The Time of the Daleks
Audio Adventure
Writer: Justin Richards
Director: Nicholas Briggs
Paul McGann as the Doctor, India Fisher as Charley
Release Da
te: May 2002
Recorded: 22/23 Jan 01
Music: Nicholas Briggs
roduction Code: 8K

The Daleks are back and face the Eighth D
octor for the first time.

As the Dalek Empire continues to
spread through the galaxies, they seek, once again, to conquer the fourth dimension and travel back to the post-apocalyptic twenty-first century Earth to find a particular leader who can aid them in their quest. To the Doctor, their time device is crude and unworkable, and yet it does - leading him to wonder if the Daleks know more than they are letting everyone else believe.

This story takes place after the TV movie.

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