An Unearthly Child

CAVEMEN The First Doctor met the Tribe of Gum in the year 100,000 BC (A). Also see NEANDERTHALS.

COAL HILL SCHOOL London school attended by Susan while the First Doctor was on business connected with the Hand of Omega. There, she met the two teachers, Ian Chesterton and Barabara Wright, who became the Doctor's Companions 

GUM Tribe of cavemen who had lost the secret of fire (A).

HORG One of the cavemen of the Tribe of Gum (A).

HUR Young cavewoman of the Tribe of Gum. She was in love with Za (A).

JOHN SMITH AND THE COMMON MEN Pop band Susan loved. John Smith's real name was Aubrey Waites (A).

KAL Caveman member of the Tribe of Gum. He was Za's rival for control of the Tribe, and kidnapped the First Doctor to gain the secret of fire. He was expelled after killing Old Mother, and was later killed by Za (A).

(650,000 TO 8000 B.C.): 
Also known as the Stone Age, the Paleolithic began when stone tools were first used by Homo Erectus. The story of human evolution now encompassed most of the World: Asia (Peking and Java Man), as well as Europe and Africa. 
Sometime around 400,000 B.C., Homo Erectus began to slowly evolve into the early form of Homo Sapiens. 
Towards 150,000 B.C., the first Neanderthals appeared. 
C. 100,000 B.C., the First Doctor and his Companions, Susan, Ian Chesterton and Barbara Wright, helped a tribe of Neanderthal cavemen rediscover the secret of fire 

NEANDERTHALS Between 50,000 and 30,000 BC, the Neanderthals became extinct and were replaced by early modern humans, due to the intervention of the awesome aliens known as the Daemons (JJJ). There is still considerable disagreement as to whether the Neanderthals were a step in the evolutionary process leading to modern humans, or were simply an offshoot branch that became extinct, while modern humans evolved in parallel. Nimrod, a Neanderthal, was rescued and made immortal by the powerful alien, Light (7Q). The First Doctor helped a tribe of Neanderthals rediscover the secret of fire 

OLD MOTHER Old cavewoman, member of the Tribe of Gum, and Za's mother. She thought fire was evil. She was later stabbed to death by Kal (A).

ORB Fire god of the cavemen 

TARDIS Acronym for Time And Relative Dimension (or Dimensions) In Space. It was the name given by the Time Lords to their space-time travel capsules. Susan was the first to mention the name during a conversation with Ian Chesterton and Barbara Wright 

WAITES, AUBREY (HON.) Real name of lead singer John Smith of John Smith and the Common Men. He started off as Chris Waites and the Carollers (A).

ZA Caveman member of the Tribe of Gum. He was the son of the previous chief and of Old Mother. He was also Hur's lover and Kal's rival for the control of the Tribe. He eventually killed Kal. After the First Doctor and Ian helped him rediscover the secret of fire, he also tried to keep them prisoners, but failed (A).