The Cybermen hid their Invasion Fleet on the dark side of the Moon during the 20th Century (VV).
A Moon Base was establis
hed in the early part of the 21st Century, under the International Space Command's jurisdiction. In 2070 AD, it was attacked by the Cybermen, who wanted to use its gravitron to destroy Earth through weather control. They were defeated by the Second Doctor, and Moon Base's scientists, Hobson and Benoit (HH). Half a Century later, the Moon Base became the location of the controls of T-Mat, and was taken over by the Ice Warriors who, under Slaar's leadership, plotted to conquer Earth using the "Seeds of Death". They were defeated by the Second Doctor (XX).
In the 26th Century, the Moon had become the seat
of the Luna Penal Colony, to which the Third Doctor and Jo Grant were sent when they were accused of being Draconian spies (QQQ).