State of Change 
Missing Adventure (6th Doctor)

By: Chris
topher Bulis

An original novel featuring the Sixth Doctor a
nd Peri.

'In less than 25 years the Romans have invented ele
ctricity generation, airships, radio and who knows what else. Is that reasonable?'

Ancient Egypt, 41 BC. The Doctor and P
eri watch as Cleopatra's pleasure barge glides up the Nile in preparation for her fateful meeting with Mark Antony. And an alien presence observes the TARDIS, waits for it to dematerialize, then pounces.

When the time ship lands, the Doctor an
d Peri find themselves in ancient Rome, in the tomb of Cleopatra. But something is very wrong. The tomb walls depict steam-driven galleys and other disturbing anachronisms. The Roman Empire is preparing for a devastating war - using weapons from the future capable of destroying the entire world.

This ad
venture takes place between the television stories Revelation of the Daleks and Trial of a Time Lord.

Having established
himself as a designer, artist and illustrator, Christopher Bulis is now forging a career as a successful writer. He is the author of Doctor Who - Shadowmind.