The Ancestor Cell 
BBC 8th Doctor Novel
Vanessa Bishop, Doctor Who Magazine, July 2000
tial... A surprising success, achieving in one volume what the Interference arc failed to deliver in five... Destined to be a novel both loved and loathed.
Richard McGinlay, DreamWat
ch magazine, July 2000
The lasting impression left by this b
ook is that of a genuinely stunning instalment in Who fiction... some astonishing and spectacular revelations.


Compassion has finally been tracked down by the Time Lords a
nd two TARDISes are moving in to attack and disable here. She disgorges the Doctor and Fitz in a dark, mysterious, Gallifreyan location, where they are attacked by a gigantic spider, that only the Doctor can see.

From the Author
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everyone who has taken the time to comment on "The Ancestor Cell" here in the reviews.

SFX Magazine reader
s voted the novel one of their Top Ten TV Tie-Ins of 2000 (two other Who novels also appeared in the list--The Burning and Festival of Death).

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