Sixth Doctor
     137. The Twin Dilemma
     138. Attack of the Cybermen
     139. Vengeance on Varos
         DVD_ Vengeance on Varos _
         Video_ Vengeance On Varos _
     BMA Grave Matter _
     Moon Graffiti- Audio only
     MA30. Burning Heart
     140. Mark of the Rani
         Video The Mark of the Rani _
     BMA Players _
     141. The Two Doctors
     142. Timelash
         Video_ Timelash _
     Decalog 2. Timeshare
     Vigil- Audio only
     143. Revelation of the Daleks
     BMA01. The Nightmare Fair
     BMA02. The Ultimate Evil
     BMA03. Mission to Magnus
     Slipback- Radio drama
     BMA Palace of the Red Sun _
     MA05. State of Change
     BFA Whispers of Terror _
     BFA_ __Ish _
     144. The Trial of a Time Lord
         part a_ The Mysterious Planet
         part b_ Mindwarp
         part c_ Terror of the Vervoids
         part d_ The Ultimate Foe
     MA08. Time of Your Life
     MA23. Killing Ground
     Decalog 1. The Golden Door
     Short Trips. Wish You Were Here
     BMA12. Mission_ Impractical _
     BFA The Maltese Penguin
     BFA The Holy Terror _
     BFA_ Excelis Rising _
     BFA The Marian Conspiracy _
     BFA The Sirens of Time _
     BFA The Spectre of Lanyon Moor _
     BFA The Apocalypse Element _
     BFA Bloodtide _
     BFA Project_ Twilight _
     BFA Real Time
     BMA The Shadow in the Glass _
     BFA_ the Sandman _
     BMA04. Business Unusual
     Decalog 3. Fegovy
     MA15. Millennial Rites
     BMA The Quantum archangel _
     BMA Instruments of Darkness _
     BFA The One Doctor _
     Unknown Placings
         BMA_ Blue Box
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