The Infinity Race 
BBC 8th Doctor book

By: Simon Messingham
November 2002 (UK)
The ocean planet of Selonart has special properties. Its water is not water at all, but a peculiar liquid which, when charged with quantum energy, allows craft to move across it incredibly fast. Great setting for a race. The great Selonart race has been running for centuries, ever since colonial Earth discovered what the waters could do. But this year there are differences. The water is congealing, great slushy ice-like patches appearing under the waves. It takes the Doctor to identify these as timebergs pockets of frozen time, singularities where all moments exist in one. You can't let all that quantum energy loose without some side effects. And thats not all. Ships are disappearing, crew are murdered, and strange prehistoric sea-monsters are materialising in the lifeless seas.

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