Mad Dogs & Englishmen
BBC 8th Doctor Novel
Weird Nature brings readers a completely new experi
ence of natural history. Written by the author and producer of Supersense and Supernatural, John Downer, it is an astonishing exploration of nature's strangest behaviour. Weird Nature takes us on a journey into a surprising and magical natural world inhabited by animals with real characters, distinct personalities, and the oddest of behaviours. Welcome to the world of flattened snakes, flying fish and otters making snow-slides. From social interactions and feeding techniques, to home-building and devious defences. Weird Nature reveals the extraordinary array of different ways of behaving. From the fantastic ways nature has devised for finding food, including worms that eat themselves and dolphins that use sponges to protect their beaks when feeding in the sand, to the animal architects that create an assortment of bizarre buildings, Weird Nature explores the most fantastic and unusual natural behaviours in the animal world.
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