Decalog 3: Consequences
SHORT STORY NOVEL  By  Andy Lane & Justin Richards (ed.)

Ten stories - Seven Doctors - One chain of events

'The consequences of having the Doctor crashing around our universe can be colossal... The Doctor is a time traveller. Never forget that, because it is central to an understanding of what makes him so terribly dangerous. Most of us, in our tiny, individual ways are involved in the writing of history. Only the Doctor is out there rewriting it.'

But even the Doctor may not see the threads that bind the universe together. Perhaps, instead, he cuts right throught them. Who knows what events he sets in motion without even realizing? Who knows what consequences may come back - or forward - to haunt him?

Ten completely new tales from the universe of Doctor Who. Seven Doctors' lives, inexorably linked in a breathtaking chain of consequences.

As always, the editors have assembled a dazzling array of writing talent, from award-winning TV script writers to acclaimed New Adventures authors. And, as before, there are the usual contributions from talented new writers.
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