on p.128. It is in ‘June or early July - not long after the D-day landings’ on p.129). (II/MG)

1944 (? late June) - Gunther Brun loses ownership of the Scrying Glass after wagering it in a game of cards with Colonel Otto Klein of the Waffen SS (The Shadow in the Glass, events mentioned on p.138-9). (MG)

c 1944 - An explosive device falls on Culverton Aerodrome, killing a number of people. In the aftermath, Alec Whistler discovers a jade-coloured crystal (Last of the Gaderene, it was ‘some thirty years ago’ on p.241). (II)

c 1944 - The eight-year-old Fitz Kreiner is stung twenty-three times after disturbing a nest of wasps while in his parents’ attic. The experience leaves him frightened of wasps (The Ancestor Cell, p.17). (II)

1944 (July) - Lieutenant-Colonel Mark Conrad of the US Marine Corps becomes one of the Celestial Toymaker’s playthings sometime after he participates in the Allied storming of Avranches (Divided Loyalties, the date is given on p.47). (MG)

1944 (early July) - Greene and Daria meet again, this time in London, where the intelligence officer recounts the story of his meeting the Doctor in Sierra Leone (The Turing Test, this takes place ‘the following week’ on p.130). (II/MG)

1944 (late July) - USAF bombardier Joseph Heller ends a series of fifteen bombing missions by deliberately crashing his plane - which breaks the rear-gunner’s legs. Heller is thrown into prison to await a court martial, charged with violating standing orders, wilfully damaging US Air Force property, cowardice in the face of the enemy and desertion. Heller narrowly escapes execution thanks to the Doctor’s timely intervention and is placed in a desk job for the next six months (The Turing Test, this takes place ‘six months’ earlier [than late January 1945] on p.211). (II/MG)

1944 (? mid July) - Colonel Otto Klein of the Waffen SS is summoned back to Berlin on the express wishes of Reichsführer Heinrich Himmler, who has heard rumours of the existence and unique properties of the Scrying Glass. During a brief interview with Himmler, Klein is sufficiently scared by the Reichsführer’s veiled threats concerning ‘confiscated materials’ and hands over the Glass to his superior. With the Glass in his possession, Himmler persuades a group of Tibetan mystics to uncover the secrets of the object by using it in occult ceremonies (The Shadow in the Glass, this takes place ‘two weeks’ after Klein comes into possession of the Glass, on p.139). (MG)

1944 (? late July) - The Sixth Doctor makes a first trip back through time from 2001 as part of his endeavours to discover the whereabouts of the Vvormak ocular celluprime device, which went missing during a hushed-up Nazi raid on the village of Turelhampton in a month’s time. Arriving at the Whitehall War Rooms, the Doctor requests the help of his old friend Prime Minister Winston Churchill and, ignoring the protests of his most trusted advisers, Churchill accedes to the Doctor’s wishes. Under cover of darkness the Doctor is parachuted behind enemy lines by one of no. 148 Squadron’s Halifax bombers while a network of Maquis agents prepare a cover story and falsified documents for his mission (The Shadow in the Glass, this takes place ‘a month’ later [than ?June] on p.156. The Nazi raid on Turelhampton will occur ‘next month’ [in August] on p.160. The Doctor arrives ‘almost a month’ before the raid, on p.177. It is ‘eight years’ since King Edward abdicated [in December 1936] on p.157). (MG)

1944 (? Aug 5th Sat) - Having made his way to Berlin, the Doctor gains employment in the Reich Records Department and prepares a complete fake identity in the name of Major Johann Schmidt for himself. Having accomplished this, he gets himself attached to the Fifth Medical Corps and reports for duty at its headquarters in Friedrichstrasse. Elsewhere, Colonel Otto Klein, who has been given an office in the Reichschancellery and a staff of researchers, is given the task of discovering the origin of the Glass by viewing images recorded during the Tibetans’ ceremonies (The Shadow in the Glass, this takes place ‘five days’ before the Doctor is summoned by Himmler, on p.176. Klein receives his task ‘several days’ after his earlier meeting with Himmler, on p.162. He is given ‘five days’ to accomplish this, on p.165. Curiously, no mention is made of the abortive attempt on Hitler’s life, which took place on 20th July 1944). (MG)

1944 (Aug 10th Thurs) - With the Third Reich crumbling under the onslaught of the advancing Allied forces, Reichleiter Martin Bormann organises a secret meeting in Strasbourg with German industrialists and ‘friendly’ businessmen from Europe and the USA. As part of a plan to ensure the continuation of the Reich even after the war is lost, Bormann sets up Operation Eagle Flight and spirits away money, gold, bonds, even copyrights and patents, under the noses of the Allies and into over seven hundred front corporations. The amount Bormann raises is huge - in today’s terms it is in the region of a trillion dollars (The Shadow in the Glass, the date is given on p.226. Events mentioned on p.227/285). (MG)

1944 (? Aug 10th Thurs) - With the location of the origin of the Scrying Glass identified as the village of Turelhampton in Dorset, Hitler agrees on a plan to send a small raiding party in Bibers mini-submarines to procure any other artefacts or potential weapons for the Reich. Shown a list of potential candidates, who are experts in occult matters, the Führer insists on sending Major Johann Schmidt (whom he met back in ’42) as part of the team. After only five days working at the Fifth Medical Corps headquarters, the Doctor is summoned to Himmler’s retreat at Wewelsburg Castle in Westphalia. Having convinced Himmler of his occult knowledge, the Doctor prepares himself for his role in the upcoming raid (The Shadow in the Glass, events mentioned on p.167/178). (MG)

1944 (? Aug 11th Fri) - A week before the Nazi raid on Turelhampton, the Doctor is parachuted into Southern Ireland, close to the Ulster border, and left to find his own way to mainland Britain (The Shadow in the Glass, this takes place ‘a week’ before the Turelhampton raid [on 18th August], on p.181). (MG)

1944 (Aug 17th Thurs) - After a week of travelling across Britain, the Sixth Doctor finally makes it to Turelhampton to await his rendezvous with Captain Voss’s raiding team (The Shadow in the Glass, this takes place ‘the night before’ the raid, on p.181). (MG)

1944 (Aug 18th Fri) - The Doctor makes the rendezvous under cover of darkness and the raid on Turelhampton goes ahead. Under the Doctor’s instructions the squad steals a hibernation tank containing a sleeping Vvormak and Voss believes the demon-faced creature will give the Reich mastery over the forces of the night. During the raid the Doctor manages to save Sergeant George Henderson from dying in a hail of Nazi bullets before returning to 2001 in the TARDIS (The Shadow in the Glass, the date is given as ‘August 1944’ on p.129. It is ‘the 18th’ on p.131). (MG)

1944 (Sept) - Reichsführer Heinrich Himmler’s order for the closure of the Nazi extermination camps is ignored (The Shadow in the Glass, the date is given on p.21). (MG)

1944 (Sept) - The Germans continue to bombard London and the southeast of England with V-1 and V-2 rockets (The Turing Test, the date is given on p.71). (II/MG)

1944 (Sept) - Greene confides in Kim Philby, his superior at MI6, after Daria suddenly disappears and her London address turns out to be a bombsite. Philby suggests she may have been trying to recruit him for an enemy power (The Turing Test, this takes place ‘two months’ after Greene’s earlier encounters with Daria, on p.133. It is sometime after the V-1s have begun falling on London, on p.134). (II/MG)

1944 (early Dec) - Gifted mathematician Alan Turing meets the earthbound Eighth Doctor for the first time while on his way to a lecture at St John’s in Oxford. Later that day Turing receives a telephone call from Hugh Alexander, chief crypotologist at Bletchley Park, asking for his assistance in breaking the new Dresden Code (The Turing Test, the date is given on p.5. This takes place ‘a week or so’ earlier [than 12th December] on p.19). (II/MG)

1944 (early Dec) - Turing moves down to Bletchley Park and begins working on deciphering the Dresden Code (The Turing Test, it is ‘the next day’ on p.5). (II/MG)

1944 (early Dec) - Turing receives a letter from the Doctor asking for a meeting at the village pub just as he is beginning to feel frustrated at not having broken the code (The Turing Test, this takes place ‘within a few days’ of Turing moving to Bletchley, on p.13. This is ‘days’ before 12th December, on p.15). (II/MG)

1944 (Dec 12th Tues) - Turing goes in to the village to meet the Doctor, only to witness his acquaintance being thrown out of his lodgings at the pub. Turing arranges for the Doctor and his mysterious box to be sent to Bletchley. After hearing the Dresden Code the Doctor informs Turing that he doesn’t think it’s being transmitted by the Germans - in fact, the code-makers may not be human at all. The Doctor is overcome at the emotion in the message and flees (The Turing Test, the date is given as ‘the 12th’ on p.14/15). (II/MG)

1944 (Dec 13th Wed) - The Doctor contacts Turing again, apologising for his behaviour the previous day and arranges a second meeting in a week’s time. Unsure of the Doctor’s allegiances, Turing notifies Hugh Alexander, and is advised to meet the Doctor so that he can be apprehended and questioned (The Turing Test, it is ‘the morning after’ the Doctor runs away, on p.31). (II/MG)

1944 (Dec 15th Fri) - The Eighth Doctor, Sam and Fitz arrive in the Ardennes, France, during the last Nazi offensive in Europe, and quickly become separated. Sam is killed by a German firing squad (Autumn Mist p.i). Reports of the Doctor’s arrival in the Ardennes region will filter back to Colonel Herbert Elgar of the French Resistance (The Turing Test, events mentioned on p.40). (MG/II)

1944 (Dec 16th Sat) - Sam Jones is brought back to life by the Leannain Sidhe (Autumn Mist p.89). (MG)

1944 (Dec 17th Sun) - The Doctor is visited by Queen Titania and learns that the Sidhe are kidnapping dying soldiers to take the place of dead members of their race. The Doctor averts a war between man and the Sidhe instigated by Oberon the Amadan na Briona by using the USS Eldridge to seal a rift that is damaging the realm of the Sidhe (Autumn Mist p.133). (MG)

1944 (Dec 20th Wed) - As arranged, Turing keeps his meeting with the Doctor, where the mysterious man is swiftly arrested as a possible spy by Military Police and taken to a war-built compound in Cromerton, Surrey. The Doctor requests a meeting with Graham Greene, who informs him of his meetings with Daria, and of a note from her asking to meet him in liberated Paris. Believing Daria is linked to the code-makers, the Doctor insists he must accompany Greene to Paris, and the intelligence officer is forced into making a cover story for his superior Philby, allowing for the Doctor’s inclusion on the journey (The Turing Test, the date is given as ‘the 20th’ on p.32. Events mentioned on p.135). (II/MG)

1944 (Dec 21st Thurs) - The Doctor tells Greene that Turing must come with them too, as he is the expert on German codes and will be able to translate the Dresden Code for them. Greene reluctantly accepts the Doctor’s ultimatum and together they board a military transport with Turing in tow and head for Paris (The Turing Test, it is ‘dawn’ on p.38. This is ‘the next day’ on p.138). (II/MG)

1944 (Dec 24th Sun) - Landing at a military base north of the French capital, they travel to the Hotel du Parc in Paris to meet with their French liaison officer Colonel Herbert Elgar. Once settled in the hotel, Greene telephones Daria and arranges a clandestine meeting, which is witnessed by the Doctor and Turing. The pair of scientists spend the next three days working on the code, during which the Doctor finally makes a breakthrough in translating it (The Turing Test, the date is given as ‘the 24th’ on p.39). (II/MG)

1944 (? Dec 26th Tues) - Greene voices his concerns about Elgar and the Doctor states that he believes Elgar and Daria to be working together. The Doctor asks Greene to place a surveillance device in Elgar’s room so that they can monitor his conversations. Later that evening Greene meets with Daria and they have sex in Elgar’s room while he is out, after which Daria confesses Elgar has used her to spy on Greene (The Turing Test, this takes place ‘the next day or the day after that’ on p.142). (II/MG)

1944 (Dec 28th Thurs) - That afternoon the Doctor and Turing share a bottle or two of wine in the hotel dining room when, suddenly remembering something, the Doctor rushes out. Staying in the dining room, Turing observes Colonel Elgar’s conversation with the woman, Daria, about her mission (The Turing Test, this takes place ‘three days’ later [than 24th December] on p.54. It is ‘late afternoon’ on p.58. It is ‘the next day’ after Greene and Daria first sleep together, on p.148). (II/MG)

1944 (Dec 29th Fri) - When Colonel Elgar tells the Doctor he wishes to send a reply to the Dresden Code to inform the code-makers that help is on its way, the Doctor confides with Turing that he believes Elgar is setting a trap for them instead. Greene and Daria spend another night together in Elgar’s room (The Turing Test, it is ‘morning’ on p.66). (II/MG)

1944 (Dec 30th Sat) - Daria discovers the Doctor’s ‘surveillance device’ in Elgar’s room shortly after dawn. Touching it, she bursts into flames - and Turing believes her death was planned by the Doctor. His doubts are reinforced when Elgar opines that the Doctor must have killed her, and asks Turing to turn in the Doctor if he sees him again. Later that day, Turing witnesses the Doctor talking to Bernard, a Nazi collaborator, in a café. A conversation between the Doctor and Turing leaves the mathematician with the conclusion that it was Elgar who killed Daria. The Doctor then leaves, to find his own way to Dresden. Elgar tells Greene to abort the Paris mission and to return Turing to England while he goes to Dresden to meet the code-makers (The Turing Test, it is ‘early’ the next morning, on p.80. It is ‘dawn’ on p.148). (II/MG)

1944 (Dec 31st Sun) - Early the next morning, Turing discovers both Greene and Elgar have left, and is informed of his return to Bletchley. Turing is then placed on a train bound for Cherbourg, where he is amazed to discover the Doctor masquerading as a steward. The Doctor convinces Turing to travel to Dresden with him to meet the code-makers before Elgar can spring his trap on them (The Turing Test, it has turned ‘midnight’ on p.92). (II/MG)

1945 (Jan 1st Mon) - The Doctor and Turing join some of Bernard’s Nazi friends being smuggled across the border into Switzerland. Unfortunately, the border guards have been alerted by Elgar and the Doctor and Turing narrowly escape, but not before three of their fellow stowaways are killed. The Doctor will send a telegram to Joseph Heller asking for his aid in flying them across the border into Dresden (The Turing Test, this will take place ‘tomorrow’ [on 31st December 1944] on p.96). (II/MG)

c 1945 - The Kreiners become lost at the outset of a family holiday to the Isle of Wight when Muriel Kreiner mistakenly navigates the family's Hillman Imp into the middle of the New Forest (Frontier Worlds p.170). (MG)

u c 1945 - Fiona Lethbridge-Stewart, wife of Alistair, is born (The Scales of Injustice, she is 'thirty five' years old [in u1970], on p.62). (MG/II)

? c 1945 - Marion Hewitt, future US Secretary of State is born (Option Lock, she is in her ‘early fifties’ on p.165). (CW)

1945 (Jan 31st Wed) - Joseph Heller receives the Doctor’s telegram and flies to Soissiers Air Base in France to await his arrival (The Turing Test, this takes place on ‘the last day of January 1945’ on p.211). (II/MG)

1945 (Feb 9th Fri) - Heller finally meets up with the Doctor and Turing and learns of the Doctor’s plan to have the plane intentionally shot down and for them to parachute into Dresden. Making landfall, the trio locate the code-makers’ hidden base within the catacombs of an old Protestant Church and make contact with the strangers from Sierra Leone (The Turing Test, this takes place ‘several days’ later, on p.212. It is ‘three days’ earlier [than 12th February] on p.227). (II/MG)

1945 (Feb 10th Sat) - Greene and Elgar begin their journey towards Dresden (The Turing Test, it's late-afternoon on p.153). (II)

1945 (Feb 11th Sun) - Greene and Elgar arrive in Stuttgart, where they get a train to Nuremberg. When they arrive, the station is bombed (The Turing Test, it's 'daylight' on p.158). (II)

1945 (Feb 12th Mon) - Greene and Elgar finally arrive in Dresden and are kept under surveillance by the Doctor’s group (The Turing Test). (II/MG)

1945 (Feb 13th Tues) - Early in the morning Heller, disguised as an SS officer, arrests Greene and Elgar and takes them to the church, where the Doctor reveals that Elgar is blocking the code-makers’ signal that will allow them to leave Earth. An Allied bombing raid leaves Elgar damaged and blind and, on the Doctor’s instruction, Heller uses a device to destroy Elgar. The bombing raid sparks off the Dresden firestorm. The Doctor is devastated to learn the code-makers have abandoned him, returning to their home beyond the stars (The Turing Test, the exact date is given on p.67. It is ‘morning’ on p.73). (II/MG)

1945 (Feb 13th Tues) - The Seventh Doctor shows Bernice the German city of Dresden as the first wave of Allied bombers come over the horizon, pointing out the buildings that will be flattened into powder as families try to flee the city. According to the Doctor, this is where History ends; afterwards, there will be only propaganda and manufactured consent (No Future, no date is given on p.185). Soon after, Dresden, regarded as one of Europe’s most beautiful cities, is subjected to massive bombing raids by an eight-hundred-strong Anglo-American airforce. Further raids will succeed in the obliteration of the greater part of the German city, killing between 35,000 and 135,000 people, but will achieve very little militarily (Timewyrm: Exodus, no date is given on p.228. The bombing of Dresden on the night of 13th February 1945 is a matter of historical record). (CW/MG)

1945 (March) - The Doctor, in one of his first six incarnations, flies in a mark VIII Halifax bomber during an unrecorded adventure (The Shadow in the Glass, this will take place ‘next March’ [in July 1944] on p.160). (MG)

1945 (April 12th Thurs) - Harry S. Truman becomes thirty-third President of the United States when Roosevelt dies suddenly of a cerebral haemorrhage (Endgame, the year is given on p.129. Roosevelt’s death on 12th April 1945 is a matter of historical record). (MG)

1945 (April 15th Sun) - Forsaking her own safety to be at Adolf Hitler’s side, his mistress Eva Braun enters the depths of the Reichschancellery bunker in Berlin. Despite Hitler’s insistence, Eva refuses to leave him and she is christened ‘The Angel of Death’ behind her back by other inhabitants of the bunker (The Shadow in the Glass, the exact date is given on p.19). (MG)

1945 (April 20th Fri) - Hitler celebrates his fifty-sixth birthday by temporarily leaving the safety of the bunker to gaze at the sunlight for the last time before his death. Later, a sombre birthday party is held in the bunker itself and afterwards Himmler, formerly Hitler’s closest and most trusted ally, departs, never to return (The Shadow in the Glass, the date is given on p.19/21). (MG)

1945 (April 22nd Sun) - The advancing Russian armies finally enter the suburbs of Berlin and, according to some sources, a distraught Hitler suffers a nervous breakdown when he receives the reports, muttering ‘All is lost’. Resisting all suggestions to leave for southern Germany, Hitler now makes no secret of his intention to commit suicide rather than surrender or witness defeat (The Shadow in the Glass, the date is given on p.21). (MG)

1945 (April 23rd Mon) - Hitler discovers that Himmler has betrayed him by secretly opening up negotiations to surrender to the Western Allies and, stripping him of all offices, orders Himmler’s arrest. Disguised as a common soldier, Himmler attempts to escape and is captured by Allied troops at Lüneburg, whereupon he ingests poison to commit suicide (The Shadow in the Glass, Himmler’s death on 23rd April 1945 is a matter of historical record p.21). (MG)

1945 (April 23rd) - The advancing Russians arrive on the outskirts of Berlin (Just War, the exact date is given on p.253). (MG)

1945 (April 24th Tues) - Nazi architect Albert Speer finally leaves the safety of the Reichschancellery bunker (The Shadow in the Glass, the date is given on p.22). (MG)

1945 (April 25th Wed) - The Russians take Tempelhof, Berlin’s main airport, and begin the advance on the Zitadelle, or inner city. A squad under the leadership of Captain Yazov discovers the bodies of seven Tibetans arranged in a circle within the basement of an abandoned apartment block. To the Russians’ eyes, it appears that the Tibetans, dressed in Third Reich uniforms, have taken their own lives with cyanide capsules after conducting a mysterious occult ceremony (The Shadow in the Glass, this takes place ‘the next day’ [on April 24th] on p.22. Events mentioned on p.14-17). (MG)

1945 (April 28th) - Italian dictator Benito Mussolini attempts to cross the frontier disguised as a German soldier in a truck convoy retreating towards Innsbruck, Austria. Mussolini is recognised and he and his mistress Claretta Petacci are shot dead. Their corpses are hung in the Piazza Loreto in Milan (Just War, the exact date is given on p.253). (MG)

1945 (April 28th Sat) - After having learned of Himmler’s betrayal, an enraged Hitler orders the execution of Hermann Fegelein (one of Himmler’s closest aides and husband to Eva Braun’s sister, Gretl) for daring to leave the bunker without permission (The Shadow in the Glass, the date is given on p.20). (MG)

1945 (April 29th Sun) - In recognition of his mistress’s loyalty, Hitler marries Eva Braun shortly after midnight within the depths of the bunker. Joseph Goebbels is sent out into the burning streets to locate an official to conduct the hurried ceremony (The Shadow in the Glass, the date is given on p.22). (MG)

1945 (April 30th Mon) - Arriving in the Reichschancellery grounds from the year 2001, the Sixth Doctor, Lethbridge-Stewart and Claire Aldwych are forced at gunpoint to enter the bunker with Adolf Hitler Junior. The Brigadier manages to elude his captors and, locating a cyanide ampoule, kills his pursuer with it. Elsewhere in the bunker, Adolf Hitler is greeted by the sight of his old friend the Doctor and a madman who insists he is the Führer’s son. Believing the man to be an imposter, the elder Hitler shoots him dead and orders Bormann to dump the corpse in a nearby water tower. Claire Aldwych is seriously injured in a bomb blast and is forced to eat a cyanide capsule so that her corpse can be substituted for that of Eva Hitler just before Hitler commits suicide. The Doctor and Lethbridge-Stewart depart after watching the bodies of Hitler and ‘Eva’ burn in accordance with the Führer’s instructions. Shortly afterward, a pregnant Eva Hitler boards a small aeroplane with Bormann and is flown by Hitler’s personal pilot, Hans Bauer, to a rendezvous with a submarine in Hamburg (The Shadow in the Glass, the exact date is given on p.23/147. Events mentioned on p.183. In Just War, the exact date of the ‘double suicide’ is given on p.253). (MG)

1945 (May 4th Fri) - Red Army troops discover the scorched remains of Hitler and his ‘wife’, Eva, in the grounds of the Reichschancellery. A Soviet counter-espionage expert fills out the documents necessary to transport the corpses to an area safely inside the Russian-controlled zone the same day (The Shadow in the Glass, no date is given. The discovery of the corpses on 4th May 1945 is a matter of historical record). (MG)

1945 (May 8th Tues) - On the day of Germany’s surrender, Russian doctors carry out an autopsy on Hitler’s corpse in Buch, a suburb of Berlin, transmitting their results straight to the head of Russia’s secret service, the NKVD. Due to the presence of glass in the corpse’s mouth and a strong smell of bitter almonds, the cause of death is established as cyanide poisoning. Afterwards, the bodies of Hitler and his ‘wife’, together with the Goebbels family and General Krebs, are buried in Buch. The jaws and teeth of Hitler and his ‘wife’ are sent to Moscow (The Shadow in the Glass, no date is given on p.170. The autopsy performed on Hitler on 8th May 1945 is a matter of historical record). (MG)

1945 (May 8th Tues) - Germany’s final surrender is celebrated with VE Day, an annual commemoration of the victory of the Allied powers in Europe (The Turing Test, no date is given on p.51. The celebration of VE Day on 8th May is a matter of historical record). (MG)

1945 (May 9th) - Field Marshal Keitel and Marshal Georgi K Zhukov sign the documents of Germany’s unconditional surrender to the Allied powers (Just War, the exact date is given on p.218). (MG)

1945 - Jobey Parker is in London when King George VI and Winston Churchill announce the cessation of hostilities (Last of the Gaderene, no date is given, but World War 2 ended in 1945, on p.6). (II)

1945 (mid) - With the eventual fall of Germany, all the research conducted into stealth aircraft by the late Nazi avionics expert Emil Hartung is relocated in the deepest, darkest vault in the Kremlin, where it will remain untouched for almost forty years (Just War, this takes place ‘thirty-nine years’ earlier [than 1984] on p.197). (MG)

1945 (June 3rd Sun) - The remains of Hitler and his entourage are disinterred from their grave at Finow and reburied at Rathenow, situated west of Berlin (The Shadow in the Glass, the exact date is given on p.171). (MG)

1945 (June 9th Sat) - Marshal Zhukov, one of the commanding officers of the invading Russian armies, reports to his superiors: ‘We have not identified the body of Hitler’ despite the fact that autopsies have been performed on the remains found at the Reichschancellery bunker (The Shadow in the Glass, the exact date is given on p.146). (MG)

1945 (July 14th Sat) - Lieutenant George Simmonds of the US Air Force signs a sworn testimony regarding an interview with the captured Hans Bauer, personal pilot to Adolf Hitler. The testimony recounts how, on 30th April, Bauer was at the controls of an aeroplane that took Eva Braun and Martin Bormann from the Tiergarten to a rendezvous with a submarine at Hamburg (The Shadow in the Glass, the exact date is given on p.183). (MG)

1945 (July) - A letter is sent to a Chicago newspaper states that, despite having committed suicide in April, Adolf Hitler has been spotted alive and well at a hacienda approximately five hundred miles from Buenos Aires. The missive is intercepted by the American Office of Censorship and swiftly banned by J Edgar Hoover, Director of the FBI. Elsewhere, a Russian newspaper reveals Hitler and Eva Braun to be living in a castle in Westphalia. Other rumours surface, suggesting Hitler has, among other things, become a hermit in Italy or a shepherd in the Swiss Alps (The Shadow in the Glass, the date is given on p.144. Events mentioned on p.145). (MG)

1945 (July) - The Potsdam Conference, a meeting of the principle Allied leaders US President Harry S. Truman, British Prime Minister Winston Churchill (and later, Clement Attlee) and Soviet Premier Joseph Stalin, is held in a suburb of Berlin. Among the Big Three’s chief concerns are the immediate administration of defeated Germany, the determination of reparations and the further prosecution of the war against Japan (Endgame, no date is given on p.129. The holding of the conference between 17th July - 2nd August 1945 is a matter of historical record). It is at Potsdam that Stalin confides in Truman, informing the American President that he believes Hitler did not commit suicide in Berlin and is actually living in Spain or Argentina (The Shadow in the Glass, events mentioned on p.146). (MG)

1945 (Aug 6th Mon) - The United States bomber Enola Gay drops the first atomic bomb, Little Boy, on Hiroshima in an attempt to force Japan to surrender. The blast flattens sixty per cent of the city, immediately killing 78,150 (including twenty-three American prisoners of war) and injuring at least 70,000 more (Walking to Babylon, this occurs ‘only a few decades ahead’ [of 1901], on p.178. In The Turing Test, no date is given on p.71. In Endgame, no date is given on p.79. In Eater of Wasps, the year is given on p.162. The bombing of Hiroshima on 6th August 1945 is a matter of historical record). (MG/CW)

1945 (Aug 9th Thurs) - The United States bomber Bock’s Car drops a plutonium bomb on Nagasaki, Japan. This act of mass destruction finally forces the Japanese Emperor to surrender, bringing the Second World War to an end (Endgame, no date is given other than ‘four days’ after the bombing of Hiroshima, on p.80. The bombing of Nagasaki on 9th August 1945 is a matter of historical record). (MG)

1945 - The badly wounded Hans Bauer is captured and interrogated by the Russians. Bauer does not repeat the claims he made earlier to Lieutenant George Simmonds of the US Air Force concerning the final events at the Reichschancellery bunker on 30th April (The Shadow in the Glass, the year is given on p.184). (MG)

1945 - The so-called Treasure of Priam, part of which is the Jewels of Helen, vanishes in Berlin (Past Reckoning (D3), the year is given on p.119). (MG)

1945 (Sept) - An official Soviet statement reports ‘no trace of the bodies of Hitler or Eva Braun has been discovered’. The document goes on to say that irrefutable proof exists that a small aeroplane left the Tiergarten at dawn on 30th April flying towards Hamburg and that, some time later, a large submarine left Hamburg before the arrival of the British forces, with persons unknown aboard. Soviet premier Joseph Stalin is informed that one of the escapees was Martin Bormann, possibly accompanied by Eva Braun (The Shadow in the Glass, the date is given on p.146. Events mentioned on p.147). (MG)

1945 (Oct) - With the war finally at an end, America’s OSS is dismantled. The dispersed OSS will become the nucleus for the fledgling Central Intelligence Agency (Endgame, no date is given other than ‘after the war’ on p.143. The dismantling of the OSS in October 1945 is a matter of historical record). (MG)

1945 (Nov 22nd Thurs) - James Stevens is born in New Zealand. He is immediately put up for adoption by his seventeen-year-old mother (Who Killed Kennedy, the exact date is given on p93, and incorrectly given as '23 November' on p.10). (MG/II)

1945 (Dec 21st Fri) - Controversial US General George Patton dies in a Heidelberg hospital after an automobile accident near Mannheim, Germany (Endgame, no date is given on p.233. Patton’s death on 21st December 1945 is a matter of historical record). (MG)

1946 (Feb) - The remains of Adolf Hitler are disinterred from their temporary resting place at Rathenow so that a fresh examination can be conducted on the Führer’s corpse. It is only after this second examination that the cause of death is changed from one of cyanide poisoning to suicide by a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head. It may have been during this second autopsy that bodily fluids were taken from the corpses of Hitler and ‘Eva Braun’ and archived in Moscow’s Cellar 291. With nothing left to learn from the remains, the corpses of Hitler and his entourage are removed to the town of Magdeburg and reburied in the courtyard of 36 Westerndstrasse, the headquarters of SMERSH in that region, and will remain undisturbed until 1970 (The Shadow in the Glass, the date is given on p.171. Events mentioned on p.173/175). (MG)

1946 (April 9th Tues) - The area known as Arzamas-16 in south-western Russia is closed off from the rest of the world at a decree issued by the Soviet Council of Ministers, effectively disappearing from Russian maps. As home to the Design Bureau no. 11 (KB-11), Arzamas-16 is swiftly transformed into Russia’s first nuclear weapons design centre and its existence will remain a state secret for the next five decades (The Shadow in the Glass, the year is given on p.93. The issuing of the decree on 9th April 1946 is a matter of historical record). (MG)

? - Sometime after the War ends, Otto Kreiner’s brother Jurgen comes to England - Otto doesn't want to explain the meaning of the serial number on Uncle Jurgen’s arm to young Fitz (Frontier Worlds p.122). (MG/II)

= 1946 - Under the guidance of Albert Speer, Master Architect of the Thousand Year Reich, work begins on the construction of New Berlin, a colossal city of ten million inhabitants ruling over a German Empire of one hundred and forty million citizens and innumerable slaves. To achieve this, the British Labour Voluntary Force is formed and every able-bodied male between seventeen and forty-five is taken away in a series of mass deportations to the continent, to act as slave labour to strengthen Fortress Europe and to help build New Berlin (Timewyrm: Exodus, this takes place ‘five years’ earlier [than =1951] on p.59. Events mentioned on p.8/72). (MG)

c 1946 - Seven-year-old Russell Waller has ‘666’ forcibly tattooed on his head at his father’s behest after suffocating his baby brother (The Taint p.140). (MG)

c 1946 - Vince Wilson, police sergeant and witch coven member, is born (K9 and Company: A Girl’s Best Friend novelisation, he is ‘thirty-five’ [in December 1981] on p.8). (MG)

c 1946 - A young Barbara Wright is confined to bed after contracting whooping cough. It is during this period that her interest in history is sparked while reading a Ladybird book about Captain Cook. She will then go on to read about Wat Tyler’s peasant revolt, Lilburne’s Levellers army, the Battle of Waterloo and the Battle of Trafalgar (Byzantium!, this takes place when Barbara is ‘aged ten’ on p.206). (MG)

u ? 1946 - Josephine Grant, companion of the Third Doctor is born in England (Blood Heat, Elizabeth Shaw remarks that she is ‘nearly my age really, on p.93. In The Devil Goblins from Neptune, Liz is born in ‘1943’ on p.10. Arbitrarily dated to make her twenty-five by her debut in u1971, in Terror of the Autons). (CW)

1946 (Oct 1st) - Generalleutnant Oskar Steinmann, one of twenty-three Nazis accused of war crimes during the Second World War, receives life imprisonment after being found guilty by the International Military Tribunal at Nuremberg (Just War, no date is given on p.178. The first of the sessions to take place in Nuremberg was held on November 20th 1945, while the verdict on the defendants was handed down on October 1st 1946). (MG)

c 1947 (early) - Eva Hitler gives birth to a son, whom she names Adolf after his late father. The child will be raised in total seclusion at a top-secret Nazi base hidden beneath the ice of Antarctica (The Shadow in the Glass, no date is given. Arbitrarily dated to nine months after Eva Braun’s conceiving a child in late April 1945). (MG)

1947 - (Dying in the Sun).

1947 - The incomplete, partly-burnt sworn testimony of USAF Lieutenant George Simmonds, detailing the final hours in Hitler’s Reichschancellery bunker back in April 1945, turns up quite by chance in the Russian sector of Berlin. The document is immediately archived in Moscow’s State Special Trophy Archive (The Shadow in the Glass, the year is given on p.184). (MG)

1947 - Trevor Roper’s The Last Days of Hitler is published by Macmillan (The Shadow in the Glass, the year is given on p.150). (MG)

= 1947 - Joseph Goebbels’s The Thousand Year Reich - The Glorious Beginning is published in the German Empire created by the Timewyrm’s interference (Timewyrm: Exodus, the year is given on p.3). (MG)

c 1947 - Professor Nicholas Bridgeman is born in Blyth, Northumberland to parents Alexander and Margaret (Invasion of the Cat-People p.61). (MG)

u c 1947 - Alexander Christian, former Scots Guardsman and British astronaut, is born (The Dying Days, he is ‘twenty-nine’ when Mars Probe Thirteen launches [cu1976] on p.43). (MG)

1947 - Peril Bellamy, a young girl gifted with telekinesis, is born in Britain (Winter for the Adept, she is ‘three years’ younger than nineteen-year-old Alison Speers, on Disc 1, Track 2). (MG)

1947 - The US military capture the survivors from a crashed Nedenah spacecraft in Roswell, New Mexico. One of the creatures dies immediately and an autopsy is conducted on its remains. The Nedenah and their downed craft are hidden away at Ranch 51 and scientists begin the long task of finding out how the machine works (The Devil Goblins from Neptune, the year is given on p.237, in The Face of the Enemy, events mentioned on p.203). (MG)

c 1947 - The Fourth Doctor and Romana meet artist Jackson Pollock during an unrecorded trip to America. The Doctor manages to influence Pollock’s painting style when he accidentally knocks over a paint pot. The artist is impressed so much that he presents the Doctor with a unique painting entitled Azure in the Rain by a Man Who’d Never Been There, which the Time Lord hangs in his bedroom onboard the TARDIS (Divided Loyalties, no date is given on p.1, but Pollock starts his work as an abstract expressionist in 1947). (MG)

1947 (Sept) - The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), the principal intelligence and counterintelligence asset of the US Government, is formed with the passing of the National Security Act. Among its five specific functions, the CIA is tasked with correlating and evaluating intelligence and seeing that it is properly communicated within the US Government (Endgame, no date is given on p.143. The formation of the CIA in September 1947 is a matter of historical record). (MG)

1947 (? late) - Section Eight, one of the United States’ unscrupulous security services, approaches Aleister Crowley with a view to find military applications for his Hermetic Arts (Heart of TARDIS, the year is given on p.194. Crowley’s arranged funeral [in December 1947] will be ‘soon’ on p.6). (MG)

1947 (Dec 1st) - The funeral of the notorious Aleister Crowley takes place in Brighton. Crowley takes his place working for Section Eight in a high-security research facility somewhere in the United States (Heart of TARDIS, the year is given on p.194. Crowley’s funeral on December 1st 1947 is a matter of historical record). (MG)

1947 (late Dec) - Private detective Bart Addison is hired by a little man in a question-mark pullover who, claiming to suffer from amnesia, stumbles into his Los Angeles office. With the aid of psychic consultant Silverman it is revealed ‘the Doctor’ is actually Mykloz, a shape-shifting Malean who has kidnapped the Time Lord and is faking amnesia in an attempt to discover the whereabouts of a genetic stabiliser (Playback (D), it is ‘a few days short of Christmas 1947’ on p.1). (MG)

1948 - Cellian and Ciara, who will end up working for SeneNet, are born in Ireland to Catholic parents (Business Unusual, p.238, the Irish twins are ‘twenty-one’ when they are converted [in 1969] on p.240). (MG/CW)

1948 - Mervyn Winstanley enrols as a novice at the order of St Hilda’s monastery in the Yorkshire village of Crook Marsham (Nightshade, this takes place ‘twenty years’ earlier [than 1968] on p.123). (MG)

1948 (early) - According to the records in 2101, Jonah Summerfield gets his wife-to-be pregnant (Dead Romance, this happens when he is ‘eighteen’ on p.199). (CW)

1948 - A second Nedenah spacecraft arrives in Roswell, New Mexico on a rescue mission but the US military kill most of the crew (The Devil Goblins from Neptune, this occurs 'a year later' than 1947, on p.240). (MG)

c 1948 - Polly Wright, aged 6, is separated from her mother on a shopping trip to Fortnum and Mason's (Invasion of the Cat-People p.78). (II)

c 1948 - (The Quantum Archangel).

u c 1948 - Charmagne Peters, descendent of the Ragman’s bastard offspring, is born (Rags, she is ‘twenty-five’ [in u1973] on p.129). (MG)

1948 - Seen as a caretaker President at best, Harry S. Truman wins the US presidential election against a seemingly-unbeatable opponent, Republican Thomas Dewey (Endgame, the year is given on p.129). (MG)

1948 - Retired soldier Davydd Watson is given electric-shock therapy in an attempt to rid him of Azoth's visions (The Taint p.255). (MG)

c 1948 - Barbara Wright of Cricklewood Grammar School’s Form 2A has her history exam efforts described as ‘simplistic and banal’ by her teacher, Mr Dolphin (Byzantium!, this takes place when Barbara is ‘aged twelve’, which is ‘almost twenty years’ earlier [than 1963] on p.206). (MG)

1948 (late) - According to the records in 2101, Jonah Summerfield’s son is born, also called Jonah (Dead Romance, the year is given on p.199). (CW)

1948 (Nov 22nd Mon) - Francis Peter Cleary is born in Liverpool (Who Killed Kennedy, the exact date is given on p.203). (MG/II)

c 1948 (Dec 12th) - Jacqui, a psi who will be suffer from the attentions of UNIT’s Paranormal Division and lose her baby to Huitzilin, is born (Return of the Living Dad p.68, [on 10th December 1983] she is thirty-five’ in ‘two days’ time; events in The Left-Handed Hummingbird and its Prelude (DWM207)). (CW)

1949 - Kyra Skye is born in the USA (Unnatural History p.58). (MG)

1949 - Dorothea ‘Dodo’ Chaplet is born (Salvation, Dodo is ‘sixteen years old’ on p.13) in one of the poorest parts of London (The Man in the Velvet Mask p.106) (MG).

1949 (April 4th Mon) - The North Atlantic Treaty is signed by the Western powers to establish a military counterweight to the Soviet military presence in post-war Europe. The North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) is formed as the primary collective-defence agreement, its initial members being Belgium, Canada, Denmark, France, Iceland, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, the United Kingdom and the United States. Over the coming decades other countries will join NATO: Greece and Turkey (in February 1952), West Germany (May 1955), Spain (May 1982), the Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland (in March 1999) (Endgame, no date is given on p.129. The signing of the North Atlantic Treaty on 4th April 1949 is a matter of historical record). (MG)

c 1949 - Schoolboy Ian Chesterton picks on one of his classmates, a young Jewish boy named Goldfinkle. Ian’s teachers at this time include Latin teacher Mr Dumbie, and form tutor Mr Quibbs (Byzantium!, this takes place when Ian is ‘thirteen’ on p.56). (MG)

c 1949 - A thirteen-year-old Barbara Wright tries to persuade her father to take her to the Tower of London (Byzantium!, this takes place when Barbara is ‘thirteen’ on p.29). (MG)

1949 (Aug 29th Mon) - Russia develops its own atom bomb with the aid of atomic secrets passed on from American scientists disenchanted with the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The first Soviet weapon test, using plutonium, has a yield of ten to twenty kilotons (Endgame, the year is given on p.80. The first Soviet nuclear weapon test on 29th August 1949 is a matter of historical record). (MG)

1949 - Kim Philby is sent to Washington to serve as chief MI6 officer and as liaison between the British and US intelligence services (Endgame, no date is given. Philby’s assignation to Washington in 1949 is a matter of historical record). (MG)

1950 - The Russians finally admit to the world that they know Adolf Hitler died in the Reichschancellery bunker in 1945 (The Shadow in the Glass, the year is given on p.149). (MG)

1950 - Throughout this decade nuclear shelters will be built in the USA as protection against the eventuality of a nuclear attack by the USSR, including in the back garden of the house that will belong to the Mintz family (Return of the Living Dad, events mentioned on p.185, it is the ‘fifties’). (CW)

1950 - Due to the testing of nuclear devices and the dumping of waste in the seas and the deserts, many of the hidden Earth Reptile shelters are destroyed or poisoned (The Scales of Injustice, events mentioned on p.222, no date, but this is about right for the time humanity begins practising such things). (MG/CW)

c 1950 - Cristián Xochitl Alverez is born in Mexico City (The Left-Handed Hummingbird, he is eighteen in 1968) (CW)

1950 (June 25th Sun) - President Harry S. Truman sends troops into Korea when the military forces of communist North Korea move southward across the thirty-eighth parallel in an attempt to seize the non-communist Republic of South Korea. The US forces under General Douglas MacArthur are ill-prepared for combat and are initially pushed back to the southern tip of the Korean peninsula (Endgame, no date is given on p.129. The Korean War between 25th June 1950 - 27th July 1953 is a matter of historical record). (MG)

1950 - Graham Greene writes the film script for Carol Reed’s classic movie The Third Man (The Turing Test, the year is given on p.243). (II/MG)

1950 - While holding the position of Deputy Director of the computing laboratory at Manchester University, Alan Turing has his paper Computing Machinery and Intelligence, published in the philosophical journal Mind. In the paper, Turing theorises that a computer can demonstrate intelligence on equal terms to a human being in the so-called Turing Test (EarthWorld, no date is given on p.106. The printing of Turing’s philosophical paper in 1950 is a matter of historical record). (MG)

1950 (? mid) - President Truman’s review of US defence spending finally works its way down to Operation Kali, the CIA’s harnessing of psychic research for military use. Believing the Psywar project is a waste of taxpayers’ money, Truman suddenly becomes a convert after visiting Kali’s director, Professor Myrek. Myrek is one of the multi-dimensional Players of the Game, and intends to use Operation Kali to destroy the world in an Endgame (Endgame, this takes place ‘about a year’ earlier [than May 1951] on p.156). (MG)

u c 1950 - While on a visit to the Cirbury public library, eight-year old Kane Sawyer comes across a book concerning the legend of the Ragman, written by his own grandfather (Rags, this takes place ‘twenty-two years’ earlier [than u1973] on p.133, when he is an ‘eight-year-old’ on p.1). (MG)

1950 - Fitz Kreiner, aged 14, accidentally causes damage to Mr. Cullen's greenhouse while playing football with his friend George (Frontier Worlds p.245). (MG)

u 1950 - Elizabeth Shaw is given a telescope for her seventh birthday and locates Venus on her first attempt (The Devil Goblins from Neptune, events mentioned on p.76). (MG)

1950 (Dec 7th) - The Second Doctor and Jamie render medical assistance during the Korean War when the C-47 Skytrain of Captain John C. Finney is brought down by artillery fire over the Chosin Reservoir. Finney’s co-pilot, Lieutenant Mitchell, is killed in the crash (Prelude: First Frontier (DWM216), no date is given on p.46. It appears to be after ‘48’ on p.47. In First Frontier, the exact date is given on p.43. Events mentioned on p.158-9). (MG)

c 1951 - MI6 operative Graham Greene is stationed in West Africa at this time (Endgame, events mentioned on p..75). (MG)

1951 (April 23rd) - The 7501st Air Base Squadron was designated the administrator of Greenham Common under the overall control of the 7th AD, 3rd AF, USAFE, and the 804th Engineer Aviation Battalion immediately started to rebuild the airfield (Return of the Living Dad, mentioned on p.113-114, no date, historic fact). (CW/MG)

1951 - Lethbridge-Stewart spends a brief period in New York on his way back from Korea (The Devil Goblins from Neptune, Lethbridge-Stewart is 'twenty-one' years old, on p.37). (MG)

1951 - Graham Greene’s The End of the Affair, narrated by an agnostic in love with a woman who forsakes him because of a religious conviction that brings her near to sainthood, is published (The Turing Test, the year is given on p.243). (II/MG)

c 1951 - Hamlet Macbeth, who will have a life-long interest in the paranormal, is born (Return of the Living Dad, events mentioned on p.144, he is ‘a seventeen year-old idiot’ when [in 1968] he locks the Doctor in a UNIT safe house) in Scotland. He will grow up in Glasgow with his parents who despise him, especially his mother (The Left-Handed Hummingbird, on p.182 he is a ‘Scot’, and on p.99 he has a ‘Glaswegian accent’). (CW)

1951 (April 11th Wed) - When it becomes apparent US General Douglas MacArthur intends to escalate the Korean War by bombing China, President Truman relieves him of his commands because of the soldier’s insubordination and unwillingness to conduct a limited war (Endgame, this takes place ‘last month’ [in May 1945] on p.81. MacArthur’s dismissal on 11th April 1951 is a matter of historical record). (MG)

1951 (late April) - Professor Myrek’s influence on President Truman causes America’s leader to suffer from violent mood swings and, at one point, he calls for the rounding up and executing of all communists (Endgame, this takes place ‘about a month’ earlier [than late May 1945] on p.157). (MG)

1951 (mid May) - Polish exile Vladek manages to steal a sensitive document while posing as a cleaner at the Russian Embassy in London, but is tracked down by KGB thugs in the employ of Krychov of the Russian Trade Delegation. Vladek is dropped to his death from the Hungerford Bridge once he is forced to reveal he has passed the document on to a friend of his, Oskar Dolinski. Hearing rumours of the document’s whereabouts, British MI6 agents begin to tail Oskar, only to observe he’s already being followed by the KGB (Endgame, this takes place ‘a few days’ before Oskar’s death, on p.34). (MG)

= 1951 - In an alternative timeline created by the Timewyrm’s intervention, Germany’s pioneering work in rocketry allows them the technology to mark the Festival year by launching a newly designed space rocket to land a man on the moon. This timeline is cancelled out when the Seventh Doctor convinces Hitler to allow the Allied retreat at Dunkirk in 1940 to go unopposed (Timewyrm: Exodus, events mentioned on p.18). (MG)

= 1951 (? May 20th Sun) - The Seventh Doctor and Ace arrive at the Festival of Britain only to find themselves in an alternative timeline where the Nazis won the Second World War. After having been arrested for speaking treason against the Reich by Lieutenant Anthony Hemmings of the Britischer Frei Korps, the Doctor is forced to impersonate the Reichsinspektor-General, Hitler’s personal investigator, to discover the exact moment when history has been altered (Timewyrm: Exodus, the year is given on p.3/5). (MG)

1951 (? May 20th Sun) - The Seventh Doctor and Ace return to the Festival of Britain to ensure history is back on course after defeating the Timewyrm and the War Lords (Timewyrm: Exodus, the year is given on p.228). While at the Festival, they see the earthbound Eighth Doctor coming out of the Dome of Discovery, and the Seventh Doctor feels a flicker of recognition before turning away (Endgame, the year is given on p.13. It is ‘spring’ on p.24. The holding of the Festival of Britain between 4th May - 30th September 1951 is a matter of historical record). (MG)

= 1951 (? May 21st Mon) - The next day, the Doctor goes to the Reichsmuseum (formerly the British Museum) to view the Nazi military archives, where he learns that the turning point in this alternative timeline was at Dunkirk. Before he and Ace can return to the TARDIS, the Doctor finds himself in a situation where he has to save members of the British resistance by informing General Otto Strasser that the incompetence of Lieutenant Hemmings has come close to ruining a delicate Nazi operation to turn the resistance members. Awaiting execution by firing squad, Hemmings is rescued by the arrival of the TARDIS, controlled by the Timewyrm while a slightly-older Seventh Doctor sleeps. The time travellers’ deceit is revealed after Strasser has their room bugged, but Ace engineers their escape with some nitro-nine-a. They depart in the TARDIS for the year 1923 while Strasser and his men are killed in the resulting explosion (Timewyrm: Exodus, it is ‘nine o’clock’ the following morning, on p.50). (MG)

1951 (? May 21st Mon) - The Eighth Doctor saves old friend Oskar Dolinski from a bungled KGB snatch operation and allows him to stay the night in his flat (Endgame, the Eighth Doctor was at the Festival of Britain ‘yesterday’ on p.12). (MG)

1951 (? May 22nd Tues) - Oskar, not wishing harm to befall his friend, slips out of the Doctor’s flat early the next morning only to be picked up by the KGB. His body is dumped after a violent interrogation and the Doctor reads of Oskar’s death in the Evening News later that day. The Doctor is also drugged and kidnapped by the KGB and taken for interrogation, only to be rescued narrowly by an MI6 team headed by Jimmy Melville, who takes him to the Clinic to recuperate (Endgame, Oskar slips out ‘just before dawn’ on p.39). (MG)

1951 (May 24th Thurs) - The Doctor manages to give his MI6 guard the slip and leaves the Clinic. Spending time decoding the document, he learns it is something to do with something called ‘Tightrope’ and a group known as the Players. Returning to his flat, the Doctor discovers it has been searched by MI6, who have taken his blue box as insurance of his co-operation. The Doctor avoids assassination at the hands of Axel, one of the Players of the Game, before travelling to Kim Philby’s address in Albany, where Philby blackmails the Doctor into working for him for the eventual return of his box (Endgame, the Doctor was rescued from the KGB ‘the other night’ on p.71). (MG)

1951 (May 25th Fri) - The Doctor is sent to Donald Maclean’s home in Kent to warn the Soviet double agent of his impending arrest. While arranging for Maclean to board the midnight ferry from Southampton, fellow Soviet agent Guy Burgess turns up and decides to join Maclean in exile (Endgame, it is ‘Friday’ on p.90. Today is Donald Maclean’s ‘birthday’ on p.94. Donald Maclean’s birth on 25th May 1913 is a matter of historical record). (MG)

1951 (May 26th Sat) - While on the ferry the Doctor manages to prevent the double agents’ assassination at the hands of Axel. With the men handed over safely in France, the Doctor returns to England, where he learns Philby has returned to Washington DC. The Doctor boards an evening flight to Washington to meet up with Philby once again (Endgame, the ferry leaves at ‘midnight’ on p.97). (MG)

1951 (late May) - Once at Philby’s diplomatic residence in Washington DC, the Doctor learns of President Truman’s odd behaviour and insists on meeting with the American leader (Endgame, no date is given. The Doctor will meet with the President ‘tomorrow morning’ on p.149). (MG)

1951 (late May) - The Doctor travels to the White House, where he learns of Operation Kali during a conversation with Kent Howard, Truman’s aide. A meeting with Truman leaves the Doctor with the belief that Operation Kali is linked to the President’s mood swings, and the Doctor secures a visit to Professor Myrek’s compound. An exploration of Operation Kali reveals Myrek’s experiments into telekinesis and remote viewing are a sham (Endgame, no date is given). (MG)

1951 (late May) - The Doctor and Philby return to London, where Philby is to face an enquiry into the disappearance of Burgess and Maclean. During the flight Philby informs the Doctor that he wants him to defect and go to Moscow to investigate Premier Joseph Stalin’s links with a psychic healer named Madam Razetskia. When he refuses, the Doctor is forced into going on the run after being arrested by Special Branch after being revealed as being the ‘third man’ by Philby (Endgame, no date is given). (MG)

1951 (? late May) - The Doctor boards a ferry at night on his journey to Russia (Endgame, this takes place ‘a few days’ after the defection of Burgess and Maclean [on 26th May] on p.209). (MG)

1951 (? early June) - Travelling from Paris to Berlin by train and then on to Moscow by plane, the Doctor is met at the airport by Burgess. Arriving at Stalin’s dacha outside Moscow, the Doctor sees Madam Razetskia exerting a strange influence over Stalin. Confronting her, he convinces Razetskia (in reality a Player of the Game known as the Countess) to leave mankind to its own devices (Endgame, no date is given). (MG)

1951 (? early June) - Returning to Washington DC, the Doctor discovers President Truman has gone to the Kali compound without bodyguards. Storming the compound with the President’s Secret Service bodyguards, the Doctor arrives in time to prevent Myrek, Helga and Axel from brainwashing Truman into starting a Third World War. The Countess intervenes and uses her powers to kill the other Players in their human forms, putting an end to the Endgame (Endgame, no date is given). (MG)

1951 (? early June) - With the Players dealt with, Philby arranges for the Doctor’s criminal record to be expunged, and for his mysterious blue box to be returned to him (Endgame, no date is given). (MG)

1951 (? mid) - Shortly after the defection of Burgess and Maclean, Philby is recalled to London under suspicion of being the ‘third man’ who had arranged their escape. Interrogated by Dick White, one of MI5’s most experienced interrogators, Philby continues to maintain his complete innocence. Convinced of his guilt, his superiors ask for his resignation from the service and give him a £4,000 payoff (Endgame, the year is given on p.242). (MG)

1951 - The amnesiac Eighth Doctor spends some time in Stalingrad, where he plays a high-profile chess match - possibly against reigning world champion Mikhail Botvinnik. Debbie Castle will eventually see a photograph taken during this match in a book she will borrow from the Greyfrith public library in 1981, leading her to the conclusion that her friend the Doctor is a lot older than he looks (Father Time, the year is given on p.58. Botvinnik was reigning world chess champion from 1948-1957). (MG)

1951 - Barry Castle, husband of Debbie and slayer of Prefect Zevron of Faction Klade, is born (Father Time, he is ‘thirty years old’ [in winter 1981] on p.100). (MG)

? - On a trip to England in the mid twentieth century, Bernice pays a visit to the English town of Milton Keynes to settle an archaeological debate something about the town will spark hundreds of years in the future. Hours later, she returns to the TARDIS with a box full of shoes and an air of being proved right (Zamper, this occurs in the ‘mid-twentieth century’, on p.98). (CW)

c 1952 - Polly Wright, aged 10, has her fortune told by a by a gypsy while on a trip to a fairground with her Uncle Charles (Invasion of the Cat-People p.99). (MG)

c 1952 - Sir Archibald Flint’s best friend is killed in Korea (The Spectre of Lanyon Moor, Disc 1 Track 12, no date given. The Korean War lasted from 1950 to 1953). (CW)

1952 - Shaun Brett, millionaire, is born (The Land of the Dead, he is ‘twelve’ in 1964, on Disc 1, Track 5). (MG)

c 1952 - Paul Sargent is born (Option Lock, he is in his ‘early forties’ [in 1998] on p.24). (CW)

u c 1952 - Kane Sawyer breaks into the Cirbury morgue after hearing tales that makeup is applied to corpses, to catch a glimpse of his recently-departed grandfather (Rags, this takes place when Kane is ‘ten’ on p.171). (MG)

1952 (Summer) - Barbara Wright sits her O-level examinations at Hampstead High School for girls (The Plotters, the date is given on p.97). (MG)

1952 - Mathematician Alan Turing is subjected to a trial and a public shaming following a sordid affair with a street boy. An inquest into Turing’s ‘deviant’ sexual behaviour is held (The Turing Test, the year is given on p.103). (II/MG)

1952 - The Butterfly Effect is discovered (Just War, this takes place ‘eleven years’ later [than 1941] on p.90). (MG)

1952 - The type of Metropolitan Police Box that the Doctor’s TARDIS will disguise itself as during a visit to London in 1963 comes into service for the first time (Byzantium!, the year is given as ‘1952’ on p.25). (MG)

1952 (Oct) - The Mau Mau Uprising, also known as the Kikuyu Revolt, is sparked in Kenya when the colonial government confiscates land, giving it to white immigrants. Governor Sir Evelyn Baring declares a state of emergency and British troops arrive from Egypt and the UK to reinforce the King’s Africa Rifles (Warchild, no date is given other than ‘the 1950s’ on p.55. Baring’s declaration in October 1952 is a matter of historical record). (MG)

1952 (Nov 1st) - The first hydrogen fusion bomb is tested by the USA on the Eniwetok Atoll in the Pacific Ocean in the Mike test. The thermonuclear explosion has a yield of ten megatons (ten million tons of TNT) (Eater of Wasps, the year for the first nuclear bomb is given [incorrectly] as ‘1953’ on p.162. In Bloodtide, the development of nuclear fusion by humanity occurs ‘a century and a half’ [after 1835] on Disc 1, Track 13. The testing by the United States of the first hydrogen bomb on November 1st 1952 is a matter of historic record). (CW)

1952 (Dec) - (Amorality Tale).

1953 (Jan) - In Kenya the first white farmers are butchered in their beds during the Mau Mau Uprising. White settlers take to carrying guns at all times, demanding the use of any and all means to crush the Mau Mau (Warchild, no date is given on p.56. The murder of the Ruck family in January 1953 is a matter of historical record). (MG)

1953 (April) - Concerned with rumours of Communist brainwashing techniques utilised during the Korean War, CIA Director Allen Dulles authorises a series of mind control experiments known as the MK/Ultra research program (Warlock, this takes place ‘in the 1950s’ on p.44/115. Dulles’s authorisation of MK/Ultra in April 1953 is a matter of historical record). (MG)

1953 (early May) - The CIA begins its research and development of a shocking list of mind-altering substances including MDMA to study controversial areas of psychology such as hypnosis, truth drugs, psychic powers and subliminal persuasion. It is probably around this time that the CIA brings Warlock into the United States and place Henry Harrigan, architect of the CIA’s MK/Ultra-human research program, in charge of the Warlock experiments (Warlock, this takes place ‘in the 1950s’ on p.44/115. In the 1950s, Harrigan is a ‘young man’ on p.345. Events mentioned on p.347. Documents exist that prove the CIA was researching these subjects by 5th May 1953). (MG)

1953 (early June) - The CIA conducts clinical tests with lysergic acid diethylamide, better known as LSD, to study the biochemical, sociological and clinical psychiatric aspects of the drug on young Army recruits (Warlock, this takes place ‘in the 1950s’ on p.44/115. Events mentioned on p.111-12. Documents exist that prove the CIA had conducted LSD tests by 9th June 1953). (MG)

c 1953 - While studying during her first year at university, Barbara Wright finds herself stumbling drunkenly through darkest Cricklewood after being introduced to the evils of alcohol for the first and only time by ‘Spotty’ Herbert Effemy (Byzantium!, this appears to take place around ‘fifteen years’ ago for Barbara, on p.77. As she has been travelling with the Doctor for around a ‘year or more’ since they first met, on p.93, this probably takes place around fourteen years earlier than late 1963). (MG)

1953 - The Soviet Union explodes their first hydrogen bomb, improving on the US design with a small booster device (Eater of Wasps, the year of ‘1953’ is given for the first nuclear bomb, on p.162. While the first was tested by the United Sates in 1952, the Soviet Union tested their first device in 1953; this is a matter of historic record). (CW)

1953 - British molecular biologist Francis Crick, working with American biochemist James Dewey Watson, and using X-ray images of biological molecules made by the British biophysicist Maurice Wilkins, discover the structure of deoxyribonucleic acid - DNA. This discovery will earn the team the 1962 Novel Prize for Physiology (Bloodtide, genetics is discovered ‘a century and a half’ [after 1835] on Disc 1, Track 13. The discovery in 1953 is a matter of historic record). (CW)

c 1953 - Russell Waller, now fourteen years old, starts suffering unsettling visions due to Azoth's experiment (The Taint p.140). (MG)

c 1953 - Colonel Anatoli Roskov is born in Russia to a family who, some time ago, came from Western Europe (Option Lock, he is in his ‘mid-fifties’ [in 1998] on p.67, p.70). (CW)

c 1953 - Janet Timms, future UN delegate, is born (Option Lock, [in 1998] she is ‘forty-three’ on p.244). (CW)

1953 - Melinda Maclean, spouse of Soviet double agent Donald, finally joins her husband in exile in Moscow, Russia (Endgame, the year is given on p.241). (II/MG)

1953 - The first episode of Nightshade, starring Edmund Trevithick in the leading role, is recorded by the BBC. The Nightshade serials will run for the next five years (Nightshade, the year is given on p.111). The programme will become a firm favourite with the earthbound Eighth Doctor, who will watch Professor Nightshade’s weekly adventures with great enthusiasm during his enforced exile (Escape Velocity, events mentioned on p.196). (MG)

1953 - Alan James Llewis, future Cousin of Faction Paradox and terminal neurotic, is born in England (Interference Book One p.160). (II/MG)

1953 - Per Ollson, bank clerk, is born in Sweden (Dominion p.85). (MG)

1953 - Culverton Aerodrome puts on an airshow to commemorate the coronation (Last of the Gaderene, no date is given, but Elizabeth II was crowned in 1953. p.7) (II)

1953 (May 29th) - The Doctor, in an unrecorded trip to the Himalayas, is present when Edmund Hillary and Nepalese mountaineer Tensing Norkay reach the summit of Mount Everest. The Doctor is the first on the summit, giving Sherpa Tensing a hand up, before waiting a good half-minute for Hillary to join them at the top (The Dying Days, no date is given on p.52. Hillary’s arrival on the summit of Everest on 29th May 1953 is a matter of historical record). (MG)

1954 - Barbara Wright spends time as a student teacher in Cricklewood (The Witch Hunters, the year date is given on p.70). (MG/II)

1954 - Young British lieutenant Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart is stationed in Sierra Leone, only to become lost during his first week in-country while collecting soil samples. He meets sixteen-year-old Mariatu, third daughter of the youngest wife of the Chief Yembe of Rokoye village. Against his better judgement Lethbridge-Stewart is talked into taking her as his houseboy at his rooms above a Lebanese trader (Transit, this takes place ‘eight years’ earlier [than 1962] on p.184. Events mentioned on p.181-4). (MG)

1954 (June 7th Mon) - Alan Turing commits suicide in Wilmslow, Cheshire, by biting into an apple he has smeared with cyanide. No one knows why (The Turing Test, the year is given on p.243. Events mentioned on p.103. Alan Turing’s death on 7th June 1954 is a matter of historical record). (II/MG)

1954 - The Vietnamese War, which will last until 1974, directly costing over 1, 756, 555 lives and destroying 50 % of Vietnam’s forest cover and 20 % of agricultural land, begins. Throughout this war, Huitzilin will feast on the psychic essences released by the dead (The Left-Handed Hummingbird, mentioned on p.243, and from historic record). (CW)

c 1954 - Cristián Alverez is told by his father how the statue El Angel has new steps added to its base each year as the rest of the city is sinking into the mud. It occurs to him that Mexico City is moving away from God (The Left-Handed Hummingbird, events on p.7, there is no year given, but he is ‘four years old’) (CW)

u c 1954 - Princess Mary, daughter to Queen Elizabeth II and the Duke of Edinburgh Prince Phillip, is born into the British monarchy (Rags, she is ‘nineteen years of age’ [in u1973] on p.158. Princess Mary is, of course, a fictional character, presumably based on Princess Anne, who was born at Clarence House on 15th August 1950). (MG)

1954 (Nov 9th Tues) - The First Doctor takes his three companions to the first showing of Arthur Miller’s The Crucible in Bristol to show them the outcome of the Salem witch trials (The Witch Hunters, the exact date is given on p.68/272). (MG)

1954 (Dec) - Author Graham Greene receives an encrypted tape detailing Alan Turing’s involvement in the adventure they shared ten years ago with ‘Doctor John X Smith’. The Doctor requests that Greene continue the story (The Turing Test, this takes place ‘about six months’ after Turing’s suicide [on June 7th 1954] on p.104. It is ‘forty-six years’ earlier [than 2000] on p.105). (II/MG)

1954 - Tulung, servant of millionaire Shaun Brett, is born in Alaska (The Land of the Dead, he is ‘ten’ in 1964, on Disc 1, Track 5). (MG)

c 1955 - By this time Reverend Baber of the secluded village of Hexen Bridge has noticed a mysterious black stain spreading across the land. He keeps track of Jack i’ the Green’s progress over the years by taking photographs from the top of the church tower (The Hollow Men, no date is given other than ‘the 1940s’ and ‘the mid-1950s’ on p.124). (MG)

u c 1955 - Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart meets Fiona, who he will eventually marry in 1962 (The Scales of Injustice, this occurs 'fifteen years' before [u1970], on p.130). (MG)

? 1955 - Edmund Trevithick records an episode of Nightshade at Alexandria Palace (Prelude: Nightshade (DWM190), no date is given, but the episode concerns ‘the first Men in Space’ on p.18. The fictional Nightshade series is broadcast between 1953-1957. Arbitrarily dated). (MG)

1955 - Deborah Castle, nee Gordon, is born, probably in the remote village of Greyfrith in the Pennines (Father Time, she is ‘twenty-six’ [in winter 1981] on p.20. She is born ‘four years’ after 1951, on p.58). (MG)

1955 - British Foreign Minister Harold Macmillan officially proclaims Kim Philby’s innocence, and the ex-intelligence officer holds a celebratory press conference (Endgame, the year is given on p.242). (MG)

? c 1955 - Around this time governments and military forces begin having philosophers, logicians and psychologists on their staff to help them make decisions regarding the potential use of nuclear weapons (Beige Planet Mars, events mentioned on p.171, this occurs ‘when nuclear weapons are first developed’). (CW)

1955 (July 14th) - The first of America’s U2 spy planes is unveiled at Groom Lake, Nevada (Just War, the exact date is given on p.199). (MG)

c 1955 - According to the records in 2101, Jonah Summerfield gets called up for National Service (Dead Romance, events mentioned on p.199, this occurs in the ‘fifties’). (CW)

1955 - Lethbridge-Stewart’s grandmother passes away (The Devil Goblins from Neptune, the year is given on p.56. In The King of Terror, the year is given on p.126). (MG)

c 1955 - Sarah Jane Smith, investigative reporter and companion of the Third and Fourth Doctors, is born (Harry Sullivan’s War, she appears to be ‘about thirty’ in September 1985, on p.94. In Evolution, Sarah is born ‘over sixty years’ after 1880, on p.242). (MG)

1955 - James Rafferty climbs in through a window to visit a Somerville girl after the curfew without incurring the wrath of the authorities. He will not do so again until 1993 (The Dimension Riders, the year is on p.110). (CW)

? 1955 - Albinex the Navarino crashes on Earth at the tail end of a faulty time corridor from the future, and he barely survives. At the same time, a Dalek spy satellite is launched to keep an eye on the planet and to contact the invasion force when Albinex’s plan, to cause a nuclear war, is executed (Return of the Living Dad, Albinex crashes in ‘the fifties’, on p.66. Arbitrarily dated. The spy satellite orbiting the planet by 1983 must have come from somewhere, and this definitely cannot be from one of the Dalek factions in Remembrance of the Daleks. While it is not stated where the satellite has come from, it knows Albinex has just been in negotiation with the Daleks, and since the satellite is to contact the Black Fleet, it is probable that the Daleks gave him the satellite for this purpose). (CW)

1955 (Oct) - The tenth anniversary reunion of the 105th division is held for ‘Dodgon’s Boys’. Attendee Alan Watson is approached by ex-sergeant George Henderson to part with a glass-like disc taken as a memento of the Turelhampton crash. Henderson is forced into summoning forth his Vvormak familiar to torture and kill Watson after the ex-serviceman refuses to sell the object for any price (The Shadow in the Glass, this takes place in ‘October’, ten years after ‘’45’ on p.26). (MG)

1956 - The Doctor makes an unrecorded trip to Africa, where he meets a French Jesuit palaeontologist whom the Doctor believes is the most holy person he has ever met (The Pit, the year is given on p.98). (MG)

1956 - The LA vampires cull their own numbers to hide from mankind (Vampire Science). (MG)

1956 - In one of those alcohol-driven, godlike, literary moments, Heller tells fellow author Kurt Vonnegut about his court-martial - and the Doctor's involvement in it - sometime at 3 am (The Turing Test, p.207). (II/MG)

u c 1956 (Spring) - Fourteen-year-old Kane Sawyer is caught kissing Cassandra, younger sister of local bully Simon King, on the playing fields of Cirbury Comprehensive School. The vindictive King and his gang force Kane onto the ground and, sitting astride him, King forces the contents of a jar full of worms and slugs into the boy’s mouth (Rags, this takes place in ‘spring’ on p.68, ‘seventeen years’ earlier [than u1973] on p.121/197, when Kane is ‘fourteen’ on p.120). (MG)

c 1956 - Alexander K. Bridgeman, father of Nicholas, is involved in a traffic accident on the A913 between Newcastle and Whitley Bay. The ex-RAF flight lieutenant is severely disabled in the crash (Invasion of the Cat-People p.61/62). (MG)

c 1956 - Ben Jackson, aged 14, decides to stowaway on board a cargo ship at Tilbury Docks when he doesn’t get along with his stepfather, Alfred. He’s following in his real father’s footsteps. The ship is headed for Singapore, rebuilding the country after the failure of the Malay coup (Invasion of the Cat-People, events mentioned on p.31/16). Upon discovering Ben's lack of years, the captain of the vessel, instead of punishing him, offers him a proper job on his fifteenth birthday, which is four months away (Invasion of the Cat-People p.232). (MG)

1956 - The Khysthtym incident in Russia becomes one of the worst nuclear disasters of the twentieth century, but is hushed up by the authorities (First Frontier, this takes place ‘last year’ [in 1957] on p.161). (MG)

1956 - The Doctor, in an unrecorded trip to California, helps prevent the town of Santa Mira from being taken over by aliens. During this episode, the Doctor becomes a friend of Allen Dulles, the Director of the CIA (First Frontier, this takes place ‘last year’ [in 1957] on p.68. Events mentioned on p.72/107). (MG)

c 1957 - The Doctor becomes a member of the select Progressive Club situated in Mayfair, London. It is also likely that in an unrecorded event the Doctor collects a half-crown minted that year (The Devil Goblins from Neptune, this occurs 'thirteen years' before 1970, on p.36). (MG/II)

1957 - The Doctor, in one of his first two incarnations, collects a half-crown minted this year (Blood Heat, the Third Doctor has a half-crown minted in this year on p.248). (CW)

c 1957 - Melvyn Tyrone, head of UNIT’s Los Angeles office, is born (The King of Terror, he is ‘in his early forties’ [in July 1999] on p.35). (MG)

1957 - At around this time the Rutan Host is massing near Achernar in the Eridani system during the blood-feud with the Sontarans (First Frontier, events mentioned on p.148). (MG)

1957 (May) - The Master finds himself stranded in this time period after being hurled back to Earth by the Cheetah Planet’s artron-rich magnetosphere just as it explodes (First Frontier, the Master is hurled ‘thirty-two years’ into the past from 1989, on p.265). (MG)

1957 (May Day) - The Soviet Union’s Sputnik One is secretly launched, but is hijacked by the stranded Master. The renegade Time Lord uses the satellite to send a signal to the Tzun canton on Zeta Reticuli Four, hoping their genetic skills will be sufficient to cure his Cheetah affliction in return for assistance in integrating Earth into the Confederacy. This first launching of Sputnik One is deemed an embarrassing failure and wiped from the history books (First Frontier, the date is given on p.1). (MG)

1957 (May) - The mysterious scientific adviser Major Kreer arrives at Corman Air Force Base in Nevada (First Frontier, this takes place ‘in May’ on p.64). (MG)

1957 (Summer) - Young Dorothea Chaplet receives minor wounds when she falls from a tree in a park near to her home. All the trees in the park are felled that autumn, following an accident in which a young boy breaks his neck (The Man in the Velvet Mask, the date is given on p.104). (MG)

1957 (Oct 4th Fri) - The Seventh Doctor, Ace and Bernice arrive near the Holloman Air Force Base at White Sands, New Mexico just as the test launch of the new Atlas missile is interfered with by an unidentified craft. Later that night, one of the ships, an alien skiff, is shot down by American fighters (First Frontier, the exact date is given on p.6). (MG)

1957 (Oct 5th Sat) - The Doctor and his companions locate the fallen disc, but the Air Force turns up and they are taken to Holloman AFB for debriefing (First Frontier, it is ‘dawn’ on p.53). (MG)

1957 (Oct 6th Sun) - The Doctor finally convinces Colonel Finney he is working for the CIA and is allowed to continue his investigations into the mysterious alien craft. Examining the ship, he meets Major Marion Davison, Holloman’s press officer, for the first time and confirms the vessel is from the Tzun Confederacy (First Frontier). (MG)

1957 (Oct 7th Mon) - The Doctor flees after being shot at by Major Kreer’s men and secretly enters Corman Air Force Base, Nevada, where he learns of a plan to ship a pair of medium-yield nuclear warheads to Washington and Moscow. Ace and Bernice hijack a Hercules transport and fly to Washington to find the bomb while the Doctor returns to Holloman. The Tzun Confederacy’s plan to assimilate Earth is almost complete (First Frontier, it is ‘morning’ on p.103. It is ‘October 7th/8th’ tonight, on p.128. Major Davison has known the Doctor for ‘almost twenty-four hours’ on p.151). (MG)

1957 (Oct 7th Mon) - Sputnik One, the world’s first orbiting artificial satellite, is successfully launched by the Soviet Union. At least two incarnations of the Doctor are said to be present at the historic event at Baikonur (First Frontier, events mentioned on p.17. The actual launch of Sputnik 1 on October 4th 1957 is a matter of historical record). (MG)

1957 (Oct 8th Tues) - Ace and Bernice make a forced landing in Washington and, after locating the warhead, ensure it is deactivated. The Master is given a Tzun ampoule to cure his Cheetah affliction as well as give him a new life cycle. Learning that Kreer is actually the Master, Ace tracks the renegade down and shoots him. The Master is forced to regenerate as he falls inside the safety of his TARDIS (First Frontier, it is ‘early morning’ on p.170). (MG)

1957 (Oct 9th Wed) - The Doctor manages to power a skiff up to the Stormblade R’Shal and, after convincing the Tzun Triumvirate that the Master has double-crossed them, they decide to make a withdrawal back to Zeta Reticuli Four. The Master detonates an explosive device, destroying the R’Shal, but his plan is thwarted when the Doctor locates the second bomb and makes the device inoperable (First Frontier, it is ‘morning’ on p.258). (MG)

1957 (October) - The only Tzun left behind after the invasion due to desertion, M’Kabel, will eventually meet Albinex (Return of the Living Dad, events mentioned on p.46, p.48 no date except ‘the fifties’, referring to First Frontier). Albinex will discover that Bernice is the Doctor’s companion (Return of the Living Dad, events mentioned on p.241, no date given, assumed to be referring to First Frontier and his meeting with M’Kabel). (CW)

1957 - Edwin ‘Slake’ Pratt is turned into a vampire (Vampire Science). (MG)

1957 (late) - US Army General Charles Marchant is assigned to Project Blue Book. One of the first reports he reads is of Tzun activity in Nevada (Salvation p.63/64). (MG)

c 1957 - In the United Kingdom, Department C19 is established, primarily as a ‘little brother’ to MI5, as an off-shoot of the Civil Defence programme instigated in the defence boom of the Cold War, created to handle extra-special security. Department C19’s motto is Quis Custodiet Ipsos Costodes - ‘Who guards the guards themselves?’ (The Scales of Injustice, this occurs 'in the late fifties' on p.154, events mentioned on p.154/251. In Business Unusual, events mentioned on p.205). (MG/II/CW)

1957 (Nov 3rd Sun) - Sputnik 2 is launched, carrying Laika the dog into orbit. Some time after she dies, her body is taken by the Third Doctor and buried on the remote planet of Quiescia (speculation- far into the past/future) (Alien Bodies, p.4). (EJ)

1958 - The earthbound Eighth Doctor is present when the Atomium, Brussels’ third great tourist icon, is unveiled at the World Fair. Standing 120 metres high, the Atomium is a representation of an iron atom built 165 million times its actual size, and forms the centrepiece of the Exposition Universelle et Internationale de Bruxelles. Fitz sees photographs of the opening in the Daily Sketch at the time. It is probably also around this time that the Doctor helps out Belgian monarch King Baudouin with a sticky situation (Escape Velocity, the year is given on p.37. Events mentioned on p.78. Baudouin’s ascendancy to the Belgian throne on 17th July 1951 is a matter of historical record). (MG)

1958 - Peter Morgan, international arms dealer, is born in England (Interference Book One p.11). (MG)

1958 (early Sept) - The Ragman’s anarchic presence is felt in London when gangs of Teddy-Boys engage in open warfare against Afro-Caribbean immigrants. The Notting Hill and Notting Dale sections of the capital are the scene of nightly clashes between whites and West Indian blacks for at least a week. The Notting Hill riots will be regarded as some of the worst racial violence the country will ever know (Rags, no date is given on p.185. The outbreak of the Notting Hill race riots on Saturday 30th August 1953 is a matter of historical record). (MG)

1958 (Oct) - The Notting Hill riots begin (Bad Therapy, the date is given on p.1). (II/MG)

1958 (Dec) - The last ever episode of the popular Nightshade serial is recorded by the BBC (Nightshade, the date is given on p.95). (MG)

1959 (Summer) - The First Doctor inadvertently interrupts a cricket match when the TARDIS materialises at Lord’s while trying to escape a Dalek assassination squad (The Daleks’ Masterplan, no date is given. In Iceberg, this is said to take place in ‘summer during the 1950s’ on p.142. The year then appears to be narrowed down to ‘1959’ on p.153). (MG)

u c 1959 - Danny Paripski, who will call himself Danny Pain, is born (No Future, he is ‘seventeen’ [by u1976] on p.25, p.269). (CW)

1959 - The monks of Om-Tsor flee from Tibet to Nepal when the occupying Chinese forces arrive in their hidden valley. The monks burn most of the Om-Tsor flowers before the Chinese can acquire them (Revolution Man p.124). (II/MG)

1959 - (Delta and the Bannermen. In Return of the Living Dad, the year is given on p.64. In The Face of the Enemy, the year is given on p.248). (CW)

1959 - One single Bannerman remains, but is stone deaf and suffers from amnesia (Return of the Living Dad, events mentioned on p.64, p.68, this occurs ‘after the 1959 incursion’; referring to Delta and the Bannermen). (CW)

=1959 - A pitched battle between the British Republic and a group of Bannermen takes place in the Wales of the parallel Inferno universe. The Republican forces manage to salvage parts from the enemy ships that will enable them to develop space shuttles by the early 1970s (The Face of the Enemy, the year is given on p.248). (MG)

1959 (Oct 4th) - Lunik 3, an automatic, unmanned Soviet probe, becomes the third spacecraft to be successfully launched to the moon (Imperial Moon, this takes place in ‘October 1959’ on p.280. The date of the probe’s launch on October 4th is a matter of historical record). (MG)

1959 (Oct 7th) - Lunik 3 becomes the first spacecraft to return images of the lunar far side, its television system obtaining a series of 29 photographs, covering 70% of the moon’s surface. One of the most notable features is a deep crater that will be named Tsiolkovskii, although its true purpose as an alien hunting zone may never be suspected. Its mission complete, Lunik 3 is left in a decayed Earth-moon orbit (Imperial Moon, this takes place in ‘October 1959’ on p.280. The date of photographing the moon’s far side on October 7th is a matter of historical record). (MG)

1960s - By this time the guards of the Library of St John the Beheaded are gangs of Mods and Rockers (Millennial Rites, this is ‘during the sixties’ on p.159). (CW)

u c 1960 - Earth Reptile Shelter 429, led by Chukk, revives near L'Ithe, in the Channel Islands (The Scales of Injustice, this occurs 'about ten years' before [u1970], on p.89). (MG)

c 1960 - Nicholas Bridgeman, aged 13, has his interest in science recognised by a teacher and is entered for a scholarship exam at the Blue Coats school in Berkshire (Invasion of the Cat-People p.63). (MG)

1960 - Tegan Melissa Jovanka, companion of the Fourth and Fifth Doctors, is born in Australia to her (as yet unnamed) mother and father William (Divided Loyalties, Tegan’s full name is given on p.174. Her father’s name is given on p.85. In Good Companions (MST), she is ‘twenty-one’ when she first meets the Doctor [in 1981] on p.294). Tegan will spend her childhood in the small suburban town of Caloundra, located seventy miles from Brisbane (The King of Terror, events mentioned on p.31). While she is little, an unbelieving Tegan will be told endless stories bout vampires while visiting her Serbian grandfather at his home in Brisbane (Goth Opera, no date is given on p.50). (MG/CW)

1960 - The Seventh Doctor makes an unrecorded trip to Guernsey, where he visits Anne Doras and her husband. The couple have a young daughter named Bernice (Just War, the year is given on p.240). (MG)

1960 - Nazi war criminal Oskar Steinmann is released from prison on medical grounds after fourteen years of incarceration (Just War, the year is given on p.178). (MG)

c 1960 - Peter Hutchings, professor of mathematics at Cambridge University, is born in Great Britain (Timewyrm: Revelation, he is ‘in his early thirties’ [in December 1992] on p.5). (MG)

1960 (? late) - The Sixth Doctor travels to Hamburg, where he performs with the Beatles in a seedy-looking club, after he convinces bass guitarist Stuart Sutcliffe to take the night off (Gone Too Soon (ST&SS) , no year is given, but this takes place in ‘Hamburg’ on p.175. The Beatles played various gigs in Hamburg between August-December 1960, and Stuart Sutcliffe died in April 1962). (MG)

1960 - At some point during the next ten years, St Catherine’s College is built in Oxford, a glorious example of what should not be done with glass and concrete. Over the following years students preying on gullible American tourists looking for a really old building will direct said tourists here (The Dimension Riders, events mentioned on p.22, it is the ‘1960s’). (CW)

= 1961 (January) - On Matrix Earth, John Fitzgerald Kennedy wins the American election by a narrow margin, becoming the thirty-fifth president of the United States. Shortly afterwards, Kennedy declares Britain the fifty-first state of America (Matrix, events mentioned on p.46. Kennedy’s triumph in the November 1960 election is a matter of historical record). (MG/II)

= 1961 - Ian Chesterton petitions the local Senator for laboratory equipment for Coal Hill School but receives no answer to his request (Matrix, this takes place ‘two years’ earlier [than 1963] on p.55). (MG)

1961 - Pamela Cutler, head of the Snowcap Tracking Station like her father before her, is born in the United States of America (Iceberg, she is ‘forty-five’ in November 2006, on p.34). (MG)

1961 - Lethbridge-Stewart spends some time stationed in Berlin (The King of Terror, the year is given on p.255). (MG)

1961 - Fitz Kreiner sees On the Waterfront, starring Marlon Brando, at the Roxy in Hammersmith alongside his girlfriend Mary. (Frontier Worlds, the year is given on p.104) (II/MG)

1961 (April 18th Tues) - The Brookings Report, a study of the possible effects on human civilisation (and on the scientific establishment in particular) of the discovery of either existing or extinct extraterrestrial life in our solar system, is submitted by NASA to the 87th Congress. As well as establishing protocols on how to deal with close encounters, the report also suggests that if evidence of extraterrestrial life is ever discovered, withholding it from the public should be considered (Father Time, the year is given on p.230. The submission of the Brookings Report to the 87th Congress on 18th April 1961 is a matter of historical record). (MG)

c 1961 - While studying at Leeds University, Polly Wright is involved with a group of students who takes an interest in the occult, dabbling with ouija boards, tarot readings and dowsing on the Yorkshire Moors (Invasion of the Cat-People p. 115). (MG)

c 1961 - Elizabeth Shaw decides to go to Cambridge (Blood Heat, events mentioned on p.66, no date given) to read medicine rather than physics. Although her parents are outwardly supportive, she knows they don't really approve. She qualifies with a BM BCh, with a one-year BSc in physics, but after four months as a house officer in an inner-city A&E department, she leaves and joins the Physics Department of St. Leonard’s (The Devil Goblins from Neptune, no date is given, events mentioned on p.151). (MG/CW)

1961 - The Intrusion Counter Measures Group (ICMG) is formed, charged with the task of protecting the UK from covert actions by hostile powers. Group Captain Ian ‘Chunky’ Gilmore is seconded from the newly formed Royal Air Force Regiment to lead the ICMG (Who Killed Kennedy, the year is given on p.69). (MG)

c 1961 - Peter Tracey, son of local coven member George, is born in the Gloucestershire village of Moreton Harwood (K9 and Company: A Girl’s Best Friend, he appears to be ‘about twenty’ [in December 1981]). (MG)

1961 - Graham Greene’s A Burnt-Out Case, centring on a Roman Catholic architect who meets a tragic end in the Belgian Congo shortly before the colony reaches independence, is published (The Turing Test, the year is given on p.243). (II/MG)

1961 - Joseph Heller’s satirical antiwar novel Catch-22 is published. The book will become regarded as one of the most significant works of protest literature to appear after the Second World War (The Turing Test, the year is given on p.244). (II/MG)

1962 - Scientists working at Ranch 51 in New Mexico finally work out how the captured Nedenah spacecraft’s navigation system operates (The Devil Goblins from Neptune, this occurs ‘fifteen years’ after 1947, on p.237). (MG)

1962 - Mariatu returns to Rokoye village with her fair-skinned son, Mariama, and introduces him to his grandfather Chief Yembe. Mariama is Lethbridge-Stewart’s first child (Transit, this takes place ‘one year’ after Sierra Leone gains independence, on p.184. Sierra Leone’s independence on April 27th 1961 is a matter of historical record. Lethbridge-Stewart’s son is named in A History of the Universe on p.71). (MG)

1962 (? Spring) - Young Dorothea Chaplet is sent to live with her great-aunt Margaret after she loses both her parents - her mother in a car accident, her father shortly after. At school she quickly earns the unflattering nickname ‘Dodo’ due to her north-of-London accent marking her out as stupid (Salvation p.5/9/236). (MG)

= 1962 (May) - In an alternative timeline created by the Dark Matrix, London schoolteachers Ian Chesterton and Barbara Wright become lovers and move into a small terraced house together (Matrix, this takes place ‘a year and a half’ earlier [than November 1963] on p.55-6). (MG)

1962 - I.M Foreman's One-Species Nongenetically-Engineered Travelling Show begins to establish a point of arrival in London two years before it actually arrives. The form it chooses is that of a junkyard... (Interference Book Two p.237). (II/JE)

= 1962 - A group of Muslims enter the pocket dimension of Avalon through a temporary gateway between worlds (The Shadows of Avalon, this takes place ‘fifty years’ earlier [than 2012] on p.63). (MG)

1962 - Teenager Sandra McBride gives birth to a son, Ricky. The truth behind the boy’s birth is covered up, and Sandra’s friends believe Ricky to be her younger brother (The Space Age, Ricky is ‘only three’ [in 1965] on p.iii). (MG)

1962 - The earthbound Eighth Doctor makes his last visit to India for the next thirty years (Father Time, this takes place ‘twenty-seven years’ earlier [than 1989] on p.208). (MG)

1962 (October) - During the time of the Cuban Missile Crisis, US lieutenants have authorisation to launch battlefield nukes under certain circumstances (Beige Planet Mars, events mentioned on p.172). (CW)

1962 (Oct 28th) - The Cuban Missile Crisis comes to a sudden end when Khrushchev agrees to Kennedy’s demands to dismantle the missile sites built in Cuba. The crisis has been averted by Alastair Crowley, working for the United States’ Section Eight, using the Hermetic Arts to influence events (Heart of TARDIS, events mentioned on p.197. The end of the Cuban Missile Crisis on October 28th 1962 is a matter of historical record). (MG)

1962 (October) - Following the Cuban Missile Crisis, authorisation to use US nuclear weapons is centralised at Presidential level (Beige Planet Mars, events mentioned on p.172-173). (CW)

= 1962 - Barbara Wright is attacked by a pack of vicious, drug-addicted youths known as Jacksprites and narrowly escapes death due to the timely arrival of the Army (Matrix, this takes place ‘a year’ earlier [than 1963] on p.52). (MG)