The Movie 
Starring:   Paul McGann
New Year's Eve 1999. Earth is about to run out of time...
Returning home to Gallifrey with the remains of his arch enemy, the Master, the TARDIS is forced off course, plunging the Doctor into the middle of a street gang's gun battle in downtown San Franciso.
Critically wounded in the shoot out, the Doctor has to regenerate to save his own life. And he's not the only one — the Master too has a new body with which to wreak havoc, and his ultimate goal is to take the Doctor's own existence.
As the clock counts down to the start of a new millennium, the Doctor has to stop the Master destroying all life on Earth. But at what cost..?
This story was broadcast on BBC1 on 27th May 1996. DVD extras include:
Commentary from director Geoffrey Sax
Original BBC1 trailers
US Fox Network trailer
Interviews with the cast, director & producer taken in 1996 at the time of filming
Interview with Philip Segal (producer) in 2001, looking back on the film
Tour of the TARDIS set
2 alternative views from existing scenes
Isolated music soundtrack, together with four previously unreleased tracks
Photo gallery
On-screen production notes
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