The Apocalypse Element
Audio Adventure
Writer: Stephen Cole
Director: Nicholas Briggs
Starring: Coli
n Baker as the Doctor, Maggie Stables as Evelyn Smythe
l Guest Star: Lalla Ward as Romana
Release Date: August 2000
Recorded: 26/27 February 2000
Music: Nicholas Briggs
on Code: 7C/C
RRP: £13.99 (non-UK: £15.50)
ISBN: 1-903654 025

A four-part story starring COLIN BAKER and MAGGIE STABLES,
and special guest star LALLA WARD.

Twenty years ago, an exp
edition made up of representatives from a number of worlds disappeared on the planetoid Etra Prime, including the newly inaugurated President of Gallifrey, one Lady Romana. Some time later, many of their dead bodies materialised on the planet Archetryx.

Today, Archetryx hosts a delagation from the many
planets who have time travel capabilities, including the Monan Host and representatives from Gallifrey. However, as the Doctor finds himself drawn to Archetryx, it becomes evident Etra Prime is being used as a weapon to destroy Archetryx. But why? What is the secret of the Gravity Wells and what is the significance of the crystals adorning the mutants that exist down there?

And just why does the incumbant President of th
e High Council of the Time Lords allow a Dalek Task Force to land on Gallifrey?

This story takes place between "The Tria
l of a Time Lord" and "Time and the Rani".
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