BBC 8th Doctor Novel
In Demontage Justin Richards has managed to capture the essence of a great Doctor Who tale and in the process has defined Sam and Fitz better than perhaps any other author. Even the Doctor sings.

The plot involving various deceptions and doub
le-double-crosses in a space casino is both simple and intriguing, despite a couple of plot holes you can drive a bus through. Fitz fares especially well, falling into the role of a quasi-James Bond spy with ease. His scenes are enjoyable and Richards has managed to do him proud.

Like all too many of t
he BBC range so far this story would be superb on screen. It cries out for that sort of visual treatment even though some of the surprises it has in store may be unachievable as a result (it's easy to mask a character in a novel but less so when you can see them).

A great addition to the range and a su
perb step forward for Richards who is improving in leaps and bounds. More in the future, please. --David J Howe


The eighth Doctor Who, Sam and Fitz land on the Vega statio
n, a pleasure centre given over to gambling, shopping and the arts. At an exhibition of 3-D paintings, the Doctor soon discovers that there is more to the paintings than meets the eye: people are becoming trapped inside them.

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