Death Zone (Part Two)

=/\=    Resume mission =/\=

<Mayor> ::approaches the group from the dusty western town, his spurs
clicking as he walks down the boardwalk::
<DeeJay_CRXO> ::turns to the crew::Just play along guys.
<Debre_ENHL> ::nods in acknowledgement::
<Rome_LJSI> ::scans the sky for the plane::
<Mayor> Howdy, folks, I'm Mayor of this here Archerville, can I help you folks?
<DeeJay_CRXO> ::steps up to the Mayor::
<DeeJay_CRXO> ::extends her hand to greet him:: you must be the local law enforcement , my name is Dee.
<DeeJay_CRXO> ::nudges her fellow officers so that they may greet him as well::
<Mayor> No, the law in this town is at the local arm fort, Fort Archer about a half mile over there ::points off to the horizon::
<Rome_LJSI> ::greets the Mayor::
<Debre_ENHL> ::greet the mayor::
<DeeJay_CRXO> Oh, my apologizes, I was told that they were expecting us, could you escort us in the right direction sir?
<DeeJay_CRXO> :;whispers:: They love over politeness !
<Debre_ENHL> ::whispers:: i think we should try to blend in, and use some of  there "slang"
<Rome_LJSI> Or not talk at all...
<DeeJay_CRXO> I hope you boys brushed up on your western slang, use what you know.
<Mayor> ::smiles warmly:: Yes Ma'am, in fact this here cart driver will take you right there, won't you earl? ::cart driver mumbles reply:: best watch out
for injuns though, this is their land by right, you know ::winks::
<Debre_ENHL> :: chuckles::
<DeeJay_CRXO> You mean to tell me that you are not joining us this fine starry evening? I was so looking forward to your company.
<Debre_ENHL> ::whispers to Rome:: I think she is blending in alright!
<Rome_LJSI> ::smiles:: Or flirting ::laughs::
<Mayor> ::smiles warmly again:: No, ma'am, I'm afraid I have a few dutys to attend to in my office but I'm sure Major Waltrop can help you
<Rome_LJSI> ::Works his tricorder, hidden in his pocket::
<Debre_ENHL> ::looks up and notices a bird...a Eagle::
<DeeJay_CRXO> Well then I guess we should be on our way, we surely do not want to upset the time table of the evening, you sure you cant join us later, I would sure be achin' to see you but if you can't I understand, but that Major sure don't hold a candle to you there Mr. Mayor.
<Mayor> Now Earl, you make sure you keep off those potholes, don't want a lady to be bouncing in our cart, eh earl ::winks and earl mumbles from under his moustache and sets the horses off:: Well Goodby' now Ma'am
<Debre_ENHL> ::whispers to Rome:: I hope she invites us to the wedding ::laughs::L
<Rome_LJSI> ::laughs::
<DeeJay_CRXO> ::waves seductively to the Mayor::
<Debre_ENHL> so commander what do you think about these people?
<DeeJay_CRXO> Alright, what did you guys get from your scans, and wipe those smirks off your faces!
<Rome_LJSI> I don't remember reading about that method in the StarFleet rulebook Commander ::grins::
<Rome_LJSI> what smirks?
<Debre_ENHL> I'm surprised at you commander
<DeeJay_CRXO> Whatever gets the job done.
<Rome_LJSI> ::brings out his tricorder:: Well. everything about the mayor looks about right, would say he's in his mid-forty's, in good health
<DeeJay_CRXO> As long as no one get hurt in the process, right??
<Debre_ENHL> you could have least let him kiss you on the hand ::laughs::
<Debre_ENHL> he was mesmerised
<DeeJay_CRXO> thanks for the tip Debre, i will remember that for my next encounter.
<Debre_ENHL> ::smiles::
<DeeJay_CRXO> Everything seems to fit into place, but I still don't get the whole picture?
<Rome_LJSI> Wait a second...::studies his scans::
<DeeJay_CRXO> ::gets bumped from a pothole the driver Earl did not see::
<DeeJay_CRXO> Hey!!, Take it easy there...
<Rome_LJSI> Commander...when I said he was in good health...perhaps too good ::passes her the tricorder::
<DeeJay_CRXO> So much for the comforts of home.
<Debre_ENHL> hey come on commander your used to worse1
<Rome_LJSI> see the level of antibiotics in his bloodstream?
<DeeJay_CRXO> Rome, elaborate.
<DeeJay_CRXO> ::Views the tricorder::
<DeeJay_CRXO> that is definitely odd.
<Rome_LJSI> that may suggest some timeline tampering..
<Mayor> ::Earl pulls up the cart in front of a United States Army Base, of the 20th century variety, along the journey the cart has become a pickup
<Rome_LJSI> ::quickly hides the tricorder::
<Debre_ENHL> what happened there!
<Rome_LJSI> the scans show nothing
<Rome_LJSI> nothing happened
<DeeJay_CRXO> The plot thickens boys.
*** Mayor is now known as MstSrgt_Williams
<MstSrgt_Williams> Can i see your papers?
<DeeJay_CRXO> All we need is a little white rabbit running around.
<DeeJay_CRXO> ::steps up to greet the Master Sergeant::
<Debre_ENHL> quick commander charm him!
<DeeJay_CRXO> Sergeant , the Mayor said that there would be a greeting party.
<MstSrgt_Williams> Hello ma'am, I'm afraid you'll need papers to get in, are you from the village?
<Debre_ENHL> ::whispers to commander:: what papers might that be?
<MstSrgt_Williams> Identification and sector passes, there is still a war going on sir
<DeeJay_CRXO> We are from beyond the village, no one informed us of any necessary papers, my apologizes for our incompetence.
<MstSrgt_Williams> I'm presuming your the Resistance group
<Debre_ENHL> ::nuges the commander:: resistance group?
<MstSrgt_Williams> From the Village, i can get a French Interpreter out if you can't understand me, should i?
<DeeJay_CRXO> ::looks to Debre and Rome and shrugs::
<Rome_LJSI> ::whispers:: easy Mr. Debre
<DeeJay_CRXO> No, that wont be necessary.
<DeeJay_CRXO> But thanks any, just the same.
<Rome_LJSI> ::steps forward and looks insulted:: Excuse me Seargent..but how much longer are we to be interrigated like this
<DeeJay_CRXO> We haven't heard the latest word on the Resistance, what can you tell us, catch us up to speed, if you will.
<MstSrgt_Williams> You speak English very well ma'am, this is not a interrogation sir, i just require papers before you can get onto the base to
recieve your medals
<Debre_ENHL> medals?
<DeeJay_CRXO> ::puts her hand in front of Rome::Hold on , a moment.
<DeeJay_CRXO> Sargent, lets discuss this in more proper settings::points toward the base::
<MstSrgt_Williams> Yes, I'll have to presume your not German agents, well, you don't look German.... follow me ::walks off and the group follow. they are followed by a private with a rifle::
<Debre_ENHL> \\\\*////
<DeeJay_CRXO> Now, Sergeant Williams, is that armed escort necessary, I don't believe we have shown any cause  for that.
<Debre_ENHL> ::ma'am this looks kinda like the setting for WW2
<DeeJay_CRXO> I'm would tend to agree with you Mr. Debre, we seem to be moving froward in time.
<MstSrgt_Williams> Just taking precautions Ma'am, you can't be too careful ::anti-aircraft fire goes ack-ack in the background as they step into a
<Debre_ENHL> i studied ww2 in great detail at the academy
<DeeJay_CRXO> Good that may come in  handy Mr. Debre, keep it on the tips of your lips then.
<Debre_ENHL> yes commander
<DeeJay_CRXO> ::ducks from the sound of fire power::
<Rome_LJSI> ::whispers to Mr.Debre:: How is your Klingon, Ensign ?
<DeeJay_CRXO> Sergeant Williams, does this happen often?
<Debre_ENHL> ::whispers back:: I can speak some klingon
<Debre_ENHL> why?
<MstSrgt_Williams> Every night, those krauts dive bomb us ma'am, the RAF and our boys give 'em a hiding to ma'am
<Rome_LJSI> ::speak in Klingon:: We may need an escape plan, just to be on the safe side
<Debre_ENHL> ::also speaking in klingon:: i agree things could get a bit nasty here
<DeeJay_CRXO> So our mission here is what purpose, I am still a little confused on that issue, sir.
<DeeJay_CRXO> We have received conflicting reports.
<MstSrgt_Williams> ::turn around and takes the safety off his gun, as does
the private:: That sound a lot like German to my ear, you sure you havn't got any papers?
<Rome_LJSI> ::keeps talking Klingon:: set your phaser for Stun
<Debre_ENHL> ::nods::
<Rome_LJSI> No sir, this is not German, this is is a code language used within the Resistance
<DeeJay_CRXO> ::relieved at Rome's quick thinking::
<MstSrgt_Williams> ::turns the safety back on:: Phew, you had me worried for a minute
<Rome_LJSI> My sincere apologies Sergeant
<DeeJay_CRXO> Sergeant, you obviously have mot received the latest tactical information, you being so far behind enemy lines, I completely forgot.
<MstSrgt_Williams> That's fine sir :::opens the door and steps back:: Me and the boy have best be getting back to our post, you take care now
<Rome_LJSI> ::turns towards Mr.Debre again:: See the east wall over there?
<Debre_ENHL> yeah
<Rome_LJSI> ::Speaks Klingon:: A Level 1 setting should collapse the wall, keep that in mind Ensign
<Debre_ENHL> ka'plah!
<Rome_LJSI> ::sets his own phaser for high stun::
<Gen_Wallis> Welcome, come in come in
<Debre_ENHL> ::follows the commander in::
<Rome_LJSI> ::Walks in::
<DeeJay_CRXO> Thank you General.
<Rome_LJSI> ::Shakes the Generals hand and thanks him for seeing them, in French::
<Gen_Wallis> Please Sit down ::pulls out a chair for Deejay::
<DeeJay_CRXO> General, what's the latest from the front line?
<Debre_ENHL> ::in klingon:: fine we will stand then!
<Gen_Wallis> I suppose you've met Mister VonArcher?
<DeeJay_CRXO> Not as of yet, sir.
<DeeJay_CRXO> We were enroute.
<Gen_Wallis> Well, your in luck he is sitting over there ::motions to a man wearing a monocle and a 3 piece suit sitting beside the fire with a glass of
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