15,000,000,000 BC 
Terminus time-jumps into a new universe (TERMINUS). The Master tricks Adric into sending the Tardis to the Hydrogen In-rush (CASTROVALVA). The Doctor accidentally causes the Tardis Fast Return Switch to jam and the time machine is almost carried to Event One (THE EDGE OF DESTRUCTION).
400,000,000 BC 
Scaroth's spaceship explodes, the resulting radiation accelerating the course of life on Earth (CITY OF DEATH).
150,000,000 BC 
After being obliterated, Eldrad's hand falls on Earth (THE HAND OF FEAR).
140,000,000 BC 
The race of the Xeraphin comes to Earth (TIME-FLIGHT).
100,000,000 BC 
A Plesiosaurus is captured by Vorg's Miniscope (CARNIVAL OF MONSTERS). Some dinosaurs are drawn forward in time by Operation Golden Age (INVASION OF THE DINOSAURS).
65,000,000 BC 
The Silurians and the Sea Devils go into hibernation because of the imagined disaster of the Moon's arrival (THE SILURIANS, THE SEA DEVILS). A space freighter from 2526 AD crashes into Earth, causing the extinction of the dinosaurs (EARTHSHOCK).
12,000,000 BC 
The Fendahl flees from the Fifth Planet after it is destroyed by the Time Lords (IMAGE OF THE FENDAHL).
400,000 BC 
The Doctor gives back the secret of fire to a group of cavemen (AN UNEARTHLY CHILD).
200,000 BC 
A Martian exploration ship becomes trapped in a glacier during the fourth Ice Age (THE ICE WARRIORS).
100,000 BC 
A Terradonian Starliner crashes on Alzarius in E-Space (FULL CIRCLE). The Daemons find Earth (THE DAEMONS).
55,519 BC 
Monarch leaves Urbanka for the first time (FOUR TO DOOMSDAY).
35,519 BC 
Monarch picks up Kurkutji from Australia on Earth (FOUR TO DOOMSDAY).
30,000 BC 
2 Krynoid pods land in Antarctica (THE SEEDS OF DOOM).
25,519 BC 
Monarch leaves Urbanka for the second time (FOUR TO DOOMSDAY).
15,519 BC 
Monarch picks up Princess Villagra from Central America (FOUR TO DOOMSDAY).
10,519 BC 
Monarch leaves Urbanka for the third time (FOUR TO DOOMSDAY).
8020 BC 
Zolpha-Thura is destroyed in a global war (MEGLOS).
5519 BC 
Monarch picks up Lin Futu from China (FOUR TO DOOMSDAY).


5000 BC 
The Osirans imprison Sutekh in a blind pyramid in Egypt (PYRAMIDS OF MARS).
3019 BC 
Monarch leaves Urbanka for the fourth time (FOUR TO DOOMSDAY).
2500 BC 
The Doctor and the Daleks fight near the Great Pyramid (THE DALEK MASTERPLAN).
2000 BC 
Kronos is captured by the priests of Atlantis. He gives King Dallios a long life and knowledge but turns his athlete friend into the Minotaur (THE TIME MONSTER). Cessair of Diplos lands on Earth and masquerades as the Callieach (THE STONES OF BLOOD).
1500 BC 
The Master uses Kronos to destroy Atlantis (THE TIME MONSTER).
1200 BC 
The Doctor comes up with the idea of the Trojan Horse (THE MYTH MAKERS).
1000 BC 
Mawdryn and his seven colleagues are exiled after stealing a Metamorphic Symbyosis Regenerator from Gallifrey (MAWDRYN UNDEAD).
900 BC 
The two Skaran races known as Dals and Thals start a chemical/nuclear war that will last for a thousand years (GENESIS OF THE DALEKS).
574 BC 
Bigon is born in Athens, Greece (FOUR TO DOOMSDAY).
519 BC 
Monarch picks up Bigon from Earth (FOUR TO DOOMSDAY).
50 AD 
The Kaled (Dal) government starts trying to stop the experiments of their chief scientist Davros (GENESIS OF THE DALEKS).
64 AD 
The Doctor is responsible for Nero's burning of Rome (THE ROMANS).
100 AD 
A Roman legion is kidnapped by the War Lords (THE WAR GAMES). Davros creates the first Daleks (GENESIS OF THE DALEKS).
300 AD 
The Doctor aids the Thals in a temporary victory over the Daleks (THE DALEKS).


731 AD 
Monarch leaves Urbanka for the fifth and last time (FOUR TO DOOMSDAY).
981 AD 
Urbanka becomes uninhabitable (FOUR TO DOOMSDAY).
1066 AD 
The Meddling Monk attempts to ensure King Harold's victory by supplying him with an atomic bazooka (THE TIME MEDDLER).
1190 AD 
The Doctor meets King Richard during the Crusades (THE CRUSADES).
1191 AD 
Linx, a Sontaran, crash-lands in England (THE TIME WARRIOR).
1215 AD 
The Doctor meets Kamelion masquerading as King John under the control of the Master (THE KING'S DEMONS).
1289 AD 
The Doctor meets Marc Polo in Pamir and Kublai Khan in Peking (MARCO POLO).
1300 AD 
The Daleks and the Thals rediscover space travel (PLANET OF THE DALEKS).
1492 AD 
The Mandragora Helix attempts to take over the Earth (THE MASQUE OF MANDRAGORA).
1500 AD 
A Zygon spaceship brings the Skarasen to Loch Ness (TERROR OF THE ZYGONS).
1505 AD 
Scaroth forces Leonardo daVinci to paint six Mona Lisas (CITY OF DEATH).
1507 AD 
The Doctor's companion Barbara attempts to change history by stopping the human sacrifices of the Aztecs (THE AZTECS).
1572 AD 
The Doctor is involved in the St. Bartholomew's Day Massacre (THE MASSACRE).
1635 AD 
The Doctor meets Pasmadavalha in Tibet (THE ABOMINABLE SNOWMEN).
1643 AD 
The Malus arrives in England (THE AWAKENING).
1650 AD 
The Doctor meets pirates at Cornwall (THE SMUGGLERS). Covens hide from the fires of witch hunter Matthew Hopkins at Devil's End (THE DAEMONS).
1666 AD 
The Terileptils cause the Great Fire of London (THE VISITATION).
1746 AD 
The Doctor meets Jamie at the battle of Culloden (THE HIGHLANDERS).
1750 AD 
The Third Lord Aldbourne plays at his parody of unspeakable rituals of black magic at Devil's End (THE DAEMONS).
1792 AD 
The Doctor is involved in the French Revolution (THE REIGN OF TERROR).
1793 AD 
Sir Percival Flint's miners ran back to Cornwall leaving him for dead after failing to open Devil's End (THE DAEMONS).
1829 AD 
A creature kills two people and drives one other mad on Fang Rock (HORROR OF FANG ROCK).
1830 AD 
The Master meets the Rani (THE MARK OF THE RANI).
1862 AD 
A U.S. Civil War Army is kidnapped by the War Lords (THE WAR GAMES).
1866 AD 
The Daleks take the Doctor from London to Skaro to isolate the Human Factor (THE EVIL OF THE DALEKS).
1872 AD 
The Daleks cause the disappearance of the crew of the Marie Celeste (THE CHASE).
1873 AD 
Professor Litefoot brings Magnus Greel's Time Cabinet from China to England (THE TALONS OF WENG-CHIANG).
1881 AD 
The Doctor almost gets shot at the O.K. Corral (THE GUNFIGHTERS).
1885 AD 
The Doctor picks up H.G. Wells and takes him to the planet Karfel (TIMELASH).
1889 AD 
The Doctor defeats Magnus Greel in London (THE TALONS OF WENG-CHIANG).
1909 AD 
The Doctor stops a Rutan invasion om Fang Rock (HORROR OF FANG ROCK).
1911 AD The Doctor stops Sutekh from destroying the Universe (PYRAMIDS OF MARS).
1917 AD 
Various W.W.I. soldiers are kidnapped by the War Lords (THE WAR GAMES).
1925 AD Nyssa meets her double, Ann Talbot (BLACK ORCHID).
1926 AD 
The S.S. Bernice is captured by Vorg's Miniscope (CARNIVAL OF MONSTERS).
1935 AD 
The Doctor stops the Great Intelligence from conquering the Earth with robot Yeti (THE ABOMINABLE SNOWMEN).
1957 AD 
Last witchcraft law repealed in England (THE DAEMONS).
1959 AD 
Cambridge University's attempt to open Devil's End is a fiasco (THE DAEMONS).


1963 AD 
The Doctor lands in London. After five months two school teachers discovers him and he whisks them back in time (AN UNEARTHLY CHILD).
1964 AD 
The Doctor stops Forester from manufacturing the deadly insecticide DN6 (PLANET OF GIANTS).
1965 AD 
The Doctor and the Daleks visit the Empire State Building (THE CHASE). Ian and Barbara return to Earth using the Dalek Time Machine (THE CHASE). The Doctor spends Christmas in Liverpool after stealing the Daleks' Taranium Core (THE DALEK MASTERPLAN).
1966 AD 
The Doctor picks up Dodo in Wimbledon (THE MASSACRE). The Post Office Wotan Computer develops its own mind and builds a race of War Machines (THE WAR MACHINES). The Chameleons kidnap 50,000 humans from Gatwick Airport (THE FACELESS ONES). The Daleks kidnap the Doctor back to 1866 AD London (THE EVIL OF THE DALEKS). The first Doctor is pulled out of time twice (THE THREE DOCTORS, THE FIVE DOCTORS).
1971 AD 
Tobias Vaughn makes contact with the Cybermen (THE INVASION).
1974 AD 
The Doctor stops Professor Zaroff from blowing up the Earth with the help of Atlantian Fishmen (THE UNDERWATER MENACE).
1975 AD 
The Doctor stops the second Yeti invasion and meets Lethbridge-Stewart (THE WEB OF FEAR). The Doctor stops seaweed creatures from taking over a North Sea Gas Rig (FURY FROM THE DEEP).
1976 AD 
Tobias Vaughn and the Cybermen attempt to conquer Earth (THE INVASION).


1977 AD 
The Doctor defeats an Auton Spearhead invasion force(SPEARHEAD FROM SPACE). The SIlurians awaken(THE SILURIANS). The first manned Mars Probe encounters the Ambassadors of Death(THE AMBASSADORS OF DEATH). Project Inferno destroys a parallel Earth(INFERNO).
1978 AD 
The Master helps the Autons invade Earth a second time (TERROR OF THE AUTONS). The Master uses a Mind Parasite to start World War Three (THE MIND OF EVIL). Axos captures the Master and forces him to lead it to Earth(THE CLAWS OF AXOS). The Time Lords send the Doctor on a mission to Exarius in 2472 AD (COLONY IN SPACE). The Doctor defeats the Master and Azal (THE DAEMONS). The Doctor leaves K-9 Mark III on Earth for Sarah (K-9 AND COMPANY).

*Since the years from 1978 to 1989 overlap badly, I have pushed all the *dates herein forward 6 years to make some kind of sense.

1979 AD 
Guerillas from 2179 AD attempt to stop the Dalek control of Earth(DAY OF THE DALEKS). The Time Lords send the Doctor to Peladon (THE CURSE OF PELADON). The Master awakens the Sea Devils(THE SEA DEVILS). The Time Lords send the Doctor to Solos (THE MUTANTS). The Master uses Kronos to destroy Atlantis in 1500 BC (THE TIME MONSTER). The Doctor defeats Scaroth in Paris (CITY OF DEATH). Skagra tries to locate Professor Chronotis a.k.a. Salyavin on the Time Lord prison planet of Shada (SHADA). The fourth Doctor and the second Romana are almost pulled out of time (THE FIVE DOCTORS).
1980 AD 
Omega attacks Earth (THE THREE DOCTORS). The BOSS computer starts the Green Death(THE GREEN DEATH). Linx Kidnapps scientists from London back to 1191 AD(THE TIME WARRIOR). The Doctor shows Sarah an alternative Earth destroyed by Sutekh(PYRAMIDS OF MARS). Crayford, the first man to Jupiter, is hijacked by the Kraals(THE ANDROID INVASION). An Earthling is kidnapped by Meglos (MEGLOS).
1981 AD 
Operation Golden Age timescoops dinosaurs to evacuate London (INVASION OF THE DINOSAURS). The Spiders from Metebelis III come to Earth (PLANET OF THE SPIDERS). The Scientific Reform Society uses a Robot to steal the Disintegrator Gun (ROBOT). The Master becomes the Keeper of Traken (THE KEEPER OF TRAKEN). The Master destroys Logopolis (LOGOPOLIS). The Master lays a trap for the Doctor on Castrovalva (CASTROVALVA). Monarch is stopped fours days away from earth (FOUR TO DOOMSDAY). Sarah finds K-9 Mark III in her attic(K-9 AND COMPANY). The third Doctor and Sarah are pulled out of time (THE FIVE DOCTORS).
1982 AD
The Zygons emerge from Loch Ness (TERROR OF THE ZYGONS). The Kraals attempt to invade Earth with Androids (THE ANDROID INVASION). The Master hijacks two Concordes (TIME-FLIGHT). The Brigadier leaves UNIT (MAWDRYN UNDEAD).
1983 AD
A Krynoid almost destroys all animal life on Earth (THE SEEDS OF DOOM). Eldrad's hand is found in a quarry (THE HAND OF FEAR). The Brigadier meets his future self (MAWDRYN UNDEAD).
1984 AD
The Fendahl's skull is excavated in Kenya (IMAGE OF THE FENDAHL). The Malus destroys itself(THE AWAKENING). The Movellans leave Dalek-killing bacteria on Earth; the Daleks create a Time Corridor from 1984 to 4590(RESURRECTION OF THE DALEKS). The Doctor meets Peri (PLANET OF FIRE).
1985 AD
Cessair of Diplos is discovered by the Doctor (THE STONES OF BLOOD). Benton leaves UNIT (MAWDRYN UNDEAD). The Cybermen use their Time Vessel to land on Earth (ATTACK OF THE CYBERMEN). The second Doctor and the sixth Doctor stop the Sontarans and the Androgums (THE TWO DOCTORS).
1986 AD
Mondas returns to Earth (THE TENTH PLANET).
1989 AD
The Brigadier meets his past self (MAWDRYN UNDEAD). The second Doctor and the Brigadier are pulled out of time (THE FIVE DOCTORS).
2010 AD
Ice Warriors use the T-Mat on the Moonbase to attack Earth (THE SEEDS OF DEATH).
2030 AD
The Doctor meets his double, Salamander (THE ENEMY OF THE WORLD).
2040 AD
The Doctor stops a space plague ravaging Draconia (FRONTIER IN SPACE).
2050 AD
Earth installs the Gravitron on the Moonbase (THE MOONBASE). The Hydrax, the first interstellar exploration ship, is hijacked into E-Space by the Great Vampire (STATE OF DECAY).
2068 AD
Galactic Insurance & Salvage is formed on London, Earth (NIGHTMARE OF EDEN).
2070 AD
The Cybermen invade the Moonbase housing the Gravitron (THE MOONBASE).
2074 AD
The Cybermen attack the Wheel In Space (THE WHEEL IN SPACE).
2084 AD
A combined force of Silurians and Sea Devils attacks Sea Base Four (WARRIORS OF THE DEEP).
2096 AD  
Galactic Insurance & Salvage liquidated (NIGHTMARE OF EDEN).
2116 AD  
The Empress materialises into the Hecate near the planet Azur (NIGHTMARE OF EDEN).
2154 AD  
The Daleks invade Earth (THE DALEK INVASION OF EARTH).
2164 AD
The Doctor halts the Dalek invasion of Earth (THE DALEK INVASION OF EARTH).
2168 AD 
Steven Taylor crash-lands on Mechanus (THE CHASE).
2170 AD 
The Daleks and the Mechanoids wipe each other out (THE CHASE).
2179 AD  
Guerillas go back to 1979 AD in an attempt to prevent the Daleks gaining control of Earth (DAY OF THE DALEKS).
2183 AD 
Susan is pulled out of time (THE FIVE DOCTORS).
2200 AD 
A colonizer ship crashes on Metebelis III (PLANET OF THE SPIDERS).
2249 AD 
Three Daleks are found in a mercury swamp on the earth colony of Vulcan (THE POWER OF THE DALEKS).
2250 AD 
The Argolin and the Foamasi fight a 20 minute war that almost totally destroys Argolis (THE LEISURE HIVE).
2290 AD 
The Doctor saves the Argolin (THE LEISURE HIVE).
2300 AD 
The Doctor defeats Sil on Varos (VEANGEANCE ON VAROS).
2386 AD 
The section of the galaxy containing Argolis discovers unreal transfer as a way of manipulating solid objects (THE LEISURE HIVE).
2400 AD 
Earth and Draconia meet while colonizing the galaxy (FRONTIER IN SPACE).
2450 AD 
The Doctor refreezes the Cybermen in their tomb on Telos (THE TOMB OF THE CYBERMEN). The Cybermen capture a Time Vessel that landed on Telos (ATTACK OF THE CYBERMEN).
2471 AD 
Earth colonists land on Exarius (COLONY IN SPACE).
2472 AD 
The Doomsday Weapon is destroyed by its Guardian (COLONY IN SPACE).
2493 AD 
The Doctor meets Vicki and Koquillion on Dido (THE RESCUE).
2500 AD 
Earth makes contact with Solos (THE MUTANTS).
2520 AD 
Earth and Draconia fight a 3 day interstellar war (FRONTIER IN SPACE).
2526 AD 
Beginning of the Galactic Cyberwars (EARTHSHOCK).
2540 AD 
The Master and the Daleks try to provoke a second war between Draconia and Earth (FRONTIER IN SPACE, PLANET OF THE DALEKS).
2600 AD 
The Doctor stops the Macra's hold on an Earth colony (THE MACRA ). The Doctor is involved with space pirates (THE SPACE PIRATES). The second Doctor is pulled out of time (THE THREE DOCTORS). First intergalactic expeditions (THE FACE OF EVIL). Star pioneers are sent to Andromeda (THE ARK IN SPACE).
2700 AD  
An Earth spaceship discovers the Sense-Sphere (THE SENSORITES).
2800 AD 
The Daleks land on Exxilon to obtain Parrinium (DEATH TO THE DALEKS).
2850 AD 
Voga drifts into Jupiter's orbit (REVENGE OF THE CYBERMEN).
2900 AD 
The Doctor and Peri are infected by Sprectrox (THE CAVES OF ANDROZANI). The Doctor stops the escargot Mestor (THE TWIN DILEMMA). The supposedly last Cybermen die near Voga (REVENGE OF THE CYBERMEN).
3000 AD 
The Doctor stops the Ice Warriors and postpones the fifth Ice Age (THE ICE WARRIORS). Earth's Empire starts to crumble (THE MUTANTS). The Company gains control of humanity (THE SUNMAKERS).
3050 AD 
The Doctor kills the Great Vampire in E-Space (STATE OF DECAY). AD Humanity returns to Earth after the fall of the Company (THE SUNMAKERS). Beginnings of the Federation (THE CURSE OF PELADON).
3500 AD 
Peladon joins the Federation (THE CURSE OF PELADON).
3550 AD Galaxy Five attacks the Federation and Peladon (THE MONSTER OF PELADON).
3700 AD 
The Federation grows in influence and so does Earth (CARNIVAL OF MONSTERS, THE RIBOS OPERATION).
3922 AD 
First successful cloning experiments (THE INVISIBLE ENEMY).
4000 AD 
The Daleks mass in force on Kembel (MISSION TO THE UNKNOWN, THE DALEK MASTERPLAN).
4100 AD 
The Daleks meet the Movellans (DESTINY OF THE DALEKS).
4500 AD 
Davros is taken prisoner to Earth (DESTINY OF THE DALEKS).
4590 AD 
The Daleks rescue Davros from suspended animation (RESURRECTION OF THE DALEKS).
4605 AD 
The Daleks take Davros back to Skaro for trial (REVELATION OF THE DALEKS).
5000 AD 
Magnus Greel starts starts World War Six during the fifth Ice Age (THE TALONS OF WENG-CHIANG). The Virus Swarm attacks Titan (THE INVISIBLE ENEMY).
5200 AD 
Nerva Beacon is used as an Ark to escape the Solar Flares that devestate Earth (THE ARK IN SPACE).
10,200 AD 
A Wirrn Queen invades Nerva (THE ARK IN SPACE).
12,900 AD The Doctor projected Sutekh this far into time to die of old age (PYRAMIDS OF MARS).
15,200 AD 
The Doctor defeats the Wirrn on Nerva (THE ARK IN SPACE). The Doctor halts a Sontaran invasion of the galaxy on Earth (THE SONTARAN EXPERIMENT).
18,750 AD 
The Animus causes the Menoptera to leave Vortis and settle near Pictos (THE WEB PLANET).
20,000 AD 
The Doctor helps the Menoptera to defeat the Animus and the Zarbi (THE WEB PLANET).
30,000 AD 
Taren Capel starts a robot revolution (THE ROBOTS OF DEATH).
37,166 AD 
Morestrans take anti-matter from Zeta-Minor (PLANET OF EVIL).
1,999,500 AD 
Solar flares devastate Earth a second time (TRIAL OF A TIME LORD).
2,000,000 AD 
The Doctor discovers that Earth's solar system has been shifted 2 light years across space (TRIAL OF A TIME LORD).
10,000,000 AD 
Two ships are launched to escape Earth's imminent collision with the sun (THE ARK, FRONTIOS). One crashes on the planet Frontios (FRONTIOS). The Ark makes it to Refusis 700 years later (THE ARK).