A Device of Death 
Missing Adventure (4th Doctor)

By: Chr
istopher Bulis

An original novel featuring the Fourth Docto
r, Sarah Jane Smith and Harry Sullivan.

'As a member of an i
nferior race, you either work to serve the cause of Averon, or die.'

Sarah is marooned on a slave world where the only es
cape is death. Harry is caught in the middle of an interplanetary invasion, and has to combine medicine with a desperate mission. And the Doctor lands on a world so secret it does not even have a name.

Why have the TARDIS crew been scattered a
cross the stars? What terrible accident could have wiped the Doctor's memory? And what could interest the Time Lords in this war-torn sector of space?

At the heart of a star-spanning
conspiracy lies an ancient quest: people have been making weapons since the dawn of time - but perhaps someone has finally discovered the ultimate device of death.

This adventure ta
kes place between the television stories Genesis of the Daleks and Revenge of the Cybermen.

Christopher Bulis has written
five previous Doctor Who books, including the highly acclaimed The Sorcerer's Apprentice.