Fourth Doctor
     75. Robot
     76. The Ark in Space
     77. The Sontaran Experiment
     78. Genesis of the Daleks
     MA31 A Device of Death
     79. Revenge of the Cybermen
     80. Terror of the Zygons
     81. Planet of Evil
     Decalog 1. The Duke of Dominoes
     MA14 Managra
     82. Pyramids of Mars
     Decalog 1. Scarab of Death
     83. The Android Invasion
     84. The Brain of Morbius
     MA02. Evolution
     85. The Seeds of Doom
     MA11. System Shock
     86. The Mask of Mandragora
     The Pescatons - Radio Drama
     Short Trips. Old Flames
     Short Trips. Rights
     87. The Hand of Fear
     88. The Deadly Assassin
     BMA Millenium Shock
     Decalog 3. UNITed We Fall
     89. The Face of Evil
     90. The Robots of Death
     BMA15. Last Man Running
     BMA Corpse Maker
     91. The Talons of Weng Chiang
     BMA08. Eye of Heaven
     92. Horror of Fang Rock
     93. The Invisible Enemy
     94. Image of the Fendahl
     95. The Sun Makers
     Decalog 2. Crimson Dawn
     96. Underworld
     Decalog 2. People of the Trees
     97. The Invasion of Time
     Decalog 3. Timevault
     98. The Ribos Operation
     99. The Pirate Planet
     100. The Stones of Blood
     MA25 The Shadow of Weng Chiang
     BMA Tomb of Valdenor
     BMA Heart of the TARDIS
     101. The Androids of Tara
     102. The Power of Kroll
     103. The Armageddon Factor
     104. Destiny of the Daleks
     105. City of Death
     106. The Creature from the Pit
     MA06. The Romance of Crime
     MA20 The English Way of Death
     107. Nightmare of Eden
     108. The Horns of Nimon
     109. Shada
     Short Trips. Glass
     MA33. The Well Mannered War
     BMA Festival of Death
     110. The Leisure Hive
     111. Meglos
     112. Full Circle
     113. State of Decay
     114. Warrior's Gate
     115. The Keeper of Traken
     116. Logopolis