Whispers of Terror
Audio adventure
Writer: Justin Richards
Director: Gary Russell
Starring: Coli
n Baker as the Sixth Doctor, Nicola Bryant as Peri Brown
ase Date: November 1999
Recorded: 17-18 July 1999
Music: Nich
olas Briggs
Production Code: 6Z/A
RRP: £13.99 (non-UK: £15.50

The Doctor is accused of murder at the far future Museum o
f Aural Antiquities, where the personal recordings of the late actor-turned-politician Visteen Krane have been stored. A pair of mercenaries break into the Museum after hours, intending to alter Krane's recordings. But why?

When the killings
begin, the local police find two very obvious suspects who cannot account for their presence in the museum, and the Doctor must not only prove their innocence, but uncover the real murderer and his highly unusual modus operandii...

This story
takes place between "Revelation of the Daleks" and "The Trial of a Time Lord".

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