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NEXT MISSION: 28th September

Current Logs of mission

  1. Stardate 20914.18   

  2. Stardate 20921.18


  1. Capt David Lewis 
    "Hope the '*%$@*% browser works this week :) "

  2. Ensign John Debre (Helm) 

  3. Lieutenant Commander Vacsis (COMM)

  4. Commander DeeJay (XO)
    "If my dog does not eat my computer this week Ha Ha Ha !!!!!!"

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On Sunday the 13th October 2002 at 18:00 hrs BST


The neon sign over Yates motor hotel flashes into life. Its a seedy motel that's on the wrong side of the tracks, people sign the hotel book with fake names and that's the way its always been. If your a cop.... or otherwise the management requests you hand over your piece at reception.


Just a bit of fun for a murder mystery. If no one steps forward as a police officer, one will be randomly drawn, also if you say you'll be there and put your name down please check your email just before the holoprogram as selection of the murderer will take place through email. Please don't inform anyone else if you are.


  1. Gilbert Finch (Vacsis)
    Down on his luck door to door vacuum cleaner sales man. Lacks self confidence to make a sale and when he walks into a room the first thing people think is "loser". Favourite quote is "Can you help your old friend Gil? How about buying a vacuum then?" Likable to some people purely for his his total lack of likeability.
  2. Scott Umax (John Debre)
    Scott has been a police officer for some time. he knows what's what and who's who. He is very quick off the mark, also a very competent officer and most criminals know this name!

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Welcome aboard to Jake Smith (John Stephens) who joins the Security team, hope to see you today just log in with the nickname Smith_ENSE, I'll be adding your details to the site shortly

I am now using Yahoo Messenger as my main system my ID is lewis_cpco