Revolution Man 
BBC 8th Doctor Novel

Revolution Man is probably the best of Paul Leonard's work but has its problems. For a start there is far too much leaping about in the Tardis and the plot is only sporadically followed. Fitz's presence in China is confusing and this novel does little to show that he has been brainwashed. Sam is okay, though, and the relationship between Fitz and Maddie makes far more sense than most other things in this book. Later on a genuine sense of urgency comes across, but Leonard has presented the Doctor with such an all-powerful opponent that there is really only one solution all along. It's an average novel: nothing desperately wrong with it but not outstanding either. --David J Howe

An adventure featuring the eighth
Doctor Who, Sam and Fitz, and set in the Swinging London of 1968. The TARDIS crew are investigating an anarchist group utilizing a drug that seems of an extraterrestrial nature, and how it connects to a series of bizarre, violent events world-wide.

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