BBC 8th Doctor Novel
An Eighth Doctor, Fitz and Anji novel. The first se
ttlers of New Jupiter were a handful of humans, with androids to help make the planet habitable. Many generations down, the New Jupitan President, John F Hoover, faces a challenge to his hereditary role. His popularity is threatened by the Association for New Jupitan Independence - ANJI - who want to establish New Jupitan Independence. So Hoover has set up an Earth Tneme Park - EarthWorld. It is nearly complete and will enormously boost the planet's income from off-worlders - and thus the President's popularity. He has no intention of telling anyone that there are people entering EarthWorld who are mysteriously never seen again. Meanwhile the President has three triplet daughters to succeed him in his hereditary role. Unbeknown to him, they have been tampering with EarthWorld's androids - but why? And can the Doctor find out before the problems on New Jupiter get out of control?
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