Dead time
More Short Trips 
BBC book

By: Stephen Cole (ed.)

on Earth or out in the depths of the cosmos, the Doctor and his companions are never far from adventure. More Short Trips - the cleverly-titled follow-up to the popular Short Trips volume of short stories - takes the time travellers on another careering course of exciting escapades throughout time and space.

Showcasing the talents of both established authors and
first-time writers, More Short Trips features every TV Doctor and a whole host of companions - plus a few surprises...

scover things on Earth you were never meant to know. Get around the universe. Get short tripping.

Edited by Stephen Cole,
this collection features stories by Peter Anghelides, Ian Atkins, Christopher Bulis, Paul Farnsworth, Simon Forward, Paul Leonard, Jason Loborik, Steve Lyons, Paul Magrs, David A. McIntee, Andrew Miller, Robert Perry & Mike Tucker, Gareth Roberts, Gary Russell, Tara Samms and Dave Stone
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