The Chimes of Midnight
Audio Adventure
Writer: Robert Shearman
Director: Barnaby Edwards
Starring: P
aul McGann as the Doctor, India Fisher as Charley
Release Dat
e: February 2002
Recorded: 17/18 Jan 01
Music: Russell Stone

Production Code: 8G
RRP: £13.99 (non-UK: £15.50)
ISBN: 1-90

Still unable to reach 1930, the TARDIS places the
Doctor and Charley into an Edwardian household, in 1906. There they meet the servants of Edward Grove who seems to keep his workers in a constant state of bewilderment and terror. When the scullery maid is found murdered, it falls to the famous amateur sleuth known as the Doctor to solve the mysteries. The only trouble is, the household keep shifting into different moments in time.

This story, akin in mood to the popular
ITV series Sapphire and Steel, has been written by playwright Robert Shearman, who was responsible for the critically acclaimed The Holy Terror in 2000

This story takes place after
the TV movie
Order from Big finish