Death Zone (Part One)

The current Stardate is 020914.18 Sat Sep 14 18:09:40 2002 on Earth

Captain Lewis Personal Log Stardate 020914.18 -- The Defiant has located a unmapped planet in the Alpha Quadrant, sensors are unable to break through a strange misty section on the surface of an otherwise deserted planet.............
<Lewis_CPCO> Vacsis are there any form of radio signals down there
<Vacsis_LCCM> No sir, I'm not detecting any on planet communications, at least of advanced kind
<Rome_LJSI> Captain, the blind spot is located on the southern hemisphere, it has a diameter of 2 kilometres. It's a complete circle, definitely not a phenomenon of nature..
<DeeJay_CRXO> Rome can we transport through if necessary?
<Rome_LJSI> No, I wouldn't suggest it...though it is possible, I think it's too risky
<Rome_LJSI> A failure rate of over 80%
<Lewis_CPCO> well then I think a shuttle trip is in order number one
<Vacsis_LCCM> It would be possible to shuttle down an away team though
<DeeJay_CRXO> ::starts to clap::After you Captain!
<Lewis_CPCO> all bridge crew to the shuttlebay..........I think I'll come on this one
<Rome_LJSI> ::secures his console:: Aye
<DeeJay_CRXO> Yes sir, I do believe you are getting rusty in away mission procedures.
<Lewis_CPCO> :;smiles:: thank you DeeJay
<DeeJay_CRXO> Any time sir, any time.
<Lewis_CPCO> :: ACTION :: The crew board the shuttle ::
<Lewis_CPCO> Vacsis you take the helm
<Vacsis_LCCM> Aye sir
<Vacsis_LCCM> ::Sits down to the shuttle's helm and sets a course::
<Lewis_CPCO> take us down and Rome keep an eye out for anything unusual
<Vacsis_LCCM> ::steers the shuttle out of the shuttlebay::
<Rome_LJSI> ::takes a position at the scanners:: Aye Sir
<Lewis_CPCO> :: ACTION :: the shuttle leaves the bay and heads towards the planet ::
<Vacsis_LCCM> Rome, can I have a weather report and suggested landing spot if possible
<Rome_LJSI> Strangely....the weather around the blind spot is unusually dry...
<DeeJay_CRXO> And what might be going on inside the circle?
<Vacsis_LCCM> Correct me if I'm wrong but wouldn't something like that blind spot usually be caused by a storm of some kind?
<Rome_LJSI> That is correct
<Rome_LJSI> Unable to say Commander...though my guess is the circle has some affect on the weather
<Rome_LJSI> and as I said. I'm sure this is not a natural phenomenon
<DeeJay_CRXO> Yes, I agree, but it is so highly odd to be co symmetrical.
<Vacsis_LCCM> Would you suggest that we should land a klick or two outside the disturbance in case it is some sort of electrical disturbance?
<Rome_LJSI> One second
<Rome_LJSI> I'm reading no electrical disturbances, no nothing actually...
<Lewis_CPCO> :: ACTION :: a tall structure is faintly seen in the distance through the the centre of the anomaly ::
<Vacsis_LCCM> What the! What is that?
<Rome_LJSI>'s a s structure of some kind, sensors are still unable to get any reading inside the circle...I will need to get much closer
<Lewis_CPCO> it looks old..and big.....
<Lewis_CPCO> take us closer Vacsis_LCCM
<Rome_LJSI> ::Scans::
<DeeJay_CRXO> And definitely not blending with its surroundings.
<Vacsis_LCCM> I suggest we land here, at least if the shuttle is undamaged we can get home
<Lewis_CPCO> make it so
<Lewis_CPCO> :: ACTION :: the shuttle lands in the mist laden landscape ::
<Lewis_CPCO> shall we ::motions to the shuttle door::
<DeeJay_CRXO> Age before beauty...
<DeeJay_CRXO> ::then steps in font of the Captain::
<Lewis_CPCO> ::grins:: after you number 1
<DeeJay_CRXO> Admit it Captain you missed me while you were on shore leave, I wont tell anyone.
<Lewis_CPCO> ::winks:;
<Rome_LJSI> ::takes a step outside:: really is dry
<Rome_LJSI> ::brings out his tricorder::
<DeeJay_CRXO> Well boys lets go see what's out there, shall we?
<Lewis_CPCO> ::try's to see through the mist:; well lets head towards the tower. it must be that way ::motions ahead::
<DeeJay_CRXO> Hopefully this structure will give us some answers.
<Rome_LJSI> Does anyone else feel strange walking through the mist knowing this planet is as dry as possible?
<Lewis_CPCO> :: ACTION :: the sound of gunshots are heard through the mist..............old gunpowder cannon fire they realise ::
<DeeJay_CRXO> That's what this is all about Rome, exploration doesn't it give you a rush?
<Vacsis_LCCM> ::draws his phaser::
<Vacsis_LCCM> Were they firing on us?
<Rome_LJSI> ::dives for cover behind a rock:: Sometimes it does...
<DeeJay_CRXO> ::ducks out of habit::
<Rome_LJSI> Captain...I would suggest we hide our weapons and equipment until we make contact...sounded like old powder fire to me....
<Lewis_CPCO> :: ACTION :: the sound starts to resemble a battle of some kind with shouting and swords being used ::
<DeeJay_CRXO> Rome this is not what I meant, sorry.
<Rome_LJSI> :smiles::
<Lewis_CPCO> ::sees horse riders wielding swords heading towards them:: run for it!!
<Rome_LJSI> ::Jumps from his cover::
<DeeJay_CRXO> I would tend to agree with Rome Captain, we should display any aggressive posture.
<DeeJay_CRXO> ::as she runs for covers::
<DeeJay_CRXO> *should not*
<Rome_LJSI> Captain! Is it just me...or are these guys riding horses?
<Rome_LJSI> Have we stumbled upon an old human colony?
<Lewis_CPCO> ::looks over his shoulder and says breathlessly:: they seem to be from a part of Earths history
<DeeJay_CRXO> If so , it is really old.....
*** Vacsis_LCCM is now known as Horseman
<Rome_LJSI> I suggest we run for the shuttle pod ad head to the Defiant...!
<DeeJay_CRXO> Can you out run a horse, because I know I can't !
<Horseman> ::gallops horse into path of Defiant Crew::
<Lewis_CPCO> :: ACTION :: the horsemen catch up to them ::
<Rome_LJSI> ::whispers:: No weapons?
<Horseman> ::draws sword:: Halt, Who goes there?
<Lewis_CPCO> ::looks up at the helmeted horseman:; we are .........travellers
<DeeJay_CRXO> There goes that theory Rome::smiles::
<Horseman> Where are you from?
<Rome_LJSI> ::smiles:: I meant us....cultural contamination...
<DeeJay_CRXO> You have a point there.
<Lewis_CPCO> we have come from beyond the mists......::hopes he's saying the right thing::
<Horseman> ::laughs:: Beyond the mists? You truly have travelled far. You are the guests of Lord Archer now, come with us
<DeeJay_CRXO> ::looks to the other crewmen::
<Rome_LJSI> ::Looks confused and whispers:: Lord Archer?
<DeeJay_CRXO> We seem to be expected.
<Horseman> Yes, you have heard of him?
<Lewis_CPCO> ::whispers to DeeJay:: I think wed better play along
<Rome_LJSI> ::nervous:: Only by reputation
<DeeJay_CRXO> a manner of speaking...
<DeeJay_CRXO> ::whispers back:: I agree !
<Lewis_CPCO> :: ACTION :: the sound of a old aeroplane propeller is heard through the air overhead ::
<DeeJay_CRXO> Quick thinking Rome.
<Rome_LJSI> thanks
<DeeJay_CRXO> Sorry I did not think of it myself first.
<Rome_LJSI> ::grins::
<Lewis_CPCO> planes? this is not right these men don't seem to have the technology, Horseman what is happening

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